What about your mother in law?

How would you describe your mother-in-law in four words?

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272 thoughts on “What about your mother in law?

  1. Kiki Vogel

    A Wonderful, Loving Mom. My husband lost his mom when he was just 10 – so I never met her and only have his memory of her to know her – I am sure she was wonderful in so many ways – just like her son.

  2. Anonymous

    nuts but i still love her. there are so many times i just want to knock her out and stand up cheering, but as much as she bugs me sometimes, she is a great grandmother.
    i just have to keep reminding myself.

  3. Anonymous

    My mother in law would be a great person, if she did not have fil as a husband! He is controlling, abusive, and even tells her how to think and what to think. I really fear his death someday, as we all know she would not know how to function without being told what to do and how to do it every day!

  4. Anonymous

    My mother in law lives out in the sticks and things we should visit all the time. She doesn’t know when to mind her own business and worst of all, her daughter is as dramatic as she is. How did I end up with such a wonderful husband but nut jobs as in laws? I guess I should have seen it coming early on in our dating experience when she freaked out about everything. You know it’s bad when your husband makes fun of his family too. Oh well!

  5. Anonymous

    My mother in law is a know it all hypochondriac. She constantly condescending towards me. She is also very giving and loving. She is a walking contradiction. I love her . . . and I hate her.

  6. Anonymous

    My mother in law is manipulative, a liar,hates me and the feeling is mutual. Her son listens to her and falls for her tricks and since I don’t she hates me for it. She meddles in her children’s life they let her and since we are far away, she says we don’t count. I gave her son damamged kids and she says this in front of them.

  7. BurfordWife

    I have the BEST mother in law EVER!! I feel sorry for my husband having such an annoying Mother in lAw!! My mother in law is closer to me than my Mother! She is SO sweet about everything, and is only ever showing her love and giving us advice (which she’s not upset if we completely ignore!). She even sides with ME when my Husband and I have a disagreement! Lol! They’re never serious upsets, just little peeves! Lol!

    She is mother to 9 children (10 to 29 years of age), my husband is the second eldest. So when I drop my boys off at Grandmas it’s like a big playcentre with all the uncles and aunt spoiling them!

    She is the most giving, loving, patient and caring person I have ever known!

  8. Willow

    One of the anonymous above wrote: She constantly condescending towards me. She is also very giving and loving. She is a walking contradiction. I love her . . . and I hate her.

    She and I must have the some mother-in-law. My mother-in-law criticizes like Marie Barone from Raymond — with what sounds like compliments but are really dressed-up insults. I hate it.

  9. Amy

    My MIL is nuts. Seriously. And she drives me nuts. And I love her! We are far from my parents and only 90 miles from my in-laws. They’ve been amazing to me, accepting me right away. I met them about a week before hubby and I got married (though we’d talked on the phone). He wasn’t even home from Korea and I basically moved in with them until he got home, we got married and moved to our new post (a total of 2-3 weeks). We had small issues in the beginning. I’m older than my husband and she would jump into our arguments, but FIL finally told her to back off and since then we’ve gotten along great. Oh, did I mention she drives me nuts?!

  10. Anonymous

    My MIL is pretty nice. She’s Australian, and has an awesome accent. She’s very mild tempered. I don’t really agree with her spending habits. I’m very frugal, and she spends tons of money on random stuff I would never buy. I’m not complaining, but she honestly gets my kids more for Christmas than I get them! Kinda funny. Just different styles, I guess. Anyway, I don’t really have any problems with her. She doesn’t try to interfere with our lives at all, though she likes to see us for holidays. We have a nice, simple relationship.

  11. Anonymous

    Any time I tell her something I’ve discovered for myself and I’m excited about it, it seems like she says, “I invented that…before you were born” I’m constantly reminded how well she does everything and how stupid I am. She also criticizes my husband in front of everyone, thinking it will whip him into shape but she forgets that’s why he left home at 18 and didn’t come back for 8 years. She’s very nice and helps me when I ask for it…but she helps when I don’t ask for it. too.

  12. Anonymous

    My mother in law is the most manipulative bitch that has ever graced God’s green earth. She tells my husband one thing and acts completely different. She’s a “perfect angel” in front of him- always pulling tears out. Then he leaves and she turns into her normal self-loathing, insecure, immature, fat-ass bitch. I used to try to make everything perfect and please her.. but the more I was nice, the more she asked, and the bigger of a bitch she got. So I say “BRING IT ON!”

  13. Starr

    My daughters grandmother is a bitch from hell. I hate her with a passion. When my first child was born I had to have an emergency c-section. I was only allowed 2 people in the OR with me. So I OF COURSE chose my fiance and my mother. She threw a fit- left the hospital AND called my daughter a bastard! So we didn’t have any contact with her for 6 months. She has done A LOT of different things that are just too terrible to mention here..

  14. Lee Lee

    Not very good. I would love to have a great, healthy and loving relationship with my MIL…in the beginning I went above and beyond for her approval, which lead to just alot of hurt and rejection. My husband validates my feelings and encourages me the best he can and apologizes for his mother’s behavior. Now I realize and accept the role she plays in my life as her loss and also something I cannot change. I’m still gracious and respectful, though times I nearly bite my tongue off in the process.

    I just find that I have a deeper and bigger appreciation for my step-mother who gives me everything I need in a healthy Mother-Daughter relationship, she’s my source of encouragement and unconditional love. I am hopelessly devoted, gush.

  15. Anonymous

    I love my mother-in-law. She treats me like she does her own
    daughters. However, since my daughter has been born, shes
    started sneaking in snide comments when I don’t do something
    the way she wants me to. I felt like I couldn’t trust her
    to keep my baby because I thought she would ignore the way
    I wanted her cared for and do it her way. After my husband
    refused to stand up to her, I finally said: ‘Look, you don’t
    have to agree with the way I parent, you don’t even have to
    like it, but if you want me to trust you with her, then you
    better respect it.’ I have to do the right thing for my child.

  16. Carrie Runnals

    Hey, Girls ~ just to add a little humor, you may want to check out an author interview I did with two anonymous women who wrote M.I.L.D.E.W. (Mother In-Laws Do Everything Wrong) It’s a light-hearted book that will make you feel “not-alone” in your MIL struggles and hopefully give you a laugh. Check it out at http://www.WordsToMouth.com

  17. Joan

    Missed — my MIL passed away suddenly 2 yrs ago, and she is missed for the wonderful, loving person she was. Whenever I had difficulties understanding her point of view or resented her advice, I would simply remember that she brought my husband into this world, taught him to be the loving, respectful person he is today, and be thankful for her role in that. Today I’m a MIL, and it’s not as easy as you’d think.

  18. Anonymous

    Ha, I’m almost afraid to write this thinking I’ll wake up with my MIL standing over me with a knife or something…
    We use to have a really great relationship; until grandkids come along. She treats my kids like crap and my SIL’s kids like a prince and princess. I’ve never been disrespectful to her, but I finally had enough. The hubby finally seen my complaint for himself and HE let her have it! So in one word I can sum it up….she’s a Bitch!

  19. Anonymous

    well mine looks really good compared to these stories. but mine has a real issues w/ boundaries, as in we’ve been married for yrs now, quit buying your son, my husband, underwear!!! yeah & she plays major favorites w/ my kids, ouch! overall, she rocks.

  20. DIL from heaven MIL from HELL!

    My mother in law is SO MEAN to me. I have done nothing but love her son to death! If I could describe her in 4 words it would be:
    Mean, Selfish, judgmental, Greedy.

  21. Anonymous

    generally my mil is a lovely woman but considering that we live in the same town as she and my fil, sometimes i feel like we see her a little too much. my husband is her only son and she is the classic, over-attached mama’s boy’s mama. gag. sometimes i just want to say to her, stop treating my husband like he’s still your 7 year old boy! i’m a little resentful towards her because she can turn into a bit of a helpless child to invoke sympathy from my husband, saying things like, “oh, B used to be such an affectionate little boy… always wanting to give me hugs and kisses.” please. he’s too busy hugging and kissing on just who he should these days!

  22. Anonymous

    My MIL is great most of the time but she has a 5 and 7 year old along with her 3 older children. So, because she is chasing her kids around so much she doesn’t get too involved with our kids. If we want to go out on a date she will never babysit even though we watch her kids a lot. She’ll watch our kids for important things like Drs appointments and the like but usually only if she is getting something in return.
    But she is always very supportive and always there for us when we have questions or concerns. She doesn’t meddle like my mom and only speaks up when it is very important.

  23. anonymous

    I loved my mother in law and we got along fine despite very cultural differences. ——UNTIL—— she came to visit one long summer from overseas and had a stroke in my house and now she is bed ridden and here to stay forever. I have to feed her, change her diapers, bathe her, give 13 pills per day which she pushes away and hits at me. On top of all this, she cannot talk so she screams (HOWLS) all day long. She also grabs and tries to bite. I cannot have a snack or meal without her staring and begging constantly. She also yells in the nighttime and keeps us awake like an infant. I hate dealing with her for a year now. I even started to think of ways to help her die faster but I can’t really do it.

  24. Anon

    She’s a good person and means well, but she’s nosey, manipulative, a COMPLETE FLAKE!!!!

    I could tell you stories that would top most…but I’ll refrain. lol

  25. Anonymous

    My mil is a manipulative, drama queen, backstabbing, pain in my butt. I have been married to her oldest son who is nothing like his family and yes he also warned me of his entire family dad included for the past 20 years. I just found out from a stepdaughter that we never got to meet until just recently that my mil has been telling her and her mother that I was a completely evil person. I always wondered why my husbands ex gf felt she could call our house whenever and talk to him about (them) not the child and always had the number. He felt his ex was a controlling, lying bitch and never wanted anything to do with her and here was my mil passing the information off to her over the years. Needless to say this has been a sore subject for my entire marriage and we all quit talking to his family 7 years ago for good cause it just woulnt get better. Now I live within hours of my mil and she has yet to see my children with my husband. I could go on and of of the things she has done to us but most would completely understand and no the feeling so I will refrain from the drama.

  26. Tiffany

    It doesnt always have to be the mother in law that is the bitch. I have a sister in law that is soon to be ex and I cant wait. She should off herself. The world would be better off.

  27. Anonymous

    I have a love-hate relationship with my mother-in-law. Sometimes she is great and goes out of her way to help my husband and myself. Other times however WATCH OUT. She will lie, trash other people, she’s incredibly nosey, and condescending toward our life style. It also sticks because we live WAY to close to one another so she is often IN MY FACE.

  28. Anonymous

    I tried to get to know her and treate her with respect. It backfired.
    Once I stopped agreeing with her and stated my own opinions, and stood my ground on occasion, I became the official bitch/ black sheep of the family. Not that it was hard for them to do that anyway, since I was different from the start.

    I don’t hate her, I just don’t like her. If she were not my Mother in law, she is not a person I would seek out at all.

  29. Steph

    My MIL is a BITCH! She is part of a religion that requires a woman to wear only skirts and to not cut her hair. I was part of that religion until this past year when we had a church split. I now wear pants and I cut my hair, but my morals and beliefs have NOT changed. My husband and I have been married for a little over a year now. She told me the other day that she feels sorry for him because the woman he married only lasted a year. Not only that, she is a manipulative, backstabbing, hypocrite that uses her youngest son as a pawn. She tells her 6yr old that his older brother (23yrs), whom he idolizes, is going to hell and that he is a sinner. The 6yr old freaks out and hysterically cries for hours and then calls his brother, crying asking him to stop being a sinner because he doesn’t want him to go to hell. She is very “MarieBarone-esque” too… I like that word Willow lol.
    This is just the tip of the iceberg of her bitchassness. It feels good to vent here!
    The other thing that sucks is that we have the same exact name now, so she calls me baby steph… everytime I hear that I want to punch her in the mouth. Now everyone in the whole family and all of her friends call me that! UGH!

  30. Anonymous

    Painfully Practical, Walled-off, Lonely, Kind without being warm. She’s pretty difficult to understand…. I feel sorry for her and wish she could bring down her walls and warm up to all of us. I don’t have a relationship with my mother so I would love to have a warm mother-figure in my life. But my MIL is too hurt by her past to open up and give of herself. It’s ironic and sad.

  31. Anonymous

    Cold, wannaba Christian, who gets mad and holds a grudge and noone knows why but her. She is greedy and thinks her children’s inheritance should be hers… no joke. I will never like her because of that.

  32. Anonymous

    She was a “pain in the ass.” However, now she has Alzheimers and has no clue who I am, so I can visit her. I’m not making fun of Alzheimers patients, but life is a LOT easier now.

  33. Anonomous

    I would have to say my mother inlaw is the coolest chik ever. I’m even on a billard team with her. Were actual neibors and she respects my space and I respect hers. She’s kinda bad with the treats though. She always has candy. She’s the candy Grandma. I love her.

  34. AJB

    My mother in law is a fake bitch. She never wanted us to get married and did horrible things to separate us when we were dating. I can’t forgive her for that. She’s a drunk and also used to do drugs. A completely looser. Now, she’s moved in with her mother and lives 9 hours away from our house. But she insists on coming to our house without giving notice saying that she just wanted to make a surprise. She’s so ridiculous. She says she stopped using drugs and drinks much less,but hasn’t really changed a bit. She is fake and manipulative and abusive! I would rather not see her ever again. ugh

  35. Lindsay

    Awesome, wonderful, loving, terrific

    I really don’t think I could have asked for a better mother in law, the woman is amazing. All of my in laws are wonderful as well, they are such an amazing family and I’m thankful to be apart of their family.

  36. Anonymous

    evil, nosy, backstabbing, crazy, stubborn, fake, manipulative, bossy, pushy, demanding, boasting, nagging person ever!!!!

  37. Anonymous in NJ

    My mother-in-law is the pits! She named her three sons Jeff, Joe, and Jimmy .. and she thinks that’s cute. My family loves to try new foods and travel new places. My M-I-L wrinkles up her nose if you suggest going to a Mexican restaurant and says they “don’t eat foreign things”. That’s about her general level of adventure/intellectual interest in general .. she doesn’t do “foreign” stuff. I get bored just thinking about her. I see her – and expose my child to her – as SELDOM as possible.

  38. Whatsthepoint

    Four words hmmm? How about “calculating, malingering, histrionic psychopath”
    If I told you, all her antics you wouldn’t believe it. I almost didn’t.
    She uses anyone for her own purposes, even her own children. She is a drama queen en par to, I am sure, a few here and then kick that up a notch or two for you see, she used to be an Actressssss, don’t you know.

    She doesn’t care what you want, she only hears what she wants. She is extremely emotionally abusive to her children. She is trying to manipulate her ex husband to change his will to entrust her funds to her lawyer when he dies so his son’s money will be all tied up in trusts, etc, because that way I can’t get any money should my husband die or divorce me. She’s nuts and I am so tired of her bullshit. When she passes, then the healing from her wicked actions can finally start for as long as she breathes, she schemes, lies and destroys.

    I hate to say it, but through her continuing ignorance and insanity, she is just, well, the closest I have seen to evil – what she does to her children and ex husband. I pray for strength to not hate her and for God to take her soon so as to limit the damage. Isn’t it sad that it is this way?

  39. Wakingdream

    About a year ago my MIL took my mother along with our autistic son to dinner, it wasn’t the first time however it was the first time she took them to a new place .. BIG NO-NO . My son was diffucult and spiteful during dinner, for my mom im sure that fourty minute dinner lasted hours.Imagine my natural reaction when I found out that the resturant was changed. Trying to be as polite as possible I called my MIL trying to explain to her why changing the place changed the routine. She instantly became crude and snappy and demanded to know if she always had to eat at the same restuarant. To which I replied that if our son was in the equation that yes thats exactly what it meant.(Now keep in mind for my MIL eating at the same resturant all the time meant the once a month that she called last minute to ask my mom and son to dinner.) And that if she wanted to spend time with him she needed to create the most comfortable environment for him. Her response was to cut my down, stating that my mother knew my son better then me and that she took better care of him then I. My husbands only response when she called was that he didnt want to talk about it and if we couldnt get along we shouldnt interact with one another anymore. He did not demand the apology that I feel I deserved and my kids continue to go overthere. THe latest update in the whole scenario is that my baby girl just turned two. My MIL sent a gift for my son along with my daughters on her birthday, but did not do the same to my daughter on my sons birthday. I dont want my daughter to feel as though a male holds more worth then a female. I am disgusted by this display which my husband shrugs off. some days I could just scream for hours while im left wondering what to do.

  40. Anonymous

    My MIL knows everything and my husband does the same thing. He pussy foots around everything always being the peace maker and never sticking up for me or himself for that matter.

  41. Anonymous

    my monster in law is the beast from the east!! she’s a fake, back stabbing, manipulative bitch, i could go on forever with this one.
    she’s very demanding and if she doesn’t get what she wants or it doesn’t goes her way she creates the biggest scene. supposably she has bipolar, she does that to get attention, she acts like a child. she be in everyone business. she talks about everybody which she should first talk about herself cause she ain’t nothing pretty and nothing special. she’s a loser that still lives with her mom and lives at other people house, stays until they get annoyed with her. she tried living with my family once. thank god my husband is also annoyed by her. but not annoyed as i am about her. she needs to get her life together and live her life and stop buggin everyone elses.

  42. peeking in

    Four words? strong-willed, well-meaning, supportive, gone.
    She was a great MIL, not too intrusive, she always welcomed me into her small family, she never critisized me in any way, she could be difficult for her son (my husband) to deal with, but that is because he is JUST like her LOL. I think she left us too soon, and I miss her.

  43. Anonymous

    typical portuguese matriach. Wants complete control of everything and everyone. Nosey. Makes snide comments then tries to laugh like she was joking when I know she wasn’t. Hasn’t accepted me from day one but just LOVES any girl that my hubby’s brother dated… but she is a wonderful grandmother. It just seems like she is being so fake when interacting with me.

