What would your perfect day be like?

Describe what your perfect day would be? What would you do, who would you see etc?

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12 thoughts on “What would your perfect day be like?

  1. TheChaosMommy

    My house is perfectly clean, bills are paid on time, I have plenty left over in the checking account, and we’re heading out for a day of fun as a whole family. Husband is home and will never get deployed again.
    Life is peachy.

  2. anonymous

    I would get to sleep in till 8:00. I would be taken to a really nice brunch. Then would be able to have at least part of the day to myself to work on crafts and relaxing. Top it off by playing a family game with noone arguing, dinner and a fun family movie – with buttered popcorn.

  3. Anonymous

    A perfect day would be a day for me…only me. No kids. No husband. Just me. I would spend as much time as I wanted on the internet. I would go out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I would take myself to the movies. I would read a really great book.

  4. Anonymous

    Wake up when I’m rested, go out as a family and do something fun outside. Eat a picnic, have a nap, then spend time not worrying about my bank account, bills, work, anything! We have a nice dinner, in or out, doesn’t matter, then relax and watch a movie. Go to bed and cuddle. No crying, no fussing, no getting frustrated. The perfect day.

  5. fiveinthehive

    I would just love for all of my children to get along for one whole day while my husband does the chores for once and I actually get to watch a whole TV show or movie without interruption.

  6. Jada

    My purfect day would be to wake up at 5 in the morning, fully rested and go on a nice bike ride in the cool morning air! I would then come home and have breakfast, then do all my chores and have time to email my friends online. I would then work in the garden and top it off by having a glass of tea and enjoy the fruits of my labor as I gaze out at my pretty yard! I would have a friend or friends come over for lunch or meet them somewhere for lunch and just have some girl time. Ending my day would be to greet my husband when he comes home, have dinner and talk then go to bed early so I could wake up early for the next day!

  7. Joan

    My perfect day would be getting up to a nice clean, organized home and a weeded garden. I’d have coffee on the deck while reading a new book. Then friends would stop by and spend a few hours chit chatting. Then I’d be off to my quilt room where I’d be struck by inspiration and sew the rest of the day away. No housework, no cooking, no weeding, no babysitting grandchildren. Ahhh – makes me feel better just to envision it!

  8. Veronica

    My perfect day would start with me waking up rested, not having to go to work for once, my baby, my hubby and I packing up and going to the Central Coast of California for a nice drive and a picnic. Have a glass of wine watching the sunset by the beach while our baby sleeps peacefully on the picnic blanket and just stay there for as long as we can.

  9. Lauren

    Wake up at 10am next to Tim, to a clean apartment with a clean kitchen. I make the perfect breakfast – everything turns out wonderfully. Tim helps me do the dishes, and the kitchen is clean once again. I have absolutely no obligations on this day, and money, for once, is not a worry. We go to the beach for a few hours and I get tan and feel comfortable in my bathing suit. We go to lunch somewhere where shoes are optional and take our time. Maybe spend the time after lunch going to a movie or taking a nap, then we get dressed up and looking our absolute best we go to a fancy restaurant. Finish the day off with some hardcore cuddling. THAT would be a perfect day for me.

  10. Anonymous

    A perfect day would be a day of pampering for me. No worries, no cleaning, no responsibilities… I’d sleep in (course 8am would be sleeping in to me). Read a good book. Go to a movie. Take a hot tub. Play on the internet. Do some sewing or shopping… all the things I love that I never have time for! Then at the end of the day seeing my kids and hubby (because I always end up missing them when they aren’t around!).

  11. Cinderella

    My perfect day would be (most of us seem to agree on this point:) sleeping in and waking up feeling great! First thing in the morning, i would stroll leisurely from the sparking clean kitchen to the neat, warm, and cozy living room where i would savor the time to actually read the morning paper. From there, i would put in my practice time with my bass, guitar, and piano for an upcoming show…and my children would not talk my head off or pull at the guitar strings while Mama is practicing. There would be no arguing, screaming, yelling, hair pulling, or fighting over who sits next to me. In this dreamy day there would be plenty of time to work in the garden and sew- and maybe even a bike ride. My husband would not be on the Playstation hours upon hours and would do something nice for him (like fishing or hunting, things he hasn’t done since before our dating days). At the end of the day, i would drift off to sleep in his arms thinking “wow! what a great day!” But this is a big dream 🙁

  12. Tenzin

    A perfect day would be, wake up at 9 go to work for regular 8 hr and hit the gym on way home, cook healthy nice meal and bed by 11 pm.


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