How do you feel about your husband’s ex wife?

Tell us about your husband’s ex.  Do you get along with her?  Are you jealous of her?  Does she cause problems for the two of you?

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101 thoughts on “How do you feel about your husband’s ex wife?

  1. Amy

    I can’t wait til my stepdaughter turns 18, I don’t think that my husband’s ex wife has any intentions either, well she has intentions of getting my husband’s money, to spend it on her crap, and to also have a thousand kids…and neglect the kids etc…

    Why can’t things be perfect huh???

  2. Anonymous

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one holding on for dear life until the 18th birthday of a step child …
    I adore my step son, I truly do, but I LONG and PINE for the day we NEVER, EVER have to speak to HER again. EVER. Now THAT will be happily ever after …

  3. fiveinthehive

    I have never met her and I probably never will, but my husband and his mother both say she is nuts and she was discharged from the military for psychological reasons.

  4. iAmBadAtMakingUpScreenNames

    I have never officially met her, but she seems to have issues. She allows her daughter to do things that are unacceptable at our house, she divorced the perfect man and she has a boyfriend who acts like a teenager. They will go out and party and she will still be sleeping at 5pm when we drop her daughter off….nice huh?!

  5. Anonymous

    well lets see, when my husband and i first got married, she told every one that my beautiful two year old was hers!!! oh I was steaming!! She is a old hag. She was unfaithful to my husband. She abused all 3 of her kids and now two of them are so messed up, cause one is in prison. She steals, she cheats. and we finally caught her trying to use my husbands social to get a credit card. I wish she would just fall of the face of the earth.

  6. Anonymous June 18 2008

    I feel sorry for her for what she had to put up with , she is lucky I wish I was in her position she is lucky to be rid of him, he does every thing to get out of helping her with the kids,when the kids come to our place he dumps them on me when all they want to do is spend time with him, then when he wants to big note himself he gives them gifts of money which by the way is mostly my money. so in that way I will be glad when they are 18 years old. so I can afford to live without scraping to get buy and we are not even married yet. but we are partners in business big mistake on my part he is eating up all the money I had before I met him.

    So when your husband bags his x to you, you have to know he is only going to tell you his side of the story my partner is a arrigant son of a …. who thinks its alright to treat woman like this because while he is treating his partners like this she can still be in controle of her son

    My partner told me his X was a drunk and a gambler and lost all their money,which I now know is a lie, the only mistake she made was to fall in love with him and have his children, she is a very nice desent person, just trying to do the best she can for her kids.

    I’m not saying there are not evil woman out there as well, but make sure you find out the truth before you help with the cause, and end up looking like a fool.

  7. Nancy

    Gratefully, I have never officially met my husband’s ex-wife. My husband had what we jokingly refer to as a “starter marriage” — short term, no property, no kids! Once the marriage was over, he’s had no interaction with her at all

  8. Meg

    WOW!! the stuff I could tell you about my husbands ex-wife. I know her from school and I still cannot see what my husband was thinking when her married her. She has three kids, two are my husbands, she uses the kids for money both from the state and the dads. Every time my husband gets a raise we are back in court. We have the kids 50% of the time and she has them the other 50%. On her days to have the kids she leaves them with her mother and the only time she has the kids is when it benifits her or makes her look good. I have been the one that has helped with the kids in school (my husband works 60hrs a week). My stepson has a speech problem and is not the best reader. Her idea of the whole thing was “he is stupid and will always be behind so why should I waist my time with helping him” I could have punched her in the nose. My stepdaughter has issue with lying and causing problems with people(because of her mom). My husbands x gives her money or other rewards when she makes up stories about me and my husband. We have spent thousands of dollars in courts to prove my stepdaughters lies and my husband’s x’s lies. We have won every time but it is pricey. I have never met some that is as evil as she is. She has boyfriend after boyfriend, one time my stepdaughter asked me why I didn’t have two guys at the same time like her mother, I about wrecked the car (she was 8yrs old). She is so unhappy that she has to make everyone around her unhappy too. The one thing she has been trying to do for the last four years is to get me and my husband to divorce, it is not happening. She is such a control freak that when me and my husband got together he could not make a choice about anything (he can now and that is why he’s x’s wants me out of the picture). She cheats and lies and everything else possible and my stepdaughter is following right in her footsteps, it makes me sick!! Thank the good Lord my stepson is following in my husbands (and mine) footsteps (not that we are perfect, but we are decent people who look out for their childern not just themselves). I pray every day that my stepdaughter will see that her mothers way of life is not what she wants.
    I have ten more years and than my stepson will be 18 I cannot wait it will be a wonderful, MOST WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. T

    Lets see where do i start. Well my husbands ex wants him to have an affair with her. Aint that some crap. Came right out and told him that she wanted him to come over to her house after the kids are asleep and bang her. COME ON!!!!!!!! Did she really think he would just run to her and be hers forever? Gimme a break. I couldnt believe my ears when i heard him telling me this. Though there were some indiscretions, he didnt sleep with anyone else, on his part that involved her. But come on. He kisses her one time and she thinks he wants her back. It was simply a momentary slap of stupid. Then she told him he was stupid for telling me what happened. That he shouldnt feel bad for what happened. That he has no reason to feel guilty. Is she the promoter for the adulterers club? I know it is partially his fault, but i have told him for 8 years she still wanted him, he didnt believe me, until now. YES i am counting down the days until graduation for the youngest. Lets put it this way….I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Lydia

    I don’t like her I tried, but she influenced her daughter being disrespectful to me when the child lived with us. Now my step daughter is a grown woman and we don’t speak. I tried to be friendly with the woman I did not know my husband when he was with her they had been separated several years when he met me, so I did not understand the problem. Then it hit me one day that she probably had never given up on the idea of him getting back with her. When he his daughter that we were getting married his ex called him and stated that was like telling the girl someone had died and she was extremely upset.

  11. peeking in

    Which one? He has 3. The first one I’ve never met, nor has he had any contact with since she cleaned out his checking account and he divorced her (no kids). The second one I chat with on the phone for hours at a time about 3 times a year, they have a great friendship and I encourage that (also no kids). The third one … they had one child, a boy, right before they divorced. She is, as his Mother correctly called her, The Whore of Babylon. She has since had two other children with different fathers. The first guy she married and is still married to. But she lives with her latest guy and the kids at her mothers house. I tried to foster a good relationship (we live several states away) from the get-go, but when the child was 5 she told me on the phone, and I quote “Don’t ever be alone with my son, because he will say whatever I tell him too.” OK I’m not going to jail, so I told my husband this was his deal and I was washing my hand of the whole thing. I didn’t tell him what she said, I haven’t spoken more than 10 words to her since. We can’t wait until the child turns 18, only 3 more years.

  12. Jay

    There is not enough room on the internet to express just how much I detest my husband’s ex-wife. They have been divorced since 1986, have two grown children in their 20’s and she is still sucking the blood out of my husband and our family financially. He has been paying her child support and alimony over the past 22 years (we have been married 18 of those yrs) and she still gets alimony (until the day one of them dies or she remarries, like that’s going to happen). I hope and pray my husband lives to see the day the alimony ends:)

    And as of today we are still getting smacked around by her, we just got papers in the mail from her attorney thru ours that we owe her more money. It is too complicated to fill you in on all of it but it has to do with his daughter only going to college 2 years not 4.

    You would think that any woman with respect for herself, a woman, regardles of court documents, who was married to a man for only 8 years, is 51 years old, a teacher in one of the wealthiest counties in the US, owns her home, would not want to be supported for the rest of her life by a man who can’t stand her.

  13. K

    Wow!! What a hot topic! LOL

    Since I am an ex-wife I decided to be kind to my husband’s ex. That turned out to not be such a great idea.

    I now see why they are no longer married, not saying my husband is perfect but he’s certainly better off. They married for the wrong reasons, she was pregnant, and they were young and away from home for the first time (military). They were only married just short of 2 years and it was just sad.

    She’s still very bitter and I think a very hurting person. I do pity her but don’t speak to her at all since getting to know her.

    Unfortuantly, we have very little contact with his son but are praying he will change that when he’s older & has more wisdom. My husband writes to him & does try to call him. His letters are sometimes answered (we’re always thankful & happy about that) but they rarely answer the phone. He’s been trained to believe that if he has a relationship with his father or likes me & his siblings, he’s being unloyal to the mother.

    Once at a family counseling session I was invited to by the counselor they told the ex-wife she should be thankful that I was the childs stepmother and that I loved and respected her & the child the way I did because of my life experiences. And they also told her she was actually the one who needed counseling, not her child or us. That was a tense moment. I never returned because I was just speechless that someone was actually looking in this situation as a complete neutral. Felt good. They had been attending sessions with the counselor, of her choice, for months when this happened, so it wasn’t like the second or third time there.

    And my husband and I will both be glad when the child support is done. Wouldn’t mind it so much if we were allowed a true relationship with the child without her bitterness & lies.

  14. Anonymous

    the x i don’t mind the first son is a problem he needs to grow up and get out of our life. i wish he will not come to our house any more. i really don’t like the boy/man he is 31 by the way

  15. shouldnt say

    AH I can not handle her at all. I never talk to her. But I sure see her through her daughter. The girl has no rules just turned 11 but her my sapce say 17. Fish net leggings and photos and make up galore. Yet around grand parents it is skirts and smiles. Lies to my daughters and tells lies that only a mother would believe and her mother (ex wife) supports all this stuff. Says it is okay. Normal even. She is lazy her home is disqusting. UG… She yells aht my husband if even says 1 thing about how she is..Crazy women

  16. Anonymous

    OMG I can’t even begin to tell you what she’s like! TERRIBLE!!! she allowed her 4 yearold to be molested by her boyfriend and even after it all came out she continued to be with him. she is probably one of the worst mothers. ontop of being incredibly vindictive she is also bipolar and refuses to take her medicine. nuts nuts nuts!!! she even went as far as looking up my perscriptions at her place of work and then questioning my husband about them…TOTALLY ILLEGAL. She’s mad because she lost the best thing that could have happened to her and is jealous of the marriage and family that my husband and I have. Too bad theres still 14 years left to deal with her!! I hope my stepdaughter will see her for what she truly is though.

  17. christie

    yea, um, where do I start. This women is a big fat, two faced lying egotistical witch. She doesn’t care for her own child or anyone else for that matter, only her self. She will do anything to start trouble and will go to any measure to get even. She doesn’t care to break the law to get her revenge. It is so sad to actually see someone this deranged!! Thank goodness my stepchild is 20 years old and we don’t live near her or I just might have to get my nasty on!!!!

