What about gay marriage?

What are your thoughts on gay marriage?

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39 thoughts on “What about gay marriage?

  1. Anonymous

    To each their own. We can not help who our heart loves. I am for it and have no issues with it at all.

  2. Anonymous

    I am all for gay marriage and believe that it is no different of a union, ceremony or committment than a ‘heterosexual’ marriage. The love, friendship and personal promise exchanged during that marriage ceremony is the same. The only differense of the couple getting married is based on social/religious views. I believe that gay marriage should be acknowledged on all leves the same as heterosexual marriages.

  3. Anonymous

    I disagree with it completely. Marriage is between a man and a woman. It horrifies me, the world we are living in today and all the rampant sin.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m totally against it because the Bible is! I think we have perverted God’s gifts and now we’re praying for it. How sad!

  5. Just Me

    I think it is absolutely wrong according to the Bible. An abomination is the word God chose to use to describe it. I’m siding with Him!

  6. Anonymous

    I disagree with it because a marriage is between a man and a woman. I don’t hate people that are gay. In fact I have a family member that says he’s gay. But to me Marriage really is between a man and a woman. Now if they want a commitment ceremony that’s fine but not a marriage.

  7. Willow

    I’m of a mixed mind. I think loving and commitment are good things and, given the hetero divorce rates, gay people couldn’t do any worse than we do. That said, though, even though one of my very best friends is gay, I can’t say that I agree with gay marriage or believe in it. I was brought up to believe that it is wrong and somewhere inside me I guess I still believe that. And I don’t say that to offend anybody.

  8. Amy

    Marriage is a legal contract. In the U.S. there is supposed to be separation of church and state. If that was true, then people wanting a religious ceremony (gay or straight) would be the ones having a commitment ceremony! I know that Christians are typically against homosexuality and gay marriage, however, this country was founded on religious freedom (I’m not saying that there aren’t gay Christians, just that the Christian faith is typically the faith against gay marriage), so I don’t know why a religion should be able to determine who can or can’t be married.

    I don’t know or understand (and was Christian for many, many years – radical, at that and have never understood this) why anyone would deny someone who wants to commit to someone else, no matter their sexual preference. Gay people aren’t going to go away, whether they get married or not.

  9. Sarah

    my opinion on all of this is that the congress won’t pass it because it’s considered a sin in the bible… well, let’s not forget who took prayer out of the public school, who wants to take “one nation under god” out of the pledge of alleigance AND who wants to take “in God we trust” off of the currency…

    Now, tell me why in the hell congress is worried about gay marriage being a sin when they want to take any mention of Jesus christ our lord out of the mainstream…

    Obviously, I’m all for gay marriage. I have a thousand gay friends and my daughters AUNTS are lesbians.

    There’s my opinion for you…

  10. Sarah

    forgot something – marriage is about love… it’s a piece of paper and a pretty ring that say hey, we’re married. Marriage is materialistic… Marriage doesn’t have to be a man and a woman – just two people who love each other and want to live for each other day in and day out for the rest of their lives…

  11. Anonymous

    I don’t think there needs to be a difference between hetero-marriage and gay-marriage. Can we just call it human-marriage? If two people are happy together and are willing to commit to a lifelong partnership, more power to them. With all the ridicule gay people receive, I really don’t think a couple would pretend to be gay simply to gain government benefits. It’s not a commitment to be taken lightly, no matter what a person’s sexual orientation is.

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  13. Katy Castro

    Well, how about the lesbian weigh in…

    First, I LOVE Amy’s comment. Marriage is a legal contract. I don’t tell someone how to believe in their religion or how to live their life, why should another’s religion or life dictate mine?

    As someone who pays taxes, is a law abiding citizen, and lives life just like my heterosexual counterparts, choosing to get married should be my RIGHT not the privilege that the world wants to make it. Enacting laws that enable gay marriage is not the world giving us (gay people) a privilege, it’s giving us the same civil liberties and rights that heterosexuals have.

    In the US, we once thought women shouldn’t vote. We now do. We once thought that anyone who’s skin color wasn’t white was a slave, we now know that was stupid. I hope, to my God who sees love as love, that one day the world will realize that this too is another ignorance. If not in my lifetime, than at least in my daughters (adopted by my WIFE and I).

