What annoys your most about your mother?

We all know that mothers and daughters can have an interesting dynamic between them. What annoys you most about your own mother?

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32 thoughts on “What annoys your most about your mother?

  1. Anonymous

    My mother has a diagnosed Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Which is just a fancy way to say she thinks she’s perfect. And she has no trouble pointing out how NOT perfect every one else is – or trying to FIX the imperfections of anyone she feels is a reflection of herself. (namely her husband and children)

    She flat out told me that she was a perfect mother to me and is waiting for me to rise up and call her blessed.

    She thinks I’m the problem. She even drug me to counseling but quit going when the counselor held her accountable for her own issues.

    The counselor called me after she quit to tell me that I am not the problem. My mother is ill.

    It’s hard to differentiate ILL from her CHOICES. It’s hard for me to give her any credit at all now. Even when it’s due….

    That makes me sad.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s not her fault and it can be funny as can be when in the right mood, but she has lost hearing in one ear due to a childhood accident and has only gotten bad the last 3-4 years. so it’s annoying when I have to say something like 10 times, but that’s also impatience on my part!

  3. meohmy

    I love my mom – but she always has to share her opinion on things in my life or my home without me asking for it. She has her way of doing things or how things should look and be and thinks that my look on things should be the same way. Even something as simple as what kind of flowers to put in the pots outside.

  4. Anonymous

    she always asks me for advice about parenting my younger brother, and i tell her the same thing EVERY time. She tries my advice and it works, praises me for the help, and then the next time an issue occures COMPLETELY forgets what i told her the last time. she lets her emotions get in the way every time and it drives me nuts!!

  5. anonymous

    She watches my sister’s kids any time, no matter what. She doesn’t watch my kids at all. Ever. I ask for her to watch my kids so I can volunteer at school, sister asks so she can go out and party.

  6. Anonymous

    My mom has borderline personality disorder. She doesn’t care about anyone except herself. My siblings and I have been through hell and back over the last few years. I hope she will eventually get help.

  7. Anonymous

    Since my unexpected pregnancy, even though the father and I got married and both have stable jobs and do a great job with our toddler, constantly makes comments about how I should have been on birth control and how I shouldn’t get pregnant again for a long time. She checks up on me to make sure I’m taking birth control. It makes me so angry. I don’t know why she’s so anxious about me having another baby other than we’re not rich. But neither were they at our age. My son never wants for anything. He’s always taken care of and loved.

  8. Anonymous

    My mother thinks everything is all about her. She will ask me a question and before I am done answering will change the subject back to her. And then she wonders why I never tell her anything…never get the chance!

  9. Anonymous

    everything. i have 3 wonderful kids but she acts as if i only have 1.she told me when i was 4 that she wished i had not been born.she has 5 kids but only loves 1.at 15 she asked me to help her kill my dad(her husband).and got mad when i said no.the list goes on forever.i no longer speak to her and she never sees any of my kids,but she tells anyone who will listen its all my fault she has done nothing wrong.

  10. Anonymous

    My mother is a blessing to most of the world except herself. She always wants more. I wish she would stop and realize just how beautiful and amazing her life is without needing something that she cant afford, cant achieve or will never use.

  11. Anonymous

    I appreciate my mother and her help, however, she tends to force religion upon me knowing that I am not a religious person. I do not even believe in religion.

  12. Anonymous

    She is so controlling. It is the source of most of our arguments. She tried to control me. I won’t let her. She lashes out. If she doesn’t come up with an idea/opinion first, then it is the wrong choice. All that aside, I love her and she is one of the most important people in my life. I can’t imagine a world without her.

  13. Anonymous

    I lost my mom about 3 years ago. I don’t have any unreal memories. We really didn’t clash any after I was out of home and married, although we did have our problems when I was at home. Looking back I understand a lot of what she went through. My father broke her heart and she nevr recovered from that.
    We became good friends in the end and I an so grateful for that. I would truly give up a year of my life to spend one more day with her. Whoever said you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, was right.

  14. MK

    That she let’s my brother get away with so much ( and we are both grown up but he still lives at home). She cleans up after him and helps take care of his kids and doesn’t even have to pay for much around the house!

  15. Anonymous

    My mom thinks she knows better than everyone else….and when she gives me her opinion and I don’t agree with her, she pouts. This used to make me feel CRAZY guilty and I’d always call and appoligize and then side with her. It took moving across the country for me to FINALLY be able to stand up for myself. Of course, as soon as she visits, I’m right back at square one.

