How often do you dust, vacuum, clean the bathroom….change the sheets?

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty grime and dirt; How often do you:
1. Dust
2. Vacuum
3. Clean the bathroom
4. Change the sheets

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62 thoughts on “How often do you dust, vacuum, clean the bathroom….change the sheets?

  1. Cindy

    1. Dust— daily
    2. Vacuum —- daily
    3. Clean the bathroom— daily
    4. Change the sheets— every other day

  2. Laura

    Holy cow. I only do all of that stuff once a week…unless my son misses the toilet…then I do some minor bathroom clean up.

  3. Chandra Stauffer

    Daily? Seriously?

    1. Dust – The kids do it when company is coming
    2. Vacuum – My husband does it on Sundays
    3. Bathrooms – Someone does it weekly, but it is NEVER me.
    4. Sheets – I do this every couple of weeks.

  4. Anonymous

    That woman that does all that stuff daily must be super WOMAN. I do it when I cn find the time between work, being a referee, Chef, Wife, Laundry lady and what ever hat at need to wear at the moment in order be Mommy.

  5. Stress Mom

    Daily? No way man! Where got time to do all that? Have to take care of 3 kids, a grown up man, etc etc…but will try my best to do it on weekend

  6. Anonymous

    I sweep the dining room every two or three days, when I get tired of stepping on all the food my little guy drops from his high chair. I vacuum every couple of weeks. I don’t dust. I don’t clean the bathroom, though occasionally I’ll wipe down the toilet. We change the sheets when they start to smell funny.

  7. Anonymous

    vacuuming- every other day or so

    changing sheets… once every 1 or 2 weeks… never more than 2 weeks…

    and everything else about once a week…

  8. Anonymous

    1. Dust— barely ever, I always forget so the hubby does it!
    2. Vacuum —- probably every few days
    3. Clean the bathroom— I “pick up” the bathroom daily but hard core clean (as in scrubbing the shower/toilet and sweep/mop would be once a week)
    4. Change the sheets— once a week

  9. Danielle Ellerman

    I am clean freak, my children are 10 and 9, and they still expect mom to do everything, i vacuum every 2 days, mop everyday, and wash at least 2 loads of clothes everyday. I feel like i have to be in control, when my house is clean, i feel like i have really acomplished something!

  10. Beth

    Jeez… every day or every other day? Give me a break. I dust probably once a week, vacuum twice a week because I have a dark carpet. Bathrooms maybe once a week, sheets probably every 2 weeks, at best. C’mon everyone give us all a break!!!

  11. Rachel

    Dust – about every other week
    Vacuum – about once a week
    bathrooms – about every other week
    sheets – not as often as I should

  12. kristyn

    Dust- once or twice a week
    Vacuum- twice a week
    Sweep and mop- daily (but only because my 11 month old loves to find things to “eat” on the floor!)
    Laundry- I do several loads a day
    Clean the bathroom- I pick up the bathroom 2 or 3 times a day (thanks to messy boys) and I “clean” it once a week

    I’d probably do more if I didn’t work 40 hours a week and have a husband who works out of town!!!

  13. Anonymous

    dust…my girls do it when company is coming.
    vacuum…whenver i can feel anything under my feet, i hate that!
    sweep…daily, again, i hate feeling things under my feet.
    laundry…every few days i tackle a mtn of it and dont stop until its all washed and dried.
    cleaning the bathroom…i pick it up everyday, but it only gets cleaned when it either starts looking gross or company is coming over.
    sheets…that is my downfall, i dont think about them often enough. sadly, its prob. every few weeks i think to tear them off the bed and run them thru the laundry unless something is obvious on them.

  14. Anonymous

    dust-when company is coming over
    vacuum-every other day
    bathrooms-once a week
    sheets-i change ours about once a month. i don’t remember the last time i changed my kids. gross, i know

  15. Joan

    Dust – every 2 weeks
    Vac – downstairs – weekly; upstairs – every 2 weeks
    Bathrooms – weekly, pickup daily
    Sheets – weekly
    Laundry – every other day

    One grandchild 2 days a week, so I have to vac and wash floors at least once a week. No kids upstairs, so it stays much cleaner!

