What one thing would make your life easier?

What one thing do you feel would make your life easier and why?

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22 thoughts on “What one thing would make your life easier?

  1. Linda Songster

    I think the thing that would make my life easier would be Not worrying about not having money to pay my monthly bills.
    I am disabled and have a hard time keeping up with my bills.
    I also worry about my retirement since I don’t have any thing put into a retirement fund. I think if both of them were taken care of then i could enjoy life more.

  2. D

    My life would be so much easier if my 12 year old daughter didn’t have bipolar disorder. She’s so hard to deal with and although she is extremely smart and gets straight A’s… I just wish she could be normal.

  3. J

    TO D who wrote on October 27 about her daughter with bipolar disorder. I had a pschiatrist diagnose my daughter who is 15 with bi-polar and on reflection living with her and talking to other parents I think bi-polar behaviour might in fact be an intrinsic part of being a teenager and they cAN grow out of it. what has really helped my daughter are a few simple things:
    1. giving her responsiblity, eg baby sitting job where she feels a “sense of control” she loves it the kids love her (and parents too)
    2. finding something that she loves to do a passion but she has to find it herself – you can sow the seeds very subtly – but she has to believe it is all her idea
    3. listening carefully but taking a lot of what she says with a pinch of salt, eg, listen and show you really care but some of the stuff teenagers say mean in fact nothing at all, the language they use seems really strong but it means nothing to them in their culture.
    4. when they pull a stunt of running away or rattling pill bottles, follow them and be there until they give up the idea- this is very hard to do, draining your energy- it is actually more (to me) a call for your attention and asking for your love than a real attempt to hurt themselves
    5. yoga is great and it is getting really popular for teenagers so it has a ‘cool factor ‘ for teenage girls,
    6. any kind of exercise whatsoever but it has to be self driven self chosen not ‘told to do’
    7. teenagers love texting and sending emails / texting your teenager is actually great they seem to really read them and respond, I often get ” i Love you mom,” via email than spoken.

  4. Anonymous

    my life would be easier if mat leave payments were as much as you were making when we worked, i have 3 beauitful kids but the money they give you is like you have one baby,,, its like put food onthe table or pay the bills.hmm let me think,, ill feed my babies thank you…

  5. Jennifer

    One thing that would make life easier right now would be to have a clone of myself. Someone to take care of the kids for about a week or two while I caught up on my sleep.

  6. sassy.sunshine

    I agree with Jennifer – a clone would be perfect – even for just two hours a day. Someone to take over & do all the things I would do while I take some time for myself without feeling guilty.

    The other thing (ok I’m saying two I guess) would be a professional cook. I hate answering the daily question of “what’s for dinner” and spending time to prepare only to have it over in a minute & left will all those dirty dishes.

  7. Anonymous

    If the house were paid off. Then I wouldn’t have to work on the weekends to pay the mortgage. I could be a full time stay at home mom… course that most likely would bring on a whole new set of stresses! LOL

  8. Mom of 3

    My life would be easier if my husband’s ex-wife would stop being such a crappy mom & just let my 11 yr old step son move in with my husband & I. He practically lives at our house, but she “needs” him at night when she doesn’t have a man to keep her preoccupied. I just don’t understand how a woman can go from being way over protective of her child to barely even taking care of him in just one short year. It’s so VERY irresponsible… & I’m only in my 20’s with 2 young children of my own!!!

  9. Jessica

    If my daughter didn’t have special needs, it would be alot easier. I love her either way though because that is gods own reason for that,which i understand now that she is four. But, sometimes it just gets so overwhelming!

  10. Anonymous

    I think money would make my life easier by not having to worry about how much everything costs.

  11. Anonymous

    Just this morning I was thinking about how much easier it would be if there were 2 of me. As a single mother of two babies under 4 it seems that life never stops or even slows down. Both my 3 year old son and 8 month old daughter have asthma. If one child isn’t sick then it’s the other one. I know the doctor on a first name basis if that tells you anything. I work full time but can’t seem to work enough to make ends meet and I feel guilty that I don’t spend enough time with my kids. Not to mention everything else that it takes to run a household such as laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, etc. Oh…where are you, my clone?

  12. Obsolete

    If sex lasted more than two minutes OR a magic device stopped my husband from snoring I would not lay awake all night feeling unsatisfied and exhausted.

  13. Anonymous

    Like Oprah said, every wife needs a wife!!! If I had someone do half the stuff I’m supposed to do, I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed by the expectations.

  14. Anonymous

    My life would be easier if we could buy our own home. renting is getting old and my children hate where we live. the solution we found we can not do.

  15. Nemo Timeless

    I think you should all read Judy Brady “I want a wife”. It’s a very good article that I think You would ALL appreciate. look it up it’s not hard to find :D.

  16. Nemo Timeless

    My life would be easier if my mom could recognize that she has 5 other children that she can demend things from instead of making me feel guilty when I can not do it for her..

  17. 2kids1stepkid

    I dont mean to be materialistic or anything but right now what I need in my life to make it easier is simply MONEY. Money to pay ALL my debt and get my credit score up again, Money to buy a second car so I’m not stuck at home while my boyfriend is out working (he drives for a living), Money to move into a bigger apartment so my kids can have their own space. That would lift a weight off my shoulders and make it easier to me to stay on top of my current bills. Ugh 🙁


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