  18. Shauna

    She’s a selfish Witch! And my boyfriend is so far up her a$$ that his head is going to pop out of her mouth at any moment! It’s ridiculous! And I take care of her KID! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Anonymous

    I cannot STAND my husband’s ex-wife. For some reason, she thinks she is God’s gift to all men and thinks everyone wants her. If you think that you get rid of the ex when the kids graduate – think again!! They get married and have children and guess who is at every party/birth/etc……that’s right THE EX!!! And you are constantly reminded that no matter how much you love the grandkids, you are not “really” their grandmother. IT TOTALLY SUCKS!!!!!!!

  20. anonymouS

    Never met the infamous ex… But from what I’ve witnessed she is the most vile thing to have walked on this earth… She scammed almost 25 grand in excess child supprt all while my DH was disabled and out of work… She has manipulated my stepkids to be snotty and above socializing with “that side”… She would not let the kids attend their grandmothers funeral b/c DH didn’t approvewith her… May God have pity on her soulyl for all t
    he heartache and turmoil

  21. NotAmy

    I am always surprised when reading these posts! I have been married for almost 2 yrs and 80% of all our issues have been because of the ex. She is the reason the marriage ended, her affairs and her divorce petition, all hers. Met my husband 4yrs post divorce and things were semi quiet for the dating period, then post wedding it was game on! Twin stepsons changed instantly, every time we would go on vacation, she would hand us hundreds of dollars of medical bills she had hoarded for months the day before we were leaving. She would tell us the children didnt want to go with us, then after she thought we had already left, she would let the children call us crying asking “why did you leave us dad, we wanted to go!” Final straw came last October when we went on Fall break only to learn she had petitioned the court for child support to be handled through the stae, always had paid her personally. Kama being the bitch that it is, now after a lengthy, retarded court battle and 2200 dollars later (our portion and all money that ahould have been spent on the children) we find that she wont be getting the raise she had hoped for, but a decrease!!!! Just wishe that her unhappiness would rub off on someone else…she is so nasty that there is minimal hope that she will remarry, we can only dream…

  22. not the starter wife

    my husband’s ex-wife cheated on him for 17 yrs. When she filed for divorce, she told their four kids, that he was the one who cheated on her. Of course, the kids believed her. The kids were forced to choose her or him. My husband hasn’t seen his daughters since 1995. She had the kids “spy” on me, and had a friend of hers come to my work to get “info” on me. I am an open book, with nothing to hide. She, on the other hand, had lots of secrets, of which I exposed, one by one as I found them. What was there to lose? She had already taken the kids away from their father.

    She did remarry eventually, and even though married, is back to her cheating ways… she’s on a dating site, again. Weird thing, once when we were in a mall, there she was with the kids, and she hung her head and scurried away like a frightened rat. WTH was that about? weird weird weird

    She must have been afraid to meet me, probably because of all the lies she spread about me. She’s a freak.

  23. Nicole Steed

    ….don’t really know what to say about this subject…I’ve never met my husband’s ex wife so..yeah..I can say though that based on all I’ve heard…he made the right decision in leavin her. LOL! Of course, because then he married me haha.

  24. Anonymous

    I hate her!!!!!! She is a two faced cow…. They weren’t married but have a daughter together. She makes everthing far mor difficult than it has to be. She has stalks his friends, who she hated when they were together. She even always calls in to his mother when my car is outside. She spends all the money he gives her on herself. I can not wait until daughter turns 18 although I have a funny felling it wont end there! 🙁

  25. Anonymous

    To be blunt and honest, wish my husband’s ex-wife and the little lying, manipulative, money-grubbing, thieving spawn she forced upon my husband was dead – brutally and slowly murdered preferably. The system sucks and is totally beyond help or correction when it allows an adulterous wife custody of the kid and the dad, who is innocent of any wrongdoing, has to pay the bitch “child support” for destroying the marriage and his relationship with his kid. To make matters worse, the system does not care that she makes more than 50k a year and we are barely scraping by; does not give one lick that our son does not get his needs met well and we suffer while she shops at expensive stores and wants for nothing. The kid has turned out just like Mommy and any accusations against Mom had better be proven on video camera, with Congress, the police, and media witness, and a doctor there to swab the step-dad semen off the kid the second it happens….but accusations against me or my husband are taken as God’s truth in stone without any investigation or anything. He can’t even send his kid a post card without it going thru the ex first. I know…a father’s love and all that crap. What about our son and me?!? God, I wish the ex and kid were both dead so we could live a real life and afford a home of our own, etc. Wish the accusations about me were true, because the kid would be dead and I’d have put a bullet in that whore’s brain pan by now. Wish someone would because, as much as I love my husband and will never take him to court for child support, I don’t know how much longer I can take of any of this or of supporting a second house without my consent.

  26. Anonymous

    she is a shrew of a woman that lives to destroy any happiness in her path. even when it’s her own childs. she doesn’t care that she’s destroying a beautiful little girl she’s too jealous to embrace that there are lots of people that love the child and that the child loves her baby sisters and wants to have time with them. she is jealous about the fact that the man she threw away found someone to love and support him. she didn’t want him but she didn’t want anyone else to have him either obviously. why? because she couldn’t control him as easily so when she lost that control she started using her children. what a pathetic person that uses their children to manipulate their ex. she’s already ruined her sons life by taking him away from not only his bio father but his adoptive she’s now going to destroy her daughter by taking away her relationships with her dad, her 1/2 sisters, and me. ANd ya know what she will win because the system dosen’t care that her ‘evidence’ is lies and manipulations and bs. they don’t think the mom is wrong unless the mom is in jail or disappears.

  27. Kilikina

    My husband’s X is Satan’s sister or she has a demon!!
    First of all, my little step daughters have been kept from seeing us and the X has a serious case of parent alienation syndrome. The 14 year old has been allowed to go to her boyfriends place (who is really her step-brother)to sleepover every weekend, put on the birth control pill and is now pregnant anyway. The 12 year old has had her first sleepover, to go visit a friends place (girl not a boy) the first time in her life only because we said we would do that for her, now all of a sudden she is allowed. She however isn’t ever allowed and hasn’t ever had a friend over. The X (Satan’s sister)is always drunk and falls down the stairs and vomits on her bedroom floor the next morning. she’s a chain smoker and doesn’t care that second hand smoke is harmful to her children! She quit her job because my new husband is paying her so much child support (and paying for another not even his) for her bad habits she doesn’t think she should have to work.
    The 12 year old has been threatened and told she would be a trader if she moved in with us. The 12 year old is so happy when she sees us. All she has to do is move in. My new husband and I are just 20 minutes away and she wouldn’t have to change schools. The 14 year old who in the past had a wonderful father daughter relationship has been turned against her father. They are really close and when we heard the news about the pregnancy, he didn’t yell or get angry, just said..”I’m here for you!” She is basically living with the boyfriend awaiting birth.
    She is jealous of what we have and where we are going life, yet she makes no attempt to pick herself up, quit the bad habits and be successful, but would rather smoke, drink and be on the computer all day.
    God help her…. she’s doomed to be lonely and is burying her own grave and making her own daughters dislike her!

  28. wife

    I am glad to see I am not alone. My husband’s ex is 90% of our disagreement. They have 2 daughters. We took the elder daughter to cruise 3 years ago. She called my husband names and things and had we paid the the daycare fee for the younger daughter. Even she keep saying she wants nothing to do with him, my husband is still the first person she call when get problem. She knows he loves 2 daughters. She wouldn’t said what she wants. She make everything in the name of 2 daughters.

  29. The second wife is the Best Wife

    I F****n hate my husbands ex wife,I can’t believe such a smart guy was with such a stupid person for so long, Can We name names here?? If you guys looked her up you would laugh. Just imagin the movie with the Mask LOL thats her and she thinks she is so hot!!! HA HA HA HA, she is what you would call white trash and she will not and can not ever stand up for herself and that takes all the fun out of telling her off…She agrees when I tell her off and just says she is scared.. so that takes all the fun out of it, she sleeps around with every guy, girl or whatever she can and her live in boyfriend does the same. What a joke, anyway I can’t wait till my step daughter turns 18 then we don’t have to ever deal with that idiot ever again.

  30. anon

    I hate my husbands ex so much you can’t even comprehend, they split up and “allowed” him to see their daughter for a few weeks, and then everytime he and the child made plans, at the last minute she would stop him, and also when he phoned the child was always busy! Now, he and I also have a daughter and he spends alot of time with her we also live 2 states away, anyway she hated me then and hates me more now, she goes on and on that its nothing to do with me his relationship with her and I get that, but if she wants to live with us in MY house that yeah it has everything to do with me, you the ex wife is nothing but a f**ked up b***h and quite frankly I have had enough, 18 for that child can’t come soon enough and then I will gladly tell you what i think! She stopped him from seeing her 6 years ago and now she is desperate for them to have a relationship….. you f**ked it up lady…… now you are trying to fix it???? PLEASE! I am going to go crazy!

  31. Jenn

    I can’t stand her. she is a complete idiot. She hasn’t tried anything between my husband and myself but she doesn’t know how to be a mom. The kids LOVE her because of this. They don’t need to clean up after themselves there so why should they do it at our house?? The daughter is allowed to ditch school with mom and the son missed so much in the morning is he now on probation but he SEEs mom allowing his sister to do what he was doing. Mom just calls it in so it is “excused” This so called mom is just their friend with the title mom…my husband is the bad guy because he says you have to go to school, you need to be home by a certain time, No you can’t smoke!..Yes the son nows smokes and mom allows it because she tells my husband well, he is addicted now!! Aghhhh oh and as of two days ago the daughter is now dating her brothers best friend!! Yes the best friend who is allowed to spend the night..a lot!!! My husband is confronting the idiot on this today and telling daughter NO WAY and if the friend continues to spend the night we will have to look into the living arrangements. I know the X will tried to make reason and tell my husband really its OK..I told hubby not to allow her to talk to make your point and make sure she understands that u ARE not Ok with it.
    The Xs mom wasn’t around much at all. She was a “friend” to her daughter too. My husband was good friends with her brother 1st and then met her..they started to date. Her mom would take off out of town and leave her on her own..16/17yrs old. Sometimes with no money and hardly any grocery’s. He would help pout with that and stayed over with her and what do you know..she got P/G at 17!! Baby at 18. They did married but voila divorced 7yrs later. She had several relationships going on through the internet. Now when they divorced they were living out of state. They planned to move back to their city where both families lived and the children will live with dad but mom would be there a lot. Before they moved mom met yet another guy and she ran off with him and married…course he was in the military so they were sent off a 1000 miles away from her kids. So she moved from her own lil ones for a guy!!! Now they have divorced… She tells lies about my husband and has taken him to court a toal of three times to get the kids..yes lost all three times. She has had a lawyer each time and he twice. This last time he said forget it..did it on his own. The fact that she gave their 15 yr old kid a gun and didnt tell dad about it made her look VERY bad in court!! ( I have children and we have a baby together)
    So…no I don’t like her. She is awful and has no idea how to be a mom. She is setting her kids up for failure and has messed up thier relationship pretty bad. My bro n law plans a heave talk with their oldest when she turns 18. My husband feels that will be the time to tell them the truth. (oh and CPS was called on that mom twice and because of her neglect towards the children got hem evicted from their apartment. Hid the documents from husband until the office was able to contact him. How did he not know. He left the house at 5:30am and didn’t get home until 8:00pm. She did not have to wk. He would come home to care for the children, made dinner and bathed them. She was on comp. He tracked her on the comp and got TONS of stuff that proved her cheating. CPS reports only listed her as the adult. Didnt even talk to dad about issues. He had to contact them! That is when he left her)
    Aghhhhh ok…done for now!

