What is your most embarassing moment?

What is your most embarrassing moment?

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  1. Anonymous

    In college I was working on a paper at the library. I finished working, left the computer, then realized that I had left my disk in the computer. By this time, another student had already sat down at the computer I was on and had started working. I went up to them, said, “Excuse me just a second,” and pushed a button to eject the disk. However, I accidentally hit the wrong button – I turned the computer off! I was pretty embarrassed. I apologized, ejected my disk, and got out of there!

  2. Anonymous

    When my husband and I were newlyweds, we had made a video of ourselves having sex. About two years later my mother was watcing our videos of when we were in Japan and of our youngest child. When all of a sudden there I am on all fours on the couch and my husband is doing me doggiestyle. All she said was “Oh my god!!!” I never ran so fast… I ran to the TV and turned it off. I swore we had erased the movie… I guess not..That was by far the most embarrasing so far…

  3. Anonymous

    My husband came home from work one day as I was getting in the shower. He was on his cell phone, so I left him alone downstairs. When I got out of the shower, I could still hear him talking and thought he was on the same call. I decided to surprise him by going downstairs naked. Well, apparently our neighbor had stopped by, and he saw me there on the stairs before I realized that’s who my husband was talking to! He averted his eyes immediately and I RAN back up the stairs, but I know he saw me stark naked. I was so humiliated that I started hyperventilating and crying and my husband had to come calm me down. We never spoke about it again, but I am still friends with that neighbor.

  4. peeking in

    It’s a running joke that I carry salt with me because my feet are so regularly in my mouth. So I’ll just pick the most recent instead of giving everyone a blow-by-blow of the last 32 years. I went to ‘Meet the Teacher’ for my oldest son entering 1st grade and as I was looking around the classroom waiting my turn I noticed the name of the teacher was the same as a guy I dated right out of high school. I was very curious if she was his wife, I always kind-of considered him ‘the one that got away’. When it was my turn I walked up with my son and we did intorductions and visited about her teaching style, etc. Then, before we leave, I asked her if she knew so and so, and she said yes, he’s my husband. She then asked how I knew him, to which I responded, “Oh, we dated.” Nice. Really nice, my kids not passing, that’s for sure.

  5. Ha ha

    I’m a single mom and had been dating someone but we never “did it” when my son was with me. Well, the guy that I was dating at the time came over the night before and I just happened to have “a little visitor” needless to say a mess was made and it got on the mattress. My friend stopped over the next night to have dinner and my son immediately ran to the bedroom and slammed the door. When he came back down the hall he said ” remember mom, you had some bladder issues and you don’t want him to see that.” We kind of looked at eachother with those knowing eyes and I said “oh thank you”. The same night while I was outside my son went to my bedroom and got into my drawers, (which we had just talked about him not doing. My friend came out and said… ummm… your son has your toy and is using it as a massager and had told my friend to feel how good it felt as he put it on his arm. I have never been so embarrassed in my life! Good thing he’s a good sport. Needless to say, the “toy” has been moved to a different area.

  6. embarassing.

    Well i was about 15 and i had just finished netball training, there were 2 parked cars that looked alike, and i went to the one i thought was my dad, but turns out it was some indian guyw ith a mean lookin face, and i was like oh shit wrong car, and ran into my dads car.

  7. CariDee

    When I was 23 I once went to have a couple of beers with some collegues. Unfortunately I waited too long with going to the ladies. So when I (finally!) went together with 2 of my co-workers there was a HUGE line to the ladies. Well, you can guess what happened. After first waiting, then dancing and stepping I finally wet myself completely when I was 2nd in line. It was sooooo embarrassing!! And I started to cry like baby!! It was sooooo hard going back to work after that. Even now, several years later, I feel awkward just by thinking of it.

  8. sher

    my most embarrassing moment was when my Ex brought his new girlfriend over to a store i was in (not intentionally) and my hair was not done and my clothes was not well put together. whew… i was so embarrassed, as they looked great. why did i choose to dress down this day was what i asked myself.


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