Were you spanked as a child? How did you feel about it then and how about now?

Were you spanked as a child? How did you feel about that as a child?  How do you feel about now as an adult?

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  1. Anonymous

    I was only spanked once and it was because I told my mom I hated her. If other people spank their children that is up to them but I refuse to spank my child. You can’t tell a child it’s not okay to hit people and then go and hit them when they’re misbehaving.

  2. Anonymous

    I remember one most tramatic episode with my dad spanking me and have never forgotten it. My mom she could just look at me and make me cry or say something to hurt my feelings and that usually got to me but I dont care to do that to my kids I threaten but I’m a big wuss when it comes to spanking I hate for me to do. I have a friend who hits her multiple kids 7-14 with a board and her kids act horrible all the time so it does her no good if only she could see that.

    1. Anonymous

      The spanking that I will never forget was when I was about 10 yrs old and I was arguing with my grandmother. I told her, shut up you fat cow . I didnt hear my grandfather come in and turned to see her looking at him . She said , she needs her fanny tanned ! He grabbed me so fast saying , oh she is going to feel like her fanny is on fire when I am done with her ! He sat on the chair and pulled me over his lap and yanked dowm my shorts and panties so fast I didnt have time to even try to grab them . I felt his big hand slappinh my bare bottom hard and fast . I was kicking and crying immediately. He was scolding me about disrespecting my grandmother and kept spanking me while he did . By the time he stopped every invh if my fanny felt like it was on fire . He told me to apologize to my grandmother and to get to bed for the night . I fell asleep on my tummy with just a tshirt on .

  3. Anonymous

    I was NEVER spanked as a child and I really wish I would have been. I was a horrible child and was the biggest whiny brat. I spank my child, but only out of sheer rebellion, when he KNOWS not to do something but does it anyway, especially if I’d just told him not to.

  4. Linda Songster

    Oh my! The memories that this has brought back from my childhood. Yes,I was whipped when I was little. I say whipped because that was what it was. My foster mom was a very strict religous person and she was the domineering force in my life as a child. When I did something wrong she would make me go get a switch from the tree outside and if it wasn’t a good one she would make me go back and get a better one. Can you imagine how I felt, knowing I had to do it over and over again until it was right so she could whip me? It messed me up pretty good. Thank You for letting me vent. Ambersnana

  5. Anonymous

    I was spanked almost everyday, but not hard, mostly with those foam flip flops, it hurt my feelings more that it hurt me physically, it was awful then, I just wanted to grow up so I could hit back, now I still question my mom about it, she says she doesn’t remember

  6. Jamis

    Yes I was spanked as a child. Mom was the main person and school teachers. All used a paddle mom sometimes lowered my jeans for a bare bottom spanking. She got a big faternity like paddle with holes in when I was 9 and for the next 5 years controled me withit. Mom would make me bend over a chair \,table or her and whack me until I cried and had a very sore bottom.
    In second grade I was first paddled in school for talking in class. I have minor issues but think I was a better young person 13up because I had my buttocks spanked when I misbehaved too hard at times but I learned.

  7. Anonymous

    I was spanked nearly every day (sometimes several times a day) growing up. I was spanked with whatever was handy at the time of my offense. Hand, hairbrush, yardstick, wooden spoon, whatever. My mother demanded that I be an obedient child. I tried to be the well behaved child she wanted. I second guessed my every action and did everything in my power to please her and therby avoid a spanking, but I often came up short of her expectations. She was doing what she thought was best for me.

    I felt horrible and angry and I hated her for it. And sometimes I hated myself for not being able to get it right. But I loved her too, because in other ways she was a really great Mom. I remember being really confused by my feelings. How could someone who loved me hurt me like this? How could I love her and hate her at the same time? I doubted myself and my ability to make good choices and to some extent I still do. As an adult, I have forgiven my mom because she really didn’t know any other way to parent.

    But I will not parent like her. I don’t want to raise an “obedient child”. I want to raise a competent adult. I don’t want my child to fear me. I don’t want him to make choices based on what will make me happy. I want him to live his life and learn from his mistakes so that he can grow into a succesful person. Make no mistake – I am a fairly strict parent. I am firm, but not harsh or hurtful. I hold my son accountable for his actions. But I would never, ever hit him.

    If an adult hits another adult, it’s called assault. If they hit a child, it’s called “discipline”? What’s wrong with this picture. People are not for hitting….Kids are people too.

  8. Nicole

    I think it’s important for all to realize each child is different and reacts to disapline in different ways. What works for my daughter does not work for my son. I was spanked as a child and I don’t see how it had any negative effects on me. I am not insane or out of control. 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    my sisters and i were spanked with a stanless steel metal spoon that was a foot and a half long. my mom would just wail on us and then send us to sit on the couch or she sent us to our rooms. i dont know how we didnt get bruises. I remember running away from her and hiding under the bed. one time i ran to my room and put a pillow in my pants when she caught up to me, she pulled the pillow out and beat the hell out of my behind. I was so afraid of my mom growing up. My older sister has a mental disability so every night my mom would help her with her homework. i never looked forward to it because my mom would get frustrated with her. One night when my sister was in 7th grade, my mom got so frustrated with her she started yelling and banging the end of a flyswatter on the table. Then she hit my sister on her upper back and she got a welt the shape of the flyswatter handle. I was so scared, i ran outside and got my dad. and i was balling and yelling “get inside and control your wife!” my dad went inside and dealt with it. After all that, i went and put a cold compress on her back. The welt was so deep and swollen. I understand punishing your children, but my childhood put me against corporal punishment. I think that my childhood shaped me to be afraid of being “bad”, I hate conflict, i try to avoid it as much as possible. I dont take critism, or contructive critisism very well, it brings me close to tears. I think this is due to the “metal spoon”

  10. Anonymous

    I was spanked by my father and when he did it believe me it went on forever, my mum approved and it would be her most of the time that would tell dad I needed it. I think I am a good submissive wife for it to be honest although I hated it at the time. It stopped at 15 and I grew to miss it and I delibrately married a wondeful traditional dom male. I simply do not believe the nonsense on sites like nospank etc. My 3 sisters and brothers are all happily married NO divorce, I just thing particuarly girls need it.

    I think the secret is too be fair like my dad but when you do it don’t under do it or over do it but I think family discipline is the mans responsibility. My mum believed the dispensing of discipline was the mans job so she never did it. I found out in later years that my got the switch growing up and has told me I always got of lightly.

  11. Anonymous

    Wow, some of these stories are most definitely abuse, no matter how they are worded. God never told us to beat children! A spanking is, in my opinion, with nothing except your hands, and nowhere except the bottom or hands. It shouldnt leave any marks. (except a pink bum, for no more than 10 minutes) It should be for offenses like disobeying after the child was given 1-2 warnings or doing something dangerous (like sticking a metal fork in a wall socket, reaching out to a hot stove, running out on a busy street, etc…) And no matter what some others say, yes, there is a very fine line between discipline and abuse! I have to laugh at the people that say “Oh, a spanking should surprise the child, not hurt!” A spanking should hurt! If a kid runs yelling in a store and misbehaves after she was told that if she misbehaved like that she would be spanked, then she disobeyed her mum. She deserves a punishment, and she knows that, so it shouldn’t be a surprise! Her punishment is a spanking resulting in a sore bum. Yes, I was spanked growing up. But it never crossed the line of abuse, and it was always done by my mum for some reason, never my dad. That doesn’t mean my sister and I disrespected out dad. We still treated him with as much respect as my mum, and I believe that the fair spankings we got back then made us how respectful and honest we are now. We both trust our parents, and love them. I remember one time in the grocery store, I was being a brat: I kept asking my mum when we would be finished, if I could have some candy, to buy this, to buy that, (I was 7, this was my last spanking) and my mum warned me twice that I would be spanked if I kept going at it. Well, I didn’t believe her (for some odd reason) and thought I would get another warning, so I ran ahead in checkout line, knocking an elderly lady aside, and grabbed a chocolate bar, shoved it in my moms face and told her to buy it. Well, that was the last straw. My mom put the chocolate bar back, took me out of line, got down to my height and whispered in my ear: “Your going to be in BIG trouble when we get home young lady!” In a calm but slightly angry voice. I knew what that meant, and I gulped. The ride home was one of the longest ever, as I knew I would be given a spanking. When we got home, my mum ordered me to my room, and finished putting away the groceries. When she got upstairs to my room, she asked me what I did wrong, and I told her that I was misbehaving and acting like a 2 year old. She asked me how many warnings she gave me. I told her two. She told me what she told me I would get if I kept misbehaving. I looked down, then said lightly, “a spanking.” She told me yes, and that this was hurting her more than me, (I never understood that then, I do now though) and that she hoped we wouldn’t have to resort to this again. She sat down on my bed, (I felt nervous, was covering my bum with my hands) told me to turn around and when I did she slid down my pants and underwear. This was my first bare-bottom spanking, my third spanking in my life, and my last spanking I ever got. Then she picked me up and placed me across her lap, so that her target (my bum) was facing upwards toward her. Then she raised her hand and I got 10 spanks. I remember it hurt a great deal, and I decided then that I never wanted another spanking again, especially bare-bottom. After my spanking, she let me put my pants and underwear back up, (I was rubbing my bum) and hugged me, told me she loved me, and asked me to promise never to misbehave like that again, that she would have to spank me bare-bum for now on, and that she hated spanking me, but she had to. I nodded and told her yes, genuinely I would try not to. And I did not get another spanking again. To this day, I am happy for them. =)

  12. c

    I got some spankings, and some beatings from my parents. I hated it. I still remember being corned in the kitchen floor, rolled up in a ball, covering what I could with my hands and arms, and the belt was jsut swinging wherever it could hit, I finally broke away and ran out into the back yard, and was chsed out belt still swinging…I won’t ever do anything like that to my kids. I do spank, but as a last resort, and it doesn’t help much, so I don’t do it often. If it helped, I might do it more. Sometimes I’ll swat a hand or a bottom, not hit…SWAT…and those times I get the immediate reaction that I need. I am jsut at a loss at how to discipline, because I don’t want to spank, and I always don’t want to lose control.

  13. Taryl

    I was spanked by my stepfather. After my mom and dad separated I went to live with my mom and her boyfriend. At around 7 he took the lead as disciplinarian and started spanking. Mom didnt object and when he saw that he went on ever further to pulling down my pants and panties. By the time I was 8 he was spanking me almost always completely nude. He had the ritual where I would have to take off all of my own clothes as he stood and watched. It also got so that he would just strip me himself.This is all very embarrassing for an 8 to 12 year old little girl. Laying on his bed on my back as he pulled my pants and panties down and off and not being allowed to cover anything up. I eventually figured it out that if I didnt cry he would spank until I did(obstinance).I don’t think there was a set number of smacks. He didnt like fake crying during the spanking like when I was trying to get out of trouble and looking for sympathy.For that I would be spanked longer. He liked to spank until all of my resistance had evaporated and my cries went from “I’m sorry…Ill never do it again,I promise, please”!! to just crying “OWWW!” every time his hand landed and sobbing in between.He spanked slow and steady leaving just enough time to cry and almost recover before the next one landed.He didnt like kicking and squirming and he would often continue until I finally lay still, and he was satisfied that I was in submission with a fountain of tears and snot everywhere. Once he had finished he would rub my bottom and ask if I understood what I had done wrong and that this is what would happen if I repeated these bad behaviors.He made me answer and if I didnt he took that as me ignoring him and his questions would be repeated and punctuated with another smack and a rub. I didnt know what I was doing wrong but I do know that I was spanked like that more than once for the same offence.I guess I was a slow learner because he was taking me over his lap some 30 minutes later for another tanning and my bum was still red and stinging from the first one. I would be left to sleep on my tummy under the covers numerous times.As I got older I realized there was a sexual element to the spankings. By 11 I was secretly wanting to be spanked and fantasizing about it under the safety of my blankets accompanied by self exploration and self pleasure. Its weird because it was humiliating and very painful as he spanked me hard but things were cross wired in my brain and as I have researched over the years and come to believe is true,a child can become aroused and ever orgasm during spankings. I played spanking games with other children growing up.I used to get the oddest feelings when I would read of spankings in books or see it in movies. I don’t think I was abused,I just think he was very strict on me and looking back now I’m not angry at him for it. I’m married now and my husband knows none of this.In fact Ive never told anyone about this. Other than my mom,because he insisted that she watch a lot of the times,he is the only one who knows.Its a secret. Even now today I still have that desire,that fantasy to be spanked but really don’t know how to bring it up with my husband.Maybe I never will. Its weird but some days I wish I was a little girl again so I could get a bare bottom spanking.

    1. devin

      That must have taken a lot of courage for you to share such an account. And a lot internal honesty and openness with yourself

  14. Anonymous

    I had an uncle that would spank me. I went to living with my grandmother when I was 9 and he was living there too.He took charge of me right away and spanked frequent. I was scared of him but my nanny knew I needed a father type to look up to and respect. He would assist in my baths,often undressing me and washing me.He used the wash cloth but mostly it was with his hands only. When he spanked me it was with clothes off like getting ready for bath time.I had to lay on his lap and grit my teeth as his hand smacked my bottom. Sometimes it was a normal spanking and sometimes it was more.If I didnt lay still and accept it,than he would put his hand down underneath me while slapping my bum. His fingers would be between my legs and he would move his hand back and forth under me causing me these sensations that would grow stronger and stronger and all this while being painfully spanked. This was a favorite thing when I wouldn’t cooperate during bath. He would lift me dripping wet from the tub and take me across his lap. He wore shorts sometimes at bath time and that had me laying wet on top of his bare legs having a rubbing /spanking. He always rubbed my bum before,during and after the spankings. He slapped me until my bottom was deep red and sore. I didnt tell my grandmother about these sexual spankings. As an adult I now have a fetish because of it. This went on util I was almost 12 and I moved out.

  15. Deb

    The school experiences I have read on here makes me to feel as though I should write. I had similar experience in elementary school(early 80’s)as well and it didnt help me or teach me anything at all. It has effected my relationships with men and eroded my trust in authority.It all started when my wonderful father gave my teacher permission to spank me(7-8) whenever he FELT I had misbehaved. The smallest things got me into trouble and there was nothing I could say to get out of it. Even getting some words on a spelling test or quiz would be just cause. When I was bad he would keep me back after class.(I always knew what this meant).Once the classroom was empty and the door was closed, he would take his chair out from behind his desk and sit down. I had to come to him and my legs would feel like lead. He would stand me in front of him and asked me if I knew what I had done wrong. A Lot of the times I had no clue.I think he just made things up. When I said I didnt know or shrugged my shoulders he would say ..ok, pull down your pants. I did as I was told,I never imagined I could refuse and say no. I would be in tears and unbuttoning my pants and saying I was sorry.”All the way down he would say”… “and now your panties”. Thinking about it today I just cringe at the complete authority he had over other peoples children. Everything had to be down around my feet. If I was wearing a dress it was panties at my feet. If I was wearing a skirt I had my skirt and panties to pull down. This left me standing there in total humiliation and tears. He would lift me up and place me on his lap. I remember he would ask if I had anything to say for myself. He would also lift my dress or top up my back much higher than necessary. Always spanked with his hand. Telling me that this is how he punished his own daughter. It would sting straight away,and he continue regardless of my pleading. My bottom grew quite warm and yet he felt the need to continue smacking.It was more than I could stand. Things only got worse when I told my father what my teacher had then been doing for weeks. My father said that I had better learn to behave,and he didnt want to hear another word about it! End of discussion! Thats all he said.Things only got more harsh after that as he would put his hands under my dress himself and take my panties all the way off.Or make me hold my dress up as he took my panties down.He would lift my dress way up and then lift me over his lap. I remember not wanting to wear dresses to school anymore.Well pants didnt help either.It was every bit as embarrassing standing there and having a stranger putting his hands down in your pants while fumbling with the buttons and zipper.And not allowed to put my hands(instinctively)in the way as they are opened and pulled down,followed by panties.Its also embarrassing to have him dress me afterward with his hand down my pants under the guise of tucking in my shirt.Its humiliating for a little girl to be stripped partly nude infront of a stranger,turned over and bare bottom smacked by that man. I know what its like to be a child and have my bottom get spanked so hot that ts hard to sit afterward. Some kids don’t need that many spankings. I was a sensitive girl and just raising your voice got my attention. He did not need to slap my bottom that many times. Spankings hurt! These weren’t just little taps I was getting. And I’m not against spanking,that’s not what I’m saying.Just sensible limits. I remember leaving class and seeing a different child “held back”. I knew that expression on his or her face.I just knew what was about to happen to them once that door was closed. Walking down the hallway at lunch or recess and passing that closed door always had me wondering what was happening on the other side.

    1. devin

      The sharing of your story Deb made me feel like should share mine as well, after years of silence. Especially are accounts are so similar.

      1. Anonymous

        Of course I got spankings as a child – just about everyone did and it was just normal child rearing practice. Abuse is wrong but I don’t think there is any sense in blaming your parents or relatives or teachers for run of the mill spankings. Of course a spanking stings, it is supposed to! What good would just a little tap on a clothed backside do? Our spankings were with pants and panties down, over our patent’s lap and with many good firm spanks administered with a hairbrush. My mother had acne spanking brush in her bedroom, one in the car, and one in her purse and she knew when and how to use them. We were always treated fairly and we were loved. I will spank my children when I have them in the future. There is nothing like a sore hiney to motivate better behavior.

  16. Anonymous

    Spanking in my house when I was a child was nothing like the ritualistic events Ive been reading about here. Yes my father whacked our pants. One time when I was 12,I don’t recall why, I plucked out all my eyebrows. My daddy was mad at me. He turned me over his knee,bared my bottom and spanked the daylights out of me. I never forgot about that spanking,I was daddies girl you know. It was an event that happened about 2 years earlier that really sticks out in my mind. It was something that happened to me and 2 of my friends by a stranger,the principal. This would have been around 1967,and we were out in the playground and a boy was looking under our dresses.The three of us told a teacher. The teacher,angered by our behavior marched the three of us girls to the office. Once there we were branded “tattle tales.” Back in those days when you were sent to “THE PRINCIPALS OFFICE”,it was a huge deal.Those of you old enough to know what I mean….know exactly what I’m talking about. So for the crime of being tattle tales,we were taken over his knee,one at a time ,and spanked. The principal proceeded to lift our dresses,pull down our panties and strap our bare bottoms with a belt or strap. We screeched in pain and he made us ball like babies. He really beat us hard! One at a time while the other two watched. It wasn’t fair,and this is the beating that I remember most. I wonder how common school spanking really was back then.It happened to me. I see it has happened to others as well.

  17. anonymous

    Oh yes, sis and I were spanked by Mom into our teens. I got suspended from school in 8th grade for 3 days after getting caught cheating. Mom came for me and as soon as we were home she flipped up my skirt, pulled my panties down and paddled my bottom OTK hard with her hairbrush. Later on when Dad came home he belted me again on the backs of my legs. The third day she spanked me once more and I had marks for a week. Sis got punished much the same but not as often. After spankings we were grounded for a week. After that suspension I stayed out of trouble for the rest of the year! This was in 1972.

  18. Connie

    I was brought up by my grandfather since I was six,very strict,very old fashioned. I hadn’t been spanked before that and it was all new and scary.He would say things like “your mother didnt listen either” and “I’m gonna punish you exactly like I punished your mom when she was a little girl.” He would be pulling my pants down and telling me that this is what my mom got too. He spanked over the knee,bare bottom always,and by hand. He had big strong hands and hard grip.He was a fisherman and tough as nails.His hand on my buttocks was like being hit with a solid object and often resulted in much bruising and complete and deep redness.These were beatings,very matter of fact affairs.This is what HAD to be done it HAD to done just like this.NO ARGUING! I remember crying and begging and holding on so tight. For very bad behavior he used his belt and there was no fooling around. The belt burnt my skin with each lash.It was brutal to say the least.As I got bigger I was to stand on the first step of the little stepping ladder in the kitchen. Bare myself and then lay over the top step for a rather brutal strapping.Very embarrassing for a 10 year old,11 year old girl. Not pleasant at all to be bared and screaming while clutching the latter braces while hanging over almost upside down.I’m sure my grandfather saw plenty. Very degrading.Especially at bath time when undressing completely was a requirement.

    1. Anonymous

      I too was brought up by my grandfather, when I really misbehaved he would tell me I was aiming to get my fanny warmed up good or asked if I needed my cousineau set on fire . If I kept it up he would put me over his knee and yank down my pants and panties and spank my bare bottom good and hard . I didnt get spanked often maybe once or twice a year , a couple of times with a wooden spoon and only once when I was a teen he bent me over the back of the couch and took off his belt and gave me what he called a good shellacking .

  19. Donna

    I was one of six kids growing up in Indiana in the ’70s and early ’80s. My parents were extremely devout Missouri Synod Lutherans and were convinced that almost everything us kids did aside from praying, chores, sleeping or going to church was a sin. Having unkempt hair or a messy room was sloth, for instance, even if we cleaned it up immediately. Asking for an extra serving of something at dinner was gluttony. Et cetera. And when you sinned you got your buttocks thrashed until mom or dad thought you’d learned your lesson.

    Our parents decided early on that the best way to keep us free from these sins was to have us work constantly. When we were school-age, there was never any time allotted for leisure on school days–when we got home we got a long list of chores to be done before dinner. It didn’t matter whether the chores needed to be done–the same windows would get washed several days in a row. We often washed and dried clean dishes. The point was to keep us moving and working. After dinner, it was time for homework, baths and bed. Weekends were often the same, because our parents would find a reason Thursday or Friday to ground us, which resulted in dusk-to-dawn work on the weekends. On grounding weekends, they favored the hottest, most miserable and yet pointless outside work they could dream up. They told us that if we didn’t stink to high heavens when we came in the house, we hadn’t worked enough.

    Spankings and bare-bottomed shaming were the norm in our house. In total contrast to my parents’ usual hyper-modesty (i.e. boys and girls of any age couldn’t be in the bathroom at the same time, or change together, and modest clothing was required at all times, etc.) spankings normally happened in the living room, no matter who was around or who happened to be over at the house. It was a big ritual leading up to the spanking. First, we had to retrieve the ruler, spoon, or belt (depended on Mom or Dad’s mood) and explain exactly what we’d done to deserve punishment. Then pants or skirt, underwear and even the boys’ socks or the girls’ hose came off. Then we had to bend over the couch, hands on the arm rest, looking straight forward and actually ask to be spanked, also asking Mom, Dad and God to forgive us. We had to keep looking straight ahead as our eyes filled with tears while our buns got blistered. This would be our punishment for things like coming home ten minutes’ late, answering in a “disrespectful tone” (which was anything they decided it was) or giving them or each other a “dirty look” (again, whatever they decided qualified on a given day). There were six of us kids and someone got spanked over that couch literally every single day. Most days, 2 or 3 of us got it. When I was 14 all six of us got it one after the other, because nobody could or would say how a plate got broke (it was almost certainly because a strong gust of wind blew in the screen door, knocking it off the table.) This all went on until we left home, one after another, as we hit the age of 18.

    Looking back, I do feel the extent of our punishments was abusive. That said, I’ve spanked my child when I felt there was a sufficient reason. I’m not against anyone ever spanking their child no matter what, but there’s no good reason to spank for every trivial thing or to amplify the normal degree of embarrassment a kid feels when they are getting spanked.

    If any of you wants to share more experiences, feel free to e-mail me. I like the opportunity to get my childhood experiences off my chest.

  20. Beth

    I was spanked only a few times. One I remember was when I was taking a bath and refused to get out and when my Mom came to get me I splashed water on her and all over the floor. She was really mad and pulled me out of the tub and sat down on a stool. She put me over her knee right there and spanked my bare tushy. Even though I was still we and she only used her hand, it stung a lot.

