Does your family practice a “Family Night” or something similar?

Does your family practice a "Family Night" or something similar, where you are all together as a family participating in an activity or outing?  What types of things do you do?

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7 thoughts on “Does your family practice a “Family Night” or something similar?

  1. Kaytii

    I wish we did but it’s hard with kids in 2 completely different age groups 14 and 11 then 4 and 2. We don’t even eat dinner together bc it stresses everyone out. I’m going to change that though. Makes me feel like a bad mom

  2. Anonymous

    Yes, every Monday night, set in stone, we all look forward to “Family Night.” We have a lesson, activity, songs, scriptures and treats. The kids all love it. It truly brings us closer as a family. We have done it now for 8 years and our oldest of four kids is 7. They all wouldn’t even think of letting a Monday pass with out it.

  3. Justine Nielsen

    Every Friday night my husband our two sons and I have a slumber party in the livingroom. We have a 1 year old daughter who stays with us as long as she can hack it, but then she just needs her bed. We blow up two queen size air matresses and push them right next to each other. Then we have any kind of snacks the kids want whether we buy it or make it while we play one or two board games together, and then settle on the giant bed to watch a movie “on the wall”, which is actually a 100″ screen that we pull down from the ceiling(we save it for movie nights), until we all pass out.

  4. c

    We sometimes do a family night. We will sit and watch movies in the living room, and I let the kids have popcorn and make a huge mess, and then they usually crash on the floor (in the popcorn) with pillows and blankets from the couches. They have such a great time!! They love it when we do movie night!!

  5. Anonymous

    yes, because hubby and I work opposite shifts (I do weekends, he works during the week) we try to do one going out family night (dinner, and something fun). Aside from that we spend every night together once hubby gets home around 4:30-5. We go to playgrouds (we have toddlers), work in the yard, go for walks or little hikes behind our house etc. Family time is so important and the kids grow up so quickly I want to savor this time with them. Course date night without kids is nice too!

  6. QC

    I have two kids ( a boy who is 14 and a girl who is 8), and we do “Mommy Mondays”. I don’t think it is quite what you mean by family night, but I like it…

    On Mondays, they are to have no friends over, no telephone or computer. Whatever I ask, they do. If I am behind on laundry because all weekend I was running them somewhere or entertaining a house full of their friends, they can help — any chores me, my husband or even they are behind on get caught up on.

    Why do they do it?? I told them that if they continue to want me to let them do what they want on the weekends (they are chore free on the weekends), pay for their activities, and clean up after and feed their friends, then they will commit to me that day. The rest of the week, they have chores and such, but they can have friends and free time as soon as they are done. Mondays are mine, which seems more like “ours” now, since they also hear how happy I am they are there to help me get caught up.

    It has been about two/three years since I started this, and now we get done so fast and we have a goofy dinner and pick a movie to watch all together. I love it.

  7. Tessa

    We have a fmaily day. Sort off. My hubby and I both play an online video game and he was getting a bit out of hand with it. So about a year ago he actually came up with the idea that every Wednesday would be our family day. No video games and we try to limit the TV and movies. Summer was easy because we would jsut go play outside but it’s a little more difficult to get outside during the winter with a toddler. So we’ll probably watch movies a bit more often. But they’re movies that we can watch with out 19 month old in the room. So family movies. And we do a really good sit-down dinner and play on the floor with the family. It’s a really great way to reconnect. We’ve only played the game on 1 or two Wednesdays in a whole year!


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