Have you called in sick to work when you weren’t sick?

Have you ever called in sick when you weren’t sick?  How often do you do this?

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13 thoughts on “Have you called in sick to work when you weren’t sick?

  1. Anonymous

    Yes. I call them “sick and tired” days. About 75% of my used sick days were when I was completely fine. I also hated my job and my bitch of a boss.

  2. Jen

    Heck yea. In fact tomorrow I am taking a “sick day” – because my laundry is overwhelming, my errand list is a mile long, and I’m fried.
    I think it’s in my company’s best interest to let me re-charge my own batteries…

  3. anonymous

    For sure. Mental days are just as important to take as vacation days or honest to goodness over the toliet sick days. As women we need to remember to take care of ourselves sometimes too. I am not interested in trying to get my hair done with all the other working women on Saturdays… sometimes it is nice to treat myself to a nice day alone.


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