What do you hate about your boss?

What do you hate most about your boss?

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7 thoughts on “What do you hate about your boss?

  1. Anonymous

    When they micromanage. I know how to do my job (thank you very much) so you can climb back out of my butt now.

  2. Anonymous

    When they don’t come to work on time, or some days just don’t come in at all and when they finally saunter in… everything is an emergency. The stress my boss is under is his/her own fault. I’ve even tried to help and….not worth it because I’m the assistant, my opinion doesn’t matter.

  3. Anonymous

    She’s a nice lady, but she’s dumber than a box of rocks & screws things up all.the.time, but never gets into any trouble. You always have to double check her instructions and follow up w/the client because she probably gave you the wrong information. Very annoying, to say the least!

  4. Anonymous

    Well, when your boss thinks he walks on water, it’s rather difficult to deal. He crosses the line by telling others (myself included and I am not fat) how they should get rid of their excess weight and how “your pants look like big balloons”, how short men are much smarter than tall men (yes, he is short) and how everyone should think like he does.

    He loves to micro-manage everything and everyone. Who can do their job with someone breathing down their back all the time? No one in this office is stupid, but he sure treats us that way.

  5. Anonymous

    I hate everything about my bosses and I live in very close to them. I hate how they check up on everthing I do. I hate how they come behind me and change things. I hate that they are SO lazy and I have to do all their little things. I hate them in general and I can not wait until they leave. It will be 60 more hellish days! If they are not happy with what I do then fire me!! If they are then leave me the hell alone!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous

    My boss is a go-getter. We are a grant and government funded research office and he has worked us into funding and work to support 21 people (we began with 3). He is very good at what he does.

    BUT, I hate him. He is completly impersonable (unless he wants something). He is an asshole. He steps on everybodys toes. He doesnt respect the work of us in the office (sectretarys and office managers). He bairly says hi in the morning (too busy), leaves without warning, and when you miss something because of this, its your fault. Instead of a simple response to questions he replys with things like “I would expect so” for yes or “Why would you do that?” for no. This makes us feel completely inadequate and stupid. If that is the type of person you have to be to make his salary, I’d rather not.


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