What annoys you most about your spouse?

What annoys you about your spouse?  Does it cause a problem in your relationship?

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77 thoughts on “What annoys you most about your spouse?

  1. anonymous

    First off – I do love him. But he has some very annoying habits. One is spitting and hacking up stuff in the shower. It totally grosses me out! The other is, after he has worked and is all sweaty, he will sit on the furniture to watch tv instead of hopping in the shower to clean.

  2. JP

    EVERYTHING – Anymore!! I used to love my husband with all of my heart, but then found out that he has not been faithful at all in our marriage. He has cheated on me several times. The last time was with a complete slut off of the internet – from Oklahoma – I hope she is reading this. They truly deserved each other. She is as bad as he is. She was cheating on a husband too. Jennifer was her name. To this day, I hate to hear the name. She did everything to try to win him over. At the time I was crushed, but anymore, I say ladies, you can have him. He ain’t worth the tears or time. He cheats more than he brushes his teeth. I wish now they were together, making each other miserable. Live and Learn. I know life would be better without him in it.

  3. Anonymous

    One of the many things my spouse does that annoys the hell out of me is when he just told me to be quiet. In fact, he yelled at me, in front of our teenage son. It was disrespectful. It was shockingly abrasive and mean. It made me wonder, as I often do, why the freaking hell I ever married this ass. After 22 years I cannot believe he just used the tone of voice his father used to use on his mother. She divorced him. I would like to scream at my husband about the 500 things he does that I don’t appreciate but manage to stay civil. I married a prick and recently, it’s not even a hard prick.

  4. Anonymous

    He’s impatient and catty with our kids. He’ll mock them. When the baby’s crying, he’ll whine right back: “Waah, how do you like it?!” It irritates the heck out of me. And he has no backbone. Sometimes I wish he would call me on things I do wrong, confront me, or something. But he just sits there and avoids me. Right now we’re not doing too well in our relationship. There isn’t even any reason – we just avoid each other and don’t talk and I get more and more irritated at everything he does, or doesn’t do. I even spent most of last night on the couch, because I was mad at him for not getting me up to go to bed.

  5. anonymous

    Ok, so I finally found a site where the women are really honest. Yeepee!! So here I go; hopefully some of you can relate. My husband leaves for work at 6:30am in the morning and returns at 7:15pm. I work part-time from 9-3:30pm and we have an 8 year old daughter. I’m sick to death of dealing with everything. I handle all of our daughter’s school activities, paperwork, projects and after school events. I pay all of the bills, do all of the laundry,grocery shopping dr. appointments, etc. Every weekend I’m home cleaning showers, toilets, mopping floors, vacuming; you name it I’m doing it. I try to keep up with all of it during the week, but I still don’t get everything done. I’m also a direct sales rep for Silpada Designs Jewelry,which by the way I can’t devote enough time to because my husband doesn’t get home early enough for me to make calls, etc. This really irritates me. Every month I check our AE bill and there is at least $200 in Jack Daniels charges. He loves his Jack. So I asked him if I could get a cleaning lady every other week for $80 and he went off saying we can’t afford that. We always end up in a big fight and I walk away furious. I think I may just go ahead and hire someone and not tell him. What a pain in the ass men are! I’ve also asked him if he could come home a bit earlier for me to work out. Again, you would have thought I asked for the world. I just told my best friend the other day that if I had to do it all over again I would have never married. I love my daughter and wouldn’t give that part up for anything, but I find that I’m totally exhausted from no support..does anyone else feel this way?

  6. Gina

    I love my husband. I realize I have some flaws of my own. He doesn’t like to make decisions about minor things like where to eat or he criticizes way too much whether it be about me or someone else. That’s a real turn off. He tends to not like a change in routine.Sometimes change is good. He also pouts when he doesn’t get his way no matter what it may be. Do you know how it looks to see a grown man pout? LOL!! He has come a long way in some of these areas lately.

  7. Anonymous

    The fact that, when we are regularly intimate, he’s my best buddy, all cheerful and full of sweetness and light – but heaven forbid, I’m ill, or have a yeast infection (eew) or anything else, and he pulls away from me emotionally. As if, if I’m not giving the physical, I ain’t getttin the emotional from him! WTF?
    And he’s a complete woman about it, LOL, he’s more emotional and wears his heart on his sleeve more than I do! UGH! How many times do I have to tell him – you attract more bees with honey than vinegar??? *snort*

  8. Deb

    Well, mostly anything anymore. I miss the early days. But when I look back, I see that he’s been condescending and hateful for a long time. He’ll tell me he’s the smartest one in this relationship, that I haven’t a clue about anything, then snicker. Or talk to me like I’m a 5 year old. Truly it pi***s me off. I’m almost to leaving. Had about enough

  9. fiveinthehive

    My husband talks down to me and he thinks of me as a hypochondriac if I have a headache and I tell him about it or if I have to rest for a little while because I am too sick to do the housework for a day. He really resented me (and still does) during my last (ever) pregnancy because I was on strict bed rest from the 8th week due to life-threatening complications for me and he actually had to step in to take care of the kids whenever our roommate wasn’t available to do it. He uses mouthwash but rarely actually brushes his teeth, and he won’t shave unless I avoid him for a week because the stubbles hurt my skin. And what’s up with “tickling” me? I don’t enjoy tickling, especially when he digs his fingers in and it hurts! He complains about my body shape (although I look damned good at 5’6″ and 145 lbs only 11 weeks after delivering our fifth (and last!) child), but his gut and butt have plenty of flab. At least I exercise when I can (in-between breastfeeding, cleaning, being a taxi, being a tutor, being a cook, being a maid, being a sex slave (because it’s all about HIM and it doesn’t feel good to me), and everything else I do) but he doesn’t SEE me doing it so it’s not good enough. Oh, and he is TOTALLY stupid with money – if it’s cash in his pocket, it’s gone by the end of the day. I will NEVER have a joint account with him again – I learned several years ago that was a big mistake. There’s plenty more that bugs me about my husband, but this should entertain for now. 🙂

    1. Anonymous

      I totally understand! I have been going through a big moment of how bad he is financially to the point of really thinking about marriage. Totally about all the “things” we have to do around the house and feel unappreciated even tho he might mention how good of a job I do but I feel it’s not enough acknowledging than actually doing to help me physicals or emotionally.

  10. Jada

    The fact that he cannot say ‘I’m sorry’ when he is wrong! It’s just not in his vocabulary! I found out he was having an emotional affair at work and it had been going on for 5 years! We stayed together but my reason was for the kids. After they grew up I was going to divorce him and say goodbye for good. Things changed because I got really sick and had major surgery a few years back and our relationship really has improved. But just one more slip up and it’s goodbye for good after I take him to the cleaners!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Anonymous

    Here is an excerpt of something I wrote recently…it sums up how I feel

    I remember the day when I almost left you. Actually I remember many days when I almost left you. But I then remember all the good times that we used to have and I think that those days will come back. You are not a bad person but you just don’t care about how you treat people. For some reason you have a coldness in your heart that I can’t warm. I’ve been trying for over 11 years to break through to you. I’ve given my whole adult life to try and make you happy thinking that if you are happy that everything will be ok. I don’t think that I have anything left to give you.

