Do you feel appreciated by your spouse and children?

Do you feel that you are appreciated by your spouse and children?

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  1. Anonymous

    For the longest time I didn’t, but when I changed my attitude, they changed theirs. Now, more than ever, I feel apreciated and loved by my husband and kids.

  2. a mom

    Many times, no. I feel like I’m just the person here to make sure their laundry is done, they are fed and taken to where they need to go. I feel very taken for granted for a good amount of time.

  3. Kathly

    Yes…definitely yes. It’s certainly not because they verbalize their appreciation all of the time: men and children do not usually do that. But they love me to be with them. They are happier, more peaceful and content when I am with all of them. This is gratitude enough. They assure me through their actions and attitudes that I “complete them”.

  4. Deb

    Absolutely NOT. They could all get along just fine without me. And they let me know it regularly. Kinda sucks. There was a time…a long time ago in a land far far away when I was important to them. But that was then

  5. fiveinthehive

    I definitely feel appreciated by my kids, but I feel my husband takes me for granted. I work from home, go to school for my Master’s degree, make sure the kids get to and from school, clean, cook, make sure the kids get their baths and brush their teeth, do mountains of laundry every day (okay, so I match up the clean socks about once a week, but at least the clothes are clean!), etc. My husband works variable hours but he spends a good portion of his time at home and does not help with the kids unless I insist STRONGLY that he do something. He will clean once in a blue moon, but only after throwing a fit about it. We’ll see if he appreciates me any more when I have been gone for five days!

  6. Candace

    I at times feel like I get taken for granted. I am a SAHM mom but I also attend college. Here lately it seems my husband has forgot that I need break as well from everything. Especially when he works late and I have been with our son all day(on his bad days). I wish someone ask me how I was doing for once or just said go get a coffee at starbuck by yourself.

  7. Kelly D

    When my daughters cup my face in their hands I know they love and appreciate me. They love to be with me so they don’t have to say much, and at 4 years old, haven’t really learned what to say yet.
    My hubby – most of the time I feel like he appreciates me. Although, I not sure he realizes how much I do.

  8. Samantha

    For the most part no. I feel my husband expects me to do things even though he says he doesn’t. My son seems to think all I do is nag at him.

  9. Stephanie Brummett

    Yes and no. They do appreciate me, especially if I’ve been away for something for a couple of hours, but other times I am the last person in this family on the list. My husband is probably the worst at thinking of me, but I know he can’t help it. My daughter does a good job of reminding him though. My little boy does tell me at least 10 times a day that I am the best mom ever, and that warms my heart, lol.

  10. Anonymous

    My problem is that I’m not good at doing the things that you expect to be appreciated for. My husband comes home from his internship in the afternoon, and I’ve been sitting in front of the computer or television all day, the dishes aren’t done, the living room is covered with toys and random junk, and the kids are fussy. I’m kind of (very) lazy at times. But when I do clean and do dishes and stuff like that, it happens so rarely that my husband is really appreciative.

  11. Danielle Ellerman

    I am blessed, i do not have to work, i have a 10 year old and a nine year old, and i feel like it is my job to make them happy. i do whatever i can to fullfill thier needs. they often tell me that supper was good,and thanks for getting me that new video game, but most of all, thanks for loving me!

  12. Lee Lee

    I do indeed! My husband is incredibly appreciative and notices even the little things, I would imagine that in his mind…getting anything done with 4 boys at home is a miracle in and of itself! So there ya have it!

  13. Nancy

    Now that I work, I feel appreciated by my kids so much more. We spend less time together and even when I’m home they are off playing outside but somehow their appreciation of me seems to be more apparent. Now, if I could just get my husband to do that! Unfortunately, he still thinks I’m a stay at home mom that can do it all!