  14. Anonymous

    Who’s to say that people won’t be protesting to marry their animals next or 3+people demanding unions? If we loose our standards and jeopardize our moral compass to popular demand…how much more can we become capable of loosing? Will we one day accept child-adult unions? It seems detestable to think that, but so was Gay Marriage not even 20 years ago…food for thought people…when is enough clearly enough? I think Gay Marriage is the beginning of things to come…

  15. Susan

    Who’s to say that people won’t be protesting to marry their animals next or 3+people demanding unions? If we loose our standards and jeopardize our moral compass to popular demand…how much more can we become capable of loosing? Will we one day accept child-adult unions? It seems detestable to think that, but so was Gay Marriage not even 20 years ago…food for thought people…when is enough clearly enough? I think Gay Marriage is the beginning of things to come…

  16. Anonymous

    Totally against it. I know people who choose to live the gay lifestyle and I treat them no differently than anyone else but I do not agree with gay marrige, nor will I ever. Love the sinner, Hate the sin.

  17. Anonymous

    wow you girls got so many differing perspectives; love it. made me think, OUCH!!=) Well my basic argument against homosexuality (not the people themselves), is that:
    TWO PENISES do not make babies.
    TWO VAGINAs do not make babies.
    Only one penis & one vagina make babies.
    This is how we are designed…fact!
    Biologically speaking!

  18. peeking in

    I see the bumper stickers that say: Marraige = (drawing of traditional male stick figure) + (traditional female stick figure) and I have to laugh. Because I see that as: Marraige = human in pant + human in skirt. Think about it.

    As to Aug 5th comment – read the latest news headlines: First Man To Give Birth. The article says a female born had a sex-change operation without removal of the overies (sp?) and meets a female who had a total hysterectomy (again sp?), they wanted kids, so they had the furtilzed eggs planted in the “husbands” uteris. Talk about confusing.

  19. Katie

    I don’t believe in marriage but do in civil unions.

    My opinion is marriage is between a man & a woman; civil unions is for same sex partners.

    I believe civil unions are important so each person is afforded the same respect & rights to the other as is given to traditional married couples.

    For example: If I’m in a car addident, my husband comes to the hospital, tells them he’s my husband, they let him come in to love, comfort & support me. If Greg is in an accident, his partner Steve comes to the hospital, identifies himself as the husband and he is denied access to him because he has no legal right to see his partner of 20 years. That’s just not right, in my opinion…

  20. s

    A lot of you base your arguments on religion…well that’s how all the problems start in the first place. What if there was no religion and it was taken out of the picture…then what would the argument be? I don’t see what the problem is with people who want to spend the rest of their lives together like everyone else in the world…having a partner, being committed to someone special. Is it better to have people who sleep with everyone under the sun than have people in committed relationships? I know homosexual couples who have been together than most “marriages” of heterosexuals!! So how does the sex of the person make things better or worse??? Isn’t that discrimination – the one thing that we are all supposedly fighting against? For all the “religious” people, you might remember the quote “do unto others as you would have others do unto you”. Put yourself in a homosexual person’s shoes and then think…it will give you thoughts to ponder.
    PS: I’m a heterosexual married woman in case you’re wondering…

  21. Anonymous

    I believe that gay marriage SHOULD be allowed. The way I see it, by not allowing it, it is a form of discrimination. Many people use the bible as their reasoning for not wanting it- but don’t forget that when our fore father’s founded this country, they created our government with the belief of the seperation of church and state. Therefore, I whole heartedly believe that religon should not be a deciding factor in this matter, it should be the difference between right and wrong. How would you feel if you were told you couldn’t marry the person you love and all because of a law that discriminated against you?

  22. C

    I truly do not understand the people that feel that same sex marriages in any way threaten heterosexual marriage. One of the writers above wrote about making babies – should we ban marriages that don’t produce children? People who choose not to, or can’t have children?

    I honestly can’t believe we even have this discussion – everyone against it sites the bible, but don’t we as a nation have a separation of church and state? Shouldn’t that end the discourse?

  23. Anonymous

    I believe in civil unions and domestic partnerships and weddings and all that for Gays, but it is NOT marriage.
    Since the foundation of the earth marriage has been between a man and a woman. It’s a fundamental principle in every society, and that’s how it should stay.

  24. Lydia

    I have worked with so many unhappy people in the field of human service. So for me if you can find someone that is special in your life and you make each other happy go for it. I don’t care what color, ethinic, religious or gender just be happy and treat each other right.