    I remember when I found out about the drugs. More importantly I remember how you lied right to my face for almost three years. The lying was the worst part out of everything, except for the night that I thought you overdosed. It was memorial day weekend 2005. You came home from Fridays and sat on the couch talking to yourself. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head and you passed out. I thought you were dead. I ran over and shook you and you started breathing again. I stayed up all nite with my hand on your chest because I was afraid that you would die in your sleep. I remember the next morning you woke up and went to work like it was nothing. You told me I was fucking crazy and to knock my shit off. A few hours later I received a call from your boss telling me to come get you because you fell asleep on the counter talking to a customer. While I was on my way to get you I called all of your friends and they ratted you out. You had been lying to me for months, buying them from work(Just tires and Fridays) and steeling them from your uncle and my mom.

    But still you denied it. And I, like an abused puppy wanted to see the good in you, I left it alone. I had my suscpions but nothing concrete except for my intutuin. I pushed to have a baby because I not only wanted one but I thought that it would bring us closer together. We used to be so in love and I just wanted that back.

    Your anger is what baffles me the most. I don’t understand why you are so angry and who you are angry with. I guess I think that if I try to help you, try to make you happy that the anger will just go away.

    I remember my pregnancy. You were such a fucker. I remember you used to come home from work all fucked up but you didn’t smell like alcohol. I remember when to told me to have an abortion, to get rid of them. Easter 2006 we didn’t spend together. You didn’t want to be with me or my family and you didn’t want me to be with you or your family. I lied and told everyone that you were working because I was so embarrassed that we have having problems, I thought that we were getting a divorce. You came home at 10:15pm and I was laying in bed with headphones on my belly. I was playing music for the boys. You lost it. You told me that you didn’t want to be with me, that you didn’t want a family. You called me a lazy fat bitch. I remembered that we argued for quite awhile and then you laid down and passed out right in the middle of our argument. The next day you showed up at Tammie’s with a coach bag for me. I was so confused, the night before you were leaving me and today you were buying me a present.

    That’s how the rest of my pregnancy went. I never knew how you were going to be. One wrong word out of my mouth and you would lose it. I remember going to register by myself. I cried through the whole thing. I started to prepare myself to be a single parent. You hated me and what I did to you. You probably don’t remember but there were days when we didn’t speak. I was so hurt. I had never felt so alone. I could feel your hatred when you looked at me.

    I also remember the nights when you stayed out till 3 or 4 in the morning. I was so scared that something had happened to you. You wouldn’t answer my phone calls. Now I know that you were out with your friends drinking, taking pills.

    I wish I could make you feel good like the pills do. I know that you claim that you don’t do them anymore and most of the time I believe you. I want to believe you because I want us to put that period in our relationship behind us. But the hard part is trusting you. You would lie right to my face. I remember how Weaver took $20 bucks out of your book not realizing that I was standing right there. You lied to me with a straight face, you made me feel bad for accusing you. Months later I would find out that I was right, that you were buying them from her. I know that I cheated on you 10 years ago when we were dating but I told you right away. I never lied to you. That’s the difference. Trust.

  12. jj48116

    What annoys me about my husband?? You asked for it so it’s not my fault. And please someone email me if you are in any of these situations, as I have NO friends that I can tell how hubby really is without reprecrussions (SP). I live in a conservative community. The threesomes thing would not go over well.

    First, he LOVES to have 3somes and sex. I don’t mind them and once in a while is ok, but if I never have sex again in my life, I would be ok with that. I have NO sex drive 99% of the time. Which I often hear about.

    Second, he is so condensending (Again SP) if my 10 year old cries about something he just rips him apart. Not physically, that ended along time ago, but emotionaly. “Oh is Dougie crying again” “Big F-in surprise” Doesn’t even find out WHY he is crying. He does this with all 6 kids. They wouldn’t ask him for even a drink of water for the longest time, I had to literaly make my kids ask him for stuff, and when he was mean I jumped him for it. So he has learned.

    Third, he has OCD for cleaning. Anything cluttery gets him in an anxiety attack, however no health insurance so no meds. I don’t think he would go for it if he had it though. With 6 kids, now only 4 live at home, but with 4 kids, keeping a house spotless is next to impossible. However his mom did it>>>>>>> Oh I can’t stand hearing that. His mom would still be wiping his ass if he let her.

    Fourth, he lies. Oh my goodness does he lie. He says he chose to come to my house on New Years (the year we met) instead of picking up Dell from the group the Cranberries at the airport. OMG!!!! So it’s not just little white, no honey those jeans don’t make you look fat, lies. It’s the honkin change your life type of lies.

    Fifth, his way is the only way. He is perfect and knows it. He NEVER leaves things lying around, he really doesn’t. If we had an object to clean, like a toilet for example, I will spray it all down wipe down from top to bottom and then inside. He will take off the seat soak it in bleach, take off the lid, clean the inside of that then the lid will get it’s own towel, and so forth. Why don’t I have him clean, because, ANYTHING that the kids or I have laying around, will get thrown out.

    Sixth, he doesn’t seem to get it that toddlers will cry for something they want, and that 10 year olds will leave their stuff lying around and when asked to do their chore, they will do it half-ass.

    Now don’t get me wrong, all in all, my hubby is a good guy. He tells me he loves me about a million times a day and compliments me on everything I do, except cleaning of course. He will work with an asshole just to make sure he gets the money needed for bills. He is very high strung about some things and very easy going about others. I just wish I had someone to talk to about it all. I love this site to vent and get it off my chest, but if anyone out there wants to be a venting buddy, please email me. I hold this stuff in for so long that I honestly start fantasizing what I would do if he were to die. I have the mans funeral all thought out and he’s only 40…I want so badly to love him, and to love sex would be great. Every dr says, you have 6 kids w/a toddler, you attend college classes, you work one day a week and homeschool your toddler and 17 year old, of course your tired and don’t want sex…. I really don’t think that’s it. Thank you for reading my enovel and again if you want to be my buddy, please email me. Thanks JJ

  13. Danielle Ellerman


  14. Lee Lee

    For what annoys me…I tease him about being ‘un-reliable’…if you say you’re going to fix it, then do it…I’m here all day, I can’t fix it, but it sure is annoying to look at broken day after day! LOL

  15. Anonymous

    i’m just like a piece of the furniture. he comes home, greets the dog and the kids, and maybe greets me. he spends more time playing world of warcraft than he ever does spending time with me or the kids.
    he never wants to go anywhere. i go most places alone: parties, whatever. everyone else is there with their DH, and i’m alone.

