Do you get jealous when your husband talks to other women?

Do you ever get jealous when your husband talks to other women?  If so, has he given you a reason to be jealous?

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158 thoughts on “Do you get jealous when your husband talks to other women?

  1. Amy

    Nope. I know I can trust him. But, there are times. Times when I wonder. Being in the military, he works late a lot and there’s always moments when I worry. In the end, though, I know.

  2. BurfordWife

    I Pretend to, and make fun of him ‘chatting up’ the check out girls. Old ladies just LOVE him! He’s just a very congenial person.. and people are attracted to him.
    I get more annoyed at the younger ladies who think they can chat HIM up!

  3. Anonymous

    Even though I know he would never be unfaithful, he’s a tremendous flirt (sometimes without even realizing it). Yeah, I’m jealous. I want to be the only one he talks to like that.

    1. Robin Hebert

      I feel the same way. When we go places…like at a restaurant we were just at…he starts talking about himself to the waitress. Who cares if it’s just about how much coffee you like to drink…you are taking extra time to make conversation with someone else. I think my husband can be narcissistic. He’s a wonderful hubby but after he has these moments of talking to someone else…he tried to butter me up.
      I hate it. I get mad at myself for getting so hurt and jealous.

    2. Veronica

      Lol….I feel ya Hun, I always feel like this, seriously it could be an unattractive woman and I don’t want him getting too cute with her. Only with me, BC he’s mine. I don’t get like that with other guys. I love my husband. I hate being so jealous of his convos but in just being honest and I don’t tell him, EVER.

  4. Anonymous

    Yes. He has given me absolutely no grounds for jealousy, I don’t think that straying from the marriage would ever even enter his mind, but jealousy is my nature. I have self-esteem and confidence issues. He goes to work and is around women who try to look nice for their job, and then comes home to me. And I haven’t taken a shower in days and I’m wearing baggy jeans and an old t-shirt and I’m not wearing makeup and my hair isn’t done. And a part of me always wonders if he doesn’t prefer the dressed-up women he works with.

    1. Rachel Muradov

      That’s why its so important to look attractive to your husband when her gets home, he is surrounded by other attractive woman so do your part and look sext/attractive when he gets home

  5. anonymous

    My husband is handsome! We all thinks ours is the best, right? So when he flashes that gorgeous smile at another woman, and I hear the laughter that I used to laugh, and I know her heart is skipping a beat like mine still does, I get very jealous. It’s all innocent, but it can turn un-innocent in a second.

  6. Anonymous

    Totally. I am SO jealous. I mean, I know he’s not going anywhere, but it still makes me nervous since I don’t feel super pretty at the moment. 🙂 (a few months post baby) I know that I can trust him, but hey, I’m just so darn possessive!

  7. Willow

    Yes, I get jealous and petrified. He has had 4 relationships, internet-based but 3 of the women we met in person, and each one was more serious than the last. The last one just about wrecked our marriage when he told me he loved her and not me… turns out he was “in a fog” and didn’t really mean it but the damage was done.

  8. Anonymous

    Absolutely not. I trust him completely. There’s no reason on Earth to be jealous, it’s a waste of time and energy.

  9. M

    No. In fact, I wish he’d talk to other women! He annoys me so much and is always underfoot–being home all the time–that I’ve actually told him to “find another woman.” But alas, he won’t. Of course, if he did, my human nature would probably dictate that I’d be angry at him, even though I specifically told him to find someone else! I never said I made sense… Just answerin’ the question. 😮

  10. fiveinthehive

    Absolutely! He has always been insanely jealous of every man (and some women!) on the planet, so why shouldn’t I? Besides, his stupid butt had a two-week affair with a ho-bag 11 years younger only 2 years ago while I was in the hospital trying NOT to give birth to our fourth child (I was at 32 weeks at the time and he was born at 36 weeks). His standards have changed, too. The ho-bag isn’t even pretty – she looks like a peasant – and all he used to date were models (I was one of the live Barbie dolls in Texas). Hmmm…I guess looks really don’t matter when a woman shows a man affection and total adoration, huh?

  11. Hopelessly Devoted

    I can’t say that I get jealous…I think I’m more worried about some other woman turning stalker.

    My husband was a huge flirt when we met and I always told myself that I would know when he was dead cause he would stop flirting, but on the other hand when he flirts women fall all over themselves. He has more friends online that are madly in love with him than you can imagine and all I think to myself is…oh that poor girl. you see as I am hopelessly devoted to him he is equally devoted to me. But a little competition for me never hurts, reminds me of what I have and not to get casual about how truly wonderful my husband is.

  12. Cindy

    No not really, after 18 years and 4 kids theres no reason, to jealous, if he was going to play around he would have done this when we where young and thin, not fat and old,

  13. kim

    Sometimes even though i no reasons. He is madly in love we me and I know it each and every day. It’s more my being unhappy with gaining some weight (from a 10 to a 12) that makes me get jealous.

  14. anonymous

    I honestly don’t mind if he plays around. In fact under the right circumstances it kind of turns me on. And I enjoy getting extra attention too. However I got so fed up with his wandering interests under the wrong circumstances (which I have wrestled with for as long as we’ve been together) that I put the stop on any further wandering. But now that puts me in the position of feeling like we have to mistrust eachother and police eachother’s moves, which I hate even more than misbehaving itself. It’s a mess either way – but still we’re all the more in love for going through all this together.

  15. Anonymous

    I have to say I do get jealous… To me it’s because every woman in my family has been cheated on and I see the pain that it has brought them and I wouldn’t want to even think about going through something like that. I know what kind of woman my husn=band likes and If she happens to fit the description, then that makes it worse for me. I trust him, but I know that NOONE is untouchable. ANYONE can fall

  16. Lynn

    Yes. I am jealous because of myself. I don’t always have the self confidence I should. The extra weight does not help. He has never given me a reason to not trust him but I often do wonder how far he would let an attractive lady push the bar. He has let someone not his type say things to him which as I was told was a joke. I know she was not at all someone of interest to him but if he let her “joke” around and make comments what would he do with someone who was his type? I’d like to say he would stop things but I have my doubts. Temptation is a ugly thing. I’ve fallen to it and he knows. It makes me wonder if at some point he might do the same. I don’t think I’d handle the way he did. It would kill me on the inside.

  17. Anonymous

    To a degree. My husband is a incredibally sexy guy who gets looks all the time, thats not what bothers me. What gets me is when I see my husband looking at another female google eyed if you will and when I ask him what he was looking at(knowing damn well what) he will say “oh that car” or “that sign”…So its not so much jealousy its the dishonesty that drives me up the wall….

  18. Anonymous

    Yes. Because of his history of cheating, it doesn’t matter what the woman looks like..I always think he’s thinking of having sex with her.
    Once you lose the trust, you never get it back.
    But then again I’m the dummy that is staying….

  19. Kristi

    YES!! But only if it’s women from his work. He travels a lot, and there is so much temptation there. But, I don’t let it consume me. He hasn’t given me too much reason not to trust him. It will be what it will be, I guess.

  20. peeking in

    My husband is a ‘bad boy’ with that ‘bad boy’ appeal and it does his ego good for woman to pay attention to him. I told him in our first year of marriage that he was married not dead, he can look at the menu all he want, but he better eat at home!

  21. Anonymous

    i hate when he checks out other girls and i know its only human to stare, but it doesnt make me jealous even though i know he would never cheat on me, but the thing that bothers me most is the checking out other girls and then when i say “i saw that” hes like what? huh? i just want to slap him!!!!!!!!!!

  22. ck

    I guess I am jealous of my husband. I get a little upset when he is looking at another woman especially if she is younger and smaller than I am. I am 5’9 and 160 lbs. It makes me feel as though he doesn’t want to look at me or wished I looked like some of these other pretty women with these gorgeous bodies. I feel a little ashamed because I have gained some weight since we married. I believe he loves me and he is very good to me and shows and tells me he loves me. But still he does look. Some women stated that their husband would act like he wasn’t looking at another woman whenever she confronted him about it. Well, that is the way my husband is. He will act like I am crazy and ask me what I am talking about. That makes mw really mad too. I would like an email buddy. If someone needs an eamil buddy as well please feel free to let me know through this and we can exchange addresses.

    1. Heidi

      Hi i am totally with you on this subject my husband acts totally the same and acts like i have the problem not what he is doing. I am slightly invisible when out walking and if he sees oncoming girls then he speeds up in front and smiles and exchange pleasantries as well as holding doors and gates open for other females but i get them slammed in my face.

  23. Guru

    Not at all. I love watching him talk to other women because there is such a phenomenal difference between the way he communicates with them, than when he is sweet towards me. His tone and body language say so much, and it makes me feel like the most special person in his life.
    Recently we were with friends at a night club. We are a very close group of friends and I am used to the guys making innocent passes at the ladies. While my husband and I were dancing, some of my younger friends, who are much better built, tried to dance with us. He wouldnt even make eye contact. I could tell that they expected more attention- they certainly had mine. Rather than jealous, I felt tickled that he made such an obvious attempt to look bored at their flirting.

  24. I HATE IT

    i hate it when my huaband looks at other girls and sometimes he talks to them and he gets “too close” i seriously want to go up to him and beat his knees in with a bat… my husband cheated on me for 4 years, boy am i a dumbass. its been three years (since my son was born) since he has cheated on me. THAT I KNOW OF. i hate it and if we didnt have two babies and i had a way out i would not put my self through this. MEN SUCK! i wish i were a lesiban =D

  25. Anita

    OMG! Yes, I SO get jealous and I don’t want to be that way. He has cheated on me before, more than once. Actually about five times. I have stuck it out with him even though one of the women was my best friend at the time. He was incarcerated for three years and I left him ten months after he went to prison and stayed gone for five months. Sorry! Straying off the subject! I hate it when he talks to other women but he is in a halfway house right now with women and men. He told me just yesterday that I needed to lose weight…..go on a diet. I don’t really care if he chooses to leave but I guess I hate the idea that someone else would have him and why I don’t know. So how can I maybe stop being so jealous of a man that cheats??

