What is your favorite memory of your dad?

What is your most favorite memory of your dad?

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9 thoughts on “What is your favorite memory of your dad?

  1. Anonymous

    My dad wasn’t around growing up (I met him once I was an adult). My stepdad was horrible and I have no good memories of him.

  2. Willow

    I really don’t have a lot of “childhood” memories of my dad because my folks were divorced and I didn’t see him that often. When we did have weekends with him, my stepmonster had a way of spoiling things. But, when I went through a really bad time at 18 and 19, my father was steadfast and true. He never once wavered in his love, loyalty and support. He is the reason I am alive today — literally.

  3. Anonymous

    when i was 4 my dad took me to a hotel swimming pool where we snuck in and went swimming in the middle of winter during a snowstorm. loved it. my dad was always fun and full of suprises.

  4. Anonymous

    My paernts divorced at the age of 7. My father was a disabled veteran so he had all the time in the world for us. Weekends at my dad’s were the best. He was devoted and he cherished each moment we were there just as much as my sister and I did. We were fortunate for our parents to have a great friendship after divorce. In the summer my mother would let us stay at dads by the week or month, and we would go camping for the majority of that time. Fishing, picnics, catching frogs and turtles, swimming, board games if it rained. Everything a kid loves to do, with their dad right along side enjoying it as much as they do.

  5. Amanda

    I have a lot of memories of my father… but one of my most vivid and proudest moments was when he came and picked me up from elementry school in his uniform (he’s a pilot) so that we could fly to Kansas to escape a hurricane.

  6. Anonymous

    My favorite memory is when I was younger and my dad let me sleep at my friend’s house. I ran up to him and hugged him while he picked me up. I told him he was the best dad in the whole world.

  7. Anonymous

    My dad was in the marines so I spent alot of my childhood without him as a youngster but I fondly remember him getting up everyday at 6 am and putting his boots on where he had this routine of putting these little bungy type things around his pants legs to hold them tight. Its a weird thing but I remember getting up with him every morning to watch him do this and go off to work. Oh and he used to dance with me to old country albums when I was around 6 or 7 all the time just me and him. I was definetly daddys girl when I was little.

  8. Anonymous

    Me and him went out fishing in his old little red motor boat, it was rainy and windy and the waves were 4 feet high. It got so bad that we had to go to shore and make a temporary shelter out of a tarp sticks. That day, i out fished him so i won that dollar bill. i dont remember how many I got, but i do remember that i used a purple spinner. That was a good day.

  9. Raychel

    My parents got divorced and we moved away from my Dad in Rhode Island to Mississippi. I was about 6 years old. We didnt see him for about a year. My older brother and I flew up there by ourselves to see him. I remember him running top speed through the airport to us…just smiling from ear to ear, and so excited! He couldnt wait to scoop us up. He was so young and handsome. God, I love my Dad!


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