Have you ever sought revenge on someone?

Have you ever sought revenge on someone? Why and what did you do?

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11 thoughts on “Have you ever sought revenge on someone?

  1. Willow

    Don’t know if you’d call it revenge; at the time, it felt more like just trying to survive and keep my life. During my husband’s EA (emotional affair) with a woman on the internet I acted out and posted hateful, hurtful things on my (then) blog. I sort of stalked her on my husband’s web site to the point that she left (though even now she still tries to get on but we have blocked her IP). I wish I hadn’t done those things. It only lowered me to her level.

  2. Anonymous

    I was seeing my ex exclusively and I had a key to his place. He started seeing this girl that we both worked with. I found out from another co-worker. I wish he would’ve told me instead. Well I decided to go by his house one morning (3am) on my way to work to see if this girl was there. Yes she was! I was furious! I had a razor blade in my car and sliced up her convertible top! I was a mad woman not thinking. I cut large holes in that top and cut it to shreds. I then went to his apartment and opened the door. They were in the bedroom sleeping but I had woken him up. He pushed me out of the room because I was about to kick her ass. I threw his key out the window and left. I don’t regret what I did. I’m older know and if it happened again I would just leave the guy. It’s not worth it now. if my guy wants to see someone else then go ahead, I won’t be waiting around and I sure won’t be there when he’s done playing around either.

  3. Lydia

    When I was much younger I had the attitude you are not getting away with that. As I got older I realized that it took too much out of me to hold grudges. I pray for others, stay out of their way, and learn the lesson from whatever incident that took place.

  4. Anonymous

    I’ve thought about it but never acted on it, I always tell myself that I would only be stooping to that lowlifes level and I’m trully the better person to just walk away no matter how hard it was to do. Plus I trully believe in Karma and you might not be there to see it but hateful, spiteful people always get whats coming to them in some form.

  5. brandi

    let me try to make a very long story short. I moved to a new town met a new friend and started having her over for games, dinner and such. She was married and pregnant with her husband being in prison we became fast friends i felt sorry for her in her situation and helped her out with maternity clothes baby clothes etc. eventually things started to change she only came over when my husband was in town and was so engrossed in him when he talked and had so much in commen with him ….skip about 6 months and my husband comes home for the weekend and sais he wants a divorce. I had ofcourse suspected an affair and this definitly hit the nail on the head. So he leaves me and our two kids then he files for divorce and takes the kids away from me. Meanwhile she is kissing up to my in laws and telling them all kinds of B.S. about me (non of it true) i keep hearing around town all the stuff she is saying about me. Skip a few more months…i go to pick my kids up from MY HOUSE….that they are living in…with my husband my children and im standing on my porch telling my kids to come on and hurry up because im just getting madder and madder as i stand there and watch her with my children in my house. I say to my daughter come on we gotta go….then That stupid c u next tuesday hollers out to my husband to come get this F*&$%#g B@#%h off oh HER porch. After all she had put me through (oh i forgot to mention she also spanked my daughter and left a bruise on her butt that was the size of her butt.) I just lost it on her and started beating her ass!! ofcourse she called the cops and i got in trouble but, i felt so much better all the anger i had towards both of them was gone!! Now she doesnt talk shit about me or try to start anything and she is nice to my kids. Im normally not a fighter but i think any mom in my situation would have done the same thing.

  6. Evolving door

    I caught my ex with his mistress . I went tunnel vision keyed her car kicked her ass and slapped his face so hard I chipped his tooth . I completely lost it . I’m not a vengeful person . I believe karma will give people what they deserve , but I don’t regret what I did . On bad days when I’m feeling down and heartbroken the memory of my vengeance is the only comfort I have . ILL NEVER REGRET IT !