  44. christina

    she is crazy, nosy, always creating drama, demanding, jealous,nagging, two-faced, backstabbing witch you’ll ever meet as a MIL. I used to thinks she was so cool, but then I realized she was creating a lot of problems. She doesn’t appreaciate anything and she treats her kids like shit. She tells them that they are a “piece of shit” and not to call her their mother. She also scams my boyfriend for money every month…Oh did I mentions she is lazy, and she is also a goldigger

  45. blackie

    my mother in law is a pet maniac who spends almost her entire days just doing pet’s things and TALKING ABOUT THEM everytime and to everyone, and includes taking care of the pet’s neighbour, and of course… she thinks highly of herself and demands all her needs to be full filled (as if it’s an important thing). And doesn’t care about the household and the house courses. I end up have to cover for her just to make sure my father in law didn’t get upset, everytime she goes out doing her “errands” which taking HOURSSSS. But guess what??? Now she’s bad mouthing me behind my back as if I didn’t do anything at all at home. I found out after my father in law started to talk me into doing stuff that apparently, I ALREADY DID SINCE I STAYED IN THE HOUSE!!!

  46. Anonymous

    i’m going to skip the 4-word part and just vent for a bit. i must admit, reading some other entries, i may not have it as bad as i think i do, but it’s still hard. my mother passed away when i was 16, so it hurts to not have her to talk to about all of this. my mil is always looking for my mistakes. whenever she is acting nice, it’s a complete fake cover. i can do no good in her eyes. i think i’m a good person, and a good mom, but she just has to put me down all the time. and she goes against my parenting decisions right in front of my kids, which only teaches them that grandma wins, not mom. she gives candy away to gain love. we say we’re going to grandma’s, and my daughter says, “cookie?” she thinks my husband is GOD, even though he’s barely home. she doesn’t give me an ounce of credit for staying home with 2 kids all day every day.

    worst part? i will never be able to speak my mind. my husband begs me not to. he says they hold grudges forever, and it would make life 10x more miserable. and i know they do hold grudges. is this fair? at all? NO! i have to sit back and take a beating constantly– with a smile on my face. my family is 1000 miles away, and his is 20 miles. for the first time in my life, i’m homesick.

  47. Martha

    Mother in law is a liar, loves to start problems, mean, degrading, cheap, sharp tongue, evil, jealous, thoughtless bitch. These are the nice things I can say about her. She’s very jealous of my family because we’re close and despises the relationship I have with my father because she never had a relationship with her father. Gee, I wonder why? The MIL and FIL hate each other, they fight constantly. He’s a drunk (probably because he lives with her). They have been getting a divorce for the past 40 years. She’s been going to a psychiatrist for 15 years and still hasn’t gotten out of her childhood. I believe her psychiatrist is probably seeing a psychiatrist because of her.

    Her son is a baby ass and attached to his Mommy’s apron strings. She brought up all four of her sons like this and everyone has a miserable marriage because of her. However, I am thrilled she’ll soon be my “ex” mil.

  48. Anonymous

    My MIL is a nice mother but an OK MIL. Everytime my husband and I have a fight and she gets to know about it, she always comes to rescue her baby. I hate that! It’s already hard enough to love a MIL and she gives me more reasons to hate her. I told my husband to ask he to put a lid on (I said it nicely) but he refused to do anything and always has an excuse for her. I mean he’s ready to leave me for her! We might even move back to our country just for her. Either way I’m screwed because if we don’t go back to our country, she will come and live with us here. Ughhh … I don’t want to live with her. She is so different than me. She is really backwards and superstitious. She had the audacity to question my character and say that my religion (which is different than theirs) is causing them a lot of problems. My husband would never leave her alone. My biggest consern is when I have kids. I know we are not going to get a long. Yeah my marriage is in bits.

    In short, I hate my MIL! I really wish she would just disappear! (I don’t mean that)

  49. Susy

    My mother in law was insane. When my husband and I were still dating and before we had our daughter, he would send off his son to be babysat by my husband’s mother. The woman spoiled him. That wouldn’t be so bad, because that’s what grandmothers do, but letting a three-year-old drink soda, run around outside without his clothes, and demand sweets at ever hour of every day is taking it a little far. My stepson would expect the same things to fly back home, and therefore threw a fit whenever he didn’t get his way. Also, my mother in law brain washed my stepson, making him afraid of me so that he would flinch whenever I came close to him and cry whenever I picked him up. He would say “Susy is trying to take me away from everyone”, and a bunch of other stuff that his grandmother told him that I will not write down. I’m sorry to say that the day she died was one of the happiest of my life.

  50. Annonymous09

    I’ve pretty much read all the comments on the MILS in our lives and have to add that my MIL is a raving lunatic psychobitch. I’m really and truly sorry, but thats her in a nutshell. My husband and I are a mixed race couple he’s from Eastern Europe and I’m black. Well she found out about me a year or so before we got married. Then I being the kind hearted and considerate person I try to be encouraged my husband to invite her to stay with us a while. Well would you know I gave a first class invitation into our humble home to Satan’s right hand herself.

    She caused NOTHING but trouble and upset for my husband and I. She lied that I was arranging for someone to kidnap her , she nearly got my husband to believing I was having an affair because I brought a box of chocolates home from work, when in fact it was my Project Manager thanking me for the great job I’d done on a conference. I could go on and on and on on how this devious, manipulative , psychopath of a woman nearly ruined us. She cried the day we got married and offered my husband money to leave me. Saying that she’d do anything for us to be apart. I saw to it she didn’t attend our wedding out of fear of her interrupting when the Father asked “Does anyone object to this union etc”

    Throughout the entire ordeal my husband had been nothing but supportive and I love him for it. He put her in her place no question and she could not dare try to be nasty to me. Finally before she was carted off back to Eastern Europe I fell pregnant and I prayed daily I would not loose the baby because of the stress she put me through mentally. I had terrible morning sickness and general vomitting and she’d say to my husband that I was just doing it for attention. Little did she know I was with child. My son is now 9 mths old and I’m dreading when they meet because I know she’s gonna want to try to take over and rule over my son. So I pray that I never see her till I’m good and ready and my son is old enough to run to mommy and know I’m most important to him.

  51. Anonymous

    My MIL rarely calls us, not even to acknowledge my husband’s (her son’s) job loss despite telling everyone in the family about it. However, when she calls i.e. on my husband’s birthday and says let’s get together soon she calls and leaves a hateful message just a few days later because we did not get back to her in time. “she’s mailing the gift” As if she never has to call or take an interest but if she does call we are expected to drop everything on the spot. She talks behind everyone’s back and causes so much animosity and family friction but tries her best to be unaccountable and blameless. She is terrified of confrontation and of being wrong which she is 90% of the time and she loves to be the victim and create an atmosphere where she is the center of attention. She’ll take it all even the negative attention. She uses crying to get people to back off and since I could not care less about her crying she just walks away. She is nearing 60, it is so pathetic. My MIL in four words? Selfish, immature, manipulative, childlike.

  52. Anonymous

    She is a control freak, stubborn, old fashioned and stuck to her own ways, does not like to be told anything different, very picky and fussy in everything especially food, always reminds me how much better she is than me and how much learning I need to do, insults her son in front of everyone, tries to pass stupid uneccesary jokes that dont make sense half of the times, loves making me feel uncomfortable and nervous, does not let me have my own opinions including in my own thinking, stares at me like she is going to murder me and gives me dirty looks, i dont think she likes me very much, she thinks im going to steal her son away and lose contact, she wants me to be a submissive slave for all who has no mind of her own!!

  53. anonymous

    my MIL is crazy. I am exepcting my first child and she is insisiting that she will be at all of my appointments and also when I have the baby. I don’t even like being in the same universe as her most of the time and she wants to be closely involved in something that I find to be very personal. What should I do? It would be different if she would have asked but now it is too late. When I had my first ultrasound she took the pictures and refused to give them back. my mother didn’t even get to see the pictures for months.

  54. Anonymous

    Narcisstic histronic self-absorbed c()nt! Ever since my hubby and I have known each other I have been nothing but nice to her, however she has said the most awful things to me without having any reason to do so. She told me that when I lost our first child that I wasn’t a mother; she told my hubby to take his baby book because she didn’t want it anymore and that if he didn’t take it she was going to throw it away (it’s a baby book for Heavens sake!!). One Thanksgiving when we were at her ex-boyfriends house she takes our eldest daughter outside to see a dog and totally ignores her, my hubby went to go outside to get her to change her diaper and he saw her take off running toward the uncovered swimming pool. My hubby had to run across a covered spa to catch her before she fell in and this horrible MIL had the nerve to yell at my hubby for cracking the spa cover!! As if our daughter hadn’t of almost drowned because of her negligence!!! Honestly, I just wish she’d move far far away and I’d never have to see her again. i’m sure alot of you ladies think the same!

  55. Divorce

    I had a crazy mother in law who liked to call me crazy and take her son’s side in anything. Here was an email she sent me a few weeks ago after her son pushed me, called me a Bitch and told me F-U and the kids I have a job and I do not care if you loose your job.

    Ladies if you can marry a men and he does not want to do right by you you need to divorce him. There are too many men in this world.

    What the heck, have you lost your mind, yes I think you just might have this time. You better not call Dereks work, and tells filthy lies. What has gotten into you. Why would you even think of doing something like that. Do you want Derek to get a job or not, what do you want from him? On one hand you keep saying, get a job already, now you want to ruin his reputation, but you know what , this work place will see right through you in a blink of an eye. Wow, girl, you are out of control. You need to seek some kind of help, before it is too late…and you say you read the bible, what kind of bible tells you to turn on people like that. I think you just blew it this time, big time….May God be with you, because only he will help you now. We could have become a great family, all of us. We would have been there thru the good and all the bad, but now it has ended, and by you and only you. You are all alone again, and it is a tough world out there…good luck…

    Connie Lawson Michigan

  56. Anonymous

    my soon to be mother-n-law is a sorry manipulating bitch, that steals shit and sells it then trys to tell my fieance she gave her permission to sell my stuff that i worked my ass off for. I say screw all mother-n-laws that are bitches and they can suck my you know what…

  57. Anonymous

    MIL ruined my relationship with Her son- after ten years together. I would’nt marry because of her and his super aggressive Sister. Then when we decided to marry about a year ago, he glibly told them all about it. After that the family orchestrated our break-up. He is Korean so everything that should be OUR business is relayed to his family. He was having money problems which we were trying to work through. Then they started buying him new clothes, mom cooking lavish dinners for him and got him into a lucrative profession. This all sounds great-for him and I was certainly happy that he was feeling better. But then he moved “back” to his mom’s house and he started paying half of HER rent instead of ours. Pretty soon, he was saying that he “loves me” but he’s not IN LOvE with me. My mother’s new husband said- “he doesn’t Love you, because he loves his mother and this would never change. He was weak not to stand up for you.” It’s true, I felt that they “bought” him basically and that I could not compete with this. In our culture in America, we love both people-wife and mother. Even so, the WIFE is the one who makes the decisions WITH her husband. As a team, they can chooses to take the advice of the MLK, but certainly the son does not choose his mother OVER his wife. The worst part about it is that when I first met my boyfriend, he was a “basket case” according to friends, and they said it was because of his domineering, manipulative, materialistic mother and sister. His mom has a wierd psychological effect on him- he is never able to have sex with me after he’s been with her and he always seems angry. She has never said “I love you” to her son. She only demands money from him. It is clear to me now also that the lucrative profession his family got him into is so he can make money FOR THEM!! I can’t tell you how heartbreaking it is to be with a man you love and watch him molded like clay into another human being, to fit the selfish needs of his family who ultimately want him to be their bank. It took ten years of manipulation on their part. When I was sick for a couple of weeks in the hospital,a year ago and he was all alone without me- they swooped in and started pounding away at him. By the second week, I noticed a change in him- from then on, they just kept at him. He became convinced that everything they wanted him to do, he should do and the hell with me. I think what they did was Evil. They would probably justify everything they did as practical or “family love”-I heard them say over and over again “We’re a family, that’s what families do, right?” No- you dont leave the female half of the relationship at home without her fiance (their son) while you wine and dine him and solve all of his financial problems for him. You do not do that AND then demand that he leave his fiance in order to be a PART OF THEIR lucrative profession,the same profession his sister is in. Its difficult to enter this profession and they have him afraid that if he doesn’t go along with their agenda, he will have a money crisis again.My fiance said even “You are not part of “The Plan.” I would admit that I am not part of the “scheme.” In reality, all he needs to do is go to a Tax Attorney to get things sorted out. He’s already good at what he does and he likes what he does. I wonder if Korean people reading this will feel that what the family did was just? My Fiance certainly justified it, with their maneuvering. Part of this seems cultural, but part of it is just plain Nasty and an overriding- maybe even disfunctional obsession with money over our marriage. I know he loves me vbecause when we went to a movie recently, he held my hand and I looked over at him and he was quietly crying. Later he seemed to be forcing himself not to kiss me. Its like he’s been brainwashed or something- a real mind f—.

  58. Anonymous

    I really dislike my mother in law. Ween she calls its only to take her somewere and/or to annoy me she doesnt even call her son when she calls she always asks for me its bullshit. She hates my sons and when my step daughter comes shes all lovy dovy over her. I think she hates all men and I’m tired of dealling with her.

  59. jessica yeager

    my mil is the biggest BITCH thats ever walked the earth. she talks about me in front of my kids, tells them she hates me, that I’m not a good mother, tht the sound of my voice makes her wanna PUKE. Are you serious? my kids are 8, and 10, do you really think thats healthy for those kids to hear those types of things about their own mother? I freaking hate the bitch. and then my husband goes and acts like nothing is wrong, and I feel so disrespected, like he’s never on my side when it coems to her ass. I hate her!!@!!! She’s going to ROT IN HEELL for eternity for the things she’s done and said to my children, and I”m gonna be laughing the whole time!

  60. Anonymous

    my mil is a real sick bitch. she’s minpulative, jealous, she a cleptomanic, habitual liar, child like and has bipolar disorder.

  61. Anonymous

    manipulative, vindictive, crazy, unstable, crybaby, center of attention..sorry just one word won’t describe my mil…there’s more…and that only scrapes the surface..

  62. Kelsey

    My GRAND-MIL was sent directly from the pits of hell to make my life miserable. She will make little comments, that cause HUGE fights between my husband and I, and then she will play all innocent like she ‘didnt know it was going to be a big deal’ and the bad part is.. my husband believes that she had good intentions.. The woman is the devil…

  63. Whit

    My boyfriend’s mother is the most amazing woman that I have ever met. She’s my inspiration, really. It is my actual mother that I want to vent about here. We have never truly connected. We butt heads on every topic, and unless I agree with her and do what she thinks is the right thing, she’s angry with me, guilt-trips me, and tries to make me believe that I’m an immature, foolish child who she can never trust to make the “right” decisions. When my brother and I were kids she told us “this is not a democracy, this is a dictatorship,” and “children are to be seen and not heard.” I’m sorry, but while she might be wise in some aspects, she doesn’t know everything, and she certainly doesn’t know what’s best for me either. I may be young, but goddammit, I’m not a baby. I’m a 24 year old woman who has always thought for herself, walked outside the box, and refused to live according to the standards of others. I choose to believe that she feels threatened by my strong will and independence, which is why she tries to control me with passive aggressive behavior. My boyfriend’s mother is like a soul sister to me. She lifts me up, believes in me, and talks to me like an equal. She trusted her son’s decision to date me from day one, because she trusts her son (that was two years ago). Sometimes she’ll even side with me over her son when we have small arguments, because she’s halfway a feminist and loves it when I put him in his place! Haha I just love her, and I love my boyfriend for the man she made him be, and I love his sister too. They’re deep, real people who put no one above themselves, and who encourage everyone to challenge convention. I could cry because I feel so happy to have found such acceptance. I hope that everything works out between my boyfriend and I in the long-run, because it would be the honor of my life to become part of their family. Either way, my boyfriend’s mom is the kind of mother that I want to be for my children. Democratic, supportive of opinions, who treats her children like equals from day one…because when you are brought up taught to be an equal…you’re confident that you are one.

  64. JL

    My MIL…where oh where to begin?
    My stepson is perfect in her eyes. She goes to all of his sporting events, gets him once a month and fights to get him for holidays.
    (his father & I live 2000 miles away)
    MIL only want to come visit our children so she can bring stepson along.
    She almost brainwashes my stepson with information about his father, myself and our kids.
    For Easter, she manipulated the situation and bought my husband (ONLY) a ticket to visit. When hubby explained he did not want to go over Easter weekend, MIL explained how it was “more important” for him to spend time with his son instead of our children.
    WHAT!?!! How can she say/think that?
    Advice please!!!

  65. Anonymous

    A nasty violent phsco that basically sums it up an I say it as she’s more of a thing tha human being

  66. Nacole

    I am not married but has considered it, my boyfriend’s mom is childish,dramatic, and man crazy. She dont know how to raise her own kids, and hang out with 17& 21 year olds. On the top of that she try to get her son(my fiance) to date other people. I mean really she 42 years and letting her 13&14 year old son and daughter get into so much trouble. She’s bisexual and keep her bf and gf sleep in the same bed with her….Idk what to do I love her son so much, but his mom is a bipolar,two faced,dramatic,bisexual, childish bitch.