  16. Anonymous

    Dust? Twice a year.
    Vacuum? As needed.
    Sweep? Once a week.
    Clean the bathrooms? Once a week.
    Change the sheets? Well, we don’t have sex anymore, so about once every other week.
    Laundry? Every single friggin day!

  17. michellew

    Seriously, I think that too many people confuse who they are with how clean their house is. How about happy kids and family, even at the expense of letting the house go a little?
    It’s funny, I just did a whole blog entry about this. You should come check it out.

    I dust when I start to see that it needs it.
    I vacuum once a week or so. I have mainly hardwoods anyway.
    I probably clean the bathroom about once a week.
    I change the sheets every other Saturday, unless someone has an accident.

  18. Karen Wynder

    Dust: Every Monday morning
    Vacuum: All rooms once a week, but my 3 and 5 year old take turns vacuuming the living room (the most used) every day. I have MS & they are awesome helpers!
    Bathroom #1 – Quick swipe everyday
    Bathroom #2 – Every few days
    Sheets: My bed – once a week
    Kids Bed – Every 2 weeks (those bunk beds are a nightmare to change!)

  19. Nancy

    Wow — every day? Not me! I get it done when it needs to be done — just shy of becoming a frat house disaster! I just hired a cleaning lady to come every two weeks so that helps a lot — funny I can keep up with the basic cleaning daily when I’m not worried about the deeper cleaning.

    One of my favorite expressions — My house is clean enough to be healthy and messy enough to be happy!

  20. momma

    1. Dust — once a week.
    2. Vacuum — twice or more a week, as needed. Three kids under five + big dog = messy floors.
    3. Change the sheets — once a week, more if … um … soiled.
    4. Clean bathrooms — cleaned once a week, wiped down as needed during the week.

  21. Kristi

    Well, every couple weeks or so when the cleaning lady comes it all get’s done. Except the sheets. Don’t change those as often as I should…unless it needs kwim?
    Laundry….every stinking day thanks to 4kids..

    I have medical issues which require a cleaning person…don’t hate me 🙂

  22. Mother


    Being The Clean Freak…you would think I do it every day. HA! I have this system…

    Dusting – one a week with feather dusting in between. 1/2 hour at most. Focus, focus, focus. Get the job done and go play!
    Vacuuming – Once thoroughly, one touch up. Most time consuming shore.
    Bathrooms – real clean? Once a month – but it’s really cleaned pretty much every night so it rarely needs a whole overhaul. 5 min. a day.
    Sheets – summer – once a week, winter – once every couple weeks.
    Laundry pretty much does itself. I mean, throw a load in every day is nothing.
    Kitchen is cleaned every night. 5 min.
    Floors washed – once a week. 1/2 hour at most.

    I’ve been a single mom for 14 years. Have 2 cats, a dog, a job, a business, and a teenager.

    It’s really not that hard. You just need a plan. And sometimes a little discipline – but it’s so worth it!

    a.k.a. ‘Mother’

  23. Meg

    I have five kids, ages 7 to 12, so they do most of the pick up (they are the ones who mess it up anyways)
    I vaccum/sweep/mop every day because I have an indoor/outdoor big dog
    I dust when I can see dust from a crossed the room (once every 6 months)
    I have to have my bathrooms clean so daily with them
    I am really bad about changing sheets it is when they start to smell,feel funny, or something gets spilled on them.
    laundry is a nightmare with 7 people, I have to do at least 2 loads daily or it will over take my house!!!

    I have a clean house (not always spotless)but it is well lived in!!

  24. Jennifer

    Wow! I am a SAHM and I guess I should have time to do these things, but I dont. I spend alot of time on the computer and hanging with my daughter.
    Dusting, vacuuming and cleaning the bathrooom is like once a week.
    Changing the sheets more like every 1 1/2-2 weeks

  25. Anonymous

    1. Dust — once a week
    2. Vacuum — twice a week as a practice but i’ll do it more if we’re having company or if it needs it
    3. Clean the bathroom — once a week thorougly but i’ll clean the sinks, counters, and toilet midway through the week. a quick swipe with lysol wipes only takes a couple minutes
    4. Change the sheets — once a week. sometimes every other. of all of my household chores, i’m most slack about this one. i make the beds everyday though!