  32. Anonymous

    You all are fooling yoursevles if you think it is over when they turn 18. Its not if they go to college. I’m dealing with that right now and it is not fun, I did not sign up for what I got into. I did not know until after the marriage what it came with—my stupidity for not finding out completely, and I’m talking completely such as divorce decrees that say college funds for both children and mom has to pay nothing and believe you me —she doesn’t pay one red cent. Its always ask your Dad… when will Dad have a life? I believe that is why it is so very important to teach children today the meaning of a lifelong relationship when it comes to marriage, people just don’t understand how hard it is on the NEXT spouse.

  33. fed up

    I am so tired of dealing with My husbands Ex wife. She is the most selfesh person I have ever met. My husband has been paying her child support for the last 4 years,has paid 1/2 of day care, and has even paid her rent a few times. I am not sure why he did this to himelf but, he did not go through the state(so dumb). Now she is claiming that he owes her over 20,000 in back child support. He has proof, but the great state of UT considers all the payments “gifts” since it was not filed through the state. She neglects them, and spends all the child support on herself. She only buys used clothing for his girls.She bought a used bed and as a result his girls got bed bugs. She would not clean, or do the dishes for months and had maggots in her sink from the mess. She also tried to kill herself in front of the children when my husband first filed for divorce, she is mentally unstable obviously. I am a good step mom!! I love buying the girls new outfits, and taking them to fun places. We had the girls for the Summer…and my husband was still paying her child support, so I had to pay for everything. I asked his Ex if she could send the girls $100, so we could go to a few fun places…and she ignored my request. She told my husband that I have nothing to do with her children, and I don’t have a say in what goes on. I just found out she is also 5 months pregnant.When she was married to my husband she made him get a vasectomy. So I can’t have a baby with him 🙁 She also is trying to blackmail my husband. His ex told him that she knows he doesn’t owe her the back child support, and she can change it if he allows her new husband to adopt his girls. She is trying to turn the girls against us, I am so fed up with this. I love his girls so much and they deserve to have a better mom.

  34. saddened

    It’s amazing that there are so many terrible ex-wives out there!! I’m an ex-wife as well as a second wife. Thankfully my first husband has no contact with me and my daughter. He was a very mean, abusive man and valued money over his child. He chose to not pay child support and not see his child over paying the standard amount and having visitation. He was okay with that, and I was blessed to raise my daughter in a healthy environment! We’ve been free for almost 7 years!

    2 years ago I met an amazing man, also divorced with a child. He was “friends” (hanging out and such) with his ex the summer before we met but decided that it wasn’t healthy for anybody to be doing that. 3 months later, I came into the picture. Best decision he made! I married him almost one year ago. Best year of my life.

    Minus his ex. His ex is exhausting. She turns everything around so it sounds like we think their son is a burden. He’s not. He’s a fantastic 12 year old! She’s never on time for pick ups or drop offs, she always makes a big deal about money and how she can’t afford anything…yet somehow she can afford her new house, new car and be able to take their son out to fancy restaurants. She cheated on my husband several times in the marriage and when the divorce rolled around she took him for half a house he was working on (during the separation), tried to take his car (which she ended up totalling) and tried to keep him from his son. This man is the most amazing father. HER entire family actually petitioned against her for HIM so he would have custody rights. In the end it was 50/50 custody and he was relieved of paying any child support as well as gaining access and 50% care and control. Hooray! That’s one thing I’m thankful I don’t have to deal with.

    But she’s just bothersome. Always in the way. Always changing plans. Always demanding something. She’s rude, she’s obnoxious and she sleeps around. Ridiculous role model for her son. She’s manipulative and anything you say to her she twists around so it sounds like you’re always at fault. It’s terribly frustrating!

    Thankfully I have a goodwilled man who cuts her manipulating conversations short and keeps it about their son. He respects my boundaries and is upfront with her when it comes to schedules. He doesn’t back down. I’m thankful because their son is fun and great and our kids get together like best friends.

    6 more years until my stepson is 18. Although it won’t end things (my stepson will graduate, get married, have babies…), it will certainly cut down on day to day contact!

  35. monday night special

    I’m an ex wife . A good one . I leave my ex and his new wife alone . I’m a good mother and I don’t keep him from his son . My ex husband cheated on me with his new wife . He left me and the kids to go start a new family with her . I held our family together for ten years while he was a raging alcoholic . Despite that I loved him deeply and was a good wife . I’m not bitter , those years I spent with him were the most beautiful years of my life and I’m great full to have spent them with him . I know the beat revenge I can have is to let her have his deceitfull cheating a** . Hell probly do it to her to , but unlike me shell deserve it . I really do wish them happiness though . I loved him to much not to . The part that makes me the saddest , besides that my children only have a father two days a week is that even after stealing my husband she’s so insecure that she won’t even allow me and my ex husband to be friends . He was always my best friend , even when he was having an affair he was still my best friend . Not only did she steal my husband but she stole my best friend . That hurts the most . The ironic part is that she’s a devout mormon . A mormon adultress . They’ll get what’s coming to them and ill get what I deserve to . A man that loves me as much as I love him that’s true to me that really is my best friend , a family . Someday ill be happy again . And ill get it by being the same good woman I’ve always been . Ill never sink to their level or give them a reason tp talk bad about me .

  36. No such thing as a step-grandma

    I finally met my husbands ex at my step-daughters wedding after we have been together 14 years – and I really liked her! My husband enjoyed spending time with her husband too. Funnyist part was it really freaked out the bride.
    They had a horrible marriage that was both of thier faults and then they fought over child support and visitation. My husband managed to maintain a relationship with his daughter and it grew into a very strong relationship as they both grew up. I met her when she was 15 (10 years after divorce) and we have always had a great relationship.
    I am very grateful to my husbands ex because I’ve never had any desire to be a mom but, thanks to her, I get to be a step-mom and grandma!

  37. chris b

    I never met his “ex” and I do not even know where to begin. This lady is holding on to a delusion that he is going back to her some day.

  38. donna

    How do ideal with my Xs husbands new wife .She seems to have taken over my role and makes me feel like a no body.She refers to my boys as hers .And is dragging a letter around that i wrote to my X over 10 years ago adressed to him i guess i called her a bitch but there was a reason she was allowing my boys to drink under age .She is trying to get my family to read this letter for some reason .Also i have tried to include her in special events but the kids make up excuses why she cant come then i get the blame for them never being invited.Then just the past weekend my son married and even my new husband noticed she was pushing her way into my roles for that day And when she introduced herself it was i am davids mother so when i was introduced to these people a few said i already met David mother.I know she is trying to upset me but how do i fix this .She even had the nerve to tell me how to deal with my boys?.I dont care for conflict and i cant stand being in the same room with her as you never know what she is going to blurt out.She is one who needs that one up look what i did. I dont share with them what i do for my kids as i feel it is not their business to know Unfortunately there are times we have to gather as a family but how do i stay clear be nice and have no conflict and not come across as being not liking her .

  39. karolmk

    I too am married for 17 years to a wonderful man whose children who are now 37 and 28 with families of their own. His first wife left him after 18 years of marriage )in 1990. It was assumed she was cheating, but never confirmed. He paid child support, alimony (until she remarried 8 years after the divorce – then getting a divorce from that gentlemen 7 years later after he cheated on her. During our early relationship she was constantly calling for one reason or another, always managing to make contact just before our leaving for a vacation, dinner with friends, etc. Alway needing more money for the children, etc. It stopped when she remarried, but now that she is divorced again, whenever (his grown children have problems) she has started calling again to help her with things that she thinks the children might want or need. I finally put my foot down and told him this has to stop or he can go live with her; but he does not want to be the bad guy. Firstly, if the grown children (with children of their own) need something, they should be calling him, not his ex. These are his children and he does not need a go between to make contact with them. We just recently learned that she wants to change her last name back to my husband’s so she and her children will have the same last name. Even her daughter indicated she did not feel this to be a good idea since it would be a slap in the face to me after being with her Dad for such a long period of time. “That is the kind of person his ex is”.

  40. unhappy new wife

    After reading all the posts I can definitely relate. I have gone through too many years of it causing a problem in my relationship. Just when I think it is getting better, the other shoe drops. The ex is not calling as much anymore, which I am thankful for; but if my husband does not hear from from his daughter (26 with a chile and lives with his ex), or does not receive a call back from her, he gets anxious and calls his ex complaining and conversing with her that his daughter does not call him back. I tell him to leave her out of it, because I am sure she doesn’t want to hear it either, especially at work. That he should just keep calling his daughter and leaving messages, eventually she will get back to him. He just cannot seem to get rid of the ex-connection. I cannot understand it as I always discussed things with my daughter directly and never got my ex involved in plans I was making with her nor did he with me. Don’t think it will ever end.

  41. Anonymous

    I’ve never met his ex . They had no children together so I suppose that makes it easier to make a clean break . She lives on another continent . I only know of her from what my boyfriend tells me and ol photographs . Even if she is a terrible person witch I’m sure she is not , I’m great full for her because she was such a great influence in making him into the wonderful man that I love today .

  42. unhappy new wife

    If your boyfriend’s ex was living close and childen were involved I am sure you would feel differently. because there would be close interaction needed between all. Which is good for the young children of divorce. Then getting together for grandchildrens’ birthdays, etc are good celebrations, and should not overlooked by all, but there come a time when enough is enough. Take care of you own business after 22 years from divorcing and move on with you new relationship, the ex should no loner be personally involved.