  21. allly witte

    my father was a federal judge and when we were bad, he held court in the living room. if we were found guilty (which was 99% of the time) are pants and panties were around are ankles and we were over dads knee for a good hand spanking. you did not sit comfortable for a good day. my sister and i were spanked up to high school graduation.

  22. Julie

    My parents had a escalation they always used. The first offense was a spanking with their hand through your clothes. Second was a spanking with a ping pong paddle in your underwear. Third was a whipping with the belt on your bare bottom. Fourth was a whipping with the belt on your bare genitals. It was horrible and embarrasing, and of course very painful. I’d never do that to my kids.

  23. Ari

    Well my (adopted) Dad gave me smacks (ALWAYS BARE BOTTOM) but he had another way of making sure i received a VERY sore bottom if i diobeyed him and needed one!. He would bend me over his lap or a chair pulled my skirt up and removed my underwear and with a small piece of sandpaper rubbed my bare bottom, HARD, for about 30-40 seconds, it wasn’t too bad as he did it but after a minute it felt like my bum was on fire!!.Then he stood me in a corner (crying) with my hands on my head and my poor, sore, red raw, scorched and burning little bottom on show!. After an hour he offered cream (which was VERY embarrassing-my Dad giving my bare bottom a good old rub with cream) but i jumped at the chance-ANYTHING to ease the pain!, infact i often said “more cream PLEASE Daddy” and (as i had to keep my hands on my head) “PLEASE Dad give my bottom a REALLY good rub”, which he did but i don’t know what was more red-my face or my bottom! but his hand rubbing cream in helped slightly and i tried to forget how he was looking at and touching my bottom. Then “sorry Daddy” and i wanted a cuddle (as i loved him a lot) was a real Daddy’s girl and normally followed him everywhere!. You could always tell when i’de been naughty cause white cream was smeared on my bottom! it also hided the redness. It was sore for a good few days after though i can tell you but i obeyed him and NEVER answered him back!-it worked a treat!.

  24. anonymous

    My mom always made me pull down my pants and underwear and I hated it. It was embarrassing to stand there by the bed totally bare-bottom, leaning over the bed, while she paddled me. I will admit that looking back now I’m glad she did because it made me into the respectful person I am today.

  25. Anonymous

    I was regularly spanked by my mother whilst over her knee with my dress pulled up and my knickers pulled down.
    My older brother and younger sister were never spanked. To this day I don’t know why, because I was actually considered the ‘good’ one! We are estranged and have been for many years but my siblings are in regular contact with her.

    Sometimes my mother just used her hand, sometimes she would use her slipper or the sole of her shoe. Sometimes it would be in front of visitors which was very embarassing and humiliating.

    Looking back, I wonder now if she actually enjoyed spanking me. She certainly seemed to enjoy baring my bottom.

    She was always saying things like, “I’m going to tan your backside red raw” and “I’m going to take your knickers down and redden the cheeks of your bottom for you, madam”. I even recall her once telling me (I was about 12 at the time), “I’ll wallop you so hard I’ll take the skin off your bottom”. and “I’ll slap your cheeky face and your fat backside until you’ve got four crimson coloured cheeks”

    Even when i grew up she would try to embarrass me in front of other people. At 35, had an operation on my bum which left a scar and, in front of other people she asked to see it. When I refused she said, “What’s the matter, I’ve seen your bare buttocks thousands of times. I used to slipper you until you couldn’t sit down, don’t you remember? You always seemed to have a bright red behind”.
    Or by saying things like, “I was always giving your bottom a good smacking when you were a naughty little girl wasn’t I?”.

    I’m in my forties now. I loathe my mother and I don’t care if I never see her again as long as I live.

  26. Anonymous

    If you were to walk in on me getting spanked years ago, you would find me at the foot of the bed, my pants and underwear down around my ankles, my super red bottom sticking out, and my mom swinging the paddle until my bottom was bright red and she felt I was sorry.

  27. Anonymous

    All the time. Any time I was punished (which was alot), the pants came down and I got hit with the belt (they called in “the strap”). Lying on the bed with my bare ass in the air getting beaten was humiliating and it HURT. I will never do this to my kids.

  28. Leanne

    I was brought up in the 80’s by an old couple. I used to play with their children(adopted). They were all girls and had a look of fear when they were called in. They always seemed tense around their adopted parents. Always looking at them for approval, making sure that what they were doing was ok. In the beginning it was just a restbed but later on after “they” decided they liked me, I got to stay permanent. That is when things changed. I moved in and immediately learned the hard way. The other girls were sworn to silence and not allowed to tell me the rules. I fumbled along and tried to be as good as I could but sooner than later it was trouble. And when one of the other girls were caught trying to warn me than they caught hell too. These were daddy and mom in their mid 50’s. I had to call him daddy. Yes sir and no sir. Very old fashioned and very very strict. It was miserable having to take off my clothes in front of an old man. There was 5 of us from 6 to 11, I was 7,and we all got the same. If we were bad and the weather was good we had to stroll outside after taking off all our clothes and break off a switch. It was isolated country side and lots of trees but that didnt hide the shame of wondering around the huge back yard looking for the right branch to be used on my bottom. And if a car were to arrive up the drive than we had to run for cover, postponing the inevitable. Off to the study we went for his private discipline. A room off to one end of the house that housed his books and painting and photography hobby. We often had to run amok around the house with nothing for cover after baths anyway so it didnt seem so unusual to wonder the yard for a switch. He loved to photograph us and had his own developing tools. An old couch was used with an armrest so high it had my legs dangling and my face shoved into the leather cushions and the target high in the air behind us. We were so small that standing there had the arm rest at my chest. I was lifted and placed over the arm. I would scream murder when the branch whipped across my skin. He would wait until I was calmed before whipping me again. I could hear the branch whistle through the air and know it was coming. I couldnt survive that branch even as I got bigger and older. We would have to count each time up to 20. By then our butts were covered in crisscrossed welts. Then it was off to the bath. The old folks were into ancient remedies and that included an enema. Depending on the mood it could be standing against the wall. Hands on the wall and then step way back. Then this was his belt that hung on a nail. You could also hear that leather going through the air. And on special occasions we had to bend over his desk with feet apart for the heavy wood paddle. Had to count and he waited for us to calm before the next one. Typically that could be up to 30 leaving nothing for me to sit on for days. Never allowed to get dressed afterward. Always off to the bath and hot bath water is not where you want to be. A new girl arrived and we didnt say a thing to her…too scared. Children would come and go and some would stay. Always girls. I never ever warned them. That was the old days.

  29. anonymous

    Oh my these stories. I was getting spanked too when I was growing up, always pants AND panties down on my mothers boyfriends lap. If I didnt answer the questions just right and lied to him I would hear the buckle being undone and the belt being pulled from his pants through the belt loops. I was so scared and in tears waiting bare bottomed on his lap and staring at the bedroom floor. I knew then that he wasn’t going to use his hand this time and I was going to really cry. I can still hear him wrapping the belt around his hand until it was the right length…and sometimes the buckle end! He never used it looped,it was always one layer. Even when I was 11 and 12 and 13 it was over his lap, dress up and he would take off my panties. The pain of the buckle cant be described. I would never do that to a child. My mother knew and told him I needed it from a father. He wasn’t my father! He started this when I was 5 and I still have the scars on my ass. Its kind of hard to lie to your husband about the marks on you buttocks. Spankings weren’t the half of it…

  30. Mindi

    I grew up in Canada in the 70’s. My mother was from Japan and my father was from the U.S. I was adopted at an early age and was brought up by a caucasian family. My dad used to say that this is how children are brought up here,this is how we punished children in this culture. It was by placing the child across the lap and spanking. I was maybe 3 when the need for corporal punishment arose, so I’m told. Hard to recall that far back but I assume it was painful. I do know that by grade primary I was well associated with the spanking practiced in my home. I can say with some certainty that they were also becoming trivial. It was only a half dozen sharply placed strikes of his open hand to my clothing. About the time I was in grade 1 though things were changing, I was becoming a big girl. By that time I was bringing home bad report cards and poor spelling tests and my teacher were telling my parents that I was talking and disruptive in the class. That is when dad sent me to my room to wait. I thought that was odd. He finally came up to my room and closed the door. He told me that I was going to be punished differently now because I was a big girl and that this is what we have to do from now on. He said all that while pulling me closed and undoing my pants. I didnt know what was going to happen. He pulled all my clothes down to my feet and I was embarrassed. I was put over his lap and spanked. His hand now had much more impact on me. It stung much more and I was crying almost immediately. After the half dozen or so it was over. It wasn’t the amount of slaps so much as the force dad used to apply. After that it was bare bottom spankings from then on. It took a while but my behavior did change. I tried much harder to avoid being spanked. Maybe because of the embarrassment factor. Over time though I became used to it that also, though hardly trivial. Hard as I tried though it was inevitable that I would end up over dads lap for more. The more times he had to spank me for the same offence the longer it took. The number of slaps went up into the teens I’m sure. I was used to a few but I remember it as too much to stand. I didnt think it would ever end. I would cry and say I was sorry and beg for him to stop. My siblings liked to get me in trouble so I would get it. I would also do that to them. It was like civil war between my adopted siblings and me. By the time I was in third grade I could generally expect to receive a spanking at least once a week. It was not unheard of in my house for me to get spanked three times in a week. With this came a longer period on the lap and more smacks. My dad would say “how many spanks do you think you deserve?” It was probably up into the twenty five and thirty range by then. Thats my guess anyway looking back. I, like any child that age, was become exploratory. We played doctor a few times. I was a promiscuous child definitely. I liked playing horsey on older teen boys knees. Its only normal because it felt good. Its not abnormal for a little girl to jump into a lap and wrap their legs around them and hug close. I didnt know it was wrong. I didnt know it was appropriate in a bathing suite or night clothes. I was only eight when my father caught me the first time. I was sent to my room. I knew what that meant. He untied my bathing suite top and took it off followed quickly by the bottoms. It was never completely nude before. He made me go get moms hair brush. He made me get up on his lap. That night at bath in the mirror my bottom was deep red and purple blotches.I had never been spanked so hard for so long. That didnt stop me though because no one had explained to me it was wrong. I didnt know not to get caught. I think I was nine the next time because I remember birthday cards on the table. I liked sitting on a lap and I loved the affection I felt when the teen rubbed my back. I was ready for bed and wasn’t wearing panties, just a night shirt. It wasn’t the first time the boy touched me that way and my body responded ,I liked it. Its only natural,I know now. My father didnt know that sometimes when I was alone with this boy he would what you call fondle me inside my pants, front and back. I liked it. I was a stupid kid,what did I know back then? Dad caught me on his lap only wearing a night shirt and the boys hands were down there. Holey smokes, I used to rub against him. My dad had me to my room and with the shirt off and the hair brush it was a very painful few days afterward. Sleeping on by tummy and eating standing up. I was a very sexually confused little girl. I connected pain and pleasure thanks to these particular spankings. I guess this is my testimonial. By the time I was ten I was doing all kinds of things when no one was around. Sometimes I would get caught. Dad walked in on me during a particularly awkward moment on my bed with a pen and a dirty magazine. It was his magazine. I was spanked for that also. By now always done nude and the backside flat of the brush. I always had a bruised bottom. Its not my reasoning to shock everyone, but just to tell my story the way it was and how spanking has effected me today. Today I am single, and have this secret. I guess you have to have an open mind about us who like having our backsides slapped as part of a healthy sex life. I hope to someday have children. I will not spank.

  31. from germany

    As a girl I grew up in a country part of the ancient Sowejt Union where almost everyone was spanked. I remember seeing a guy who had a welt from the mettalic part of a belt. He should have been around 6 years oldIt was when I went to kindergarten/ pre-school, so . Back at that time I wasn’t spanked so badly. But I knew of my classmates and friends who were spanked pretty bad. And I saw it, sometimes. I heard it, often.
    As an adult, I feel contempt for this society where children weren’t treated as humans but rather as slaves and where education was about obeying, not about becoming individuals — which it is actually about. My mom would often reproach to me how well I was treated as I almost wasn’t spanked. That’s what I hated. I always wished, they wouldn’t suffer as much as they did, could take it better, be less sensetive to pain, as I began to be at pre-school due to a quite painful medical treatment I was going through for years. I often was thinking about my classmates, what they had to endure.
    As I got 12 and we immigrated to Germany, my parents became kind of agressive. They would give me a good thump when they were annoyed. There wasn’t alsways an obvious reason. It has deteriorated into beatings, which first I would return by same kind of aggression. It became a battle about power. I would provoke more and more agression, as if I wanted to increase that lack of fairness, to make it visible, but only for myself. As I could take the pain pretty well ever since (bercause as a child had some very painful medical treatment since 4th year), I considered that I had the power to take it. I would never cry, I wanted to be stronger, unbreakable, insensetive to pain — the iron girl I used to be. Which I did succeed, too badly, one could say: once I accidently burned myself with boiling water at he age of 23, I remained seated there as I could supress the pain pretty well and would take care about the mat. My skin was so damaged that I had to be treated as an emergency.
    I went beyond my limits and pretty far. That was what was useful in sports: I could take some real bad pain to achieve a result. But in everyday life, it’s not that useful.
    Today I wonder, what was it that made me become stronger then any pain: the wish to work out a solution for my class-mates or the wish to be unbreakable meself? I think I was pretty affected as child by things happening around, and that’s was where I started.

  32. anonymous

    My father was the principal of our local elementary school in mid 60’s to the late 70’s. When I was in trouble at that school my father didnt wait until I got home. If I was sent to the office dad would punish me right away. I would be called into his office and the door closed and locked. Daddy would make me take off all my clothes,like at home even though it was school hours,and I could hear the students outside playing or in the halls from behind the locked door. I wonder did they hear me cry when my father took his belt to me. At home it was me splayed across his bed but at school I was across his lap. In school they only used the strap on the hands back then,so Ive heard, but not in my case. Daddy used it on my bum right there in his office. If during school hours,I would have to first go pee afterward, and then to class. I had to keep my bottom up off of the toilet seat and dad always walked me back to class and that meant he took me to the bathroom. During these times he would take me to the teachers bathroom instead and stand and wait and watch for me to finish. He held my hand back to class. I have discovered recently that a friend of mine was spanked the same way in school by my father. Her father and my father were friends and he had permission to do it. I dont hold it against him, I’m glad really because I think I’m a better person because of it. I can say this though, when I was on his lap at school and the strap was on about its 15th smack, I didnt appreciate it at all. Fond memories.

  33. Anonymous

    I was spanked a number of times for lying. My mum would send me upstairs to myroom for 10 minutes and then when she was ready she would spank me. Then she would get a ruler and beat me. Next she would hit my bottom and my thighs with a wooden spoon. Finally she would spank my bottom and thighs. Then she would go down stairs. She would hit me harder is i screamed. Once I went to tell my dad. Big mistake when he found out why my mum did it he took me over to his arm chair and took out his paddle.

  34. Anonymous

    My father says that in our house we have red tushies. My sister and I are always punished with a belt. No matter how little bad we did, the pants come down and the strap comes out.We have a red tishie before he is done.

  35. Anonymous

    One day I was at my grandma’s house and I woulnd’t listen to her and as soon as my mom came home my grandma told her. After a couple of minutes she brought me home and said “you know what to do,” and that means upstairs, pants down, bend over. When she would come over a make me bend over she would take out a leather belt, fold it up, then say look away. First lash, bam, made my eyes water, another one, bam. I couldn’t take it anymore and it stung the hell. I never did that again, she uses all her force into it so I would learn my lesson. Then again it does teach you to be more obedient and respectful. I don’t necessarily think it would cause any mental dissorders. Although it’s a very powerful punishment.

  36. Kim

    When we got spanked we were told to go to our rooms and get undressed. That meant we had to be completely naked. Then we had to get the whip out of the upstairs closet and come downstairs to wherever our mom or dad was. We had to stand with our legs apart and our hands on our heads. Then they whipped us hard from top to bottom, front and back. It hurt a lot and left welts. When I spank my kids I do take their clothes off and use a belt, but I only spank their bottoms.

  37. Tim

    As a teenager (maybe 9th or 10th grade) my mom used to make me cut a switch from a tree outside of our kitchen door, hand it to her and then i was then ordered to strip totally nude (i faced the opposite direction when removing my undershorts), leave my clothes right there on the floor and then i was told to report to the living room to await my spanking. Getting naked like that was done as a preventative measure to make sure i didn’t run away on her.

    Once in the living room I’d put a pillow underneath my waist and I’d lay perfectly still – face down on the sofa and was ordered not to move a muscle untill she was ready to come in. This could be anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour! She made me “guess” as to when i was gonna finally get it! Then when she did arrive she’d whip me for probably a good 2-3 solid minutes long (on the buttocks only)!

    After she felt i had enough she’d give me my clothes back and then leave the room. She would then let me cry my eyes out and collect myself before she’d return where we’d talk things out.

  38. Cari

    My last paddling i was 17 years old and came in at 2 AM when I wasn’t suppose to be out. My dad was furious and so was my mom. The next morning after I got up I had to go back into my room where my dad made me take my jeans off and I had to bend over a desk and then he lowered my panties and I was given 15 very hard licks with a paddle. My butt was sore for several days and I could not sit down for a day with it not hurting me. I was embarrassed for him to see me naked but as I look back I needed to be paddled for what I did. I could have gotten in more trouble that night for sneaking out of my room

  39. Anonymous

    i remeber once when my mother told me not to put a spoon im our mixer because it will break (well something like that)but i did it anyways and as sonn as she saw she put me over her lap at the kitchen table and lifted my dress up and pulled my underwear down and just sat there i started to move but she hit me so hard with a metal spoon one of the big ones that i just slummed in her lap she asked me if i was gonna do it agian and i said no and she did the whole i did tell u not to do it and that it could be dangerious and every thing but while she was spanking me my dad came in and he was so mad that my mom had to spank me that he went and got his belt. i had to get naked and he throw me in a cold bath the while i was still wet spanked me with him belt i was embarresed and ashamed that i never tried to help my mum in the kitchen again

  40. Shannon

    When I went to school I was not a great child in school but I did try. I had trouble with the work but the teachers thought I was goofing off and not trying. In Grade 5 there was this teacher I had and he was sort of nice but I could tell he had a mean streak to him. We were reading from our books and it came to me and I said were are we first and he said if you pay attention you know now we are on page 3. So I found were we were and read and then the bell rang and the teacher asked me to stay behind. After the ohters had all gone the teacher called me up to him and said to me I’m going to teach you a lesson so you will not be like this in class. He took the chair from behind the desk and sat down and told me to take down my pants and underwere and bend over so I did and I got the strap like you would never belive but I do not think after that I got any more at school but I got alot at home from my dad.

  41. Anonymous

    I’ve been spanked upside down held tightly agenst my mom’s chest BUTT NAKED as she spanked my butt SPANK SPANK SPANK

  42. ali white

    my three sisters and i were spanked bare bottom with a wooden paddle. Mom would do the spanking and we were spanked till out bottoms were numb. we did not sit comfortable for a day or two. we know thank our mother for the way she disciplined us as we are all successful business women. all four of us are married and yes we spank our children the same way.

  43. Anonymous

    I remember my last spanking at age 16. I told my mother that I was spending the night with a friend but I really went to a party at a hotel. The party was busted and the police called the parents of the underage people. When my mother showed up I knew I was in for it. When I got home, My shirt went up and my panties went down. Mom wore my butt out with the paddle. I did not sit for two days. Believe me, I learnt my lesson, never to lie to your mother.

  44. Jennifer

    I was a child of the 50s and a teenager of the 60s. My mother believed in discipline. Usually I got my legs smacked. It happened about once a month I would think. Usually there and then. Skirt up, and the number of slaps on the bare thighs that seemed appropriate. For more serious offences, it was stand on a chair in the kitchen, “Hold your dress right up young lady.” Then I was taught a lesson with the ruler, or the wooden spoon, and my bare legs would be very well reddened. However, a direct act of disobedience, lying, or stealing earned what she called, “A damned good spanking.” That was at home, in my bedroom, and after her hairbrush had been used across my knickers, as I lay over her knee, I would be told. “Stand up and pull your knickers down. You need your bare bottom well smacked.” This probably only happened once or twice a year. My worse memories are when I was near too, and in my teens. I think I was probably 12, and it was 1962. Skirts were getting shorter. Mum and I were shopping for school uniform. I was arguing that I wanted the shorter version of the navy blue skirt. I became cheeky, and very vocal. Defiant even. I was wearing the shorter version of the skirt I had insisted in trying on. She said I could not have it. I swore. That was it. In a crowded department store she lifted the hem of the skirt and smacked my legs, right at the top. I tried to resist, but she kept lifting it up, front and back, and smacking me very hard. The assistant said. “Well done!” After about a dozen smacks she told the assistant she would take both skirts, and that I would get no pocket money until the price of the short one was paid back to her. The assistant praised her for disciplining me. My Mother replied. “That is nothing to what I am going to give her at home. She has earned a spanking on her bare bottom.” I was very embarrassed. Not only had lots of people in the store had a good view of me in my navy school knickers, but all within earshot knew how I would be punished at home. My red face probably matched her hand marks on my thighs. On the way home she stopped twice in the street to smack my legs again. Each time there were people who saw my knickers. Also, on both occasions, she made it clear to all,what she would be giving me at home. When we got there she sat me down and told me how dissappointed she was in me. Explained that she had to have authority for my own good. She told me I would only wear the short skirt for punishments. Also that I was going to get “the tanning of my life.” She said that from here on she would be stricter. She sent me to my room, and came up with a bamboo cane. First she had me over her knee, and smacked my bottom very hard with her hand; first on my knickers, and afterwards with them round my ankles. Then she told me to pull my knickers up and lay on the bed. I was going to learn never to create a scene and defy her again. She pulled my skirt up and gave me 12 strokes of the cane. I was screaming. “Stand up.” She said “Take your knickers down…Right down.” I lay back on the bed.”Now young lady I am going to teach you a lesson you will never forget.” Lifting my skirt again she gave me 12 more hard strokes across my sore bare bottom. I lay there for ages afterwards sobbing. Eventually she brought me a cup of tea. She hugged me, and told me that it was for my own good. She warned me that the cane would be used through my teens, because she loved me. It was. I frequently got my legs smacked until I was 18, and went to university. I got the cane probably about 25 times over the next 6 years. I do not resent it. In the shop I showed her up, and so she showed me up. I did deserve the cane that night. I never got one slap that was not deserved. Once or twice in adulthood, I have almost wished she would still administer needed discipline. I grew up well, have no criminal record, a good career, and a happy family. Like some others on this site, I am pleased my mother was strict with me. Spanking has its place. Times change, and most frown on it now. I dread to think what I would have been like with out a mother who was prepared to redden my legs or bottom when it was needed. She did very well for a single Mother.

  45. Ida

    I never had a problem taking someones child over my knee. I was a caregiver for many years and that was many years ago.

