Have you been in an abusive relationship?

Have you ever been or are you now in an abusive relationship? (physical or emotional)  If so, how long was the relationship and did you end the relationship or seek help?

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11 thoughts on “Have you been in an abusive relationship?

  1. Kimberly

    Yes, I have, but only for a very brief period of time. He was very verbally abusive and phycially abusive when I ended the relationship. It was really odd that this side came out of him after I ended it. There was never any incident while we were together, but when I ended it we had to have the police involved multiple times.

  2. Anonymous

    Yes, I dated an emotionally and sometimes physically abusive guy in college. One of my friends had been through the same thing and recognized what was going on. With her encouragement, I left him.

  3. Anonymous

    No, I haven’t but that’s mainly because I grew up in a very abusive household (both my parents were abusive towards each other and to us) and I vowed I would not have the same life as they did!

    I’ve told my husband if he EVER physically abuses me or the kids, I will take them and leave him. I’m confident that I can manage quite well without him if needed. Thankfully he’s never given me any reason to worry about that.

  4. Anonymous

    I am currently in an abusive relationship. More emotional and mentally, but sometimes it gets physical.

  5. anonymous

    I am an occasional abuser towards my mother in law. She drives me to the point of rage every day. I am trying to raise two very young children and she had a stroke in my house while visiting from over seas. She has no insurance. Now she stays in my house forever and screams very loud every time I have to change her diaper and sheets, give her pills, bathe her. She also vomits for no reason and yells at regular intervals for no reason. She pushes me with her one working arm and trys to bite. So sometimes I grab her harder than I need to cause deep down I want to hurt her. I resent her for ruining my life. My children have to watch her moan and make noises constantly as she is in pain. This has been going on for a year now. I also say hateful words to her.

  6. Sarah

    I am in an abusive relationship. I’ve only ever had them. I can’t seem to get a nice guy if my life depends on it. He used to hit me a lot, but now it’s just names.

  7. anonymous

    No… not at all. After seeing his real father put his mom in the hospital a few times, he vowed he’d never treat a woman like that, and he hasn’t. He’s great. I’m glad I can trust that he’d never hurt me, because if he wanted to, he could kill me with one blow. He’s VERY strong… tons of muscle.

    Anon Sept 17… you are a better woman than me. I love my mother-in-law… we get along great – and she’s taken care of me plenty when I had my kids, etc… but if I had to do that and put up with what you’re going through, I don’t think I would have stuck around…I can admit that I’m a selfish person.

  8. christina

    Yes, for 8 miserable years. I always said ‘I will never be with a man who hits me.’ But there I was. Then I had our first child. He always said he would kill me if I left him with our son. So I stayed. Then came our 2nd son. Same threats, same fears. I was in a clouded state of mind through the whole marriage. In my mind I was going to be the ONE woman who changed him into a better man. I just knew that one day I would wake up and he would truly love me, like magic or something. 7 years after “I do” he got on meds for paranoid skitzophrenia (SP) and manic depression, Bi-Polar. After a year of him being pretty much tranquilized with meds, I literally woke up one day and told ” I am not scared of you anymore and I don’t love you anymore.” I thanked him for some of the crap he put me through because it honestly made me a stronger person, more aware. My heart breaks for those in an abusive relationship cuz I know how hard it is to leave, that “spell” that they are under.

  9. Anonymous

    l really hate it when he hits me!worse off is he hits our only baby who is now almost 5.sometimes l just see slap marks at the ennd of the day and l cry,,,talk to him then in like 9 months later it recurrs again.am l a loser?and he only wits for the time l get myself a drink………..he nolonger takes me out,yet a gal confronted me and told me that she fuckeddd himmmmm,am l leaving a dream?its been 7mmonths since he told me that……..l love him………….


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