  26. JustME

    yes i get jealous. Hard not to when he played me and another girl before we got married (not that i knew till after we were married) and then he spent a lot of time with another girl for about 8 months and its hard not to think that when he doesn’t come straight home or doesn’t answer when i call or i see that that girl called him or texted him. It drives me batty i wish we could get away from here

  27. Just can't trust em

    I hate it. It drives me nuts. I know it gives him a big head to chat it up with the ladies but it ruins my self esteem. No woman in her right mind goes after a good looking successful man for friendship. They all want love and marriage even if they have to destroy a marriag already in place. I hate to know I am at home raising our child, never getting a break and he is out there living it up with all the freedom to talk to woman whenever he wants. He tells me about it and how they are pathedic but it just makes me feel worse. Whatever, marriage is forever and even though I’d like to get in my car and drive to the other coast, I know I have to deal and make the best of it.

  28. peaking in

    Yes I get jealous. Especially when they send text messages that I intercept. It sucks but he has cheated on me once before (possibly twice) so once bitten, twice shy kinda deal. I now have PW’s to his email accts so there is no way he can send or receive messages without my knowing. So far, so good.

  29. fifi

    yes, no bit i feel jealouse, each time i go out with my husband i check if he is looking to beautiful girls and i wonder if he wishes to have sex with other women. if he goes to work i imagen he is talking and laughing with other women. sometimes i fight with him when he comes home just to feel releaf from jealousy 🙁

  30. lovely lady


  31. julianna besserra

    Do you have a solution to this torture? at least a book to read to
    have a way to deal with the impossible situation?

  32. Anonymous

    I have been married to the same guy for 23 years, When I was 6 months Pregnant, he was spending time with his ex wife,he went to her birthday party!and spent the afternoon with all her relatives.He meets women & if they pay any attention to him, He starts acting stupid he has even, talked to them in baby talk!just today, the new girl at the office called him After working hours… & asked if she had trouble opening the door to the office on SUNDAY, could she call him and get help! this drive me crazy.Yes I get jealous!!!

  33. Gina

    of course I get jealous.hubby’s never cheated on me. we’ve been married 24 years.I hate feeling like this. i’m an attractive women.But i know,that my hubby has to deal with women at his work.He hates it that im jealous and says baby,you’re stuck with me and i with you.please don’t ruin a good thing.Sometimes he doesn’t tell me about the “new” women/girl they hired afraid of me asking him who is she,how old is she and our favorite ladies…is she cute. his response is always…baby don’t worry she’s just a worker and you have nothing to worry about. So why is it that i worry? LOL. I swear he get furious when i want to know about the ladies that work there. He always says…baby you think i’d destroy what we have? i tell him i don’t know. All i know is i don’t trust any women big,small or however she looks. All women are beautiful. what one doesn’t have always wants. if that makes any sense.So… what do i do? i pray and ask GOD to give me strenght cause he know i hate feeling so jealous. My hubby says he gets jealous of other men,but he doesn’t let it take over his mind if he did he would go crazy…like me. So ladies…my advice would be stay strong and PRAY. Because ,really we have no controll of any women.We only have controll of our thoughts. GOD bless….
    Jealous on Earth.

  34. Anonymous

    I hate him talking to other women…and women hanging to his every word. If they only knew the REAL guy they’d stop. Live with him for a week and see if you want to flirt with him………………………………….

  35. R

    I get jealous alright. Been married for 2 yrs and been together 4 yrs altogether. I’m just a jealous and possessive person by nature. I love my husband much and know to myslef he is a sweet person and any woman really I think would want him for themself.

    We also have a son together. He hasn’t given me any reason to think he’s cheated and he is very open with me about anything, but I still get jealous. Maybe I have self esteem issues…. I don’t really know. I’m attractive and get looks quite alot myself. The problem I really think is that we have had a rough couple of months and that has put a strain on me into thinking he might want to go. I don’t want to live without him and would rather he died than see him with someone else. I am consumed with jealousy and wish sometimes he’d go blind or something happen so that no one else would even look at him but me. Sounds mental but thats how I feel.

    I am asking God to help me through it though.

  36. Anonymous

    Yes!I’m jealous. I believe he doesn’t cheat and he said he was just a nice guy. But I don’t like him to chat with other women especially by office e-mail, or text message of cell phone which I can’t witness.

    He tells me a small white lie when he has to or wants to chat with other women not to upset me. That makes me more suspicious.

    My friend found that her husband told an another woman on the cell phone text that he felt lonely even with his wife. She was fully upset.

    Men are more jealous and not forgiving when his wife cheats or flirt with other guys, but they always excuse that they did such a stupid things to get more attention from women because their wives are not nice or controlling or selfish ..blablaaa…

    I always want to say….If lonely, talk to your wife. If your wife really don’t care, divorce and then go to other women. Your wife is not your mom or sister. You need to take care of her as an individual from other background. period.

  37. Maddie

    YES, we have huge trust issues because he’s lied to me in the past. He’s lied about ALOT of things so the trust is completely gone. I know I don’t deserve the disrespect but what can I do I’m married and with a baby girl.

  38. anonymous

    I have been married for 27 years and was always jealous of other women…My husband is VERY attractive and works with women and they are most of his customers….I HATE the flirting, but he always assured me nothing would EVER happen……Well, it did…when I finally let my guard down and wasn’t jealous of this one employee! She was also my friend, Or so I thought…..Don’t EVER let your guard down and NEVER say NEVER!

  39. Debra stone

    Well I get jealous, I don’t think I’d be that bad if he was bothered about me, we’ve been together for about 21 years, and he’s a door man, when he’s with me most of the time he’s on the computer never wants to take me out says he’s gonna. When it was my birthday but it never happened didn’t even get aa card, he works at a cetain pub and iknow he’s got to be civil to people, but now he’s going out with them a few men but mostly girls ( about 17 years younger) he comes i’m wanting to go out. And even take the night off work to go he wouldn’t ask me to go even if others was taking partners, I thinks he doesn’t want me to see what he does, I’ve seen him before with the girls you wouldn’t think it’s the same person, if there’s any family do’s he doesn’t want to go, or if I drag him somewhere he just sits there a complete opposite of what he’d be like with the others, A couple of years ago he was texting another women, he went outwith work and I found out as soon as he left he was texting her and foneing her probably to get her to come out, he’s 40yrs old and around girls he’s like a little schoolboy, but I’ve had enough he seems like he doesn’t want to take me out or do things but will jump hoops to go out with work, I thought we had a good relationship I thought he was a trustworthy guy but he teats the girls slot better than me, I look after everything at home 2 children and I’m disabled he does nothing willingly, he uses a car which is supposed to be for me, which is ok to go to work and back but he will stay behind and wait till eveyone has finished and give all the girls a lift home I don’t agree but then he will do it behind my back, he just has to be best friend with the ladies what work there, the thing is I’m disabled I think he uses me for the car and money, and noone else will have a diabled woman, I wouldn’t be that bad if he tested me better bd not mke me feel like second best, sorry to go on

  40. Angel

    I’m upset because I don’t want my husband to eat out with other women at work. He went with another man and two women that sounds like a double date to me. I don’t mind groups. One man and woman he goes with all the time. I don’t understand why he can’t just go out with men. OH and if I did what he does he’d be pissed. A double standard! OH and if I dont go along with it than “we just can’t get a long”!!! He than proceeds to verbally abuse me by saying shut up, F__K You, bitch, and etc. I feel horrible about myself because he treats me like crap!

  41. Anonymous

    No. But, I was shocked to learn that I was jealous when our friend spoke to another woman! I have had a crush on this man for a few years now and it was the first time I really felt that crushing pang of jealousy since high school. I trust my husband, but this man is married with two children and has been developing a friendship with me that I thought was unique. So, when he smiled at and spoke to this other woman, I wondered if that is what it looks like when we are together and if what we have is really as special as I thought it was.

  42. Anonymous

    No, not at all. My husband has never given me reason to ever doubt him or mistrust him. We’ve been married 27 years now so I’m sincerely hoping nothing in that department ever changes.

    I don’t doubt that if something ever happened to me and say I passed away, the gals would be lining up for him. Not sure what he’d do with that. He’s the sort of man that needs to have a wife and/or a woman in his life. Otherwise he’d go into himself and just cocoon. We’ve talked about this before so he knows that my greatest wish for him, should that happen, is that he would find himself another partner.

    In the meantime, he’s mine and that’s exactly (thankfully) right where he wants to be.

  43. Just me

    Well I never used to be that kind of girl. But when my husband and I were just dating he was so bad to me and cheated and looked and spoke and who knows what else. Now were married and I still feel like he may do it again even though he has promised me and since we have been married has done nothing to hurt me. So I am now and it stinks because it makes me sad all the time.