    A properly administered spanking changes a child immediately. Its important that the child know that a follow up spanking will be administered if the first didnt get the message through. Parents and caregivers shouldn’t feel uncomfortable with removing underpants in order to administer a “proper” spanking. All of the spankings I gave were with the child’s pants and underwear down or panties and skirt down, or dress held high up their back. On the occasion the child is close to bed time or bath than in is a good time to have them remove all their clothing.
    This is the way I did it and the way it was done to me. Making a child remove their clothing was also a way of punishing them. The child rarely wants to take their pants down for a spanking. Making the child lay over or crawl across your lap is also part of the punishment. It shows that you are in control. If a child refuses to pull down their pants than a stern warning of a more sever spanking must be given. If the child still refuses than you yourself must bare the child’s bottom and it is then that a much longer, harder spanking is given as promised. It is then that the child sees that you are not joking.
    The next time you tell that child to bare their bottom they will obey. I never spanked a child younger than 3 and then only lightly. They are too small. A child of 3 – 5 is given a spanking to shock them and get their attention. Teach basic right from wrong quickly. Once a child becomes self important, stubborn and arrogant of authority than its time to give a real spanking. Around 5-6 is a good age to tan their tender bottoms.They are by now big enough that they wont break. And they will try to impose their will over you.
    An 8 year old should know what a “good long hard spanking” feels like. Spankings can be administer to children as old as 10 and 11. Of course it depends on the child will and personality and such. Ive known many children that never needed a spanking at all. It all depends on the child.
    I spank both boys and girls the same. If a boy or girl of 10 refuses to remove their underwear and bend across your lap that you must do it.
    Spank with your hand. I mostly only ever used my flat open hand. I never liked the idea of using a weapon on a child. If the child were strong willed and obstinate I would increase the number of smacks. Some children are spanked too much and become “immune” to where they dont seem to mind that you are painting their back porch red.
    I have used a thick wooden ruler and on occasion a small cutting board. At about 10″ long(not including the handle), about 3″ wide and less than 1/2″ thick. It had a comfortable handle and wasn’t too heavy as to bruise the child’s bottom.
    I spanked until the bottom is deeply reddened. I do not believe in beating a child.
    Take the child to a quiet calm place, they dont need an audience. Have the child comply in a calm low voice. Yelling only made the child panic and more frantic. Try to be loving. Children are wonderful gifts from above that need our guidance.
    A spanking shouldn’t be violent. It should be a controlled, calm application of smacks.
    Its not a game and the child must learn that what they did was wrong and to NOT do it again. This said you must spank fairly hard. These shouldn’t be love taps. The child must know right away that this is for real.
    Try to do it calmly. Don’t be enraged at the time. Don’t spank in anger.The child will view as unstable and out of control, not someone with whom to look up to.
    Slap the bottom using palm and fingers and you will know its being done correctly by the sting of your own hand. You will also see that your own hand is turning red.
    The child will beg and promise to behave and cry out but this is not the time to give in. You must spank until the child stops battling you for control and realizes that YES they are indeed getting a promised spanking and that yes you were serious.
    I found that once a child stops squirming and fighting their cries change. The child no longer cries in anger at you and the world, they are crying because they are finally submitting to a well deserved spanking.
    Sound is important. A child will be shocked a the sound of your hand landing on their bare bum. It will get their attention in no uncertain terms. The sting will be extremely effective and the warmth and redness of the punishment should last for quite some time after as a reminder.
    Don’t stop until the buttocks are deep red. If they have warranted an more sever spanking than spank hard enough that the child is rocked forward across your lap. Don’t stop until they are tired and still. Then give them a minute to rest and stop crying before letting them up. This is a good time to discuss what it is they did wrong and how it is they wont do it again OR ELSE!
    Even older children of 10. Have the child dress themselves and the dept is paid. The child can be sent outside to play, not sulk.
    Some parents believe in rubbing soothing lotion on the child’s bottom just after spanking, before they are let up. Thats up to the caregiver.
    I know that many of you modern parents dont agree with my ways but at just shy of 75, this my opinion.

    The good old days.

  46. beth

    I was spanked as a child and into my teens a few times. I am glad they cared enough to do so. I went to a christan boarding school that spanked and I would say I learned my lesson. I spanked my children and they are ok. As long as you spank on the butt and don’t go over board. I got 5 to 7 swats it hurt i cried but i didn’t dp it again. I was at a party when I was 16 and they started to drink and do drugs i called my mom to come and het me and she seen i knew to take my self out and know that I wouldm’t ne in toube cause i went to her for help.It taught me right from wrong but I knew I could go to them if i needed to without fear. I did do something that was bad and i felt cuilty and told my parents they were going to do nothing about it since i told them but i told them i was wrong and desearved to be spanked that surprised them but I felt better after i was spanked even thouhgh it hurt and i cried,

  47. Ed

    I was spanked mainly by my mom from age 4 until almost 13. She believed that bare bottom spankings was the best way to punish boys and also believed that the punishment should follow the misbehavior as quickly as possible. This resulted in many embarassing spankings in front of aunts and cousins, friends and playmates, as well as neighborhood moms and their kids. If I was lucky, I would get a warning that in itself was very embarassing… “Do you want me to take down your pants in front of everyone?” This would cause me to freeze, trying to think of just how to reply. One wrong word and the threat was carried out. As I became older, around 9 or 10, having my pants taken down in front of girls close to my age became much worse than the spanking itself, but when I complained about being to old to be spanked in front of girls, she simply replied “then don’t misbehave in front of them.”

  48. Dr. Jones

    I think that it really boils down to the individual child and what other forms of discipline has failed. I was spanked probably 3-4 times a week until I was 12 and I responded very poorly to this form of discipline because I thought something was wrong with me and not my behavior. In psychology we call this Shame vs Guilt; the idea behind discipline is not to cause shame, which is the feeling that something is wrong with us. But rather, to cause guilt for that individual’s actions. I am not for or against spanking children but I do believe that you can raise kids without physical discipline by teaching that actions have consequences.

    In conclusion, I encourage parents to, when a spanking is necessary, observe how the child feels about that and why (s)he believes they being punished in this fashion. A spanking that a child recognizes the cause being they actions can be a uplifting feeling as it removes guilt and lets them start anew.

    Talk to your children before you spank, you’d be amazed at the quality of input they’ll have. In my family as a child, I was forbidden to say anything before or after a spanking and this breaks down family communication; so please everyone spank with love and think before you hit.

  49. Spanky

    Yes, I have been spanked in my childhood. And, I’m proud of it. It tought me right from rong. When my mother spanked me. I didn’t think she was hitting me becouse she hated me. She spanked me becouse she loved me. The worstest spanking was. When she caught me playing with matches. An started the dog house on fire. Will, I tell you. She took a couple of branches from the rose bush. An made my bare butt on fire. I learned from that one whipping. I got spanked at least ones a week. And wouldn’t want it any other way.

  50. april

    My sister and I were spanked by both parents always otk and with a paddle my dad made. Laurie and I were always getting into trouble together and we always got spanked together. Spankings were given through our senior year of high school. The number of sways was always out age plus five for minor things and age plus ten for serious things. We did not sit well after a spanking.

  51. Rita

    My two siblings and I were always paddled my mom. Spankings were always given over moms knee and on the bare bottom. To embarass us mom would always spank us in the kitchen, so who was ever their either swa and heard us getting spanked. The worst spanking I ever reccieved was when I was 15. Mom had dropped me off at a church youth meeting and as always told me to call her if no adult showed up. Normally I did, but this particular time I decided to stay. When mom picked me up later I told her there was adults there. Once home, I went in and took my shower before going to bed. I heard my mom call me as I was walking to my room. Having just my robe on, I said “just a minute” but she yelled “NO NOW”. As I walked into the kitchen I saw the paddle laying on the table. With out saying a word, Mom grabbed hold of me, put me over her knee, raised my robe up and paddeled my bottom like there was no tomorrw. Pleading for her to stop went on deaf ear. After a good twenty or more swats, mom stopped. She then scolded me for disobeying and lying to her while I was still over her knee. Sobbing and still kicking I kept saying I was sorry and I will not lie again. She then gave me another five or six swats, stood me up and sent me to bed. It was very uncomfortable the next day sitting on those hard wood chairs in school.
    Today, I thank her for being so strict and spanking me when I needed one. I spank my children the same way and for the same rules that I was spanked for.

  52. jon

    i was spanked often as igot older .father was very strict with me, believed in ‘ spare the rod….’. my parents both felt the same about puninishing me , altough father was always the one to see it thru. mother would never not tell dad if i misbehaved even a little. she would send me to my room to wait until dad got home.this was the way it was as long as i wanted to live under their roof.dads chosen implement was a hard leather strap , about 2 feet long and 2 inches wide.it was always hanging on the fridge in plain sight as a reminder that i better not break any of the rules, of which there were many. when i was to be strapped i was first lectured by both mom and dad downstairs, then sent back to my room to wait for dad.i waited in dread for what seemed like forever ,realy only an hour or so .he would walk in my room with the dreaded strap in hand tell me to strip frm the waist down and to lay down on my bed . he laid it on very hard so in a minute or so my hands would attempt to protect my bottom he would stop and make me hold onto the headboard with orders to not move them again. when my hands finnaly obeyed he would begin laying it on me again .this time when my hands let go of the headboard i would get a few licks on my thighs until i regriped the headboard.this went on until i was crying and pleading for him to stop.when it was finally over my bottom and thighs were very red and marked. i would always have to go back downstairs and stand in the living room in the corner for a while and told to not rub my bottom or i would get a few more.this was the way it was until i moved out at 27 years old. to this day father says im not to old for a good strapping .im now 29 ,the strap is still on the fridge,when i see it i still get pale and get that same feeling of dread despite having been whipped with it every few weeks for years

  53. sarah

    When I was 12 I got put across my dads knee, had my pyjama bottoms yanked down and got my bare bottom spanked in front of mum, brother and aunt and uncle. He put my hand up my back so I couldnt move and spanked me as I cried and begged him to stop. It still sends shivers down my back today. It hurt and was soooo embarrassing. Im 42 now. Sarah

  54. Sarah

    I was spanked as a child only my mother did it she spanked my bare bottom for coming home late from school and it was hard and she used her bare hand.

  55. Anonymous

    You bet, dad used his belt or if we were in real serious trouble, like getting a call from school, he’d take me and my bros to the woodshed, which we had in our back yard, and have me drop my jeans and shorts, bend over the wooden horse, and let the strop fly across my bare ass. I’d get at least 20 strokes, more like 30, and remember my older bro getting whipped for about 15 min. We couldn’t sit down for at least a week. We all are college grads, professional hard workers, good at sports and , yes I do spank my 3 sons, still share the razor strop with my younger bro. We live on the smae farm we did growing up, have houses about 3 ac. apart.

  56. Anomymous

    Yep, dad used the belt.i spank my kids, but only if they deserve. its over the knee bare bottomed with my bare hand.

  57. anonymous

    Just hand on pants. Very regularly, long sessions over my grandmothers lap. There was never a time I never felt loved, and I appreciate the upbringing that way. I grew used to the bottom warmings and it often left me in a feeling of comfort afterward. I was lovingly disciplined.

  58. Anonymous

    I was spanked as a child, but it was usually when my parents were mad. They would ignore wrongdoing if they were tired, but then the same thing could bring a spanking. I thought it was only fair when I had done something wrong to be disciplined that way, because I knew ahead of time what the consequences would be, but I wish they had been consistent and not spanked in anger. I was usually spanked with a belt. I think it was unfair that my mother would make us wait all day until my father came home — that was kind of emotional torture.

    I do spank my child, with a wooden spoon, but never when I am angry. I am very matter-of-fact about it. I usually warn my child, and I only spank when it is a rebellious flaunting of the rules that she is well aware of — when she is refusing to obey my authority and clearly knows what she is doing is wrong. I never spank for childish irresponsibility (breaking something accidentally, for example). I spank 2-3 times, enough for the pain to be a reminder that she made a bad decision, and I always make sure that I tell her it was her choice to break the rule that resulted in the spanking, and that she is in control of whether or not she is spanked by whether or not she chooses to break the rules. She is rarely spanked because most of the time she is obedient and respectful, so it’s not necessary, and she receives a ton of love and affection.

    1. Anonymous

      Every spanking I ever got from an abusive teacher beating me with a weapon or from my daddy with a leather strap did nothing but fill me with rage & hate. I’m 47 now & still to this very day I get angry everytime I think about being forced to take a beating with a weapon & not being allowed to turn around & defend myself. Whipping me was not a good way to discipline me. Taking something away from me or grounding me was very effective. I finally decided that nobody was ever going to hit me with a weapon again without having to fight me & get your ass handed to you. That ended the abuse I was getting. I could & still can throw down with my fists & anybody that saw me fight didn’t want any of it. When I would get picked on by upper class men the rage & anger I had bottled up from getting abused would come out & all 105lbs of me would whip a bully that was twice my size & older as well. Needless to say, the bullies didn’t continue to try me . The rage & anger that was bottled in me was very dangerous, lots of times I wouldn’t even remember all the punches I threw & every bit of that anger came from having to take a beating without being allowed to fight back. The Constitution doesn’t specify age when it states that you have a right to defend yourself.

  59. bobby

    was never punished with hair brush or hand spanked growing up. Mom always used switches. She’d go cut one and I’d watch from inside my room, while she walked toward house stripping off small limbs and leaves. I’d be in my room undress from waist down, shaking, sobbing softly and butter flies in my stomach. She’d come into room and ask me if I was sorry for what i had done, and I’d reply “yes, Mam. Then she would reply, “we will find out very shortly’. Then she’d grasp my left arm in her left hand and turn me around, and begin to switch me. Switch was about 5 ft long, keen on end, and would wrap around my thighs and buttocks. She went down each side of my legs, to just above me knees. I can’t tell how many licks I received, but when it was over, I’d be jumping around, rubbing my sore, aching bottom. I’d have stripes for at least 3 days and stood to eat several meals.

  60. Anonymous

    I was a extremely naughty child and was spanked quite often. I spank my 7 kids. 3 of them remind them of myself.

  61. Anonymous

    Yes, I was spanked by mom and never regretted it.I was so naughty as a child that she couldn’t control me with yelling or lecturing.Only her slipper could really make me behave.She gave me smacks over pants but she also hit my thighs and back of the legs.I got scared just with her move to take off the slipper but after so many years,I realize that her spankings were justified and did good to me

  62. katie

    I was spanked and I’m glad because it may have hurt then, but it’s not like it damages you your whole life. Being beaten is a different story but I know that if I got spanked I didn’t do whatever I did to deserve it again! and my parents would always say they were sorry and hated to do it to me but you cant act bad when you know better, it’s not like they hate you just bc they give you spankings!

  63. Anonymous

    I wasn’t spanked. I was beaten. My mom took the strap to me for every offense. If I didn’t eat enough, she got the strap. If I ate too much she was on me with the belt. If she didn’t like my tone of voice I got a beating. Always the same. I had to take my panties down, kneel on the bed and she would wail on me with my fathers leather strap until I was crying my eyes out. I still cringe when I hear the word “strap” today. My husband knows not to use it.

  64. Anonymous

    I can’t imagine beings spanked with a whip or any instrument for that matter. I was always spanked with the hand. I also spank with my hand, OTK, delivering anwhere from 10-25 smacks, depending on the severity of the infraction, to a bared bottom. I have 2 children and have not had to spank them but maybe twice a piece. And I don’t just pat them, I deliver nice solid smacks with a palmed hand to their bottoms until they are crimson red and stinging. I never use any instrument just my hand, and they are giving only for serious offenses, because they are not forgotten.

  65. Anonymous

    No belts for me. I spank on the bare tushie and I give only 4 or 5 swats but they are very hard and believe me my kids feel them.

  66. Anonymous

    Thats a tough one to answer. Was I spanked and how do I feel about it now?

    My stepfather was big on spanking. About the time I was 8 or 9 it had become a fact of life. Always the same procedure of having him taking ALL my clothes off. I hated it actually. He talked in a calm voice, never yelling. He sat on the edge of their bed,lifting me up and lay me face down across his lap. Sometimes mom was made to watch as part of the whole thing. I always knew it was going to be hard. He always slapped my bum hard. I would lose my breath and cry out because it hurt so much. Hand only and for a good long time after I stopped squirming. No amount of “sorry I wont do it again, I PROMISE!” ever worked. I would say about 40 smacks and my rear end would be on fire. When it was over I was required to cry myself out on his lap before getting up. Then he would lift me up and sit me on his lap facing him for snuggles and hugs and tell me he loved me. He hated doing it but I needed to learn to be a good girl.

    Once I turned 11 I no longer had to take everything off. It was just done pants and panties down. I was bigger then and I would lay across their bed on top of pillows. Ill never forget it. Today I realize its made me a better person. I dont lie, I’m a polite professional. I spank my two sons 6 and 8 the same way. I dont fool around one bit and they know it. I spank them hard and with my hand. I dont stop until their bottoms are RED!! Its important knowing how a spanking feels. I appreciate the lessons I learned growing up. I know exactly how hot their little bottoms feel from my own experience. I know just how much it stings.They get at least 2o smacks of my hand. If its a very serious offence its up around 30-40. It leaves their whole bottom completely solid red. Then its off to the tub for a bath and to bed. Guarantee I dont have to do it often.

  67. Anne

    Growing up in the 1970s my Mom was a single parent. My sisters and I usually stayed out of trouble but on those rare occasions when we needed to be punished, we got spanked. My mom never used a belt or paddle. It was always across her lap, bare hand on bare tushy. It certainly had an impact on our behavior! It’s probably why we only got it a few times and all went on to become successful professionals, with our own families. I have my own girls now and like my Mom, I am slow to punish (largely because I rarely need to) but when they deserved it, I had no problem with giving a sound spanking.

  68. Burton

    im 25 and I still live with my parents, my parents mostly my mother still spanks me, I get spanked on my bare bottom over her knees, I get spanked for breaking curfew and talking back, the last spanking I got was last friday night I got for comming home at 2am when my curfew is 12:30, my pzrents are very strict I even have a bedtime during the week its 9:30, my dad told me I will be spanked till I move out.I know that is true becauce my sister was 30 when she got married and was still spanked.

  69. Anonymous

    I was spanked as a young child and then told I was finished receiving spankings about age 10. That lasted until I was 13 when I rolled my eyes and told my mother to shut up. She pulled me over her knee, raised my skirt, pulled my panties down and spanked my bare behind hard and long. She declared at that time that it was obvious I needed my attitude adjusted through spanking my bare bottom. The next day she went out and bought a “fanny paddle” which hung on the kitchen wall. I had many more spankings, all well deserved, before they stopped at age 17+. I am glad I was spanked as that was the only discipline that worked with me. Sure, sometimes it was embarrassing when I realized my friends had overhead warnings about spankings or noticed my eyes puffy from crying hard from a well warmed bottom. All in all, the spankings were effective and I would recommend them for rebellious, strong willed kids like I was.

  70. Pat

    I don’t agree with parents spanking their children.Today it is called child abuse. I understand that children can be very bad, but some other kind of punishment would be better. In my case, it made me dispise my father for hitting and kicking us in the butt. Sometimes he would use a wooden oar.I have lots of bad memories of my father beating us. It has left me with an emotional scar, that I have tried to forget, but it still remains locked up in my memory.Once,he beat the crap out of me, because I called the “other woman” that had the nerve to call our house a whore.
    It makes me cry, to hear of all of the spankings parents give children.

  71. audrey baker

    Yes i was also spanked as a child just over the knee bare bottom spankings. I think i deserved them. I was very naughty

  72. Burton

    Yes I do get spanked at 25, my dad belives that if you live at home you obey his rules or be spanked, in fact I got spanked about an hour ago, for not comming home strait from work without calling, dad took the hairbrush to my bare bottom and im grounded this weekend, I cryed like a baby, the most embrassing thing was I had to call my girl friend and tell her im being punished, she asked me how my dad punishes me I told her he spanked me and grounded me.

  73. Jenn

    My mother spanked my sister and me with a wooden spatula we all called her paddle. She’d pin my arm up behind my back and spank me until I was crying. For real bad things she’d pull my pants down but then she only used her hand, until I was 9 or so then the paddle came out for that too and everything was pants and panties down. It was a light wooden spatula so didn’t leave marks, it yould make my bum red but no marks and she could give me more if she didn’t think it did the job the first time with no problem, it was all sting. She carried it in her purse and would take it out almost anywhere there was privacy and now it’s in my purse and used on my kids.

    1. Lynne

      If my parents did that to me when I was 25 I would cuss them out like a sailor. I would pack my items and leave and say screw you I am on my own so long bitches

  74. Jenna

    I was spanked as a kid. Mostly with a hand but occasionally my father would spank me with his belt if I did something particularly bad. Always on the bare butt – no exceptions.

    My husband and I rarely spanked our kids. I could probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of times they got spanked. We spanked on their underwear, not bare. And we never used anything but a hand.

    The result. 3 doctors and 1 Engineer – all off the payroll!

  75. Anonymous

    I never got spanked but did get hit once. I was older, in my teens and cursed at my father with the “mother” of all curse words (the “f” word)so he cracked me right across the face. At the time I was scared to death but I deserved it. That was the first and last time I did that.

  76. Anonymous

    My mum spanked me. Bare bottomed over her knee. She made me pull my own knickers down and submit to it. I feel really angry when I think about it – I know that I should forgive her for it, but I can’t. I think that she actually enjoyed humiliating me (not just the spanking – the general way that she behaved towards me when I was a child…she had a very cruel sense of humour). In some ways, I actually hate her.

    She’s a primary school teacher and it cuts me up when I see the way she behaves towards children in her class. She’s firm but essentially very nice to them – why did I, her own daughter, never get that sort of tolerance? She was always telling me that I was an embarassment, that I was selfish and ungrateful, etc. She even read my personal diary and then went ape-shit because I had written some less-than-complementary things about her. My mum didn’t seem to believe in giving me privacy.

    I have a fairly good relationship with her now, but there’s always anger and resentment simmering under the surface. I try to move on from it and I think that I hide it from her pretty well. However, I do feel as though I’ve been permanently scarred by awful parenting (of which the spanking was only part).

  77. Anonymous

    I was spanked as a child, usually by my overly-frustrated mother who grabbed a wooden spoon or something, because she would hurt her hand if she used that. Usually only a few whacks, but definitely enough to feel it. My dad, then later my step-dad, did the more hurtful spankings. When I was about 12, I told my step-dad that if he ever hit me again, I would call the police. He stopped, but unfortunately my younger (then 8) sister got the raw end of the deal. It was spankings, never a black eye or broken bone, stuff like that, but still… I’m only 25, and she’s 21, and to this day, I wish I would have stopped him from hitting her, too.

  78. Anonymous

    yep i was spanked as a kid by my dad, then told i coould not cry!! wtf is that?? clearly we are close, NOT!! i do sometimes spank my kids only when everything else does not get thru to them but i still let them know that i love them and always will and they need to get their behavior undercontrol. and i never tell them not to cry or pull them up by the top of their hair!!!

