Do you feel like there is a piece missing from your life?

Do you feel like there is a piece missing from your life?  Something that would make you feel more complete or fulfilled?

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33 thoughts on “Do you feel like there is a piece missing from your life?

  1. Sarah

    I feel like I’m supposed to have a man in my life and i don’t… I’ve been having dreams now for about 3 weeks about one guy, and I have no idea who he is… I need him though because he’s amazing!!!

  2. Willow

    I do feel that way but I don’t know what the missing piece is… Hard to go out there and get it when you don’t know what “it” is.

  3. Anonymous

    Yes.. I was adopted as a baby, and I have never met my biological mother. I’m in the process of looking for her, but it will be a couple of months before I hear anything, if there is anything to hear.

    I love my adoptive mom, but we’re so different.. I want to know if I have a mom that’s like me too.

  4. Anonymous

    Yes. A spouse that was home everynight. My mom was never home when I was growing up. What’s the difference. He stays out until he is ready to come home. Doing what ever he wants. Yea the man in my life is missing.

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  6. anonymous

    I love my husband and don’t ever want to loose or leave him. I would never dream of breaking up our beautiful family. But I managed to fall completely in love with a special friend who I have no hope of having a relationship with. Over a year I have been cutting back my contact with him but the less I see him the stronger my feelings. My husband is my soul mate, but my friend provides something I am missing. If I could only have them both my life would be perfect.

  7. Anonymous

    I’m missing my soul mate. And he isn’t my husband. I met a man that completes me, makes me happy and fills me with wonder and joy for life. But I’m a mother and have been married for 15 yrs. I can’t see myself leaving. He’s alot younger than I am, and I’m sure in reality it wouldn’t work out. But I love him so much it hurts. He’s the missing piece of my heart.

  8. Anonymous

    Yes and its me…i dont know who I am…ive been taking care of my husband and 3 kids for so long and putting them before me that i got lost somewhere along the way…and im terribly sad about that…plus it makes me resent my family and get annoyed with them often…sometimes i want to be free……….

  9. Kaytii

    I was missing a part of me but I found it when I met both of my biological parents after a very long search. That missing piece is now filled. I have 6 new brothers and sisters to add to the 2 sisters I had growing up. I have a 2nd chance at having grandparents.
    4 years ago I felt I was missing something in my marriage. I had an affair with a man who kissed me like I was the last woman on earth and made love to me with amazing passion. We were both going to leave our families but my husband fought with a vengeance to keep me. We’ve learned to communicate and now I have the passion I had with the other guy, with my husband. Communication, I’ve learned, is one of the keystones to a successful marriage.

  10. Anonymous

    I was only 6-8 weeks along but I lost a baby when I was 18. I try not to think about it, but around the time he or she would have been born (july), I often think about what kind of person he or she would be.

  11. Anonymous

    some days I do… I wish I could run away and buy a little cabin on 10 acres of land… have my own little garden, a little stream and no stress or worries. But it’s just a dream and I’d never leave my kids or hubby as I do love them. But sometimes I just feel like something IS missing.

  12. tigger2211

    I too am missing myself. I am too busy making sure everybody else is happy and taken care of. Its so bad, that if I am alone for any length of time, I get bad anxiety attacks cuz I have no idea what to do with myself. I need to be ‘needed’ but it can back fire if it gets overwhelming. There is just no happy medium in my life.

  13. alone

    I don’t know what it is…Sometimes I think my life is complete and sometimes, like today, I feel useless or unappreciated! I never ever wanted to be a stay at home mom. I have two kids, my girl is 6 and was born with severe heart disease and has had 5 open heart surgeries. I have a son who will be 3 in July and he is very active. He is not bad, but stubborn and into everything. My fiance has a very good job, and I am finally back in school pursuing law. There are still just days…when I don’t want to be here and I just feel like running!!!! I don’t get the touchy, feely stuff that I need constantly and I feel like I have to beg for it. Its been an ongoing battle. I just want to feel important and most important loved. I know he loves me. But I want and NEED affection in my life, that is just the type of person I am. A lot of times I feel alone. I think he thinks I am useless too. I think he expects to come home to a perfect house and in reality…I don’t do shit just cuz I don’t want to. He doesn’t help me. Money…We are supposed to get married but I doubt that will ever happen. He talks about saving money….he spends a lot on himself and especially lately. He works out everyday and buys his vitamins or shakes or whatever the hell he gets? I don’t think he ever thinks about me. He has such a good job would think he would pay the electric and cable bill just cuz he makes more money. He still wants me to pay half of everything and I don’t work. Sometimes I don’t why or what I am doing here. I love him so much and more than I thought I ever could. I do everything I can to help others and put everyone before my myself..I just feel like when I need help or someone to talk to no one is there for me. I really feel trapped and like I want to scream and the top of my lungs!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous

