You’re Pregnant! What is your first reaction?

What was your initial reaction when you discovered you were pregnant for the
first time?

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28 thoughts on “You’re Pregnant! What is your first reaction?

  1. Mama C

    Initial reaction – scared – as we hadn’t even talked about when or even IF we were going to have children.

  2. OPM

    The first few…..thrilled beyond words. The last few….wondering if I could keep doing this pregnancy/baby thing.

  3. Laura

    Well, with my fifth child, I told and told my husband we shouldn’t be having sex, “I am ovulating” (that was 9 years ago).

    Needless to say, some how he persuaded me and instead of taking the precautions he should have (I wasn’t on the pill, can’t take them nasty things lol), I knew I was going to get pregnant and I did. I hated life so much during that pregnancy, I didn’t want to be pregnant.

    I had four girls, didn’t think I would ever get a boy and well, I did. While most of pregnancy was spent hating it, I can say, once my boy was born, all I could was cry for joy. I spent most of pregnancy crying because I didn’t want another child, but eventually that changed and today I have a wonderful, beautiful, 9 year old boy I would give up for anything. In some respects I feel like he saved me from myself.

  4. Candid Carrie

    The pregnancies weren’t shocking, I was young and I thought I was in love and this marriage would last forever.

    The shock was being offered twice the opportunity to adopt. That is a logical decision and not an emotional or accidental decision. That was actually more difficult and schocking to see myself weighing out the pros and cons of adding to our family.

  5. Happy Momma

    My first pregnancy- I was scared. My husband was having problems at work knew he was going to be losing his job. I had just started graduate school and we weren’t planning to get pregnant at that time. But, surprise- I got pregnant. I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks which completely devestated me.

    My second pregnancy- scared for a different reason. Scared I would have another miscarriage. And I did.

    Third pregnancy- scared it would happen again and I wouldn’t be able to deal with a third miscarriage. I did have a few problems, but ended up with a healthy baby girl this time.

  6. Kimberly

    Fear! I was young, no married, and scared! I didn’t know how I was going to tell my family and how I was going to take care of this baby with 2 years of college still left. Of course it all worked out great, my family was immedietly loving and excited and accepting. Everyone pitched in to help me take care of my beautiful daughter while I finished college and I increased my course load to get out sooner.

  7. Anonymous

    I was beyond thrilled… I was jumping up and down in my kitchen alone… crying, laughing, praying and saying “oh thank you God, oh thank you God”. It such a wonderful and strong emotion. I had taken the test not knowing if I was pregnant and not being able to wait until my husband came home that night from a business trip. Hard part was not telling anyone all day so he could be the first to know… I had to sit next to my mom in church, shaking like a leaf and grinning like a fool and NOT tell her!

  8. Anonymous

    I was excited. We had only been trying for less than a month, so I was happy to find that I was so fertile, and that it had happened so fast. I kind of suspected I was pregnant, but when I took the test and found out for sure, I was really happy. I couldn’t stop smiling.

  9. Willow

    With my first child, thrilled and grateful beyond imagining! I am very ashamed to say that, with my second child, I was horribly upset. The day I found out I was planning to leave my husband and those plans got set aside. As it turns out, my surprise baby has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. Amazing how that works out!

  10. Anonymous

    I was scared and overjoyed. I’d always wanted to be a mom, but wasn’t planning for a baby. The father was the best thing that ever happened to me. He said, OK, we’re going to have this baby period. And we took a breather for a month and then started planning the wedding. It was a rocky start because I was scared and hormonal. Now things have settled and we have the best baby in the world and I’m planning on when I can get pregnant again! This time, no fear! My husband will be there no matter what and I can relax, watching my body grow another life!

  11. B

    We’d been trying to get pregnant for nearly a year. Finally I decided I was too emotionally drained to continue at that time. I started making plans for things to do before we two became three and became quite excited. Well, I didn’t continue “trying” but I didn’t take any precautions either. It turns out, that month I became pregnant. I had shifted my mindset completely away from baby that when I found out I BAWLED for a solid hour. Then… I came around a couple days later and started being okay with it… then… I became thrilled. Now I have a gorgeous baby who is the light of my life!!!

  12. Heather

    When I first found out I was pregnant with my son, I was terrified. I had a decent job with health benefits; but my fiancee and I were living with our respective parents. I have always wanted children; I grew up in a large family and I’ve always been good with kids; especially when I can give them back to their parents. Surprisingly, I burst into tears and had a break down and my then fiancee (now husband) was calm even though due to a really horrible childhood wasn’t even sure he wanted children. When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, my husband and I toyed with the idea of abortion. We’re both young, I’m 25, he’s 51 weeks younger than I am and we’re working our way through college. We were not sure if we could afford to have two children, especially that close together in age; they are 17 months apart. In the end, we didn’t have the abortion and now our daughter is 15 months old and our son will be three in November. We are done, hopefully because the kids are proofing to be a challenge not only to my sanity but to our pocket books.

  13. Anonymous

    The first two: planned. The third?… birth control pill baby. I was pissed!! I feel guilty now for being so mad, but for the first six months I was ticked off because I had finally had my kids old enough that I was going to have some alone time again. I threw the pregnancy test at my hubby to tell him when I found out!!
    But now I can’t imagine life without the third one…I love my kids!

  14. Kristi

    Very excited on the first two…Nervous on the third. But still happy. When I found out about the very first one that I regretfully aborted…Terrified.

