What is one of your pet peeves?

What is one of your pet peeves?

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23 thoughts on “What is one of your pet peeves?

  1. Anonymous

    I hate rude people. Nothing irritates me more than a rude person. For example, if I hold the door open for you – say thank you. If you don’t, I most certainly will turn around, look you in the eye and say “YOUR WELCOME” to make my point. Most will become ashamed at their poor manners and say thank you at that point. Too many people have no manners these days and do not teach their children manners which is just horrible.

  2. meohmy

    People who work in customer service but have no clue how they should be talking or treating their customers.

  3. sarah

    My pet peeve might sound stupid to some of you, but it’s people who don’t wipe their kids butt’s when they pee… I have seen it so many freakin times and it makes me sick!!! It’s just like not wiping yourself when you use the bathroom and you just pee, but it’s worse, because that pee is sitting on their bottom for however long it’s been since they peed before you change them. Every time you take a diaper off your child… WIPE THEIR FREAKIN BUTT!!!!! Please… If I see someone else not wipe their kids butt, I might finally say something lol..

  4. Willow

    I hate bad spelling in business writing — billboards, contracts, etc. Drives me nuts. If they’re in business they should be able to spell and if they can’t they should hire an editor/proofreader!

  5. SNB

    STUPID DRIVERS! People who don’t know how to spell they’re, their, and there or use them properly. People in customer service who act like androids and don’t know how to speak to people.

  6. anonymous

    Most of the above, but someone that works in an urban setting… homeless people that expect everyone to help them. Drives me NUTS!! Also, watching a cat or a day take a pee or poop… don’t know why… gets on my last nerve!

  7. Anon

    People who don’t use turn signals. Litterbugs. Smokers who throw their butts on the ground (see “Litterbugs”). People who cut in line. Disrespectful children. Telephone menus. Wow, the list just goes on…

  8. Kari

    Bad drivers…I can’t believe that half the people in this world actually have a government issued license to drive.
    People who use poor grammar. Did we all not learn in school when to use the word seen??
    I understand where the other moms are coming from when they talk about people in customer service, but just for one day, step into OUR shoes and you try dealing with people who are rude, the ones who think they can get away with cursing and yelling at us just cuz we can’t see their face. You try dealing with the people who think their ‘stuff’ doesn’t stink and that we owe everything to them. I work very hard at satisfying my customers, I treat my customers with the utmost respect and I am very good at what I do…if you run into a rep that doesn’t do their job correctly or they are rude, ask for their manager instead of making them the stereotype.

  9. Anonymous

    My list could go on and on. So just a few. Bad spellers, store employees talking on the phone and wont get off to ring me up, people who cut in line, bad drivers especially ones on cell phones, people that I know personally that rook the system and brag about it(welfare and such things), car salespeople, neighbors that let their dogs run my neighborhood. My number one right now is the cost of groceries going up where even my walmart stores are in competition with each other so you dont know which one is going to have the cheapest stuff because they each keep changing the prices. ugh. the worse.

  10. Anonymous

    My main peeve is so that many people think the government should take money from people who have worked incredibly hard to earn it and give it to others who have not.

  11. curly

    My pet peeve is family members who think they can solve every phase children go through in 30 seconds and put down my parenting skills. As if they did such a great job and can criticize. Dishonesty is a very big pet peeve. It doesn’t make sense and almost 100% catches up on them. And I agree with the above on prices of groceries. Makes me sad when I can’t get raspberries for my daughter at an enormous price and receive half rotten berries.

  12. peeking in

    Mine would have to be people who don’t parent by example. I go nuts when I see a mother or father snap orders to their kids – “Get in the car!” “Put that down!” Then expect the kids to say please and thank you. HELLO – you didn’t so why should they? I tell my kids that if I don’t say please then they need to remind me, just like I remind them.

    Sorry, I feel better now. 🙂

  13. Anonymous

    People that smoke around their children. I’m a mother of a 3 year old and an 8 month old, both have asthma. Everyday I see how hard my kids struggle with it. Medications, inhalers, coughing all night. I do everything I can possibly do to keep them healthy and comfortable. Then I see these people that smoke in their cars, windows rolled up with kids in the backseat. I mean…come on…it even says on the pack that it causes cancer and death. It’s our job as parents to protect our children not to be the one causing them harm!

  14. Anonymous

    How commercial everything has become and how much money people spend on what I consider trivial things. I know it’s none of my business how much people spend but when I hear people say they have 100 pairs of shoes or purses it drives me nuts. I don’t know why..again it’s not my business but it just all seems so superficial. I can’t help but think we’re setting kids up for failure when they see that Mommy and Daddy have a gazillion different outfits or shoes and I think “God helps whoever marries that kid and has to give them that lifestyle.”

  15. anonymous

    People who STOP at the beginning of a merge lane– its called a “MERGE” lane– you drive along the lane and MERGE into traffic!! This is one of my biggest pet peeves– Makes me completely nuts!!!

  16. tina

    Peoples annoying children and pets. Parents please dont assume everybody thinks your kids are cute and wants to hear them scream loudly in restuarants or in public. Also, if you have pets please don’t let them crawl over everyone when someone is visiting your home.

  17. anonymous

    RUDE CUSTOMERS!!! I am a customer service rep and I am at the end of my rope. Peeeeeple (!!) call our company and before you can even give a proper greeting they start in with, “My name is this my address is that I want to order this and that my credit card number is…..” And they don’t shut the heck up!! I AM THE AGENT!! I will ask the questions in the order in which I need the information. Or customers who call and immediately start in with, “Well, don’t you need my account number?” “Do you see my name on your screen?” “Don’t you want my credit card number?” Really, I could go on and on all day long as I have been doing this thankless job for years. I really feel like slamming the phone down on these awful people and just pretending like my phone is broken.

    PLEASE….PLEASE!! Be kind to customer service agents. I know that there are plenty of bad ones out there who act like mindless robots, but, please, let them prove how bad they are before you start in on “wanting the manager.” We are all people. Let’s treat each other better – a lot better.

    There. 🙂

  18. anonymous

    OPK (Other people’s kids) make me crazy. Not all of them, but the ones who are let loose in public without the parents watching them. The last time we went to our favorite amusement park I was crashed in to by no less than 20 kids and the parents do NOTHING – NOTHING! Just laugh and say something stupid like, “Oh, he’s just excited.” The worst is when people use their kids like battering rams, letting them kick and run into people while standing in line, screaming and yelling in small waiting areas and doing absolutely nothing.

    I could say oh, so much more, but my blood will boil if I let myself get going too much. I am just so sick and tired of putting up with OPK. They are not cute. They are not adorable. They are not funny. They are loud, monstrous, obnoxious brats who should not be allowed in public if the parents won’t take responsibility.

    I don’t hate kids. I don’t even dislike kids. It’s the ones like I’ve mentioned above that ruin so many pleasant things for other people. If the managers of restaurants, theatres, amusement parks, malls, grocery stores, and a thousand other venues would show some backbone, perhaps people could enjoy themselves at these places that COST MONEY once in a while!

  19. anonymous

    People who will NOT STOP TALKING. I have three major people in my life who cannot seem to shut up. They ask a question, then answer it for you. When you start talking, they will complete your sentence and your story. I have been held hostage in a room for over FIVE HOURS by an otherwise adored relative because she would not stop talking. These three people know they do it, but laugh it off with, “Well, I don’t want to forget to tell you.” I think they know nothing about me because I never get a chance to tell them anything. Some days, it’s truly maddening.


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