  16. Anonymous

    My mom is Bipolar, and I think has a personality disorder too, plus she is an alcoholic. She is very emotionally immature, and I have frequently felt like I am the mother. She says things that are very inappropriate, alot, like when I told her I was unexpectedly pregnant and was crying about it, she said, “Well, you could always get an abortion.” Whenever I make my obligatory phone call to check on her, I hang up wishing I hadn’t called at all. I am embarrassed for her to ever meet my friends because not only is she emotionally and mentally ill, she totally looks the part. When I was 17 I joined the military just to get out of the house because she was killing me. I wonder what it would be like to have a nurturing, caring mother…but since I’ll never know that, I just do my best for my own kids!

  17. Anonymous

    My mom is an alcoholic. She gets drunk nightly and then wants to argue about the stupidest things. She always thinks she’s right and everyone else is wrong. She also has a martyr complex thinking that she has it harder than anyone else and that she is not to blame for anything bad that has happened to her. She cannot take responsibility for her actions and blames her boyfriend, her ex-husband(my father), and her children for everything. She is very selfish. If I call her all she talks about is herself and if I have a problem I want to talk about she will always turn it around so that she is the center of the subject. I’m also annoyed by her spending habits. She spends money in order to cope. She buys things she does not need, and I’m not talking about small things. She will buy cars, computers, houses and all other sorts of junk. Now that I’m out of the house it’s a little easier because I don’t have to deal with her first hand, but I’ve always been her mother. I take care of her instead of her taking care of me and it has worn on me mentally and emotionally, but I love her too much to just let her be. I’m really scared at how her behavior will affect my new son. I just recently told her that we will not visit her unless she promises not to drink. She said that she has to drink to cope with life and we will just have to stay with someone else when we come to town.

  18. Anonymous

    1. She slurps her coffee. Trivial, but bothersome all the same.

    2. She still refuses to accept the fact that her husband touched me as a young girl , or that he ever touched my sister either.

    3. She tried for many years to get me to call him ‘Dad’. Um, no.

    4. She smokes.

    5. She does not eat right, and it makes me sad.

    6.She has had her tubes tied , around 25 years ago.. yet every few months of her life, when her period might be even a minute late, she was sure she was pregnant. Then when her period did come she would be so sad. I couldn’t ever handle this & it still bothers me greatly. I know she regretted not having more children, I can relate to that..but she seemed unable to let go of that fantastic hope that This Time was IT for her.
    Now she is on the way through menopause, and she Still has these moments. I refuse to discuss my own periods with her, ever, because I do not want to hear it any more.

    7. She used me as her whipping post, physically and emotionally , for almost 7 years. We do not speak of it now, and I have forgiven her in my own way..but it angers me all the same. It was not fair, and I live with the damage done Every Day of my life. She beat me, she belittled me, she called me names, she accused me of doing things I didn’t even know you could do, and she ignored me when I needed her the most. It was not until I almost died giving birth to my eldest child about a decade ago, that she did finally step in and act like a Mother towards me..after years of neglect.

    8. She let my younger siblings have a lot more fun and a lot more freedom than she ever allowed me. She did not call my sister a slut, the way she did with me. I had no idea what a slut was, for heavens sake. Why did she call me that anyway ??

    9. She doesn’t see her husband for what he really is, and he was another person in her life whom she chose over me. He molested me, and she told me to leave him alone ?! I was a little girl, I didn’t know how to make him stop. Why was that My Fault ?
    The man lies, and he is mean spirited and rude. He makes comments that are ugl and she just shrugs it off, covers for him, and tells us that he didn’t mean it ‘ that way’. Like hell he didn’t.

    I don’t see her as often as I would like, I do really love and miss spending time with her… because she has a lot of very good attributes. I just think back on the past and shake my head in wonderment though. I don’t know how someone like her , with all those good points, can then also have all these failings and weaknesses.

  19. Anonomous

    My mom is a stupid bitch. Ok so she gave birth to me and seven other’s, it doesn’t mean she raised me. My sister’s raised me and my mom is a stupid bitch.

  20. Just a Mom

    My mother was very negative for many years. I used to avoid calling her because every conversation was either about her aches and pains, or about who had an accident or who died. About a year ago my brother bought her an electric wheelchair (this was after a broken hip, hip surgery, knee replacements) and she is a different person! Now our conversations are about the great people she talks to, the fun things she’s doing, happy stories about grandchildren, and great memories from her childhood and early years of my parents marriage. We have decided that she lived with constant pain most of her adult life which coloured everything she did… but she just thought that was normal. Now that she can get around without pain she’s a happy woman! I just wish my dad would still be around to enjoy life with her as she is now.
    And speaking from the other side (I’m a mom of grown kids)I’m glad I have a good relationship with my kids and hope they will tell me if I become annoying! (They already know I’ll be totally a zombie when I get old since I can’t remember things now! LOL!)

  21. Julie

    i guess what i am ultimately asking is this…can i (and how) really truly walk away from my mother out of self preservation?….how do you do that?