  79. Anon

    I’m 23 now and I can still remember getting smacked by my Dad. I’m not sure how often the smacking took place but I recall a handful of times while I was growing up and remember the marks that he left on my bottom, legs and face. If I had done something so bad, shouldn’t I be able to remember what it was? He brings up discipline, even now, even now that I’ve moved out, he will still make references to how important ‘discipline’ is. While I understand that children need discipline to learn wrong from right, I believe in talking to children and coming down to their level about what is going on. I don’t believe that I was an unruly child. I’ve been told that when I was a toddler I was hyper-active and would often have tantrums when we were out shopping etc. Isn’t this pretty normal for a 2 year old? Is smacking really the way to react to this situation? Also, I had no brothers or sisters, was it that I had a lack of stimulation and so much energy that I played up to my parents? I think whatever the behaviour that a child is displaying, there is a reason for it and it is up the parent to work it out. Nobody else knows your children like you do and I definitely think children know how to push their parents buttons.
    But what I can’t seem to understand is why I let him hit me up until I was in my teens. I remember a specific time where I brought a friend around to my house and I started ‘being cheeky’ to my Dad. I have no idea what exactly I was doing or saying but I think I was in stroppy teenager mode and I remember him dragging me across the floor to hit me across the bottom or face. I’m not sure where he hit me but I do remember the way I felt. This was in front of my friend and to this day, I am still humiliated by this. I curse myself for not standing up for myself and giving him one back! A lot of the time, after being hit, I wouldn’t cry. I think it had come to a point where I would not show my Dad how much he was hurting me.
    I have come to the conclusion that my Dad is a control freak and has anger issues. His fight for power is something that has affected me and I feel I could never forgive him. During my adult life, I feel I have little confidence to get where I want to be, low self esteem and I always want to please everybody. I put other people before myself as I don’t feel that I am worthy of good things. I genuinely believe that what happened when I was younger has affected me – I’ve been thinking about this for a while – trying to work out why I have little confidence and why I seem to settle for second best. I could be looking into this too much.
    At this point, I should add that family life really wasn’t always bad. My parents have always tried to give me everything the best that they could. Is this them feeling guilty and trying to make it up to me? There were rough times but I always remember the ‘little chats’ that had to go on every time something my Dad disagreed with took place. He would sometimes tell me that we need a ‘chat’ at the beginning of the day and then not speak to me about it until the end of the day because he was in work. This would leave me worrying and frightened to go home from school because I knew that I was going to be having a telling’off in the night. I would never be able to win these arguments, as Dad could never see my point of view. This is something that I feel I have carried with me as I hate confrontation now and never feel that I will win in a disagreement. This comes down to confidence as I mentioned before.
    The reason I am writing this is because I don’t know if I am right to blame him for the way I have grown up. I disagree with the the smacking and the power trips which he often displayed and know that it wasn’t my fault for the way he handled situations. I am also aware that I was not an angel when I was younger. I would push the boundaries with my parents but I feel that every teenager pushes their boundaries to see what they can get away with. I am not making excuses for myself. I agree that I needed to be disciplined when I came in late at night. Sometimes, I would be 1 minute late and the same punishment would be used- did it matter if I came home I minute late or 1 hour late? The punishment still would have been one of our ‘chats’ and sometimes a smack for being cheeky. He didn’t want to listen when I told him that all my other friends didn’t have a curfew and I always had to leave early and look ‘stupid’ in front of my friends leaving early when we were having fun. I see now that he was looking out for me. He wanted to give me a curfew to know that I was home safe. But being 1 minute late and going mad? Is that really looking out for me or is it another craze in his power trip? Did he look for things that I did wrong so that he could have a go at me and inevitably, I would end up doing something ‘wrong’.
    I just thought I would share this as smacking can have long lasting affects on children. If you think I am looking too much into my childhood, I am happy to listen. I’m not sure if I am right to blame my parents for the skills that I lack today but I can’t helping feeling like it is partly them to blame.

  80. Elena

    Yes I was spanked growing up and also as teen.
    It was the norm and by us children accepted and expected that we had to be spanked when we misbehaved. It hurt and at times the situation could also be embarrassing but it helped us to learn how to behave and be obedient and respectful. It also taught us that we were accountable for our actions and that some actions have pleasant consequences but other have unpleasant consequences.
    I believe that it was good and helpful for me to be spanked growing up and I have never hesitated to spank my daughter and two stepdaughters who all 3 are responding well to this kind of punishment.

  81. Anonymous

    My sister and I were spanked by our mother when ever we disobeyed. All spankings were given over her knee with the paddle that my father made just for her. Spankings were given up to our senior year of high school. Now that we are both married and have children of our own, we both spank and with the paddle their grandpa made. We spank the same way our mother spanked us and probably until they graduate high school.

  82. Anonymous

    My mother spanked me bent over her knee on my bare bottom usually with a slipper or a hairbrush.She always sent me to my room and I had to wait for her to come up which seemed like an eternity.
    Dad spanked me for the more serious offences and made me bend over either ths back of our sofa or the dining room table.Again it was given on my bare bottom and he used either a cane or his belt.
    At the time I hated being spanked but now I realise they were given for good reasons and I no doubt deserved every one.

  83. Anonymous

    I as spanked, and i did hate it. I was being bad one day. So my mum sent me to the studie, she had this big arm chair and she sat on it. I bent over her lap and she pulled down my jeans. Then spanked me 5 times. She then realised i wasnt crying enough so then she slipped my pants down. She gave me one spanked and i cryed out “mummy please no” she got me up and told me to bend over the table. she hated when we talked in our spanking, she said we must not complain we should be thankfull. She got the wooden ruler, i had never had this before. She told me to keep still and to count outlaod, and is i tried to stop he i would have 5 more slaps. She gave me the first wack and said you must learn a lesson. She then rumbed my bottom so the pain would go away. Then she spanked me again, and then rubbed it. She carryed on till 30 spanks. She then told me to lower my jeans to see my thighs and gave me 30 swats on the thighs. I was crying sooo hard it hurt soo much then she told me to take my jeans off. she then gave me 30 on my calf. It hurt then she spanked my bottom again and said ” you are a very bad girl and if you are like this again i will give you double” i
    then nodded me head. She made me pull up my pants and jean, she then said sit on the chair. My bum and legs hurt and she new i would be in pain. I did and i cryed. she mde me sit on the chair for 10 mins. The whole spanking lasted a hour and i never did it again.

  84. Anonymous

    I was spanked by my mum when I was naughty
    I would be told “go to your room for and I shall follow you up and I am going to smack your bottom”

    I would be left waiting for at least half an hour then she would enter the room with her leather solded slipper sit down on the bed put me across her knee and wallop my bottom

    If she was in a bad mood my trousers and underpants would be pulled down and my bare bottom smacked. I recken she used to give me upto 100 whacks – She always said that a smacked bottom do no good unless I way crying like a baby afterwards

    this went on ubitl I left home at the age of 19

  85. Anonymous

    Yes, I was spanked when I was little. It was more embarrassing but it hurt too. She would threaten to spank me in front of friends or family when I was acting up which was so embarrassing. I only remember a few times when she spanked me in public which was so humiliating. I remember how much it hurt so I try not to spank my kids now, but sometimes it is necessary. Especially with five little ones running around it can be the only resort, and it definitely works but it breaks my heart to spank them. I never spank them in public, only in front of thier siblings at times. And I never spank with anything but my hand, except for the wooden spoon sometimes in the kitchen. I remember my mother spanked me and my siblings with not only her hand, but a belt, hairbrush, it was horrible. After my I had my first little one I said to myself I would never spank them but now with five kids, it really is the only way sometimes.

  86. Anonymous

    I was never spanked. I will not use spanking as a method of disclipine for my child. Hitting is hitting, whether it be a spank, a slap, a backhand or a punch. Period. I don’t hit my husband when he does something “wrong.” Why on earth would I do it to my child?! In addition, those who do spank cross the line. Spanking is to teach a child right from wrong. Too often do I see parents spanking out of their own frustration. THAT IS WRONG. I think spanking is a cowardly way to disclipine. How about sitting your child down and explaining why he/she is in trouble? How about talking to your child and processing through his/her issue? Raising a hand to anyone is wrong unless, of course, it’s in self-defense.

  87. anonymous

    i was spanked some on my bare butt and i thimk it is ok to spank because it gets they point across.

  88. Vic

    This is about a co-worker that was a single mom,and we became very friendly since we worked side by side for many years. she had a beautiful daughter that was 9 when we first met.She believed in strong discipline and embarrassment when it came to her daughter. She would invite me over her house often,and many times I would see her in action when it came to her daughter.She would either make her daughter take her clothes off ,or sometimes she would stand her in front of her and remove it all. Next came 30 min of corner time in front of us,while we watched t.v. and had drinks. After that she would call her over and put her over her knees for a hand spanking (she called it a warm up) then she grabbed a ping pong paddle with holes in it and make her stand and count 20 out loud with her hands on the back of her neck.Then another 1/2 hour of corner time and off to bed naked. This went on till she was 16 years old.

  89. Elizabeth

    When I was about 5 until I was about 12 my two brothers who were one and two yrs. older than me were either spanked or whipped with the belt depending on the infraction, always bare bottom. My mom always had my dad administer the punishment I had heard her say to him that’s part of being a father, do your job. If punishment was needed mom and dad would take us into their bedroom. If spanking was the punishment my dad would sit on their bed, tell me to come to him, pull my pants down and bend me over his knee and administer the spanking. If it was a whipping, I was told to pull my pants down and my dad got the belt out of their closet and I had to bend over their bed. My mom always wittnessed the punishment to increase the shamefulness. It was normally ten spanks or whips. If I had misbehaved my mom would say you’re father’s going to hear about this, I knew what that ment! The anticipation and fear was enough in itself but it doesn’t mean a thing unless you carry it out. My husband and I discipline the same way with our 7 y/o girl and 5 y/o boy. It worked for me and it’s working for them.

  90. Elizabeth

    All spanking in our house was done with the belt for as long as I can remember. Even my little 3 year old brother got whipped. We have to kneel on the bed with our face in the pillow and get out bare hineys “way up in the air”. Then they whip away. It hurts. My mon and my dad both use the belt but my dad hurts much more. I will never hit my kids.

  91. Anonymous

    i got slapped wen i was a kid and only twice got wat i would call a hiding, first time with my mums hair brush wen i was 8 i was put over her knee and had she smacked my bare behind about 6 times with it and the second time was wen i was 13 my parents found out i was drinking and smoking with friends so my dad followed me and caught me in the act. he took me home and lethered my backside with his slipper, i NEVER smaked ever again and only drank wen i turned 18. as much as at the time it was not pleasant and i used to cry and get angry when i was smacked i do think it worked on me, but is not the same for every1 else.

  92. Lucy

    I was spanked when I was growing up, mostly my mum and always on the bare bottom! I would be sent to my room and she would come into my room and tell me to take my pants down and lay on my bed, she would hold my harm so I could not cover my bottom and spank me har till my bottom was very red. usually with her hand, but I did get the dreaded leather slipper twice I think for a bad school report which stung so much, she always made sure you got a hiding,and did not stop till she thought was ready. I used to be scared of her and dread the spankings, I stole something when I was 11 and my dad took his belt to my bare bottom, but he did not do it with much force even though I cried. My mum always spanked really hard, I always thought her hand hurt the most left red hand prints for a few hours.
    I cant say i am pleased or enjoyed getting hidings, but look back and think they did not do me any harm and I am a nice person with a good job. I dont have children so can not say If i would spank them.

  93. Anonymous

    I was spanked as a kid and all it accomplished was me to never trust anyone. If my mom could spank me….everyone else will definetely kill me.

    No thank you. I want to live with dignity.

  94. CJ

    My brother and I were spanked by my mom from the time were each about two years old (I’m older) pretty much every single day until I was in my early teen years. At some point in my early teens, I told her spanking was child abuse and she switched to hitting me across the face with a rolled up wet towel.
    No infraction was too small to deserve a spanking. Get lost in the store and ask for help from a salesperson – a spanking. Forget to take out the dog – a spanking. Look at my mother the wrong way (what was the wrong way-we never knew) – a spanking. I would try so hard to be good so she just wouldn’t hit me today. After all a good day was one where we didn’t get spanked.
    Spanking meant being sent up to your room to wait – you never knew how long. I had to take my panties off in front of her, pull up my dress and lie across her lap. Total submission and it was all terrifying. I knew no one would be coming to take care of me. She would spank hard in a state of extreme anger across my (or my brother’s) bare bottom. There was no counting, no idea when it would end. It only ended when my mother exhausted herself of her anger. I would cry and scream and beg for her to stop, but she never listened to my pain or pleas, she would just spank more and harder. Eventually, I learned to just submit and that nothing would change so why cry.
    My butt would be so sore I couldn’t sit down after. At first she hit us with her bare hand. It was not long before she switched to a wooden spoon. But she broke that on one of us, so she switched to using the back of my brother’s tortoiseshell brush, which was even more painful and would leave marks.
    My brother sometimes got hit with a belt. I would try to take some of blame and thus some of the beatings as he always got it worse than me. I remember watching him stand facing the wall bare-bottomed while she whipped him with a belt from behind. My mother told me when he was born that he was mine to take care of, so I would be horrified that she was hurting him.
    I have spent over 15 years in therapy working through the emotional scars left from this abuse. I lack self-confidence, I don’t trust people and I am such a perfectionist that I am terrified that if I mess something up the world will end. I still have trouble crying and I find my own anger terrifying. Those are the lessons I learned as an abused child.
    I have 5 year old daughter. I would NEVER spank her or hit her or give her any kind of corporal punishment. I can’t imagine hurting her. If I get that angry, I take my own time-out in a different room.
    It is wrong to hit anyone, especially a child. If your friend accidentally spills their drink while they are visiting, do you respond by hitting them? Of course not, they are human beings and so are children. Children deserve to grow up feeling safe and treated as human beings.

  95. anonymous

    i was always spanked by my mom with a hairbrush on my bare backside—she sent me to her room and would follow immediately-she was very matter of fact–as a little girl she would spank me five to ten times—as a teen usually around twenty spanks–she did not beat me –just warmed my bottom very well–all for the usual stuff–answering back—making faces–these spankings took no more than two minutes but they seemed to last forever –always with the same ending–one very contrite daughter–this continued til i married at age 18—ps my dad never spanked or even hollared at us

  96. Kathleen

    I was beat with a belt when I was younger and it still sticks in my mind today with sadness! It’s didn’t make me mind it just made me think if you make someone mad at you you just hit them. I also remember my mother slapping across the face one time, all it makes me think of is why would this person I trust so much want to beat on me. I grew up to be a good person but very confused. I used the time out for my own children because of this, now one has a 3.7 in college, violence only teaches violence! I guess men beat women because they think they are spanking them. My brother spent most of his life in prison and beating woman, he said that was how he was raised. If you teach violence then some grow up to be violent! I think of my childhood and all I have is awful memories and how the people I trusted turned me away, I was a child not a mini adult! Now my poor grandkids are being spank by thier mother’s boyfriend, he pulls thier pants down they are four and five, I think this is very inapproiate! My grandson is very angry, my grandaughter is confused he even has them calling them dad! What to do? How do you help these poor kids! Violence only teac

  97. kath

    I am the eldest of five and I was the only one that was ever spanked.I was spanked from ages 3-7 and always on the bare arse.I do not know why she only spanked me as my siblings were far worse behaved then me.I dont agree with spanking at all.I Became fearful and quiet as a child and even as an adult I am still shy.my siblings how ever are totally the opposite,they are outgoing and confident.

  98. Tony

    Yes I was Spanked mostly by mom with cloths on (underware-jeans)somethimes underware thin pajamas and rairly just underware NEVER NUDE BUTT(wow! some of these storys)My mom would give 20-30 licks/hits butt and legs “move your hand”ect..Would Never say sorry I love you before or after just mad/upset at what I did and was somethimes what I did not do and get blaimed for it..(still get upset at that fact it seemed she spanked out of anger)
    Dad was more rare but more “firmer” 10 -12 with belt.

  99. Tony

    oh by the way just figure this-

    the number of spankings you remember and the number of times(average) you got hit +the number total of hits in life time!!
    Me at least 60 at say 20 each=1200 !!

  100. Anonymous

    I was spanked and have mixed feelings about it. Yes, I am glad my parents spanked me, but I am not happy with how it was done. I think that dads should spank sons and mothers should spank daughters. My dad usually spanked me bare-bottom up till age 10 and then clothed through the teen years. It just felt wrong and I don’t think it was right. I think it’s ok to spank through the teen years, however, the parent of the same sex should do it.

  101. kristen

    I was spanked as a child right through until I was a young adult. I now have very mixed feeling about the subject and spend time looking on the internet. Long ago I learned it was not a topic to discuss with people. Once at school a teacher saw some buises and before I knew it the social workers were involved and I just closed up. No way did I want my family broken up. To this day I believe that there needs to be ways for there to be intervention without the sort of punative ferver that seems to be a part of the social work culture.

    My parents were very strict and controlling and required total obedience and submission. My father administered most of the spankings but my mother was always present and often reported me for punishment. The was a big ritual for punishment. I would be sent, usually by my mother, to my room to put on my punishment costume. This was a once piece swimming costume. For modesty. It would not be right for my father to see his daughter nude. Of course it offerred no protection. I would have to bend over the arm at the end of the couch. My mother would sit and hold my hands by my wrists and my father would use the cane on me. The rod of correction it was called. It was unbelievably painful and would leave dark purple bruises and welts across my backside that would last for several weeks. It seemed that I would often get caned a lot in a short time so often my bottom had not healed from a previous beating before I would receive another. At other times I might go for a month or two without punishment.

    When I was 16 I was attending a discussion at my church on children being obedient and women being submissive. Some of the other kids were boasting about how they would deceive their parents and be openly rude to them. The more these kids did this, the more I formed a resolve to be the best most obedient and submissive daughter ever. When my mom was driving me home I told her about the evening and the resolution I had made to myself. The result was that I was caned again. Not for doing something wrong but to demonstrate total obedience and submission and this time my mother did not hold my wrists. I had to take it without showing any resistance. I had to bend over and take it. The pain was then as always unbearable and I would end up just sobbing and crying. Screaming was not allowed. For years after I just continued to do this. Its only as I approached 30 that I even started to think about it and try to get to understand myself if that makes sense. Hence finding this site where I have done my usual cathardic thing and write.

    Thanks for listening.

  102. Anonymous

    I was spanked quite a bit when I was a child… I don’t see anything wrong with doing it in the “right” circumstances for the “crime” and for the child. My mom was pretty short tempered so it didn’t take much to make her mad. I spank my kids when the “crime” calls for it. But I will follow precautions. I wont spank when I’m angry and they have to tell me what they did wrong and apologize specifically for it.

  103. chance

    My first spanking was at 7-8. It was in the classroom. It was followed by many more the same. Always over her knee, on my pants and with her hand. Always as the whole mixed class class of boys and girls watched from their seats. A small community where everyone knows everyone. It only happened to me. I never saw another child spanked in that classroom. Very traumatic being isolated and humiliated again and again. All alone. I resented it. I resent that other kids were doing the same things as I was and not punished THAT way. They swore and fought and talked in class but they were never spanked. Its almost 40 years since that happened. A lot of you younger readers probably are surprised to hear that classroom spankings were allowed. But Im not telling the worst stuff. Her spankings of me got much worse if you know what I mean.

    I was confused because I was taught to behave, submit, be respectful and polite. As a child I would say “yes mam, yes sir” etc. and be made fun of because I acted so different than everyone else. I knew if I was caught I would be spanked hard. The others looked at me like I had 4 heads. They always made fun of me. It made me different, not fit in.

    As an adult I am almost a perfectionist. I am so worried about not doing something right that it makes doing any jog wrong a panic attack. I feel If I mess up I will be punished as I was as a child. weird huh? Its programed, hard wired into my brain. I understand how Kristen feels.

    Anyway, thats part of my story. I spend time researching the subject as well, Im sure you know writing about it is cathardic.

  104. Karen

    Im 22 and my dad still spanks me, he puts me over his knees lifts the back of my dress and lowers my panties, I got one more year of college so I have to live at home, last night my 30yr old sister got home 2 hours past her curfew I heard dad spanking her with the strap boy did she cry he grounded her for a month bet it was embarrassing getting spanked at 30

  105. Anonymous

    Yes, usually in anger and when not I felt like my father enjoyed it, and it actually makes me resent him even more when I think back to how he remained so matter of fact about it, like it was a celebration. He spanked me bare-bottom only once, but I had just gotten out of the shower (I was about 8) and he laid me across his lap and uncovered me matter of factly and made my count the swats -only ten but they hurt like hell. I was screaming so much I could barely say the number. I remember dreading while I was in the shower, I wanted to run away, kill myself even. But I didn’t. To this day I think he liked doing it.

    When I got older, he spanked me in anger frequently, though claims not to remember it. I got more than 100 “swats” once and he made me beg him to stop. I was around nine, and after that, they became a lot more rare. I just became a very odd kid, I never had friends, I developed a fantasy that I’ve heard a lot on here, and anyone who has had any experience like mine is out of their mind to consider putting another child through it. I became a messed up kid in so many ways, always socially awkward, I’m afraid of belts and people unexpectedly moving their hands toward me. I can’t imagine hitting my children in any way. A parent is supposed to love their their children, and love doesn’t hurt.

    I know plenty of children who have grown up without ever being hit, and they’re some of the most well behaved kids you’ll find, proving it’s not necessary to spank a child for them to be “well disciplined.”

  106. Mona

    I got spanked by my mom up to age 15. I grew up in a loving family, but those being the 1960s and 1970s, a spanking was what you got when you “acted up” or the teacher called or sent a note home about your behavior in class. My mom strictly believed in bare bottom spankings for me as well as my brother and sister. We got spanked in private, normally in the bedroom, but I have to confess that I sometimes stood outside the closed door and listened as my brother or sister got it! My mom used her hand and as we got older she also used a belt, which really stung a lot and left marks.
    I now think that spanking has its place in bringing up children. It is a quick reminder (unlike endless groundings) and re-enforces mom’s words perfectly. No need to spare a child’s bottom – they are well-padded!

  107. Chance

    I also have very mixed feelings about what I went through as a kid. I was taught to be submissive and totally obedient as a child because of the punishments I received at home and school. If you want to chat about it to someone. I am here to listen. Thanks

  108. Anonymous

    I was not spanked. But I should have been. Even at the time wished I had been. Most of my friends were. My husband was spanked and we decided that we would use spanking in the way it was used for him and his sisters. Between ages 3 and 13. If they do something that we have told them will result in spanking, we tell them to go wait upstairs. Then whoever is going to do the spanking goes up a couple of minutes later. We talk about how they did whatever they did and what choice they should make instead and how they are get a spanking now to help them remember to make a better choice next time. Then they pull down pants but NOT underware and go over mom or dad’s lap and get as many swats as their age. BUT if they struggle or fight, then we slap just below the edge of the underware on the thigh instead. Each kid only has had that happen a few times – they learn to accept their spanking instead of fighting and getting a worse one! I feel like I spank pretty hard but it’s only as many as the age of the child so it’s not bad. My hand does hurt for a few minutes after I spank my 11 year old because that’s 11 hard slaps. I’m glad she doesn’t need a spanking more than about once a month!

  109. Sally

    I attended a very exclusive private girls school in the UK during the 1980s where corporal punishment,even in secondary school was very common. Obviously only the female teachers were allowed to smack the girls and most used some form of smacking even in front of the class.

    Even mild misbehavior would usually result in a trip to the front desk where Miss would bend you over and lift the back of your skirt quite high to administer up to 6 very hard smacks across the top of each bare upper thigh This would settle most girls down very quickly. I was a bit of a chatter box in class and spent quite a bit of time bending over the front desk. Some teachers also smacked girls across the bottom as well as the legs. In any case it was certainly a very effective form of classroom discipline.

  110. cindy

    I was whooed spanked beaten with belts shoes and cords and i would never allow my kids to be beat spanked yes thats it i protect them i wasnt protected there dad can spank but im very proective

  111. Leanne

    Yes Sally like you I also attended quite a strict private girl’s school in the UK but it was in the early 1990s. By then corporal punishment had been abolished in the government schools but was still permitted in the private system.

    Like most teenagers at the time I thought that I could get away with anything. Too much attitude and too much lip gloss did not go over very well in what was quite a strict learning environment and consequentially I used to spend a lot of time either bending over the front desk for a good old fashioned leg smacking or even more often having my bottom soundly thrashed in the senior mistress’s study. After a while a I got the message and my behavior did improve to the extent that I did very well in my final year.

  112. Anonymous

    I was spanked often by my aunts boyfriend. My parents died when I was 6 so I had to live with her, Jake was her boyfriends name. Since my aunt was never home he was in charge of me. I remember being pulled to my room my cloths taken of and the belt coming very hard across my bare but. Then he would make me jump for an hour with no cloths on. He would sit in his chair and watch me cry out in pain.
    I do spank my kids today, but I do it as a last resort.

