Who would you want to trade places with for a day?

If you could trade places for a day with anyone in the world, who would that be?

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34 thoughts on “Who would you want to trade places with for a day?

  1. Anonymous

    Hmmm someone who is young with no children so I could re-experience briefly the freedom I had and actually ENJOY it knowing how you don’t get 2 minutes to yourself as a mom!

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t even have to think about this one…my former best friend, who is married to the love of my life. (whom she does NOT appreciate. grrrr)

  3. Meghan

    I would trade with Angelina Jolie… or Brad. Just to see what the fame, money and a real pilots license would be like.

  4. Anonymous

    My husband cousin. She has the perfect life…money, the most well behaved children, the perfect husband. She has a great business and a lot of people love her.

  5. Sabrina

    It would be anyone of my children. The purpose of teaching a lesson. The lesson: to take care of your back. I am disabled at 53 unable to take a simple walk with my dog.

  6. Brandi

    That is a tough question~if I wanted alot of money I would trade with Donald Trump’s wife, if I wanted a nanny and a hot hubby I would trade with Angelina Jolie but I think I will stay right here. I have a wonderful family and life!

  7. Anonymous

    I would love to trade places with someone who has money and no kids. It would be nice to go do something for myself without my kids or money getting in the way.

  8. ck

    I think I would like to change places with Kelly Ripa or Reese Witherspoon for a day. Just to be in the spot light and to be admired and looked up to. Also, Denise Jackson, Alan Jackson’s wife. Just to experience how it would feel to have it all. To be able to go to spas and balls, to wear nice clothes and also be in the spot light with your husband. Just some crazy thoughts of mine.

  9. Tara S. Dickherber, M.Ed, CPC

    Wow. Right now I would trade with…no one. I’m at a place in life that I enjoy. I am blessed with a fabulous husband, great friends, a beautiful daughter. I would just like to see my husband and I’s business increase and make it easier for me to stay at home with our little angel. How great is that? I’m OK with my life!!

  10. anonymous

    For just one day… Oprah. I want to know what it would feel like to have the money and the power. In my real life, I’ll never have either, but I’m okay with that!

  11. Bobbi

    I would not want to be Oprah! Her “religion” is sending her to a lake of fire. But I would like to trade places with my younger self. Do most of it all over again. Same husband and all. I was stupid at times but I wouldn’t change a lot except to be more active, think before I speak, and laugh a lot more.

  12. Lydia

    I would love to trade places for a day with Michelle Obama. I would want a chance to be that close to Barack for one day to express my support, love, and high hopes. I would love to give him a hug he is a very handsome man.

  13. Anonymous

    Hmm I would say Angelina Jolie as I’ve always loved Brad Pitt BUT I don’t want the 6 kids! I’d rather have just him with no children, so we could enjoy the day, the money, the freedom!

  14. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t want to be anyone else, but I would trade places with my 16yo self in a heartbeat. Only for a day. I’d do something that would have made me heartsick back then, but that I could handle now. I’d write a note to my twenty-something self: “Stop wasting time! The waiting will go by faster if you are productive!” That’s it, I think. Oh, and tell myself that no matter how fit I think I am at 16, Put. Down. The. Cupcake.

  15. Anonymous

    this is kinda hard. i am pretty satified with the way things are…but just for fun i’m gonna say…my grandma. when she was still alive and younger…she was an amazing, beautiful woman, one of the kindest and sweetest i have ever known.

  16. Anonymous

    This is a little different but I would trade places with someone living on the streets, starving, with nowhere to go, no job, and nobody to help them. I could easily say “someone who’s rich and powerful” but I think that would make me appreciate the life I actually have less. If I were to trade places with someone in a horrible position for a day it would make me appreciate coming back to my regular life and I’m sure (even though this isn’t something I struggle with) I would be a million times more compassionate and willing to help than ever before.

  17. Lina

    I would trade places with Kim Kardashian.
    It would be nice to be pampered,look gorgeous and be extreemly wealthy at the same time.

  18. Alberta Evans

    ooohk, toughie.. hmm.. I would like to be Niel Armstrong on the day he went to the moon! Tell me thats not a great one! 😉


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