  25. Anonymous

    I agree with what Lydia said.
    I don’t have that great of a marriage, yet I’ve seen gays who have a fantastic, loving PARTNERSHIPS with each other.
    I think if you are lucky enough to find someone who truly helps make you happy (not who makes you happy–it’s up to YOU to CHOOSE to be happy), and whom is a great companion for you, then you should go for it.
    If people choose to judge you, remember, it’s up to GOD to choose what’s right and wrong. HE’s the only one you need to answer to in this life. HE’s the one who says IN THE BIBLE, “Judge lest not ye be judged”.
    So, when people are slinging their Bibles around and pointing fingers at other people they need to remember that.

  26. Lindsay

    First of all, I just want to say- everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, and no one can take that away from you. No one can tell you what religion you can and can’t follow/practice, and no one can tell you who to/not to love.

    With that being said, I think many people are forgetting a few simple things. The biggest thing being that “our forefathers” came to this country to escape religious persecution. So, because of that, it was very clear that the government they established had a clear separation of church and state. Creating any law that goes against that basic principle would be in direct violation of everything our constitution and governing body represents. That does not by any means that you can’t go on believing something it right or wrong (I’m sure all of us may find one law silly, or even necessary- to each his own), it means you have to look at the bigger picture- should we legalize something because it’s right/wrong.

    Point blank, telling same sex couples they can’t marry for whatever reason is flat out discrimination. Gay, straight, or whatever else, whom you fall in love with is beyond your own control. To be told that you can’t marry your loved one because of a silly law is ridiculous. What if it were the other way around, what if you were told you couldn’t get married because your so to be spouse was of the opposite sex? How would that make you feel? Not so good I bet!

    One last thought to ponder… it was proven not all that long ago that being gay is related to a gene- your own DNA determines it! So that pretty much means you’re born either being one way or another. If it was your child that was gay and were told they couldn’t marry their loved one, how would you feel then to know your child was in pain?

  27. Anonymous

    Biologically, no one is supposed to be married. Biologically, men are supposed to “spread the seed” all over the place and women are supposed to birth and care for the offspring that result. Marriage goes against natural human instinct. I’m married and happy but just saying that the “it goes against nature” and “they can’t reproduce” arguments aren’t valid for discriminating against gay people. Marriage is man made, not natural. Also, I did not get married to have kids. I got married because I was in love and wanted to spend my life with this person. Having children came after that. Being married and having children are seperate decisions and do not always go hand in hand.
    Maybe it’s because I was raised in an accepting family and community, but I have a really hard time understanding discrimination against gay people. When I attended church (United), I always got the impression that Christians thought of themselves as good, caring and compassionate people. I’ve had to distance myself from Christianity because I’m horrified by the views and opinions that SOME Christians have about gay people. I could not affiliate myself with that.

    Anyways, that was kind of a rant. But, in conclusion, I’m for gay marriage.

  28. Anonymous

    Gay marriage is fine by me. People are who they are. I can’t stand it when someone says being gay is a choice. It’s no more a choice than being straight is a choice. I am heterosexual; I was born that way and nothing can make me change. It’s the same with homosexuals; they are born as homosexuals. My husband’s cousin is gay and it was obvious to all of us from the time he was a very young boy. He didn’t choose to be gay; he was born a homosexual. You can’t force a gay person to be straight any more than you can force a straight person to be gay. YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE!! God loves each of us as we are!!!

  29. Anonymous

    No one cares that I’m straight. Hell, no one asked me when I realized I was straight. No one cares who I go to bed with. Therefore, I don’t care if you are gay. I don’t care who is in your bed or who you want to be commited to for the rest of your life. It’s not my business. It’s no one else’s business unless you make it their business. To each his own is absolutely right. God has bigger fish to fry – murderers, child molesters, animal abusers. Homosexuals are not hurting anyone! All they want are RIGHTS. They are human and they want to be treated like humans and I don’t see what is so wrong with that. If you truly believe that God (from whatever religion) has an issue homosexuals, then leave it up to them and God. If you really believe that a gay or lesbian individual will fry in the lowest depths of hell because they are attracted to their same sex then let it be and move on and find a fight worth the cause here on earth.

