Do you pray for your children?

What do you pray for, for your children, and how often do you pray for them?

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16 thoughts on “Do you pray for your children?

  1. Lamamama

    I don’t pray as often as I should for them. But pray that they will be happy, but most importantly that thet have kind and loving hearts, wanting to serve others and God.

  2. The Wicked Queen

    I am struggling with saying my prayers on a consistent basis right now but yes, I do pray for them. I want them to be happy, safe and healthy. I want them to learn and grow and be equal to the challenges that come before them. I pray for them to be kind and loving and to be self-confident and feel good in their own skins.

  3. Jo Ann

    Every chance I get every day! I pray they grow up with good EQ, less angst compared to mine, learn life techniques that would make them good people to deal with…

  4. Anonymous

    Every day. I pray for their safety, for their health, that God will help to lead them and guide them daily… I want nothing but happiness for my children!

  5. Anonymous

    Every night I pray that they will sleep well. Because when they don’t sleep well, I don’t sleep well.

  6. Anonymous

    Every night when we say our prayers together, I start, and I thank the Lord for both of my girls individually by name. It’s my way of being sure to thank God for them each and every day, even if the day was tough.

  7. Anonymous

    I do not pray to a supernatural being for my daughter. I’m the one who gave her life, and her life continues to be in my hands. The direction her life heads is based on my parenting, which is filled with love, laughter, learning, understanding and patience.

  8. Veronica

    Yes I do, every day. I pray for her protection and for her to have a beautiful, joyful and wonderful life. I also pray for God’s blessings and grace.

  9. Anonymous

    I do. We’re not due until November, but everyday I pray for this precious little boy inside me. I pray for his health and development, for his future to be filled with joy and love, and that his father and I will grow to be the best parents we can possibly be for this little life that’s been entrusted to us. We are so thankful.

  10. Katie

    I pray for my kids daily. I pray for their choices, decisions, their relationships, their future spouses (even though they are small & not even thinking about that yet), protection & joy for every moment. This sounds like a lot but, my thinking, it’s not really enough!! LOL

  11. anonymous

    I pray for them with them every night and I find myself saying prayers all the time. I believe in the power of prayer… it isn’t a magic genie lamp, you don’t always get what you wish for. God has his own plans.

  12. Anonymous

    Every single day and night. Some times every single minute. I’m the single mom of a two year old. I have to pray for my child. There are days when I can list lots and lots of things I’m so thankful for about my child, and there are days when I only have the time to be thankful for my child. I cling with all my heart to the verse that says,”Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not stray from it.” I want to pray for my child and I want to pray with my child. He needs to know I have a good relationship with God so that he can know he can have a good relationship with God too.


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