  67. Grace

    Im 19 and currently engaged to a beautiful man who I am head over heels inlove with. However I have the most evil, canniving, selfish, stuck up bitch of a mother in law its unbelievable. She has tried so many tricks in the past 8 months, that have caused fights in between my partner and i. Sometimes my fiance sticks by me and tells his mum where to go and sometimes he just falls for her bullshit. I find that really really insanely annoying since every relationship he has had in the past didnt work out caause of his fucking mother. He admits it himself, so i sometimes question his intelligents everytime she butts into our lives and causes world war 3 for him to just fall for it. It pisses me off! I know she doesnt like me…and because we arent just boyfriend and girlfriend (obviously things are much more serious cause we are engaged) she has a way of stirring things up…shes one of those mother in laws who will reel you in with fake love and affection…and treat you like her own child…and then once your in she’ll stab you in the back with something so pathetic and lame. I know now she doesnt accept me…and buying me gifts and telling her son that “she loves me” may work with her son but it wont work on me. hell no. She wants to play these games? thats fine. She has no idea what she is in for. Atleast i give my man love and affection…im not the one who abused him when he was a child! So she can keep draining him about my “faults” and about him “finding a real job” etc etc cause in the end your just going to lose your son YOU DUMB MOLE! so go on! keep it up 🙂 really! your doing ME AND ALL MY FAMILY A FAVOUR YOU SLUT FACE 😀 I have been hurt countless times by her, she has insulted my family, she has insulted me and i cant take it anymore…i just pray to God that my fiance notices what his mum is trying to do and that he tells her where to go! Its about time! My fiance has had so many relationships before me!! You think he would pick up the signs by now? im just so frustrated! im sick of my fiance and i fighting because of his pathetic and draining bitch of a mum!! I love him with all my heart and it breaks me that he just cant see what his mother is trying to do to us!! 🙁 Im 19 and i need help, i dont want to lose my angel 🙁

  68. Grace

    To JL, > “My MIL…where oh where to begin?
    My stepson is perfect in her eyes. She goes to all of his sporting events, gets him once a month and fights to get him for holidays.
    (his father & I live 2000 miles away)
    MIL only want to come visit our children so she can bring stepson along.
    She almost brainwashes my stepson with information about his father, myself and our kids.
    For Easter, she manipulated the situation and bought my husband (ONLY) a ticket to visit. When hubby explained he did not want to go over Easter weekend, MIL explained how it was “more important” for him to spend time with his son instead of our children.
    WHAT!?!! How can she say/think that?
    Advice please!!!

    Your husband needs to stick up for your children and yourself. Both your children and your stepson should be treated equally, there is no difference between your kids and your stepson. I bet you dont treat your stepson any differently to your own children so why should she do otherwise? I suggest you have a word to your husband and tell him to stand his ground…if that doesnt work you talk to your mother in law (politley) of course…(i know its tempting to just skitz but you have to remember that its your husband’s mother at the end of the day and you must respect that because you ARE the better person) and tell her how you feel and how it is.

    Best of luck,

  69. DKWTDanymore


  70. Linda

    Hmmm. Manipulative, Hate-filled, Intruding, B with an itch
    And what makes me mad is that she can Still make me so upset I want to throw up. She is the Mother in law from HELL.

  71. Anonymous

    there has never been a place in their family for me. there is however one for my son, and i’m expected to sit him down and watch my husband and son from the outside looking in. fuck that. not happening. we three are a package deal. i don’t get to say “hey i don’t like her so i’m going to have my father in law over and push her aside.” and she doesn’t get to have my son over and push me aside. when my son was learning to crawl i would stand away from him and call him to encourage him to crawl and she would come up beside me and say “who do you want? you want grandma don’t you. come to grandma.” she would say i did everything wrong all the time when i changed his diaper she actually picked it up and felt the inside and said it wasn’t even wet so i shouldn’t be changing him. hello psycho b*tch the diapers pull the wetness away from the baby that’s why it’s all jelly like and floppy. could go on and on. my sons allergic to peanuts when we found this out we took him to the ER within a few mins his eyes had swelled shut he was covered in hives and on steroids and benadryl for a week she insisted he wasn’t allergic and he only needed benadryl and that we shouldn’t have taken him to the ER. WTF!? needless to say we don’t leave him in her care. there’s more much more.

  72. Anonymous

    Manipulative, passive-aggressive, functionally illiterate, white trash, nosey, controlling, interfering, jealous bitch, and I have to live with her right now. Also, I’m pretty sure she’s stolen money by depositing our checks into her account and then lying about the amount she wrote in bills. The woman refuses to show me bills she claims to have handled. I tried so hard in the beginning to be nice and make her like me, but she was terrible from the start. The only upside is that after we finally had a knock down drag out confrontation with her shouting at me and throwing a cup at my head, in front of my then 2 year old daughter, my husband unexpectedly took my side. He told her she wouldn’t see our daughter until she apologized, and she didn’t. The bitch had to say sorry the day before Thanksgiving or explain everything to her family. She apologized. Since then, she’s been more passive-aggressive, but at least my husband now acknowledges what a complete c()nt she is. If we can just finish remodeling our house, maybe I won’t lose my mind.

  73. anonymous

    I have been dating my fiance for 5 years now and we are getting married in less than a year. I always imagined a great relationship with my future MIL, and as a young girl I always dreamed of having a MIL I can call my best friend… aside from my real mom of course! I have noticed in the past year she has become worse and worse. By all means I love the fact my fiance has a great relationship with his mother, but I don’t understand the “not letting go” part she has for my fiance. He is 26, a homeowner, and soon to be a husband to me, and she is still buying him his underwear. That is just one to name a few. The main issues I have is that she never asks to do anything one on one with me. I tried that once with her, and I could sense her uncomfortable-ness the whole time. The rest of the night all she wanted to do was go back to the house and hang with her son. I understand and have respect for the fact that her sons live in Europe for 7 months (both hockey players) and she doesn’t see them very much… But come on… you’re not the only person who deals with this. It could be worse, he could be alone and taking care of himself. Instead I am there taking excellent care for him, the same way he takes good care of me. She never cares to talk to me or get to know me personally, she just cares to talk about him and his hockey. When we used to live at our parents house switching back and forth between the two parents, she would come into his room and kiss him goodnight…. with me laying next to him. Or sit at the edge of the bed and shoot the breeze. When the door is closed, don’t come knocking as far as I am concerned! Just recently she showed me a pair of his underwear that she kept from when he was a little boy. Why? Keep those personal belongings private and to yourself. I am not stupid and I will be a mother myself one day to get it, but I will never allow myself to me a coddling meddling european mother that she is today. To me it is not healthy and it is hanging on to something you need to let go. You still have a husband, and in my books, now is the time to reconnect with your own husband b/c life is too short, and you have spent most of your lives together raising children to become good husbands and fathers. Now your job is done, spend the rest of the short time you have on this earth and build that relationship back with your husband. It takes two to tango, and he helped give you these beautiful kids. Move on with your own life together and LET GO MIL’s! Ugh, felt good to get this off my chest.

  74. any

    my mother in law picks fights with me and when i have finally had enough and say my piece she starts crying saying im sorry and my wife falls for it everytime. she convinced my wife to go a bar with our four month old son and when i got mad she screams at me for not loving her then she starts crying saying she has nobody and once again my wife falls for it again. she sends me texts saying nice apologetic things but always calls to say hateful things then shows my wife the texts she is such a manipulitive BITCH and she wonders why her husband and son want nothing to do with her. Oh and the best one yet she told my wife that my son would be better off being raised by her and my wife and me not having anything to do with him and that she would pay all lawyer bills and pay for a house somwhere on the other side of the country and when i get mad she starts crying saying she only said it because she was feeling alone and then of course my wife feels sorry for her. somebody please help

  75. Anonymous

    My mother-in-law is a selfish spoiled brat who manipulates everyone to get what she wants. Now my daughter’s mother-in-law is the same way, and she wrecks havoc in everyon’e lives as well. People should NOT cater to these women.

  76. Anonymous

    wow now i know im not alone…i cant stand her. if someone is watching she will bend over backwards to help me but as soon as nobody is looking the claws come out! she tells my kids im fat ugly lazy and stupid, then lies about it…i feel like im going crazy! we are stuck living with my in laws until we get a house and i have to be a hermit in our room to keep from wanting to knock her out! we all have to share a room when she has a hobby room, her bedroom, and a guest room all with closets full of her clothes. ugh! when it comes to our kids im always wrong and if i try to get them to help clean up after themselves im treating them like slaves, and she makes sure to tell everyone she can that. there is too much to even try to cover with her. if my husband doesnt grow up and cut his umbilical cord soon i swear i will leave and never look back! i wish for just once he would stop getting mad at me and take my side…especially when im in tears after a big fight she has caused when she strolls by and smiles at me then looks sad when he turns around. oh and she has already informed me that when she cant take care of herself anymore that she will be moving in with us…not one of her other children that have the means and time to do so. sorry for venting but am so grateful that im not alone!

  77. Damier

    Bitch, Bitch, Bitch and B.I.T.C.H. That’s how i would describe her. She say’s things that aren’t funny AT ALL. Nobody ever pays attention to her so she gets an attitude with everyone around here but that’s just the result of her stupid jokes. She ignores me and my girl when we ask her a question and when we finally speak up so she can “Hear” us she gets mad and yells “I SAID OKAY” Or “YESS!!!”. Me and my girlfriend are still teenagers so yeah… She can pick up her sister to take her to the mall from one part of the city to the other, but she can’t give me a ride home from school, i live 7 to 10 miles from school yo and its summer time.(The first time i EVER asked her for a favor) This happened recently and in the same day). I helped her ALL day from 8 to 11 p.m. with a stupid baby shower for one of her ONE AND ONLY FRIENDS. I put up the a jumper for the kids all by myself dude i didn’t even know how to do it… wtf. She’s seriously bi-polar. Shes cool for one minute than shes a stupid, ignorant, repulsive bitch the next. She makes my girl cry sometimes because she screams at her and calls her pointless names for the littlest things. Like buying the wrong MILK. Her husband is a good guy, and she bitches at him 24/7. Shes like a little kid too. Shes so picky about her food. For gods sake there are starving people who would eat your food without asking what it is. Shit. Her dad even told me that he wishes he never met her. If i was him i would wish the same thing too! Some people just never learn… And that’s how i would describe my mother-in-law. Thanks for reading.

  78. Tanja

    My MIL is a control freak. She’s a bible thumper, manipulator and looooooves to tattle tale on me to her relatives whenever I contradict her. She twists things to suit her. I don’t know what to do about it. I try to stay away from her. But she has her “tentacles” in everything I do. My husband says things to her that I wish he wouldn’t say about me. Then she acts on them. I think it’s b/c she meddles in other peoples’ affairs. I feel so controlled – almost like I’m in a cult. She backstabs and smiles just so ridiculously. Help. I’m bullied. I like my husband but not his mother.

  79. Miel

    She wants to go everywhere my boyfriend and I are! I ask him are you two married?? She treats him like a husband. She is manipulative, controlling, backstabbing, intelligent, condecending and the list goes on…. I cant stand her. My bf is the only child and his father passed away 5 years ago so she relies on him heavily for EVERYTHING. She tells us what to do even though we are over 30. I cant go on holidays with him as she has to go and she makes sure she has teh best room and picks where, what and when. She has made sure she has told all her friends bad things about me that were not true..So many of the comments i have read above remind me of the EVIL woman soon to be my mother in law… God help me.

  80. Anonymous

    she is a sabotager and a manipulatOR. we’re losing our house over paying her bills because we fell for the tears over and over. I’m suffering from malnutrition and a miscarried baby I always wanted but now will never have. So much more because she has to have EVERYTHING! I love my fiance more than anything but I’ve never been so unhealthy and unhappy in my life. I’m literally bleeding to death and starving while she spends OUR money like she’s got every right. If she could only see herself on a video of how demented and evil she is. She puts me down so much that people we both know avoid me. She lost her huband whom she hated and treated worse than I’ve ever seen in my life , but uses his death to get sympathy. I politely tried to talk to her about the hardship of paying her mortgage every month. she tells everyone how horrible I am for wanting her son to abandon her. SHE is a work a holic who loves bossing people around all the time, and laughs about the stuff she gets people to do for her. Even said her life would be better if we could GET her a Consuela housekeeper she could wear out. I’m hispanic and that hurts my feelings, but even more so she is such a vile person. The only reason she isn’t working is because her husband died (she actually celebrated and I thought he was a sweet man) and took time off her business. When the bills came due she turned on the tears like she does and we paid her mortgage and bills to keep her cable (which we don’t have) and she’s been turning on the tears for a year and a half. and that’s how long we’ve been paying. Our lives are turning to crap while she goes on shopping sprees with the money. We told her we are losing our home and her reply is “Good! then you can some home and live with mommy and pay my bills from here.” and the she laughs like it’s really funny. And she lies, lies, lies. I’m so weak from this, I don’t know how to fight anymore. Somedays I think I’m going to pull my family portrait off the wall and just start walking

  81. Anonymous

    EVIL…& she is a “Christian”. When my boyfriend and I first got together if was in her house and she encouraged the relationship. Later on, his sister would tell that “mom” was a spesial person and to not be hugging or kissing in front of her because she would get jeaolus? She did many more evil things like spread rummors and try to break us appart.
    One day I said fuck it. To hell with all of it.that was the day the fat sister said that if I didn’t become a Christian girl and go to church 3 times a week to get out of the house. So I left… And so did my boyfriend. Our last week in that house was he’ll because I was threatened with god! Telling me they were going to pray for us to break up! Anyways I have put my foot down and I refuse to bow my head to those bitches. The boyfriend and I got engaged and eventhough his mother and sister weren’t to thrilled we celebrated with many loving and supportive friends. We are now married and the fucking mil is fake nice to me. I too lost my own mother but she watches over me and makes sure this mil doesn’t get out of line.

  82. Suann

    My MIL is, manipulative, controlling,backstabing,”BITCH”. I have been married to my husband 30 years and she’s never changed. No matter how nice I had been to her, she just can’t stand it that any of her kids our married and “NO” in-law is welcome in the family. All the other kids are not married any more because she treats all the in-laws like crap. The night before my husband & I were to get married my MIL came & told me that she did not want me to marry her son & hoped I would call it off. After we brought our daugther home from the hospital (just born) My MIL had they my husband’s ex girl friend call him to see if could get back to gether. When asked his mother how did his ex get our phone #, My MIL proudly said she gave it to her. I have 30 years of crap she has done. Even had someone call me to say my husband was running around on me (that was just a few years ago)hoping that would break us up. (Got a P.I. to find out) It didn’t work, which now she does not act like our kids & I excess. But, I will say, she did get her other son to get rid of his wife and that son is living with his mother for the last 6 years in her basement and he’s 47 years old and my MIL loves it. She can’t stand that her sons have another woman in their lives. She is suppose to be the only woman in their lifes.

  83. Suann

    I would say if any one is getting married into a family as my to R-U-N for the hills and don’t get married if the in-laws are like my. The MIL’s husband died about 8 years ago & the MIL & brother in-law thought that my husband was then suppose to take over in place of the dad. Husbands’ dad worked up until he died in his 70’s because MIL kept giving out “ALL” the money he had to all the other kids because, there was always a reason why MIL’s grown kids should not work. My husband and I are the only one’s that worked for everything we got, NO-ONE has gave us anything. His mama, brothers ans sister are all FREE-LOADERS and it’s because mama raised them that way. My husband turned out because we got married young and got away from the BITCH MIL. And 30 years later,she still hates it because we are still married, we both worked for what we have. And now husband’s dad is gone he’s suppose to take care of all of them, pay their taxes on their home, pay their child support(s), give them things. Of course everything is just my husbands’, the money,our home, anything we both worked together to get is just my husbands’ so ,MIL & brothers& sister say. Nothing is mind, so they say. Yea Right. Mama found that out after the one brother got rid of his wife and the wife got everything because he wouldn’t ever work. Mama had a fit, the woman should get nothing only, if it’s her daugther. Mama got the one son (husbands brother)to get rid of that wife so she’s happy about that. Sister getting rid of her husband until he got in a auto wreck now, sister’s waiting around for a law suit to get over so, she can get a lot of mnoey. Other brother has 3 kids all by other women and MIL said she’s very proud of her son, he pays his child support to all the kids mothers. Ya, he’ll go to jail if he don’t and he’s been in jail many times.I HATE that woman!

  84. Betsy Prentiss

    My MIL is a controlling, know-it-all, flake. She pretends to be an authority on everything and is arrogant on every subject, but has nothing to back it up with. All she does is party and wear inappropriate clothing. Acts like she’s hot stuff and likes to put me down as a career woman. She is disrespectful and has flashed her boobs in a bar for free food. So sad. It’s embarrassing, yet she’ll tell me how to run my household and raise my kids though she’s never had a real career. Awesome. Hope she’s saving, because she’s going to a nursing home. She hasn’t given me the respect due, so I will not wipe her wrinkly ass when it’s time.

