Do you feel you are superior to others?

Do you feel that you are better than or superior to some people?  If so, is it on an individual basis or is it a certain group of people?

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29 thoughts on “Do you feel you are superior to others?

  1. Anonymous

    No. I feel just the opposite. I feel as though I really do not matter in this world. That there’s nothing else out there for me. I feel completely without worth most of the time, and I feel as though I fail at everything.. whether, it’s being a mom, wife, daughter.

  2. Anonymous

    I battle feeling worthless and deep down feeling like I deserve so much better and don’t know how to ask for it or take it.

  3. fiveinthehive

    I wouldn’t say “superior,” but definitely more educated and strong-willed than some. One of my sisters is a doormat and the other is a wild child – I definitely consider myself to be in a better position than them.

  4. Anonymous

    I think we can all sometimes think ourselves better than others(I can’t believe she does XYZ, I would NEVER do that).

  5. anonymous

    I used to. But I have been through so much in my marriage and parenting and friendships and my struggle to maintain a career that I feel I don’t know anything any more. I’m just doing my best to manage my own crazy life, just as everyone else is too. But I don’t feel down on myself either – I have faith that it’s all going to turn out ok.

  6. Anonymous

    I do and I feel really bad about it. My neighbor has a filthy house and bratty kids and can’t figure out why. I want to tell her it’s because she has no discipline and she’s lazy.

  7. Anonymous

    Yes, I live in a heavily populated Hispanic area and when I go out and see other mothers out there that don’t take care of themselves or don’t take pride in how they look when they’re out in the world, it really bugs me. I just want to tell them, “You’re a woman! You’re a mother! Be proud!” Yes, I understand that sometimes there just isn’t time to look perfect, and I’m not asking for perfection, just look tidy; brush your hair, wear nicer-looking clothes. The sad thing about all that is I am Hispanic and I feel those young women are giving the others a bad name

  8. Amanda

    Nope… feel insuperior, if that is a word. I am not “polished” and don’t pretend to be. I am always using the wrong word, I have a fat roll that I can’t hide, I’m not sophisticated by any means… it doesn’t bother me at home, but in the working world it makes me feel like I am a fraud and that I should be a secretary or something and that is all I can be. I think it is the fact I don’t have a college degree… that really gets to me.

  9. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I am superior to anyone. However, I do feel that I am a better person than some people I have encountered in my life (mainly those who are bad people and are extremely uneducated)

  10. NorthStar4

    I live in an area where the standard of living can be low, and the styles are about ten years behind urban areas (where I grew up), so I battle feeling superior.
    My husband and I are kind of witty too, so we can be kind of condescending. We try not to be though, everyone is of the same worth in the sight of God!

  11. Anonymous

    Yes, I do, and I don’t like this part of me. I feel that because I am doing everything in my power to do what is right for my child, I judge other moms who aren’t responsive or who don’t breastfeed especially when they stay at home. I need to remember that most people do the best they can at a given time, but I also think that some moms are just selfish, ignorant, or uninterested in looking into ways to do better.

  12. Anonymous

    I did, but not anymore. People have told me all my life that I have an enormous potential. I am far more intelligent than nearly every body (tested by a psychologist). And I was SO proud of this. But I never made an effort. And now I look around me and all my friends (that I perceived as somewhat inferior) have good jobs, nice flats, a significant one and live comfortably. And I don’t. I have a lousy job, no flat, and can’t even eat twice a day. And I hate to think about my “potential”. So I understood that “potential” means nothing. Is an illusion.

    What you ARE CAPABLE OF DOING is not important.

    Is what you actually DO that matters.

    I felt superior based on my intelligence. Now I know that it doesn’t mean a thing. Besides I didn’t do anything to be intelligent. It was given to me for free. But I certainly did something to be in the bad situation I am right now.

  13. Anonymous

    I think that school tends to teach that smarter is better. But I couldn’t disagree more. There are many other lessons to be learned in life. But if people who have higher scores on various tests feel that they are superior, then we have a sort of prejudice of others that is equal to racism…Soon, the “smarter” people have determined “who else” is smarter and they mock and disrespect the others, based on how they have separated the superiors vs. inferiors because it makes them feel superior. It’s really not much different than kids at malls picking on old ladies, based on the fact that they’re not “cool”.

  14. Anonymous

    I wonder if some people feel that they are better than others by not feeling superior towards others.