  15. Anonymous

    we were in shock! i was on the pill so we totally weren’t planning on having a baby. as soon as the shock wore off though, utter excitement set in. feelings of fear came later, but the fear never sticks around. i’ve come to see us getting pregnant unexpectedly as a total gift. we know couples who try to conceive for years without results… we don’t take it for granted that we were able to conceive with such ease. not gonna lie though, as soon as i have this baby, we’re looking into b/c methods that are likely to have more of a success at preventing pregnancy. the pill has been proven to not be dependable for us! haha!

  16. Anonymous

    Even though the test said I was. I denied that I was… It didn’t matter how big I was getting I just assumed I was gaining weight. It’s wasn’t until my baby shower (that I really didn’t want to go to) that I started to get excited, I guess that was when I realized how many people were there supporting me and then 2 weeks later (not prepared or ready at all) there he was. The best thing that ever happened to me! I couldn’t be happier.

  17. Anonymous

    I’m scared. I shouldn’t be, but I am. I feel SO alone. I’ve been married three years now, and my husband’s a student. I don’t know how we’re going to afford this baby. I’m 80% of our income… and I’ve always dreamed of being a stay at home mom. Now I know that’s not going to happen.

  18. peeking in

    To Anon. on Sept 4: I was the breadwinner when my husband and I had our first and I remained the breadwinner for the next 2 years. I had completely given up on the stay at home mom dream. Now 4 years and 2 more kids later my husband works his butt off, on the road, so that I can stay home. I love it, my dream finally came true. So don’t give up, it will be your turn soon, and because you have to work now you will be so much more involved and thankful when you do get to stay home.

  19. Anonymous

    i was in my teens the father lived in another city. i was terrified and ashamed. felt so dirty an horrible.aborted

  20. Anonymous

    I felt like I was kicked in the stomach. I couldn’t breathe and couldn’t think. Although my husband and I had talked about it for years and had decided to start trying a month before the positive test was a shock. I didn’t know how to process it and I wanted to hide from it. Couldn’t feel happy about it for months.

  21. Anonymous on March 14 2011

    I had no clue. I went to the doctor thinking I had a kidney infection and I turned out to be pregnant. Talk about throwing you for a loop…. My husband and I were terrified. After the initial shock we both have come to terms more and more with the idea of becoming parents, though still nervous which is normal, we cannot wait for this perfect little girl to come into the world.

  22. anonymous

    I was really happy…at first. But then pre-eclampsia set in and I felt nothing but anger, angry at idiots who told me I just needed to change my attitude and the health issues would all go away.

  23. Anonymous

    on march 24,i turned 15.but this birthday wasn’t like all my other birthdays…..i was pregnant at the time.i found out i was pregnant in january.i most likely conceived in december.i really didn’t know if i shuld keep the baby or not i dint know who to tell.i didnt know if i shuld tell my boyfriend because he didnt want a baby until he s like 25.he turned 16 in august.when i told him i was pregnant he wasnt that exited.i waited until i was 3 month pregnant to tell my parents.they gave me a limit of 3 month to find somewhere to live…i moved in with my boyfriend and his mother.his mom was really exited about the baby.i wish i was as exited as she was.she offered the help us friends are really supportive especially my best friend.she was more exited about the baby coming more than i was.she was goin to be a goddmother.i didnt wana find out the sex of the baby but than i got curious and asked the doctor.i found out i was having a baby girl.when i told my boyfriend we were having a baby girl he was really happy.that made his mom and my best friend even more together made our relationship stronger.i feel lucky that i have a boyfriend like him.i haven’t talked 2 my parents since i left my house.i only talked to my older best friend threw me a baby shower.i was so happy to see all my friends.i was even happier to see my mom.3 weeks after my baby shower,i went into labor.on September 17th 2011 i gave birth to a 6 pounds and 7 ounces baby girl.labor experience was terrible.i was in so much pain.i had a natural birth.i didn’t want an boyfriend and i decided it would be healthier for the baby.when the baby came out there was a joy deep in my heart.the seconds my eyes laid on her,i fell in love with her.her name is ANNE-SARAH.i got back home from the hospital yesterday.first night home wasn’t easy.i didn’t get that much sleep.i wonder what motherhood has in store for me.

  24. mey

    i dont have what is the feeling of being pregnant or maybe i have no luck on becoming a mother, i have been trying to get pregnant , i love my husband i want to have kid, first i was so happy, my boobs start feeling tenderness, cramp in my stomach, i got headache for few days , i was so happy i told my mom that i might be pregnant, i checked on the internet asking and see the reaction of becoming a mother boobs sore, cramp in stomach … i was really happy and start calling my husband hubb-dy ( hubby and daddy) seeing babies kids i was just laughing alone…. 8days before my period i did the pregnancy test but it was NEG i was so so sad, i don;t know what to say. then keep on looking… till today 4days before my period i had sex with my husband in the morning then found out when i woke up that i am bleeding lightly… all my hope jumped down to zero… oh my god is it my period? i tried again searching online to see any posibilities of being bleed and can be pregnant? found out they were talking about spotting… i feel better… now it keep bleeding almost 4hours but not much as when i used to be on my period. by the way my period never comes this fast…. what has happened to me? i want kids so much why i cant while those dont need they can?

  25. -.-

    Angry. Selfish.
    I don’t want another child, I can’t handle the 3 I have. I feel like a shit mom for forcing my kids to deal with having less because I couldn’t go get my depo shot on time…

  26. Anonymous

    Well my last pregnancy(12th) I cried because we had been through so many still birthd (6) and 2 ectopic pregnancies, and 4 miscarriages. we had been through more then most people could handle in the last 7 years that I convinced myself I would never be a mom. The drs gave up with trying to find out why I couldn’t carry a baby past 34 weeks… I gave up:( But this last October I had my 1st and probably only baby girl:)!!!!!!!!!


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