What are you thankful for today?

What 3 things are you thankful for today?

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10 thoughts on “What are you thankful for today?

  1. anonymous

    My husband who is deployed, working hard to provide for our family.
    My kids who are smart, funny, and keep me sane during this deployment!
    My friends who have been unbelievably generous the whole deployment.

  2. Anonymous

    My daughter turns 1 today and it’s bedtime and everyone in my 5 person family is asleep and will most likely sleep through the night tonight. Woo Hoo.

  3. Danielle Ellerman

    I am thankful for my ablity to make choices. I am very head-strong, but before i make any kind of decision, i consult my family. Wr are a team, and there is no “I” in team

  4. Brianna Thomas

    I am thankful for my son’s health, my husband’s hard work so I can be a stay at home mom and I am thankful for family and friend’s that love us 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    I am thankful that my husband is finally on the mend after his recent year long struggle with severe mental illness, and cocaine and crystal meth abuse.

    I am thankful that even though it’s tiny and a dump, I can afford the apartment where we live, off of my receptionist income.

    I am thankful that despite all the turmoil we have gone through as a family, my little boy is still healthy, vibrant and happy.

  6. Anonymous

    I am thankful for the great relationship I have with my husband, for two great kids who really have never given me any trouble so far and for the fact that I have a free evening with nothing that I absolutely have to do tonight!


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