Do you have a mean streak you wish you could unleash?

Do you have a mean streak that you wish you could unleash at times?  When?

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11 thoughts on “Do you have a mean streak you wish you could unleash?

  1. Miss DC

    Yes! I’m not proud of it and I never act on it, but if I get really upset with someone, it makes me think of ways that I could retaliate. But again… never do.

  2. anonymous

    There are some people I’d LOVE to tell off once and for all! I’m a very meek and timid person. I do get super angry, but I hide it all. Tuck it inside and rarely let it out. It sucks keeping it all in and there are some people who walk on me time and time again that I’d love to tell them “Take a freakin hike!”

  3. Anonymous

    Ok, after my experience today I have to put out a warning to all stressed out moms like myself. Be careful what you wish for because I am a typically mild mannered suburban mother of three kids and I absolutely lost it today while driving to Dunkin’ Donuts to get a muffin.

    A woman attempted to pass my car on a one lane back road after believing that I had cut her off, which I had not. Now that’s not to say I’ve never cut anyone off before, I’m no angel behind the wheel, but honest this time I had plenty of space to pull out. Well, apparently she didn’t think so and this woman who was driving an Acura went postal on me from behind the wheel. She first attempted to cut me off by actually driving on the shoulder of the road to get around me. I have a huge gas guzzling SUV so she was unsuccessful in getting by me which enraged her further so she tried driving around me on the LEFT hand side coming within inches of hitting my car on the side where my 11mo. old and 2 year old are buckled into their carseats. Ok…now I was absolutely furious. The fact that some deranged post-menopausal Acura driver with a bad fake spray tan would threaten the saftey of my children and myself caused a completely crazed response on my part. When we pulled up to a light I threw the car in park stormed out of my vehicle went right up to her closed window and proceeded to curse her out. The bully behind the wheel was now a very scared woman, and rightly so, as she most likely believed I was some kind of escaped mental patient off her thorazine. So maybe it was all the chemicals from her fake tan impacting her judgement, but Acura woman doesn’t let the fact that I may be some type of lunatic on a war path stop her. No way, she says nothing to my face–never even rolls the window down–but after I climb back in my car she screeches ahead of me and slamms on her brakes every now and again to show me who is boss. I can honestly say for the first time in my girlie girl existence I wanted to fight this woman. Her fake tan made her look orange for godsake, I could have taken her. However, after already having lost my cool completely I toned it down and settled for flipping her off as we parted ways. As I came down from my adrenline rush, I realized how incredibly stupid I had been. Three kids in the car and I was acting like Mel Gibson in Payback only not as cool and a lot more wordy. So yeah, I had my day in the sun and let my temper fly but honestly, in retrospect, I felt ashamed at my insane behavior. I should have stayed calm, allowed her to pass and mumbled something about her horrible fake tan to myself as I kept my dignity and allowed her to pass me. I was so upset I didn’t even get my muffin.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m worried when I let my anger get the best of me that it WILL come back and bite me in the butt. I have a home-based business and build my business on meeting people I don’t know and telling them about my products. I don’t want to burn any bridges.

  5. fiveinthehive

    I do have a mean streak, but I control it as well as I can. However, sometimes my husband ticks me off enough that I volunteer him to be my sparring parter – the make-up after I’ve kicked his butt is pretty fun, though, but it takes A LOT (like months) of anger for me to get to that point.

  6. Anonymous

    They say watch out for the silent ones…I’m really quiet, laid back and mild mannered. But inside I’m a raving lunatic bitch that will one day go off on someone because I can’t take it anymore!

  7. Anonymous

    hey there June 12 2008 8:30pm… I love it. I relate to every feeling in that story. But ya know it’s just different when you feel your kids are threatened! It’s the mama bear syndrome! Yeah I could unleash my psycho side…but I would never get the control back. I’m medicated & getting therapy for my issues so hopefully I can learn to let it out in healthy ways, yoga, kickboxing ya know! Journaling is some of my best therapy, write it all down or draw pix or whatever; just let it out before it eats you up w/ bitterness!

  8. Sasha

    Yup! Ever since the passing of my grandmother I have a rage that is boiling inside of me. That I don’t know how to get rid of, I find myself avoiding situations where I could be tempted to let it out.

  9. Anonomous

    Im going into law enforcement because im ready to take the world on. I’m only mean when I know someone has screwed themselves toward me. I’m ready to go after the bad people and put them behind bars. I’m not afraid of who might hurt me because I can rise to the occasion, truth be told, watch out.

  10. Anonymous

    I do have a mean streak. Most of the time, I’m very kind to everyone. But sometimes, I just have a bad day and want to tell everyone what I think of them and throw there flaws up in their face. I want to really hurt people emotionally sometimes. But I never have because I know I would really regret it later. Sometimes, some things are better left unsaid.


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