What ticked you off?

What or who made you want to scream today?

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24 thoughts on “What ticked you off?

  1. Mookie Mama

    People who think they are so clever and insist that others follow their methods/advice. Boastful and snorty and never admit they are in the wrong.

  2. Tina

    I am sick and tired of trying to get the kids to pick up after themselves when my husband doesn’t even do it! How are the kids meant to learn when they see that their dad doesn’t bother??!!

    What really irks me is when my husband comes home late, after the kids and I have already had dinner and cleaned up the kitchen, and he decides that he wants to eat something different to what I cooked so he messes up the kitchen and leaves the mess for me to clean up in the morning when I get up!!!

  3. Amy

    Ah, well, the most recent thing is a woman whose husband works with mine. I’m all for people being honest with their feelings, but this was something that just bothered me … no, pissed me off.

    She recently found out she was pregnant. She also recently found out that her baby is due in December. She said, “great, another december baby, yea.” I know she isn’t happy about this baby and I think part of it is because they are crappy with money and rarely make ends meet (despite her husband making more than mine, we are much better off). But, it can’t be the only reason because if they’d stop drinking all the time, they’d have more money.

    Anyway, the reason it pissed me off is because I can’t have kids. Most of me is okay with only one, but there are times when I’d like another. It was just upsetting to be faced with someone who has something I’d like and is so blatantly unhappy … it makes me sad that there are two people who would love and cherish a child and can’t, and another couple who doesn’t want a baby gets one.

  4. BurfordWife

    I have a few things that ‘irk’ me. I have two beautiful boys, and The eldest is now 5 and going to kindy. He has been raised in a family where we don’t let them get away with much at all, and have strict policy on manners and treating each other with respect and love.
    He comes back from everyday of kindy upset because these other children will just push him over in the playground and call him names etc when he’s just trying to be friends with them. It all he wants.
    He has started lashing out in our family environment. His younger brother is 2.5 years old and adores him! He’ll be playing happily and big brother will walk by and take away the toy he’s playing with, or step on him etc.
    It’s so frustrating and sad that other parents couldn’t be bothered to parent their children properly! My child is suffering from bullying and The whole family is having to deal with it!
    Teaching manners is now a thing of the past. Discipline is something parents veer away from, because 1. It’s too hard 2. They don’t want their children to ‘hate’ them and 3. because they’re scared that child services will come and take their children away! (Discipline does not NEED to be a smack).
    Children will respect their parents more if they are given strong boundaries and WILL NOT respect not a weak parent who can’t stick to anything.

  5. Anonymous

    My 17 year old sister let my 11 month old son play with a snow globe we got for our 2 yr old daughter before she was born and broke it!!! Talk about PO’d!!

  6. Anonymous

    My boss. I can’t wait until I can be my own boss. I secretly plan to quit within a few months and devote my full-time attention to my home-based business and take care of my son myself. I hate daycare.

  7. Anonymous

    My husband thought he would share some of my feelings with one of my ex-coworkers (I used to work for the same company as my husband)…after many, many times having to appoligize to me for doing the exact same thing!! I can’t tell him anything anymore! And now…he is mad at me for being mad at him. HOW SWEET.

  8. Anonymous

    I was at walmart yesterday and a complete stranger came up to talk with me at the fabric counter. She was telling me that she was making a blanket for a new grandson which I commented back how nice for her. I than told her it would be nice if I had the time to do stuff like that but I was trying to finish my daughters halloween costume in time for which she responded to me that being of her race they didnt believe in the day of the dead and if read and believed in the bible that I wouldnt either. For which I responded yes I believe but its just a commercialized holiday that the kids enjoy for fun not religous reasons. If that is the case why do my kids always get knocked down by the overload of families that are hispanic and have a ton of kids at the mall just trying to get a butt load of candy? The only kids that even come to my door are hispanics. She was not the only hispanic person this year to fill me in on her religous beliefs. I have a good friend who is from el salvador and I was telling her to come by our new house this year so the kids could see our house decorated and she acted like I offended her and proceeded to inform me of her beliefs. So yes this is my latest rant just took the joy right out of my kids fun.

  9. BoyMommy

    While at a indoor play gym type place the other day with my two boys another little boy starts kicking, pushing and hitting my older son (3 and a half). I’m watching this while they are in a bounce house from the other side of the net. His mother no where to be found. My son was being good about it but I knew his patience was wearing thin. So I distract him and convince him to come out and play some where else. He does which I am thankful for because I know soon he was going to start hitting back. He is gigantic for his age and twice the size of this boy (who is probably the same age). Anyhow, about 30 minutes later in another bounce house the little boy runs up to my younger son (2) and knocks him down and rips the ball he is holding out of his hand. Again no mother! Two minutes later he goes over to my older son (same one he is beating on a little while ago) who is holding a ball. Knocks him down and is trying to rip the ball out of his hand. My son is basically like over my dead body. He isnt giving it up. So they are on the floor now lying side by side and this kid is attacking my son. Pushing his fingers in his face and kicking. Ok now I notice the mother standing next to me looking on (doing nothing but watching). 2 minutes goes by and at this point my son scratches the boys face. He gets up wailing and exits into the arms of his coddling mommy.

    I ask if he is ok and then tell the mother that her son has been torturing my kid for the past hour. As we are about to exit the mother comes up in a huff that I SHOULD HAVE made my son apologize to her son for scratching him.