  44. Anonymous

    Yes I’m extremely jealous. Been with husband 7 years married one year. I hate him so much as looking at another woman let alone flirting! No reason to be, just way I feel

  45. Obsolete

    Yes I get jealous that he talks to other women on IM and who knows what else. He cheated on me before we got married (aren’t I stupid?) and again about a year ago with a “close” girlfriend of mine. Here is how a man defends himself when he has done something wrong:
    Wife: “Why were you talking to her?”
    Husband: (looks innocent)
    Wife: “I know you, are you up to something?”
    Husband (looking hurt, goes on the attack) “I promised you, baby, that I would never treat you that way, and you hurt me so much when you don’t trust me. Are we ever going to move past this?”
    Wife: “Oh, I’m sorry, you’re right.”
    Husband wins. Every freaking time. And I know to him it’s a game. I don’t know if I hate myself more for still loving him, or for having been stupid enough to commit to this life. It’s a tough pill to swallow.

  46. Anonymous

    For the most part, I don’t get jealous. My husband mainly talks to women we both know…our friends, acquaitances, etc. so that doesn’t worry me. Once in a while, at a party maybe, if there is a woman who is particularly attractive and he’s talking to her a lot, it may bother me. Really, I’m only bothered if it’s one of those women who is overtly sexual, wearing very revealing clothing or who is flirting with all the men.

  47. Anonymous

    My husband always used to say that it is terrible when people assume friendships with others of the opposite sex are affairs. We’ve been married for 25 years. I just read his emails for the first time this week and learned that he has been sneaking around for years. Now I am planning for a divorce. It is doubtful I’ll ever be able to trust any man again.

  48. Anonymous

    Yes!!!! I really hate him talking to the girls at his work or customers.. I don’t trust him…He cheated on me with a girl at his past job about 8 years ago (he was just talking to her but still). Then he just recently cheated on me again with a co worker and a customer. SO F*** YES, I HATE IT WHEN HE TALKS OR EVEN LOOKS AT ANOTHER GIRL. I know that I am stupid for staying but we have two kids and I love him more than anything in this world. I would never want to see myself with out him or as a single parent. I hope this time he was telling the truth when he told me that this will never happen again and that he was sorry. I guess I can only pray and wait and see. This was kinda nice telling someone this without really telling someone.

  49. Anonymous

    My husband and i have been married for 20yrs, high school sweethearts.I never got jealous until he cheated on me more than 3 times. He looks at porn all the time now and downloads it on his phone over 200 pictures. Has had crushes on family cousins and been a little touchy feely with them in the past.He pretends he’s working on it but hides his phone all the time and is sneeky on the computer. To make matters worse im am so depressed now and he always talks about me to our children. He comes and tell me that he has to fight women off at work and tells me about there conversations sometimes which he makes innocent,but who knows what really being said I need a vacation by myself and hope i can get over the jealousy thing.

  50. Anonymous

    My husband and i have been married for 20yrs, high school sweethearts.I never got jealous until he cheated on me more than 3 times. He looks at porn all the time now and downloads it on his phone over 200 pictures. Has had crushes on family cousins and been a little touchy feely with them in the past.He pretends he’s working on it but hides his phone all the time and is sneeky on the computer. To make matters worse im am so depressed now and he always talks about me to our children. He comes and tell me that he has to fight women off at work and tells me about there conversations sometimes which he makes innocent,but who knows what really being said I need a vacation by myself and hope i can get over the jealousy thing.

  51. Johanna

    I get sooo jealous. Its crazy because I trust him. But he now has a friend who is a girl who tells him all time she wants to be friends with me but never contacts me. Weird right. They text and talk all day everyday. She just dumped a bastard and now wants my husbands advice. What the heck? And I told her I didn’t want him at her house and two days later asks him to come fix something. Oh what do I do any advice please…. We have been married for 9 yrs and together 10 and have two kids.

  52. jenny

    yah i feel so jealous.. i dont know why..maybe its because im not working right now and i am alone….my world revolves around him..sometimes i think im a.lready a pshycho coz ive beeen checking his messages on internet..and hes very nice to all the people girls and boys…but i dont tell him that i get jealous what i always do is i fight with him when he gets home with a different issues just to let go of feeling of jealousy…i hate it..its very hard.but i always pray to god that he will give me the virtue called trust.coz its not good for all of us…having this kind of feelings…..

  53. Anonymous

    I get extremely jealous and its a horrible feeling, my boyfriend hasnt cheated on me as far as i know, but one night when we were with friends at a resturaunt he was staring at my friend the whole time. I confronted him afterwards in tears and he said that he didnt even look at her and he doesnt even like her. We cant go out together without me looking at where he is looking in case its at a beautiful woman. I would rather he was honest every time he stared at another woman, than pretend im crazy for thinking he did. I dont know how to get over the jealousy and its ruining my life, i cant feel comfortable when he is chatting to other women

  54. Anonymous

    I get jealous depending on who the woman is. If it’s a random woman I know we will never see again I don’t care, but I do get jealous if it’s someone he works with or someone he knows from his past. He is part of the reason I feel this way as he’s kept things hidden from me in the past. Jealousy and trust is something I try to work on every day.

  55. Anonymous

    Yes, I do get jealous. He talks to them, he cares what they have to say. Me, I get a 1 minute conversation with him and that is usually him telling me what I need to do, or what’s for dinner! Big problem with my husband of almost 22 yrs. Always texting or talking with other women, yes he cheated on me before, these other women are ex girlfriends or co workers, all who don’t like me. Of course I know why, its what he says to them. That I’m too jealous! Well, sorry, but never use to be jealous, I didn’t just get that way, I was helped!!

  56. lonelyatdaclub

    ok on wed.nite me and my husband went to a nite club,bkaus it was karoake nite.We had been several times before, and when i got up from the table were me and my husband was sitting, to go use the bathroom he told me about a female that approach him at our table.She ask if we were togather he told her yes and then she ask if i was his girlfriend and he said no she is my wife.That didnt stop her,so now i notice when he goes to the bathroom she gets missing also.So back to wed.nite he wore apair of shades and stared at her alnite long.He totaly forgot i was at the table.I think there is more goin on with the two of them,but he denise it. I have never been so disrepected before in my life.I felt like a fool.We will never go out again togather.There is more to tell but u get the picture.All trust is gone out the window.*peace-lonelyatdaclub*

  57. suz

    i know my husband wud neva cheat on me we both love eachother too much and we are having baby together soon..its just mayb its the pregnancy hormones making it worse but i get soooo jealous when i see a call from another woman on his mobile or if he goes to visit a female family friend…i hate the feeling and i can be up all night thinking about it and wishing i didnt love him so much that i become like over protected of him and scared of losing him. even when i see him talking to another woman and he smiles and jokes with them and i see her smiling and laughing back i cnt help but get angry inside n wanna kill her even if its innocent my mind jus runs in cirles that she fancies him and he finds her attractive too then i feel like crap inside n sumtimes dnt say nofin coz i dnt wanna argue with him and make him wanna run away frm me..arghh i hate this feeling ne1 knw how to stop the feeling???????????

  58. Anonymous

    YES! And i hate it! At the beginning of our marriage, which was only 1.5 yrs. ago, my husband lied to me repeatedly about some pretty serious financial issues and that totally killed the trust I had in him in ALL areas. I now feel jealous whenever I notice an attractive woman and i am convinced he is looking at her. It doesn’t help that I don’t believe him at all when he denies it since he lied to me in the eyes so many times. He is very handsome and when we were at the store the other day an older man (total stranger) commented to me on how handsome my hubby is. He told me that men want to be treated like babies and if I don’t do that he will probably divorce me! WTF!? Also, my dad told me all men cheat (though he was a huge bachelor playboy his whole life). AND my best friend who works in finance and travels all the time told me 90% of married men she encounters while traveling try to sleep with her and they are all looking to have affairs. She said her boss has a secret bank account from his wife and that is common, and “what happens on business trips stays on business trips”. I do exercise every morning at 5 and know i look nice but i don’t think it is really about looks anymore. Maybe I’m just jaded already 🙁

  59. Anonymous

    just want to know if its ok for men that work with woman if its ok to joke around with them… my hunband says its ok i no its not ok.. i dont joke around with another men…

  60. Anonymous

    Oh yes I do!!! We’ve been together for 21 years and everthing was fine un til he started work as a bouncer, 9years ago, he gets way to close to people especially the girls, at the moment the girls who work behind the bar. Are half his age but he has to give them a kiss and a cuddle he’s like one if those weird old guys who hang around with the young ones, and then at every opportunity he will go and have a laugh and a joke with one of them, he some times goes out with them all of them are at the most aged 23 and then him a 41 year old going to night clubs but he hates nightclubs he’s only going to try and be one of them, the other night I went with him because someone else invited me not him he hates it when I go, the young barmaids all coming up to him and giving him kisses and cuddles when I’m stud there, why does he have to get that close, I would mind if it was just a friendly chat but he had to give big hugs and kisses, he knows I think he shouldnt be doing it but he does it when I’m not around, he thinks the problems me not him, when I’m at work I don’t give all the men kisses and cuddles, it’s not right, just had enough

  61. Anonymous

    After reading all of the comments on here of all these woman that feel the same as I do… I feel a little better. I am so jealous of my husband working with other woman. He is a manager where he works, and he is always getting calls from the girls and text messages. I have told him that I don’t like it, but he says that is is work… I guess he has given me a reason to feel jealous. A girl worked with him that he went and had lunch with, well I was 8 months pregnant, and he thought that was okay to go out with her. Lets just say I’m still not over that. My question is why do we as woman get so jealous? It is the worst feeling in the world. Sometimes I just wish that I was not married or seeing a man because of how hard it is, and because of the fear of him possibly wanting to be with someone else. At times I feel like he could have crushes on other woman because he talks about woman he works with a lot. I hate it…this is defiantly not healthy for a marriage. Any advice I would so appreciate!