  43. unhappy wife

    OK – so here is another senerio…… My husband and I had plans, only tentative at this writing to go away and meet friends for a birthday celebration out state. Yesterday his daughter calls (after not call him for 4 weeks) to ask if he can come babysit Sunday evening (she lives with her mother, so he will be babysitting there – his ex has an event to attend and cannot babysit). He told her that he did have plans, but maybe can break them. So now he told me his daughter may not be able to find a sitter and thinks we should cancel our plans so he can babysit with his sister who was asked to sit with him. At least it wasn’t his ex calling him this time. It just seems our life is always put on hold. I told him to do what he feels comfortable with, but I would not be changing my plans. So what does that tell you about our relationship.

  44. Tiredofhearingabouther

    I have never met my husband’s ex-wife, but I am tired of hearing about her. They have been divorced for 8+ years and they had no children. She has remarried and has two beautiful daughters, but for some reason she keeps inquiring about my husband, me, and our child. It seems like everyone we associate with who know her (we live in the same city) have told me about her asking about us. Though I am not sure what annoys me the most, her asking about us or our “friends” constantly telling she is asking or when they think I want to hear about what is going on with her. Its about to drive me insane. My husband acts like it shouldn’t matter, but I can’t seem to let it stop annoying me.

  45. Fed up with the Dumb B*

    I can’t stand my boyfriends ex wife, she is one of those people who lacks common sense. She sends her children to my house every other weekend and doesn’t help them pack their bags so they show up with one sock no under wear no pjs, she leaves them home alone when they get home from school and theyre only 10 and 12 and I can tell you that these children are not mature enough to be left home alone especially when the son is telling me that he sets paper towels on fire and throws them out the window. Also, her daughter has had lice for over a year and I keep treating her and I get rid of it, taking a good 3-4 hours to make sure everything is gone and we send her home and she comes back 2 weeks later with lice again. She is one of those people that shouldn’t have had children because she doesn’t have the sense to take care of them and just because you buy your children nice clothes doesn’t mean that you’re a good mother. THIS WOMAN HAS THE IQ OF A DISH SPONGE AND THE YELLOW TEETH TO MATCH!!

  46. Kim

    My common law husband’s ex-wife cheated on him and left 10 years ago. We started dating 8 years ago and living together 6 years ago. His ex makes our life hell. They have 4 children (now adults) together and she try’s to control them. She makes everyone uncomfortable at family events. The children have accepted me and their children accept me as a step-grandmother. She recently wrote a mutual friend that they are HER grandchildren. I bite my tongue and don’t respond but gosh it’s hard not to want to b**ch slap her. We are incredibly happy together and want the children and grandchildren to be happy, secure, forgiveness and to believe in love.

  47. Kate

    I was reading the responses, and realized I don’t have it so bad. My issue isn’t that my husband’s ex is a witch: she is viewed as a saint. He screwed up because he was unhappy in the relationship and started drinking. Ever since I started dating him, I have been told by various people how they liked his ex. She has forgiven him for messing up her life and now emails him. On my wedding day, one of his friends who was our photograher, proceeded to tell me (5 minutes after he met me) how great my almost-hubby’s ex wife is. ON MY WEDDING DAY!!!!!! So now when she emails him, he responds “love always” and my blood boils. Am I wrong for thinking he should cut the cord? I guess I don’t mind twice-yearly emails, but I feel so insecure when I know I could never measure up to Miss Perfect.

  48. over it

    My husbands kids think he’s a bank, thats the only time they call,and so does his ex wife, she only calls when she needs money, like the child support isent enough,wow, they got nerve, can’t wait till the 18 year old birthday,im just so OVER THEM…

  49. Not-so-happy in Big D

    The problems don’t go away when the kids are grown. I left my ex-husband after 22 yrs. He was horrible to me and to any man that I dated, until he started dating his now common law wife 8 yrs ago. I am grateful to her for that. I have always tried to be nice and respectful of her so not to cause the ex-wife scenario that is going on in these comments. I was in her shoes at one time. He and I have 3 kids together, all grown now. He and I are cordial and talk about our kids and grandkids, sometimes often.

    We live two states away from each other but I go there to see my family. I would never go back to him but we are like family. It grosses me out to think of a relationship with him. It took a long time for us to get here.

    I would like to reassure her that he and I are history and this history of our family never goes away, it just adds more people.

    I wish more people were adult and thought about the kids first and foremost.

    I understand you all.. my new husband has an ex wife (no kids) and she’s not so nice but it is on my husband to protect me from her and her mean ways.

  50. Karen

    I wanted so badly not to have adversarial feelings about my fiance’s ex wife. They had been over for several years before he and I met, and she had even recently remarried, so I felt there should have been no reason for issues. But I suppose some people just can’t function without drama. Apparently, she was driving by his house constantly whenever her own poor unsuspecting husband was at work, and as soon as she started noticing my car there, she would come bang on the door, demanding he come speak with her RIGHT THIS SECOND, about some urgent business like, wanting to give him copies of their birth certificates, so he would have them for his records, stopping by to share that the dentist had found one cavity on one of their son’s mouth, and she had an appointment scheduled for two weeks from now to get it filled… He asked her repeatedly to use the phone for that type of communication, she just kept showing up anyway, banging on the door and making a spectacle of herself until he answered. We started spending our time together at my house instead, so she started calling his friends and family members, trying to get them to tell her where I lived, under the guise that there was some emergency with the kids, and he was refusing to answer his phone, etc… When that didn’t work, she just showed up at his house one evening, said “Here’s your F***ing kids… I’m sick of dealing with their crap”, and dumped them, permanently. I guess she figured that would make him come running after her, begging her to share the responsibility, but that backfired, since the kids (15 and 16) were ecstatic to be out from under her roof. The only time they ever see her now is if they get desperate for a ride somewhere and my fiance is working, and can’t take them. After six months, of recieving NO FINANCIAL assistance from her for the children whatsoever, he finally filed for support, and she cried hysterically during the hearing, unable to believe the judge would expect her to give up part of her paycheck to help support her children! He ordered a minimal amount, and she miraculously lost her job the very next day. Deadbeat in every sense of the word!

    Honey and I just bought a brand new house, which we and our children will be moving into in two weeks, and yesterday I recieved a video on my cell phone from one of the new neighbors up there we’ve been getting to know. He happened to capture some footage of some strange woman walking around the house, peering into the windows, and snapping tons of pics of my new house. Guess who? At first I felt like some boundries were being violated, but then it occurred to me, you’re just torturing yourself, you poor old thing, drooling all over my new brand new house like that. Shoulda waited another week, then you could have got an eyeful of the brand new furniture we just bought to fill it up with too. You’d really have been blown away then. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of space for all the kids here, and he and I think it will be a wonderful place for us to raise our family, so don’t worry about a thing.

    Do be careful in the future though, dearie…. I have a sweet little shorty baseball bat that says sneaking around my place once I move in would be a dreadful mistake…. Try back in the middle of April, if you’re feeling brave. He and I will be heading down to the Caribbean to exchange vows on the sun kissed sand by the unbelievably blue water. Little different than your civil service down at the JP last summer, but to each his own, I suppose. And speaking of your wedding, you might wanna think about spending some of your free time with your very own brand new husband, instead of stalking me and mine all the time. I hear that’s part of what keeps a guy around, know what I mean?

    Hope your Holidays are as exciting and joyous as ours are shaping up to be this year. Feliz Navidad you bizarre little twit.

  51. Karen

    My ex husband’s first wife and I, over the years, became the best of friends. His third (now ex) wife is a sociopath. A living nightmare. I wound up taking several of her children, two that she had with him, one that she had with someone else. One of them, we adopted.

    My friendship with my best friend, his first wife, is now probably over, due to the machinations of my 40 year old alcoholic stepdaughter. She is an entitled wanna be Diva with a strong victim complex, and in recent months took to going to church to find a man (though she represented something entirely different to her mother) and find a basis for reconnecting with her mom…then she set out to destroy a friendship of 26 years between her mother and me.

    Just remember, blood is thicker than water.

  52. Marie

    My husband ex wife is a mean lady. My husband ex takes most of his money. We have two young boys to feed and look after and really no money to do that. My husband and his ex don’t have kids. I want her to get nothing from my husband and strt getting welfare or something. Our boys have to suffer because of his ex. We live in an appartment and the boys share a room and they don’t get alone kost of the time when in the room. We would like to buy a house but we can’t because of his ex. What can we do so she doesn’t get more money then she should.

  53. Anonymous

    My husband’s ex wife cheated on him, and they divorced 3 yeards ago. They were actually going through the divorce when he and I started dating. It was very hard for me. I heard stories about her from the family and people that used to be her friend, how she is a fake person & can’t be trusted. Well someone who cheats on their spouse is a BIG RED FLAG to me. BUt I have this weird obsession with her. I look at her facebook, even though it’s set to private, I look at her boyfriend’s facebook, which is also set to private, the only thing I can see from them are their profile pics. I secretly hope they brake up. There’s a part of me that doesnt want her to be happy. In the divorce she had it stated that he had to get her name off the home within 1 year. We tried everything!!! I ended up having to buy the house from him! It cost us 10K. On closing day we were all scheduled to close within an hour of each other. He and her would sign first and then me. I had this whole plan to get there early enough to see her! I wasnt so lucky. Something was messed up with the paper work and they ended up sending her home. I was SO CLOSE! For the past 3 years I have had this need to meet her. Show her up or something. It’s not like I dont know she’s NOT better than me. She’s the one who committed adultery! All the people that were their friends are now our friends. We even heard she was telling her new boyfriend and his family the reason they got divorced is because he abused her! It drives me crazy how she plays the VICTIM! She poses as this “new found christian” and everyone loves her. I hate it. I wish she had to wear the scarlet letter for what she did. He is a very sweet person, not perfect, and she was horrible to him. Even though she was the one who cheated she still felt the need to demand certain things in the divorce. Like the 76 corvette they had bought for his parents. And she got it! I was so mad at my husband for not nailing her to the wall. I feel like she should have got NOTHING! I dont understand people like her. But I am driving my self crazy thinging about her. I cant stop obsessing over her. I need some advise! Anyone going through something similar is welcome to comment.