  26. Anonymous

    1. Dust— the day before we are having company over
    2. Vacuum —- every 2 weeks
    3. Clean the bathroom— I tidy them after use, clean them every 2 weeks.
    4. Change the sheets— Not as often as I should.

    I love being free to tell my dirty little secrets, LOL

  27. peeking in

    Dust – When we move – eww
    Vacuum – everynight – the kids love it
    Clean the bathroom – it’s my husbands job, he does it 2 or 3 times a month
    Change the sheets – When the bed makes it’s self – again, eww

    This site rocks!

  28. Anonymous

    Dust – When I think of it every 1-2 months
    Vacuum – weekly
    Clean the bathroom – every 2 weeks
    Change the sheets – not often enough

  29. Sasha

    Let’s get down to the nitty gritty grime and dirt; How often do you:
    1. Dust – every other day
    2. Vacuum – never, i dont have any rugs
    3. Clean the bathroom – deep cleaning 2x a week, daily wipe downs with cleaning cloths
    4. Change the sheets 2x a week.

  30. Anonymous

    Dust – when I can see it
    Vacuum – every room once a week, unless something gets tracked in
    Clean the bathroom – deep cleaning 2x a month, wipe down with cleaning cloths daily or every other day.
    change sheets – once every week or two. Kids beds usually every 3 weeks…maybe I should do that more.
    I pick up daily, but have wrangled the kids into doing the dishes daily, or at least 4 times a week. Now that they help, they don’t use as many cups.
    As for the posts with cleaning ladies…I hired one 3 years ago to come twice a month to do the deep cleaning, floors, bathrooms, etc…it is worth every penny…and a fair trade since my hubby has a gardener for the yards. It is so worth it ladies!

  31. Anonymous

    Dust? Maybe once a week.
    Vacuum? Every day now as I have babies who are getting ready to start crawling.
    Sweep? I swifter everyday the rooms with hardwood floors..takes 5 minutes
    Clean the bathrooms? once a week
    Change the sheets? once a week or so
    Laundry? with a husband who comes home gross from work and two infants..everyday but not b/c I want to but so it doesn’t get out of hand lol

  32. Traditional Mommy

    First of all, I am blessed to be able to stay-at-home and still live comfortably, so for all of you working Mommy’s I can see how your time at home with your children is extra precious….

    I do a big clean every other week and spot clean/change sheets as needed in between. I sweep more often (especially downstairs) as dirty floors make me feel dirty….I don’t know why. I am also a very organized individual, so I organize cabinets and closets as needed (when they start to look out of control) and pick up my house while my kids are napping and when they go to bed. My house is never 10 minutes away from being company worthy….although I currently have an infant (3 months) in the house, so my usual routines have been a bit lax. Although if the weather is nice, or a friend calls us to come over, I am willing to leave it all for another day. My family is more important than my home….

  33. Anonymous

    I’m usually pretty good about my cleaning habits. I dust, vaccum, sweep, mop, clean the bathrooms, and do laundry once a week. As for changing sheets, that usually gets done every two weeks.

  34. Anonymous

    I vacuum when I can’t stand the dog hair anymore — usually every 2-3 days.

    Clean floors when I think they look gross, and laundry is done when the hampers are full. No set schedule for anything really.

    Dust when I start to notice it…and that is in between the time that my cleaning lady comes — which is every two weeks. With 3 boys & a shedmonster dog, even that isn’t enough!

