What is your secret fear?

What is your secret fear?

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26 thoughts on “What is your secret fear?

  1. Marcy

    Well, I fear that after the kids are out of the house- and god willing they will be if I am doing this parenting thing right at all….I am afraid my husband and I will look at each other and go ‘now what?’….I guess I am afraid I will no longer serve a purpose and no longer be really all that useful. Of course there will always be my blog!!!! See I guess I do I have something to fall back on!

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  2. Anonymous

    I don’t think I have any real fear. We haven’t written up a will so I’m afraid of what will happen to/who will take/the turn-out of our babies! We have life insurance, but money won’t take care of EVERYTHING. We’re working on it, but are stuck because we’ve decided we don’t want our family to take the kids, and we’re not sure which one of our close friends to ask…

  3. Anonymous

    Someone close to me dying. My husband will be a little late coming home from work and I’ll picture him dying in a terrible car accident. My kids will sleep more soundly than usual and I imagine that they’re suffocating and dying in their sleep. My dad had a mild heart attack recently, and I worry that he’ll have another one that’s not so mild. I’m actually almost crying just writing this, and thinking about the people I love dying.

  4. amy

    Not so secret. My fear is that my husband will die in Iraq. I know my son and I will be taken care of. My fear isn’t about our wellbeing, not directly. I don’t know that I could live without him. Having our son helps, making me think that it might pull me up for his sake, but I’m not convinced. I’m afraid that I wouldn’t even WANT to live without him, not even for our son.

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  6. Kari

    My greatest fear, although there are many, is that I will never find true happiness. And I don’t mean with a man…I mean in life in general. I have suffered from depression for so long that I don’t remember what pre-meds happiness is. It’s so scary.

  7. Anonymous

    My biggest fear in the world is that my fiance will find someone that he likes more than me. It’s sad, but true.

  8. Jane

    My biggest fear is that I will die, and leave my kids behind to be raised by my husband and his family. These people sincerely don’t like me.I am the Black Sheep in the family, and despite being around them for over a decade now, no matter how hard I try.I’ve NEVER fit in !
    There are so many things that are said and done to my kids by the in-laws that I’m just not comfortable with . However, I also don’t want my own parents to raise my kids. My father is a pot head, my stepfather molested me, my Mom has anger issues….etc.
    I worry about how my in-laws would treat my kids if I were not here to run intereferance and keep things steady.

    I also worry about my kids being drafted into the military someday. I would be crushed if that happened.

  9. Anonymous

    That my husband will die young.

    That my children aren’t safe from sick sexual predators. I’m crazy over- protective because of this secret fear that someone will abuse them. I trust no one with my children and am constantly on guard for the sake of my children.

    That I will never be who I really want to be. That my standards for myself are too high and untainable.

  10. Cheater

    I fear that my kids will find out about all the horrible things i did growing up and that I cheated on their dad.

  11. Anonymous

    That I’ll never find a passion for anything. That I’ll never know my purpose outside of being a wife and mother.

  12. Evolving door

    My secret fear is that I will never love my fiance as much as I loved my ex of ten years . We are very happy together , he is my best friend and I feel closer to him after one year then I ever did with my ex after ten years but I loved my ex so much its hard to imagine feeling that way again especially after what he did to me which was have an affair then left me and the kids to marry his mistress . He cleaned up his life and is now having the life I always wanted with him with this other woman . Obviously our relationship was all wrong for us and were both better off now but knowing that doesn’t take the pain away . And knowing that I’m with the right person now doesn’t make loving again any easier . I know that as time goes by our bond will strengthen and our love will grow but that doesn’t take the fear away . My heart is living in the wake of that disaster that was my previous relationship and everyday I heal a little more its just frustrating to be feeling the pain at all when I have such a good thing going on in my life now . I met my fiance a few weeks after my divorce and a year isn’t really a very long time to heal after something like that . I really worry about how it effects my current relationship . How my fears keep us from being as good together as we could be if I wasn’t still so heart broken from my ex . I can only hope that time really will heal my wounds and I will be able to love as deeply and maybe even deeper .

  13. Anonymous

    I guess I have all the normal fears that my loved ones will die or be injured. And that it’ll be my fault. Doesn’t everyone fear that?

    My secret fear is that if I go to my favorite jogging path, some of the mean geese that hang out there will chase me again, and this time it’ll end up on YouTube. It’s really scary being chased by geese. They’re quite tall.

  14. anonymous

    My biggest fear is that if I divorce, my husband fight me on custody of the kids and he will take them out of state, turn them over to his whacked out parents to raise, and I’ll never see them again.

  15. Anonymous

    My biggest fear is that I won’t find a job anytime soon, and my husband will get fed up with me. I really believe that he already has, and wonders what’s wrong with me. I fear I have nothing left to bring to the table in this marriage but money, and I don’t even have that. We’ve only been married for two months, but we lived together for 2 years before that. I fear he’s losing respect for me.

  16. anonymous

    That the man I am in love with doesn’t love me in return and never will. That we will never be together and everything I am doing will be for nothing.

  17. Anonymouse

    My biggest fear is that I am going to going to be alone forever and die alone. I’m 50 years old, I’ve been married, had kids, divorced for 20 years. I’ve been alone almost my entire adult life. It’s lonely, I don’t tell people I’m lonely because I’m ashamed. I feel like I’m the only one that feels this way and/or I don’t want to admit it. I feel like a loser.

  18. Anonymous

    my biggest fear is my family members finding out that my sister and i had sex after that nite of partying after the bar.

  19. Inloveandhurting

    My greatest fear is coming to a realization that my life was better with my now ex-husband. And ironically I have my boyfriend to thank. I guess if that happens it would just be karma coming back to rip my ass. I don’t know when I stopped loving my then-husband but I was not happy in my marriage and saw nothing in him that I wanted any longer. I met someone who brought life into my soul and things were amazing. Now that I’m divorced, and been with my boyfriend for a while now, I’m feeling miserable again but in a different way. See with my ex I had no desire and no love for him whatsoever but he never gave me a problem really, I was just like a single mother doing everything for my kids on my own. With my boyfriend I am madly in love with him and he wants to do everything together but our fights are bad, he breaks things, he yells, he curses at me. And I’m drowning in my tears when I’m alone. Sometimes even at work I feel like I’m about to break down. And I’m getting scared of him. I’m afraid I’ll open my mouth and say the wrong thing, or that it’ll come out the wrong way. He claims he’ll never touch me but can someone with all that anger really hold that promise. I have a closet door with 3 punchholes in it, just waiting for the day I’ll be that door.


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