  30. Anonymous

    The whole “two penises don’t make babies, two vaginas don’t make babies” argument is ridiculous. Two infertile, heterosexuals don’t make babies either. Should women who have been through menopause no longer be able to get married? What about men with low sperm count? Maybe we should do fertility tests on everyone before issuing marriage licenses.
    Two women getting married or two men getting married doesn’t make me any less married, so how is it my business? Katy was right, it’s a civil rights issue. I hope the government steps in. Sadly, we can’t wait around for people to be ready for it. I’m from Birmingham, Alabama, and my parents were alive in a time when there were “Whites Only” signs on bathrooms and water fountains. If we had waited until the people down here were ready for their kids to go to school with African Americans, we might still be segregated. Just my opinion.

  31. Ezra Roatz

    let’s all stop trying to actlike compasionate fakes and get REAL. Gay marriage is WRONG defined by every religious book there is. i don’t care if you don’t believe in GOD (that’s why you believe in gay mariage) because the majority of the world does. They also are against gay marriage (hence why it has not been legalized worldwide).. this meaning that there are people out there with working senses. Gay is just a way for people to get attention. I firmly believe that it is a choice, a dumb one, but a choise nonetheless. so let them fight for themselves because they chose this path on their own. GOD did not want his creations following a sinful path. All there is left for me to say, is that they people that take part in any activity to help legalize this sinful act will pay for it on the day of judgement. Whether you believe in a hereafter or not, I promise you that all of us against gay marriage will be the succesful ones on the day of ressurection. See you then 😉

  32. Hiding behind the bible.

    How many times has the bible been translated????? Things DO get lost in translation.

    In the western world we do not condone with stoning of people. This was very popular (and still in in some lesser developed countries all in the name of religion). It is in the bible. So we should be blindly following it according to some of the comments posted by those stating the bible “knows best” and should always be followed to the letter. Do those of you who are so quick to slam gay marriage and/or homosexuality think stoning should be resurrected?

    Research has shown again and again that homosexuality is not a choice. Homosexuality has a genetic component as well as an environmental (i.e. women who were brutally molested by men at young age tend to not want anything to do with men when they reach adulthood, and I do not blame them for this choice!).

    Besides, even if it is a choice, in the western world we are fortunate to have freedoms. Just because the US was founded by a bunch of religious extremists (i.e. puritans) doesn’t mean you can’t grow and evolve over time. Oh, I bet the word evolve just struck a cord with the bible-thumpers. How anyone could refute the fossil record I do not understand. But that is a conversation for another time.

    I am completely, 100% in support for marriage for those that want to partake. Gay or straight. Love is love. sexuality shouldn’t be a factor.

    It deeply saddens me that in 2011 people are still so hateful – yet so very religious-righteous. Guess again on who is going to hell.

  33. Absolutely support 100%

    I’m a VERY proud Canadian. I support gay marriage 100%. I do not think that religion is a reason to deny freedoms and rights to others.

    Marriage is for people who love each other. Period.

    It is WAY past the time for the world to get on board.

  34. What would Jesus say?

    To all those bible-thumpers that have posted crap like “I promise you that all of us against gay marriage will be the succesful ones on the day of ressurection”

    What do you think Jesus will say when he sees how unChristian you have been behaving? Judging others, persecuting others, poor treatment of others. Your job as a human isn’t to be the judge and jury. That is suppose to be God’s roles. Don’t be so quick to think that you aren’t going to get some black marks on your evaluation for this terrible behavior. What happened to love thy neighbor? Hmmm????

    Can’t wait until Jesus does return and smites all of these “blind” followers who think they are soooo Christian, yet are clearly sosososo not.

    Hope you like hell. I think you will be going for a visit.

  35. Anonymous

    I really don’t care for gay marriage it has nothing to do with me so why worry about it. It’s not like it’s going to affect me at anytime. Also where in the BIBLE does it say that there shouldn’t be gay marriages. I seriously hate when people are like ” GOD THINKS ITS WONG” ” THE BIBLE SAYS THIS” I HAVE NEVER SEEN IT IN THE BIBLE SO STOP SAYING THAT AND NONE OF YALL TALK TO GOD SO HOW DO YOU KNOW HOW HE FEELS ABOUT IT. Gosh people make me mad. -_- I am not for it or against it but seriously stop. Unless you can give me the where its at in the Bible i stand neutral.


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