  7. Sparkles

    Recently, I discovered that my husband (who barely has 30 words to say to me in a given month) has been texting a lot.
    I looked on the phone records just to get an idea of who it might be. He works in a place where there are a LOT of women around of all ages. I suspected a woman that he used to work with that moved about 6 hours away from us, but had remained in contact with my husband.
    Nope, it wasn’t her!
    To my absolute shock and surprise, it was a woman who had been my best friend for the past 17 years.
    Not only do I feel bad that they’re probably cheating together, but it’s just that he’s cheating with HER!!
    You might say that texting isn’t cheating. As I mentioned above, he doesn’t ever have anything to say to me, ever!!!
    I’m not an unlikeable person. I have a LOT of friends.
    So, getting to the revenge part.
    I realize that he’s just at much at fault as she is. You would think this woman who was supposed to be my BEST FRIEND would have some sort of conscience!!!
    Who do you think I ran to and spilled my guts to with every secret, every subject of my life?!?!?!?
    That’s why I feel so violated. It’s not the act of cheating itself. She knows all of the ins and outs of everything with me.
    She has very, very long hair and she is very vane about it.
    I would love to whack that shit off of her head clear up to her scalp!!
    That’s right, take every bit of that shaggy-ass mop and cut it right off up to her head!!
    Let’s see how F*ing great she thinks she is now.
    What I’d like to do to my husband is for him to find his own f*cking friends and stay away from mine!!

  8. Anonymous New Mom

    I recently found out that my husband of 10 years has been cheating on me with someone from work. I first learned about his indiscretion a year ago when my husband accidentally left his work email on from his laptop one night coming home from work. I’ve read numerous correspondence confirming that he’s been “seeing” this woman. On one email she has written how much she enjoyed spending their 1-hour nights together. All I saw was red past the sentence. I reacted violently when I confronted my husband about it. He begged me to listen to his reasons and that their relationship never went beyond phone calls or emails. I believed him then. After all, I was guilty of cheating as well. I did not cheat on him with another party but with my career instead. After 10 years of marriage, I find myself making excuses why I can’t be home for dinner or that’s there’s another late nights at work when I’m really staying to watch marathons of shows I tivoed from our office’s DVR. I thought that my recent absence then was the reason my husband was longing for another woman’s company. He promised to give me the best year of my life to make up for his cheating. A few months after the revelation of his affair, I found out that I was with child. A news he was eager to share with our family and friends. I was a bit upset about him sharing this news in such haste since our rocky relationship was still recuperating from his betrayal. I was still recuperating from the heartache but nevertheless has taken this as a sign of all good things to come. My pregnancy was an enjoyable experience for the most part – up until I was at my last trimester – day before Valentine’s Day. My husband insisted going on a trip by himself to buy a present for me for Valentine’s day. Now, I should have trusted my instincts then when the thought of the possibility of him wandering outside our marriage again suddenly flashed in my head. I refuse to believe that someone like my husband would be capable of something like that to his pregnant wife. A week after Valentine’s day, my bundle of joy has arrived. (I’ve spent sleepless weeks trying to be a super mom. Mind you, I am a first time mother with no experience with kids younger than 3 years of age. It was tough. I’ve had depression during pregnancy and now suffering from post partum depression. Keeping my sanity and having a happy baby was quite a juggle for me but I think I did and I am doing a fantastic job). It has been a month since that night, when it was my husband’s turn to feed the baby at 2AM, I noticed that he’s mobile was vibrating. Curious to see who’s trying to get a hold of him at the wee hours of the morning knowing that we’re both on baby leave, I picked up his cell and noticed an incoming email from the same woman he’s been having an affair with. Apparently, their affair carried on even after the time I first time I found out about it. I was kicking myself in the head for believing everything this poor excuse of a man has promised me. But despite the heartaches and betrayal, my daughter was the best thing that has happened to me and I will not trade it for the world. Have I gotten my revenge? No, but as soon as I return from work, I will fire my husband. I am his boss after all.

  9. Julie Rivera

    I found pictures in my boyfriend of two years’ phone of him and a coworker. They had been sending dirty pictures and texts back and forth for about a week. After kicking him out, I sent the pictures to the corporate office of the company she works at because the pictures were in her uniform and in the restaurant bathroom. If I didnt know her personally and if I hadn’t met her several times, I wouldn’t even have reacted to her.


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