  113. anonymous

    i was beaten by my grandparents, aunties, and uncles, because i was brought up with my grandparents
    my father was dead and my mother did not have contact with us since she gave me away when i was 3months old.. hence a free for all!
    nana would beat me up till she was satisfied, not a smack on the bottom or on the hand like full on punching me in the face the mouth kick me while im on the floor jump on my stomach and would tell her daughters to join in, and my grandmother was a big women, she would have easliy been over 100kg and i was only 8-9 yrs old she would scratch my face and neck so
    it drew blood
    i remeber when she threw a steel thick looking rod towards my head and it just missed the back of my head and it gashed the tree with an open flesh wound on the tree…i used to get belted with the steel part of the belt with an extention cord, which left welts all over my body and when i was six yrs old and trying to learn how to read my grandmother would back hand me for every word i got wrong, and by the end of the day my face would be swallon red and sore and i would be crying myself to sleep…
    my nana would leave me at home on my own from the age of 6yrs
    and we also lived like 10min walking distance away from a beach so
    she would let me go on my own and in away it was my escape from all the abuse..so i would spend all day there…and during that time not once did my grandmother or any of my family come to check on me to see if i was okay,i was merely a 6yr old! and then i had gotten on the motorbike with my aunty cause we were going to join the rest of the family that were on the beach my aunty ended up driving on soft sand and lost control of the bike and she jumped off it leaving me on it my leg getting its skin chewed off by the front tire of the motorbike, my whole leg was skinned and bloody i ccould barely walk from the pain and the blood dripping everywhere i was leaving trail of blood, and when my nana saw me she looked at me in disgust and said ewww look at you, how disgusting your not getting into my car you can walk home! i had to crawl my way back home with a bleeding leg, it took me an hour and a half to get home when it would normally take 25 mins, the only family who did never touch me was my uncle, he carried me the rest of the way home and my nana had her hands on her hips with an angry exspression on her face, and said to me look at you…think your miss queen muck just before ur uncle is carrying you! get off my son and walk you stupid girl…and i just wanted to cry i was only 6yrs old!!! i cried so bad i was in the ugly cry, my uncle was like don’t be mean to her shes just a child! so yeah ugly childhood would never wish it on anyone else!

  114. Anonymous

    I was the oldest my brother 5 years younger and sister 7 years younger. When we were to be punished by spanking all of us had to be present for the spanking. Our mom was the punisher dad worked two jobs and was not home that much. We were a church going family and went every Sunday and midweek also.
    If the person was known to be punished they had to strip nude in front of the others while getting a lecture before the spanking was administered. If the person was not known we all had to strip until the person admitted the wrong doing or squealed on by one of the other siblings. We were not allowed to try to cover our selves with our hands, if we tried mom wacked our hand. When the spanking came around the person to be spanked had to stand facing the other siblings, bend over with our hands on our knees and legs spread apart. Mom always used a wooden paddle. The last time I was spanked was at the age of 17. My brother was down the street with friends and dad was at work and mom was gone. I played a practical joke on my sister. She did not appreciate it at all and told our mom when she got home. Mom did not think it funny at all. I had to strip in front of my sister, get a lecture and then have my sister play the trick on me before my spanking. I do not remember how many wacks I got but it was a lot and bent over with my hands on the knees as always as my sister watched. After this I finished High School and moved away to College in the fall. We did not think anything about this type of punishment as we new friends that got punished this same way. At one time a female neighbor got punished this way in front of myself and I got punished in front of her for the same infraction. That is the way it was and never gave the punishments another thought one way or another.

  115. Sigh.....

    Personally I did get spanked when i was a child. It wasn’t often because I was a generally good kid. My parents took away privileges more than physically disciplining me. My view on this whole thing is that if I turned out alright, then I don’t see an issue with it. But at the same time, there is a line. There’s a difference between spanking a kid to teach a lesson and physically beating them. I remember when my dad kicked a guy’s ass because he was beating his wife and kids. It was scary at first because I was young, but now I feel my dad was a noble man for doing it. No person (especially a child) deserves that.

  116. Anonymous

    I was spanked as a child. Not often because I was well aware of possible consequences and I was a bit of a coward. My sister got more smacks than me because she would answer back. One night my dad gave my sister and I a really good spanking (always on the bare) I think it was only because we had been talking in bed so he must have been in a bad mood because it was a bit extreme because he was usually a placid man.
    I think a threat and a proper spanking doesn’t do any harm and if more children these days had that as a possibility I think we would have more respect in sociaty.

  117. Anonymous

    I remember that when i and my younger sisters were little we were raised by our 20 years older twin girl cousins after are parents died when i was 1 and my younger sisters were 8 months old and cousins did just as our aunts did whrnever they dident behave which was spank our bare behinds i remember the first time was when i was 3 and dident behave at preschool and the princeable had to call my cousins and tell them about my missbehavers and at 5:00p.m. in theyand i ran towards them cousin Amber Jean cousin Laurie Jean and they both reached down and smacked the back of my skirt and said dont be running up yelling cousin Amber Jean and Laurie Jean us you just wait till we get home we will blister your little bare behind so good that you wontbe able to sit for a week and they got took her into there room and blistered my bare behind

  118. Anonymous

    I was spanked as a child. But it wasn’t like I was insolent or anything. I had a bladder problem when I was around five or six. My father would get mad when I had an accident and spank me as hard as he could. It was things such as that that I got spanked for. Things I really didn’t mean to do. As I got older, I wasn’t spanked, I was hit. I remember one time, I said something smart to my dad and he hit me in the mouth with a hairbrush. I thought that was a little extreme. I will lightly smack my little girl on the butt if she does something she’s not supposed to do, but I will not hit her or hurt her in any way. I don’t think that inflicting pain on a child is right and I would never do that. Mostly, I can tell her no and that does the trick. I know kids can be frustrating at times, but violence isn’t right. I wouldn’t want someone hurting me every time I made a mistake.

  119. TealRose

    Yes, I was spanked by hand and a hard, leather slipper and once or twice with a belt, from when I was quite small. I was a very obedient, quiet child. Yet my parents believed that infractions such as spilling milk, not eating mushrooms, not eating all my dinner, and any other trifling thing was reason for a spanking. My mother was the most impatient of women and would brush my very curly long hair hard and I would ask her to be more careful, or would wriggle about and she would just slap my arms or thighs hard with her hand leaving huge red handprints that lasted for ages. She was always far too ‘busy’ doing housework as she was a complete perfectionist, than hugging me or playing with me. They would decide I needed spanking over some trivia, and would expect me to ‘submit’ by coming to them and getting my pants down. This quiet, terrorised child, never did. I couldn’t and wouldn’t! [Didn’t make a lot of difference after all, they were determined to spank me to make me scream – after a couple of smacks the pain was so bad that all the others just blurred into one agony and whether I was spanked for just 10 minutes or an hour really didn’t matter.} After all these were the same parents that taught me that hitting wasn’t acceptable!! These were there people that were supposed to love and teach me things. They would then yank me over their knee ripping down my panties, and lay into me. Never ‘just’ 10 or whatever no, I was spanked till I was screaming with the unfairness and hate, till I was totally weak. They thought that this meant they had ‘got through’ to me, or that I was submitting to the spanking. I wasn’t … I was in SO much pain I had no choice. And I learned nothing. [So many spankings for such trivia meant I can’t really remember why I was spanked therefore I didn’t learn not to do it again!] I was always in SO much pain, I couldn’t understand what they were talking about at the time. They would lecture me before and during .. and expect me to tell the truth. Trouble was THEY never accepted my truth as ‘I was only a child’ !! A lot of the time they spanked me for things I had never done. I learned .. to be terrified, that they didn’t love me, that everything I did was wrong and I wasn’t good enough [this haunts me still at 56yrs old !] I learned resentment and hatred. They alienated me and I still feel all of these things keenly. To the point that reading the above stories of spankings of children, my pulserate has doubled and my adrenalin has kicked in making me feel rather sick. I am a strong grandmother of 56 and don’t suffer from ‘nerves’! This reaction is to spanking. Whether one slap – or like in my case … hundreds. They did try the ‘its over and we love you’ speech .. but there was no way I could either believe it or allow them near me. You can’t cause THAT amount of pain and then be expected to have me say back ‘ thanks mum, sorry I breathed the wrong way’ and give her a hug! She often spanked in the day .. and then got my dad to follow up when he came in at night. He did for a long time… until he began to realise that this was all nonsense. He would come up …talk to me…. and pretend he had spanked me. I don’t know if she ever found out!

    I never spanked, and yes I had two difficult children who loved to stretch the limits. But we TAUGHT our children didn’t spank/hit them. I believe strongly that even one slap is child abuse. If I slapped an adult it surely would be deemed abuse even if I told the police ‘I was just ‘teaching’ my husband to take out the bin!’ Teach a child with kindness and it will grow and flourish. I am just amazed and so upset to read here how people who were spanked/slapped/switched/belted/strapped/paddled/boarded/wooden spooned as children can turn round and say that they ‘needed’ it and that they now do this to their children! That is horrendous! As for washing a childs mouth out with soap !! Don’t let me even start on that! My children are now adults and are kind, courteous people, and my daughter has two little children whom she takes care to TEACH right from wrong – not bully, or spank into submission teaching them fear and hatred of them or themselves.

    Also interestingly, my secondary/high school never used corporal punishment – and more well behaved, courteous, kind and generous girls you couldn’t meet anywhere! However, the other local school that DID use corporal punishment – the girls just were hooligans, in and out of school, and didn’t give a damn about anyone or anything!

    My hope is that one day … ALL countries in the world will ban spanking of any kind, bringing to an end a reign of physical and emotional abuse on our tiniest and most vulnerable members of society – and hopefully instilling in parents some idea of true parenting that takes time and effort and … kindness. Just because it has been done for thousands of years and is ‘traditional’ doesn’t make it right! So was slavery … and wife beating, and sending starving street children to Australia for stealing bread !!! Don’t take the chance and inflict on your little ones, the heart stopping fear that I suffer as an adult, when I see or read about spanking, or hear a belt being jangled and pulled through belt loops, or see someone innocently picking up their slipper in the typical spanking hold. I learned so much more through the kindness of my teachers [NONE of whom ever spanked me or gave me a detention – which tells you a lot about my behaviour! ] and grandparents.

    Happy Christmas to you all, wishing you a very loving and peaceful New Year ….especially the children …

  120. Kelly

    My sister was one year younger then i,and we were raised with the fear Of God.Actually,the fear of welts would be more appropriate.My mother was a very weak person,and easily intimidated,as we learned later in life.our father died when I was 6,and my sis,5,from stomach cancer. About the age of 8 she suddenly brought home a man,which she seemed crazy about,and as it turned out,he was crazy.Probably about two months later,he moved in,and I swear,it wasn’t a week afterward that he took it upon himself to install discipline in our house.
    This meant for our mother also,like if she did not fix breakfast properly,he would slap her face in front of us,and march her by her ear to stand in the corner until he decided she could come out.Usually about one to two hours,and she had to have her nose touching the corner,and hands straight by her side,or he would walk up behind her and smack her hard on the legs,with this awful yard stick that he cut in half.
    She was horrified of him,and would submit to his strict rules,including,having to watch us get punished,in awful ways.His rules were never ending…no shoes in the house,ever.no socks even in winter.(he would walk in his shoes all over the house) as soon as we got home,it was to our room to change into a thin T-shirt,that was too short for our liking,and no underwear,no panties,just this stupid white shirt.No friends to our house,no sleepovers.
    When he would punish us,we both (including Mom) had to be there,and strip naked,and ask him to please warm our behinds,because we were naughty children.Even if one got spanked,the other had to be naked also.We had to go up to him,turn our back while standing,put our hands on top of our heads,and receive that horrible thick ruler on our bottoms.God did that sting,it felt like a thousand bees swarmed on your behind all at once.Being a boy,it was humiliating to have to stand facing my sister after the spanking,and thank her for watching my punishment,then my mom. Always corner time for a minimum of one hour,sometimes more.I was spanked like that till 15,and my sister till she was 16.She is still under counseling,and I think he did some things to her in the shower that she won’t talk about.he even gave me baths,and I would sometimes get an erection because he washed me there for a long,long time.I ran away at 15,and did not see my sister again till I was 45. I got messed up for a while,but she is still unable to come to facts,She blames her self a lot.This is really a sad story.The only relief is that he died of a stroke a couple of years after she left home at age 18.

  121. Anonymous

    Spankings growing up were always the same. Always with the belt and always bare. You were told to “get up to your room”. You had to lay on the bed with your pants and panties down. My mom would get the belt from my dads drawer and come in to my room. She would always say “get ready for the strapping of your life”. Then we she would give us 25 straps. Always 25. It did not matter what you did, I knew I was going to get 25. She beat me with that strap – hard. I hate her for that. If you moved, or put your hands back, she would start over from 1. Many times I got way more than 25.
    I do not spank my children at all. They are teens and are fine.

  122. Paula

    I was spanked as a child, and I thank my mom for it. There were 4 of us, but I was the worst behaved. I was always lying or trying to cover up something I had done, then I would get in worse trouble. Mom used a paddle or belt from the time I was about 5 (panties down). I was rarely spanked after age 12, but there were probably many times she should have! My last time was when I was 21 and a few months before I married. I was being a horrible bridezilla! Mom had had enough and ordered me to my room. I was shocked to get spanked with the paddle with my panties down! But I definitely deserved it and I adjusted my attitude quickly! My children have rarely been spanked, but they are much better behaved than I was.

  123. Anonymous

    I was one of four kids. My brother and sister was the same age because we are triplets and I had a halph older sister. I was spanked as a child but it felt more like a beating. It started when I was about 3 or 4 and there was toys all over the floor. I usually always got my spankings from my dad so this time was no different. He told me to pick up the toys and I guess I did not hear him or respond because the next second he threw a big toy truck at me and I fell on the floor and cried. I could not get up so he saw that as me being definent and then proceeded to spank me because I would not stop crying. There was also other time where me and my sister and brother would get the belt because we forgot to do our chores or we did not clean our room. The only problem was that most of the time the reason we forgot to do the chores was because it was my older sisters chore and she would force us to do it or not do it at all. Then we would get in trouble for the mess she made. But he would never beat her for it, and it was always as since of inequality because she was not his biological daughter.
    We would get the belt if we even thought about disobeying him and breaking something was a guarenteed beating. All I can remeber is that he was always angry with us and would sometimes just come home and start yelling at us just to let out his anger. He would beat us so bad sometimes I would have welts and bruises for days one time a couple of weeks. I was terrified of my father and hated him until I went to college. My sister was no different she would treat us like slaves and sometimes beat us up for the fun of it. And other times she would take out her anger on us. Sometimes I did deserve a spanking but I feel he would go to far and I definately did not feel any love after. I felt like he hated me and was taking out all of his frustation on us. My mom would try and fight for us by telling him he would go to far but she was just as afraid as we were. We grew up as good kids I mean we are all in college even though my older sister has a child she still made it and is currently at a very prestigious college.But the lasting effects are evident. We all hate to talk about the past and suffer from a lot of emotional hurt which lead to trust issues and low self esteem.

    I conclude by saying that yes when I have children I will spank them. I am only 18 and children and having a family is definatly in the future after i finish college. But I do know that what happended to me was wrong. I would only spank my kids out of love and only when they deserve it. I don’t want my kids to feel terrified of me and my future husband. It’s sad that I can already see my brother and older sister doing the exact same thing my father did to us and my only fear is that I will do the same thing. I just want to know what my father did was abusive or not.I have read a lot of these stories and only found a couple that sounds like it. But I have also heard worse and the people in my culture believe that beating your child and leaving bruises is the only way to get them to listen. Some even joke around about it. So I just want to know if it was abuse or not. Just to let you know I am a lot better and my father is somewhat more relaxed. He still treats my nephew like he treated us. It’s kind of sad I just hope that his treatment does not get passed down to the next generation.

  124. Anonymous

    I was one of four kids. My brother and sister was the same age because we are triplets and I had a halph older sister. I was spanked as a child but it felt more like a beating. It started when I was about 3 or 4 and there was toys all over the floor. I usually always got my spankings from my dad so this time was no different. He told me to pick up the toys and I guess I did not hear him or respond because the next second he threw a big toy truck at me and I fell on the floor and cried. I could not get up so he saw that as me being definent and then proceeded to spank me because I would not stop crying. There was also another time where me and my sister and brother would get the belt because we forgot to do our chores or we did not clean our room or we broke something. If nobody confessed then whe all got whipped. It was sometimes bare but most of the time I had on underware. The only problem was that most of the time the reason we forgot to do the chores was because it was my older sisters chore and she would force us to do it or not do it at all. Then we would get in trouble for the mess she made. But he would never beat her for it, and it was always as since of inequality because she was not his biological daughter.
    We would get the belt if we even thought about disobeying him and breaking something was a guarenteed beating. All I can remeber is that he was always angry with us and he was so mean. He would sometimes just come home and start yelling at us just to let out his anger. He would beat us so bad sometimes I would have welts and bruises for days one time a couple of weeks. He stopped hitting us when we were teenagers but the yelling and fear was still there. I was terrified of my father and hated him until I went to college. My sister was no different she would treat us like slaves and sometimes beat us up for the fun of it. And other times she would take out her anger on us. Sometimes I did deserve a spanking but I feel he would go to far and I definately did not feel any love after. I felt like he hated me and was taking out all of his frustation on us. My mom would try and fight for us by telling him he would go to far but she was just as afraid as we were. We were good kids, very obedient well except for my older sister. But I mean now we are all in college even though my older sister has a child she still made it and is currently at a very prestigious college.But the lasting effects are evident. We all hate to talk about the past and suffer from a lot of emotional hurt which lead to trust issues and low self esteem.

    I conclude by saying that yes when I have children I will spank them. I am only 18 so children and having a family is definatly in the future after I finish college. But I do know that what happended to me was wrong. I would only spank my kids out of love and only when they deserve it. I don’t want my kids to feel terrified of me and my future husband. It’s sad that I can already see my brother and older sister doing the exact same thing my father did to us and my only fear is that I will do the same thing. I just want to know if what my father did was abusive or not.I have read a lot of these stories and only found a couple that sounds like mine. But I have also heard worse stories then mine and the writter seemed to be okay with it so I am kind of confused. The people in my culture believe that beating your child and leaving bruises is the only way to get them to listen. Some even joke around about it. So I just want to know if it was abuse or not. Just to let you know I am a lot better and my father is somewhat more relaxed. He still treats my nephew like he treated us. It’s kind of sad I just hope that his treatment does not get passed down to the next generation.

  125. donnie

    I was raised in a strict home and my parents were believers in spanking for serious misbehavior. One day I remember I became angry with a girl at school who had made fun of the shoes I was wearing. I met her out on the school playground and one thing lead to another. Finally, I pushed her and she fell down. I got in trouble and sent to the principal’s office. When I got home my mother decided I needed a whipping to teach me that boys should never hit girls. Because I had hit a girl, mother also thought it would be a good idea if my two sisters got to watch my spanking. So, she had dad pull down my pants and give me a spanking in my little jockey shorts with the back of a hairbrush. I remember that really hurt and I shed tears in front of my whole family. It was a big lesson for me.

  126. anonymous

    I was spanked, chased down, tackled, screamed and cussed at, and basically suffered a childhood with occasional physical abuse and quite a bit of emotional and mental abuse. Spanking with a belt, a paddle, or a hard hand just added to the pain and suffering in that situation. The harsh methods and the anger so present in the household, along with the emotional heaviness and sadness there (and confusion) rendered even the ‘kinder’ disciplinary actions ineffective and painful to deal with because I never felt like there was any value to what my parents wanted except they were angry (very). Gladly enough, I feel I am truly growing out of this awful situation I grew up in. I feel that disciplinary action that gets physical is walking a pretty thin line with being abusive. It has to be done right by emotionally and mentally balanced parents who aren’t doing it solely for the fact that the bad behavior angered them, but who are looking to improve the situation and turn it into something better and teach their children something. It has to be done sparingly. I can tell you a slap in the face hurts you so much emotionally and the marks on your cheek lasting for hours while your kind of pathetic and mean mom tries to rub them off so people don’t see them (and does it hard) is just freakin awful. I don’t know if I would ever do that to my own child unless they did something terrible, but I plan on instilling a sense of justice and respect in my children instead of just going from one disciplinary act to the next in a situation that will never get better or foster growth.

  127. Anonymous

    I was spanked as a child but only by my mother. I remember one time when I was about 3. I was up on the window sill in my bedroom and leaning out. Mum came in and saw me. Before I knew it, she’d grabbed me and I was sobbing my heart out from the sore bottom that followed. Spankings were few and far between. I can only remember a handful of occasions between the ages of 3 and 15. She only ever spanked out of love and because she wanted the best for me. I love and respect her wholeheartedly and know that if I hadn’t repeatedly misbehaved or done something dangerous, she wouldn’t have resorted to spanking.

  128. Debra

    My sister was a bedwetter and wore diapers and plastic pants to bed. Each night in the hour before her bedtime mom would take her to her room and put her diapers on. She would come back to the living room to watch TV in her diapers and pj’s. She would sit on the couch beside me and her plastic pants would crackle whenever she moved. As time went on I would tease her every chance when we were alone. Calling her Betsy Wetsy or diaper baby or baby pants kid. She started complaining to mom and mom couldn’t do anything until she caught me. After sometime I was in the room we shared and she was there and I was calling her names and turned around to see mom standing in the doorway. She glared at me and said “you’re getting a spanking”. She left the room and came back in a moment with the hairbrush. She grabbed me by the shoulder and led me over to my bed. She sat down and led me around to her side facing her lap. I had started to cry and plead and promise I wouldn’t tease my sister anymore. All of this fell on deaf ears as my mom said that I had teased to long and that I needed to be punished and that I had the spanking coming. With that she undid my jeans and pulled them down around my ankles, she tugged my panties down to my knees and guided me over her knees and made sure I was in the right position and she spanked me for what seemed an eternity. When it was over I was let up and told to wait there as she left the room. She came back moments later with diapers and plastic pants. She told me that I was going to wear diapers and plastic pants to bed just like my sister so I would know how it feels. She told me to climb up on my bed and lay down. Crying loudly and promising to be good and not tease my sister, I did as I was told. Mom pulled my pants and panties off and slipped the diaper under my bottom, pulled it through my legs and pinned it at my waist. She put the plastic pants on over my feet and pulled them up over the diapers. She told me I could get off the bed and turned to my sister and said “Now your sister has been punished for teasing you and you can see her in her diapers and baby pants”.
    I felt so embarrassed and the baby pants held the heat in my bottom from the spanking.
    I never teased my sister again!

  129. Anonymous

    Debra’s story of teasing her sister reminds me of a story told by our neighbors when her daughter was in high school. Despite her warnings, her daughter continued teasing her young brother. Finally, the mom had one of those mother-daughter talks that ended with her daughter bent over a kitchen counter with her unzipped jeans and panties at her ankles, and her belt in her mother’s hands. The application was patient, methodical, and thoroughly effective. Mother and daughter were reconciled immediately after the disciplining.

    That was also our experience. When girls know they deserve to be spanked, there is seldom resentment. On the other hand, if moms try to use spanking as a spontaneous treatment for bad behavior, the “cure” often is worse than the “disease”!

    Too many overworked moms make the mistake of using spanking to get rid of their frustration in a furious flurry of blows. More successful moms incorporate spanking as a component of a prolonged conversation. One mom with whom I discussed the issue recommends, when they need disciplining, older daughters spend about the length of a class period in school stretched full-length over their mom’s lap with their mom seated in the middle of a long couch or well back on a bed.

    Rather than merely putting the daughter’s in temporary pain, or inadvertently teaching her that she can endure a spanking, the leisurely pace gives even moderate swats with a maternal hand on a bare bottom time to soak into a stubborn teen’s brain. As a result, repeated sessions for the same offense are diminished – as are the chances of leaving tell-tale signs of thorough disciplining.

  130. Anonymous

    Often spanked at home and school. I hated it it kept me in check but timid. I have issues now, it must have been wrong.

  131. Anonymous

    American dad and Singaporean mom = dad imported some canes from Singapore apparently just for us.
    If I or my brother didn’t obey our parents or were rude then we’d be caned and I can still remember the pain. I spank my kids today but only with my hand
    We weren’t caned excessively max 5 hits but the thought of the stinging now is horrible

  132. Anonymous

    I was spanked growing up through about 4th grade. At that time I began to be grounded or have privileges taken away. That lasted until I told my mother to “shut up” when I was 13. We were in the kitchen cooking. She took me over to a kitchen chair, put me over her knee, held me down, and pulled down my shorts and panties. She spanked my bare behind what seemed like forever. The windows were open and I was begging her to stop spanking me, so I know other people knew I got spanked. When my dad got home, I had to lie face down on my bed and have my bare bottom strapped with his belt. That was the return of spankings for me, hard and only given on my bare bottom, with the last one given the day after my 16th birthday.