  16. Lynn

    He refuses to make small choices. Things like what to eat, what should we do for entertainment. That drives me nuts!
    He is lazy about feeding himself.
    Sometimes he brings the work attitude home with him.
    He lacks a bit of commitment when comes to self change in areas he knows he needs to change to improve relationships.

  17. anonymous

    I love him very much but I get so fustrated at times. He is so head strong stuck in ways and things tend to be in black and white. There’s never a in between.

  18. miranda

    He doesn’t clean. We both work full time and yet I still have to do all the cooking/cleaning/laundry and MOST of the work with the baby too. I wish I could be the man. 🙁

  19. Moon Goddess 1969

    He’s overweight and eats like a slob, with his mouth open and gulps his drink. He farts a lot and is very vocal about his masterbation activity…(I really don’t want to know). He shuffles his feet when he walks. He smothers me with questions, what’s wrong. God, please help me overcome these (really) nitpicky things.

  20. Joey

    He can’t work with money at all. I suppose its because he was a spoilt brat growing up. He sectretly warches porn on his cell phone. He says that I want to have sex too much, but is 2 times a month too much? He pees in the garden. If he was home all day, he wouldn’t have even thought about what to do for dinner. I work all day and he sits at home doing absolutely nothing and then gets angry when I’m too tired too cook a proper meal.

  21. anonymous

    First and foremost, I do love my husband. I have to, because why else would I still be there? There are times that I have actually packed up my shit and ready to go, but I just can’t. I love him too much and he is my best friend, he just gets on my last nerve sometimes. I have to try and remember the good times too when things get bad.

    What do I not like…

    1 – The dipping. I hate it! He leaves water bottles all over the house with his “spit” in them. This is freaking disgusting!

    2 – He’s overweight… that isn’t my problem… but the fact he always asks me if I think he is sexy/hot, does he get my motor running, etc… and doesn’t understand why I don’t want to be on top!?! (Would you want to climb on top of Tommy Boy? I don’t think he’s that big, but…) I’m a tad overweight and he says he still thinks I’m sexy as hell and is always grabbing my butt, etc… Drives me BONKERS!

    3 – He snorts and coughs and all this other disgusting crap when he has mucas, who does, but he’s so damn loud with it!!!

    4 – He’s LAZY! He does things (home improvement, etc…) half assed, or he wants to go hire some guys from Home Depot to do it. Uggh!

    5 – He is HORRIBLE with money.

    6 – He lies. He gets embarrssed about little things and will flat out lie to other people to spare the embaressment. This really gets embaressing when I’m telling the truth and don’t know that he told a different “version”

    I do have to give him major props though… he does ALL the cooking, does about half or more of the laundry, his share of cleaning and spoils me rotten when we have the money!

  22. peeking in

    My huband is my best friend and a all around great guy, but…
    The thing that makes me the craziest is when he is at fault for something and he gets mad (at himself, I think) and takes it out on me. He’s late, doesn’t follow through, loses something and I am the one who is inconvienced (sp?). Do I get to be angry with him? No. He gets angry, takes it out on me and I end up being the one who is chewed out & crying. I was the one who was done wrong, not him, and I don’t even get to be mad at him.
    Example: He needed to drop off his truck at the shop after work and needed a ride home (about 10 miles away). I was picking up the baby in our non-air conditioned SUV in the middle of summer in with 90 degree weather. (Like I did every day after I got off work.) I said no problem I’ll be there at 5:30pm. I was there at 5:30pm and I waited for an hour. By then the baby was sweaty, hungry and poopy. So was I, except for the poopy. No cell phone’s at the time and I checked with the shop owner twice for messages. Nothing, so I went home, hoping he wasn’t dead on the road somewhere. 25 minutes after I get home he walks in pissed at me. HE had to walk a ways and then hitchhike to get home in the blazing hot weather. Then he went outside and ingored us the rest of the night. Did I get to be angry about sitting in the truck with a baby in ‘the blazing hot weather’? Was he at all conserned about the heat rash our son now had all over his little body? Or the 1/2 an hour I spent agonizing about whether or not I should come home, or if he was alright? Did I get any explanation about what happened or where he was? A big fat NO. AND the next day he always acts like everything is fine – drives me crazy!!!!!!!

  23. Anon

    Right now my biggest gripe is that it’s always “all about HIM”. Why is it such a big deal right now? Well, I just had a miscarriage 2 days ago; the pregnancy was planned and very much wanted. HE breezed in yesterday and asked if I was OK. I said “Not really” and HE proceeded to moan and groan about the 3 cuts HE got on HIS hand at work… Made me mad and I said so later; HE walked out. This morning, I asked if we could talk; HE said no and left. I called HIM on his cell phone and said, “This is hard enough as it is, why are you being this way?” HIS response: “Because I’ve got enough of my own problems right now and I’m just sick of you.” Could I get just a smidgen of comfort or sympathy? Evidently that’s too much to ask, if it takes away from HIM.

  24. melody

    OMG do I get to say it now? I love him so dearly he stepped into mylife there is me and I have four daughters. It was a picture perfect match. openess and honest talks. It was great… Now a days is true person is here to stay it seems. He gets so fired up over everything, He really doesn’t get how it is to be a single mom for 13 years and then try to share the job or to convert to their way of thinking. He drives me crazy when he acts this way. Yet he is the same guy who goes to open house and sport functions and music nights he does it all. It is his burst of anger I can not handle. When I try and talk to him it is all my fault….BLAh blah blah..I am so tired of the same stuff over and over for the same lame things…

  25. Anonymous

    I love my husband, I seriously do. I don’t know what I’d do without him. But, there are so many things about him that really annoy me or just make me really upset.
    First, before we were married, I worked full time so he could go to Technical College. Then after we were married & had 2 kids, he decided he wanted to go back to school. He went for not even a year because he did so bad in Algebra. But guess what, we still have to pay for the entire frickin’ thing. He was told he could try again, but he quit. So, when I mentioned something about me going to school, “nope, we don’t have the money.” Of course we don’t have the money, we have to pay off his college loan for something he didn’t even finish.
    Second, he’s way too emotional. If I don’t have a stupid smile on my face 24 hours a day, he sits there and demands to know “What’s wrong? What did I do? How come you’re never happy anymore?” Well guess what, he ended up being the one with the depression issues.
    Third, he has an incontinence problem. I know that’s not his fault, but his attitude towards it ticks me off. It’s always “What did I do to deserve this? This isn’t fair, how come no one else has all these problems.” I’d think that after 5 years of having the problem, he’d just learn to deal with it instead of whining all the time. I mean every day many times a day, he whines about it.
    He just has way too many emotional problems. Oddly enough they never came out until after we walked down that aisle.
    I think I’m done now LOL

  26. Celisse Anonymous

    We’ve been together 4 years now & got engaged a few months ago, but it feels like we’ve been together forEVER!!! I love him to death & we can’t stand to be apart or at least not hear from each other for longer than a couple hours, but man, for being quite older than me, he’s got some HORRIBLE, if not DISGUSTING habits that I wish would just STOP!!