  85. Anonymous

    Overbearing, rude, fake, nice. My MIL is so overbearing always wanting to come over and see my baby. She knows I’m not working and she makes a lot of money and always buys stuff for my baby and house then brags abou it as if I don’t feel bad enough that I can’t get stuff. She always takes my baby from me literally right out of my hands without asking and if he is sleeping she wakes him up just so she can hold him. She is very nice smetimes always treating me to lunch and offering to take the baby so I could get a break but deep down I feel like she is fake. She doesn’t think Iam good enough for her sons that i trapped him with the baby and marriage. She also gives advice like she is trying to be nice but she is really being insulting

  86. Jezebell

    My almost MIL is terrible.. I used to think that she was this sweet victim to her husbands emotional abuse but now I know that it’s really her. It’s really very scary because my fiance and I have been in counseling for over a year because he was very emotionally abusive to me and I left him but agreed to try counseling. Now we are back together and things are better but there is much room for improvement. I should have known because when I left him she got weird with me. When we were split she called me and asked to see her granddaughter and my family was celebrating Thanksgiving but I hesitated and then said that’s fine. Well she started bawling and got all dramatic and acted like I was trying to keep her granddaughter from her. She went on and on and then I said very sternly I just told you to come and get her so what are you going on about? What a bitch. I should have known then and just stayed away from him and his mother. Well apparently I was thinking this whole time that he learned all this manipulative, abusive shit from his father but really she’s just as bad if not worse. Now that I see it I confronted him and he defends her even when she’s manipulating him. She act’s like she is supposed to be the center of his universe and he should always do what mommy wants.. and most of the time he does. He is very much the obedient son. I can’t stand it. Their fucking dog bit our three year old daughter for the second time and all she could do is make excuses for the piece of shit. I hope she knows that I will not be going to their house or cabin again if the dog is there. My children are not allowed to be there without me either. Then after the dog bit my daughter they thought it was smart to have my three year old give the dog a treat when we were gone. How fucking stupid can they be? I want to tell her off so bad but out of respect for him I’m not…. and why? We see them constantly because they have a cabin 20 minutes from where we live. We went to his hometown for Christmas and were looking forward to seeing some of his friends and his bro and sister in law and his fucking mother planned family events for four of the six days we were supposed to be there. So we had to be at their house constantly and it was so overwhelming. She is a controlling bitch. All she cares about is parading the grandkids around to her friends whether it’s good for them or not. It’s all about what she wants and if she doesn’t get it she has fits.. I saw one of those too. Mommy dear wanted all of us to go to church together on Christmas Eve… didn’t ask.. just expected and told her obedient sons what the plans for the week were. So when the brother and sister in law decided to go to their own church like they always do mommy wasn’t to happy… I didn’t appreciate the comment she made about them not going… because gee can’t she just have some compassion or understanding?? Can she accept the fact that they are adults and have the right to make their own choices and decisions? Did she ever bother to ask them what they wanted to do? Nope… So the girls and I didn’t go to church with the bastards either but of course my ever faithfull obedient fiance didn’t want to ruffle mommy’s feathers. He went to church with his mommy… and I let him know that I’m tired of him not standing up to her. When his parents get in an argument or his dad stays out at the bar all night she calls my fiance and expects him to have a talk with his dad about his behavior. Well if I had to live with the bitch I’d be hitting the bars too. His relationship with his mother is not natural… verges on a form of incest.. because she depends on him like he’s her man. She manipulates him constantly… I’m tired of it. I don’t expect him to ditch her because that’s not right but she needs to learn to handle her own problems.. Get some counseling. right. She needs to accept the fact that her son has his own family and life and it’s time for her to back off. Her controlling and possessive behavior is only going to push him away.. or I’ll leave him and she’ll never see her grandkids again.. That bitch watches too many soap operas. So scary and I can’t believe I got myself into this situation.. ick. I’ll admit that I play my own role in the relationship problems he and I have but I didn’t grow up with such great loving role models like he did. Note the sarcasm… He’s told me that he and his brother used to wait in the car for hours while his parents sat in the bar.. I think that might be called neglect?? But I’ve never said a word because he defends them any time I say anything that might be negative about them. The problem is that he brings all this ickyness into our relationship and he really doesn’t know what love is supposed to look like.. feel like and be like. Do I really have the patience to wait for him to figure it all out? AAAUUUGGGHHH

  87. Reese

    My MIL WAS one of the sweetest people I knew. I loved her to death she was like my best friend. However, she is not who I thought she was. Especially around her niece and sisters. Shes a backstabbing, FAKE, hypocritical BITCH. I did this to myself though, because I work with her AND we (husband and daughter) live downstairs from her. BIG mistake. My husband and I can’t argue without her or anyone else in our business. Its a love hate relationship. One day I adore her kind and giving ways the next I hate her. I’m not gonna lie I couldn’t put up with her bullshit for the longest while so I let her have it. I let her know that I know that she talks about me to others because she does the same shit to them so who the hell am I, (yea her family does the talking about each other thing ALL THE TIME) Fake BITCHES. AND NOW I just can’t keep a smile on my face if I’m upset. When she pisses me off, She knows. I CANT WAIT TO MOVE AND GET OUT OF THESE FAKE People’s LIVES.

  88. Kermit

    My MIL is a manipulative, backstabbing bitch who goes out of her way to make life difficult for my wife and I. She has 4 daughters and 2 sons, the other 3 daughters can do no wrong, one son is getting chicks pregnant left right and centre, and she offers help to these girls without saying anything negative her son. The other son has a huge drinking problem and puts up with that as well. Constant arrests and complaints from neighbours and she doesn’t say shit. But with us, who are renting a house off her, and have never missed a payment, we are too untidy. We are bad parents. We don’t cut the grass often enough. Our kids misbehave. Our kids have the wrong friends. Our daughters boyfriend has a drinking problem. (He doesn’t. Doesn’t mean I like him though). I could go on and on. And I will. My job isn’t good enough. (I am self employed, but she likes policemen). We have too many kids, she has 6, we have 5. Our 4 year old is a rude little girl because she forgot to say hello when we visited. I have added a 105 sq metre extension to the house and have received no thanks or payment from her although it has added over $100k to the house value and cost her $35k. BITCH!!!!!!

  89. Anonymous


  90. Enough already

    When we drove all night, a ten hour drive to the in-laws house, two states away, just to see them, and arrived early in the wee hours, she complained we interrupted her dogs ‘beauty sleep’. She IS the bad thing that happens to good people. Next time, we’ll live 100 hours away and the mother in law can come visit us if she cares (she doesn’t, lol). She just needs someone to dump on and don’t you DARE impose on her, to tell her any of YOUR problems, she can’t handle any of that stuff. LOL. OH- And if she doesn’t like something you’re doing, she’ll call thirty times and fill up your answering machine with profane things about your only child, when she’s been drinking, and even if you can’t understand all the slurred words, believe me, you’ll get the gist of it.

  91. Anonymous

    my mother in law was so morbid in her mind, never smiles, everything i do for her gets taken for granted, everything i do in my own home,eg decorating or a new object she pulls this face with a turned up nose of disapproval.

    She has been divorced for the last 27 years (i wonder why?)

    She has a way of pushing her way into our marriage on a almost daily basis.

    She is as cunning as a fox to get her own way.

    There is defiantly something missing in her mind to behave like this.

    She has no love or compassion in her soul, no sparkle in her repulsive attitude.

    22 years i have had to put up with this thorn in my side.

    The rows she has caused between my wife and i over the years were very bad.

    when she passed away last year, i secretly brought a bottle of champagne and drunk the lot to celebrate.

    it was such a relief for me to see her pass away.

    I tried so hard to love her but she would just use me to her advantage.

    I told her just how much i hated her in her final hour of life and i really enjoyed it. her only reply was to urinate all over the bed and toss and turn, she could not talk as she had a major stroke.

    Burn in the fire of hell were my last words to her, then i laft at her deliberately and then left.

    All of 22 years of hurt came out of me on that night.

  92. Anonymous

    F.I.N.E. f***ed up insecure nuerotic emotional that’ about the best description I could possibly give that menipulitive witch. She told my Mom to tell me to cut my son’s hair. Because “He looks like a girl!”. She acts 20 to 30 years older than she is but expectd to be treated like a little kid. Everything needs to be done for her, she’s “sick” or “in pain”. Her injury was way less severe than any her husband or son have had, but it’s more important-it’s hers.

  93. Suzie

    My MIL is a nosey, annoying and confusing woman. I’ve been married 4 months but am already thinking of leaving my husband because of her. I’ve known my husband for 2 years before getting married and we never had one single fight, argument or anything close. Now we fight everyday ever since his mother got involved in our relationship.

    It started ON THE WEDDING DAY she told me to wear the disguisting necklace she brought me whereas I had the necklace my mum had made especially to match my wedding outfit but she insisted I take that off and wear hers (this was just after the marriage ceremony when we were going to the reception) even though it didnt match the rest of my jewerlley at all but after a couple of tries to make her see I gave in and wore it.

    After we got back from honeymoon I noticed she goes into our room everyday (even to this day). My husband had a word with her not to come into our room and she promised she wont but she still does!

    She complains about everything i do – one time i chopped the carrots too thin the next too thick – Maybe I should measure them before chopping!!!

    She’s rude whenever i cook anything and refuses to eat it its come to a point where i’ve stopped cooking and she’s such an annoying bitch she moaned to my father-in-law that i do no work! She’s 50 something years old and doesnt work just lazes around the house whilst i’m in a demanding job where I have loads of work that i bring home to do and when I do make time to do anything around the house I havent done it right – its never to her high standard.

    I spoke to her about us moving out and she started crying and saying “What will people think!” (we’re indians btw and her whole life revolves around what people think).

    She said I will have to stay with her for at least 2 years cos if i move out sooner people will talk. I’ve told her and her daughters my marriage will not last if we stay here for 2 years and we are delaying starting a family until we get our own place (My husband is 32 and i’m 29) but they dont care they want us living there to show people how much control she has over her son. I hate the bitch I cant wait till the day I Move out of this hell-hole and have a house of my own where I can eat what i like, when i like and not have someone telling me what i should wear or do!

  94. Anonymous

    Evil Manipulating Bitch and She died in November and it was like a breath of fresh air. Thief, she was a product of her step-dad …my husband and all his siblings suffer emotionally from her bullcrap even beyond the grave.

  95. Katie

    Where do i begin……? My mother in law 1st opposed our relationship because we dont belong to the same religion….then when our love stood strong and we got married, she found other ways to get back at me….our’s is a joint family….my Brother in law’s wife is a housewife…but im not…so how can my Bitchy MIL say that i do less household work then her..ofcourse you bitch coz im home only for a few hours as compared to her…
    Then seeing that i share a good rapport with my BIL and his wife, she told them i had said something which i would never say…..
    The same with my husband..in front of him she’s a doll….but the moment he steps out..she starts bossing e…throwing taunts at me….and basically making my life hell…
    Well now we are planning to buy a place of our own as we r fed up of them….she is not ALLOWING that to happen..she says we should all live along as a big happy family..(how can we when the devil is with us?)
    She has to create a new problem everyday….or find a new fault….so either i come home late….or i dont OBEY her….or i want ONLY my husband…….or i am rude.etc etc etc.
    The bitch has made my married life hell…..and i just wish that I could live my life the way i want.cOZ crazy bitch if you havn’e noticed it’s my LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Evolving door

    Talented , generous , loving , patient .
    Ive had two mother in laws and been lucky that they are such great women . Im still friends with my ex MIL and always will be . I am a better person from having her influence in my life . The same goes for my current MIL . She is such a loving supportive mother and step grandma . She loves me and has always made me feel welcome . She is a very giving person in all ways possible ready to help in any way that is needed and incredibly thoughtfull . Her love has brought a tear of gratitude to my eyes more then once . My husband is a bit of a mommas boy but I dont mind at all because she respects boundaries and doesnt mettle or interfere and truth be told , even though I am 32 years old , I still could use some mothering myself as my own mother had a stoke so I have become like a mother to her . Taking care of her like a child . My husband and my mother in law have been an incredible blessing in my life and becoming a member of thier family has been a great honor to me . When I read all these posts about how terrible all these MIL are , I just feel tradgicly sad for these women . Even the “evil” MIL . It just seems like such a waste of life and love and energy . I hope that these women can find some healing.

  97. Jess

    un-accepting, spiteful, manipulative and will bitch about anyone who will listen. I am only dating my boyfriend and I am still clashing with this woman. She’s the mother of 3 boys and I am dating the eldest (lucky me). You should hear what she says about the middle ones girlfriend, I feel very sorry for her. But then I wonder if she is talking about me like that to the other girlfriend? God only knows what will happen when the littlest grows up and starts noticing women. God help us all.

  98. Anonymous

    My mother in law is fucken horrible. She puts ideas in my husbands head that makes us argue. I wish she would mind her own fucken business and let us run our own marriage. She calls him all the time because she cant do anything without him. She has 4 adult sons and one daughter. I really have no idea why i did this to myself, how much more can i take?

  99. Anon

    I used to think my mother in law wa ok, but recently she has turnout in to a horrible evil self centred old haggard nasty woman. She makes my father in laws life hell we used to think it was him with the problems but I now know different. I have recently been a bit sneaky a found out that she has said really horrible things about me. But don’t want to cause an argument for my husband so I will continue to keep the peace – for now at least, but I can’t be just as mean as I will reduce the visits so she see less of her grand kids.

  100. Anonymous

    My mother in law is just horrible, she pretends to be some1 who doesn’t get involved and say Im not getting involved but…. its so frusrating because my husband can’t see past her. she is so manipulative and guilt trips me and my husband all the time, we have a 16 month old daughter and they live an hour and a half away, i work weekends and if i dont work i dont get paid but every month i would not work and have no money so thay could see their grand daughter and we would travel up to see them, baring in mind im a studednt and only have the weekend job money is tight. and thay would come down to us every 2 weeks so thay always have seen her every second week for at least 3 days sometimes we would go up for 5 yet i never got any thanks just nasty comments from her and his dad, they opposed to me breastfeeding so much, were uncomfortable with it yet they would always follow me to the room and watch then take my daughter back off me, couldnt even have alone time to feed her. not only that she moans all thetime to her son saying i make her feel second to my parents when all i do is involve her, i called her after every midewife appointment took her to some, gave copies of scans the women burst into the labour room when i was giving birth i almost cried was so annoyed but told the midwife to let her stay had a hard labour with her at the uncomfortable end then once she was born i had her for a few minutes then she bloody held my baby for an hour to herself and none of my family got in the room during visiting time because she used up all the time. and kept saying she was the double of her dad and still comments all the time how my daughter takes nothing from me, i only carried her for 9 months and gave birth to her. she is constantly interfiering and condesending. and to top it off this weekend mothers day is the weekend for her fortnightly visit, i happened to get it off work so asked my husband to ask them to leave it till next weekend so i could enjoy a weekend off and enjoy my baby to myself for mothers day to which it was a massive problem i was called everything and she guilt tripped my husband telling him she was so looking forward to mothers day with my daughter she said lots of nasty untrue things about me and i text her saying to forget about my weekend and just come up and she never replied but text her son to say don’t worry son i am not falling out with you still love you and my grandchild, so now i am on here having a rant. mother in laws get a grip and as far as children are concerned don’t piss off the mummys as mums always have final say!!!! and I can do everything 10x better than you did so keep your comments to yourself


    My “mother-in-law” is a major nerve wrecker. She’s in EVERYONE’s business 24/7. She makes absurd comments and statement’s that are better left in a persons head. She can not listen to all sides of anything. She is quick to judge, react, and do her best to toss a wrench in the gear box. It’s like you’re talking to a monkey that has verbal skills, but no brain to control, filter, and maintain any kind of sense. My father and myself are people whom everyone comes to for almost any imaginable problem you may have with your home, car, computers, or any other kind of electric/tube appliance you may manage to conjure up in your mind. My Lady’s mom has apparently been known for running people out of others lives.

    ~We are Legion. We are ANONYMOUS. We do not forgive. We do not forget.~

    * P.s. I did it for the lulz 🙂 *

  102. Kiwi Smoothies

    My mother in law is:

    3. LIAR

    finally my husband is starting to recognize her little games of manipulation and he is starting to get sick of her….bitch, brought all this on herself because of her needy and nasty attitude! 🙂


  103. Anonymous

    The Bible according to the sea hag (my MIL):

    1. Not to offend anyone, she is Church of Christ, which means she believes she is going to heaven and no one else of any other religion is. This is her first and major problem and what all other problems stem from. She is the biggest hypocrite that I know.
    2. She talks about everyone, mainly me, but she despises anyone who is not like her.
    3. She has a ten year old granddaughter that lives less than 10 miles away from her that she never attempts to see.
    4. She will talk about others, try to ruin her childrens’ relationships, is prejudiced against everyone not like her, but will cry and say she is mistreated if anyone ever calls her on anything.
    5. Finally, and worst of all, she makes up lies to make herself look better and to cover her own stupidity. She is the worst person I know.

  104. daisy

    my mother in law is ok we live far away from one another so we tolerated each other as long as a visit lasts. its my brother in law that i cant stand. hes a complete asshole. alway meddling, and giving unsolicited advice on how we’re raising our kids even though our kids are very well behaved and his are the monsters. i hate him. and whats worst is that my hubby defends him to no end and im just seen as the one thats being difficult.

  105. the Silent majority

    My mother-in-a-law is an embittered, narcissistic, foolish, hypocritical, racist, meddling witch of a woman, possessing extremely low intelligence and an overinflated and unmerited sense of entitlement. Fortunately for us and all those within her ken, she is too stupid to be manipulative.

    Also, judging by the handful of exasperating conversations I’ve had with her concerning her decision to live way beyond her means (fixed income and little savings in one of those most expensive neighborhoods in Manhattan, and on the verge of eviction and homelessness), finding medicinal support for depression and a host of other maladies and health issues, and even about the most mundane details of daily living, I’ve come to the conclusion that she has special needs of various sorts. She processes and understands so very little of what is being told to her, that there can be no other reasonable explanation. After all, we do speak the same language. It is an extremely involved and tedious activity to have to keep re-explaining to her many of the details and nuances of our conversations. (Often, she will punctuate her frustrations with a terse “Shut up!” or “Bitch!”)

    My guess is that she’s a mild, though undiagnosed, retardate, wih elements of bi-polar disorder sprinkled in, not to mention PTSD. All of which, however, in spite of a mountain of ever-accumulating evidence, goes unacknowledged by her due to her unyielding sense of unearned pride, righteousness, and immense egotism. The shame and tragedy of it all is that she has access to some real help. If only she would let her fingers do the walking.

    This vast constellation of physical, cognitive, and emotional disorders and/or delays also does not preclude her from spreading venom or spouting messages of ill will, and saying things like “let the (2-week old) baby cry, she bi-polar like you, you going spoil her” or “you got good marriage now, wait 10 years and see what kind man you gots then” or “you never help me, you stay home, play with baby all day, bitch!”.

    This woman is one diseased, lonely, miserable, and stupid bitch.

    The best part: she’s ugly, too, and she’ll get to live with us as soon as her money runs out. Then we can watch her slowly crawl, slither, and wither away to a lonely, miserable, thankless, and unhappy death.

    Thank god we have a garage that locks from the outside.

  106. Anonymous

    My mother in law went crazy when I married her son. She spent about 5 years trying to take my husband and my first born from me. When she realized it just wasn’t going to happen, she went nuts. She threatened to kill me, tried to break in my house on several occaisions. She lied to anyone who would believe her that I supposedly took our kids away from her for no reason, when the truth is that when she realized she could not take my family from me, she started drinking and mistreating them, so we had to keep them away from her. She destroyed our lives in every way possible. It would be impossible to write in this short space all of the horrific things she did. She finally died and burns in hell today for what she did to us.