  35. Anonymous

    1. Dust–Hardly ever
    2. Vacuum–about once a week
    3. Clean the bathroom–unfortunately it gets pretty gross! I don’t think we’ve deep cleaned it since we moved here 4 months ago… but we tidy it up daily
    4. Change the sheets–about once a month; but we wash our pillow cases every week

  36. Pogo Mama

    1. Dust – when I start to notice it needs doing. I know I could save time by nipping it in the bud but it’s one of my least favorite chores.
    2. Vacuum – once a week, in addition to cleaning the tile (the other 50% of my house flooring) once a week.
    3. Bathroom – I do the sinks and mirrors weekly, the tubs every other week and the floors as needed (they get pretty furry pretty fast)
    4. Sheets – not nearly often enough. Which reminds me, I should probably go do that now.

  37. Not A Super Mom but a Present Mom

    I have my own pet sitting business and I’ve always hated cleaning, so I hired a cleaning company once I started making great money. I get to spend more time “goofing off” with my five year old (when he’s not in school & I’m not gone to see the animals). I don’t do anything between the cleaning crew’s visits every other week – just the basic wiping up the counters, changing the sheets when they get rank, and cleaning up the toilet when my son misses.

  38. Ponkos Mom

    Dust – every other day
    Vacuum – every day
    Clean the bathroom – thoroughly, once a week
    Change the sheets – once a week

  39. Kaytii

    I’m a 35 year old SAHM that speends too much time on sites like this, facebook, myspace, and Webkinz…..
    Dust- haha, that’s funny
    Vacuum- when I decide it’s time to locate the carpet under everyones’ toys and clothes (playroom gets done every 2nd or 3rd day and living room gets done when someone comes over bc we have burgundy carpet and white cats)
    Clean the bathroom- again, that’s funny–I do clean our 1/2 bath at least once a week bc that’s the one people use when they come over, master bath houses our 2 dogs, so I get to that one when it gets dirty-usually once a week
    Change the sheets- 14 & 11 year olds: when their rooms start to smell and after telling them for a few weeks to please wash them, 2 & 4 year olds, every 2 weeks, mine: at least once a week-after 15 years they see more action now than when we first got married!!!

    Kudos to everyone who answered this question after the first Super Mom posted her cleaning schedule. I wish I could be like that but I have too much junk and too many kids and pets!!!

  40. Anonymous

    Homeschooling mom of 6 children ages 1 to 10 here…

    Dust – once a week

    Vacuum – every day, sometimes twice a day (6 kids = lots of mess.
    Homeschooling = kids at home 24/7 = more mess.)

    Bathrooms – twice a week plus a quick toilet cleaning when company comes.

    Sheets – kids sheets are done once a month if that. Mine and dh’s are done about every 2 weeks.

  41. Victoria

    Ha! I dont change my sheets hardly ever. I only vacuum when there is visible need or company coming. I dont even dust for company! clean the bathroom, well that probably gets more than those other things because its the nastiest. I clean the toilet as soon as I see it needs it. The rest of the room well when ever my husband gets to it or when company is coming.

  42. MOMMA


  43. Jen

    This is an awesome website! First of all I want the Mom’s that have to or choose to work outside the home that my hat goes off to you, I honestly don’t know how you do it all…I am blessed with a 9 yr old daughter and a 21mo. old son and I am also a stay at home mom. I often wonder where the day goes and why it seems I have been running around all day, yet the house is still a disaster!! I would appreciate any tips on getting organized or making out a schedule cuz my lack of focus and discipline gets me very behind on my housework, I know I don’t have an excuse cuz I am home every day, my house should be clean but it is not…I am home with my kids to be a mom and not to be a housekeeper…my kids will remember all the fun memories and all the crafts and playing outside we did, they don’t care if our house is spotless. Here’s the problem, it is making me feel like a bad wife and person, I am embarrassed when people come over cuz I always have clean laundry piled on the couch, toys ALL OVER, dirty dishes, etc. (I HATE DISHES)…ok so sorry to take up all the space..
    1. I dust when company is coming or I notice it is REAL bad.
    2. I vacuum at least once a day usually, our kitchen has carpeting ( I know,it makes no sense at all) so after each of my sons meals I usually have to vacuum, and he begs me to vacuum all the time!! He likes it for some reason.
    3. Husband cleans his own toilet and I wipe down sink and countertop every couple weeks or so…that is for the bathroom that company and our family use the most but as for the one upstairs…it has honestly been a couple months or more since I did a good deep cleaning. I know it sounds so bad, but the toilet gets scrubbed and that is about it for that bathroom..we don’t use it as much but still sounds gross I am sure. It doesnt look gross it is mainly hairspray buildup on the counter and unorganized styling products and makeup all over.
    4. I was clothes almost every day, it is the putting them away that I need to work on…they usually sit in their baskets folded up for a week or so before I put them away..
    5. Sheets?? Oh wow! I am so embarrassed but I havent changes ours in at least a month…the kids I do every couple weeks…gross huh??