  133. susan

    I have had many spankings in my life. My dad was really strict and if i misbehaved he would send me up to my room to wait for him to come up. After about 10 minutes my dad would come into my room put me across his knee take down my panties and spank my bare bottom until i was sobbing.

  134. naomi

    as every kid i hated being spanked. how i feel about it now i still hate it. but in a diff way i like it. it turns me on

  135. Karen

    My 3 sisters were all paddled by mom and hand spanked by dad. My sisters and I were about one year apart in ages. We were close but we also had our sibling rivalry to. As we got older, we started covering for each other. Alot of times it backfired on us and we all three ended up with sore bottoms. I was 16 the last time I found myself over moms knee getting a bare bottom spanking. Noe that we are all married and have children of our own, we too spank our children, but only with our hand.

  136. Jennie

    I grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s and it was not unusual then for teenagers to be spanked until they left school. I was no exception. In my last year at school I still had to be home by 10 o’clock in the week and one night was spanked for coming in late from the pictures although I had been with mum. I had no complaints as these were the rules but dad said mum was iressponsible in not seeing I was home on time and she was spanked as well. Likewise she took her punishment without complaint.

  137. Amy

    So many of these stories don’t come close to what “a spanking” means to me. Perhaps it stems from the era in which the “spanked” grew up. Some of the stories are horrible examples of abuse, which I don’t think should even be included in a discussion about spanking. I was not spanked very often, and I don’t ever remember bare bottom. My parents, however, were the empty threat kind of parents. They were extremely loving, though, and I had a great childhood. My brother was a mess (relatively speaking, I guess)until the age of 30 when he met his wife and my sister was a mess until she finally grew up and got her life together around the age of 25. I guess I was lucky. I did everything in the right order. Despite the lack of consistency, we all ended up college graduates with great families in the end, but it took some time. As a parent and a teacher now, I believe that spanking is part of an overall (and well planned out) behavior plan rather than a just a grown up temper tantrum. A spanking, which is ONE or TWO swats to the upper thigh or rear, is only given if my 5 year old is blatantly disrespectful. Like today, out of anger he turned around and shook his butt at me. Spank. If he is mouthy, he gets a hand to the mouth. Most other behavior issues (and there are many, as he is “spirited”, “strong-willed”, “gifted”) result in a time out or an extended period away from us in his room. This generation of teenagers is out of control. There is no respect for parents or adults of any kind. They needed discipline long before their teen years. However, please make a distinction between a spanking from the hands of a loving parent in a loving home and a “whipping” or “beating” from an angry parent. There is a HUGE difference between the two. I can’t imagine ever bending my child over my knee to administer 10-30 lashes with a switch, let alone chasing him around the living room with a belt. Unimaginable.

  138. Anonymous

    Sense is not something that can be smacked into anyone!

    I was spanked as a child, as far back as I can remember. I had a keen sense then that it wasn’t fair, but only now, at 40, have I found out that it was abuse.

    My step mother used to beat me often: sometimes for things I knew I had done wrong, sometimes for things I didn’t know were wrong, sometimes for things that I had no control over. I don’t remember if she ever explained why I was being spanked, why whatever it was I had done was wrong, and why I shouldn’t do it again. Without asking for my side of the story (often it was something that had happened TO me, that I had no control over whatsoever), she would just tell me to fetch the wooden spoon from the kitchen and bring it to her. (She had a large collection of them, and I would pick the longest, thinnest one because there was more chance it would break before she gave me the full quota of spanks. Over time the collection dwindled and the short, thick ones would be all that was left. I used to check the draw in the hopes that she had bought some more long, thin ones.) I would take the wooden spoon back to her, hand it to her, turn around, bend over and she would beat me. She would tell my dad when he came home from work, and sometimes, but not always, he would tell me to go to my room, and he would come in, tell me to pull down my panties, and he would hit me with his hand and sometimes with his belt. I never knew when I would be “punished”. Sometimes I seemed to get away with what I thought were serious crimes, and sometimes I was punished for something I couldn’t help (like pulling faces at my stepmother’s cooking while trying not to throw up on the dinner table, because the fish we were eating was making me sick and I was trying to swallow the bile along with the fish – it never occurred to me that I was anything other than bad for not being able to swallow the fish). I grew up believing that I was was bad, a naughty child that was just made that way because, no matter how hard I tried to be good, I always seemed to be in trouble for something. This led to me having guilt issues that pervade my life, a total lack of self-worth, and an inability to accept love when given to me. This is all because the abuse was excused – disguised – as “punishment”… and went on un-pushished itself.

    I now run my own not-so-successful business (held back by my inability to value myself and my work – I’m extremely busy and in demand, but I feel guilty charging people for the work I do for them, so I don’t earn very much). I have an extremely loving boyfriend who recognised my childhood for what it was, long before I realised it. On a number of occasions I have tried to chase him away because I struggle so hard to understand that someone can love me, but fortunately he does love me very deeply and has understood and stuck with me (I don’t know how he does it, there have been times that even I wanted to leave me!). I am fortunate to have found a therapist whom I trust and who understands me, and I am able to work through all these issues that stem from my childhood.

    I have no idea if spanking works. I used to say that it doesn’t “because look at me, I got spanked almost every day, sometimes twice a day, and I never got good.” But none of those hidings came with an explanation, or if they did, I can’t remember them – probably because, as some of the other people here have said, they were so wrapped up in the pain and humiliation, there was no way any lesson could be learned, other than the pure pain and humiliation. Perhaps if I was only given hidings when I actually willfully did something wrong, and if those hidings came with an explanation of why it was wrong, why I was getting the hiding, why I shouldn’t do it again, they may have been effective.

    But I don’t believe that spanking is the way to teach children. Teaching them takes time and effort, and I feel that spanking is just an easy way out parenting. But, like any easy way out or short-cut, it often turns out to be harder or longer; my stepmother and father had a difficult child to contend with, who may have been a delight instead if they had taken the time and made the effort to communicate.

  139. Ra

    I was spanked when needed by parents who loved me. I was always held after, and always felt very loved all my life. Everyone has the right to raise there kids however they like.

    Maybe because I didn’t get away with bad behaviour as a child I can’t stand to see it and I certainly as a mother don’t put up with it!! And I hate anti spankers and I hate to hear of people who were spanked by unloving parents (but most of you just weren’t spanked often and it left you bitter).

  140. Ra

    “(but most of you just weren’t spanked often and it left you bitter).”

    I meant to say most of you (anti-spankers) weren’t spanked long enough by a parent who loved you. Most anti spankers are yankees who had there bottom slapped once in there lives, they hate there parents, God, everyone and want to change the laws so were all like them.

    Just my opinion, most folks I know are v.pro spanking.

  141. Anonymous

    I was spanked by my Mom over her knee and by Dad over the chair.Both used a slipper and they spanked me on my bare bottom.I hated being spanked then but I guess all those spankings taught me how to behave properly.

  142. Louis

    I am 58, eldest of 6. I received spankings. I didnt like it who does? I was not spanked when my parents were angry. I knew my parents loved me. The fear of that punishment was a real deterrent to me. I refrained from some bad activity out of fear of that consequence. It kept me out of some trouble. I have 4 raised children,for some a look will do it ,but for most they require a little more sometime. There is nothing wrong with loving consistent corporal punishment. Respect for authority starts in the home. If parents followed through on thier job there would be a lot less juvenile deliquency. I work in the school system and see it everyday.For those who care..The bible supports this method. Love has to be present.

  143. Jennifer

    I was spanked soundly as a child by Mom and Aunts and Teachers. There were 6 of us, and spanking was a normal thing. It was bare and over the knee with whatever was handy, hand, brush, shoe, whatever. We were spanked wherever the infraction took place. Public spankings were not a problem. I remember once the four youngest (I was youngest) were at some community event in the school gym. Mom was elsewhere in the building while someone was babysitting a bunch of other children. Mom came in and didn’t like how we were behaving, so she grabbed us all. Mom was a big woman and somehow she was able to grab all four of us by our arms to a chair. Systematically, she turned us over her knee, starting with the oldest, bared our bottoms, and spanked them each soundly. Everyone there watched. I don’t even remember being embarrassed. It was the 60s and it was a part of everyday life.

    I do spank my children. I wish I could do it in public like Mom. Sometimes, I will give them a few swats over their clothing in public. Like Mom, my spankings are fast and systematic, although I only use my hand, and only my husband can also spank them. At home they are over my knee and bared and spanked soundly.

    I wish they would allow teachers to spank children. In school when the teacher or principal would spank, you would have you lean over their desk and have you submit to a firm paddling. Only the principal could give you a bare spanking. She gave me one once. I was about 9, and I threw something at a teacher. The teacher didn’t know who it was, but Sister Robert saw from her window and she came down with a folding chair, grabbed me, spanked me while I stood before her lecturing the whole time, apanking between syllables. Then she turned me over, pulled up my skirt, pulled down my panties and spanked me long and hard. I learned my lesson. Especially when Mom gave me another spanking when I got home.

    Spankings at home ended at about 11 or 12. They continued through high school at school, but after about 5th or 6th grade they were the paddling kind, principal or not.

  144. Veronica

    My mother was the disciplinarian in our house and though she didn’t spank often, when she did it was memorable. Just the threat would be enough to quieten us (my brother and I), as we were well aware of the consequences.

    Aged four I threw a tantrum in the local corner shop, and was promptly marched home for a spanking. Across her knee I went – skirt up, pants (underwear for the Americans) down – and received a thorough spanking, which I remember vividly to this day. I kicked, struggled, bawled and begged her to stop.

    I received precisely three spankings during my childhood! My brother was spanked more often, but probably no more than a dozen times.

  145. susan Yaggey

    Yes I was punished Once when I was a child never forgot it. My dad was always such a calm carring man but when he exploded that day never forgot. Always sticks in your mind hit and hurt me. I was embarrassed but deserve that treatment however behaved much better and always tried to please my parents not provoke then into anger, because I new what I’d get. Okay to prove a point if should do not do will learn lesson and stop.

  146. Amanda

    As a child in the UK during the late 1960s/early 1970s spanking was much more acceptable as a punishment for children. At the same time general smacking of hand or legs was seen as an acceptable minor punishment. I experienced legs being smacked or hands on a regular basis, usually mildish taps.
    Spankings (or what I understood as spanking) were called “good hidings” in my house and were reserved for serious poor behaviour such as stealing etc. If a good hiding was deemed appropriate as a child I would be sent to my room. Usually with the words that my Dad would be in to “discuss” my behaviour shortly.

    When my father came to my room he would sit on the side of the bed and sit me next to him while he told me off for whatever I had dome wrong. After the telling off he would putme across his knee, lift my skirt and pull down my knickers. Then I would get around 6 good slaps to my bare bottom after which I would be sobbing. After this he stood me on my feet and pulled my knickers back up and leave me to cry it out. All forgotten after that.

    This was a rare event in my house though. I think I endured no more than 5 such punishments if that. The last at 13 for shoplifting and I was too old for such punishment really.

    I would NEVER spank or smack my own child as life has moved on. We know better now.

  147. Anonymous

    Spankings are good for kids. Never spank when u r angry. Go with a bare butt. Use a switch. Have them bend over a chair with their butt high in the air. And switch them appropriatly to whatever their disobedience was. Don’t spank 4 acidents, but 4 blunt disobedience. The butt should be red and sore when you are done. But remember never spank in anger. If you do it’s abuse.

  148. laura

    I remember my teen years being whipped on the soles of my feet. That was an arabic way to punish. I came home one night twenty minutes after my curfew. (9pm) Dad was waiting for me at the door. First he grabbed my hair and yelled and then said get in my room and wait for me. I new what was in store for me. A few minutes later he came in and told me to take off my shoes and stockings and lay on the bed on my stomach with my feet hanging off. I did and he said hold your feet together and dont move them. He then took off his leather belt. He told me he was going to whip me twenty lashes across the soles of my feet. one for every minute late . I new it was going to hurt because i just had a pedicure and my feet were soft and smooth. He then whipped my feet with the belt mostly on the arches where it is the most tender. It felt like someone was setting my soles on fire. I was screaming for him to stop. finally it was over. the soles of my feet were red with welts. that was the last time i missed my curfew.

    1. rogerfederrer

      I got the bottoms of my bare feet beat to Laura when I was bad. My dad was Arabic and me and my sisters got it hard with a razor strap until we were 18 and in front of each other. We had to lie on our backs in the living room with are feet up on a chair and Dad would strap the soles of are bare feet until they were really red and had some welts. We all bawled it hurt so much.

  149. CariDee

    I was spanked by both my parents up to age of 16. Beside the incredible stinging it was also embarrassing and humiliating, particulary when you grew older. I was always put over the knees. I had to remove my pants if wearing such. Otherwise mom/dad would lift my skirt and they also pulled down my panties down to the knees. Then they spanked my bare buttocks until I kicked and bawled. Most often the hand was used. Sometimes also the hairbrush. Then there were these rare (but horrific!) instances with the carpet beater or the birch rod! I remember even at 15 I peed my self in terror when seeing mom entering my room with a birch rod. Except for the ones with birch rod and carpet beater I think the spankings was fair.

  150. Anonymous

    I was spanked and humiliated as a child. I remember hearing the my brother plead with my father, and then the inevitable screaming as he was beaten with a belt. I’ll never understand how an adult could raise a hand to a defenseless child. My father now lives to regret his actions. His children and grandchildren do not see him. That’s a truly unfortunate legacy, but most understandable.

  151. anonymose

    anyone spanked in foster care, or by adopted paresnts? I was spanked but only after my foster parents sighned the papers and the adoption was final. Then it was cloths off over the knee for a long smacking with the hand.

  152. Rennie

    I wish I had memories of childhood spankings as I certainly deserved them. I grew up in the 50s and 60s, and as others have pointed out, spanking pretty much came with being a kid in those days. But even in those instances where my mother verbally threatened to spank me, she never followed through.

    I was punished instead with the withdrawal of her affection. I feel like I never properly learned the critical lesson of Actions & Consequences. Rather than getting my bottom soundly spanked and logically connecting the pain and shame with my wrongdoing, I was made to personally feel bad for having disappointed and annoyed my mum.

    It was no different with my oldest sister. She had extra responsibilities when Mum was away at Teacher’s College, and I’d been caught swiping money (I was 8 or 9, making her about 16) from my sisters’ coat pockets. I remember her fixing her hair in the bathroom mirror as she asked me if I wanted my pants pulled down and my bare bottom paddled. I’m quite sure I didn’t say yes, but she should’ve just gone ahead and done it.

  153. babs

    Being put over daddys knee at 13 yrs old, ruined my life, he bared my bottom and to my horror I had just come on my period, I was mortified but he carried on spanking me as if i was a child …. I will never forgive him and to this day years and years later I havent 🙁

  154. anonynous

    I got spanked well into teen by MOM
    she even had a paddle publicly displayed on the kitchen wall Very embarrassing, led to many comments from her friends. some gggling and smiles.

    1. Nina

      My mom spanked us when we deserved it no matter who was around. It was always over her knee after you took off your skirts or pants.
      One day I cam home from school. Mom had 3 or 4 friends in when I gave her a note from school. She read it and said ladies,I’m sorry but Nina is getting a spanking. I turned red. She got her wood hairbrush and told me to takeoff my uniform skirt sine she didn’t want it wrinkled. I stood there in my panties. I was 16.
      She told me to get across her knee and she pulled my panties down. I don’t know what was worse, being across her knees with no panties or the spanking,

  155. Tiffani

    I feel really bad for everyone on here who were abused and/or received a spanking. I believe that any children at any age don’t deserve something as horrific and embarassing as that. As a child I was spanked. But mildly by my mum, under the age of 7 I got a bare bottom spank, and afterwards she smacked me a generous amount of times on the head. She did this because I suffered with migraines from the very early age of 11, and when she hit me on the head, it made me feel sick and head-ache-y, which meant after half-an-hour I was forced to give up, kneel on the floor, and plead how sorry I was so she would stop smacking me on the bum and head. My stepdad, he used to pull me upstairs by my arm, throw me on the bed, and then smack my bum, while saying things like “You f**king bitch. Well, now I’ll teach you a lesson, You do it again you fat cow.”

    This emotionally scarred me, and I’ll never forget these horrendous times.

  156. Anonymous

    A lot of these descriptions are of horrific levels of sexual and physical abuse. The ‘spanking’ (what a horrible cutesy American word for beating) is sexualised physical abuse in itself, but some of the descriptions here are of men using ‘discipline’ as an excuse to sexually molest children.

    I’m shocked at how little outrage there seems to be on this post, and how many people are saying that ‘spanking’ is a good thing.

  157. anonymous

    I only got spanked occassionally as a child. In my late teens to my early 20s though, when I discovered drinking and stopping out late, I was beaten a few times with a belt.

  158. Anonymous

    my parents believed in spanking and more.

    I love my parents to this day and believe everything they did was in order to mold me into a quality moral-driven human being. I don’t blame my parents though certain events still affect me when I think of them too in-depth.

    I was born a boy in 1977. my father was in the United Stated Navy and my mom stayed at home with us kids. Both of my parents were raised Catholic.

    I was on the receiving end of physical punishment frequently and my siblings were also. By today’s standards some of it could even be considered torture though I have 0 doubt in my parents good intentions.

    The spankings were the least of it.

    My last spanking occurred when i was 15. I had opted out of taking the bus home from school in favor with riding with a friend in their truck when given the opportunity. It was a point in school where relationships between classmates was important and I felt included and somewhat popular by the offer.

    My friends mom was late.

    I arrived home about 2 hours late. This was before cell phones were prevalent and I had no money to use a pay phone. My mother was livid and I believe my father was at sea at the time though that detail escapes me.

    I was beaten so badly my butt and thighs were anything but normal colored. from greens to blacks to reds…. no trace of white was left. It lasted for what seemed like hours and to this day I think actually were hours. She went off so badly with a paddle, her hand and her anger that literally I couldn’t sit for a month afterwards.

    That was her immediately realized mistake. She never touched me again. I believe she was horrified about what she’d done and completely regretful. I think she’d had a bad day and my antics were the “straw that broke the camels back”. Never has she apologized. But I know all I would have to do at 34 years old is to bring it up to her and I would see tears almost 20 years later.

    That was the last time.

    Previously my parents used tactics in addition to spanking. They had 4 children with only 8 years dividing them. My father was frequently out at sea and I know we drove my mom mad at times when my father was gone.

    Kneeling on rice:

    Popular in the filipino community this was a common punishment.
    It involved children kneeling on white uncooked rice.

    not so bad for a minute but after hours it’s torturous.

    That was used and probably the most feared punishment my siblings and I had. It was immensely painful….unbelievable agony without physical scars. Spend 6 hours on your knees with the rice embedded in your skin and you will admit to almost anything.

    when over, pointed objects were required to dig the rice from the skin.

    i had planned on listing the worst punishment but i feel it was just parents doing what they could when at wits end and i don’t feel i need to visit it. My parents love me and would do anything for me to this day and I them. We have a very respectful adult relationship which I wouldn’t change for the world. I love them and can appreciate the difficulties they had with raising us.

    Aside from the worst i ever received I believe one thing:

    Physical punishment is NOT wrong when done at a emotionless level. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER strike your child when you are angry. The threat of “wait till dad gets home” is supremely right and effective in that the anger is not in place when the father gets home, he is performing a parents duty when punishing without emotion other than maybe disappointment, duty and love.

    Thats all.

  159. Anonymous

    1983-1987 Wayside Elementary-Madison Middle School,
    Bartlesville Ok.

    I was spanked 15-20 times by staff. Tortured at home.
    Bullied around my block.

    I’m going to track you teachers down and embarrass you
    in Public. I’m now 36. Fuck you Taylor and Zoldoski.
    I hope you can stand the shame assholes.

  160. anonymous

    I agree with you : anonymous from Wayside ele.

    It was over the knee in front of the entire class for me. on a regular basis, not just once!

    When she realized she was getting away with her physical bullying and torment she started taking my pants and underwear down to do it! She realized I had nowhere to run and noone to tell. That day, that first time…with my clothes pulled all the way down around my ankles and my shirt pushed up …well I was never smacked so many times in all my life. But I shouldnt complain right? It was just a hand spanking..right?

    I beleive this was the beginning of my chronic and debilitating social disorder. My disosiative disorder. But it was just a spanking, right? Staring at the classroom floor and trying not to scream, and trying not to cry, as she slaps my bared skin relentlessly. Preying to a lord I didnt beleive in. Preying it would stop, preying she would stop. I became a crumpled, broken child …laying limp and still across her lap. No longer able to fight. Basically exhausted.

    Now let me explain, she continued to “spank” me for a while AFTER I had finally “submitted.” By this I mean, even AFTER I was reduced to quietly sobbing, non moving, and I had stopped all my protest of squirming, she still just kept on hitting/spanking me. Perhaps she felt I needed more humiliation and shame to make me a normal, well adjusted, contributing member of society. I mean after all, she was a well respected, to be feared authority figure..right? I was just a 7-8 year old boy. Im guessing someone of that stature with all that wisdom knew my red/purple little ass didnt hurt enough. But it wasnt just my rear end that she hurt. It was my modesty, my soul, my mind. I often wonder of the thoughts of the other 30 boys and girls in that classroom forced to watch her brutalize me. How are they affected today by it? Anyway, once finished her sexualy devient assault she put me back on my feet and dressed me from a near nude state. They saw everything. I wasnt “allowed” to put my hands in the way. She dressed me. They watched. The whole thing in silence as they were ordered. I think she wanted to see how much noise SHE could make ME make. Anyway, I was then sent to my seat. Where I HAD to sit! She did have a soul though because she let me cry into my folded arms. After all, what was she going to do…spank me?

    Now just a week or so later when she introduced me to the strap, I was by then so scared of her and her constant bullying and shaming me I near wet myself. She took me aside at lunch time for a more “private” session over he lap. Like I wrote, that was my introduction to the school strap of the 70’s. I think she enjoyed unbuttoning my pants etc.. I think she enjoyed taking my clothes off.
    That thing tore and burnt my flesh with each of her angry lashes until I fell unconsiouse. Or some formed of dissapearing of the mind. I couldnt sit for days after that. And I was never the same after that. I was always a scared child after that. Of course the news of all this spread through out the grades and the following years and everyone knew. I was picked on and tormanted and beat up by the kids after that and that followed me well into Jr, high as did the drugs and booze I had to abuse to bury the pain!

    So…anonymous from Wayside Elementary…..I feel your pain. I too would really enjoy a law suite against these people. Class action if I can find others she “had her way with.” They need to be hunted down. btw.. Im almost 50 and still angry!

  161. Anonymous

    i was spanked by my father but i had own all my cloths he some times used a belt but not offten i got anywhere for 10 to 50 spanks but i need it i still love my father more than ever he would always tell me go up to your room ill be there in a few mins i would hear him comming up the stairs i would crinch he wold expine why i was beaning spanked he would pull me over his knee never in anger would he spank me my mother did to be not often

  162. reciever

    i was always made to stand in a corner for 10 mins and then mom would call me over,lecture me,pull down my knickers and spanked until my bottom was red and sore,i tried to block it but she always managed to remove my hand

  163. Jessica

    I was spanked often as a child/teen, as my parents were often away for business it was often done by my much older brother, who had permission. I was always made to go to my room first lie face down on my bed and wait, that was the worst part I think, having to wait and know what was coming. When he came in, he made me sit up while he lectured me on why what I did was wrong and why I was being spanked. He then from the time I was 5 till the time I was 14 made me stand in front of him and make me take off all of my clothes, again SOOOO embarassing!!! but it worked, once I was naked, he would make me lie on my bed and put a pillow under my backside and spank me for 10-15 mins covering the middle of my backside, the top, the bottom and the top of my thighs. Once this was done he helped me into my pajamas and always kissed me, said he was sorry and hoped it would be along time before he had to do it again.

