Do you get in fights with your friends?

As kids, we all fought with our friends from time to time. As an adult, do you get in fights with your friends? What do the fights tend to be about?

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14 thoughts on “Do you get in fights with your friends?

  1. Miss DC

    Not at all. I cannot remember, when as an adult I had a fight with a friend. Sometimes one of my friends may annoy me, and I find that I may keep more of my distance from her for a bit, but never really have had a fight with a friend since being a grown up.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m in the same boat as the second comment. No real friends, so no one to fight with. I need to get out more…

  3. Anonymous

    I am not ALONE!! 🙂 I don’t have friends either, well, real friends that I can spend time with uncensored and laid back…

  4. MomIz

    I was very close to Ir when I joined a new company 3 years back. We talked about growing old together and she swore she would not have survived if I was her friend in the new place.

    Generally seen as accomodating and pleasant and even hip, she soon ‘ctach up’ with the others at work and by the 2nd year, she hangs out a lot with others.

    We were supposed to organise some things back last year but it din turn out so well. Rumours I heard state that she told others a sad story of how I would not help hers and how she had to look for help elsewhere.

    Still, I forgave her. But I heard recently tht she talked about me ‘skiving’ and not doing my work well. I dunno what’s her problem…I hated her more each day and I’m leaving the company end of the year. We talked only if we have to.

    If her intent is malicious, I definitely hope that the cosmic and Divine forces would show her how wrong she has been.

  5. brandi

    my best friend of 17 years husband left her so i let her and her son stay with me to help get on thier feet. she was with me for 3 months and every time she got a job she would not go to work and then she would lie about her checks. She never bought so much as a roll of toilet paper. We were really not financially steady enough to take them in but we did anyway and expected her to help she knew this too. we ended up buying her son christmas, put gas in her car and bought her cigerettes. not to mention food, bills and other nessasary items. Then at the end of the three months she was out of town and instead of comming back so she could work the next day she tried to tell me she diddnt have to work that day when i knew infact that she did because her boss called me looking for her to make sure she would be in. I told her if she wasnt here that night to work the next day she had to move out. she said she wasnt comming in that night so i started packing her stuff for her. In her stuff i found all kinds of my things in there. shirts and perfume a belt all kids of stuff. also found some of my sons clothes she had tried to hide and stuff most of it down in her bags and stuff. I was livid!!!! a seventeen year friendship with us only having one fight and now this. I still dont understand why she did this and i dont know if i can ever forgive her. it has been a little over a year since this happened and she has still not even tried to apologize. i really feel i have lost a limb she was my best friend and i loved her very much. but she has hurt me so much. I still have a few friends but non that i am as close with as i was her. I really miss our friendship but i guess it is gone for good.

  6. Anonomous

    Yes I fight with my best friend who is my husband. It feels like everyday too, even little things like did you help brush the kids teeth, No of course not. Our fights last a minute or two but still if he doesn’t go to work I’m pulling my hair out.

  7. Debs

    I have very few friends (well, apart from those who I work with, colleagues), so don’t have that problem.
    Interesting to find others that also don’t have “close” friends.

  8. Corrina

    I sometimes do, I have this one friend who doesnt want to work because she lives better off when she is recieving welfare, she claims that when she works they reduce her amounts and her money goes faster. I often go back and forth with her over that. its just so hard to support someone who wont take your help to hand up, instead of hand outs.

  9. Anonymous

    I have a very good friend but now I’m trying to keep a distance because of her annoying husband and spoiled daughter. Then I feel bad about it. I really like hanging out with her and we’re very good friends. How often do you find a real friend? I can count over the years how many I have but most of them live oversea. It’s kind of sad. One of my best friend I know since eight years old but we live on opposite ends of U.S. And we fight all the time over the phone but we always makeup.

  10. HairyMother

    As an adult I have rarely had issues with friends with the exception of ONE person. She referred to me as her best friend, but last fall shit hit the fan and she seemed to turn every deep dark “secret” I confided in her against me. We actually stopped talking for about a month and it was literally one of the biggest blowouts I’ve ever had with a friend either adult or child. Come to find out, she was trying to upset me to distance me from her husband, whom she perceived was attracted to me….we still speak, but it is strained and I will never forget the awful things she said to me, even though I have technically forgiven her. It made me take the X-Files stance of “trust no one” lol.


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