    (1) Showers
    I mean, come on! Is even ONE each week too much to ask?!?! I swear, crawling on the floor & begging him wouldn’t even work…& it’s not like I’ve never not told him that he smells because I have, SEVERAL TIMES! In fact, his 6 y/o daughter from his first marriage has told him straight up, “daddy, you stink!”! But of course, he takes offense to that from time to time like it’s the other person’s problem. What makes it worse is that he has a fake leg so he has to wear stump socks; I’ll put it this way, when I put them in to be washed, they get washed ALONE & EXTRA detergent is always a MUST!!

    (2) Brushing his teeth
    OK, so he can do all the other hygiene related things but brushing his teeth can be a challenge. Even though he has gotten better at it in recent months. Not like it even matters at this point; he’s already walking a VERY fine line of needing falsies within the next 2-3 years; YES, it’s THAT BAD!! What’s most embarrassing about it is the fact that he’s had employees remark to me about how they don’t like to pick up business phones that he touches because the receiver on the phone ends up smelling! I’ve even had employees ask me “how can you even kiss him?!?!”, yea they’ve been so bold as to ask…

    (3) Farting & Peeing
    This is CONSTANT, especially while he’s still in bed or first thing in the morning when he goes to use the toilet. What’s worse? 90% of the time, it doesn’t even smell!! That’s right, it DOESN’T!! Sometimes when he’s in bed & we’re cuddling, he’ll even pass one on me, which is a total turn off!! When it comes to going pee, I don’t understand how he can’t aim for the big hole that the toilet conveniently provides for you. I mean, I’ve literally gone to the bathroom & stepped in piss & had to tell him to “please pee IN the toilet this time!”. I shouldn’t have to ask that on a regular basis from a grown ass man!

    (4) Smoking
    I’m currently 7 months pregnant w/ our second child & you’d think that smoking would be FURTHEST from habits to pick up, but NO. He does do weed, to relax him after a long day at work, which I don’t mind because the smell doesn’t bother me & it’s not something he’s addicted to or wasting money on (thank GOD!). However, he started smoking cigarettes a few months back, he says to “relieve stress”; like I thought that’s what the weed was doing? I keep praying every night that he quits BEFORE if not BY THE TIME the baby is born… anyone have any suggestions to get him to quit? Email me PLEASE!!

    (5) Too much @ once
    I absolutely LOVE that my fiancee is a motivated, driven individual. However, his main problem is that he’ll take on too many work-related activities at once! He’s currently involved in 4 business related ventures; the nightclub/ restaurant he manages, his filming company, a music related Myspace type venture & MonaVie… all of which require an equal amount of focused energy if not more focus than the other to become successful with. The result is his work related stress being brought home where it has no business being & affecting our personal relationship. He doesn’t seem to get this… keep your work related issues where they belong; AT WORK!!

    (6) Money
    It wouldn’t be so bad if he only carried around $20-30 at a time, but no. He goes about each & every day carrying around WADS of 20’s & 100’s like it’s no big deal. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pushed him to open a bank account; that’s right, he doesn’t even have one!! What makes it worse is the fact that there have been so many times over the past 4 years I’ve warned him about business associates or business related situations that he’ll get himself into anyways & they almost always end up going bad. I’m worried sick that too many people have seen him flashing his wads of cash & that he’ll leave the club one night & be jumped or badly beaten by thugs trying to steal all that money!! Just another, “I told you so” incident I DON’T want to happen!!

    Don’t get me wrong, he’s come a LONG way since from when I first met him. I know that in every relationship, you have to take the good w/ the bad. But there have been so many things I’ve done to change for him & I only wish he could show the same consideration for me & our growing family.

  27. Anonymous

    I love my husband very much, he comes home earlier than me so he cooks even on the weekends, he make sure that the children(4)and I get every thing we need and want, and I know that he loves us very much, but the price we have to pay sometimes is not worth it. He cuss and shouts at us when every he feels like it any and every one who have ears could here him. he makes me feel like i did not go to school and i don’t know anything. the house is never clean enough for him. he goes out every Friday night sometimes he does not come home until the next day. “Sex” O boy he’s always asking about a threesome I give in did not like it, every time i say i don’t want to do it any more he get angry and pulls away form me. WTF

  28. Anonymous

    I’m his babysitter he works 6 days a week and plays sports on Sunday. after our 2nd baby was born 8 years ago i was so depressed i wanted to just die i had a one year old and a new born and he would go party and come home drunk and smelly. so we were, or i guess you could say i was talking about the depression i felt and i asked him why he never helped me he said “i dont know” and that was it oh ya he works in the medical field. but anyways i just cant get over it i took care of him when hes dad died an when he almost died from a heart condition not because i felt i had to because i love him and my children more then anything now i have a one year old baby and i was great after i had her but these last 2 months have been getting hard my mined is getting really dark and sad. why doesn’t he see me. i love him so much i feel like a high school girl just trying to get his attention. but i’m just his babysitter housekeeper and cook. i’ll never be as cute skinny and smart as the nurses he works with.

  29. Anonymous

    i would like to be cherished again. when we first started going out, he would say the nicest things to me, make time for me, do things with me. now, he spends most of his free time playing computer games. we haven’t been out on a date forever. he doesn’t give me compliments. he doesn’t touch me. i do it all: keep the house up, take care of the kids, run errands, etc. sometimes i wonder what i need him for? would my life be any different if i divorced him?

  30. Anonymous

    When he gets on me about my weight. I was 120-125 when we married, had two children in less than two years and now weight 145-150. He’ll make comments (sometimes hurtful and sometimes supposedly to encourage me). Either way it just hurts. Wish he would accept me AS IS.

  31. loser

    he has no friends, no desires, no passion about anything in life. He works only because he needs to support the family. He treats me like a roomate and yet claims to be happy.

  32. Anonymous

    He has no idea on how to treat people. But i suppose this comes from his mother. I have cheate on him several times. Im just not happy. I do love him as a person thogh. I just dont see us togerher till we die. I am in love with another man. I think abuot him everyday. I still talk to him. When I don’t, I get depressed. I make up a different reason just so he wont find out the way i truely feel. He treats my daughter like crap and he aint all that great with his kids either. I do respect him and love him, But I cant take haveing this secret about me cheating on him anymore. I really need to tell someone or I will blow up!