    I think that we do naturally feel superior toward others once in a while. for instance when we say something like: omygod, she is so full of herself, feeling superior toward other people. our ego would say: I would not do something like that… because I am better.

  15. Anon

    I feel superior to everyone around me. I am a nice person however I feel that I am more knowledgeable than everyone else, not specifically educationally, but simply how I view life.

  16. Anon

    I generally feel superior to people, it’s what gives me confidence. I don’t htink I come across as it though, I hope.

  17. Anonymous

    the world upsets me because it seems like 90% of people are just petty and small; yeh i feel superior to them.. but it doesn’t make me feel good.

  18. Anonymous

    I feel superior even though i have absolutely no reason to, my life is rather shit actually, but still after talking to people i tend to feel better than them.

  19. anonymous

    Sometimes I do, because I wear modest clothes, without my boobs hanging out of my top. I think women who do that are tatty. I know some do it to get guys to look at them, but really, who wants to be with a guy just cuz he likes your rack? What about you as a person, your personal worth? I wish I could teach young women that they shouldn’t have to dress skanky to get a guy’s to notice them. Yeah, a guy will notice you, but only to try to get in your pants.

  20. Anonymous

    I always feel superior, people tend to reinforce that in me.
    I’m not superior mind you, we’re all basically the same, but that’s not important.

    I suspect most peoples self esteem issues are externalities of dietary / or exercise / or sleeping issues. The mind is funny that way.

  21. Anonymous

    I do feel, im better than those that surround me, though i dont act on it, i feel like the watcher from marvel, always observing but never acting.

  22. Anonymous

    I’m smarter than everyone in my house. My mom and stepdad are both in college online. I’m in 10th grade, 15, and have an IQ of 126, and I’ve done some of their courses(mainly algebra) because they don’t know how. They need my help with everything that has to do with technology or numbers. I have school all day, band, drill team, and have accomplished much in my life for my age. My mother argues with me constantly and when I start to prove my point, she yells at me to shut up and punishes me. Why wouldn’t I feel superior in a house full of morons. I’m just waiting until I turn 18 so I can leave.

  23. Anonymous

    No. I also hate when people call other rude names because of who they are my spouse does that all the time I HATE IT!!!

  24. Anonymous

    I feel superior when I remember my wonderful parents and the more that I learn about my ancestors! We were upper class and upper middle class.
    But now , being a single mother , I am very much not rich and feel that it hinders me.
    I try to make it work for me though by motivating the kids to work harder at their talent in music and me at my business.
    I do feel that because I am quiet that I also get looked upon as a handy scapegoat, and because i am twice divorced, the married women do not like to be around me. But I still feel superior because all 5 of my kids turned out really well, and the grand sons are adorable.
    No one is perfect and some of the alpha moms have hurt me by noseying into my life then finding out all they can and bad mouthing me.
    They dont know the good things about me and my family.
    They have struggles with their husband and kids and just blame it on being that they are mothers of boys.
    So there are not usually acknowledgements that perhaps I am doing good with my daughters because I am using the curriculum i am, or because I am innately superior as a teacher and Mom? I think the latter! and both.
    But I have never been able to persuade anyone to ” copy” me …
    I love my kids and wonder when or if I will have a new husband … I do get my hopes up at times and that is the only times that I do not feel superior, when I get them up and feel rejected again.
    Other than that, I think I am lucky , blessed and awesome. THis past 2 yrs have been the happiest since I had kids .
    I have come a long way since being a teen mom and marrying in a love less marriage. remarrying again at 37 and that marriage being extremely abusive.. I think I am a superior survivor and dont tell people because its just too shocking.
    I wish that i did have more true friends who would believe me that it has not always been this easy and I have had years and years of pain and God heard me and i heard God too. that is what I FEEL makes all the difference.
    I thank GOD for every blessing.

  25. Anonymous

    I actually feel superior to others myself. Its been like that my whole life. I’m the only one at my school that is fluent in several languages, scores extremely high in Literature (and similar), a very rich vocabulary, and of a different thinker. And to motivate me for this even, many people tell me I think “Of a higher level” then most people my age.

    But the one thing that bugs me the most, is that every-time I see my crush, I’ll always quiver under my crush’s own superiority. I don’t know why, but I just feel inferior around my crush. Its infuriating. My crush excels in classes that I do more poorly at. And what makes it worse is that even the things I do excel at that I feel that are unimportant around my crush.

    But fortunately enough, I know it’ll go away. Just like they all did. And I’ll be #1 once more.


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