  62. Anonymous

    It’s not so uch of being jealous! I feels like being violated! You would never do that to him what give a man the right to do it to you! My husband is so emotionally attached to another woman a/k/a his partner at work…that he defend her in every way but, tell me his feels so badly for her! She just can’t keep a man! She goes through them like toilet paper. She would rather stick her nose into someone else marriage instead of finding a man who is not married! But, I am a strong believer in KARMA and I know her day will come!

  63. Anonymous

    Lonliness is a feeling…and i refuse to let it control me. most times it happens i take my thoughts captive and God reminds me I gave it to Him. But it can be hard when it does try to control me. i found not staying busy makes it worse, then my mind will think of worse case scenarios. There is nothing I can say or do, to keep my husband from messing up. I trust him, it’s just getting the reality of knowing he can be trusted to be my reality. i know he loves me, but he’s also human. guess that leaves plenty of room for me to forgive him, no matter what. just need to stay focused on what matters. he is married to me, and has been here through thick and thin for 18 plus years, he loves his kids and doesn’t ever want them in a broken home. he and i know each other better than anyone else. i can ALWAYS be myself around him, and know he still loves me. but i’m just as human as him. fortunately, nowadays he is compassionate and understanding on the matter. 🙂

  64. Anonymous

    it’s not him i don’t trust. but being a woman, i don’t trust women. i know how manipulative we can be when we want to. and that is what scares the crap out of me.

  65. Anonymous

    I’m only jealous when it’s one particular woman, a coworker, and yes, he’s given me a reason to be jealous. Long story short, I found sexual texts between them, he promised to have no more contact with her, but decided to keep corresponding with her and just hide it from me. I have found out about the correspondence several times now, and I’ve decided to go to counseling. I’m not jealous about any other woman though, never had a reason to be.

  66. Nancy

    Yes. I don’t like it because I feel desrespected by the woman. When we go out he always “becomes” approached by a woman or two. He is so frieindly and personable; smiling, laughing at and making jokes, listening and responding to their life’s problems. He thinks that I shouldn’t care because he doesn’t care what their saying – he’s just passing the time. But I do care because 1- they think he really cares and become excited by the attention and 2- they began to cross boundaries that he should have(bt did not) give off (like touching when she laughs , continuosly moving closer, making constant eye contact.) By the time I get over there and meet the girl she’s gushing abot how fanabulous my husband is and how I’m SOOOO “lucky” becase he’s SOOOO “wonderful” and on and on. You may think this makes me feel better but, alas, it does not. They continue to play to him, touch him, laugh at all his jokes, get too close so I know they could care less that he’s married and now they’re trying to throw it in my face. I think he should just shut them down as soon as they approach so it never gets to the point where I have to feel disrespected by a girl who is flirting (in my opinion) with my husband, infront of me, while she tells me how “LUCKY” I am. BTW My husband is def not a cheater I’ve been in the guys club for the last 10 years I know EVERYTHING about these guys and they could care less cause it’s cool.

  67. Chuchi

    I know it is ridiculous to get jealous over something stupid but I can’t help it. Yes I am very jealous. I don’t like when I know my husband talks to other girls and when I ask him he denies it. Plus he works with girls when they need to talk. Just a month ago I found out that my husband is talking to another girl in the internet and chatting most of the time especially while I’m at work. He’s been really flirty with her and open. He can be himself to her and sweet. When he never do those things to me. It makes me really sad that I’ve been trying my best to make this marriage to work but nothings works. He said the reason why he talked to her is because he thought I was cheating on him and the fact that I get jealous and get mad all the time. Which of course he gave me a reason to doubt him. Then now I found out that the girl that is working outside his boss office is the girl used to hang out with his ex wife which makes me worried because I know they’ve talked n maybe talked about his ex wife n possibility to fall for her. Ugh life is sucks!!! I don’t know what else to do. I lobe my husband and I know I am being selfish to think that I only want him for myself. But I know that I deserves it. He is a good guy but just need to be more open to me

  68. Anonymous

    I don’t get jealous because it’s stupid. That is what guys want and to try and make you jealous. Just don’t

  69. anonomous

    I think other women can be real idiots at times. They are basically looking to get off on my husbands smile and charm. Yuc makes me sick. I have to wonder if he enjoys these foolish laughing women. Sometimes it goes a little to far as thy laugh like idiots. Get it!

  70. anonymous

    yes. but before talking about myself…
    there are sooo many women on here asking for help. how terrible is it that no one has offered any advice? i’ve googled this topic a lot and tried to work on my self esteem, but to no avail.
    how can we root out this jealousy that is making us miserable?
    once i get enough money i want to go to counseling because my jealousy is hurting our relationship.

  71. Anonymous

    I am 22 years younger than my husband, we have two gorgeous girls and awe had a great sex life etc,

    We just moved into a beautiful new house and he started to text another women from work in which he asked out, later that year he told me he was going to a meeting and told yet another women out for dinner an old friend that he failed to tell me about, I spent the evening alone and he came back in late with minutes from his meeting…that he made up…

    Our marriage is on the rocks big time now because I dont trust him.

    a beautiful family ruined because he chose to take another women out and not once took his wife out…men has everything then mess it up…

  72. Anonymous

    I am jealous cause he does not smile at me like that, he tells me he loves me but when we are in public he hardly looks at me or smiles at all but he will chat it up with other womem and smile and laugh and i get the serious stressed out non huggy man? why i am married to him had three kids and I am not ugly or fat i watch my weight and i always fix my hair up nails makeup on to look pretty for him when he comes home. I dont get the laughter with him or the smiles that makes me jealous

  73. me

    I don’t trust him coz he keeps showing I can’t
    he chats, sms’ses calls other women tells them he likes them, loves them calls them honey , baby, sweetheart, so on
    and of coz he meets them ….
    i don’t think he is actually cheating on me as such other than the obvious he is kissing wich ofcoz is bad enough !!!!! i could kill him
    he says he loves me so much and i feel that he do but i seriously don’t see why he talks with other women ????
    every day it’s webcam chat on msn and dating sites…
    we had SOOOOOO many fights coz of this and worst part HE BLAMES ME and says he is doing it for my sake … how the hell can it be for me ??? its he who get a turn on by this nothing else ….

    i’d just wish it all would end so soon if u have any coment plz write me 😀

  74. Anonymous

    Of course I get jealous… We’ve been happily married for 21 years, 2 great sons, I am cute,fit, stylish,equally well educated, etc.I felt very trusting and secure thinking we had a great, honest marriage until about 2 yrs ago I suddenly noticed a very young(post-graduate student) co-worker paying “extra special” attention to my husband, who was her supervisor, laughing very loud at his not very funny jokes, paying him compliments, ignoring me even when I was in the same room (we work on the same floor), etc. When I voiced my concerns at home, at first jokingly, then later, when things seemed to get even worse, more seriously, my loving charming husband denied it all, said I was being crazy, imagining things, and so on. I started checking his E-mails (which I am not proud of), and I discovered several other “female e-mail buddies”, girls he’s known in the past, and plenty of compliments, flirting messages exchanged over the past 5 years. I know he is not cheating on me physically (yet) but it hurts like hell knowing that everything that I believed in was not what it seemed. He has this other secret emotional life and involvement with other people going on that he never shared with me whereas I’ve been completely open with my husband… I know he is admired by many women, because he is so polite, attentive, gentle, good-looking etc., and I get the phrase “you are so lucky” quite a bit. I just wish we would trade spots once in a while and he would get to feel what I feel – being invisible, not worthy, not good enough or not young enough. He tells me that he loves me but it is hard to believe it. I feel that something got “broken” inside me and I will never be able to trust him as I did before.

  75. Anonymous

    Oh Man–I feel this pain of jealousy too also. Somehow it helps to know others go through it too. I wish it would change…I wish we could control our circumstances but we can’t. The question is, how in the world do I keep my heart open to him when I am so dissappointed and jealous? Because the more I pull away, the more tempted he will be to take his heart elsewhere? God have mercy.

  76. Monday night special

    I’m not a jealous woman . I don’t sit around thinking up scenarios of ways my boyfriend is betraying me or get angry when he looks at a beautiful woman or masterbaites to porn . BUT I am possessive . I feel like he’s my man and I don’t want any woman thinking she has something special going on with my guy . He has many friends that are women and I wouldn’t hesitate to let him know if he did or said something that made me feel uncomfortable . Flirting is fine so long as its innocent and spending time well that just depends on the situation . I wouldn’t want him out on a one on one dinner date with a woman as we barely have the time to do that with each other though I doubt that would be an issue as my boyfriend is an intelligent and fair man and I’m sure he wouldn’t do anything that he wouldn’t want me to do to him . The way I see it is that he’s with me because he wants to be no bodies forcing him if he wants another woman nothing I can say or do is going to change that . I can’t sit around worrying if he’s going to stray . I’d just be torturing myself if I acted like a jealous b*tch and I’d be pushing him away . I’ve been cheated on in previous relationships , you can’t always trust the one you love but you can always love the one you trust . Being in a relationship with an untrustworthy man just isn’t worth it . If I can’t trust my man then I’d rather be alone !

  77. Anonymous

    I get jealous of everything and everyone he talks to I’m working on it but I cant help wounder ever once in awhile

  78. Franchez

    I feel disgusted when I see him looking at other girls like that. Is like he is telling them that I am not what he wants. When it happens it takes me weeks to get over it. Sometimes I wish I can cheat on him so we can be even and I would not care anymore.