  33. Anonymous

    I noticed several women write their husbands ask them to do 3 some though they don’t like it…I can’t believe how they can be still together. I would kick him out. Men should not treat wives as a maid, a sex slave, or any “property”. We are human being. We have opinions, feelings, and the right to say “NO”!

  34. Money ugh

    I don’t think the other half understands all of the stress that comes along with the money issues. I know they go to work and earn the money they bring home. I just don’t think he understands how much money he spends when he goes out. If this doesn’t break us then nothing will. I just don’t like to sit here and be sick over something he doesn’t understand at all. I am going to have to give him all of the finances and let him get on his hands and knees to clean the toilet and under the frindge and under the stove, and anywhere else that needs to be cleaned. I wish I could just sit on the couch and not worry about what the kids are doing or that my wife is working her a** off and not even complaining about it.

  35. Lindsay

    My husband is a hard worker, and he makes so many sacrifices for us. I can’t stand that he is so hard on me. How I do dishes, how I clean, how I care for our child. He has something to say about it all. Tonight he got angry because I told him I don’t always wash our one year olds hair in the tub, I do it maybe 5 times a week but she gets a bath every day. He got mad saying that there are so many germs, blah, blah. She hates it and cries so if there is no food or anything I say let it go for a night. He yells all the time usually about how we aren’t working hard enough to move forward (I am so sick of that phrase!) He thinks I should work a second job on top of my current job to make more money to get us out of debt. I would rather be in debt and see my child. If he thinks I shortcut housework now……can you imagine if I had another job? I just don’t know when he will be satisfied with life, if ever.

  36. annoyed since 1984

    well, first of all he is insensitive. I have put up with his belittling and his annoying desire to know everything that i am doing, even down to the point that he wants to know what I am ripping up (an unused check)
    last night.

    I am npt allowed to have an opinion, appareently i am supposed to back him
    up no matter what. My opinion with whats going on with our 19 year old and 21 year old doesn’t matter and if i say anything he says that I am showing the kids that its okay to go against him. He is a control freak. I want to leave but its been 25 years and I don’t know how to start. And am afraid of him to a point.

  37. Beebo

    I love my husband, but…

    He complains when I tell him that he needs to shower. Sex is no fun when your partner smells bad. I go and play with his gaming group. When I have any get togethers with my friends, he doesn’t want to go. He is similar when it comes to family get togethers. He is all about his little game, granted that is better than drinking it still gets old. We both have let ourselves go. He is a very picky eater.

  38. Cinderella

    There’s a little list that had been in the back of my mind. But reading about what some of you have been coping with- drinking, drugs, afairs, mockery…i realize i don’t really have any right to complain. When i was watching out for my special someone, i’d made up my mind that i wouldn’t waste time on a man who drinks, hits, smokes, or messes with drugs. i’m so sorry things have been so hard on all of you. Take care.

  39. Anonymous

    The fact that I seem to be the only one to make time for us. With four kids, busy schedules, we never have time to do anything alone. I arrange sitters, I think of ideas, I find the time etc. I just wish one time he would figure things out….be spontaneous….when I say something about it, he gets defensive saying this is out of the blue. Why is coming up with time to spend alone, out of the blue? So instead of spending time alone when we have it, we spend that time fighting because he doesn’t like what I have to say. Uselses, why bother! He wants me to communicate with him, as long as it is nothing against him. Why communicate, nothing good comes out of it.

  40. TeeLee

    He quite brushing his teeth and now they are all rotten.

    He also smokes strong cigarettes and I’m allergic. So, he sleeps in the living room, because I can not stand how he smells. You would think he would take a shower.

    The fact that he thinks everything in the house is his, because I’m a stay at home mom.

    He buys what he wants and I can’t.

    That I’m always to blame for everything and I never do anything right.

    How ugly he looks, because of his meanness shows right through.

  41. Anonymous

    My husband/Fiance does have his good side.
    I do a few complaints though.
    He is not good with money at all.We don’t have any transpotation because of him.
    Im a stay at home mom of 3 small children including a baby.I don’t get no help at all.I do it all child rearing/cleaning/cooking.He has been working out of town lately.He is gone for about 4 days and is off for 3 days.He only helps with the living room when he is here.He complains that he has to spend all day cramped up in a hotel room.But I spend all day cramped up in the apartment with no yard for the kids no car to drive somewhere with my 3 small childen.And when he gets home complains that I haven’t cleaned.Keeps me awake at night.And screams at me gets in my face.Just a total a$$.I can’t stand it.He makes me cry sometimes.

  42. Anonymous

    My husband is lazy. He sleeps all the time, hardly ever helps with household chores, or the kids. I do everything, when I do ask for help, he will either flat out tell me no, or he says he will do it, and never does.

    It also seems like we aren’t his first priority. His friend will call, and no matter what we’re doing, or the time of the day, he will drop everything, and go out to his friends house. Which then just pisses me off, and he will be gone for at least5 hours.

    I don’t feel like we are important to him. I want a divorce, but I need to save some money up before I tell him.

  43. Miserable

    He is HORRIBLE with money. He is a spender, I am a saver. He yells, and gets angry way to much. I just don’t know what to do, I haven’t been happy for a while.

  44. Unhappy

    He is lazy, and unmotivated. He does have a job, but he has been told by his employer that he needs to find a second job, because they have slowly been losing business. He won’t do it, he thinks we will be fine. Our mortgage payment is not even $750 and that is hard for us to make. And I bring in decent money too, so we have the money coming in, but we have soooo many bills to pay, it’s ridiculous.

    he tries to help out everyone. He has let his friend use our credit card, and then when the bill comes, his friend won’t pay us. And my hubby won’t say anything to the friend. And he has done this with other people too, his mom, his dad, his cousin. We get screwed, and he won’t stand up to these people, it makes me very mad.

    He is very overweight. I am overweight too, but I am trying to go outside and play with the kids, take walks, go to the park. He won’t do anything. He just wants to stay home. He hardly showers, doesn’t brush his teeth… I could go on and on, but I will leave it at that for now.

  45. Anonymous

    My husband was always my best friend now I feel like I can’t say anything to him because his reaction will be negative. It does not matter what I say he responds negatively example I said “I’m Hot Flashin” his response “No, you’re menopausal” WTF is the difference I asked him and his response was to laugh turn away and ignore all further questions! He now says that all I ever do is argue with him. I am starting to feel like a crazy person because his complaints, which he of course voices, are what I complain to myself about him because if I said anything about it to him he would yell at me and say I was imagining things and, his favorite excuse, “You have a persecution complex” He says this to me any time I voice any issue I have with his behavior.

