What does your family think of your husband?

What does your family think of your husband/partner? Are they correct in their perception?

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7 thoughts on “What does your family think of your husband?

  1. Anonymous

    They think he’s great. We lived with my family briefly when we moved from our college town, and all my younger siblings and both parents all got along great with him. He’s the kind of guy that can make friends easily. I’m glad that they like him, and their perception of him as a nice, friendly guy is right on.

  2. Christie

    I married my highschool sweetheart and right now my family is mad at him, because they are frustrated with me. Aparently, although I am in my thirties, my family thinks my decisions are all made by him telling me what to do. Boy would they be shocked to know I can think all on my own, and *I* call most of the shots! ;))

  3. Willow

    They don’t like him. They feel that he takes advantage of me and doesn’t treat me well. It capped things when I told them in December about his emotional affair with another woman.

  4. peeking in

    My family reserved judgement at first, or maybe they were just being nice. I bring home this 36 year old guy -I was 20, who had been married & divorced 3 times, he had several tat’s and long hair. Then they find out he is an ex-con and we eloped. Well after ten years and three kids they adore him. As he likes to say, he was raised right, he just doesn’t look the part. Of course this wasn’t accomplished with out professional interferance, we went for marraige counceling for a year our 2nd year of marriage and for 8 months our 6th year of marriage. But now we are better than we have ever been. And I’m the longest lasting wife! LOL

  5. Anonymous

    Fortunately, my family loves my husband. He is a very genuine, funny, kind-hearted and helpful person so they’ve got no complaints.

  6. Anonymous

    Complicated I guess, It’s more to keep me happy. 14yrs full of lies which cause me,my husband and 3 kids to move away from my family. I constantly think about how much I was stress free before we made that moved, now Iam a totally reck cause Iam alone. I miss my family, but love my husband.


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