  44. Angela Frazier

    Ok, first of all…all you freaks who clean every day, or at least claim to do so…you are just trying to make us normal people feel bad. I’m pretty sure this site was designed to help moms feel better about themselves, not worse, so lay off.

    I loved the saying “Clean enough to be healthy, messy enough to be happy”.

    Also, someone asked for advice on keeping it all together: saved my life.

  45. Kristen

    I am a SAHM and have a son that is 2. I feel like I clean every freakin day! W/O help! I dont mind picking up after my son he is only 2 and doesn’t know any better but the other-UGHHHHH.
    1. Dust— When I remember or when company is expected.
    2. Vacuum —- every other day
    3. Clean the bathroom-I “CLEAN” once a week, wipe down everyday.
    4. Change the sheets— once a month-and yes I know it is gross, but I am lucky that I even make my bed on occasion.

  46. BoyMommy

    Most as needed but definitely every week for all of it. Sometimes you can’t help but do it more than once a week (like when your son pees all over the bathroom).

    Laundry- Everyday and I cant imagine how long it take the people on here that do it once a week. You must be doing it from sun break to set all day that day.

  47. Anonymous

    I do everything weekly, which is suffice except for vacuuming. That could stand to be done twice a week or even every other day, but I can’t seem to fit it in more often. I do chores during my 2 year old’s nap – Monday dusting/organizing, Wednesday kitchen deep clean (oven, burners, fridge, microwave), Thursday bathroom, Friday vaccuuming, Saturday/Tuesday laundry, Sunday is a day of rest, except sheets are done on Sunday. I also wipe down the kitchen 3 times a day and sweep the kitchen and bathroom once a day or every other day.

  48. QC

    Ha! Some of these answers make me wonder why my family isn’t dead yet!
    Ok, here goes…
    Dust — when I see it needs it.
    Mop — my husband does it when he can’t sleep.
    Vacume — When I see stuff on the carpet.
    Bathrooms — When I see it needs it.
    Sheets — Ha. That is the last thing I do.
    Dishes — Hate them and do them when my sink is full. Paper plates are the best.

    I really do wish that I could have the kind of discipline to clean and steralize my house every day, but I am out having coffee with friends, shopping, volunteering at school…anything but that. It gets done(eventually), and my house is comfy, cozy and clean enough. I haven’t had any complaints, and my kids are healthy and very rarely are they sick. Maybe I’m on to something 🙂

  49. HN

    Well I remember when I used to do all of those things almost daily! I’ve become much more laid back since my kids are older and I’ve discovered blogging 🙂

    Dust – I live on a dirt road, really it’s pointless, I only do it when I’m in a clean freak mode (about once every month or so!)

    Mop – I don’t own a mop, I have a swiffer Wet jet, I actually need to go buy a mop because that swiffer doesn’t do as good of a job as I’d like! I hardly ever mop, maybe once every 2 weeks

    Vaccum – Usually the kids or hubby do this! once a week AT LEAST!

    Sweep Floors – I sweep the kitchen every other day to get the dog hair up!

    Clean Bathrooms – I HATE cleaning the bathrooms! I try to keep the fron tone nice for company but I am horrible about cleaning ours! I scrub the toilet once a week and use those gel scrubbing bubbles things to keep it fresh.

    Change Sheets – once a week or 2! yuck! I should do this every 5 days I think but I’m lazy!

