How often does your family go out to eat? Do you go out more than you can really afford to?

How often does your family go out to eat?  Do you eat out more than you should or can really afford to?

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18 thoughts on “How often does your family go out to eat? Do you go out more than you can really afford to?

  1. Kaytii

    We get take out a lot. I guess we can kind of afford it bc our electricity is still on!! Last month for 2 weeks straight we ordered out. I gained 10 pounds!!! I don’t know hubby isn’t going to the grocery store or having me go. I’m enjoying not cooking though. Just need to start working out.

  2. Anonymous

    We used to go out fast food on friday afternoons cause its so hectic for me on those days and than on one weekend day go out for some sit down place everyweek but for the past 4 months I think we have eaten out a total of 4 times. Thats once a month baby and that means a complete change for me. Im so tired of cooking.

  3. Anonymous

    We used to have movie night on Fridays and get take out, we only do that once a month now and I am really tired of cooking.

  4. Bonnie

    We go back and forth but lately we’ve been eating more at home. I don’t really mind the cooking so much but for some reason I dread grocery shopping and I run out of ideas then the kids complain…….not sure what the answer is.

  5. dani g

    uuummm we usually go out for breakfast once on the weekends and dinner once or twice a week. It is out of laziness mostely. Since I went back to work ,full time, I just dont feel like cooking when I am home. Weekends are spent cleaning and shopping…I just dont feel like cooking and that is something I have to work on. Can we afford it? well where we go usually is based on how much cash we have for the week. But it is money that could go to other things. It is something that we need to improve in our home for the new year. I also have to work on meal planning, for the busy week, without takeout as a easy out

  6. c

    I go out to eat with a certain group of friends once a week, but I also have other friends that like to go to lunch, too. It gets exspensive…What is wearing on me is that the kids ALWAYS want to eat out, when I am getting ready to make dinner, they sometimes refuse to eat because they want to eat out. I tell them tough cookies, they will eat what I make them!

  7. Unpopular Mom

    Oh we love to go out to dinner! We don’t do it enough to say that it puts a dent in our checking account or anything. But… sometimes I do think about other things I could have spent my $50 on.I say as long as you can afford it and keep it healthy go for it!

  8. Anonymous

    We love to eat out but I’m trying to limit it now just because. We can totally afford it (or we wouldn’t go) but I think we should be more self-sustaining and cook more at home. I enjoy cooking, it’s just the kids can be picky and not always eat what I make which annoys me.

  9. Great Educational Toys

    I am certain that most people spend more than they have on restaurant food. I mean its a no mess no cleanup dinner. No greasy tables to clean, no spills to clean, just a great dinner full of fun and excitement. I would say that the average meal out would feed a family more than once.

    We are going to post more about that as we investigate this on our site.

  10. Anonymous

    We usually go out to eat on Friday night. It’s a great treat if we can agree on where to go!

    I bring my lunch to work every day and only rarely will go out for a lunch with my coworkers.

    Once in a while we’ll also go out for a dinner on the weekend with friends. Those dinners are pretty costly so we sure don’t do those very often.

  11. Ellen

    We go out about twice a month. That is pretty much our only outside entertainment lately. It is a lot of money but at this point we still feel it is worth it.

  12. Katie

    Fridays we always go out to eat due to Saturday morning we go grocery shopping for the week. Lately we’ve been going out more than we should, but there’s the rest of the week to catch up on though. I just HATE doing dishes. We don’t own a dishwasher. Blaaahhh

  13. Anonymous

    We go out to eat when we shouldn’t. I wish we could afford to eat out more often. We have a hard enough time keeping food on the table period I feel so guilty when we do eat out cuz I think how much food we can buy at the grocery with that.

  14. Julie

    I love to eat out! My husband doesn’t. It’s a real treat for me. That said, I have re-discovered my almost love of cooking, and so I am enjoying cooking at home more, and I find it really helps if you can enjoy it. Unfortunately, my kids have the “eat-out-itis”, and frequently end up with cereal or a sandwich if they don’t like what I fix. I usually try to fix at least one thing that everyone likes, but sometimes they don’t like anything.

  15. Anonymous

    Now all the kids have left home we go out at least once a week. It’s cheaper, we can eat at real restaurants not teenage ones and we can talk catch up and reconnect. It will happen one day for you all.

  16. Rachel

    We go out to eat everyday, several times a day, it is really bad!! I am using the excuse that we are doing a global move (really we are, and we I don’t have time to cook)

  17. anonymous

    We eat out maybe once every couple of weeks, but it really freaks me out because we have so much debt. I feel like I don’t deserve it, so it is really hard for me to enjoy it,even if it’s just cheap fast food.


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