    Ok am I going *(&# insane? This child attacked my child and in the interim got hurt and it is my son’s fault. He out of the clear blue went up to him REPETITIVELY and hurt him. Let me say that as an adult if someone came up to me and attacked me if I fought back and hurt them who in their RIGHT mind would expect me to apologize? How do you blatantly ignore your child’s terrible behavior and then act friggin surprised that he got what he deserves. At some point it IS acceptable for your child to fight back while being attacked. Im sorry mommys if you dont want that to happen you should jump in and watch your child instead of letting them beat the piss out of kids and then expect and apology because he got hurt.

  10. peeking in

    My husband. He works on the road and I haven’t seen him since August, he is coming home for Christmas in 3 days. We talk every night on the phone. But lately when I am speaking about whats going on here at home he is silent and only responds to my questions the second time I ask. I finally figured out it’s because he is surfing the net or checking his e-mail on his lap top while I am talking. It has started to really piss me off. And he always answers his phone like he doesn’t know who is calling. I am always getting the blank ‘Hello’. Tonight after I responded with ‘Hi Honey’ he said ‘What’s up?’ like we don’t talk every night. It just got under my skin. I felt like saying ‘So sorry to bother you.’

  11. Cinderella

    My man. He woke up bursting with energy and I woke up sick. I didn’t feel like going to Church today and he jumped to the conclusion that it was because I was sleepy and didn’t want to get out of the bed. He got irritated at me and started giving my fits (in front of our children!)- fussing at me like I’m a child! I got so mad…I wanted to take his head off!! He still doesn’t know that I’m sick- I’m so dizzy that it feels like the room is spinning around me…but I DO NOT want to speak to him when he comes home. Eventually I’ll have to, but not right now!

  12. Tammi

    I really love my mother-n-law but I get aggravated w/her b/c she is always trying to tell me and my husband (her son) what we should and shouldn’t do and telling us the wrong things she thinks we do. She always tells us that we are spending too much money and I just always feel like she’s getting in our business. I feel like I get the blame for everything. But I feel like I have to keep my mouth shut so there’s no problems in the family. How do I get around this w/out causing problems? I don’t feel like it’s fair to me to have to always keep my mouth shut.

  13. Anonymous

    Just came out of a meeting. Four people in a boardroom and one on a speakerphone THAT WORKED WELL. The person in charge of the meeting and one that talks freaking endlessly has a hearing problem and never wears her stinking hearing aid. So she talks on and on and talks realllllllly loud and it irritates my last nerve. Lucky me, I have another meeting this afternoon with her that’s going to be about two hours. Shoot me now!

  14. Anonymous

    My SIL! My DH and I asked my MIL to watch our kids on Friday so we could go out (we RARELY ask the in-laws to watch the kids, they CLAIM they are willing, but in reality they always find a way to beg off). The SIL got pissed and started crying because we asked my MIL instead of HER! OMG!!! We asked my MIL because that’s who we saw first! Get off it! She tells everyone that she is willing to watch the kids (trying to pay us back for the things we’ve done for her), but every time my DH and I are ready and able to go out SHE can’t do it. She only wants to do help when it’s convenient for her, but expects us to continue to bend over backwards for her and her daughter. Gah! I am so sick of my in-laws and their drama!!!!

  15. Connie

    When did the Golden Rule(I.E. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you)become “Do unto others because it was done unto you”? Why do people who hate being interrupted, interrupt people? Why if you hate to be yelled at or honked at by people in a hurry, do you do it yourself? When did charity work and full-time motherhood become less important than a paycheck? Why is it nice people get taken advantage of by the people they trust? Sorry just thoughts running through my head today and needed someone to rant to, even if it is faceless people on a blog board. I am actually new to all this “blogging” thing. I really did not know places like this existed until I saw the movie “motherhood” starring Uma Thurman. Thanks for listening, I honestly am not usually this negative.

  16. Sick of being the one who bends

    I am sick of always having to make concessions for someone who immigrated to this country. I am sick of hearing how great there country is (Iraq, India, Somalia, Israel, Pakistan, etc.) and this country is crap. If you think so, LEAVE.

    Oh that’s right. You left YOUR country because your life was shit and the country was shit. You had to sleep on a rug on the dirt in a shack. Hey, look around. You don’t have to do that here.

    So SHUT IT! or GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous

    . I have a friend who took her 3 year old to Disney world for her birthday- and pulled out all the stops. She even had clothes custom made for her for each day there. I had a hard time at first, because I have been researching, and finally resigned myself to the fact that we probably won’t be able to even take a budget vacation there.

    The big problem is with other people- just saw another friend post “what a great mommy” she is because she did this all. (this family also makes quite a bit more than us) Meanwhile, I feel like crap because no one notices me busting my butt just to make a better life for my kids. I homeschool, and I make them nutritious meals, and I try to take them as many places as I can. We just can’t do all the huge things like others can.

    So, go to a mommy today and tell her what a good job she does just for the everyday stuff.

  18. Tired mom

    I love jow everyone in my house thinks that I’m not busy when I am working on personal improvement stuff… Like I am an artist and I have started trying to make myself a professional and have a few projects in the works. But mom isn’t doing anything important so she should drop what she’s doing and cook/get clothes ready/bathe kids/get whatever the hell *insert name* needs that they can’t get off their a** to get for themselves.

    Oh and btw, apparently I am racist for commenting about disliking using ax for ask because a few people that are a stereotype using said word have been my only experience with hearing it. Go me!


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