  54. JJ

    My husband’s ex wife cheated on him, and they divorced 3 yeards ago. They were actually going through the divorce when he and I started dating. It was very hard for me. I heard stories about her from the family and people that used to be her friend, how she is a fake person & can’t be trusted. Well someone who cheats on their spouse is a BIG RED FLAG to me. BUt I have this weird obsession with her. I look at her facebook, even though it’s set to private, I look at her boyfriend’s facebook, which is also set to private, the only thing I can see from them are their profile pics. I secretly hope they brake up. There’s a part of me that doesnt want her to be happy. In the divorce she had it stated that he had to get her name off the home within 1 year. We tried everything!!! I ended up having to buy the house from him! It cost us 10K. On closing day we were all scheduled to close within an hour of each other. He and her would sign first and then me. I had this whole plan to get there early enough to see her! I wasnt so lucky. Something was messed up with the paper work and they ended up sending her home. I was SO CLOSE! For the past 3 years I have had this need to meet her. Show her up or something. It’s not like I dont know she’s NOT better than me. She’s the one who committed adultery! All the people that were their friends are now our friends. We even heard she was telling her new boyfriend and his family the reason they got divorced is because he abused her! It drives me crazy how she plays the VICTIM! She poses as this “new found christian” and everyone loves her. I hate it. I wish she had to wear the scarlet letter for what she did. He is a very sweet person, not perfect, and she was horrible to him. Even though she was the one who cheated she still felt the need to demand certain things in the divorce. Like the 76 corvette they had bought for his parents. And she got it! I was so mad at my husband for not nailing her to the wall. I feel like she should have got NOTHING! I dont understand people like her. But I am driving my self crazy thinging about her. I cant stop obsessing over her. I need some advise! How do I stop thinking about her? Anyone going through something similar is welcome to comment.

  55. Anonymous

    I’ve never met my husband’s ex-wife, but I think I need to. They don’t have any children together; however, she does have a daughter that he helped raise for number of years. Their relationship was on and off the whole time they were together. He met me just before filing for divorce so she blames me for divorce. Her daughter also blames me for the divorce and therefore has a bad relationship with’s been six years, but the fact that her mother is still pining away for him doesn’t help matters. The ex-wife and her daughter stay in contact with my husband so that they won’t be forgotten, just in case he changes his mind and wants them back, or I don’t know. Every time the X e-mails she tells him how much he cares about and will always love him, and every time daughter e-mails him she tells him how angry she is with him and how her mother still cares about him. I feel like if we all talk and clear the air then maybe things will get better. Otherwise he might as well disengage from them completely because I don’t see getting any better if they don’t talk about it.and I feel like I am being the bigger person by not contacting his ex-wife and telling her let it go. If he wanted to be with her, then he would be with her and not me. My husband just ignores her little declaration of love and affection. I honestly don’t know if it would be better to confront the situation and have him say that he doesn’t feel the same way, or to continue ignoring it.

  56. j

    my husbands ex is a straight out gold digging bitch they had a son together but she didnt want the responsibilty of bing a mother so my husbands parents took him they have raised a good young man but sheis like a leach she just want go away she is at all of the family events its like there not devorced and i am fed up with it his parents thinks of her as a daughter i just dont understand there connection with her it really hurts me but what can i do i love my husband

  57. unhappy wife

    My husband and I were asked to babysit for his granddaughter at his exs house (husband’s daughter and granddaughter live with the ex) as they both had something to do. It is bad enough that we have to spend holidays, birthdays, etc at his son’s house altogether. I felt a little uncomfortable doing it, but decided to and not get an attitude about it. Some things are necessary with exended families. Well firstly he walks into the house without knocking like it was his own, answered her land line and wheb I brought up the subject my hubbby could not understand why I was annoyed and said I need a shrink. Claims his daughter lives in the house and his ex doesn’t care if he just walks in so what is the problem that I have with it. He never did this when she was married to her second husand before that divorce. The situation will never get better.

  58. E

    Reading these posts both gives me comfort that I am not the only one, but also makes me lose all hope for an “ex-wife-free-life”. My husbands ex is mentally unstable (treatment for over 10 years for schizophrenia). This does not help in knowing she is a money grubbing wh@*e and a manipulative pain in my a**. She insisted on having him add her to his blackberry messenger “to keep in contact with the kids” and now sends him messages that are so unappropriate. He attempts to calm me down and tells me he has to pretend to be nice because she is so unstable and the kids are with her. Personally I think it is crap and he can’t confront her crap because he simply doesn’t want to. She got a huge (and I mean huge) amount of money from the divorce, but she never worked so on top of this he sends a crap load each month to pay not only for the kids spending money, but even for food and other “kid related expences”! Both his kids are so unresponsible, but he refuses to disipline them! He will yell at them and set “rules” but never follows through. His son is stable, but the worst part is that his daughter is directly on her way to being just like her mother. She acts and dresses like a tramp and is out of control and the mother just says it is the stress of the divorce (3 years ago). I also think that is crap because for 10 yers prior to their divorce their home was WW3, so there is actually more peace now. I just wish this woman would get married (poor unsuspecting man) or get hit by a bus. I did not think I was capable of hating someone so much. I adore my husband, but because of his ex-wife I am thinking I really will never be happy.

  59. Jerseygirl713

    Silence is golden in ex wife situations, period. She is his problem/baggage not yours!
    I personally learned this after years of dealing with the ex’s 5 restraining orders, child protective service calls, cops, phone harrasment, etc…..
    After 3 yrs of that I decided to comp ignore her. The kids don’t come to my house. She knows never to call my husband at work, home, etc…. She is allowed to email, text or call HIS cell phone. That’s it……And when she’s to much, my husband ignores her.
    I go to the kids ( 2 girls ages 13&9) recitals, karate tournament, etc only when I have to! I never speak to her at all. I’m pleasant ( but I’m obvious about not wanting to be in her presence). I just completely ban her from my mind & life.

    I could care less what my husbands ex thinks, says, texts, calls my husb about, etc….So I totally stay out of my husbands “world with his ex”….

    I know I’m prettier, 100lbs thinner, have friends, have HER man (lol) so f her….she gets nothing!!

  60. married to my husband and his ex

    It’s crazy to read all of these stories and see that it’s such a common problem in marriages. I absolutely cannot stand my husbands ex-wife. We have been married for two years and I feel like I’m not just married to him, I’m married to her as well. I can’t help but think that I brought this on myself. We didn’t get of to the greatest start and for me to think that “it will all change” in time was absolutely ridiculous. So here I am, in a marriage where I’m completely in love with my husband, but to the point where I’m not sure it’s going to work out if things don’t change. And if it hasn’t changed by now after many attempts of explaining to him that she’s affecting our relationship, then I just don’t see it happening. My husband refuses to put her in her place. Allows her to call me his whore instead of his wife, text messages of trying to get him to come out to meet him daily, emails upon emails of how she misses “her husband” and completely uses the kids as leverage to get what she wants. She REFUSES to let him include me in anything in his life – I’m not even allowed to answer the phone when she calls the house! She flips out and refuses to let him talk to his kids if she even hears my voice in the background. I’m not allowed to go to any recitals, concerts, games, or ANYTHING that has to do with the kids. It’s even to the point where I have to wait at the corner store by her house when it’s time to drop off the kids because I can’t be in the car or near her property. And my husband ALLOWS her to do all this! She has complete control over everything it seems. He never puts her in her place, my name doesn’t even come up when he talks about his plans with her even when they include me. I tell him over and over that I feel like he puts their relationship above ours and he always resorts back to it’s all because of his kids. I don’t know what to do – I try my hardest to accept it and think well yes, he did marry me for a reason so it’s not because he wants to be with her, but he protects her damn feelings so much it’s to the point that he will protect her’s over mine. Every time I try to express my feelings about it he just calls me jealous and psycho and I need to get over it because he needs to know what’s going on with his kids. It’s just absolutely ridiculous. I shouldn’t feel like this and I don’t know what to do. I’m not the type of person that just walks out on a marriage or just leaves – I try to fix things but it’s almost to the point where I feel like it’s unfixable. If she doesn’t get out of this damn marriage I’m going to break. And if my husband doesn’t do what he needs to do to show me my feeling matter then what???!! ugh.. I’m so freaking frustrated and unsure of what my next move needs to be. I need help bad!

  61. married to my husband and his ex

    My husbands ex wife is such a freaking b*tch it’s unbelievable. She’s 26 yrs old still living at her nunny’s house with her dead beat loser father in the house might I add, she runs around to the bars every weekend looking for her next victim to try and get a house with, she goes from one guy to the next constantly and in the mean time continuously tries to get my husband back and uses the kids as leverage. Her last bf committed suicide in their own shed probably just to get away from her and two weeks later she was saying she’s running off to texas to marry some other guy! It’s absolutely ridiculous!!She constantly yells and screams at the kids and does nothing but complain to my husband about how much she thinks i’m nothing but his whore and not his wife. She calls the house crying anytime some guy treats her like shit looking for compassion from my husband and what do you know he gives it to her because oh “she’s the mother of his kids” OH BROTHER…. All these stories sound like a piece of cake compared to what I have to deal with – this is only the tip of the iceburg…. I just freaking can’t stand the Cunt!

  62. Texasgirl

    Hello everyone I need some help and opinions please! My husband pays a great amount of child support to his ex (never married with ex) which is fine I understand all mothers need help from baby daddy’s. Well my step daughter is about to turn 15 and my husbands ex wants for my husband to pay for half of her quincenera a catholic Mexican tradition. My husband never agreed to do it because he said spending about 7 o 8,000 is a waste of money for a 15 year olds birthday party. Well my husbands ex wants for my husbands brother and his wife to be the god parents for the event. I thought this was weird cause she has no communication with them being that my husband has no communication with her because of all the stuff she has done to him. Do you think she is trying to cause problems. I feel like she still wants part of my husbands family? My husband says he wants no problems and feels like she is going to cause problems. Are we wrong?

  63. angry

    My husband’s ex goes from man to man looking for someone to give her a place to live. Gives their children NO guidance whatsoever. Has no high school education. And when their children visit, they don’t want to leave. But, she holds them close because of money they represent. I’m called very nasty names because I advised my son’s daughter not to settle for being a nurses assistant, but to be a doctor, which she can easily do. I advised their son to go to college when all he wants to be is a welder. There is so much more to this story then I will go into here, but too much detail would give out too much info. She has told me to my face that she hates my college education. That she hates my husbands college education. That my career was made on my back. And outright told my husband, she wants him back. She has insulted my background, and I have said nothing. Just to keep the peace. She wants Jerry Springer confrontations and called me a coward and stupid because I refuse to scream curses back at her. My husband is now disabled because of war wounds, and struggles everyday, only to have this woman constantly threaten him, that she has “stuff that will throw him in jail”. And all he wants is for her to SHUT UP! He’s giving up trying to talk sense into her, and yet, with all that, she still wants him. That makes NO sense to me at all. She says I tried to turn her kids against her, yet I constantly tell them that she loves them and only wants what’s best for them. So much more…….