  79. ginger

    Yes, I do get jelous. He has been caught in the past writing emails to women, telling them how beautiful they are, how much he misses them, and i dont even get a ” Hey honey, you look pretty today” Im honestly thinking of leaving him. But we have two young girls.

  80. Sidney

    Yes, I get jealous. I don’t want to be jealous about it, but if she is attractive and I am feeling insecure about myself, I think he wishes he was with her more than me. Then I realize that the more I feel insecure the more he is turned off by me… so it is a catch 22. You can’t voice your insecurities or it causes them to want other women and possibly act on it. He did kiss another girl at a bar before we were married and it was one of those times that I was being insecure. Although it should not give him a reason to cheat, I do take some blame for it because I was not acting confident and he was tired of me being that way. I HATE feeling this way and getting jealous, but I guess it is in my nature and I need to learn how to control it more. I am attractive, many people say I look like a model, but it does not matter what you look like it is the way you feel about yourself. I am just very sensitive so I have suffered from low self esteem. Sometimes I feel great, but sometimes it comes out, and I hate myself when I feel so low about things and when I get jealous because I know it is unattractive. I wish I could stop these feelings and always feel beautiful.

  81. Anonymous

    So Long Insecurity, by Beth Moore

    Read this book. . . I think we all have these feelings.
    There is a very obvious double standard here.
    We have these feelings because we are human.

  82. Anonymous

    I believe its human nature to be jealous, So my answer would be yes! I can be very jealous at times, My husband is one of the dorkest guys ever, but every time i see another girl walk by and try to get his attention, I can get very annoyed. I dont trust other people, because other women can get jealous of what you have and try to ruin what you have. Maybe Im right maybe Im wrong, just venting… 😛

  83. anonymous

    well i can say i do get jealous but because he cant express himself with me the way he does with other women like if i ask him were are you going that’s just drives him nuts but when some other person comes and asks him he’ll tell them were and for what and what time he might be getting back huuuuuuuuu pisses the heck off me

  84. Anonymous

    YES, and I hate it! I never used to be jealous at all. We were best friends and it turned into dating then marriage. He cheated on my while we dated all of the time and denies it. Then talked to someone after we got married, and had our daughter. He said I drove him to it by always bitching at him. I don’t believe him, he lies tO me all of the time about anything. I wish I could leve him. I don’t even know why men stay with a women if they are going to cheat? LEAVE already!!!

  85. Tired of this feeling

    I’ve been living with my husband for 6 years and just newly married. In the begining of dating we broke up for a few months and he had sex with one our married neighbors (we broke up because of her actually…he said all the booze in the city wouldn’t make him go to her….well it only took 1 bottle) I did take him back but nothing has been the same. I’m not the same. I’ve tried and he has been transparent. He has no girls as friends, doesn’t work with very many girls…but I can find fault in anything and we fight because I will assume that when he looks around when we are out he is scanning the room for women. I have been cheated on by 2 other men I was engaged to as well. Is is me? I am worried that I will destroy this relationship. If it wasn’t for my daughter I would actually have already left. I find it very draining to feel insecure and jealous and suspicious all the time. He gets loud and yells at me which makes me feel worse. I don’t know ….

  86. Anonymous

    I go total crazy when i get to know that my husband talks to girls…It may be my lack of confidence.I dont know.But i just can’t take it. Its not that my husband has cheated on me. There are a lot of girls in his profession, all glamorous types trying to impress him n thats the reason i hate his job too..I love him madly n can’t bare to see him even stare at another woman…I’m too posessive but my husband has no problem with it..He tells me he likes the way i am but i still get worried…

  87. Anonymous

    YES! I am a very jealous girl. My husband acts like a different person around other people…woman in particular. When I say different I don’t mean hes someone I don’t know, just this funny charming guy like when we first met. Woman sometime get the wrong idea and that is what gets to me. I’ts okay when we are around people we know, but it’s not okay when it’s around a buch of strangers.

  88. anonymous

    It happen to me with facebook with him and a past girl he knew along time ago. Caught him and he said its all a big game i’m playing with her well it didn’t take me long to find out about her because investgating helps contact her set it straight with her oh and him games can hurt.

  89. anne

    Sometimes it is pretty bad.. it is like he wants to get the attention of every woman in the room to build his ego. But, sometimes I also wish he would find a woman and then he could become her headache. I do not find men who flirt around when married very attractive. In order to turn me on the man must have some backbone and good character .. otherwise, I place him in the loser file in my head. Once a man is in that file.. I consider it a lost file. it is so bad at times that i recoil when he tires to touch me and act all lovie dovie. I am not sure I am jealous or just cautious because I don’t want him bringing diseases to me.

  90. mary

    I have just read through all these comments, and what struck me was that women are with men who have been discovered cheating on them but the women are blaming themselves for feeling jealous and insecure!! Well if your man has been found guilty of cheating even once then you would have to be a bit of a simpleton to readily trust him again.

    I would say that if your man’s actions makes you feel insecure, but he refuses to acknowledge your worries, and you don’t yet have children then leave him now. The situation will only get worse once you have children and then you may end up feeling trapped with him until they are grown up.

  91. Anonymous

    It depends on the woman. If she’s one of those “i want attention even from other women”, then yes, it annoys me, not because I don’t trust him, but because I don’t trust her. Women like that will always find a reason to get attention. One woman he told me about faked her grandmother’s death just to get a hug and a shoulder to cry on (my husband’s hug and my husband’s shoulder to cry on). Women like that will go to any length to get the attention of men. Unfortunately, they don’t actually like these men, they just want to prove they can get them. Men don’t realize this, however, they actually defend these girls “she doesn’t like me, she just wants my attention, it’s ok, it’s innocent” but what men don’t realize, is that their wives should only get their attention, because that’s the whole point of making a commitment to one person, isn’t it? The annoying thing is when this girl gets your man’s attention, she will make sure that you know that she has ‘won’. I’ve been through that, it’s sad.. but it happens. That’s what bothers me, not just talking to other women, it’s those who want to make sure they can look you in the face and give you that “i got your man’s attention” look.

  92. MrsW

    My husband has been flirting with a co-worker. I thought she was the aggressor but now information has come out that he was acting more like a creeper. I work 2 jobs-60 hours a week and he still makes more money than I do at one job. He is putting our lives in jeopardy to get a sex-harrasment lawsuit to be cool to the other guys in the office and try to impress this skank who is unavailable but doesn’t dress or behave that way. Does anyone else think it might be a early mid-life crisis? He’s 31. He has never behaved this way before and now out of the blue-acting immature and trying to impress the guys at work. One of which is about to become a father but is always on this same slore’s facebook page posting about how he likes what this woman wore the day before. Why all the sudden does my husband care what other guys think?

  93. Rohini

    Yes .I do.He never cheated but he LOVES to go chat to women when we go out.The other day he spent 2 hrs chatting to a girl on the boat when me,my kid,my mom and his parents all were there.I mean werent we enough to engage him?.I got so frustated,I gave a look as if Iam going to slap him hard AND Iam going to punch that bitc*.
    But if a person is like that,whatever you do dosent change him.Either accept it or fight it till you die.He is a very good person but this firting is ONE thing I dont like and he does it all the time,and wouldnt miss a chance.
    I am an introvert but sometimes I wantedly talk sweet to his friends and enjoy seeing him jealous. I love him a lot but I really want to treat him for this:)

  94. Anonymous

    Yes, I get jealous. I’m getting married in a month. At my urging, and with our priest’s blessing and encouragement, we established “boundaries” with the opposite sex. For example, we cannot have outings with an opposite sex friend (or with just friends of the opposite sex) without us both being present. Also, we have to maintain physical distance with the opposite sex. After reading these comments, I’m also going to add that we cannot have email/chat/text/phone conversations with the opposite sex without informing the other about it, since I find that people are looser on the keys and say inappropriate things which they would not normally say in person (phone is added just so it’s not used as a loophole from the rule). This will guard against secret relationships. Luckily, my fiance does work earnestly to try to address the problems I see in his behavior (e.g., allowing women to flirt with him and his maintaining eye contact and smiling at them as they ignore me; speaking too closely to them). I believe he is a good man and I just have to trust that he wants this upcoming marriage to work as much as I do. My advice to women: (1) establish boundaries; (2) if he does not believe in or try to follow them, then don’t marry him; (3) if #2 applies to you and you’re already married (non-church) to him, then try counseling, and if that doesn’t work, then divorce him; (4) if #2 applies to you and you’re married (church) to him, then try counseling and see a priest, who will advise whether your circumstances are serious enough to warrant annulment. Good luck.

  95. Anonymous

    He ceated and always talks about her even though here swears there no longer together. How do I trust him?

  96. Anonymous

    I do not feel jealous at all, in fact, I wish one of those women would swipe in and steal him from me and I would have the last laugh. I would just laugh and laugh b/c I know that I would finally be free of his bullshit moods, the sloppy messes he leaves around the house, his lack of foreplay, his superior attitude and unfair fighting. Just finally free of it all. If I catch my hubby looking, I am always kind of hopeful. They say that if someone steals your husband sometimes the best revenge is to let them keep him.

  97. Linnie

    My husband is going out tomorrow night with guys from work and some of the ‘big’ bosses for a meal and I have a feeling they will be going to the adult clubs too. He tells me he won’t but I don’t believe him. He hasn’t ever done that before or not to my knowledge so I don’t know why I think this way but he was abroad for work once and I was told that he had been with someone else and when I confronted him about this he denied it (of course) that was 6 years ago and I still can’t let it go, I am so jealous and if he ever left me I’d probably kill myself and I dread him going out tomorrow cos I know something is going to happen.

