Tell us about your first kiss

Do you remember your first kiss?  Tell us about it!

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8 thoughts on “Tell us about your first kiss

  1. BurfordWife

    My first kiss was with a close friend (we are no longer in contact). I was 18 and thought I’d never be kissed, so I asked him to kiss me. It wasnt that good at all. And he had BAD breath – he was a smoker. I don’t think you could enjoy a kiss MORE than when you LOVE the other person.

    My first KISS with my first boyfriend who is now my husband of 7 years was an absolute tingling of all the sensations in my body!
    All the hairs on my body felt like they were sticking up, and my heart was POUNDING; even my ears felt tingly! When our lips locked…. WOW!

    Whenever I feel a little lonely and am missing him, I remember THAT first kiss and it makes me feel tingly all over again! I also miss him that bit more and can’t wait for him to get home!!!

  2. anonymous

    It was the summer before grade 7. He was one year older than I was and cute as ever! We kissed on the corner of my street just before it was time to go home for supper. That feeling of tiny trembles and excitement comes to mind everytime I think of that moment. Too bad you cant bottle these things up. I still think he and I would have been happy forever …I see him once and a while–he married the wrong person.

  3. fiveinthehive

    I have had lots of first kisses…but the one with my husband was the coolest. We were sitting around a campfire and I showed him one of my…um, talents…with marshmallows on a stick. That was it! He took my hand and gave me a huge, passionate kiss…then he proposed shortly after.

  4. Anonymous

    some kid in utah…WOW, I had no idea my body felt things like that…i knew i felt horny. but i just wanted more! it was liberating. it was incredible.

  5. Anonymous

    This sounds crazy but my first kiss was in the 5th grade! I met my “boyfriend” after school by the boy’s bathroom and we kissed… I thought it was just going to be a quick lips to lips kiss and he actually slipped me the tongue!! The craziest thing is that three weeks ago I ran into him! After 25 years! He is gorgeous and sweet and we had coffee together the next week and I MUST stop thinking about him! EEEK!

  6. Anonymous

    My first kiss was on Valentine’s Day when I was 17 and my date was 16. We had spent a wonderful day together, and when he took me home we just stood by the door in a hug… wanting to kiss each other but not knowing what to do–neither of us had been kissed before. I finally figured he wasn’t going to kiss me, so I turned to go inside. I opened the door, and he said, “Wait!” and pulled me to him in a very quick peck. We both blushed, and I closed the door on him!! It was too fast to really have a reaction.

  7. Raychel

    My first kiss with my husband…he picked me up on his motorcyle and drove me to this look out mountain..we were standing there looking at the pretty scenery and I pulled out some chapstick and asked if he wanted any…he said No but before you do that…and came up to me, cupped my face in his hands and kissed me…WOW!


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