  164. Dany

    I lived my childhood and teens with my two brothers, a sister and my aunt (she was their nanny when they were young but we call her aunti) who were loving and caring for me. i was the youngest and there was at least 20 years between me and my next older brother so they were my like parents. i was free to do what ever I want and given whatever I needed but I remember respecting them and we had a family meeting every weekend to talk about what is going on in our lives and our plans and our faults in the week. we were free to talk and criticize. during the meetings i was told what I did right and wrong and on how I should do it better. they all were very patient with me and cares too much for me. but I was required to behave properly and have bright future. nobody in our family believed in physical punishment and mostly I was grounded for my wrong doings and disobedience. I was a well behaved kid but i sometimes get crazy. one day we were having dinner and I was mad because i was forbidden from going to a football match the next day. after dinner i collected all the dishes to take to the sink and cos i was mad i just dropped it to the floor deliberately it was like 6 or 7 glass plates. Anuti got so mad but my eldest brother just said “i will not do this to show my temper if i were you” that was all. no one touched me.

    but when i was almost 13 i met new friends and learned all the bad ways like smoking, being late for no reasons, lying and disobeying. one day my sister got me smoking with my friends and told my brothers. i was called before dinner and told all the wrong things i was doing and they said they are aware. they said i will be free to decide on my life after 18 which includes smoking but i should stop now and behave properly. my brothers use to hate when anybody lies and they hate catching me lying. they never lied in their lives I guess. that day I was told all the measures they will take if I ever again lie or disobey them.

    after few months my friend and i planned to go to another town (30miles)to watch a game (we were fans)but told our families that we have a group assignment to do. we went and watched the game but unfortunately a guy who was a friend of my friend’s mother caught us there. he called my friend’s mom and she came right away. she was so mad and drove us back to town without saying a word. she called my brother and Aunti came and took me home. I was so scared not fearing what they will do to me but how much i hurt their feelings. I was ready to take all the punishments and i was sure I will be grounded and i will be denied all my privileges. i didn’t expect any physical punishment cos I wasn’t used to it but this time it was different.

    I was asked to explain what I did to all the family and
    why i needed to lie. they were mad not because i went but cos I lied. I just couldn’t say a word except that I was sorry but my eldest brother needed me to talk and i kept silent. I was sent to my room to wait and i heard them talking loudly on what to do. after about 20 minutes my eldest brother came with a belt on his hand. told me to lie down on the bed and whipped me hard for what seems like eternity. I tried to take it silently but after may be 10 or 12 lashes i couldn’t and i cried out and plead him to stop. he stopped and told me to sit down. Again he asked why i wanted to lie and prefers to lie every time I did something wrong. i again said nothing and I have this behavior of keeping quiet when I am mad which they always tell me they don’t appreciate. he asked me three or four times to say something but i was so mad to say anything. he got tempered and grabbed me in my arms and made me lie on the bed again and started whipping me so hard, so hard that i stopped moving and sobbed bitterly and said I am sorry and I won’t do it again but he kept on whipping me until i was weak to say anything but called his name and please. the others were knocking the door and asking him to stop. when he was done he left the room and i sobbed for almost an hour. he grounded me for another two weeks after that and became strict on my discipline. he never said he was sorry and i never lied again.
    I thank them now for disciplining me when i was young i am now 24 college student but still when they say no for anything I accept and deal with it. I never lied and don’t like it.

  165. Anonymous

    Spanking doesn’t work. Don’t spank your child, because as a teenagerI tell you, if your child thinks spanking is right, you’ve just brainwashed him/her. He/she WILL be abusive. If your child thinks spanking is wrong, then he/she is still trying to not FEAR you and stay away from you but actually relate with you on some level. The bible DOES NOT SAY spank your child. The Bible says do not spare your ROD! ROD in hebrew had many meanings. ROD meant leading, hitting, walking, guiding..etc… There are verses in the bible that says, Lead me with your ROD! Do the shepherds beat their sheep with their Rod? Even people don’t beat animals, then WHY DO YOU TREAT YOUR CHILD WORSE THEN A SHEPHERD TREATS HIS LAMBS! DID JESUS EVER SPANK HIS DISCIPLES?!
    I am crying! Crying because people’s minds are wrong! What kind of a society we live in! Spanking is wrong! Bible DOES NOT tell you to spank.

  166. Anonymous

    Smacked bottoms were a tradition in our family it appears. My grandmother seemed fascinated by the fact that I might get the cane at high school and warned me before I went for the first day. My mum described to me how she had to go to buy a cane from the oil shop before being given a good hiding by my granny. She had two sisters and all three seemed to be enthusiastic caners of their kids. My mum was no exception. The smacking ritual seem to have been handed down from what I heard. Typically, after a warning or two over previous days,I was sent up to the bedroom and told to get ready. This meant to remove trousers and pants(skirt and nickers for the girls)lie face down on the bed. A bit later mum would come up stairs, close the door, go over to the window and close it and after looking up and down the street to wait for people to pass, I would hear the wardrobe door open and something being taken out. From the swishes that usually followed I knew it was a cane. The instruction “over that way” would be followed by the lifting of my shirt-tails and the feel of something laid gently on the exposed bum cheek. Then whop!smack! a stab of pain high up on the buttock, followed immediately by another slightly lower down, then another and another, progressing down towards my thigh – whop! whop! whop! The resulting smacks buiulding up to a crescendo of pain, until I rolled out of the way usually by stroke 8 or 9. “Get back over, or …” Even when I did, more punishment had been awarded and another especially painful one was delivered before the appointed “12” (increased by “now we’ll go back to number six”)starting strokes were completed

  167. april

    i am in my 30s now and when i was a teenager i was strapped by my dad on my butt.what added to the pain was,before the strapping,i had to take off all my clothes and lay on my bed and raise my legs up while my mom put toddler plastic pants on me that fit tight.they constricted the blood vessels in my butt and my the strapping all the more painful,i wore a tee shirt and the plastic pants while i laid over my dads lap and he used his leather belt doubled over to strap me as hard as he could.my mom would watch while i usually got 5 to 7 whacks with the belt.after the strapping,i had to leave the plastic pants on and lay on my bed.the elastic leg openings would dig into my thighs and cause me more pain.this punishment continued untill i was almost 17.

  168. Anonymous thought

    Honestly, reading this makes me think. And I think discipline is not a unnecessary or extreme thing. But as for abuse which is obviously illegal, I never agree with that. Is spanking ‘wrong’ persay? Well I’m not going to go into to much detail. Though I know everyone was raised differently and has different common law in their lives I think spanking might be fine if it does not cross abuse or mental damage. As in not something to ‘torment’ just to corect. No I’m not a parent just yet but I honestly think this topic tends to be taken to extremes/ misunderstood/ or simply taking sides.
    A child is not only a human being but our future. Keep in mind not just in discipline but how you raise your kids as a ‘whole’ reflects a lot on what they’ll reflect and how they think. My over all opinion is that their should be discipline NOT abuse.

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  170. Anonymous

    I think the diffenerce between abuse and correct discipline is simply down to interpretation. My upbringing might be considered abuse by others but not by me. I am female and was spanked at various times till I was around 15. The format was always the same, and was performed by my mother. It was quite formal. If I had been bad it would be explained in a very calm way what I had done, and what I was to receive. There was never any fighting as this would not have been considered acceptable. I would go upstairs to my room, remove my underwear and put it on the bed. My mother would come into the room after a couple of minutes, and tell me to kneel down beside the bed, and I would be spanked on the bare bottom. The spanks were as hard as possible. The severity of the punishment was governed by the number of strikes. It did not happen very often and happened less as I got older. Did it turn me into a ‘nice’ well adjusted woman? – I think it did. It was a very loving home. I think corporal punishment has its place and can be effective if used correctly. I also use it on my own children and follow as closely as I can the same routine I learnt from my parents. When I see so many badly behaving children you do have to ask if children are being poorly served by their parents who fail to discipline them in an effective manner – if at all.

  171. Marla

    I got spanked a lot as a child, only ever with the hand, by both parents, always over their laps but as i got older they sat on the sofa or a bed so i was stretched out over them, and always with my skirt yanked all the way up or removed and my panties pulled down. It was usually a two-stage thing, first with the dress up and spanked on my panties, then a breather while i cried and they talked, and then the worst part, the “now i have to pull down your panties,” which would always make me cry and beg hysterically as i felt whoever it was pulling my panties down and exposing me. Then the main part of the spanking, with the hand resting on and rubbing the bottom of my butt (so close to the genitals, which felt so humiliating and shameful) between groups of smacks. Though they never hit to the welt stage that others have described, they made the spankings last a long time, accurately observing that the worst part to me was the shame of laying there (like a baby, the way i got rectal temps as a little kid, which always came to mind) with my panties down, right in their laps, restrained and touched and humiliatingly hurt against my will. Afterward, if the offense was extra bad, i either had to stand in the corner or lay on the sofa with my dress tucked up and my panties still down, because i was told i should feel ashamed of myself for what i did and this would “help” me feel that way. Throughout, i was always told they loved me, it was for my own good, etc., and even hugged and kissed afterward. I really believe they thought they were doing the right thing, but it so confused me, and it felt so sexualized as i grew up. I got spanked less and less frequently as i got older, but got my worst spanking at 15 or 16, when caught at a friend’s house where there were drugs when i was allegedly elsewhere. My dad pulled me up against him and smacked my rear several times over my jeans in front of my friends, saying “you’re going home for a real spanking — would you feel so grown up if your friends saw you over my lap with your panties off?” he was furious (and scared for me) and i was mortified. At home i was taken to the sofa, and had to stand there, crying and begging while my parents told me to take off my jeans. I wouldn’t do it (bc my dad had said my panties were coming off), and my mom held my hands out of the way while my dad undid my jeans and pulled them off. I tried to double over so he couldn’t reach my panties but between him and my mom they got my panties down and off too. Then i almost didn’t know which was worse, to stand there in front of them naked from the waist down, or lay across my father’s lap half-naked to be spanked. I was pulled down into position, half wrapped around my dad so i was really pinned, and he clamped one of my legs between his because i was fighting so (something that had never really happened before), and then the spanking started. It wasn’t paced like all my others, but long and hard, and extra humiliating because i had no panties on at all and the restraint made my legs open up. Afterward they made me stand up while my dad got up, and then i had to lay on the couch, still with no panties, for 15 minutes in lieu of corner time while they went on doing other things, walking thru the room now and then and seeing me like that. I made the mistake of blurting “i hate you!” and was yanked to my feet by my dad, still half naked, and swatted hard across the rear several more times while he held me by the arm, after which i was sent to bed. I only got a very few more spankings after that, last one probably at 16. The memories of these, which were way milder than many on here, still stay with me vividly, and in retrospect give me very confused sexual feelings. I never spanked my own children and never will, because you just dont know what messed up effect it could have on them even if you dont mean it that way.

  172. Anonymous

    I was spanked as a child too,but at least we don’t have to worry about getting spanked anymore because we are grown ups now.

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  174. Staci

    YES, I was spanked since I was 13 years old. It was never done in anger or frustration. I had a 15 year old brother, a twin brother and an 11 year old brother at the time. I was the only girl. I was basically a good kid, but was the bad kid of the bunch, didn’t do as good in school as I could & should have. I was the fun kid, always a smile, always ready to have fun and not do my chores etc. The standard form of punishment in our house was being grounded. The summer I was 13 I had to go to summer school, wow did that piss my Mom off, more because she was embarrassed than anything else. We had a summer house at the shore, about an hour away. This summer I would stay at our winter house with my Mom or Dad or over at my cousins a couple of nights during the week so I could go to summer school.

    Well one Friday night as my Mom, my aunt and I were driving down to the shore house, I said some curse word that annoyed my Mom (she hated me cursing) and she suggested that maybe I needed to get the belt like my friend Cathy gets now. (Cathy had just been caught shoplifting and got the belt for the first time in her life) I laughed and taunted my Mom “like you’re gonna do that to me” kinda stuff. I kinda dared my Mom to spank me. My Mom was pissed that I challenged her like that in front of my aunt, my Dad’s sister.

    So, I am in a bad girl mood and am feeling naughty, the part that had me thinking was that I knew my friend Cathy had to go to her room and undress completely, then walk thru her house completely bare to the basement play room where she would wait for her parents and sometimes her sisters, and she would get the belt on her bare bottom.

    As we are continuing the ride, the conversation would continue and I was purposely being bratty, asking and taunting my Mom for details of what she would do. I cursed again, on purpose, and that’s when she said if I use the “F” word again I am going to get it just like Cathy does. I asked very mater of factly, so the next time I say the “F” word you are going to spank me just like Cathy get spanked ? Mom yells at me YES you’re gonna get it. I remember laughing and my aunt saying that I better hush down because she could tell I was getting on my Mom’s last nerve.

    I was on a roll, I had this weird feeling and liked it, so I grilled my Mother for the details….the next time I say the “F” word you are going to make me take off all my clothes, make me go to the family room nude, let my brothers and father see me without any clothes? Mom yelled YES ! I, was in a weird mood and said F… it bring it on ! As soon as I said it I got scared, Mom was pissed !

    When we got to our house, I went in, the guys were cooking on the grill, my uncle and 2 cousins were there. I went in and hung with everyone and acted like nothing happened. Everything was good, but I did notice my Mom and Dad talking then my aunt & uncle joined them.

    Everything was good until just as dinner was over my Father said to me that he heard I dared my Mother to spank me. Everyone laughed, I pretended to not know what he was talking about. He was not having any of it. He turned to my aunt and asked her to take me to my room and get me ready.U thought it was a joke, I was excited and scared. Well I had to strip bare, walk thru the house nude to the great room, everyone was there, I was embarrassed and scared and was so sorry for what I had done. Long story short, I had to bend over, I got 15 strokes from dad with his belt. When I was done I had to stand up, face my Mom (everyone could see everything)and apologize to my Mother. I was bratty and wouldn’t, to my surprise my Dad didn’t hesitate, he ordered me to the corner and told me that I would get the belt again tomorrow night and see if I want to apologize then.

    I got the belt again and again over the next few years. My brothers saw all of me and I am now happily married and spank my 2 daughters. It works !

    I have thanked my parents for the belt, I know I was headed down the wrong path.


  175. Anonymous

    I was always spanked by my mum if I had been really naughty no doubt I deserved each one and I respescted her for it.I was sent to my room when I had been bad.Mum made me wait about 20 minutes before she came upstairs with her slipper on her hand.She never spanked me when she was mad,she needed to calm down before putting me over her knee and after taking down my pants spanked me on my bsre bottom really hard.I would get at least 100 strokes and it would be a long time before I could sit down again.
    I can remember each spanking and i soon learned to be good

  176. anonymous

    I was spanked as a little kid, I didn’t like it much then, but it did work, only once was I spanked by my father, because I did something terrible, I don’t remember what I did but I never did it again. when I was a little older and could understand the concept of a grounding I was no longer spanked. personally, I think my parents discipline tactics did pretty good. I only stole something once, when I was little and didn’t understand what it meant, my mother marched me right back in to tell the clerk that I took the item, and that it was laying on the floor. that embarrassment alone was enough to teach me never to do it again.

    In the case that I had as a child, only getting a spanking when I did something really bad, and after I had been taught that the behavior was bad, I think the spanking was a good thing. but some take it too far, with switches, belts, and paddles, and humiliating sexual contexts. every last bit of that is abuse. I was never spanked with anything but a bare hand, if you are spanking so hard that it hurts your hand, you are likely going to bruise more than the ego of the child. if you are leaving marks behind, that is a beating, not simple spank. you should never spank out of anger, and after the child has calmed down, after any punishment method, talk to them about what they did that was wrong, why it was wrong, if the child has a better understanding of why a behavior is bad, they are less likely to repeat it. and seriously, when the kid can understand putting their nose in the corner, or being grounded, there really isn’t much need for a spanking. Infants understand very few things, hungry, poopy, sleepy, and lonely, are the main ones, they cry to get what they need, and should never be punished. an infant can not be spoiled by being held too much, but can be emotionally traumatized by being held too little.

  177. Lisa

    I was spanked a couple of times with a little paddle over my clothed bottom. I mostly got time-outs though. I was always punished in another room with out any one in there to comfort me.

  178. mandy

    this is in reply to aprils post.i was spanked as a preteen and teen up untill i was 16.my parents forced me to put on tight fitting toddler plastic pants[rubberpants] and a tee shirt and then i had to lay over my dads lap and get hit ten times with a leather belt.the rubberpants fit very tight and made the pain worse.the rubberpants and tee shirt were kept in a box in there bedroom and when i had to be strapped i had to go and get the ‘box’ and take it to my room and take off all my clothes and with my mom watching i had to put the rubberpants on,then the tee shirt and then walk out into the living room to where my dad was waiting.my mom would watch as he gave me the ten hard strappings across my rubberpantied bottom.after they were done,i had to leave the rubberpants and tee shirt on and lay on my bed.when i was sixteen i got into trouble the week before my sacrement of confirmation[catholic] and our parish required all the girls to wear a floor length white dress and veil with lace socks and shoes.rather than give me a strapping,i was made to wear the rubberpants and tee shirt under my dress for the whole day and the leg openings on the rubberpants dug into my thighs and i was in pain for the ceremony and my party after wards.to further punish me my mom told all of my friends and female relatives that i had baby rubber pants on under my dress.

  179. leoonivb

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  180. S.B.

    I was spanked as a child. Looking back I deserved every one I got. How do I feel about it now? It was a good thing, but it sure didn’t seem so at the time!

  181. Anon

    Yes, I was, extremely regularly. Since I was very small until the age of about 12.

    Despite it being a fairly long time ago (I’m 22), I’ve been extremely ‘messed up’ over it in recent times. If I think about it once, I’ll be distant and depressed for the rest of the day. There are times (not all the time) when I won’t let my fiancé touch me anywhere I was hit as a child – it will give me an anxiety attack. I have physically hurt myself purposely due to the memories. I play the memories over and over in my head trying to work out what the hell I did wrong, because I didn’t know at the time and I don’t know now. Like others have said, hitting doesn’t let the child think about what they did – they just know they’re being hit and hate you for it.

    I am just so grateful to have a loving supporting partner who understands and is helping me get through this.

    I’m begging you guys – sure, some kids are strong enough to deal with it and forget, but you don’t have a clue what sort of person that child is going to be when they grow up. They might not be able to deal with it so much and be screwed up for life.

  182. Anon

    Oh, I’d also like to add that if I ever heard a parent say they beat their children, I would beat the living crap out of THEM to see how they liked it.

  183. Anon

    My parents were old fashioned. Any insolence and I was usually given one hard smack – sometimes on the backside – or across the back of my head.
    I was only given a proper, prolonged spanking by a complete stranger when I was nine years of age. I was trespassing in a cemetery after closing time. I mouthed off to the middle aged male attendant – and before I knew it, he had run and caught me and carried me into a wooden storage shed. Within no time at all, I found myself across his knee with my underpants completely off having a sound hand spanking.
    At the time, I felt that I had deserved it – and didn’t dare say anything to my parents. However, I now realise that this was sexually motivated. It happened nearly 40 years ago, so that guy would certainly be dead now.

  184. Keith Smith

    When I was 12 years old I was strapped on my hands at Intermediate School. I throughly deserved this strappng. It was during a sports period when we were all supposed to be out on the school field either participating or watching sport. I was not very interested in sports and so I hung about the school buildings. At my school we had a Special Needs class. I noticed that three boys were following a Down’s syndrome pupil, imating his lumbering gait. I thought that this looked like great fun so I joined the back of the line and like the boys in front of me I imitated Max’s limbering gait. The duty teacher rounded a corner of a school building and caught us. We were told to go to the cloakroom between two classrooms and await the duty teacher’s arrival. When I arrived there were about 12 or so boys gathered there for various offences. When the duty teacher arrived he went into the classroom next to his own. I asked one of the boys why he was going in there and was informed that he was going to get the teacher’s strap that was kept in the teacher’s desk drawer in that room. I was scared and had butterflies in my tummy as I had never received corporal punishment before at school. I wanted to see how the other boys received the strap before it was my turn so I manouvered myself into a corner of the cloakroom so that I could see what was to happen. The teacher emerged carrying a leather strap some 3″ wide and about 18″ long. It was folded in half so that it would fit into the desk drawer easily. It was a rather intimadating sight. The boy nearest the front was asked to step forward and hold his right hand out which he did, his right arm fully extended at shoulder height, the palm of his hand facing up. The teacher put the strap over his shoulder and brought it down hard onto the boys right hand. I think the boy cried out but kept his hand in position. A second equally as hard stroke followed. He was told to lower his right arm and hold out his left arm exactly the way he had his right. He did. Two strokes landed on his left hand. Then his right arm was held out and he received his last two strokes on his already hit right hand. Each of the boys was treated in exactly the same way. After receiving their strapping – six of the best – each boy was permitted to leave. I was disappointed to see how some of the boys tried to evade the strap by withdrawing their hands at the last moment. The teacher was so experienced that in no case did this succeed. I was determined that when my turn came around that I would be stoic and not lower my hands. Eventually all the other boys had been strapped and there was only the teacher and I left. Yes I was very scared. Without needing to be told what to do I raised my right arm and waited for the first strap stroke. Just as with each of the others the teacher put the strap over his shoulder and brought it down hard on my hand. It really hurt. The second stroke followed. More hurt. Swop over of arms and hands. Two more hard strokes. More pain. Back to my already strapped right hand for final two strokes. Throughout I did not lower my hands, as I intended and I did not utter a sound. After my strapping I was actually proud of my red and white swollen tingling sore hands. I bore no grudge towards the teacher as I realised, after the event that my behaviour was despicable. The original question was how I felt both then and now. I believe that I have covered how I felt then. Looking back through all those years ( I am now 63) I still feel that my punishment, severe indeed as it was, was throughly deserved. Now I am into BDSM and enjoy being strapped. My account that I have just given is a true and factual account. I would be more than happy to discuss any aspect of it. My email address is keithsmithkiwi509781@yahoo.com.

  185. Dee

    I was very abused from the age of 2-3 until i was 16 (when i left) i was pinched, kicked, punched all over, spit on, hair pulled out and burned but only a few times. I still remember how it felt to have 200 plus pounds sitting on me & holding my legs & arms down because i was a bad kid. I remember my mom would even pass me around to family members so they could physically abuse me & abuse me in ways children shouldn’t be abused.. *(Yes, she knew what someone was doing to me & ignored it) I have had a lot of mental issues in and out of mental hospitals. I have severe PTSD and i am on many medications. Been in ICU many times with failed suicide attempts. Just isn’t my time to go. I cringe everytime i hear yelling or kids screaming now from being spanked. Horrible flash backs.

  186. Anonymous

    i was spanked when i was a child my dad and mom lefted bruses on me and i was scared of them when they saw what they done to me they said what happend i would say you dun it and now i am mental and i was burned alot of times some days i wish i would never wake up.

  187. Cookie

    I was spanked by my mother, a lot, and almost always when she had had something to drink.
    Mostly she hit my bottom or thighs with her hand, sometimes i,d raise my arms to protect myself and she’d twist them back and hit me again for doing that.
    She had a whip, meant for cattle that she had hung up on the wall and sometimes she threatened to use that on me. Am not sure anymore if she ever did or I repressed the event. I was terrified of it. Once I hid it under my bed, she found it and laughed hysterically.
    I talked back a lot, trying to use logic when arguing my case for or against something, she in frustration for no good or logical answer, would just hit me. Later as of 11 or so I got slapped in the face for talking back.