  107. Nicki

    My In Laws are coming to spend 2 weeks with us in 3 days time and I am feeling a bit anxious. I have been with my husband now for 12 years and I am finding that her offhand and rude comments to me are ruffling my feathers. There was one time when she saw a photograph of me with my husband and said “Ewwww!” I try to always think the best of everyone and I don’t even think she realised and so I just ignored it completely. However, as time has gone on, the rude comments have increased. She may mention my weight; I am perhaps a few pounds overweight but certainly not obese and many friends say they envy my figure; or for example this evening, my husband directed the webcam at me and commented on how tanned I was and she said, “You should have taken off your sunglasses, ha ha….” I was silent and she added, “Just kidding.” I didn’t respond at all, it wasn’t worth it, particularly as I haven’t been wearing sunglasses. My husband says that his Mother feels that he does all the work and earns all the money and doesn’t realise all the things I do; I am a loyal, loving and supportive wife and I do work, but from home. I am strategising on how to get through these two weeks and so I have decided that when she says something mean, I will simply say I haven’t heard and ask her to repeat it. This will allow her to re-examine what she has said and think a little on it before repeating it. If she repeats it, I will say that saying your just kidding is a great excuse for being a bitch! Then laugh and say, “Just kidding”.

  108. Anonymous

    Liar, manipulative, living drama, ruining my marriage, ill treats my 5.5 months baby…and I have to live with her, if this is called life !!

  109. Anonymous

    my MIL is a peace of work. She quit her job when she found out that her son was proposing to me and demanded that her son start paying for ALL her bills, mortgage, cable, house alarm, insurances and even vacation trips to Asia. She then spends thousands of dollars on luxurious shopping sprees for herself but claims to me and her son that she doesnt have any money. She never acknowledged or even thanked us for all that we do for her and infact make comments that we need to give her diamonds and cash for gifts. We were paying for all of her bills and living expenses for years after our wedding and at some point we didnt have enough money in our bank accounts. Despite all that we did for her, she would still come to our house telling us she was depressed and wants to travel the world but claims she has no money to “Enjoy life” which she said she was deprived of because she had to work and raise my husband. Talk about emotional blackmail and manipulation. Then we found out that she was regularly gambling thousands of dollars every month which even exceed her monthly living expenses that we are paying for. I was livid! How can she claim she cannot pay for her bills when she just gambles them all away?
    When we confronted her, she flipped out and said some pretty nasty things to my husband that he doesnt even want to tell me. What an ungrateful, coniving , self-fish , manipulative BITCH! She then played the “victim” and would tell my husband that he is not a good son if he stops giving her money. What kind of mother would destroy her relationship with her son for the love of money? It seems like that is all she cares about. THats all she talks about whenever we see her.
    When we had our first born she demanded that she will take care of her IF we pay for all of her stuff. She told my husband I should work fulltime so we can support her. WHAT?!! When we didnt comply to her demands she then flipped out, more emotional blackmail and then left the country.
    She is an emotionally unstable woman who brings sorrow in our home whenever she is around. She is always crying and playing the victim and never EVER grateful for anything that we do for her. Nothing is enough.

  110. Anonymous

    I don’t have a horrible relationship with my mother-in-law, but at the same time I never really look forward to seeing her. It seems like everytime my husband and I go see her she goes on about her problems with her marriage and my husband’s alcoholic siblings. My husband is a good father to our children and he is also very responsible and hard working. My MIL seems to think that because he is the “good son” that it is okay for her to unload all her problems and issues on him. Thank goodness we don’t see her that often.

  111. Annonymous

    Bitch from Hell, manipulative, controller, liar.
    Its always been “Poor Me”, She supposely unhappy with my father in law for all the years they were married, they did divorce, no wonder, not once, but 2x, if he was so awful, as she makes it sound, I ask my husband, who feels sorry for her, why then, did she keep going back to him? The man was a saint for putting up with her shit.
    My husband is the youngest of 3, she had all boys.
    The oldest is an alcoholic, who has been 2x, and has been living with ma ma for the past 10 or more yrs., excuse me, he is 51 yrs. old.
    He is pretty much a carbon copy of The Bitch, as far as having a mouth on him.
    Then there’s the second son, according to my husband of 27 yrs. he is the favorite, well no wonder, he just happen to marry a woman that has a job and makes good money, infact, this is the “perfect daughter in law”, because she falls for all the “Poor Poor Pitful Me” crap, and gives the old hag money every year.
    Then theres my husband, the yongest, he is the handyman, she calls and gives him sob stories that her trailer is falling apart, and nobody will fix this that and the other, so my husband goes off, stays with the bitch for 2 wks, and basically remodels things for her.
    From day 1, this woman has had it for me, I mean when I first got married, we were both 19, my husband worked off shore, and had his checks sent to ma ma, well of course, we were married, and she calls me up, asking, why aren’t his checks being sent to her?
    Then our first born comes along, during the first 2 wks. of her life, I took her to the doctor, cuz she was not spitting up, but to me throwing up, the doctor at first told me, that I was a new mom, and maybe alittle over protective, then one night, we rushed her to the ER, the nurses were going to send me back home, I demanded that the doctor come in and look at our baby, he said she was dehydrated, the only thing she would drink was apple juice. Water and formula would just come back up,the doctor told me, that is what kept her somewhat hydrated.
    Anyway, they kept her for 2 days, got her fluids up.
    My mother in law comes in, and says (of course, hubby is not there to hear) “Did you ever give her a bottle when she cried?”
    When I was pregnant with our first child, MIL told me that she didn’t want to give me the baby shower, until after the baby was born, incase it was still born.
    Mind you, I had no problems during my pregnancy, so why would the bitch feel she needed to say something like that?
    Needless to say, when I mention this stuff to my husband, he denies it, because, he thinks the woman walks on water, and being he didn’t hear her utter these words, it never happpened.
    Fast Forward… Now our 3 daughters are in their 20’s, and they have seen and heard this womans vicious mouth towards me, infact our oldest daughter, has nothing to do with the bitch at all.
    Our other 2, out of some respect for their Grandwitchmother, they will on occassion call her, or visit.
    But now, she is doing herself in, cuz, when the girls try to visit her, all she does is have something to say about me.
    Like just the other day, she told our youngest daughter, “You know, your mother loves you other 2 sisters more than you.”
    Our middle daughter said that the great wonderful woman told her: “Your father loves you girls more than your mother.”
    I mean what kind of evil bitch is she? Mind you, this is a woman that goes to church every Sunday, and Wedneday, so as far as all of her sons are concerned, she is a saint.
    Our daughters have told my husband and I the stuff this bitch says, and again, they are liars, and if he dosen’t hear it with his own ears, it was never said.
    This is how she has her sons controlled, they are like robots when it comes to her, unbelievable.
    As far as the money making sister in law, this woman has turned her against me almost instantly, when she married into the family, I think I have spent maybe 20 mins. total with my sister in law, and shes been in the family for like 22 yrs.
    So for all of you out there, who have the MIL From Hell, mine is the was crowned the Queen many many years ago.
    This woman is still trying everything to break up our marriage, turn my kids against me, and she will stop at nothing.
    I have already told my kids that when the old witch dies, I will not go to her funeral, daddy will have to mourn without me, I can picture them boys throwing themselves over her casket, especially the one who has been living with her for more than 10 yrs. now.
    Does that even seem normal to you?
    And yes, she gets around just fine, she drives all over the places, she works parttime, so its not like shes not able to take care of herself, she just cannot let go of her “Boys” as she refers to them all of the time.
    So this is going out to the women out there, who are about to get married, or are newlyweds, I am not encourging divorce, but please, be careful, because I always thought that overtime, this situation would get somewhat better, but it never has, and it causes alot of arguements with me and my husband, because, never once, in 27 yrs. has he ever stood up for me when it comes to her, not once.
    I have always gotten along with my boyfriends parents, and my friends parents, until I married into this crazy family. And its not easy being married to a family like this.
    Oh, my father in law passed away a few yrs. ago, I did get along with him, however, now that he is gone, the manipulation with the Bitch, has gotten worse, and my husband defends her even more, and if any of my kids try to defend me, the alcolholic brother in law, tells them, don’t upset grandma, shes only got a few more yrs. left, and if you upset her, she may have a heart attack….Really?

  112. Anonymous

    My Mother In Law is a liar, manipulator, greedy, money loving, backstabbing, fake, two faced, mean old lady! Her mother is still alive and the same exact way! Double the trouble. They are so mean and my husband sees it. He doesn’t like it, it has actually caused a wedge between his mother and him, and his grandmother and him. I am just so glad he sees it, Thank God. They don’t like us anymore because we don’t kiss their asses like they want us to because we see the truth about them. I Love them but I cannot stand them. The most miserable people ever. If my mother in law was God (which she thinks she is) and judged people like she was God (which she does anyway) we would all be going to hell and she would be sitting on the throne all by herself because she thinks she is so perfect. The part that sucks is I grew up with family living out of town. His family all live in town. Sucks. We need to move out of town. 🙂 Its so bad they won’t have nething to do with our children.

  113. Sarena

    Well my husband and I have been together almost for years and married almost one. She and her mother as well act like they’re royalty compared to me. I would like so bad to knock them off their high horses. I am tired of hearing about how she talks about me behind my back, calling me disrespectful and boring/bitchy, especially since she does it in such a nice and innocent way so as to not piss my husband off. He doesn’t see that she’s doing anything wrong and as far as I know he doesn’t even stand up for me. The funny thing is (as if I don’t know her crap) she plays all nice and loving mil to my face. She and her mother I have noticed both Habsburg egos and don’t like to be told they’re wrong. And since I’m apparently the only one brave enough to do so they fall back on the obligingly they can think of and call me disrespectful. Sorry ladies in my world respect is earned, you don’t just get it because you’re older than me. And I definitely don’t respect people who don’t respect me. So in four words I Hate His Family.

  114. Sick of the Bitch's Shit

    I really appreciate the honesty of all of the posts I read on this site. I needed it. Really. My MIL is a manipulative, covert-aggressive, selfish, control freak who thinks she is smarter and better than everyone else. My husband doesn’t see it. He just jumps everytime she throws a fit. I’m done. Done. I deal with her because I have to for my husband’s sake, but I limit my contact, my interaction, my conversation with her. I work hard at eliminating any time where we are alone – always have someone else in the room.

    I could really use some support from my husband. It is very lonely, isolating, and deflating dealing with this bitch. I think my MIL (not to mention my complete loser of a SIL) are ruining my marriage to my husband. I try to be honest with him and we talk about how things will be dealt with differently, and they never are. Never change.

    I am sick of this drama. I am not as happy. I deserve to be happy.

    I am thankful for my 15 month old daughter. She is my ray of sunshine and my love for her helps me overcome the shitty treatment from my in-laws family. My husband doesn’t get it. My parents have never made him feel unwelcome, unworthy, inadequate, untidy, overweight, always in the wrong. By the way, I have a PhD and make almost $100K/year, have no debts, and volunteer in my community.

    As I said, I am done, or trying very hard to be done, with letting the bitch control my life. Thanks for listening to my rant. I appreciate it!

  115. Limit to 4 eh?

    Controlling, selfish, manipulative, conceited.

    Wow I could go on.

    Sad that I am not alone in dealing with such a horrid thing. She isn’t a person. That would suggest she may have some humanity.

    I am not a cold or vengeful person, but I find myself dreaming of her death and how free I will be. I would never act to bring her demise, I just hope it isn’t too far off. Oh dear. I am letting her horrible nature contaminate mine.

  116. Anonymous

    My parner and I arent even on speaking terms with his mother at the moment. A little while ago she acted up like she sometimes does, I wont go into details but it involved a fire extinguisher, a lot of pushing and shoving, shouting, neighbors and friends getting involved to remove her and eventually the police. I panic whenvever I think about her now!

    After she was gone she sent a text to my phone, it was intended for my partner, calling our little one damaged!

    There was quite an ordeal when he was born, social servises poking their noses in for no reason at all, me and my partner are good people, we love our little one so much. I cant belive she could be that out of line.

    The worst part of this is, I know ‘ll have to fogive her, because she’s sort of family, but what happens when she does something like this again? this kind of thing really could lead to my little one becoming damaged.

  117. fed up!!!

    Oh gosh, where to begin! This MIL of mine is the most self absorbed women I have ever met, EVER! I come from a “drama free” family, nothing is really ever that big of a deal, if u cant make it to something, ok see ya next time…with my MIL if you dont attend EVERY SINGLE THING SHE DEEMS IMPORTANT, the tantrum begins, first it’s shock and dismay, if that doesn’t work it’s how horrible her son is and how he doesn’t want to spend time with the family. she lies, manipulates, constant with the calls and emails, immature, money grubbing, vain, true textbook narcassist. Lets not forget her wonderful compliments, there always so sweet!- Sometimes I think she makes plans just so me and my hubby have to go completly out of the way and be inconvenianced at all costs. she is not a good person and only cares about herself. and her problems, and how she looks, and how GREAT SHE IS! TRULY SICK IN THE HEAD. I try so hard to be nice to this women, and I am good at pretending that I like her and i let a lot roll off my back, but it’s getting to the point where I just dont want her in my life. at all! and neither does my husband, but he is afraid to tell her the truth, I would but I dont want him to get stressed out. cant take this lady, im at my limit!!!!-She cant control me the way she does with everyone else, and it INFURIATES HER. oh well satan, u cant always get ur way!!! thats not life!!!

  118. Anonymous

    Classless, annoying, scatter-brained, sweet

    You see, she’s awesome to me, but her habits drive me up the wall and I feel so guilty for disliking such a nice person. But she’s always late, always confused, burps loudly, and has no class/etiquette.

  119. Anonymous

    Agressive and hatefull person. She is cursing too much and has no manners. She also wants to look young so bad, that even look at my pictures makes her upset.

  120. Kristy

    Agressive and hatefull person. She is cursing too much and has no manners. She also wants to look young so bad, that even look at my pictures makes her upset.

  121. Anon

    My MIL is the worst bitch on this earth, who has ruined my relationship with my husband. The one year, we lived with her, immediately afterour marriage was enough to sow distrust and hatred towards in me in my hubby. I told them before my wedding that I was a career oriented woman and had to travel frequently as part of my work. They had no objections then. Once we were married, the MIL started poisoning my husband that I don’t care for him, i bitch about him, i don’t respect him. Everytime I travelled she would make comments like ‘god knows whom she is travelling with’, she is not traditionally dressed etc. She kept telling me that because of me there was no peace in the house, her son would meet with an accident because I upset him, that she had to take tablets after my marriage etc. etc……It came to a point, where she forbid me from waking my husband in the morning for breakfast. She did huge drama, calling lot of relatives and crying and accusing me and encouraging her son to call me all sort of names in front of all these people. Today, Althouh I don’t live with this woman, she continues pouring her venom whenver she visits us and everyday when she talks to my hubby. In front ofoutsiders, she is the perfect moter in law, in the absence of people her true vile self comes out. I hope dies a horrible horrible death. I hate her for ruining my happiness. I and my hubby don’t talk anymore. Heis unreasonable and anything I say i met with derision, not to mention he constantly talks demeaningly about me to his friends and relatives. I am simply fed up.

  122. Linda

    My MIL is driving me crazy. We swapped houses with her and she thinks she can come here whenever she likes. We had trouble with our business and she helped us out financially and does the books but she is so overbearing and controlling. She helps when I don’t want help, she rings her son every day, sometimes twice a day. I have asked my husband to talk to her but he just stands up for her. I feel very much alone. She even tells us how to spend our holidays.

  123. Thankful for this outlet!

    My MIL = two faced bitch. She is nicer when others are around, like my husband, but when her daughter is there the two bitches just wind it up. Two very useless, self-centered, self-absorbed, selfish, conceited, arrogant, ignorant, deluded, stubborn, manipulative, passive-aggressive control-freaks.

    I would LOVE nothing more than to have both of these twits out of our lives forever. Despite living within about 25min of them, we do not see them very often. MIL complains constantly that she never sees her grandchild, but when she does, she doesn’t interact or spend time with her. She won’t even hold her or touch her 80%. There is always something “on her hands”. How fucked up is that?

    Clearly she has issues. I just wish her shit wasn’t contaminating my marriage! What a bitch! It would help if my husband grew some balls and stood up to her. I just have decided to remove myself from her company as much as I possibly can. Instead of suggesting to my husband that we should visit or do something nice for her (pick up a treat, flowers, invite over for dinner, etc.) now I keep my mouth shut. She doesn’t deserve it. She is such a prissy pompous spoiled princess.

    Can’t stand her! Or her complete loser of a daughter.

    Whew, thanks. I needed to vent!

  124. Kick her ass

    Omg! My boyfriends mom is such a weirdo! She keeps telling him about how beautiful I am and how innocent I am! But she doesn’t want us to get married! My bf thinks she’s very naive! But hay she’s anything but naive! She’s super clever! She called my mom up and told her that my bf is losing his mind please help us… Please tell your daughter not to marry him he’s going mad. Omg! Bitch! Fucking whore!

  125. Anonymous

    I have the pleasure of having a wonderful mother in law she treats me like her own daughter, includes me in family trips, and is always so supportive of me…
    I also have the displeasure of having my husband ex step mother yes I did say ex step mother who believes she raised him when she only saw him one weekend a month for a couple years and she thinks that i’m not good enough for ‘her son’

  126. Bunny

    My mother inlaw is so evil. I really hate to be around her. She never introduces me as a daughter in law. When I’m not around she tells people I am a horrible mother and that something may happen to my kids at ne moment. When my kids go to her house she always sends them back in something she got them and nothing I get them fits its either to big or to small. My youngest just got new shoes the day before and she said they were to big and she had to get him more. On Thanksgiving every dish I made she told everyone not to eat them. When she takes my kids to eat if they want something off her plate they have to trade her something. She is so evil to me . when my husband confronts her she says I don’t remember. Come on my five yr. Old says that. Even though he found her text messages that were sent to his sister in law. There are so many stories in just ten years. You would think after ten years and three kids she would come around.

  127. Anonymous

    I live with my boyfriend’s mother and she is a damn psycho. Our cabinets in the kitchen are stuffed so full of shit that I can’t even dig through it. She still does my boyfriend’s laundry, buys him clothes, and forces him to do things like shave his beard! She is the most manipulative bitch I have ever met. I HATE HER.