  64. Anonymous

    My husband’s ex-wife is pathetic!!! They’ve been divored for almost 10 years now, they don’t have kids together and now she lives in Columbia with her new husband. But I believe she’s still inlove with my husband since she can’t stop contacting him and my mother in law. She added all my husband’s relatives in facebook and constant commenting on their posts as if she’s part of their lives… she would even post comment after my comment and I found out chatting with my mother in law on a regular basis.. So pathetic… I feel bad for her that she can’t move. By the way ,she cheated on her first husband and my husband 92nd husband…and I’m sure she’s cheating with her current husband right now…

  65. Ana

    I have been married now for 15 years and I still have regrets and feel hurt over things that happened at the beginning of the marriage!!! My husband’s ex was a huge bitch. She blamed me for the divorce even though when we met they were separated. They had problems the whole 9 years they were married and have 3 children together and she had already charged him twice before I met him. She made me feel like shit! I was an ugly worthless homewrecker and even after we had our first child she still asked him to go back to her. She had charged him on false charges 15 times. In the end he went nuts and actually threatened her and charged him again and due to all her false charges they went to court again and all charges were dropped. She was such a bitch that he refused to pay child support for what she did, mind you he didn’t have much money, although it may still have been wrong. She moved with the kids, did not tell him where she was and he was too afraid to go after her because he was tired of all the false charges and lawyers fees and now (to make a long story short) he hasn’t seen his kids for 11 years. She had done it to him in the past and he didn’t see them for a year or so, but he always found them. Now that he found them after 11 years they want nothing to do with him and refuse to speak to him. My only problem is I slightly, now, understand her side. He drinks too much, we never have any money because of it and sometimes he can be a mean drunk. He never admits he is wrong. But again I have been married to him for 15 years and I am wondering if I am now just getting irritated with him for the years we have been together or making excuses. Anyway, I regret not being nicer to her, not trying harder with his kids to keep their relationship going and I wonder how can people be so cold hearted as to not want to see or forgive their father. I know he was in the wrong as well, but it was so hard dealing with her and she instilled so much fear in him and if she had stayed I would have left, but again I wonder!!! I live with so many regrets and I feel sorry for my husband for losing 3 kids although they are heartless. I wish someone can explain to me how they can do that and how I can move past my regrets. My only advice is to not marry a divorced man with children!

  66. Anonymous

    Never officially met the husband’s ex – but she is greedy, vindictive piece of crap. Cheated on him throughout the marriage, to the point that their 2nd child most likely is not his, but instead his younger brother’s kid. After 10 years of marriage – the ex:

    1)bought a brand new house without him;
    2)three months later she took out a $10,000 home equity loan on the house – the money? Well it went to boyfriend for his DJ business!
    3)left her husband a month later & moved in with the boyfriend;
    4)forged his initials on the divorce decree to change the child support amount – he never saw the divorce decree until 5 years later;
    5)moved out of state with the 4 and 8 year old kids without his permission;
    6)claimed both kids on her taxes contrary to the court order because she felt she should get more money (and 10 years later she was charged with contempt for it);
    7)5 years after the divorce she moved the child support order to her state – from self-pay to now documented monthly payments; him having extremely poor luck with work – arrears piled up @ $650/month for YEARS!
    8)HE took her back to court 10 years after the divorce to get a modification because he’s been destitute since the divorce – she comes back with a counter motion stating he did not pay her a dime while the order was in the original state (it was self-pay) – of course he had no records, so the court believed ALL OF HER LIES and imposed 5 years of child support on top of what he already owed (additional $46,000 which made the grand total $75,000);
    9)during the recent 18 month modification hearings, he was allowed to claim the one child (that is not his) – tax intercept took all $5537 – SHE spent the money on a new pool! She has a $10,000 credit card judgment against her, but she spent the money on a pool?!?!?!?
    10)She’s been PASSing the kids against him since 2006 – and because he finally took her back to court – she PASSed the kids right out of a relationship with their father because NOBODY takes HER to court(!) – who knows what lies she told those poor kids – now 15 and 18;
    11)He’s appealing the ridiculous decision based on her lies – who knows how much more in legal fees that is going to cost ME;
    12)He has nothing – no assets, no car, no job, less than a week’s worth of clothes, has never been able to afford basic living needs – AND THE COURTS DO NOT CARE!!!! And on top of everything, he was ordered to pay an additional $200/month for her attorney fees!!! If he ever gets a job, he’ll be giving 100% of his net income to her for the next 23 years!

    Word of advice… unless you are ready to go through emotional, mental and financial turmoil for the rest of your life – DO NOT MARRY A MAN WITH YOUNG KIDS WHO IS PAYING CHILD SUPPORT!!! The courts do not care about the fathers – they only listen to the mothers, especially in the state of Wisconsin!

    Beware! Really weigh your options if love is worth this nonsense… after 2 years of this I already need a therapist! And if you know this woman – make sure you throw a rock at her if you see her:

  67. Texas Woman

    Oh God, boy do I agree with October 6, 2011; think before marring a father with children. Sorry I Love my husband to death but his family,ex and children always make me tell others to watch before you leap. My husbands ex goes from man to man, kids have gotten sexually molested by her boyfriends and the state does nothing. One graduated we tried to help her send her to college and she did not want it unless her so called fiance could live with us for other words he did not have to work at all. Yea Right. The Second daughter supposedly his brothers not my husbands yet my husband paid child support for her because his name was on the birth certificate, well she was sent to live with her boyfriend at age 16 by her mom and she gets pregnant at 16 without letting my husband know. Well she gets married this August with our help but she insists on being a little kid when she has one to raise, and her husband is 21 and don’t work. The third daughter is 15 and out of control, the fourth child a boy is 13 and not his son but he was forced to pay child support because his name was on the birth certificate. We have been married 10 years and she still tells her kids she is doing witchcraft to get my husband back. 10 years and she cannot get over it, she raised the kids to hate their father, and to be compulsive liars like her. His Ex leaves her facebook open so the world and always talking about parting, men, how she is going back to school and never does, how she is going back to church, but she follows all kinds of witchcraft. We moved away to another city because of the ex, his family (free loaders) and his kids who don’t care to be taught what is right just (give me what I want). I almost left my husband several times but I love him so much I hung on and took the pain.

    Think before you Leap: Love is Awesome but living a nightmare sure is stress full.

  68. Anonymous

    I have only seen her once or twice after I married my husband. She had two children with him and both were in martial arts. My husband was instructor in Martial Arts. I only saw her when her two children were up for testing. One of his sons was old enough to help his father teach. I never had a strong relationship with his son. I always thought he did not like me since I married his father. I had three children with my husband and I think she was mad about that because she became pregnant after I became pregnant with our first child. She flaunted herself in front of my husband showing off her tummy; like my husband was going to get jealous. Well my husband never even cared. He use to tell me that his ex-wife use to cheat on him and sometimes right in front of him. His family always thought that their last child was with the man she was cheating with, since this child did not look like him. We have been married for almost 24years and we were both happy until my husband passed away. Which brings me to story I wanted to talk about here in this blog. I have never seen her for over 22years only once ot twice when her sons tested for their belts. I know she tried to get my husband to notice her everytime she showed up and this was in front of her new husband. I could not believe this women. I thought no wonder why my husband left her. Will back to my story I was surprise and hurt that she showed up at my husband’s funeral unannounced. She did not have respect to even ask me if she could attend. I was so hurt and angry that she did that. I was also so angry at my step-son for letting that happen. I knew than that he had no respect for my feelings. I did know that she (ex-wife) had no respect for anyone but herself, since she drag her husband along to attend her ex-husband funeral (my husband). It has been bothering me since; eventhough my children and friends have told me not to dwell on it. Since they know that my husband clearly showed that he loved me. My mother has told me that she might have gone there to apologize for being so rotten to him. One of my friends said “this is why she went to make you question your husband love for you, so don’t let her do that. Your husband loved you so much and he showed you everyday. If he did love her he would have gone back to her yet he stayed with you and he was happy.” She asked me “did his ex-wife come over to concole you or did she just ignore you and passed you by?” I told her “she just ignored me and passed by without even looking at me”. My friend said “see she was jealous of you because you had a wonderful man and she threw him away. You spent your life with him, you loved him and he loved you. She can’t have that with him but you did and she was jealous of you”. I would like to ask for your opinion. I love my husband he has never ever treated me bad, never hurt me and never cheated on me. I have always done the same; we had a true marriage compared to his ex.

  69. em

    We deal with an exwife that can drive us over our heads she married the one she cheated with, had a kig. Marrage then lasted2-3 years and now has moved in with a pizza delivery man whose she calls her one true love. Called tonihjt about taking them on crise. We cant even come clos to compare. My husband won’t talk to her at all and we just fight when we do. I know im not xsupposed to hate but i can’t help it em

  70. Anonymous

    no and after meeting her and yes chatting for a time..i found out that they were both to young mentally to handle marriage and all it entails..

  71. Kim

    She cheated, took a bunch of money, has been re-married 2 years and still will not change her name and just go away…… no kids involved, but she continues to use social media to be part of our world……….she is just toxic

  72. Boundaries needed

    I just happened upon this sight and what a great outlet for people this is! I have been with my husband for five years now and married for three with a 8 year old stepdaughter that we have two to three days a week. I met and began dating him when he was separated from his ex for 6 months, though his ex swears I am the reason for the demise of their marriage. She refused to meet me for almost two years and would make snide comments about me (though didn’t know me from Adam). We did finally meet and are cordial to one another, but she constantly tries to manipulate our relationship with his daughter. She is the most passive-aggressive, superficial, helpless woman who is stuck in the 50’s. I really thought naively that we would get along for their daughters sake over time, but with all of the manipulative attempts to assert herself in to our lives, this will never be. She consistently complains about any and everything and brings up superficial crap about how well we dress, how nice our house is, that we should do more for her financially because we make more money (though she has a handsome child support check monthly, that would make anyone laugh if you heard her say it’s not enough). We are the ones who work long hours and put the time in to our education. She is a teacher who chooses to work for barely over minimum wage so that she doesn’t have any true responsibilities! It’s a joke and we take excellent care of SD and provide for this sweet girl. She is not nearly as bad as others have posted about on here, but she needs to run her own life and stop asserting herself in ours. I do not need help planning our vacations just because you are jealous of us taking her, I do not need your approval for what your daughter and I will do for the day and I do need you to respect our boundaries. Grow up, learn from your mistakes and move on..