  46. dawn

    i have been married to a marine for the past 12 yrs and i dont know what they do to them in boot camp but my husband is an asshole….dont get me wrong im glad he is serving our country but he needs to realize that im his wife and not one of his lower ranks that he is in charge of …yeah im sure i havent been the best wife of the year but he makes me feel like shit all the time… i hate it when he gets home from work and goes straight to the computer which he can be on for hours and then says hi to me…its like he is married to the pc,,on weekends as soon as he wakes up he goes right on the pc sometimes all day till he goes to bed…when we argue which is 90% of the time i hate it when i get to the point of crying my eyes out he just laughs at me and tells me to get over it….i hate that it has come to the point where i feel like im fighting for his time or eye contact, shit the house could be on fire and he would never even no cause he is so sucked up into his game that he plays…..i have gone out side of our marriage and found someone to talk to and spend time with cause he doesnt …he does always find out cause he goes threw my cell phone…but i admitted it …what else am i supposed to do ..i like some attention and not from my 2 dogs that either want to eat or go outside…lol ..i am a house wife have been for 90% of our marriage… and he has no problem with it until he wants to buy something crazy that he doesnt need and we dont have funds to buy then he says when are you going to get a job…i have no problem working…i have my degree in criminal justice….but i feel that he shouldnt throw it in my face each and everytime he wants things… i could care less if i wanted to buy something for myself or not…i dont ask for much anymore cause its all about him… and you know whats really so sad is that his own DAUGHTER goes throught it with me…sad when daughter is talking and you are to busy playing games on pc…..

  47. Anonymous

    My husband is all of the previous entries that I have just read… My husband is NEVER home, He is physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive. I swear he hates me… Maybe secretly I hate him too but for my daughter I will do anything. I cant have a job or friends and can barely get on the computer, so I have to rely on him to get diapers etc… 9 times out of ten I have to rely on my mother to provide for our daughter.

  48. butterfly

    My husband has alot of good qualities, but something about him that annoys me is that I am a very private person, and if I share something private with him or I write something personal in a journal I keep, he has no problem sharing what I say with other people or he will read my private journal and then tell other people what I said(e.g his friends or our family members). If I wanted other people to know my feelings, I would tell them myself. Sometimes I feel like I can’t count on him when it comes to sharing feelings and talking about personal things.

  49. Jname

    My annoyance with my husband has led to contempt and resentment. He has all the liberties as if he were a single man and I have none. I resent him for not letting me be my own person without judgement, for not letting me finish college, for walking out when I (and our son) need/ed him most, for making me feel like a trapped woman with no independence of my own to fall back on, for being to ‘weak’ and worn down to walk away for good, for making me feel insecure with my own person and unsure of our life together, for being so selfish and thoughtless, and for being too lazy to be the man I thought he was and that I always needed him to be…for 18 years.

  50. Libra

    I love my husband and want to stay with him just for only one reason…..our daughter. I don’t want my daughter doesn’t have father (like my experience) and I want her to have complete family, father and mother.
    But after 10 years, it’s getting more difficult. He always scream and easily gets angry. For anything, my faults or others faults, he screams at me…If I cry, he will blow away and throw things.
    He asked me to work to help the finance, but all I’ve done for him it’s like piss in the bucket because I don’t earn big money. I am a part-time teacher. He never support me if I want to do something for myself (open my own small shop or else).
    He can spend hundreds for his party with his friends but when I’m back home with new stuffs (like small cheap bag I bought from SALE) he all the time said “Don’t spend money for stupid things.”
    He all the time complaining for doesn’t have enough money and cannot save. But if I said that we can have enough if he stops his habit going out almost every night with his friend….you know what he will say…..
    I have no one to talk to. So if you want to share or just have a chat with me, I will be very happy….

  51. Anonymous

    Ive only been married for 3 months. And ive no idea why i did that. It’s like digging ur own grave. Seriously. I have to put up with all the messes he leaves behind. N when hes home he hardly talks to me. He will switch on his laptop and watches movies there. He leaves his clothes on the floor, couches, evrywhere. We always go to work with my car and he seldom pay for gas. He leaves the newspaper everywhre too! Doesnt wash the glasses after he drinks! Ugh. Marriage sux big time!

  52. Anonymous

    What annoys me most about my (soon to be ex)spouse
    1. You don’t brush your teeth or wash your face with soap daily.
    2. You choked me.
    3. You spit on me and my mom.
    4. You’re too rough with the boys.
    5. You blame me for all of our sex problems.
    6. You talk down to me and tell everyone about my professional failure to embarrass me and make yourself look better by comparison.
    7. Your mom and you are just like her.
    8. You have thrown drinks in my face about 5 times.
    9. You play on the computer all night and leave all the childcare to me.
    10. You made me miss an important work event where I was being recognized in front of an audience of about 500 b/c you were fighting with me in the parking lot and driving the car away then stopping to wait for me to catch up, then you’d drive away again. All this in front of some co-workers in the parking lot and my name is being called to make a speech and be recognized for some achievements and I missed my big moment.

    I hate you so much. I already have a new apartment and am moving out at the end of the month. Go make some other poor woman miserable. If all of the items on my list sound like deal breakers to you readers and you ask yourself why stay as long as I did; the answer is money.

  53. td

    He is a liar and a cheat, a deceiver and a betrayer. He lies right to my face. He has a problem with meeting women online. He formed such a “connection” with one he wanted to divorce me. I should have done it when I had the chance.

  54. Better to be single than with these people

    Seriously, most of the people on this post need to get a divorce and get the hell away from their husbands! The ones who say you are staying for your kids – that is fear talking. It isn’t a healthy situation for your child(ren) and you need to ensure their safety. Especially where people have described verbal and physical abuse.

    I have NO IDEA why you would stay in a relationship with someone like most of you have described. The woman who had drinks thrown in your face? Once is too much, let alone 5 times! Good grief. Get out. Move on. LIVE.

  55. Bumb1edee

    Can’t say sorry
    Is always right
    Watches every penny I spend
    exercises and sits in sweaty clothes
    so two faced -nice to everybody but me
    picks me up on my opinions and views
    overly strict with our children
    so what annoys me about my husband -really just the way he breathes!

  56. Karine

    Just what i needed,to pour out my heart.
    1.My husband is a good person to others and not me and my two year old.
    2.He is a mamma’s boy.
    3. He has never made decisions of his own,never!
    4. Very lazy
    5.Farts and burps every 2 minutes
    6.Eats all the time and sits on the couch 24/7 farting his ass off.
    7.Spends weekends drinking with his mother and friends and never comes home till Sunday evening.
    8.Emits some bad irritating smell at night and i have to change the bedding everyday.
    9. Never picks my call when with friends.
    10. Physically abusive.
    The list will never end. i wish I wasn’t married to him,sometimes I think of moving out but I have no job, no money but with a masters degree,I pray everyday that I get a job and move out.

  57. The Crusher

    I heard my hubs start to complain about how he thought a woman my age was supposed to be at her sexual prime. He for some reason dropped it real fast and I chose to let that one go as well.