  50. annon. 51

    Dust- yearly, usually around the holidays. My hubby or sons do it every few months.
    Vacuum- my grown son does it now weekly, he likes the place clean when his gf comes over. Me, I would vacuum once every six months. When first married and with young kids, probably once a week.
    Sweep- same a vacuuming, see above.
    Clean bathrooms- My husband does it once a month, My grown sons who live at home clean theirs all the time, they often have friends over who use that bathroom. I have personally cleaned the bathroom about 10 times in the last 30 years.
    Change sheets- Hubby does it every one to six months, whether they need it or not.

  51. Barbara Fidler

    you’re kidding me right?

    I wash the sheets when needed. about every two weeks.
    I dust when I notice the dust
    I vacumed alot when I had four cats, they’re gone now, life is easier. I have one cat now.
    I clean the bathroom that’s being used once a week or when it looks like it’s dirty.
    I have carpet in my kitchen; it was there before I moved in, not by my choice, so I have to vacume it often. no sweeping and moping though, which is nice, less noisy when things are falling on the floor in the kitchen; less brakable things.
    laundry, when ever I want to wear my favorite outfit I keep things washed so I can wear it when I want. but then I’m only a mother of one, teenage boy and I have a really good husband who suports me by recognizing when things need to be done. He does it. He was raised by a good mother who knew how to handle 9 children. So he learned well.

  52. Anonymous

    i do all of it once a week i make the bed once a week then everyone rips the sheets off so i do not change them until the next time i get sick of lookin at matresses!!!

  53. Momma Moose

    1. Dust every other day but just the main tables and once a week the book shelves and fireplace.
    2.Vacuum everyday because of the cat hair. And Swiffer too.
    3. A big clean of the tub and floor once a week and wipe the toilet and sink everyday.
    4. Once a week if I remember.

  54. Anonymous

    Dust-twice a month
    Vacuum-once a week
    Bathrooms-once sometimes twice a month
    Change sheets…….when they get a “stain” if you know what I mean lol

  55. Anonymous

    1. Dust: When it amasses so much I can’t stand it anymore
    2. Vacuum: Once every two weeks I guess
    3. Bathrooms: Not nearly as often as I should
    4. Change sheets: Probably once every two or three months

  56. Anonymous

    1: Dust: About once a month
    2: Vacuum: Twice a month probably
    3: Bathrooms: Every other week
    4: Once a month

  57. Olivia

    goodness gracious. dusting once a year? or even twice a year? That boggles my mind. I am not a very excellent housekeeper, though my mother cleaned every single day, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning bathroom, dusting. Our house was always truly spotless. Anyone could walk in, anytime, and find the house in excellent condition. I try to vacuum every three days, clean bathroom bi-weekly, dust about once a week and change sheets every three days. I have dogs and cats and that adds to the workload because of litter boxes and outside cleanup.

  58. Anonymous

    Let’s get down to the nitty gritty grime and dirt; How often do you:
    1. Dust: About once a month.
    2. Vacuum About once a month. I have mostly hardwood floors and sweep them about once a week, kitchen everyday.
    3. Clean the bathroom: About once every 2 weeks
    4. Change the sheets: About once every 3 weeks.

    It is actually bad for your carpets to vacuum them everyday- they just end up wearing down faster and will actually show dirt more. There is such a thing as over cleaning!

  59. anonymous

    I do it once every couple of weeks. Housework is really depressing for me because nobody helps out, despite my repeats attempts with begging, chore charts, rewards. Nobody cares at my place, and I don’t get a thank you for when I do clean.

  60. bathroom cleaning

    Hi there! This blog post couldn’t be written much better! Reading through this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He constantly kept talking about this. I most certainly will send this information to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

  61. anonymous

    I dust twice a week or it really builds up. Vacuum the pet room and entryway daily, the rest of house weekly. I use a dustbuster to spot clean crumbs, etc. I mop the pet room floor and kitchen daily. I swiffer the wood floors a few times a week. I clean the bathroom to some extent daily. Deep clean once a week. Sheets to me are seasonal. I change them in January, April, July and October. I make beds daily. I have a family of 4 and do laundry two or three times a week.


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