  128. SickSickSick

    Classless, fake, self centered, overdramatic, passive agressive, down right agressive, two-faced, manipulative….geez i could go on. Shes always been crappy towards my oldest daughter who was only TWO when my husband and I first started dating, makes it a point to only ask about my baby (who is my husbands)but doesnt have ANYTHING to do with her. Shes lied to me about everything INCLUDING having cancer which has been verified by other family members that she NEVER had. She has caused so many fights between my husband and I because he gets his defensive nature from her. Shes the one who taught him that it was ok to lie to his spouse (shes been married 5 times and is currently single and living off of her mother and her other son and DIL) She plays favorites with her grandchildren and always buys lavish gifts for them and attends every event for them and dotes on them and has NOTHING to do with our kids. She’s self righteous and constantly talking about revolutions and “we need an UPRISING” and pretends like shes got her life figured out. She actually told a family member when my husband and I were dating that if he proposed it would RUIN her life…during the same time that I would go visit her even without her son and would talk to her all night long and was so blindly supportive of her that it now makes me sick. I cant believe I fell for her manipulative drama. She talks badly about EVERYONE in her family and then waits for them to buy her things, pay for everything for her and lies about having disabilities that “make her not able to work”…The biggest problem I have is how she is towards my kids. I told my husband tonight that I’m done with her and if she ever talks ugly to my kid again, I might go off so he needs to just be prepared. Sometimes I wonder if I had known how she REALLY was when my husband and I were dating, if I would have run for the hills…

  129. Anonymous

    My monster in law is usually called the witch, she was an alcoholic abusive mother to her kids and cannot understand why I do not hit or treat mine the same. for the first few years she acted sweet to my face, but years later when we were starting to carve a notch in our town in our business, she began to put me down with fantastic lies to neighbors and we have had police called on us, anonymous child welfare calls, identity theft that has ruined our credit, that one was funny, she stole my credit card not knowing it was inactive and got angry at the clerk when she found out. ON CAMERA! for the last 2 years since her “baby girl” moved back home she has ignored me and the kids but continued her harassment of everyone around us. if ever in the world there was an evil woman this is it.

  130. Anonymous

    My mother-in-law is ok, but she always does for her daughters and their “boyfriends” (whom are never around for long) more than she does for her son and his WIFE who has been around for 11 years! I ave done somany things for this woman, I never ask her for anything unless itis absolutely neccessary while her spoiled daughter lives at home with her and then moves her boyfriend of the month in! Lets not forget she has three kids and her new boyfriend also has three kids and they all lived with her rent and bill free! She pays both her daughters car insurance and watches their kids for them whenever they ask. We were affected by the flood and lost our jobs and our car. We are struggling to get by we have 2 kids of our own that are quite young 8 and 3. Her boyfriend is rich and gives her money all the time. He just bought her a new house and car. We asked her to help us get a used car im talking like $2000 and she said no. Yet she never paid one bill for us. We never lived with her except for one time when Iwas 19 (I am now 29)because I was pregnant with our son and young and my mom was sick with cancer and had a very small one bedroom apartment. I only lived there for 3 months and then I ent to live with my mother because she was such a bitch to me and I was and am tired of being treated like crap by her! I have done nothing to her to deserve the treatment I get and I am so sick of her daughters boyfriends who they dont even know getting treated better than me!

  131. Toronto

    My MIL is the devil she is pure evil 
    She lives in Pakistan ( thank god ) I went there last year to visit my husbands family she acted like the nicest person in the world but I could tell deep down inside she hated me. Her husband passed away 8 years ago and 4 months after his death she sent her oldest son ( my husband) which was only 17 to Canada to make money and support the family she is so ungrateful my husband sends her 100000 rupees
    A month which is a lot of money in that country but that’s not good enough for her. the 1st time she spoke to me over the phone when she found out we were getting married she had her daughter tell me she’s needs a car she doesn’t speak a word of English.she’s always  emotionally blackmailing her kids her other kids in Pakistan know she’s a drama queen I think deep down in side my husband also know this but he just feels so guilty that he lives half way around the world. Ever since her husband passed away she made her son believe that now she’s  like his wife she calls him everyday and cries it’s drives me nuts when we were in Pakistan the second day we got there she told me to tell her son to buy her a gift she wanted gold bangles that would have costed 4000 she all out went and got the gold smith to come to the house and bring like 10 pair so she could pick which one she wanted right in front of her I told my husband ur not buying her bangles and he’s like I want to buy them for u and I said don’t waste ur money on gold his mom was so pissed off that he didn’t buy her bangles. She is such a greedy bitch her husband was a gold smith he showered her with gift this cunt has more then a 100000$ worth of gold but she won’t sell Any to buy new gold are a car my husband bought her s car which cost us 20000 I was so pissed off.
    2 and months ago she got a visa to come to Canada ever since she came here she done nothing but cause problems she was jealous of everything we had s cried how come I don’t have everything ur wife has. In those 2 months of being here she caused 3 huge  fights. I left my house 5 weeks ago and haven’t gone back and my husband doesn’t understand y I’m gone. She sits on her ass all day and does nothing a when my husband gets home from work she bitches about me when I’m nothing but nice to that cunt . She has hep c and shed always crying I’m sick she walks around the house moaning it drives me nuts but she never does that around her son .
    She calls me s bitch and my husband tells me to ignore her I tried to but one day I lost my cool and put her in her place and she acted like she was dying she started to throw up and told my husband she dying cuz I yelled at her I felt like slapping that cunt in the face when she did that 5 weeks ago when I left my house she started  drama again for no reason and turned my husband against me.like I want to go home but just the thought of being around her makes my head hurt 
    I told my husband 2 days ago to make a choice u can send her back to Pakistan with in the next week are I want s divorce 
    He picked his mother over me and hos son yet again 4 years of marriage gone I’m happy it happen now well I’m still young cuz I don’t want to be with s men who mother thinks hes her husband are a man who let’s his mom call me a bitch and be all dramatic and who Won’t say shit to her 

  132. tasha

    I am glad to see I am not alone!!
    MY MIL is a witch, backstabber, condescending, nasty , ill-mannered, busybody,,,UGH I could go on&on…
    All she did my poor hubbys whole life was CRITISIZE him..now that I am in the picture, and am her polar opposite , she HATES me, and the feeling is mutual beleive me…it is to the point that when I am “PMS’ing”, I cannot go near her for fear I will jump the table and choke her!!!

    Ladies, please check out this website http://www.DILsisterhood.com

  133. Anonymous

    Where to start.
    I knew what I was in for when she refused to come to the wedding if she did not get a Rose spray instead of MY favorite flowers that I ordered …a beautiful Carnation spray.
    She is rude to me, tells me my clothes are “crap”, hates that I am an animal lover and take in strays ( trying to start a rescue), hates that I am ill ( or as she calls it a BURDEN to her son). Hates my family for not being rich. Last year she had me re-order her Mothers day bouquet because the first two were not good enough. My sweetest baby boy pup died last month and we were crushed. SHe said “I hope your not getting anymore dogs and what made him so special anyway”. When my husband had a minor heart attack and I called her she didn’t even want to get on the phone with him but did say she would call when she got back from her cruise!

    She called one day to ask if I wanted any of the gifts I had bought her over the years and if not she was taking them to the Goodwill.
    My husband cant stop trying to be loved by her and so he never defends me. I guess really in all fairness to her she is not just a bitch of a mother in law , she is just a bitch.
    She doesn’t even really care that much for her grandkids, she refers to one of them as “ugly as a monkey”, personally I think monkies are adorable. She refers to her autistic grandson as the “retarded boy”. She hates that my FIL ( who has parkinsons) takes naps! She said when you get up in the morning you should stay up all day!
    The only things that bitch enjoys in life is spending money on herself. She told me one day “I am spending all of my money before I go so don’t plan on any inheritance of money” LOL! I wish she would drown in her money.

    After this long story..in 4 words my MIL is..
    Ugly, Nasty, Selfish, Bitch!

  134. Anonymous

    simply the worst person i have ever met.I had my fair experience of unpleasant mother in laws but my current one is evil reincarnated. she screwed up my partner and his sister badly and is trying to screw me up too. She is a nut job and a raging alcoholic who blames everybody for her failure of a life.She only had kids to fuck them up,make then feel guilty for everything and responsible for her until she dies.We moved countries and he only sees her once a year but always a christmas and new year so I’m alone on my own ,the bitch.I am looking at my options to get the hell out of there because my partner is too fucking weak (or similar to her)to do anything about it. I think they should both get married as they love each other so much and are the same deep down.

  135. me

    My mil is a drunk gambler and a mooch. Who could care less about her kids. I wish she would move in with HER daughter.

  136. Carol

    My mother-in-law is not a very nice lady at all. She literally has NO respect for me whatsoever and yet her son and I have been happily married now for 17 years and two beautiful children. It really pains me and her son that we have had to deal with so much NASTINESS and negativity from her all these years. We even got to the point where we decided to uproot our family 1000 miles just to get away from her CONTROL, I have tried unsuccessfully to just bite my tongue and put up with her RUDE, constant comments towards me. Finally my husband and I got so fed-up with her last visit to our new home that we decided to nicely tell her the truth. Well, let me tell you that it did NOT go over very well. She denied everything and therefore we told her that she can no longer visit here unless she can behave herself like a lady should. Can you imagine having to talk to your own MIL like this? I honestly don’t know what I have ever done to this woman, she just decided from day 1 I guess that I wasn’t good enough.

  137. Anonymous

    She is the devil! Evil, know it all, bipolor, self absorbed two faced bitch!!! She can’t let her son (my husband) have a life of his own. She calls everyday and freaks out if he works late and she cant get a hold of him. She has akey to our house and we have found out that she snoops through our stuff. She gets pissed if we don’t bring our 4 month son to visit every week and drops by our house even if we ask her not to. She gets mad if I hold my son when shes around and is always giving me dirty looks or making nasty comments. She tells my baby not to look at me and if I try to put him down for a nap she barges in the room trying to wake him up. Before I married her son and we were just dating she bashed me on fb and myspace calling me every name in the book and said was trying to steal her son away. She throw temper tantrums like a child when she doesnt get her way or if my husband give me more attention than he does her. The list goes on and on with this crazy monster in law!!!

  138. Anonymous

    She is a lazy piece of shit golddigging bitch that never amounted to nothing in life but a cocksucking whore. Does nothing for her kids at all. Just sits on her lazy ass.

  139. done

    Yep. Done. My EX MIL is some of the reason my exhusband and I divorced.
    When you marry, well, in a Catholic ceremony, and as the bible reads “man is to leave his parents and cling to his wife”….well…that never happened. His mother seemed nice at first, of course..typical beginnning of relationship. But I had red flags when we were dating. I had fears before we got married…I was afraid the umbilical cord wasn’t going to get cut after we got married. I had faith and hoped it would. It didn’t. He’s an only child, and a momma’s boy…and actually a dadda’s boy too, but not as much as mamma. She is everything the above women said…rude, manipulative, snobby, nosey, gossipy, etc…rich bitch. Her nose was so high it should have been bleeding. My ex and I lacked communication big time. But when his parents (mostly his mother) told him to jump, he did not ask how high…he would FLY to please her. He had and still has no balls. He never stood up for me or his daughter..instead he complained about me to his parents. Then I’d find out about it…and of course I’m always “the bad guy”…I always felt ganged up on. He was not interested in being a father..he changed alot. His mother was nosey and insulted me in my face, and I’m sure behind my back…and I’m sure him and her had a great ol time talking about me behind my back. She’s insulted me in front of him and his dad and NO one stood up for me..he was my HUSBAND, HE should have told his mom to lay off or something! I had to pull teeth to get him to have a baby, his mommy talked him into it…so it was like work. Then everything went downhill. I was alone with my child while he went to the mancave in the garage or patio. I did everything. Then he started having fits like a child…breaking things, yelling, screaming…just having a fit. The first time he had a fit he was in a corner and knocked pictures down…this was in front of my daughter and me and she was scared and I grabbed her, went into my car because I was freaking out and scared…and stupid me called his mom, thinking his parents could come over and calm him down. Big mistake. All she said to me is that it was my fault. She didn’t care or think that her son was having mental issues. We weren’t fighting, it just came out of no where.
    Anyways…I couldn’t take it anymore. Everyone felt inferior to her because she was like a big turkey and was very outspoken and everyone was afraid to say anything to her…except the one cousin in law…he was a hoot and not afraid to stand up to her. Well, I started standing up to her when I was pregnant because she drove me nuts…and she didn’t like that…so…between her not liking me standing up for myself and him not being involved with me and his daughter…and communication was not coming from him….I never felt so alone in my life. A few weeks after my daughter was born I wanted to leave him. But I stayed because I was committed and I’m one that likes to stick. But I couldn’t take it anymore…between his mom being the beotch from hell, and him not being honest and open with me and…and I felt like a single mom…he was useless…so…he filed and that was that. His mom won. I was not going to stay in that scenario for the rest of my life. My whole gut told me to get out. I hated it though. I wanted to die because my dream flew out the window. I felt it was my fault. I felt I destroyed my daughter’s life. A part of me still feels that way. But I realize it wasn’t all my fault. But I’m never getting married again. Now that I know the hell you go through..totally not worth it. But I really couldn’t stand my MIL. I’m sure she is thrilled that I’m out of the picture, and that he is with another woman. I won’t go thru all that again. I won’t. MILS may seem nice at first, but that’s just a phase. They show their true colors a few years into the marriage. Not the RELATIONSHIP…but the marriage. My ex never let go of his mother or father. It saddens me. They came before his own new family. I could never stay with a man whose mom is a bitch and he takes her side or says nothing at all or stays neutral and a momma’s boy. I deserve better.

  140. Anonymous

    Only 4 words?!! I’m not sure I can just use that but I’ll try.

    Inconsiderate, controlling, manipulative, religious fanatic.

    Ok, that’s not all, but those are the big ones.

  141. ME


  142. Anonymous

    My MIL is a loving, generous person I love her but she annoys me how she just sits there and holds my baby wants to be over more then twice a week- and my husband is such a mommas boy it sickens me & gets really mad/ upset if I don’t see her when he wants me too!! I think him being a mommas boy makes me mad at her and want to distant myself!

  143. kitty

    OMG..I thought i was the insane daughter-in-law,after reading these stories i find i am sane and not suffering alone.My husband and i met around the age of 30 and at 1st i thought his family had no problem with me,despite some little comments that i attributed to the fact that i was his 1st long time love and then fiance,even when my mother had been given a warning to pass onto me to watch my future mother-in-law,i wrote that off to maybe that person having a personal grudge against his mother.I figured she would get to know me and we would be fine,i even kept quiet the day i went to see his sister and tell her we decided to get married,she told me to leave him as he would never be happy with me as he needed a woman who wanted to give him his own chilrend,as we had already decided to have none,as my daughter was older and we felt we just did not want anymore,he was happy with my daughter being his daughter also and he wanted to focus on his carrer and our life,we were happy just the way we were.I wasnt too concerned as i had survived my ex husbands totally dysfunctional family just fine and was still on good terms with them,so i mistakenly thought,these are seemingly decent people,it will be good as we get to know each other.The biggest issue i knew we did have was the fact that i am an athiest and they are lurthern,but my hubby and i had no problems due to that so i thougt,why should they? When they went on and on about religion i just stayed out of those conversations even when i knew they were trying to accuse me of being wrong in my personal choice,but for the sake of thier son i ignored it and acted like the adult in the matter.So i didnt tell my hubby about alot of thier comments or my my feeling uncomfortable due to some of the digs,i thought they would stop after they got over the fact that he didnt clear his choice to marry with the family 1st.His father was okay with me and never said a word,he neither defended them or me though so i never knew his true feelings,although he was the only one who treated my daughter great.We have now been together going on 20 years and have decided to seperate,i finally snapped and decided my health is more important than my husband,all due to his saint of a twice a week chuch going mother.This woman has done nothing but tell lies to my husband and anyone else who would listen,we live in a small town so many people know she is crazy but i just couldnt take anymore regarding the lack of respect shown to me in front of my husband and decided to end our marriage.I did commit one sin at the beginning of our life together,i banned my SIL and her hubby from my home due to them destroying a litter of kittens by drowning them,and this was after we had offered to pay to get thier cat spayed,even though they could well afford it,so we offered a gift card to use at the vet,it was refused and i was told it wasnt my business despite our being involved in cat rescues,and most any other animal possible at our own cost,so the ban went into effect. After that his mother starting saying the most atrocious things possible about me,i married him for his money…lol…my ex made 3 times as my husband did,then it was i must have gotten him on drugs to stay with me,then i brain washed him so stay,the i must be blackmailing him to stay with me,then i supposedly lied to him about many things.And these are so called church going women,and they said i turned him against religion,but he decided on his own to stop attending church after all the trouble started with them and thier fanatic beleifs due to thier twisting their relgion to fit thier needs…they ignored my daughter as much as possible,his mother hated the fact that my ex and i remained friends and collaberated on all decisions together,and especially that we all spent some holidays together,my ex and his wife along with my husband,she hated that with a passion,she said it wasnt natural and didnt not like my ex or his family in her sons home.She refused to offer any condolenses to my daughter when her grandfather died,my ex hubbys father…my daughter was 10 at the time,it was the most disgusting things i had ever seen,so i left their house the moment that happened,or rather didnt happen.We built our own home,it was a mistake according to her,a waste of money,she was mad because we sold his home and mine to build ours together when we were married as we wanted a home that we made together,not my home and not his,as she had decorated it and felt it was hers,she would comme over after we had moved in and try to change things i had done,they would have celebrations there and not ask me,then would get mad when i wouldnt put my cats or dogs outside while they had thier family partys…so that was why we decided to build out own.Well after that,she then threatened to take him out of thier will…when he told to go ahead,she then refused,saying he would contest that in court later,despite him telling her we would pay a laywer to write up papers,leaving him out of the damn will and stating his his intention to never make any future claims when the need arose…this women and her daughter are money obscessed so therefore think everyone is like them.I managed for years to avoid them while my hubby did his visits alone,but she kept on telling him lies,everytime it was more insane,but he would tell her stop or he wouldnt visit again but he always gave in and went back,i think mainly due to his father,although i by that time felt his father should have muzzled his wife by them.Now his father is dying and of course they turned his health into another excuse to blame me for the limited contact and to guilt my husband into more visits with all of them,nost just his father.So after much thought i made the choice to walk out as i didnt want to tell him i wanted all contact stopped at this time although my my health is going downhill due to years of this stress,so i finally came to the conclusion that he wouldnt keep his visits with his father seperate from his family as he had been doing,and my husband didnt argue the matter so i at this point realized he made his desicion also,which i suspected all along,as he could never seem to go through with his ulitatums and after 20 years im tired and mad at myself for wasting that amount of time hoping he would one day demand i be shown some respect with out it causing us another fight between us and causing us stress and aggravating my medical problems.So i guess my advice to any women planning a marriage who has any sign of mother in law from hell issues,get the hell out,dont waste your time,no man is worth the possible years of hell you will be living with,i finally feel free and again respect myself,it feels like i left behind this black cloud that has been following me for 20 years.Sorry for the long long story but i had to release some of the stress and pain,i am now trying to figure out how to go about living my life again without my husband as i do still love him very much abd i know he loves me in his own way too,but i guess some things were jsut never meant to be and trying to force someone to leave thier family never works…so please be aware of the these so called women in your mans life,sometimes they are not what they seem to be and portray to others.Thanks for the chance to vent and good luck to all.