    Well sort of…
    First of all it’s a total turn off to hear a man complain about a lack of sex.
    Second I am not a man. I can’t think SEX and I’m automatically ready for action. I am a woman who can think about sex all day long(and i do) but if there is no one willing to work to get my motor running then I will go without.
    Third I want him to be as physically attractive as I try to be. Sex with a pregnant looking man is getting old. My favorite sensual positions are just awkward now. How dare he complain that I dont wear my heals and lingerie when he sits around with that beach ball bellie just rubbing his crotch.

    That’s my biggest complaint because you know I am in my sexual prime.

    He sits around making this weird clicking noise with his throat.
    Whatever I have to say about anything is usually shot down first then thought about later. This has always been the case but after 15 years is getting old.
    We used to be a parenting team. But the last couple of years I have felt like a single parent. We are a split family with two kids, so four parents and I am the only one excited about the kids senior year of high school. I had to take care of pictures and everything else is on me too.
    He used to be genuinely nice, never seemed to keep tabs on the favors he and his friends do for eachother. Now he does and this for some reason bothers me. I guess the o poor me’s aren’t attractive either.
    I used to think he valued his family more. But I do not see him showing much respect for his mother any more. I take this personally cause the kids see it and his son thinks this behavior is acceptable.
    That’s it. I think I feel somewhat better now. I am not torturing my family by making them listen to this and you all have the option of not reading. If you have read this, thank you. 🙂

  58. anonymous

    everything he does annoys me. I want to leave him but am unable to at the moment. I hate the way he talks down to me and our children. He says nasty things to us and puts himself first. He is happy when we are miserable and miserable when we are happy.

  59. Anonymous

    My husband never wants to hang out with me. He comes straight home from work and shuts himself in his room. If me or the kids want to spend any time with him his only offer is for us to sit down and watch a car show with him, which is fine, but every once in awhile turn the tv off and look around. If I do beg him enough to spend time with us, he acts like its a chore and picks a fight and puts me down a lot. I’m not clingy, I just want a partner sometimes, even one or two nights a week. He does work hard to pay the bills and I thank him for that. I think he loves us, but I’m just lonely and he has no desire for companionship with me. That’s what bugs me.

  60. Anonymous

    1. His anger issues – he will blow up over the stupidish shit
    2. His telling me I am not attractive anymore because I am not as thin as I was when we married.
    3. Telling me I’m lazy because the house isn’t cleaned to his specifications. Sorry but I’m not a type A anal clean freak like you.
    4. That he texts other girls who are friends. Text me!
    5. That he seems to have no problem putting himself first. I have to call him out to help out with some things, because he’ll just sit and watch tv or go work out while I’m getting kids bags ready, doing homework with them, cooking dinner
    5. That he doesn’t appreciate me the way he should

  61. Anonymous

    He does not want to work and take as little as economical possible. This is very little a we live in a cheap and lawsy appartment which is old and worn down. He spends all his time in front of the computer having no social life or hobbies and got no dreams for the future.
    He has not the same awareness as me when it comes to cleaning for him cleaning his desk is a quick wipe with a dirty or clean rag around the keyboard and not to close to screen as a result piles of dirt lies on his desk. This pattern repeats around the house.
    He leaves his loundry in piles around the appartment in some homebrew system of clothes from clean to needs to be washed. His personal hygiene is wanting as he does not shower everyday and he quickly becomes smelly.
    Sometimes he ignores me when I talk to him or talk in such a low booming voice from another room that I cannot hear what he says an then blames me for bad hearing.
    Lastly he does not listen to me about going to the doctor and get his Vitamin D levels checked out as he sleep all the time and very iregular.

  62. Anonymous

    After reading all of these I feel like my husband is almost a saint. He doesn’t cheat on me, he takes me on dates sometimes, he doesn’t ever complain about what the house looks like, he is good with money, he usually gets me nice gifts for my birthday/christmas etc, he helps me when I need help, he doesn’t ask for threesomes or get mad when I don’t want sex, he supports my decisions, and he is generally nice to me.
    BUT, he does still annoy the shit out of me!
    1. He doesn’t shower every day. He usually showers every other day or sometimes even ever 2 days. He is a guy and he gets sweaty and he starts to smell like feet. I’ve talked to him about it. It doesn’t help.
    2. he doesn’t brush his teeth. Seriously. Like ever. Sometimes his breath is terrible.
    3. He leaves his crap all over the house. Even if I just spent two hours cleaning. This is what we fight the most about.
    4. He makes too many fart/sex/poop jokes. I don’t mind the occasional one but I’m not a dude. I don’t want to hear it all the time.
    5. He talks too loud all the time. Normal conversations are practically shouted. It hurts my ears.
    6. When he isn’t shouting he is talking to fast and I can’t understand him. Frustrating.
    I could go on and on. But he is a good man and I love him. I guess I have it pretty good.

  63. Anonymous

    What annoys me about my husband – where to start ? First and foremost would be the fact that he is not actually my husband. We have been together now for eight years and we have a four year old son. When we first got together I thought marriage was something we would work together eventually, with no rush. After a few years, we came upon the subject again and decided to wait again because HE wanted to get a green card to emigrate to the USA – read the fact that the green card was just for him, not for me … which probably should have meant something to me at the time but I just set it aside.

    Well after all this time I am still waiting for a proposal, much less an actual marriage. I would even go to a courthouse just to get it done because it means so much to me. Before the birth of our first child I made a HUGE issue of it, and even then, knowing how important it was to me, he refused.

    The worst is twofold – he bought me a ring (engagement band and wedding band) so I could ‘pretend’ that we are married. The other terrible part is that he has admitted that in the past he has asked previous girlfriends to marry him. It makes me CRAZY – it makes me feel like I am not good enough. I mean, it makes me ask myself all the time, what is wrong with me ?!?! I am good enough to spend eight years of your life with, be there for you whenever you need me, take care of our child and the rest of our life, but not good enough to be married to.

    Pretty much all of our friends are married with kids – and every once in a while when the ladies get together we talk about how we met our significant others, our marriages, etc… and I just avoid the conversation completely. Sometimes I outright lie because I am so embarrassed. All of our friends think we are actually married, and I just can’t find any reason that we aren’t so I just don’t correct the assumption but I feel like a fraud. The other day one of my friends came over and asked why she had never seen any of our engagement/wedding photos displayed.

    All the other little crap seems trivial most of the time compared to this – he does the usual stuff that drives me crazy: leaves the cupboards open, leaves things lying around, ‘teases’ me (which I usually equate to making fun of me), complains about money but it seems that I am the only one that can save it, even though I am a stay at home mom on an allowance. I feel like walking out the door somedays, but really I think the only thing that keeps me here is my son and how much he loves his dad, as well as the life his dad can give him vs. what I could give him as a single mom.