    I have confidence and self esteem issues too.

  98. anonymous

    Not jealous, because if he’s talking to other women, then he’s not picking on me. So I feel better. I don’t like talking to him.

  99. Jackie

    I get very jealous!! The guy I am with now is a constant flirt. We are actually going through this issue right now. He met this girl at work and told her he had a gf, but that she was attractive (he says he said it to be nice since she is about to be his manager and he doesn’t want her to come at him). Now she texts him ALL the time, the other night she kept texting him while at the hospital and once she left until about 2am. This is not the 1st time this has happened either. I wonder if I’m enough and if this is just me being insecure which he says all the time that I am but why would you need to meet and befriend all these women? Is he the one with insecurities? And if you know I have these issues why would you keep befriending all these women?! I am at a lose on what to do!!

  100. Anonymous

    I get extremely jealous. I don’t trust the other womens motives that engage my husband in chat. He tells me that if they have feelings for him, then it’s their problem and not his. But I don’t want him to give them the attention that would provoke that feeling in them. He started having a “chat buddy” at work and I broke out balling one day after work. He tells me that he is a good husband and hasn’t done anything to be treated like this. I don’t know why I’m possessive and jealous. He is such an open person and doesn’t see anything wrong with alternative lifestyles and if an opportunity comes along, he will take it, but he wouldn’t have a drawn out affair… oh YAY! One part of me is happy that he is open and I know where his mind is and the other part of me dreads when it will happen, because I know it’s not an if. But I also know me, I will leave… I’m not mentally stable enough to stay.

  101. annon

    I only get jealous if she’s really pretty or if its obvious he is flirting – like acting goofy and touching her. He is constantly flirting with our sister in law and its annoying, and I’m extremely jealous. But what am I supposed to say without looking like a jealous harpy? She’s his S.I.L. for godsakes and I would be impugning his character by implying he would cheat on me with his brother’s wife.

    It’s interesting that he never acted this way with her until three years ago when he saw her in her bikini when we were all on vacation. She’s super fit and does practically nothing but sports. From that moment on he was complimenting her body and so on. He has to be fantasizing about being with her.

    I don’t have a perfect bikini body after yo yo dieting for years, I’m a size 10, blubbery with cellulite and little blobs of fat under my arms. I feel so ugly when I’m around young women like her and other friends of his with their perfect athletic shapes. I have the boobs, but I can’t wear a bikini and look good. I don’t look good naked either with this matronly shape. So its not surprising that our S.I.L. and god knows who else is in his spank bank.

  102. Anonymous

    A lady that works out at the gym is always trying to talk to my husband when he goes there to work out. She only seems to talk to him when I am not around. She knows both of us from working out there. My husband knows it bothers me. Then he goes another time and she talks to him again without me around,but when I am around she will not talk to him.

  103. kulsum

    yeah.a wife feels jealous..dont like her husband appreciating colleagues .be their shoulder to them..a wife is very worldly in this aspect. really hate those who try to find shelter sympathies from a married person. really they cause harm to family. sooner or later they would be having family..they they will be in a wife’s shoes..very well they wud understand , how shoe piches. gist is that, god is there…

  104. Tcakeswife

    Yes I get jealous because he cheated on me once that I know of. He lied and lied It finally came to the light when he thought he had a STD and told me that I bet now have given him anything. I am a one woman’s man. He ended up going to the doctor and it was just a strain. But I am 19 year older then my husband and we have been together for 16 years and married 10. I don’t think he would leave me for another woman but who to say what a man will do. This particular young girl he used to go over to her house with a friend and they worked together and she has 7 kids. I no he don’t want to be in that but it only takes a little bit of attention and smiles and making the guy fell muncho and in the bed. We are not talking right now because I got mad when I saw her stop at one of his friends house where he was and he was at her truck talking a grinning with her and her sister. Well I pulled up and he took his time coming to see what I wanted. I exploded and he started saying do what you got to do get a divorce. He know damn well he don’t want me to divorce him. I am just going to leave it with God. Afterall God is in control and he sees and knows all. I have found that what’s done in the dark will come to the light.

  105. Anonymous

    im married an my husband is the kind of guy that i NEVER thought I’D be lucky enough to get! ever since weve bee togethrfrom day 1 hes just shown me that i can trust him and i NEVER had a doubt in my mind! but his mom ss “he looks at other women thats just a mans nature” an hes told her he dont an i said no he dont, I know he dnt BUT his mom other peope think he looks at other women an porn, i know what other people think shouldnt matter but for some reason it bothers me that other people think he looks at other women an porn! i want people to say “hes not that kind of guy”, how can i just accept what other people think??

  106. Anonymous

    i want to believe that my husband will NEVER leave me for another women that has a perfect body an bigger breasts, but im afraid that IF i do convnce myself that hell never leave then one day out of the blue hell come to me an say i dont want to be with you anymore an then ill regret the decision to make myself believe that hell never leave me! (by the way we have a daughter together an i have tons of stretch marks an im chubby an my breasts aint TOO much bigger than they were bfore)

  107. Diane

    I am amazed that I am not the only one. He makes me feel so stupid when it makes me upset when he checks other women out when I am right there next to him. It makes me feel stupid and ugly like I am not good enough so he has to look else where. We are not married yet, but he engaged me to merry him. He has me convinced that no matter what man I am with they always look so I should not leave him for that reason. I try not to let it bother me, but the worse part is when he checks out some gangster chola with short shorts up to her puss and then the ho gives me a smirk of “haha your man thinks I am prettier then you.” That angers me so much! It is not only chola girls, but not to sound racist those trashy white ladies who do a lot of meth are one of his favorite check outs too. He also checks out those young early 20’s and late teens with the clad outfits and they glare at him in front of me and sometimes try to talk and flirt with him in front of me! I think he provokes i though cause he will state at them first like “Oh there is a hotty patotty” I am so upset. Why does he say he wants to merry me, but acts like a teenage boy in heat?!!? I am so confused. He will deny it when I see him look right at them too! I hate those cashier hoes or bank teller hoes….when it is me who is making the purchase or me cashing my check and they ignore me like I am not there and just look and talk to him…when in fact he is there just to be with me not cause he needed any transaction! What is wrong with these women….they obviously see I am with him, but they make there moves and he gets all deer in the headlights with them, because the dude is getting attention from a clad dressed ho who he thinks is hot. MAKES ME SICK. ARE ALL GUYS LIKE THIS?

  108. Jenna

    I used to be jealous, but after all the shit he puts me through I hope someone else will snatch him up. It would be great revenge if one of those sluts who tries to do him often get with him so he can get an STD and I don’t have to pay for all his bills.

  109. TheCrusher

    I just get jealous cause he does what other women say. We went to a car show about a month ago and I asked him to line his car up with his friends cars instead of parking all cock-eyed. Two weeks later we went to another car show and one of his friends wives told him to line his car up and he did it.
    It’s just the fact he listened to her. I don’t feel she is any prettier than me so there was no jealousy that way. It was so hard not to fly off the handle with him. I really feel I need to start making a list of the things like that about him, that I bite my tongue about. That way when he says I complain about everything I can whip out the list and show him the arguements I did not have in front of his friends.

  110. Courtney

    My husband flirts at women all the time and they flirt with him when I am standing next to him. When he makes an attractive stranger feel wonderful, but ignores me then yes I feel jealous and not worthy of his attention.

  111. Anonymous

    Yes, I would say I have a sort of jealousy, I am annoyed with his relationship with his business partners wife and the special treatment he gives her and he doesn’t stop. After overhearing something that came from his lips to her, I just can’t trust him to fraternize with her at all.

  112. hates him

    I don’t trust the POS as far as I can throw him. All he does is flirt up other women. We’re in our 30’s and a car load drove all the way out by our house just to wave and honk. Found out he’d been hanging out with them. My mind has very criminal thoughts.

  113. worried wife

    i love my husband dearly. we have been married for 18 months and been together for 4 years. he has had alot of ex gf’s and broke up with all of them but since we have been together he started talking to them again. i was kinda ok with it at first cuz i figured it means nothing, but i started seeing his txt to them sometimes talkin bad about me when we get into arguments. one nite for his birthday we went out to dinner and we got into it about something while he was drinking. when we got home he messaged his ex’s on facebook and asked them to send him naked pictures of themselves to him. he kept telling them how good they looked. they knew we were married but they didnt care. one ex is married herself and was pregnant at the time and still sent naked pics to him. another ex just does not want us to be together at all. i have had some issues with my self confidence but i was something i was workin on. at this point i freak when his phone vibrates when he gets a txt. i dont want to leave my husband because we have been through hell and high water together but i guess if it wasnt meant to be then it wasnt meant to be. the sad part about it is that my 18 month old son will be caught in the middle 🙁

  114. Secret

    Yes I am very jealous of my husband. He tends to hugh up on people a lot. He does not know it I guess so he says. He hugs my family members body on body and I do not approve of that. He never even wraps his arms around me like that when he hugs me.

  115. Jayne

    Yes!!!! My boyfriend loves to chat with other sexually just to get nude pictures. Then he would give cell number to them he would change his password on his cell so i wont read through the messages. It TOTALLY pisses me off

  116. Pattycake

    I used to feel so secure and loved with my husband. He always acted like he didnt even notice women, but thats because he grew up as a Cristian who wanted to do right. 12 years later I found out the truth. I would say he more notices women than looks at women he tries to be discreet. But I know he’s putting their images in his “Spank Bank”. I hate it. I found out that he was into a woman at work (she didnt know). Only because I put 2 and 2 together after I noticed he was “trying” to look things up on the internet, he says he couldnt go through with it. I was like oh my goodnes he wants “Women”!. It has changed me. I am no longer confident, trusting and I’m so suspicious. He says he cant stop noticing, or masturbating because he was made that way. I feel like it would be stupid to get a divorce over because he says I’m the one he wants, but I feel like I was betrayed in some way. I hate who I am now.