  73. karen

    ok my husbands ex girlfriend is such a @#$$%^&%^%(*&^*&. word i dont want to say on here. she has 2 girls with him. one of which she got pregnant on purpose to try to keep him….which of course she denies but i know it was on purpose. even his mom even says it was on purpose. well anyway. I met him while he was still with her and let me tell you it has been hell ever since. we lived pretty much next door to one another. so when they broke up he and her still lived together..i wasnt ok with it but it was what it was and i trusted him to be there for there daughter. shouldnt have trusted him but i did. well low and behold come to find out she moves out after she finds out she pregnant because he told her it was over. i respected her up untill she turned into a fucking bitch. let them do there arguing without saying a word to her or anything. even when she was calling me names and what not. didnt say a word. well before she moved out it was ok for me him and there daughter to go and do things together and have her around me. but when she moves out and doesnt get him back she says i am no longer to be around her daughter. now she says it was for the benefit of her daughter. ok then why did you let us go places before then. i know it was just to control him. which she still does to this day. uses the kids to control him to get her way. apart of me honestly hates him as well, but you cant help who you love. but when she said jump he would say how high just because she was pregnant. he lied to me and said she was like 4 months pregnant when he told me, but she wasnt. thats how i know she did it on purpose. she had gotten pregnant before and he had gotten his ex wife pregnant at the same and he chose her because she was pregnant and she thought this time he would do the same. i stuck with him because i loved him. but he would continue to talk to her on the phone and have me go up stairs while he talked to the cunt on the phone about the pregnancy and everything else. never clued me in on anything and left me in the dark on everything. and would go to her house to see his daughter bc thats the only way he could. and she and him both wonder why i dont like him going to pick the girls up by himself. uh thats why. i dont trust the cunt or him because he fucking got her pregnant. really who would to be honest. well when the baby was born i had no idea bc he had kicked me out and i was living with my friend at the time. he calls me and says she had the baby today. no idea what day or anything. one of the worst days of my life. i cried like a fucking baby and hung up on him he didnt even call me back. i had to call him back. he didnt even care because of this cunt. i still wasnt allowed around the baby or his older daughter. finally months later the older daughter was around, but not the baby. on christmas eve i freaked out on her and said all you do is hold those kids over his head which she did and still does to get what she wants. he went and bought her a car, supposedly for the kids whatever, her family had money and could have done it but it had to be him to do it. seriously. he didnt tell me about that till like a year later either. well i get pregnant during this time and he treats me like crap while i was pregnant.Then all of a sudden he wants the baby to come over. why would i want that after you and her didnt let me see her or anything after she was born or anything like that. why would i want her over here now on her terms. so i didnt let her come over. and when i speak badly of his ex he always comes to her defense. it really pisses me off and makes me hate her even more and more. honestly i cant wait for the day she dies. i think i might throw a party that day. thats how much i hate this women. maybe i shoud let it go, but its kinda hard when you feel like you are always being compared to this bitch. that isnt even that great. just sick of it to be honest.

  74. Anonymous

    The man I am seeing has been divorced for 10 years however has 6 children and 8 grandchildren with his ex, who cheated on him at least 3 times that he is aware of. He finally left her but she continues to contact him sometimes through his grown children, calling him on his birthday while we are out to dinner etc. He talks about marriage but when i learned that his name is on the deed to her house and probably the mortgage, I decided that this will not be something I want in my life. She is also on his health insurance which means that there is nothing financially that he can offer a future spouse. He seems to shrug this off instead of addressing the fact that he gave her way too much-She was the one who had all of the affairs yet he seems to be the one carrying all of the financial liability…if she defaults on her mortgage he would potentially be liable. Should I expect to have her meddling in our lives indefinitely? Am I wrong to feel uncomfortable with the history that they have with one another?

  75. Anonymous

    I have been married to my husband for the last eight years. My husband’s ex with whom he has a son of 12 drives us nuts. She is extremely manipulative, vindictive who always badmouths my husband to her son but makes it appear as if my husband is the main culprit who is responsible for the divorce and he is a bad father. Everything is a big lie. She is the biggest manipulator ever, who staged her divorce in such a way that it came as a big surprise to my husband. She got sole custody of their son and has harassed my husband immensely on visitation issues. There was a time when she never used to let my husband see his son for months. After bearing this torture for few years, my husband was forced to go to court and get a visitation modification which now allows him to see his son every other weekend. Since it is not possible for his ex to interfere with the visitation, she now uses other tactics to harass us. She is always late by atleast 30 minutes on each and every visitation drop offs. She has been badmouthing about my husband so much that now when he calls his son, most of the time his son does not speak to him or speaks bad about my husband and calls him name.Sometimes we fear that she is using all tactics to alienate my husband with his son.My husband cannot stop himself from speaking to his son. Every time it is his weekend we dread what new drama the ex wife will create. So very honestly, I am waiting for the day when my stepson will reach 18 years and we will not have to communicate with this spiteful and revengeful woman

  76. Anonymous

    My husband ex wife is not so bad but my stepson son is… He was very abusive and trying to rape me when i got married but when i told my husband i’m leaving this house, he spoke to him. Since then we don’t talk i just cn’t wait when he will turn 18… So that he cn get out of my house… Because of him i’m on anti depressant..

  77. Anonymous

    She tries to be friendly, but then my husband tries to have me call her when we are headed up to pick up the kids. Yeah, not going to happen. She was your mistake not mine. lol. I am waiting til they are all 18 and we won’t have to deal with her anymore. She is makes more in child support than I do working 40 hrs a week. She never spends the money on kids and constantly calls us to buy them things.

  78. The EX-wife

    I think all of you women are stupid. If you don’t want to be “bothered” by the ex, don’t date a guy that has kids with her. The 18th birthday doesn’t mean squat, you still have graduations, weddings and the birth of GRANDCHILDREN that BOTH parents should be involved with. Grow up, and get over it.

  79. Anonymous

    Hi my soon to be husband left his ex wife for me. we know each other for about 12 years. he has one child with her. we are so happy together. but then there is the ex wife who he supports financialy and i feel emotionaly. He pays for their house she lives in he pays for her car he pays everything. she does not work and is staying at home. I know her but not personaly. she is about 52 but doesn look it. she hasnt had much work exsperience and has social phobia. That makes it very difficult. I knew all this before he got divorced from her. everyday they communicate through sms and he claims it all is about the child. How much does he need to communicate with her about the child. I never get to read the sms and i did speak to him about it before and the reply was its all about the child. how long is a good or reasonable time to support this women. We have a bussines together and we both run the bussiness. Just confused on the fact of where to go from here.

  80. Mary Carletti

    We deal with an exwife that can drive us over our heads,I realy can’t wait til my husband daughter turns 18, I don’t think that my husband’s ex wife has any intentions either, well she has intentions of getting my husband’s money, to spend it on her whatever …she always mention me as a child pride or telling my husband Now get back to the kindergarten at home!! and calling my husband bad names , cause i am actually younger than her ..
    and as a father and me as a step mother we trying to watch his daughter cause she live now in London with her mother .. and we are so worried about the way that the girl is growing up. We see all the pictures of her and the posts / comments being made – which are NOT appropriate for a 13 year old girl. I don’t give a damn if that’s the way that children are raised in the UK, that does not mean that the mother should allow her daughter to become like them. It seems to me that she have lost control already, and she is only 13! The way she dresses and cakes-on the makeup is not appropriate – she is 13!!!! I have no doubt that when other parents see the pictures posted by the girl, showing off her body, licking a pornographic magazine and of her kissing another girl on FB and Twitter, they wonder where the hell are this child’s parents???? What do you suppose the boys in her school think of her?
    and when my husband sent to his ex wife warning her as a father to his child thats was her answer :
    .. Go ahead attack me… Your words have no effect on me anymore…
    FYI your daughter has a very good dress sense. A lot of the pictures especially the recent ones with dark red lipstick and make up was actually from a dress up party where she went as a 40’s pin up model it was a fancy dress party!
    Not getting into a back n foreword debate or argument with you, been down this road tooooo many times and bored of it now..

    Contents of your email have been noted. Now get back to the kindergarten at home!! & I dont give a f@k about your wife ( Now shes starting to talk about me )
    and she can replay five times if my husband send one msg !! and thats the second answer from the ex wife

    Firstly, it is very sad that you and your wife feel the need to snoop around my daughter social networking profiles aswell as those of her friends.. regardless of what you think, she is a lovely 13 year old girl who is adored by her friends, she is very well liked and most definately respected. All teenagers go through very different phases and joke around when out together.. I have already explained about the picture you refferred to although I dont know why I bothered as you jump to conclusions in any event… to set the record straight, it was not a PORNO as you say, it was a mens magazine with a naked girl on the front – porn – you should know the difference!! The picture was actually taken in a cafe whilst a group of girls were all out. &… yes ONLY 13 !!! I am quite aware of that as I gave birth to her and have spent every day of her life beside her since then – there is no need to keep reminding me of how old she is. The picture of Daniela kissing her friend Lauren was a very innocent photo, you have tried to make it out to be dirty or sexual – your issue not hers! The photos of D wearing make up – apart from the ones at the fancy dress are photos taken at home in her room or in other rooms of our home – If you knew anything about Daniela you would know that she has an extensive collection of make up and nail varnishes and experiments with current fashion and trends – its a hobby for her… she enjoys trying different styles on herself and takes photos afterwards.

    please Help me ? i am not crazy , she can drive me crazy !!

    Why can’t things be perfect huh???

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  82. Anonymous

    i cant STAND my husbands x they have 3 kids who seem alright her name is j she has been a nightmare for me and my husband she calls for minor and petty stuff the kids are 17/19/and 21 on xmas eve and she is still bugging him i just want her to get a life and stick with it……..i not only have to deal with her but i also have to deal with a bm who’s name is t and she also has a a kid with my hubby the girl is 10 i do not BELIEVE that she belongs to my hubby for the simple fact the times dont add up and she has no features nor do she has his last name its major and finally me and my hubby wait 4 it have 2 small girls of our own i know WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS I THINKING…………

  83. Carol

    I really dislike my husband’s ex. Luckily the kids are over 18 and we don’t have to deal with her. If I had to do it over again, I would never marry a divorced man.

  84. Anonymous

    I am currently dealing with an ex wife and this is a first. My fiancé told me about the ex wife when we first started dating and at first I didn’t think it would bother me. She isn’t trying to take any money from him or take his child away. She asked for the divorce so it was a mutual thing. Our most recent problem is that she refuses to change her last name. I am very old fashioned and I believe having your husbands last name is something that is a very special part of being married. She’s trying to say she doesn’t want to change it for her son which ok I get it but since you are the one who cheated why can’t you change your name to your maiden name and hyphenate his? I’m not going to let her stop me from marrying my fiancé or changing my name I just wish she would move on and atleast try to be a decent person and let me have a good 1st and only marriage since she didn’t care about hers.