  22. Anonymous

    My mother bases her life’s happiness on me and on her grandchildren. I understand that to a certain degree as I’m now a mother myself, but as an only child, I’ve always felt so much pressure by it–it’s as if she doesn’t have he own life since her happiness is dependent on mine.

  23. Anonymous

    I love my mom, and I have a lot of guilt because she obviously favors me over my sisters. I’m also the only one that likes her, though, so I think that has a lot to do with it. My sisters and my dad are all very critical of her, and it’s not totally without reason. She has bipolar disorder, but when she’s “having a low” I just tend to stay away from the house, call her to see if she needs anything (that way she doesn’t have to answer the phone if she doesn’t feel like talking), and wait the swing out. She’s so much fun when she’s on a high, though. That’s probably terrible to say. I didn’t like her highs or lows much when I was younger and trapped in the house, but she is an amazing grandmother and mother-in-law. I have to at least be grateful for that.

  24. Anonymous

    I love my mom, but she is a very negative person. She tends to point out what she thinks I am doing wrong or what she thinks I should change about myself without me even asking her opinion. She spends alot of time talking about her problems or focusing on the negative side of things. It has gotten to the point where I have distanced myself from her. I feel like in order to be a happy and positive person, I have to figure out things for myself and learn on my own rather than count on my mom to help me or set the example.

  25. anonymous

    god im just fed up of my mom!She always has problems when she sees me talking to boys.All my friends talk but just dnt understand whats wrong with her.one day i dint even talk to boys i just kept ignoring them so that my mom doesnt gets angry,so we me and my friend were just sitting in the lobby,suddenly they came and sat there,and at the same time my mom came and saw me and started shouting at me that y wer u sitting der and what the hell wer u doing der??and started abusing mee..plss just help me out im fed up of her.and nw shes telling me that from today onwards uar nt playing any more nor going down nor uar goin for swimming.and the worst part neither she leaves out for hanging with my friends nor lets me out of the house for some adventure.pls help me out im so dam frustruated sitting in the house cant bear it anymore.i feel like givinh up this life nw.if i make her understand she doent even listens me!!!im literally fed up pls help meeeeeeeeeee:(:(:(:(

  26. MG

    my inlaws drive me crazy. i feel like they took my first born away from me. so now when i have another child they wont get near them … the end

  27. anonymous!!!

    I am currently switching my summer and winter clothes stocks and my mom is packing for me. It’s so annoying! She doesn’t know what I want to wear this winter. I keep asking her to come out of my room and let me switch my clothes but then she’ll secretly go back to my room and start again. So when I get around to it, I’ll have to do twice the work to unpack things and then pack the things I actually want in that stock. SO THANK YOU MOM FOR MAKING ME DO TWICE THE WORK AS I’D HAVE TO!

  28. Anonymous

    My mother passed away in August of 2012, at the age of 49. I guess that would be what annoys me the most. She refused to listen to doctors, or help herself. She wouldn’t take care of herself. And she left no arrangements, or money to use on her arrangements. I’m annoyed that I can’t call her on my way to work and complain that she needed to go to the doctor to get such and such checked out. I’m annoyed that she can no longer ask me about her grandkids, one she never even got to meet and one she hasn’t seen since the child was 1. I’m annoyed that she died at 49.

  29. Anonymous

    What annoys me most about my Mother. She questions everything I do especially when it comes to my pets. Specifically my cat. I have two dogs and one cat. I have worked in a veterinarian clinic for nearly 10 years. I give my pets the best care. My cat is over weight because she can not venture outside anymore a fox lives near by and has nearly gotten to her three times. First off before those three times she believed the cat was okay to go outside. But after telling her that cats have been carried off by foxes and she heard and saw one of the attacks she FINALLY decided to have my cat indoors. Being nearly a year she’s grown over weight because of my Mom thinking at first she was “to skinny” and kept feeding when really what she was getting was because she was very active. Now she’s just a potato on the couch. I try to feed her less but because of her and my Father (more so by Mom. Dad isn’t easily pushed around by the pets). she gets fed whenever she wants through out the day when I am not around.

    My Mom has come to realize that she is over weight and needs to eat less. Now she has to have half of that to cut her down on weight. I have talked to the Veterinarians at work to make sure I am on the right track and to have proof of it. My mother tells me to read the back of the bag when really they tell you to feed more then you should all cats are different in metabolism. I told her I already spoke with the Veterinarian about it but she tells me “but I didn’t hear it.” Apparently she has to hear about it when the animal is not of her concern when it comes to care. But that’s not the only thing, she questions everything I say. She listens to my younger 21 year old brother more so then me.

    I can barely speak to her and I easily get irritated when talking to her. Everything I say is wrong. Thank you Mother for making me feel as if I am the least favorite of your children. That you seem to favor my older sister and younger brother who look and act like you while I look and act like my Father. Oh yes thank you for making feel like the complete black sheep it doesn’t hurt at all…


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