  117. Confused

    I do not struggle with jealousy but that he does not respect me. I told him how his oggling and comparing me to other women bugged me (he thought I wanted to know what I look like~ they were all dumpy housewives~ WTF!). At a bar a “friend” went outside with two men and she hollered back if I am not back in 5 mins come and look for me. My husband and his friend went to check on her and 20 mins later & 5 times of me stepping outside…my husband still remained in an arm-in-arm lock with her. He said he isn’t attracted to her but only went outside because I asked. This isn’t the only time he has done this. Yet I am “suppose” to trust him!! Well I try…and I just can’t. How do I get over this? I am in my early 50’s and am a hottie…but I guess I am just not enough. Why does he do this when he knows it bothers me?

  118. Michelle

    No not at all. Talking, even flirting, is not cheating. You can’t wrap your man in bubble-wrap and not allow him to even talk to other women..that is scary, and honestly, it doesn’t fact I think it drives them to think about those women more! I am not at all jealous, because even if my husband flirts, he comes home to me. Heck even when we go to parties if someone flirts with me, I tell him about it and vice versa and laugh about it. It’s all in good fun. Now texting (unless its friends only)/going out to dinner/etc with other women, yes, of course that would bother me. But I don’t want to drive my man away by being jealous of him merely speaking to another woman. Trust me, those actions do drive men away….

  119. Frustrated

    I definately get jealous with one woman in particular. My husband has a woman he works with who he has become extremely close with. They text frequently, a little TOO often for my likings, and he knows I’m uncomfortable with the situation yet does nothing to rectify my feelings. I’ve read flirtatious text messages and always have a feeling in the pit of my stomach. I believe he isn’t the type to cheat, but wonder if he’s getting bored of the family life. As I read above somebody else say, I’m home on maternity leave (granted I’ve worked my butt off and gotten into krickass shape) but I don’t doll myself up when I’m at home; I’m taking care of our 2 kids. I wonder if he gets drawn to the dressed up working type, which she is, and not attracted to me as when I’m not going out I don’t doll myself up.

  120. Same boat

    Taking comfort in these stories. It really broke my heart and changed things forever. He did it on my 40th birthday, stared at a cocktail waitress every time she walked by. After awhile it was obvious she was walking by just to get him to look and he never disappointed her! Then he became smitten with a family members wife and flirted with her all night at her own wedding! Usually its a bridesmaid, this time the bride. Who flirts with a bride all night? My husband thats who!

  121. Same boat

    I take comfort in these stories. My therapist says thats just the way men are, that it doesnt mean anything but its so demoralizing. A cocktail waitress caught his eye the night of my 40th birthday. It became obvious she was walking by to get him to look, ( she only had one table) he never disappointed her once. Then he became smitten with a new wife of a family member. He actually flirted with her and followed her around like a puppy on her wedding day. Almost every time we go out he finds that one special girl in the room to devote all his energy and head turning to. I started socializing without him.

  122. Lynn Sher

    My fiance is a musician. He informed me a week ago he was asked to be in a documentary movie about the life of 2 musicians from the 70’s. That was great with me… until tonight when he informed me he has to kiss women in this documentary or now the truth is its not a documentary about 2 musicians lives but a “Love Story.” I am extremely upset!! I don’t like the idea of him kissing another woman. He thinks this so called movie will launch his career but I honestly don’t see that happening. He’s a phenomenal musician of a local band he’s put together but with out going into details about “that” career… I have every reason to feel insecure and jealous! Women hang on him at his shows. When he drinks, sometimes he drinks way too much so it does cause me to worry. Am I wrong for not feeling comfortable for my fiance to kiss other women even if it is in an amateaur video he’s in?

  123. Judy

    I’ve told my husband repeatly how hurt I feel when he looks at other woman the time we go out. Having had breast cancer, I’ve become down on myself. I don’t feel atractive and very insecure. There are so many beautiful woman out there. I don’t mind him looking, I just wish it wasn’t all the time. How do I hold my head up high and get my self confidence back & feel good about myself again.

  124. Anonymous

    After reading the response from “Same Boat”, I felt angry, as though the therapist must be a man. I find it disrespectful when a man flirts with other women when he’s with his significant other, I feel like even if he notices other women, he should be discreet about it.

    I am not currently married, but have been and my husband was smart enough NOT to be obvious if he noticed other women and I appreciated that. He and I have been apart for many years now.

    I’ve been dating a man for at least 6 months now and he does not flirt with other women, but I get extremely jealous because other women are constantly asking him to help them with their car or something like that and he’s such a nice guy that he will help them. I say they need to find their own man to help them or pay a mechanic. My issue is that I trust HIM, but I do NOT trust women! Women sometimes have no loyalty. I know I would never be with a friend’s ex for any reason, even if I had a crush.

    My ex-husband and I split up about 20 years ago and my former best friend started dating him about 10 years after we split up and they’ve been living together. I couldn’t understand that. It feels wrong to me. I don’t consider her a friend anymore.

  125. lilian

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  126. sandy

    My husband is a fireman and he works with a fire woman….he says a lesbian but he will call her every 3 or 4 days since she isnt at his station now. I dont think that this is appropriate. He use to call her baby girl now its itty bitty….I have asked him to stop calling her and he says he wont because he said his relationship with her isnt innapropriate…theyre just friends….should I be jelouse? sandy

  127. Nobody

    My husband use to say that the women in this office don’t mean anything. That he don’t talk to them but one of the women that he says he dont talk to has her kid come up to him and say mom says hi. We have argued so much about these women that it has hurt our long time marriage. And because we fight so much now he says when he goes in the office he is going to start talking to them. And he has always wanted to. He went from saying he dont care and he can’t believe that I have a problem with him to talking to them. He when we lived somewhere else we worked together played together raised the kids and had a pretty good life. He never talked about other women. Now he says that I never asked if he thought any other women was attractive so he never told me. I never felt him really looking at other women cause he was always all over me. But since we been here and him talking to these women that he tells me that there is a few that are VERY ATTRACTIVE. I hate hate how he is now. After raising kids and now it’s just us I thought this was our time. ALLS we do I argue.

  128. natalie

    yes i do get jealous when my husband talks to other women because its more than just “talking”, its flirting. he has given me every reason to not trust him at all around any woman that passes by

  129. Anonymous

    Jealous or not wouldnt be a question at all! If he is a married man, then he has some responsibilities. My husband and I are newly married but lived together for 2 years. He is trying to be a writer and has about 2500 friends online. Some of them are so called close friend and of course 98% of them are young, bright, sexy women. He has a tendency to chat, to express, to share his life story, even the most deepest secrets of himself with those friends. And his excuse to that is of course, he is a writer. He cheated on me couple of times before and I caught him. He is attracted to every single young beautiful and smart girl out there and mostly to french speakers! He has extreme fantasies, stays up until morning, always online and shows extreme reactions to me when I ask him about his friends, or what he does with them. He accuses me of not trusting him but he never gave me any reason to trust him. Its not jealousy because I am young, very beautiful and self-confident, I know. It just his disrespect to our commitment and if he continues to do this shit and try to justify his pathetic ego, I will leave him for good.

  130. anonymous

    My husband of many years started out by showing me pictures of all of his old girlfriends, telling how wonderful each of them were, etc. just after we married. I listened the first few times, but it began to upset me. He then studied with anther (female)student and told me how he wished he would have met her before we married. Over the years he had has several emotional affairs and a physical affair last year. He has online friends and I have found inappropriate communication with them. I am trying to salvage the marriage because of our children. From my experience, I would say if he does not stop flirting, etc. with other women because it makes me feel uncomfortable, he is not showing love towards me. “Love is kind.”

  131. Kate

    I do not get jealous of him talking to someone if he is actually talking about something. But I have corrected him in the past checking out other women. But I really don’t care anymore because he is devoted to me and I’m devoted to him. I have a job that requires me to talk, dine and wine with my clients… so not big deal.

  132. Jewelz

    I met this guy he isnt that handsome he is 44 I am 35 I used to have big beautiful breasts. Then loosing so much weight cause i have an allergy to gluten and wheat my breats got smaller.I have been with my man for 1year and 2months we are engaged to be marriedhave been engaged for 9months. he has so much problems in his life left my Interior designing job for him, To help him with his work and support him and be there for him have been working with him for nearly 1year and not ones he has paid me and i never asked for money. Cause he is paying for his lawyers cause his ex has accused him in lot of things. I am crying and writing this He has never introduced me yet to his family or his kids he has two and I have 3 i have introduced him to mine. The thing I hate about him that he keeps looking at other women he goes and to a hairdresser that has beautiful women he perves like anything he has never taken me out never bought me anything on any accasion but i have he says I am sorry I just want to get this thing with my ex out of the way then things will be better. even when I am working with him working my butt for him as in landscapping behind my sunnies i am in tears telling myself how can I be so in love with a man that is treating me this way. when I ask him when are you going to let me meet your family first thing he says is PESSURE! you are pushing me away by you saying all this. he keeps saying oh she is pretty oh look at those jugs (breasts)that she has. like example i took my sons to a new hair dresser she is so good with hair told him about it first thing he says whats her name is she young does she have big jugs is she hot then he said i might ask her out for coffee then he says i am just stiring you. he is causing me grieve then he breaks it off with me then comes back to me then does it again.Why do I love him he isnt that good looking too.Am I that stupid.Please help with advise:(

  133. Briar

    To a certain extent. I’ve never thought that he would cheat on me, but I don’t think most men understand how some women think. My husband has such charisma and is easy to talk to, and I can tell when a woman is giggling back at him being flirty! It’s not necessarily what he does, but the reaction he gets from being himself.
    What really bothers me is the fact that he gets jealous and even gives the silent treatment at the mention of an old man at work who told me a joke, or the maintenance guy who simply told me about some roaches in the wall, or heaven forbid a black man look at me! It’s like, I’m a horrible wife if someone talks to me, but he can make women giggle and smile at him all he wants.