    How do I feel about it now? Terrible that it is part of my memory of her and part of my growing up. Not sure how it affects me, but I do know I swore to myself I would never do that to my kids.

  188. Susan

    My brother and I were spanked often by our parents while growing up. I can’t remember how early the spankings began — possibly around age three. Our mom would use a switch that she cut from a bush in our back yard. She would apply it to the backs of my legs, leaving stripes and welts on my calves and thighs. Our dad used his hand to blister our butts and thighs while holding us against his thigh. As we got older, we were whipped with his belt. Most of the time, punishments were administered in the evenings after Dad came home from work and had time to talk with Mom about the events of the day. It one or both of us were “sentenced” to a whipping, we were told to get our baths right after supper and then wait in our rooms. When they were ready, Mom would come to our rooms and tell us to come with her down the hall to our parents’ bedroom. Their bed was very high and even as a teen, I could not bend over it without climbing the bed steps kept there. Whoever was first would climb the steps and lie down across the edge of the bed. Mom would raise my gown and pull my panties down to my knees and then Dad would remove his belt and the whipping would begin. He would lash the belt across my butt and the backs of my legs above the knee. If I twisted about too much, Dad would use his hand on my lower back to hold me in place while he whipped me. Sometimes if I put my hands in the way trying to block the belt, I would get a lash across my arm or hand. If my brother was also being punished, he would be waiting in the hallway for his turn. After our punishment, we were sent straight to bed. Sometimes, I remained in the hallway and listened as he was punished. I guess to make sure he got it as good as I did. We both were subject to corporal punishment until about age 16.

    I was evidently a difficult child and shamefully got many belt whippings for lying to my parents. We were also whipped for poor grades and misbehaving in school and church, as well as fighting and fussing with each other. My brother got his share, but I don’t think as many as I did.

  189. tshadow

    Jesus drove the money changers out of the temple! I proffered a pattern of discipline that Jesus is going by. He first showed up to set rules. He will return again to administer punishment and praise as warranted. Do you want my to cite the verses?

  190. tshadow

    Ok, I mentioned a pattern but I think my post got junked because I didn’t sign it. Here it goes again. Spanking can either be effective or a waste of time depending on how it is administered. If you think spanking is simply swatting your kid no wonder it has no effect. If your kid brushes off the threat of spanking then you are either using it too much simply as a threat or you are using it too much period. The solution to ineffective spanking is not to ramp up the force (kids can and do break). If you break ’em you aught to go to jail. Be consistent so as not to confuse the kid. Don’t set rules they cannot follow. Make sure they are informed of the rules. In the west it is said ignorance of the law is not excuse; the only way you can say that is if the law is available to a person. It is a responsibility of a person to know the law but it is the responsibility of the lawmaker to make the law available.

    ‘time outs’… Is part of the spanking process (it started out that way). Funny thing is the kid will impose their own time out after a spanking (it never fails). Getting in the corner is a time out. Time outs are nothing new. It isn’t either or and it is neither nor you can spank and do time outs. And just like every adult is different so are every kid different from another. Anyone who says that spanking isn’t effective doesn’t know what they are talking about just like anyone who says that time outs are not effective doesn’t know what they are talking about. Do NOT punish in anger regardless of what the punishment is. Some of the most damaging abuse occurs without a single blow landed.

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  196. Anonymous

    These comments are hilarious. Most of them are clearly the work of spanking fetishists. They are pure fantasy. Some day I will find a place to discuss the reality of spanking. This is clearly not that venue.

  197. Leigh

    I was spanked as a child. The spankings were always with my pants down. I’m female, so you can imagine how humiliating that was. For my father, it wasn’t about “punishment”. It was humiliation. He always said we had to pull our pants down because it hurt more and that was what punishment was for. That was bullshit. He did it because it humiliated us. Funny now that I think about it. My stepmother never said a thing, but she never allowed him to spank her daughter that way. They were a couple of religious freaks. She is dead and it will be good to know when he is dead. If you do this to your child, think about it before you do it next time. I hate my parents for it. Do you want your kids to hate you?

  198. Anonymous

    I was spanked many times by my mom growing up, it was always on my bare bottom, she only used her hand or a slipper, but the spankings always seemed to take forever. I would get yelled at while she was spanking me and I think that’s what made me cry even more than the pain because the yelling frightened me, I most certainly wouldn’t punish my kids that way.

  199. Anonymous

    It was my Mum in our house that handed out the spankings.Dad worked long hours.If I was really naughty she would send me to my room to await her pleasure!Eventually after what seemed like an age my Mum climbed the stairs knowing exactly how she was going to spank me.
    “Fetch the chair”,I then knew it was on otk spanking,”fetch my slipper and hairbrush”,at least it wasn’t the cane.
    Then after a stern lecture “take your trousers down and bend over my knee”.
    I would be over her knee for a good five minutes which is a lot of strokes of the slipper.Then after taking down my underpants it was another 5 minutes of spanking with the hairbrush
    I have no doubt i deserved every spanking,but it did me no harm.

  200. Anonymous

    I am 63-years-old and was subjected to corporal punishment from as early as I can remember. Whenever I misbehaved my mother would take me back in my bedroom, yank my pants down to bare my bottom and spank me with either her bare hand or a 12-inch-long ruler. I see where some see this type of treatment with disbelief, but back when I was a child, in the 50’s, children had no rights and courts looked at them more as property to be used as the owners (parents) wished. My mother is now deceased, and I loved her dearly and know she loved me even more, but I do believe sincerely that she had a spanking fetish and acted it out on me.

  201. Amanda

    my twin sister and i were both caught shop lifting at the age of 16.We were bent over the lap skirts up tights and panties down and spanked with a hairbrush.

  202. Anonymous

    My mother spanked me a lot when I was a kid growing up. I remember being five and my mother spanked me butt-naked outside our apartment because I was holding a cigarette butt that was still lit (I didn’t smoke it, I was just holding it and my mom is a smoker). I remember her spanking my youngest sister with a stick and my older sister tried to stop her. She always spanked us while angry. She spanked us with sticks, sandals, her hands, or whatever she can find. She was physically and emotionally abusive to all of us. I have three sisters and I’m the only boy. My mom has four kids total with three different guys.

    She would smoke cigarettes in the house and I picked up smoking from her by stealing her cigarettes. When she found out I smoked, she yells and me and tells me not to smoke and quit immediately. What a hypocrite! Did she realize that she can give her kids lung cancer by smoking in the house?

    Now that I’m an adult (26 years old) and how do I feel about my mother? I f****** hate that c***! I hate her so much that I don’t speak to her or return her calls. I don’t want her in my life at all. I see her at family events like Thanksgiving and Christmas and I don’t like being in the same room with her. If she died right now, I wouldn’t give a s***! I would feel nothing at all. The things that I hate about her, I ended up inheriting from her and I realize it.

    I had a horrible upbringing and it carries with me as an adult. I’m a very angry, hateful, and passive-aggressive person because of my mother. These are all the traits that she had and it’s something I’m working on.

    Will I ever forgive my mother? No, never. I hold grudges and I will hold this grudge until I die. I can never forgive her for the abuse she put me through because something is wrong her her mentally in the head. What I wrote here and barely scratching the surface of what my mother did to me. My mother can go f*** herself.

  203. Anonymous

    my 1st day in school 5 years old,i got in a pushing match with another 5 year old.the old woman principle took a college paddle and busted my butt so hard that i peed on myself. 48 years later i still hate her guts, she is burning in hell as i type

  204. brenda

    there was just me and my sister,a year younger than me in our family and both of us were spanked when were were teens that started at around age 13.our dad had a wooden paddle he used on us and it was always bare bottom.then to further add to our punishment,after the spanking we had to lay naked on our bed and mom pinned cloth baby diapers on us then put toddler size rubberpants over the diapers and then a tee shirt and we had to wear them for the rest of the time.this continued untill we were almost 17 and we hated wearing the diapers and rubberpants after our spankings.

  205. Amandaz

    YES! My brother and I werechildren of the 80s. We were smacked around the legs and back with the cord to the kettle by Mum, if we were really bad she used the plug end. Dad used his fists or whatever he had in his hand at the time. We weren’t bad kids, didn’t steal, do drugs, drink etc. We just fought alot with eachother, which drove my parents insane. As children we feared our parents, authority etc. Now as adults we just laugh about it and then blame eachother over why mum smacked us with the cord or why Dad smacked us across the head or threw me into the car door and then kick me in the backside for denting the car door with my head. My parents form of punishment was extreme and abusive, but it was all they knew and it was unbelievably a norm where we lived at the time. Do I smack my children? NO. I don’t want them, to fear me and I just can’t bring myself to doit, plus its illegal now in my country to smack your kids.

  206. Hailee and Hannah

    Both of us girls were spanked up untill we were past 16,It was always bare bottom over our dads lap.After the spanking,we were given a pair of toddler size rubberpants that we had to put on and wear for a while.they made it worse as they fit tight and the pain lasted longer.Plus the elastic leg openings on the rubberpants dug into our flesh and caused us even more pain!

  207. Anonymous

    I was spanked many times as a child, always by my mom and always on my bare butt. I hated it because it hurt so bad, she would always spank me over her knee using only her hand, but she had a big hard hand and I only had a little butt. My spankings would always be long, around 10 or 15 minutes, but it seemed longer, my mom spanked hard and slow to make sure I felt each one. As I got older I got used to them and secretly started enjoying them a little, I started doing bad things purposely so I would get spanked, but I genuinely cried each time so as my mom didn’t know I liked it, she never knew.

  208. Kenisha Patel

    I was whooped many times at school and at home. I got whooped with a slipper. I usually got whooped every other weekend. At school my teacher said give this to your parents. It said a permission slip to spank your child 25 time bare with my slipper. My parents signed it. One time I told a classmate to tell the teacher that I would release a cricket in the library. I got a whooping after school. I pulled down my panties and skirts. The strokes came.

  209. Heather F.

    I grew up with three siblings-two sisters and a brother.me and my sisters were all about a year apart and brother was the youngest-he was two years younger than my third sister.like the previous posters,mandy and april.our parents used toddler rubberpants and a leather strap on me and my two sisters when we were into our early teen years.when we were about to be strapped,we had to put on the tight fitting rubberpants and then lean over dads lap and he gave us from 5 to 10 hard whaps with the leather strap and thet tight fitting rubberpants made the pain all that much worse.our brother,being the youngest,was made to watch us being strapped and it scared him to watch which ever one of us was being strapped which is mainly why he never got into trouble.The last time i was strapped i was 16 and a half and got into trouble at school and lied to my parents about it.when they found out,i was taken to my room,my jeans and panties were taken off of me and i had to put on the rubberpants in front of my sisters and brother and lay over my dads lap and was given 8 hard whaps.I then had to wear the rubberpants the rest of the time and to bed and the pain was terrible.

  210. noahcharles

    yes i was spanked as a child & no i don’t have any hard feelings about it & no i am not gong to over dramatize a situation to make others hate spanking there is no problem spanking a child as long as you do 2 things (1st use it as a last resort only) (2nd don’t over do it) the punishment depends on the child example: if you were stubborn like me & tried to do what ever you want like i did i was a kid then you deserved the spanking you got but if you were spanked for every little thing & your parents didn’t even try to teach you any thing then you did not deserve the spanking’s you got
    so plain & simple spank only when needed & if they didn’t learn after a spanking then put them to work around the house or outside until
    PS to me taking away my stuff & not letting me play with my friends when i was grounded was 100% worse than spanking to me

  211. Colin

    Both Mum and Dad spanked me,I guess I must have been quite a naughty boy.Mum spanked me in my bedroom over her knee using either a slipper or her hairbrush.Every spanking started with my pants on but always ended up on my bare bottom.
    Dad just bent me over the nearest suitable piece of furniture,a chair or the table,after telling me to take my pants down he bent me over and then removed my underpants and walloped me with his hand or sometimes his belt on my bare bottom.
    Dad spanked much harder than Mum but Mum’s lasted a lot longer.

  212. Anonymous

    Right upto the age of about 14 my Mum insisted that if I really misbehaved in any way that I would get a good spanking.I therefore knew what to expect if I decided to be defiant but I accepted the need for punishment and now looking back it did me good to be put across Mum’s knee to have my bare bottom walloped with her slipper.It taught me discipline and made me a better person.

    1. Anonymous

      I grew up in an apartment building. My mom and our neighbor left doors unlocked and were in and out of each other’s apt. Spankings came from mom with a hairbrush. She’d tell me to take off my pants. Via I delayed she began counting. I quickly learned that was how many extras I’d get. At first I laid across her lap and got spanked. When I was too tall, I had to end over a chair. Many times our neighbor watched me get spanked and sent to a corner. Usually I had my underpants on but not always.
      I went to a private school and the headmistress also gave spankings. You had to take your pants off but leave underpants on. She and her secretary would have you bend over a desk. The secretary would pull your underpants up into your crack then headmistress would take a yardstick to your exposed cheeks. When she spanked you you knew it but good

  213. Zoe

    I was spanked by my dad. Not often, but he meant business when he did it. He had a bad temper and used to spank in anger. He would take me across his knee, pull down my pants and smack my bare behind five or six times, just with his hand but very hard. (My mum slapped my legs once, but that’s the only time I remember her spanking me.) I didn’t want anyone to know I got spanked over the knee with my pants down. I grew up in England in the 80s and it was really not the norm, whatever you may read on the internet. However, as a kid I actually preferred getting a spanking to more prolonged punishments like losing privileges.

    I stopped getting spankings by the time I was about nine, but I subsequently got the belt three times at age 11, 14 and 15. My dad made me pull my pants down for all of those, even at 15. It felt hugely inappropriate by then, but I had done something really bad each time, I knew I was in big trouble and I wasn’t in much of a position to argue. If I tried to refuse to pull my pants down, my dad would just start docking my allowance until I cooperated.

    If I’d found this webpage maybe five, six years ago I would have said I was smacked as a kid, it was humiliating but it taught me to behave, no big deal. Now though, I have properly started to acknowledge the actual terror and shame involved. It wasn’t so much the physical pain, but the experience of having my underwear forcibly removed by an angry man who wanted to hurt me, and of having no power or control over what happened to my body. The belt spankings went way overboard and left horrible marks. I feel quite angry about it now but there’s no way I would ever bring it up with my dad.

  214. Alice

    I don’t believe half of these posts are true. Anyway…

    My dad probably smacked me three times in my childhood and it was always just one swift whack on a clothed bum. It hurt my pride more than anything. He smacked me in reaction eg to me putting myself in danger and I don’t have any strong feelings about it.

    My mum on the other hand… she slapped me fairly regularly on the bum or thighs. I’m the youngest in my family and by the time I started getting smacked everyone else was too old for it, which was kind of humiliating. If I had been especially naughty she would send me up to my room, and then she would come up, pull down my knickers and smack me 4-6 times on my bare bum.

    The only time she used an implement was when I was 10 and my friend and I decided to try stealing from a shop. I had to bend over the bed and she gave me a heck of a spanking with the back of a wooden hairbrush.

  215. Janice

    Had 2 sisters and a brother and we all got spanked usually by mom and with her hairbrush. After we were spanked we had to wear rubber pants all the rest of the day and overnight to bed to remind us that we acted like little kids and we were being treated like little kids. The last time I had to wear the rubber pants after a spanking was at age 15. The rubber pants also held the heat from the spanking for a long time.

    1. Clarice A.

      When i was 14,i finially made my First Holy Communion with the 7 year olds and my parents got me a poofy,top of the knees,sleeveless,communion dress with the matching veil,lace socks and white ‘mary jane’shoes.Since i was to be like the little girls in my class,they got me a pair of toddler size rubberpants and a white camisole to wear under my dress,just like the little girls wore.The rubberpants and camisole were put on me then the rest of my outfit.Since there was plenty of time yet before leaving for the parish,i was playing a video game and got into a fight with my 12 year old brother and punched him in the stomach! Mom and dad took me to my room,dad took off his belt,doubled it over,sat on the edge of my bed and mom ordered me to lean over his lap.She pulled up my communion dress,and dad gave me 6 hard whacks with his belt on my butt and the rubberpants made it more painful!

  216. Anonymous

    My mom spanked me, but never my dad. It was pretty much always panties down and over her lap till i was about 10 or 11. I dont remember how many times i got spankings but 1-2 a month wasnt uncommon.

  217. yana

    Yes, I was raised by a single mum, who took no crap & everyone knew it. She always warned me many times beforehand but I always liked to push my luck.
    If I was fussy while she combed my hair after a bath, I’d get swatted with the comb. Or if I was whinging in the market, she’d smack my hand & threaten a proper spanking at home.
    The spankings at home were very ritualistic. I’d have to go to her bedroom & she’d ask me why I’m being spanked. Then she’d take down my trousers and pants and instruct me to lie flat on the bed. And then she’d the heavy black leather belt, loop it up, & whip my bare bottom.
    Usually for minor things I’d get 10 lashes for the first offense, doubling the number each time I repeated it. The strokes were always full force & moving around made her start over. I got up to 80 strokes for not turning in my assignments for the 4th time.
    But if I did something really bad, it was different. When i got caught stealing at 14, she whipped my bare bottom with that belt until it was purple & i was sobbing deeply. It was over 100 times. She warned me next time it would be with an extension cord.
    I did get the extension cord once. She told me when I was 10 that if she ever found me smoking, she’d spank me until my bum starts bleeding. Well when i was 16 I did, & she whipped my bare arse with a looped up extension cord probably 100 times until she saw a spot of blood. The pain was unbelievable & my bum had blisters and welts for weeks.
    Once she had decided I needed a spanking, after plenty of warnings, there was no getting out of it. No crying or promises helped.
    She never spanked me in front of others, but made it known to neighbours, friends & teachers. So if I was ever being bad, they only had to threaten to tell my mum.
    To this day she’s glad she disciplined me properly, bc I was such a handful. I don’t feel it harmed me much. I’ve always been skinny with a big meaty bum all my life, like God made my rebellious arse to be strongly spanked !

  218. Emmalee

    Like just about all kids in the 1960’s I was spanked as a child. Unlike today spanking wasn’t just a last resort type punishment, it was the “go to” punishment for all sorts of misbehavior. And not just a couple of light swats either. My mother believed that good parenting meant a good hard spanking on the bottom with pants and undies down, over her lap, with the back of a wooden hairbrush. I was always kicking my legs and crying too much to know exactly how many spanks I got but I would guess about 20 or so hard spanks. I got my last spanking this way when I was 12. Spankings from my mother were memorable and really worked!! I was a pretty well behaved kid. I fully agree with the way I was raised and I was a firm “spanking mom” with my own two children. I frequently sit for my grandchildren and will spank them when they need it — of course with their parents permission. My kids and grandkids are happy and have loving hearts. Spanking WORKS.

  219. Anonymous

    yes Back then when i was a child i did get spanked hard and worst was with the belt on the plastic metal part and slapped on my face even in public, or i got my ear twisted for punishment and boy that hurt like a B**ch!! but now that i think about it i was being stupid so i guess i deserved it now i have grown up and matured Fastly!

  220. jjbeenthere

    I was raised in the fifties. Everyone I knew was spanked. Bare was standard. I lived in the South US. So serious misbehaving got the switch on your legs. It felt like walking into a beehive. It left red stripes. Both my parents spanked us with their hands, until we were around 5-6 yo. After that, my Mom might still do that or use a switch. But, my Dad used a belt from then on. By the time we were ten, my father did all the spanking with his belt. We had to wait for him to come home.

    We got spanked for most anything that people punish kids for. There was no number of swats that I ever picked up on. If it was more serious, it lasted longer. My Dad’s spankings always hurt worse. But, I never found a bruise on me. We had to go to his study, get the strap from it’s hook in his closet, lay it on his desk and take off our pants or skirt. A dress he would tuck underneath the waist for us. Then, we stood with our hands on the wall above our heads. When he came in, he took down our panties. Then he picked up the strap and whipped our buttocks and thighs. They were always bright red and he covered every inch of the area. It stung, burned and throbbed. The backs of your legs were sore and you avoided sitting. The difference in a severe belting was the force used. Harder and longer made it last longer. There was soreness in deeper tissue, but not bruises. So residual pain was there the following day too.

    Those severe spankings were not frequent. Things like lying, stealing, trouble at school or disrespect were on the “bad” list. We behaved the best we could. We knew what was coming, if we messed up. Still kids sometimes get out of line or get tempted. There were six of us. Seemed like somebody was getting spanked all the time.

    My Dad didn’t try to humiliate us. We never were facing him with frontal nudity. There was no set age, when spanking stopped. It depended on you. I got my last strapping at 16 yo. I lied about where I was going, and I was late for curfew. My brother was 18 yo. He was always doing wild things and acting up in school. I had another sister, who got more spankings. The rest of us were just average kids.

    My husband grew up like I did. We raised ours the same, except I never used a switch. Just wasn’t my personality. I pretty much used five swats just to get attention, warn or train at early ages. So my husband became the sole spanker by the time ours were 6 yo. But, he made up for any leniency I represented. Our three kids are raising theirs the same way. Nothing changes much in the rural South. We’re all good people with successful lives and happy families.

    Spanking is part of it. But, parental attention has be balanced with the rest of life. Your family will likely be pleasantly going about life the majority of the time. Sometimes there are rough spots. But most hours of every day are spank free. Don’t over do it.

  221. Anonymous

    Both mum and dad spanked me when I was a young boy. Mum gave me the ordinary everyday type of spanking but when I was really naughty dad had the job of taking me to my bedroom in order to give me a proper hard spanking on my bare bottom usually with his slipper but sometimes with his large left hand. A wooden chair had been left in my room just for the purpose of Dad sitting on it in order to bend me over his knee when a spanking was needed.
    These spankings really stung my bare bottom and I was bent over his knee for a long time. I once counted 200 strokes of his slipper before I was let up again. What a spanking that was!
    Mum usually watched these spankings to make sure that dad did his job properly and that I ended up with a very sore red bottom. She would encourage him to spank me harder especially if I had been rude to her.
    As I got older Mum started to use a cane and bent me over the dining room table with my pants and underpants round my ankles. I got a minimum of 20 strokes of her cane which really left me with a very sore red bottom. I was 17 when I got my last caning this was for smoking and I received 40 stokes of that dreaded cane again with me bent over the table and bare bottomed. I was told to stand in the corner after that spanking and was not allowed to rub my bottom. The marks were still on my bottom 3 days later.
    Dad never used the cane on me preferring to use his favourite slipper until my last spanking off him when I was 18.

  222. Colin

    In the fifties and sixties I got well spanked when naughty enough to warrant one. Both Mum and Dad spanked me, Mum in my bedroom bent over her knee as she sat on the wooden chair left there for that very purpose. Dad took me into the dining room and either bent me over the table or he sat on a chair and put me across his knee.
    Both took my pants and underwear down before the spanking started, Mum used a slipper or her hairbrush but Dad just used his large left hand which seemed to cover my whole bottom at every stroke.
    I got a really good hard spanking each time I was naughty but I accepted the punishment because I knew that I deserved every one, so I never struggled when bent over.

  223. COLIN


  224. Anonymous

    I was spanked as a kid and I do spank my boys now. I find it works very well as a deterrent to bad behavior. I used to just spank their bare bottoms but after a happy accident I’ve found that spanking them between the legs is even more effective and a lot quicker and easier to do. They are so well behaved now. I kinda feel a bit guilty but I figure whatever works!

  225. Anonymous

    I wasn’t spanked but most of my friends were. It seemed to work well for them and so I decided to be a “spanking mom” with my own children. Not too often, about once a week for each of them when young and an average of maybe once a month as they got older. After age 12-13 they were mostly grounded for discipline. The last spanking I ever had to give was to my youngest 14 year old daughter after she experimented with cheating at school. I put her over my lap like a toddler and ghave a really good hard and long spanking to her bare behind with my bare hand. She wound up with a red bottom and a contrite attitude and we never had a problem in school again.


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