  64. Anonymous

    I’m an undergrad at kstate after serving in Army for 6 year. My husband is a construction worker on post. We are both busy everyday, but the weekend. We are up by six, but he is usually home before I even get to my third class.
    Once I’m home the first thing he does and I love, is he’ll greet me with a kiss and I love you’s!!!! But then he will says I’m hungry!!!! I say ok! Let me shower first! He comes in, and says I’m hungry!!!! Okay when I get out! I’m putting clothes on, he comes in and says ” babbbbbbyyyyyy, I’m hungry!!!!! This is when, depending on my day, I get angry or just smile it off!! If i loose my temper,he gets mad and tells me I’m mean!!!! Wat the fuck, —over?!? It never fails everyday!!!! I bet I kud be laying down bleeding to death, and he’ll tell me his hungry!!!!
    Ryt now I’m sitting in the living room at midnight and he’s asleep!!!!
    Tomorrow is Monday! I’m awake doing laundry because I haven’t had a chance to this weekend!!!! I’ve been busy taing care of him and the house!!! Earlier I was picking his laundry from the floor as he lay asleep, then he grunts and sighs, and says-stop moving around, and go turn down the AC!!!! “Excuse me!!!! I’m just picking up after your lazy ass!!!! And stop messing with the AC, u always mess with it, den wake me to change it to your comfort!!!!!” Is what I wanted to say, but I’m tired, I’m sleepy, I don’t wanna argue!!! I took my purse, -told him I love him and he shud get some rest, because he works early tomorrow-as I went to the door he says, “where u going now!!! If u leave, I’ll be pissed off!!!!” I said, I’ll be in the living room keeping an eye on the laundry. I’m sorry to have woken you, go back to sleep. But nooooo- that wasn’t enough, he got angry and told me to do whatever I want!!!!! Seriously!!!!! I want to sleep too because I have classes tomorrow too!!! It’s finals week!!!! I’m sleepy too!!!! But I’m doing the laundry for your sake!!!! It’s your uniform not mine!!!! Aaaaahhhhh!!!! I love my husband I do, if I didn’t I would not have the power to put up with him

  65. Anonymous

    I feel really lucky to have the boyfriend I do after reading some of your stories.However, my bf does drive me nuts sometimes and I need to get things off my chest.

    1) We’ve been together for three and a half yrs. and I’m ready to get married.My bf has mentioned getting married before and that one day we will just go to the courthouse and do it.Well he has been saying that for two years and every time I bring up getting married he gets annoyed and doesn’t want to talk about it.

    2) He acts like everything is such a chore.I don’t drive so I rely on him to take me everywhere.However, I don’t ask him to drive me anywhere unless we need something, like groceries.He’ll say “Well we will just do it later.”Well later comes and he’s still down in the basement playing his video games and the next day comes and we have no food so I have to order pizza.

    3) He wants me to get my license but will never practice driving with me.He always says “You need to practice more, like everyday!”I tell him ok but you have to drive with me, it’s against the law for me to drive on my own w/o a license.

    4) He never goes to any of my family’s parties but I have to go to all of his family’s events or he won’t see a movie I want to see but I have to see every stupid superhero movie with him!

    5) He never texts or calls me back when I try to contact him.

    6) He’s always losing/misplacing something (usually his phone).

    7) He’ll look for something in the laundry hamper, throw all the dirty clothes on the floor and then doesn’t pick them back up.

    8) I’ll tell him something important and then never remembers that I told him.
    Like for example: I’m going to have a temporary job and I received an e-mail from my boss telling all the new hires that we’re going to meet up and meet each other.As soon as I received this e-mail I told him but then a week later I reminded him about it and he said I never told him.

    It’s the other way around too, he’ll get mad at me because he thought he told me something when he didn’t.I have a perfect memory so I never forget what people have told me.

    9)He stays up way too late!He doesn’t have work until noon so he doesn’t get up until 10:30am.Him going to bed at 2am doesn’t bother me.On his days off he’ll stay up until the sunrise and then sleep all day when he knows we have things to do.

    10) I like that he’s very social but he needs to realize he doesn’t need to talk to every single person.We were at Wal*Mart the other day trying to figure out what type of peanut butter we were going to buy and we were standing in the middle of the aisle and a man needed to get through.So instead of moving the cart and getting out of the way my bf just starts telling the man what we are doing and of course the man is just annoyed.Instead of seeing what he did wrong my bf starts complaining about how anti-social some people are and blah blah blah.I’ve tried telling him that some people just want to grab their groceries and leave but apparently they’re rude if they don’t want to hear his story.Argh!

    Okay so I’ve gone on way too long but I really do love him and am very happy.He just needs to put a ring on it or I’m going to flip out!

  66. Anonymous

    His lack of hygiene. I love him, but there are weeks that go by without him brushing his teeth or taking a shower. I get that he has an office job and doesn’t do yard work, but you still need to bathe! He doesn’t smell bad, which may be why he doesn’t feel the need to shower. He has cavities and his knows he takes poor care of his teeth, but he just doesn’t do anything about it. I know it sounds like he has what looks like “Meth Mouth” but he doesn’t, thank God!
    I’ve done my best to make sure our kids have better hygiene habits than him, which is easy.

  67. Anonymous

    My husband irritates me to no end too! Here’s how: Heavy noisy breathing. Apparently he can’t hear it but everyone else in the room can. He doesn’t have a real job and is always lying about how much he makes. When I ask him where the money is, he says people haven’t paid him. He acts like a successful entrepreneur, yet I know he doesn’t have $200 to his name at any given time. I pay for bloody everything, and he acts like he’s doing me a favour. He leaves Coke cans lying around, waiting for his maid/wife to clean up after him. He sleeps all day and wakes up at night, then whinges about how he needs to stay up late to work. Tries to score sympathy points (not buying it). He rarely uses his brain when it comes to life in general. He’ll cook and spill oil all over the burner, and act surprised when I tell him he’ll start a fire. Btw, he has a Master’s degree. Proof that having a degree doesn’t make you smarter. He acts like he knows everything, yet shoots out of his arse most times. I’m in the medical field, yet he tries to tell me his “facts” and impose his “medical knowledge” upon me. He says he “should be a doctor” since he knows so many medical facts. He’s delusional! He likes to exaggerate and embelish, which I find to be such a massive turnoff, it’s so unauthentic, it’s really the equivalent of lying!!! I hate everything about him and I can’t wait to divorce him.

  68. Anonymous

    So I’m 30 weeks pregnant and it’s our first. It’s suppose to be such an exciting time for us but my husband is completely disconnected. I can’t rememebr the last time we were intimate. He seems to put no effort in our relationship at all and yet speaks of having more kids..I mean Wtf?! He conveniently forgets conversations we had a couple hours earlier and always has time for his family when they need him. Yet if I suggest us doing something, I get a million excuses. I’m so fed up.i feel like I don’t want him around me anymore!


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