  85. Stephanie

    My husbands ex wife is fucking crazy money hungry little bitch! They have been divorced since 2005 and she still finds reasons to take him to court over stupid bullshit. She don’t care about their children, which my husband and I raise and take care of btw, all she wants is money. She recently took us to court, she owes us 7 years of child support and we walked out having to give her money. I have recently discovered she is sleeping with the county sheriff who in turn is best buds with the judge. Tell me that shit wasn’t planned. She is an ex stripper and has a bad heart condition. Now she works as an assistant at some law firm so she gets unlimited legal help for fucking free meanwhile we r spending 2000 a month to help save our asses. She is jelous of the things we have. Like love, money, stability, 2 homes, 3 pieces of land, 4 cars. Which we worked our asses off to get. I wish she would just go away and leave us alone. We r on the verge of loosing everything cause she is costing us everything!

  86. Anonymous

    The EX-wife on August 13, 2012 2:34 pm

    I think all of you women are stupid. If you don’t want to be “bothered” by the ex, don’t date a guy that has kids with her. The 18th birthday doesn’t mean squat, you still have graduations, weddings and the birth of GRANDCHILDREN that BOTH parents should be involved with. Grow up, and get over it.
    Hmmm, posted by an ex wife is my guess.
    Why should a man who has gone through the devastation of a divorce not have the chance to be happy. Mine is, and so is my stepkid. His Ex has been horrible and everyone knows it as her true colors have come to pass.

  87. beth

    My husband’s ex-wife walked out ten years ago the kids were married and grown. She married another man,but he died. She is a lonely woman and wants my husband of 6 years back. He doesn’t bother with her. She has made friends with his sister and tries to get invited to family functions. I felt threatened at first, but now I started to play head games with her and my husband has re-assured me plenty of times that she is gone forever. The son says the divorce was all her fault and it was. I say hello to her, but she is not a happy camper. I feel uncomfortable sometimes, but my husband comes to my rescue. I guess,I am lucky to have a great husband. I have 4 ex husbands and I haven’t been in touch with any of them since day I divorced them. I guess their current wives are happy that I never come around to cause any problems, its not worth the effort.

  88. Anonymous

    I can’t stand my husband ex wife they have 2 kids and have been separate for 3 yrs know she want a to come back with him I just wish I can get her off my back its been 3yrs and still trying to go back to my boyfriend any suggestion on what to do

  89. Johana

    My boyfriend ex wife is trying to come back with him I don’t know what to do is been three years already and she is just trying to get a chance to get back with him I have try to talk to her but she don’t want to talk to me they have 2 kids together and I have one kid with him so don’t know what to do with her she is getting on my last nerve and she goes to church with she says she Christian religion

  90. OhSoCrabby

    Oh sweet jesus do I hate her!!!! I wish to god every single day she would die horribly. I used to be a nice person until I met her and my pussy-whipped husband and now I’m a miserable shrew!
    His ex is a controlling bitch who just lives to make me angry. My husband is obviously still in love with her and tolerates all her shit…I’m certain it makes his tiny ego feel good that two women are ‘fighting over him’. Really it’s not ‘over him’ its about being treated disrespectfully by a dirty rotten whore who slept with another man in my husband’s house and being a filthy lying skank. Instead of acknowledging her many many flaws, she projects them onto me, like I’m a ‘homewrecker’ or something, when she’s the one who couldn’t keep her legs closed!!
    She deliberately goes out of her way to infuriate me. I wish to god she’d die so I wouldn’t have to look at her ugly, old, over-botoxed face ever again. I would go to her funeral though so I could be first in line to spit on her.

  91. Anonymous

    I hate my husbands ex-girlfriend, they had one child together. My ss is now 9 and we have had custody of him since he was 4. Before that he went back and forth every 3 days. She never calls her son and only sees him once a week and every other weekend. She used to yell at my husband how she does not get enough time with her son but she moved an hour away from us!!! And now she had a baby with another man who got married to someone else. Since the baby she has backed away from her son, she still sees him but all of a sudden it is ok for me to play the mom role. I have been the mom who raises him for 7 years and she hates that but now that she is a single mom and hour away its ok for me to do her shit work. I am glad she has backed down it just kills me how she bashed her baby daddy cause he walked away from the baby, hello he walked away from her, no one wants to deal with her. I am sure the guy wants to see his child but she is crazy and he does not want to ruin the rest of his life dealing with her. She posts on fb want a great mom she is and how hard she has it, but Im like hello you are not a great mom you have another one that you do not raise. I raise him and I am glad to do it, but do not call yourself a good mom when I raise your son, I put him in bed, I make sure his homework is done I do it all. I have 3 children and I only gave birth to 1. I wont go into my middle child (adopted). MY ss mom gave birth to 2 children and only raises 1. So I am not sure where she gets off thinking she is so damn good!

  92. anonymous

    My fiance’s ex wife is the craziest ***** I’ve ever had to communicate with thus far. I was so supportive of him working with her to develop a better means of communication for the children. Of couse until I actually experienced her demonic behavior first hand. She would rant and rave about how she was the mother of her two step kids but would mentally and verbally abuse them, manipulate and break them down. Countless let downs from lying to them about future ventures or just flaunting trips to disney discluding them. She has called the police, broken into our house and stolen legal documents, messed with my car, accused my soon to be step son of molestation of my fiance’s youngest daughter which never could of happened because the younger children when they are present are NEVER left unsupervised. She has robbed her two babies of a loving childhood with their father and to this very day still refuses to allow them time to build memories because she doesn’t want them around me? We wanted to take them trick or treating with thier older brother and sister because it will be the last year for the older two but she refused because I will be present. I love children and my relationship with her ex husband is a very healthy one. I imagine she has her jealousy due to the fact that they never had that type of relationship with him and she probabpy fears her kids will like me more but I am not crazy and I would never try to replace her. I merely fell in love with a man that so happened to be divorced. I would much rather have a kosher relationship with this woman but she continues to act like a child. She is almost 40 and she’s a school teacher for heavens sake. I just wish she’d stop because a 6 and 7 year old should NOT BE IN COUNCILING AND SHE SHOULD BE PUSHING THE CHILDREN TO BE HAPPY AND LOVE THIER FATHER REGARDLESS!! hopeless… and afraid she may just come kill me someday. But I love my soon to be husband and am the only motherly figure in my soon to be older step children’s lives. IM NOT GOING ANYWHERE LADY! Get over it.

  93. lesly

    She’s a pain in the butt , she do not stop calling, testing, even following him and my big concern is that if I said something he get mad. I need some support. …

  94. Anonymous

    My husbands ex is a fucking whore,what a fucking waste of skin she married him letting him believe the future slut in her belly was his but she knew it wasn’t. And yes her daughter is a fucking whore just like her mother.

  95. Darlene

    My husband ex wife is still involved in our lives they have 3 kids together and one of the kids isn’t his i can not stand her she calls my husband for stupid stuff just to talk he calls her for stupid stuff that half their phone calls have nothing to do with the kids she always calling him honey sweetie baby babe love you name it one time she went out to eat with us and she was undressing him like she was bout to throw him on the table and rape his azz I’m at the end of my rope with this b×××h he won’t even put her in her place .

  96. Anonymous

    My husband’s ex is a, pill popping, drunken whore and a convenient, easy FUCK. At leaste she was the night my husband decided to go get rip roaring dunk with his 24 year old daughter, cry about the argument that he and I had just had at which point the daugter suggested that her mom would be a good listener after all, she knew him so well at one time and drove him straight over to her mom’s appartment(which she had because she was having problems with her new husband, the one she cheated on he ex-husband with.)My husband and she poceedede to drink some more and suprise, his pants fell off and he ended up spending the night. Do I hat e the “NastySnatch” yes… and him too!!

  97. Anon

    I am an exwife but also dealing with my partners ex wife. It’s difficult.

    We both have 2 children from our previous marriages. My ex husband cares little for his kids so contact is few and far between. My partner is more a dad to them these days and I’m thankful for that. I don’t take any money from him unless the CSA say I can, I give him access, yet he doesn’t take it. I’m one of the good ex wives! 🙂

    His ex wife however…, where do I start. Their kids prefer to spend time with is here, she is rarely at home as her job is more important….her partner is my partners ex best friend who she was having an affair with, she snaps her fingers and for the sake of the kids, my partner goes running. He grew up without a dad and doesn’t want his kids to have the same so he shuts up and puts up for the sake of them.
    It’s difficult because I can see how she is taking advantage if him…everyone sees it. He doesn’t. To him, he is being a good dad….he is an outstanding father. He has stated that if it wasn’t for the kids, he would have nothing to do with her.
    Most of our squabbles are about her. She interacts in SM sites with old friends as if she’s part of the ‘gang’ too, she’s always trying to have a laugh and joke with him like they are good old friends, always trying to undermine me by saying ‘ remember when…..’
    I’m not a bitter person, I just don’t like her and how she treats him and the lack of parenting to her children.

    It’s her loss at the end of the day. She cheated, she missed out. The grass evidentially wasn’t greener as she’s painfully unhappy. My man now is what I want to say but I keep it buttoned so not to appear bitchy.

    Grrr….my advise…love is wonderful…meet the man you are meant to be with but approach with caution of they have someone who will continually bleed them dry and the man allows it.

  98. Anonymous

    She’s a nutcase. But I suppose I would be too. Unattractive, bitter, and delusional. Calls his chain of command (he is military) of petty stuff like a small child telling on a sibling. Its weird. Literally wants a judge to make my husband have an email account for just the two of them to talk because she doesn’t want me to know about their kids activities? Continues to use their old married joint email account with a combo of their initials in it like they are still an item but demanded he not contact her from ours. Lol. Like I said. Crazy, weird, delusional, bitter. I’m also an ex-wife. But I’m the opposite. I’m happy so long as the ah never calls… If cs shows up it does, just leave me alone dude. Lol.

  99. Cenovia Adelleh

    I was with a guy for 3 years, he always told me he loved me and that we wouldn’t break up because if you love someone you make it work. We could never work out a time when we were both free and just a couple days ago he said we should just be friends. I know he dont me love anymore. When we were dating he said to everyone that I was his girlfriend and introduced me, told his friends he really liked me and told me he loved me, I wanted to be with him again but I never knew what to do. I tried for a long time with other spell casters to get him back but dr.marnish was the ONLY spell caster that could do the love spell for me that worked, if you need help call him +15036626930, he will always come to your aid, Obviously dr marnish is the REAL DEAL!
    Cenovia Adelleh


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