    I feel like I’m missing. I’m just trying to be what everyone else wants me to be, to do things I don’t want to just for them. I even listen to music my husband likes to please him. I pretend to be an incredibly cheery person for my family and inlaws because that’s who they want me to be. When I’m serious they think I’m having an anxiety attack or depressed. But it’s just me. I just want to tell them all off and go for a long walk but then they’d just tell me how bad they have it and how happy I must be.

  15. No One Special

    I’m missing the person in my life to share everything with. The person who will love and accept me for who I am and shares in all of it gladly. I’m missing the person who I catch staring at me when he thinks I don’t see and the man who lights a fire in my belly the moment I see him. I miss the person who rushes home because he can’t wait to talk to me… to hear what I have to say and can’t wait to bounce his own ideas off of. The man who just knows me. He knows what I like, how I like it and WHEN I like it from moment to moment. The man who knows without words when I need to talk or cry or laugh. And he knows me sexually too. Again, without words he knows when I want rough and when I want gentle. I thought I had all of that once… I was mistaken.

    By the way… it IS possible to miss what you never had!

  16. deleted

    I am missing whatever experience it is that people have when growing up that helps them to keep and maintain friendships. I grew up with an alcoholic/bi-polar mother and sister with a ton of problems. When we were young, my sister and I were very close. We took care of each other. I used to tell my sister everything. Then one day in high school she told me she could care less about what happened to me that day, and I came to realize that she had a life that I was not aware of. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I lost that deep “share everything” kind of intimate relationship and I think that when I (now a 40yr old mother) find a friend, deep down I want it to be that mother/daughter or sister relationship that I’m now missing. My mother is dead 5 years now and my sister has the rest of the dysfunctional family wrapped around her little abusive, crazy finger. I am healthy and try to have healthy boundaries, but I think I am SO craving this kind of bond it seeps through into the friendships I have and I end up freaking people out and chasing them away.
    I am quiet but not a prude. I am a stay at home mom now married 15 years. I live in a nice neighborhood, and have had other moms from the neighborhood over for coffee, but that has petered out. But, I get jealous when I see other groups of women/moms get together for garden work parties, lunches, or over hear them talking about conversations they recently had over the phone. I don’t have any of this and I ache for it.

  17. Anonymous

    I havent been a happy person since childhood. I’m missing who I am. I do not even know what I like to do. I have no interests.

  18. butterfly

    I have a nice husband, 2 great kids, and nice home, but I wish I had a friend to talk to-someone I could count on to just listen and be there for me.

  19. Sad

    I have a good job, I love it. My colleagues are nice. My boss is great. But I feel my life is empty. Guess it’s because I do not have someone to love, no one to go to share my happiness, sorrows, achievements and disappointments. I’m already in my 40’s, don’t think I’ll be able to find love. Any advice?

  20. Unhappy.....

    Im so unhappy with my life…I feel trapped and dont know what to do….Im in a relationship but I dont love him…I try but I cant….I get upset sometimes cause I wanna walk away but where do I go…..I wanna lash out and ran away and hide from this relationship….I cant talk to family or friends about it cause they will start sayin well I you was happy and then I have to explain myself and then they start talkin about me…..if I could change somethings right now… would be going back to school for my GED…get myself together and find me before another relationship

  21. Anonymous

    I don’t know if it’s something missing but I can’t help but feel like such a failure to my family. I got pregnant young with a man I’ve been with for not that long. He’s been amazing though and handles everything much than I can and at the end of the day he didn’t leave. I’m surrounded by a huge family but most seem to have little respect for the fact that I’m a pregnant teen. I worked my but off to make some money before she came and I still feel like I have to prove myself and am constantly getting asked the same questions.. Are you going to college? What are you going to do now? How does he feel about it? Yet others have families and don’t get any nagging questions just because of a few years difference. I’m trying to be strong and know that I can do this but I’m terrified to mess up because they will all know that I “ruined my life”. I guess the piece I feel I’m missing in my life is support and I need it more than ever. Wish I had a big family that came together when it’s needed not tear it apart.


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