  14. Meg

    Yes and No, I work from home so my husband thinks that I can still do everything I did when I wasn’t working. He appreciates me when I am gone on a business trip and he has to do everything pluse work. It makes it nice to come home because he realizes how much I actually do!! My kids have always helped me out and have been thankful for what I do for them. They do take me for granted sometimes but when I leave for a business trip they are every happy to have me home again!! (dads don’t do things like moms do)

  15. Kelsey

    I honestly don’t. I wish I did. My kids are too young to really know what the word even means. We have a 4 yr old daughter, a 2 yr old son, and a newly turned 1 yr old. But I don’t feel that my husband appreciates me at all. I work my butt off during the day, but by the time he gets home, he doesn’t always see the fruits of my labor. The kids mess things up, I get aggravated, etc. But, my problem is that he doesn’t seem to notice what I do during the day while he’s at work, but yet when I go out, I hear ALL about what he’s done when I get home. I don’t do that to him, I just know what needs done and I do it. But yet when the tables are turned, he feels that I need to know exactly what he’s gotten done while I was gone, as if to say “Look what I got done the two hours you were gone, as opposed to what YOU did all day long” I hate that more than anything. I shouldn’t have to pat him on the back when he does things that he is SUPPOSED to do. I thank him each and every time, but I don’t get the same kind of thanks when I do those same things during the day.

  16. Tara S. Dickherber, M.Ed, CPC

    Well first my daughter is 10 almost 11 months old. I feel apprecited by her when she naps and sleeps well at night. My husband. Most of the time. The book “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman helped us greatly to better understand how we need, as individuals, to be heard and shown gratitude.

  17. Amanda

    Yes, I do!

    I’m reminded every day by both of my children that they love me. My daughter has to give me fifteen kisses and hugs before I can leave for work, not because she has anxiety issues, but she is just that affectionate.

    My husband apprecaites me without a doubt. He tells me, and he shows me. The biggest way he shows me is by pitching in and helping me. Two weekends ago, he cleaned the entire house (mopping, etc…) and refused to let me do anything (except sleep in!) and he did every single piece of laundry there was to do! I love him!

  18. JustME

    I used to a long time ago… But My husband never says anything nice to me anymore. I am recently a SAHM but i still babysit out of my home but some how no matter how much i do it is NEVER enough. My oldest is kinda mean but i blame that on his daddy trying to make hime rough and tough. My little one is so supper sweet. He loves me Deeply. and tells me all the time that i am his bestie… and his favorite… so that is nice but by my hubby and oldest not so much.

  19. Anonymous

    not always…sometimes i feel like im just expected to do things for everyone…the prob with that is that I AM NOT the stay at home mom type AT ALL but its hard to get a job because i have a 2 yr old that is home with me and we cant afford day care..i need to work to help with bills not have another bill to pay 🙂 but also when i worked at my last job i felt so taken for granted by my husband that i got “close” to some guy at work..we never had sex we just kissed and he made me feel sexy and beautiful…after 3 kids i never thought i could feel like that because my husband doesnt ever tell me those things…and i had lost a bunch of weight after our daughter and this guy just made me feel so wanted…obviously the sexual tension was super high but i never went through with it…mostly because im so self concious of my i swear…so anyway my husband caught us “making out” needless to say was so pissed and felt betrayed.. so now i feel stuck at home being a stay at home mom until he can feel comfortable and trust me again :(… i love to work outside of the home…i hate being at home sometimes and even though i know the trust thing is my fault…i still get annoyed with my husband for wanting me to not work…huh…the worst part about it is that i am SOOO not the type to let anyone tell me what to do but i completely adore my husband and feel terrible about what i did…eventhough i felt so wanted and sexy…i find myself feeling frumpy again and that makes me sad that for some reason after i cut it off with the other guy,my husband still didnt get the hint and doesnt make me feel that sexy,he always says im beautiful but i feel like its because he thinks he has to….ill tell you what theres nothing like feeling like someone wants you BAD.. =]

  20. Anonymous

    were not married yet, and dont have any kids, but we do have 2 dogs 2 cats and 2 fish.. and he tells me thank you when i do most things but still nags about nit picky things.. i work 10 hour days and still have to come home to cook wash clothes dishes and pick up. he doesnt pick up after himself unless hes tryin to prove how much he has to “pick up after me” he tells me but never shows me how much he appreciates it. he works anywhere from none to 8 hours a day. on average about 4 hours a day. he owns his own company and things have been hard and he finally got paid today and not getting paid for the last 2 weeks. when you buy all the food and supplies you feel like he should be doing all of this, but i try to take into consideration that its hard for him to not have money because with just my bills i dont have much left over to spare. i tried to tell him last night about not being appreciated and being taken for granted and he just threw up in my face how much “mans work” he does around the house. so yes i do feel that way.

