What trait of yours do you hope that your children will not inherit?

What trait of yours do you hope that your children will not inherit? Physical trait and/or character trait

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36 thoughts on “What trait of yours do you hope that your children will not inherit?

  1. fiveinthehive

    I really hope that my children don’t unintentionally seek out those who need help but won’t stick to the help that has been given. When I was a kid, I for some reason chose the loneliest kid in my grade to try to mentor, and it never worked out well. Now I am married to a wonderful man who is bi-polar and does not take medication, and I have to constantly put him back in line through firmness of tone and sometimes getting right in his face so he can see the forest for the trees (but never in front of the children). I hope my kids never have to go through that type of headache every few months or so.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s too late! I have bi-polar and I was hoping my children wouldn’t be affected but my 18 year old was diagnosed a couple months ago. I hope I don’t pass on self-loathing.

  3. Hopelessly Devoted

    I really hope my daughter doesn’t get my bust line, it’s huge and caused nothing but problems, specially in high school.

    Hopefully she won’t have my emotional problems as I am a product of a broken home and my husband and I are still together and very much in love.

  4. Green Mtn Mom

    I hope that my kids don’t become alcoholics or addicts like my husband and I are. But hopefully if they do have the compulsive, addictive issues they will know that they can get help and find a way out through AA or other 12-step groups. My hubby and I are both active and have almost 10 years of recovery. My kids have never seen us in active addiction and so I pray they don’t have to go down that road.

  5. Anonymous

    I hope my children never suffer with an eating disorder or depression like I have. It would kill me to see them go through it.

  6. anonymous

    i hope they don’t inherit my procratination. but unfortunately, depsite my best efforts, they’re already starting to.

  7. Lynn

    I hope my son does not fall to material needs like myself. I use material goods to make up for things I lack in relationships.

  8. Anonymous

    i’m a control F R E A K. and i don’t say that proudly. oh, i’m glad i have organizational skills and can multi-task like a genius, but i can get into an uncontrollable micro-managing mindset and i don’t like me like that. i don’t like micro-managing my husband because i can see me being overly critical and condescending and that’s not the wife he deserves. i’m working on curbing my impulses because i have zero desire for my children to see me being condescending to their father. hopefully the mom they see will be one who, while multi-tasking and organizing, appreciates the support she gets from her husband instead of being an overcontrolling, anal b***h.

  9. Anonymous

    I hope that they don’t inherit my tendency to worry about the little things. I hope they don’t let a day pass without stopping to enjoy the moment at least once. I hope they find something that they love to do and make a living doing it.

  10. stressedoutmom&wife

    A trait I don’t want my child to inherit…hmmmm… lets see, OCD, always having to have things perfect and done her way, low-self esteem, being unfaithful, emotional problems all around. Gosh this was harder than I thought.

  11. Anonymous

    I always have wished that my kids wouldn’t be as shy as I am, but they already are! I also wish they wouldn’t worry as much as I do, but, again, they already do. sigh.

  12. anonymous

    Well, looks like a few of you already nailed what I hope my kids don’t get from me!

    For my daughter, first and foremost… my big boobs!! I HATE THEM!! Had a breast reduction at 15, but they came back. I actually prayed for her when she was in my womb and continue to now.

    For both of my children, it would be the mental illness that is all too familiar in my family. Also it would be the poor self esteem and having dreams and never achieving, or even trying to achieve them.

    I don’t care if my children don’t want to, they will go to their high school prom, they will try out for activities, clubs, etc… – I missed out on too much because I was too concerned about coming home and watching tv!! What a waste! My children will also go to college, there is no question about that!

    I do pray that my children are blessed with my common sense and ability to pick things up quickly.

  13. Anonymous

    I desperately hope theyre not fat like me…it has controlled my life..i am outgoing and fun but hold back on a lot because i dont want anyone to make fun of me…they are all very normal weights right now and i hope they stay that way…im also worried that theyll be ashamed of me since i am fat…

  14. Marie

    I hope my daughter does not inherit my inability to finish what I start. I also hope that she does not inherit my husband and MIL’s love of critizing everything. Everything with them is “It’s good, but…”. My husband is thankfully starting to change. I also hope she doesn’t inherit my MIL’s nose. It doesn’t seem like it but she’s still a baby and it’s hard to tell.

  15. Anonymous

    I hope neither of them inherits my ADD (although I think they have) or family history of depression.

  16. QC

    Hmmm…I hope they don’t inherit my lack of ambition. It sucks. I hope they know what they want to be when they are older, and aren’t fearful of things like failing.

  17. Anonymous

    My low self esteem, my inability to stand up for myself and allowing people to walk all over me….and to be happy with themselves no matter what.

  18. Anonymous

    I hope they don’t inherit my bouts of depression. I see a lot of myself in my daughter already and our personalities are very similar which scares me for her.

  19. dawn

    i hope that my kids dont turn out like me cause im not such a good roll model,,,,on the inside i have a big heart but i dont if i wear it on my sleeve,,,hope they follow there own dreams.,.,…and not listen to whom ever is going to put them down…


  20. Anonymous

    I hope my children do not inherit my overweightness, my bi-polar disorder, my sensitiveness, and my anxiety. These things have been miserable to live with and I hope they never have to go through it.

  21. Anonymous

    I actually don’t have that many things, I would say nervous problem, which ruined my life. I hope they will inherit my open mind, creativity, passion to accomplish your dreams. nervous problem I mean inability to socialise to new people. And I guess appearance upgrade would help.

  22. Anonymous

    Horrible nail biting. Tendency to over-eat. Impatience. Vanity (which had led me to have an affair before).

  23. Anonymous

    Mental disorders, anger issues, MD, and most importantly, an X chromosome from the father. If I have a girl and she is anything like me, I know the hell she will have to go through and I will not be able to bear it myself.

  24. Anonymous

    Aloofness and lack of regular organization. I can be so aloof and not notice other people really getting upset until it’s too late and I’m left trying to explain and prove that I really wasn’t trying to be insensitive. I pride myself on being laid back and “even-keeled”, but sometimes it’s toooo much so.

    My organizational skills are sub-par so I hope they pick up a little type A from their dad. lol.

    ADD. Was finally diagnosed as an adult and am so thankful for my meds and the change it has made, but I really hope my kids don’t have to deal with it at any age. I’ve always been an “anti-symtom meds” person, so I’m conflicted about taking meds or giving them to my kids if we’re not “sick”. Hopefully it skips them.


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