  144. Anonymous

    my inlaws are jealous,devious,manipulative,always interfered throughout my marriage,glad i divorced there daughter who was still attached to the apron strings

  145. That Girl

    OMG! My MIL is such a manilpulative bitch! She is constantly in our business and trying to turn him against me. She tries to act like we are bad parents, when in fact I am trying to keep her away from my kid’s because she is a lazy no-good alcoholic!
    She is constantly speaking her in-coherent mind about how we take care of our children. I think she is thinking about her own self as a so-called mother to her own kid’s and taking it out on me all the time. I can’t freaking stand her anymore!
    I have tried and tried and tried with this crazy being and have got no where with her!
    I think she is jealous because her son has only done SO much better with me IN his life than out. She could never get him to do anything in his youth (because she really never tried as a drunk) and resents herself so bad for it, that she made it my fault!
    Seriously I can go on and on and on about this lady, but there is just soooooooo much to say! I can’t stand her! I wish she would F**K OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. broken angel

    My mil is a compulsive liar. She tried so hard to stop the wedding by telling her son she didnt want me, insulting my mom, humiliating me on our engagement & afterwards constantly bad mouthing my family. She has tried so hard to break us up, told me to my face she didnt want me. I suffered depression, anorexia & anxiety attacks because of her. I am not allowed to leave the house or tell anyone if she shouts at me. My husband has wound up in hospital too because of her yet she told everyone it was because of me. I pray for the day she is no longer in my life.

  147. Penny

    My MIL is a sly bitch who tried to get information from my kids about how often nanny visits and for how long. I have been With my husband for 18 years and I’m not going any where, but she lives in hope that I will drop dead. MIL is so jelous of me she slips awful comments about my family to me all the time (makes sure husband is not around). Well I had a go at her finally after 20 years of her shit and she was speechless. Let’s hope she shuts the fuck up now! I’m ready for her mouth now.

  148. Anonymous

    RUDE, POSSESSIVE, ALCOHOLIC CUNT- She cheated on her husband when my husband was barely 2 years old, moved on to the next guy and then cheated on him too. She seems to find really good men who don’t deserve a cheating whore like her. She’s jealous and possessive of her son (maybe the only man alive who loves her in spite of her being a rubbish mom who spent a large part of his childhood whoring n drinking) and YET, I swear she thinks that my family and i are not good enough for her only son. And i have given nothing to her son but an abundance of love, fairness and quality of life. I have never cheated and i am no alcoholic. She is no f*cking position to judge me or tell me i’m not good enough. F*cking bitch of a MIL! I am not and have never been out to compete with her and yet she feels like she needs to bring her son away from me by buying him holidays with her!! Old and lonely now huh?? In fact, i have always been courteous and polite to her but she is only nice and contacts me when she wants me to do something for her. I dont deserve this! She is a bitch but karma is an even bigger one. I hope she gets what she deserves.

  149. fantastic wife

    My mother-in-law is ugly, faker, liar, tattletale, selfish, insensitive, nosey bitch. She just can’t cut the cord after 30 years of marriage to her son. If they had one-way tickets they sold to send people to the moon, I’d be the first in line.

  150. anon

    Shes a needy, whiny, complaining, hypocritical religious bitch. I wish she would disappear. I hate how she manipulates my husband.

  151. sherlene

    I have a wonderful sweetheart of a soon to be mother in law. However my problem is with my fiance’s brothers wife whom we are staying with for a few months until we get our own place which is in the next two months. It all started with her throwing away my leftovers not once or twice but every time I cook. Then she tells me “no offence but I don’t like white people “. I held my tounge and let her idiotic comment go. Then she hung up a picture of my fiance’s white deceased ex wife on the living room wall. I let that go too. Then something weird happened. My fiance and I came back from my mothers after a two day stay and she thought she saw a hicky on his neck.which is none of her business but she slapped him and looked in my direction and said “bruha ” which means witch. Now I am totally pissed off at this point. And my fiance said it was a joke. Since then she is always in his buisness asking him where he is going did he talk to his boss how much he got paid. She yells for him 20 times a day when he is home. I am at my Witt’s end. I don’t know what to do. And he sticks up for her. I am close to going off on her. Am I wrong to feel this way? What would you do?

  152. Stressed

    Wow thought it was just me going through this, my mother inlaw doesnt have a good word to say about anybody. But then is really nice to everyone she has just pulled down. She uses racist coments around me and my children,she pulls a face if we spend money on ourselves. Every time I see her I come away feeling sick.The only person she likes is her granchild from her other son, which is a shame as she quite clearly uses her for money, food, gas electric, clothes the list goes on.

    Rant over Thank you

  153. Anonymous

    My mil is a liar, hypochondriac, she pretended once to have a tumor as soon as our 1st child was born. Then months later it magically dissappeared! She never attends any of our kids b-day parties or the baptisms either, even though the church was in the town where she lives. She never ever calls unless she wants something especially money, she doesn’t work & expects to live off her kids. She calls to talk shit about her son (my husband)… just to start lying & to cause drama! My husband thinks that I’m just being a hater, but I’m truly not…I just hope he opens his eyes to this & realizes that she is manipulative. There’s a lot more to this but, a I don’t want to bore anybody…

  154. Alivia

    My MIL overall is fine when she wants to be. But she doesnt understand boundaries. Always guilting us because we don’t go to church, comes up with vacation ideas and when we tell her we can’t go because we dont want to spend the money(we’re saving to buy a hosue) she always says” I’ll just pay for it”. Which really irritates me. Coughing up the money just so she can get what she wants. This happened several times during our wedding planning. I new I had a budget and if there was something she liked I nixed, she would say “i’ll just pay for it”. AKA I want it so if I have to pay to get it I will. She also doesnt think she sees us enough. We live 3 hours away and we see them at least 1 or 2 times a month for weekend stays. How much more can we give up???? She’ll make comments to me when my husband is out with his dad. “they really need more quality time together like this”. ..Which is basically her saying, YOU need to see that we see him more. When I left me job and was unemployed for a few months, I’ve never seen someone so “interested” in my job search. Texting me every other day, telling me she was looking for jobs for me.. talk about making me insecure. She works, but the overwhelming nature of her interest made me feel like she was embarrassed that I wasnt working. The newest thing is they keep saying they are moving to where we live. Which as things are right now, I’d go crazy. I feel like she can be manipulative when she wants something, aka uses guilt trips and such…veyr controlling when she has an idea she wants to see happen. So I can only imagine when we have children if she lives int he same town that she’s going to be the type to tell me how to do things, or just stop by all the time unannounced making me crazy. Its really a love hate relationship. She’ll make little comments and then give me a gift. I have no idea how to read her, but I know she has a plan for how her son(only child)life was going to be and she’s having a hard time accepting that it’s not unfolding exactly as she saw it.

  155. Anonymous

    Crazy, controlling, overwhelming. My MIL doesn’t trust me as a parent and has no problem telling everyone that! She constantly questions my actions and insists that she knows best. Excuse me but I’m not an idiot! Not only does she give me “advice” on everything, but when I don’t do what she says she takes it personally and acts like a child. One time she went as far as saying “I don’t want to see him so I don’t have to see him not being taken care of properly”. Seriously?? Grow up. Oh and it doesn’t help that my fiance doesn’t realize he is a grown man and can stand up to her. Its exhausting. When my son was born she insisted that she be in the room with me and when I said no she was offended and snuck in anyway. Luckily the nurse was amazing enough to sense I was pissed and told her she had to leave before I started pushing. The woman has no boundaries, and makes me crazy. It makes me miss my ex MIL. She was amazing and we were best of friends-It was harder saying goodbye to her when I got divorced than it was my ex husband!

  156. anonymously over it, or wish i was

    Wow, I definitely don’t feel alone anymore. There must be an unspoken rule somewhere stating that mils must be bitches. My mil is the queen narcissist, she Is the most self serving, self riatghteous, ungrateful, condescending, manipulative snob that I have ever met. Then to top it off she always tries to buy my husband’s Forgiveness, which always comes with strings attatched. So tired of it! Grrrrr!

  157. Klempo

    Bitch, fake,manipulative, Selfish Fool!!!
    Can’t stand her! The BIGGEST BITCH EVER
    Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch!
    crazy insane manipulative genius
    absolute freaking bipolar bitch

    (Thank you for help guys. I just copied your words. Just say 1000000000 times. All about her!)
    She has no true friends. It is says everything about person.

  158. anon

    MIL –
    Mentally controlling of “her boys”,
    Intentionally sneaky, deceptive, condescending, manipulator,
    Lazy unless involves running around after “her boys” or doing something for herself.

    “Her boys” is what she refers to my partner & my new born son as.
    Found me the perfect job that would work out perfectly for her as I could look after my boy through the day while she had fun at her lovely work or had lunches wi her mates, then as my husband came home at 5pm, I could go to work but she could look after them and make them dinner & have ‘their’ family time every night!

    Lived with us for WAY to long (months!!) n ignored the hints that we needed our own space.

    Re-arranged my kitchen.

    Invited people behind my back to our wedding, BIG SUPRISE when I got RSVP’s from folk I didn’t know.

    Dominates the wedding photographer wi photo’s of groups she wanted.

    Acts nice as f’ing pie n then sneakily has a pop at me.

    Won’t let her son make a decision on his own.

    Has to be centre of everything.

    Does not realise her son is a grown man with his own family n learn her role as ‘gran’

    Still tries to fold her sons undies n put em away for him in our bedroom!

    Watched me paint stairs outside in 52 degrees C while 8 months pregnant after offering to help but obviously deciding that was too much like hard work.

    Used our car for 8 months gives it back with bold tyres, no rego & a feked battery, only for us to pay for fixing then decide she will use it again till we sold it but wouldn’t buy it off us for minimum cost of what we spent to fix it.

    I used to get on so well wi her but have seen a side I won’t ever trust. Why can’t mothers let go of their boys n step into their important new roles??? Have promised my lad he won’t have these issues wi me!!

  159. your only daughter in law

    OMG i have a total bitch of mother In law i can’t stand her She Is so manipolating
    Selfish. Bipolar i fucken Hate her inside but i have to be fake with her besarse of my boyfriend
    No wonder yoUr husband. Left u and your daughter don’t speak to you
    Shes crazy. Talks shit about every single person n I don’t know how to get u out of my life
    Even when her friend does free stuff to help her
    Shea so ungrateful

  160. kim

    MY MIL is angry, bitter and loves to make everyone feel guilty. She is depressing and angry towards me when I come home from work and sits perched on the kitchen chair with a sour face, sighing, complaining and watching me cook for her. She tells me what she does and does not want and whines about everything under the sun. When her son walks in the door she changes her attitude 180 degrees and is cheerful towards him – goes on about how tired he must be while I work all day too then come home and wait on them both hand and foot. She NEVER goes out, never wants to go out, WE NEVER have time alone and I am concerned about our relationship. I’m counting down the months until she moves out of my house. Was supposed to be two months, now it is six.

  161. Stuck in love

    My mother in law is a highly intelligent narcisstic sociopath. She pretended off and on for the last ten years to be my best friend all the while making friends and family hate me one by one. If they didn’t hate me they just felt too uncomfortable being around me because of the game being played. 3 women in ten years that did not know each other have come to me before leaving our circle to tell me how much she hates me. She can’t stand looking at me. They had nothing to gain by lying to me. They themselves said they prefer to stay away from this situation at my mother in law was obviously deranged. She calls me fat, stupid, inbred, worthless. But she offered to carry her son’s baby for me twice so maybe she’s nice? Lol. She pitted my best friend against me very cleverly and when it comes to my man,her son, she is doing the same. Over the years she has put the guilt on him of leaving her all alone. She refuses to date as most men will NOT put up with being treated like scum and not even get the pleasure of sex from her. She does not have sex. She just won’t for any man but she loves attention. But she asks about her son and I’s sex. Asks if I’m servicing him enough because she don’t like his attitude. The first time my man and I went to have relations after a week long fight of whence she said you guys deserve more alone time- she tried to bust thru the door but I had it locked. She starts slamming all doors in the house. We were silent not moaning or nothing. She just wanted control. We are quiet and respectful and paid for this house. But she is rude all the time. Now she’s acting like rotten teenager leaving messes everywhere and slamming stuff all day and more stuff I’m just plain creeped out by. I think she may have urinated on my side of the couch that no one ever sits at but me. I know sounds paranoid but she has done other really weird stuff. The doctor told me I shouldn’t be around any stress right now with my new health condition. We’re supposed to be trying for baby but doc says ill lose it under these conditions. My man loves me. But I am sad, broken hearted he can not get away from or control his mom. These are only a few if the hundreds of sufferings she has caused

  162. Anonymous

    I am so glad I am not the only one who can’t stand my mil. I call it nasty nice, cause she is nasty when no one is around (to me) then the seconds anyone comes around she becomes soooo fake. When I was5 months pregnant with our 3rd child together she suggested I get a job and my husband stay home with the kids. She is totally coo koo!

  163. sk

    fake, liar, greedy, backstabber, diplomatic. ate her first husband. Made her second husband mad. ate up all his money and now left him to be all alone on his own for food, laundry, cooking, cleaning etc calls him Mad. ate my all jewelley known as Istridhan, did no functions for marriage, keeps asking goodies from my parents and now have disturbed my family also. made my husband so much into he talks that he even dont ask about his new born son and asking for divorce. Her deeds will Fk her. Its all Karma!!

  164. Rob

    My MIL is really nice…to your face. She will extend one hand to help while hiding the other one behind her getting ready to plunge the knife in your back.

  165. Anonymous

    she is a two faced bitch. To my face, she is all sweet and friendly, but behind my back, she insults me and talks shit about me.

  166. Dreading the future

    Sad, mental mindfuck uses my husband as pay off from his dad because he had an affair. Controlling of his time and yet is cold and distant to all of us. Lives on her own and expects my husband to do whatever she wants. Stopped him seeing his step sisters. Last Christmas he spent the day with her and had to lie and say he needed to go to work, just so he could drive and see me. What a bitch! Hope she enjoys this Christmas without him!

  167. S

    Fucking bully, manipulative bitch a waste of space, just so happens i dont put up with it and now she thinks she can appologise well the tables have turned

  168. Anonymous

    My mother in law has three sons none of which she could be bothered to raise herself. The only concession I make is that they are three wonderful men in their own ways,though I do believe this is in spite of rather than as a direct result of her influence.
    She left her first two sons (one being my husband) with relatives while she went to university to drink, takes drugs and basically whore about. The boys were split up and sent to different Grandparents, one being her own mother who she regularly lambastes for not being a fit parent! Fit enough to look after her son though while she got drunk and shagged her way through higher education. Her third son was basically left to his own devises as she took very little interest in him leaving it up to my husband to raise him in the absence of his father.
    She has recently been divorced from her third failed marriage and is in finical difficulty. My husband and myself took out a loan to help support her as did her two other sons, she has borrowed from her brother and also has a friend paying her mortgage. It has recently been made clear she never intends to pay any of us back. Rather than feeling guilty about this she continues to spend money like its going out of fashion, buying designer handbags when we are all struggling to put food on the table.
    She shows little to no interest in her grandchildren and only calls when she is after more money. Despite her apathy towards her existing grandchildren she takes any given opportunity to remind me what a failure I am as I can not give my husband children. She did however compliment me for the first time the other day (least I think that,s how she intended it)she said she knew she could trust me to remain faithful to my husband as I’m so fat no one else would want me!
    I worry that one day I will snap and loose it with her and though I know my husband loves me I’m scared because I know how manipulative she can be and know I would end up being the bad guy.

  169. Anonymous

    My mother in law is the most evil, vile snd manipulative human being that I have ever come across. She does not know how to respect other people’s values and to leave them alone when want to be left alone. She tells my wife that if I’m not a good slave to her I’m not worth to be kept. She has been trying to get my wife away from me since the day we got married. I hate her from the bottom of my heart and wish that nature would avenge my wounded soul in the most laughable manner possible.

    I have spent years working on my marriage and through the toughest times of my life I have found myself working on my relationship. I deserve to be with someone smarter who plans to be my wife through thick and thins. Getting married is a commitment and decision that may last a life time, a little research on the family would be good before you make a firm decision.

  170. Anonymous

    I hate her she has spoken to me about twice in ten years, 5 years ago she stopped putting mine and my sons names in cards only puts my husband and daughter. She and other I laws ingnored me a daughters christening and our wedding she has turned my SIL and BILs against me I asked her recently if we could sort problems Luther response was ” your heads so far up your fucking arse”. What did I do wrong apparently my husband forgets to send cards or doesn’t visit enough she said its my fault he’s been like this since he met you. Well talk to him about it, you have made my life hell. No more.