  134. Anonymous

    My husband is bipolar. He thinks I am insecure, jealous and weak. This is because he talks (Flirts) with any beautiful women who are complete strangers. IE: Where do you live. Are you single. What do you like to do. etc. He often stares and talks out loud to get their attention, and he does this in front of me. I wonder what he is capable of when I am not around. Yeah, I this is behavior is unacceptable, disrespectful and painful to my ego. I am worth every moment he has spent with me. I deserve better. I respect him, even though he says he doesn’t mind if I did those things. I may just start doing it…he says trusts me. Hmmmm.

  135. Lightning

    I am majorly jealous. I have serious body issues linked with my binge eating disorder and depression and i simply cannot stand the idea of him looking st other women, PORN is the biggest issue.

    I know he would never cheat but i cant handle knowing he would probably much rather fuck some other woman with a slim flat tummy with perky breasts that me ( big flabby belly, loos skin from weight loss, weird celluite bum, small saggy boobs, stretchmarks, 5 massive surgery scars, horrible red skin, excess facial and body hair due to polycystic ovaries, gap in teeth ect )

    i HATE other women so much, i just want to look normal even so i sstand some chance in this never ending competition!

  136. FustratedWoman

    I don’t trust men period. Men lie, cheat emotionally and physically, don’t matter if you are in a marriage or a long-term relationship. A lot of women are aloof or dissonant in their awareness and lack emotional intelligence when dealing with men. We can’t live with them and can’t live without them. My man is a Sagittarius and a constant flirt he constantly talks to women. I tell him it is disrespectful to me when he does it and he tells me their just “hoes”; they ain’t nobody and I am his wife whom he loves very much and wants to marry, smh, and I ask him why does he talk to these “hoes”/nobodies, like how does a “hoe/nobody” get his number? I have threatened to leave him, called all these women, but he still keeps on meeting and establishing these relationship with these women. I have told him to leave me alone, move out, get out and so on, but he is still here with me. He confesses his unrequited love for me. So, why do I am I deeply in love with him? I have told him I am going to cheat and talk to other men, he tells me he would be hurt and may hurt me if I cheat on him or talk to other men, smh. Why, when he does it? Why would he hurt me? I don’t get men’s double standards. Why is it okay for them to emotionally and physically cheat, but it is not okay for women to do the same thing?


  137. Anonymous

    Yes I do! I hate it that I feel this way. But I hate the way girls are all over him at parties and other places we go. They know we’re together, but they pay all their attention to him. He flits around at a party like a politician talking to everyone men & women but I’ll find him in deep conversations with a woman usually. It makes me crazy! We’ve been together for 15 years. It was bad in the beginning. I was always suspicious. I had been cheated on before. Heck we had cheated together on HIS wife which made them get a divorce! And in the beginning he was really crazy jealous about me too; like if I went back to my home town. But that was way back then. In the past couple of years I thought I was over it, but I just had a terrible episode. We were at a party, I was tired from working, not dressed up coming straight from there. He looked fabulous. I couldn’t take it. I left the party in tears like I was in high school or something. We tried talking about it. He pointed out that I’m the one he goes home with and that most of the people at that party meant nothing to him. Ok, whatever. I still have that sinking feeling in my stomach that I wish would go away. It has to help to write about it, and know I’m not alone in being this way. And I do believe there is some sort of Divine Spirit of the Universe that will help me get through this….at least I hope so. Thank for reading all this if you’ve stuck with it this far!

  138. lina

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  139. woomen

    do not forget that u r a beautiful women inside and outside
    no body is perfect
    u have to love urself more than him
    when u r happy ur family is happy
    always do things makes ur life and ur time happy
    be funny always smile
    change the color of ur hair change ur act change ur boring life that make ur husband look for another women
    trust me sometimes u see a ugly women wiz a wonderful man and he loves her so much
    why ??
    do not think to much just do something it change ur life ur mind ur kids will be happy and also ur husband he is going to think why she is funny !why she is differant!!!

  140. Anonymous

    Hi. Ive been trying not to feel jealous all these years of being married. I was in a committed relationship before and the guy cheated on me constantly by way of going out with other girls and lying to me about it all the time. I was infact pretty liberal at that time that if he had only told me the truth i would not have minded him goin out with them. Its the constant lies that I couldnt tolerate. I eventually left him and moved on. Found another man who seemed decent and the kind that I could settle down with. We got married 3 years ago.And all since the beginning of the relationship there have been times he made me feel insecure. He used to joke about smooching a girl he was helping out, he lied to me many times about keeping in touch with girls he had a serious crush on. He would defend his female colleagues sending him inappropriate messages and his friends wives wearing revealing clothes, or friends wives hugging him tight on the first meet. What irked me all the time is that he always defended those other women even thought what they did was not entirely right. If I had done the same things those other women did, he wouldnt definitely approve of it. Over a period of time ive come to be so insecure insdie that it kills me to see him watch another woman or compliment another woman. And i know it stems from the fact that even though i wasnt too plump he has made comments on how my waist and thighs are fat, knees are dark and all this during the first few days of being married. ITs like he had this iamge of flawlessly toned body and beautiful white legs in a wife. Im no model, just another normal woman and it kills me inside to this day. HE raraely compliments me but its so easy for him to compliment other women and that makes me mad and jealous. I dont wantt to be jealous or insecure. If only he showed me a little more love and affection and made me ffeel like i was the only one he loved and wanted and meant it, i would probably feel a lot better.I now feel stuck in this relationship coz im pregnant with our child and deep inside i still love him and want to be with him but all these things about him are really driving me mad and away from him emotionally. I dont want to be hurt anymore. There have been a lot of times I have shared my feelings with him and he stopped a few things but somehw he still continues to do certain things that hurt me. I dont know what to do. I feel helpless and stuck. And now each time i share my feeling he only ends up making me feel like i was wrong to feel that way and i end up apologisin all the time. I feel like going away for ever or just keep praying to god that id rather die.

  141. anonomous

    YES!! I get very jealous of my husband. We have been married for 6 years and together for 8 and he has never cheated on me so he gives me no reason its just how i am and he knows that.He may not be the best looking but neither am i. After having three kids i have gained.sone weight and dont look as good as i did when we were first together. I have caught him looking at other womens butts at the store and when i asked him he says he was looking at the floor or something else. Recently he befriended a girl on gta v just because she didnt shoot his character and when he told me about her he was overly excited about it like he was jyst starting dating again so i dont know what to think anymore. Can any one help?

  142. Brandy

    I do. I never used to get jealous. Me and my husband have been together for 10 years, with a separation twice. I always felt I could trust him. But before we separated, he never logged off the computer and when I opened it, I found he was logged in still on a site which he had given his number to a girl, who obviously had sexually intentions and didn’t care that he was married. I basically tricked him into telling me the truth. But at first he said he thought I could be friends with the girl, but never once told me about her. I believe he would have slept with her if he didn’t get caught. To make a long story short. I ended up leaving and we were separated for 2 years. We have been back together for almost a year now and my jealous and trust issues with him are bad. Since we have been back together I have found that he has been looking at a lot of porn on his phone, if there is a picture of a women with any inkling of getting a glimpse of her he will click on it. The problem is he was hiding it from me. And when I caught him, he thought he could still get away with it by browsing privately. And to add even more fuel to the fire, I noticed that some of those porn videos were of teens. I confronted him and he said he had no clue they were teens. He said he didn’t read the caption just clicked. Well we are in our early 40s. And when I confronted him about the private browsing, he said he didn’t want anybody else knowing his business, that it wasn’t because he thought it would hide it from me. He believes my Jealousy and trust issue come from a relationship I had while we were separated, and I was hurt very deeply, but I think there is more to it. What do I do? Is he going to or has he cheated on me?

  143. Marissa

    sadly yes i get very jealous when my husband talks to other females especially when he opens the door for them and when he does that the women usually give me nasty looks and of course smile and say thank you to him.. when ever I’m with my husband spending quality time with him on his days off some reason women snare at me in a rude way and it makes me feel uncomfortable sometimes but i usually ignore them . when we are at the mall i have notice the women who work in the stores would love to be sweet and help my husband out but when I’m with him they usually completely blow us off like wtf.
    i trust my husband completely i know he wouldn’t hurt me that way he always tells me he loves me to the fullest and that I’m the most beautiful woman he has ever been in love with. 🙂 <3 i just wonder why other women snare at me all the time when he wants to kiss me sweetly in public and hold me etc.!!

  144. Anonymous

    So I’m jealous. I hate women smiling at my husband flirting and he’s to stupid to even see it. So he says. I understand he’s a nice guy but sometimes other women cross the line . Respect my marriage. Don’t flirt with my man . He loves me I know this but I can’t stand women playing stupid.

  145. Heidi

    I get jealous. I am old, married a long time and still get jealous. I have started giving it back. I think he likes their attention AND likes to bother me, too.


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