  171. Anonymous

    My MIL is absolutely awful! Me and my husband got married 2 months ago and she wasn’t ever annoying before we got married. I would want to be at her house all the time, but the day before the wedding (we had an unexpected quick marriage) when we picked out my dress every dress I tried on she said didn’t fit my body good (I only weigh 124lbs, so every dress to me fit good) or she said was ugly, she wanted me to dress slutty, and provocative, she wanted everything her way! It started then… Then I realize she was a bitch! She had the cake done her way, anyways.. So me and my husband (Joseph) had to live with her for a little while because I’m still in home school and we just can’t really afford a house at the moment, and then we would have to leave when we husband came home from offshore because she lied to him and didn’t tell him we were married. She is a habitual liar as well. So me and Joseph came to my house for 2 weeks, packed all our shit up and left over night. Well needless to say she lied to her husband and said Joseph was getting away with staying at my house sometime, and we came back and she wants to boss us around. She thinks I am her maid or something. She would wake me up at like 8:00 in the morning make me vacuum her carpet or wash dishes. Then when I’d get done I’d have to rush and take a shower cause she would want me to come to town with her. And It was the same thing everyday. I got so stressed my hair was thinning out. It was like living in hell there. She bossed us around like crazy, she wouldn’t ask Joseph to do something, she would bitch him out until he took out the garbage or fed her dogs. She didn’t do anything. Neither did Joseph’s brother we did everything. So one night I broke down. Told Joseph when her husband came back home I was going back to my parents house and wasn’t coming back. And so I did, I am back home and have no worrisome MIL to worry bout. We went to see her yesterday to eat dinner and first thing she ask me is if I was gaining weight. And then she ask me why I wasn’t wearing makeup. And why I was wearing sandles because it was cold outside. (We live in Mississippi and its not that cold here in February). She tries to get into my personal life. Asking me if I have had my cycle this month. And asking me when I’m going to have her grandchild. And then she starts saying that when we do have a kid it’s going to be a bastard if its a boy and a bitch if its a girl because me and Joseph put together is one big mistake. She pisses me off with shit like that. And she calls me a bitch because she tells me to tell Joseph for him to feed her dogs… -.- I told her to text him and tell him cause I was bout to go to the bathroom. Ahhhh I hate her! Idk if it sounds as bad as it really is. She is horrible. Her husband gets paid 4,000$ every two weeks and she bitches to me about how she doesn’t have any money. Yea fuckin right. I just can’t stand her. Idk what to do. And bad thing is. I have to go back there tonight.. I don’t even know why! So point is. She wasn’t annoying before we got married, she buys her clothes out the juniors section and tries to do her hair like mine. I think she is jealous cause I took her son away from her. Everything I do she tries to do better. She always did her own thing until we got married. Now it’s awful. I know I’m just babbling on I just need to vent. And my husband just blows her off. I wish I could do that and not let her get to me

    1. Anonymous

      My MIL is nothing more than a greedy, manipulative conniving and spoiled rotten bitch who is going to hell. She dragged her son, grandson and myself to California to make a better life, and I was 6 months pregnant at the time. She made me walk 3 hours to a far away welfare office to get on assistance for her to spend for HERSELF instead of saving some money for MY baby! She spent all of HER cash for smokes, pills, and clothes, while we didn’t even have anything for MY unborn son, not even diapers! She even got mad at me because I bought diapers for my son and nephew because she would go buy any. She then up and disappeared on her son, her grandson and myself and I was close to my due date! We had no money for our baby and nothing that we had to prepare. No carseat, crib or bigger clothes for the baby to grow up in. I can honestly say that I am glad she is out of our lives and I hope I never see her again. She is not welcome in my son’s life whatsoever.

  172. Anonymous

    my mother in law is a controlling women who me and i are fighting for her own son its like she is another mistress and she cant mind her own business she is always in my issues, i love and respect her but she is really annoying and i dont plan to tell her what happens in my life or our relationship, we always have problems because she is always there sticking her nose in our business.

  173. Anonymous

    Psycho, Fake, Self-obsessed, bitch

    Unfortunately my MIL sucks! She cares for no one but herself. Acts like she loves her kids half the time and half the time she is a total drama starting psycho! She cheated on my husbands dad and divorced without a care who she was hurting, re-married 1 year later to some loser. She somehow finds a way to blame me for everything!! Thankfully I am married to a wonderful human being who is nothing like his mother and sees what she does!! I am so lucky to be with him! But he is too “good” of a person to cut his mother out of his life completely, so I am stuck dealing with her 🙁 Oh well, my husband has always taken my side over hers and it drives her CRAZY 🙂

  174. Maria

    4 words:
    Passive-aggressive, selfish, mean, cockroach

    Passive-aggressive: She is always creating drama in the family. She does things only for us only to tell us how hard it was or how expensive it was. Total martyr. For example, if we don’t rave about her cooking and how much time she must have spent at the hot stove, all future holidays are CANCELLED!

    Selfish: doesn’t care who she mows down along the way. Totally took over wedding plans in Vancouver and every detail had to be her way or the highway. Wanted some kind of peanut sauce for the dinner and we told her there are at least 2 people who are very allergic to peanuts. She said they can sit in the back!!!

    Mean: when our daughter was born last year, she sent flowers and card ONLY addressed to my husband.

    Cockroach: she has a terminal illness which was supposed to take her away many years ago. Even her husband banked on her dying and started an affair w a much nicer woman. He got caught, cockroach still alive. He’s in a jam.

  175. Anonymous

    Pathological liar. Manipulator. Buys grandchildren’s affection since they can’t stand her either (with her husband’s money since she hasn’t worked at a real job in 20 years). Evil. Hypochondriac. Nasty. Dirty. Toothless. Chain-smoker. Backstabbing. Atheist. Liberal. Abortionist. Hypocrite. Witch. There I said it and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

  176. anonymous

    After 30 years of marriage and two daughters, and my husband is a mommy’s boy to boot. The old bitch does nothing wrong in his book. She didn’t like our girls from day one. Our oldest daughter was her first grandchild, of course we had pictures taken professionally which she put out. But as soon as her other son had a son she threw our daughters picture in a drawl his picture was up and hers was no longer to be found..That was not the first of things she has done nor will it be the last. As long as my husband protects, and believes in her then her shit will never stop!! . MY LIST IS LONG. First the old stupid bitch doesn’t understand GIRLS ROCK! Second: She is a Whiny, Facebook/in your face gossiping fake, that is condescending judgmental, nosey, lazy, manipulative, and a burden. She has, and will never have any respect for me, my children, or my home. To bad for me my husband can’t see it!

  177. Anonymous

    I hate my MIL!!! She’s so jealous of me. Everything I have she tries to get or better. I went and purchased an Iphone she spend $600 on a galaxy table. When her teenage daughters have no school clothes. The worst part is she doesn’t like me so she fakes as if she LOVES me. It’s really confusing. I remodeled my house, she brags about what she’s going to get done to her house! She says all I do it SHOP!! Hahaha she says I think I’m more than others. When that is the complete opposite. She’s so jealous of me. She invites is to dinner I never eat because I’m so uncomfortable. I think she just has issues with women who have some going on for themselves!!! Geeesssshhhh I HATE MY MOTHER IN LAW ????????????

  178. Anonymous

    My mother in law is an evil passive aggressive narcissist who delights in telling my husband all of my failings – and he agrees with her as he thinks she is a saint. She manipulates situations and pretends she has sacrificed everything for her son – when in actual fact she packed him off to relatives as a baby as she was career obsessed.
    I hate her with a passion.

  179. Georgia

    My MIL is one of those who believes her son can do no wrong. No matter what the offense/crime is: it doesn’t matter if he’s not helping to pay bills, not helping around the house, sending/receiving naked pics from women, being the selfish, lying man I know him to be – she’ll defend him. As far as she’s concerned, I should just be glad to be married and if I want to be married, I need to figure out a way to put up with him. In reality, I think she’s just glad to have him out of her house since he was dead weight while he was there, too.

  180. BH

    My mother-in-law: is a liar; is very cold; is manipulative and is emotionally damaged. I’ve had the misfortune of having her in my life for twenty years, which have been twenty years of being ignored, punished because I took her son away, and generally treated with contempt. She is two-faced and knows how to be nice when necessary, and it’s this that has been the most confusing for me. She uses emotional blackmail as a way of reeling in her son and keeping him burdened with guilt so that he attends to her. She also uses illness in the same way and always has to have a worse health problem than me if I’m not well. Luckily my husband is finally starting to see hers ways after twenty years of blaming me for the poor relationship I have had with his mother. He stood up to her the other day and I’m hoping that the next twenty years will be better for the two of us.

  181. kris

    my mother in law is a bitch and a whore i hate that evil bitch with all my heart she loves her slut daughter and her in breed kids more then she will ever love my kids she has never came to one birthday or holiday let alone a gift she can go fuck herself

  182. anon

    My mil is a begger. Never worked but expects everybody to take care of her, begs to live with us, refuses to come visit her son ,tries to make everyone feel sorry for her and she only calls us when she’s in the hospital for a minor problem lies about it making it sound like something serious and puts guilt trips on everybody and cries like a little girl when she doesn’t get her way. She’s a complete nuisance and hope she dies soon

  183. tasha

    Total fucking bitch!I hate her!she sticks her nose in everyones business n wen dy approach she’s like,ohh I never say that!wtf!n she starts cryn.she tries 2 better wateva I do 4 her son,she cums in2 d bedroom n makes hm move over 4 her 2 lay down.aaaaaargh I cnt stand her!bitch bitch bitch!n if she’s jealous of sumtn new dat I wear or if my mum gives me sumtn,she’ll b like,u knw my son won’t like it,if I’m teln u then he definitely wil swear u!n she deliberately causes an argument between my man n I.n she talks about me.n he just jumps 4 her.

  184. Anonymous

    I’m not even married yet and I can already relate to everyone on here. My boyfriends mum is a condescending bitch.

  185. Anonymous

    My MIL is a nice person (meaning she is not evil or conniving) but extremely lazy, messy and ungrateful. She loves her only grandchild dearly but leaving in same house as her is torture. I am a full time university student, my son is three, i do all the cleaning ( she will rarely if ever help clean her own house) i even cleaned her bedroom once because it was a real mess, like it has been abandoned with old clothes and rubbish under the bed. I am therefore always extremely exhausted. She does not like take bath/shower hence the smell is unbearable at times. I am realy stressed out.

  186. Anonymous

    My mother in law is a good person, but completely annoying. My husband is a textbook addict and she has lied for him to me about his drinking. She claimed to have done it for her unborn granddaughter. Which doesn’t help my kid at all when he dad can’t get it together. She’s always butting into our marriage. Telling me I too hard on him. He’s going to be thirty not three. If he didn’t have her wiping his ass his whole life maybe he could live abd think for himself. She makes rude comments as if I never help him financially when we first got together I was paying all of our bills and working 40 hours a week. She will not let go of the fact he was arrested last year and still blames me when he had a drinking problem, was not medicated for his disorders abd tried to put his hands on me. We have already worked through these issues as a couple but she acts like I’m a monster when all I’ve ever done was love her son and stick by him when things were awful.
    I do not want her watching my daughter when she is born because I feel like I can’t trust her. She means well and is a food grandmother to her other grandchildren however I don’t want her to try and take my daughter. She’s a snake in the grass. I used to love her unconditionally until she started talking down to me. So right now I respect the fact she’s a human I love her for msking my husband but I wish I could just slap the stupid bitch when she acts like I’m not good enough for her son. Her only boy.

  187. Anonymous

    My MIL is a manipulative, passive agressive bitch who asked me to return the engagement ring my husband gave me when he proposed!!! She has been cold and disapproving of my relationship with her son since day 1 and 8 years later she has managed to convince him to leave me. My MIL is a frustrated and miserable woman who wanted our marriage to fail because she is sooo unhappy in hers. I hope she’ll fry in hell.

  188. Anonymous

    A lying, stupid, fake bitch who thankfully lives in a different country, constantly talks shit about me and my mom to her son, back stabs and causes problems in my marriage, well bitch, you ain’t never gonna see your grandchild after this, I won’t even tell her that you exist, you’re fuckin’ dead in my book, and your son’s gettin’ a big fat restraining order too

  189. J.R.

    I hate mine. She is the laziest, fattest, narcissistic, obtrusive, obnoxious, loud, selfish, self-centered, vicious, malicious, stinky, dirty, scummy, ugly person I have ever met/known. I hope the piece of shit drops dead! She was looking after our two children for 6 months while my husband and I worked. My oldest son (3 at the time) told me “Grandma’s mean to me.” I installed nanny cams and caught her physically and emotionally abusing our children. She was charged with child abuse and received no jail time for the abuse my kids suffered. My son has been in counselling, he is now 8 years old. We have been through hell because of my husband’s psychotic bitch of a mother. She calls and harasses us and I’ve had to change my number twice and have a restraining order against her. My husband had a mental break down over all guilt he felt over letting his mother care for our kids. I truly hope this cow dies a horrible death for what she did!

  190. I hate Italian women

    I absolutely hate my inlaws. They are 95% a Italian and he has 5 sisters from hell. On top of the mom that doesn’t do shit besides sit at home play a poor me act, doesn’t work, liea, sits on Farmville collecting unemployment. She raised drug addiction children to cocain marijuana and alcohol. 3 of her 6 kids have dwi’s. She drinks a box of wine plus whiskey every night smokes 2 packs a day and continues to ruin my life. I love him so much, but I am unsure how much I can take. She has raised her child et (exception him) to be theifs, drunks, druggies, liars, fake catholics, wrong, bitches!!!!! She cries that he is never there but he doesn’t want to be there either. I hate that dumb bitch so much!!

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  192. Anonymous

    Well I’m still waiting for her to keel over from the chain-smoking. Seriously, I think the old witch is undead.

  193. Pissed-off DIL

    She is a backstabbing bitch who is jealous of me and hate me for marrying her son. We had a good relationship at first, but when her son and I got engaged she changed. She started to ask me to do stuff (like let me know where you are when we were traveling), and the moment I did it she would message my fiancé asking him where we are, giving him the impression that I did not bother to let her know. She is nosey and demands to know every thing – from what my parent’s holiday costs them to why are we home late (we don’t even live with them), to what we are eating. She refused to give me their guest list for our wedding, even though I asked her at least 10 times. She would call my fiancé at work and ramble down a few names without addresses. She tried several times to break us up before our marriage (and almost succeeded). On our wedding she demanded that I gave the bridal suite to her and her husband to get dressed in, and was seriously pissed off when I refuse to let them use the bridal suite (an open plan room). She did not congratulate me or my husband, but put her arms around his neck and cry so much people asked me if there was death in the family. When I tried to ask her how she were she looked me straight in the eye, and turn her back on me. She tried to ruin our honeymoon – she called my husband each and every day while we were on honeymoon. She is nosey and call everything in our house “my husband’s” – including the washing machine and tumble dryer. Even my car, which I paid off is “HIS”. I would ask her what time she would like to eat, and about an hour before the time she said she will through a tantrum about “why isn’t the food ready”, and then order take-aways. She knows better with everything I do, even though she doesn’t have a clue about it, and she is stupid enough to let her idiotic thoughts went out her mouth. She will give me a list of food she eats, and if I prepare it she would refuse to eat it because “she don’t eat it” even though the bitch put it on her list. She would yell at my dogs (if you don’t like the dogs, go out the front, not the back where the dogs are). She gossip and lie. She is a pathetic little women who can’t get over the fact that I am more important to her son than she is. I TOTALLY HATE HER FOR BEING SUCH A BACK-STABBING BITCH. I understand why my father in law cheated on her.

  194. Anonymous

    Soo.. the mother in law. Granny as she is called by my son. 4 words to describe her would be – lazy, selfish, malicious, poison.

    One of the first things this woman said to me was that my partners ex girlfriend was so amazing and she loved her so much, although I know she used to call her fat behind her back. So I guess no one is good enough for her favourite child. I’ve known this family since I was a child, his parents friends with my parents. It’s always made to look like the father is the biggest problem and that he is such a terrible person, being an addict can make it look like that. It’s not. It’s not at all. Living in such a small area you hear things about people, most of it just gossip thats been twisted but still a lot of it true. I heard something about my partners mum. Something she did when they boys were young. I believe this something isn’t the worst of it as who told me couldnt carry on talking about it. Her boys were found in a messy cot with their mouths taped shut while she was nowhere to be seen. Now I thought “oh wow, she must have had a mental breakdown or something!” No this was not the case, she is just a dangerous human being. Her children should have been taken away from her. I’ve heard stories from my partner of his little sister being thrown across the room by her hair as a toddler, he’s mentioned countless times how his mum used to beat him and his brother over and over. He talks about it as if it’s
    Normal because that is what is normal for him. This woman also has never worked, not full time anyway, which ok I can understand if you are really ill, depressed, anxious, have mental or physical disabilities. She’s had arthritis for years, so she claims benefits for it. It’s now been diagnosed as fibromyalga, or so she says. I know fibromyalga is a horrible disease so I do feel sorry for her, if that is what it is. Although, my friend has fibromyalga, she is only 26 and has to walk with a cane, she gets out and does something evey day. My own mother has been diagnosed with fibro also and has a full time job. I know every case is different but if you saw her out drinking you would see where I am getting at. My ultimate issue/problem with this whole thing is what do I do about my kids? Do I stop her from seeing them? She has 3 other grandchildren and she isn’t allowed to see them. My son was at her house with his dad a week ago. She started shouting at my partner and then turned around to my son and said “your daddys a wanker isnt he?!” Now my son is only 2 and a half so doesnt know what it means but the tone and volume scared him enough. She also says I’m a money grabber (my partner doesnt have a job so how am I grabbing his money that he doesnt have?!) and I am a snob because I don’t smoke weed. Smoking weed is why she sits on her lazy arse day after day expecting the state to pay for her to do so and then gets in rent arrears when her rent is paid by housing benefits!. Went off track a bit there BUT that is the remaining question “do I stop my kids from seeing their grandmother?” I think grandparents are very important as I was very close with my grandmother and am close with my Nana, my mum is also an amazing Bubby to my children. I don’t even like refering to this woman as Granny as she doesn’t deserve that title.

    There is a lot more to this story but I am writing this before the kids wake up so dont have much time. I decided to ask the question following yet another incident of backstabbing and bullying yesterday. Can anyone help? What do I do?!


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