  21. Anonymous

    No, they do not appreciate me. I felt bitter when I read some of the yes I am so blessed my husband and children really appreciate me responses. It made me ask the question….how old are theses children? The question needs to be more specific. Do you teen and adult children appreciate you. I believe you would have very different answers. My spouse earned enough financially, my job was a stay at home wife and mother, although I have a degree in nursing. Now my children are grown, the relationships I have with them are disrespectful or distant. Unless they want something..’ like new jeans, spending money, rent money etc. I think a lot of you ladies out there know exactly what I’m talking about. For all you ladies who have young children. SAVOR EVERY MOMENT WHEN THEY’RE LITTLE!!! As far as my spouse goes, I do believe he appreciates me however, he likes having the control of our home/finances etc. Our conflicts occur over our older children. He wants to be their friend, I feel they have their own friends. I am their mother. Those are the days I feel the most UNappreciated. Now my children are grown I feel lost. I think I need to go back to work, just for the self esteem and sense of purpose it would give me.

  22. Anonymous

    No. I feel completely unappreciated. Then my husband wants sex. I have nothing more left to give. It’s spent.

  23. Cinderella

    On a day when everything is picture perfect, yes. When something isn’t done, absolutely not. I’m a stay at home mother of two young girls, two cats, two dogs, and many fish. I’m also a musician, and that has steep demands of it’s own. I honestly believe that my husband has no concept of what goes on while he’s at work. If dinner isn’t on the table or almost on the table when he comes in from work, he isn’t happy. If I’m wiped out and don’t feel like going somewhere or doing something, he will give me grief at times (kinda like today). I take care of everything in the house and outside too. I’m frustrated…mostly with myself for spoiling him and now I think he expects it. Please God, help me not to resent my husband.

  24. lovely lady


  25. Jennifer

    I don’t feel appreciated by my husband. It is almost as though every thing else is more important than I am-his friends, his family, his work. On a rare occaision he’ll say thank you for something or take the initiative to show me that he cares, but those times are few and far between. I am near the point of no return-where I no longer care if the house is clean, the dishes are done, or if he’s even happy.

  26. annonymus

    i definately have to say that my spouse do appreciate ME and remind my kids to do the same. but to some point I feel like having not proper attention from him. i do work and manage households with the help of a maid(i’m lucky). recently i am passing through hard time. i feel like deprived. i hope could do better what i do now. HOW TO COPE WITH THIS?

  27. Sherry

    No I don’t feel appreciated! In fact, I feel used to the core! I work full time, do all the household chores, try to raise two boys, and I go to college at night. My husband encouraged me to go back to college…but of course I still have to work full time. He also said he would help out more….but instead seems to act more childish and needy then our two children.

    I have been married 18 years and now can understand why people get divorced when their children leave home!!!!! I want a partner and friend for a spouse….not a cranky, whiney, demanding husband who acts like a three year old!

  28. Anonymous

    My husband – yes, absolutely, 100%

    My kids – no, I think they take me for granted. I suppose the other point of view is that I should feel flattered that they know I’m going to be there no matter what and will always love them no matter how shabby they treat me or how inconsiderate they can be. But I don’t feel flattered; I just feel hurt.

    Growing up, I never realized just how much power a child has over a parent when it comes to love and showing appreciation. I certainly do now and it never ceases to amaze me. They truly won’t realize their power until they are grown with kids of their own – and that’s a good thing!

  29. Anonymous

    NO!! My partner Far from it! My kids do 50% of the time. I have 3 kids 1yr, 8yr & 10yrs old, my partner is the father of my youngest child. He works hard but complains about it even tho its his business and he is his own Boss. He very rarely does anything to help with the kids or housework then he makes me feel like I don’t do anything. I cry a lot from the things he says. He thinks because he earns the money that he has the right to spend what he wants and gets a free pass to do nothing at home, I get $26 to spend for myself a week, I cant buy anything but food shopping I have a limit for that too and then he complains when I do buy food even under budget. I need a break!!! I’m so worn out, he just doesn’t understand what my days are like, I really wish he could live in my shoes for a week.
    Money & work means more to him than we do!!! 🙁

  30. Kay

    If being appreciated is important to you, get a job and keep it. That paycheck will make you feel appreciated. I stayed home like a fool trying to keep the house well and the kids in line. All I can say is once the kids are old enough to do what they want, they just resent you. And if the husband makes the money, he thinks he is the king. I can say I threw my life away. There are options for the single woman. She might feel lonely at times. But I bet she’ll never feel used up by the ones she loves. Unless, of course she lets herself get involved with a married man or otherwise unsuitable beau.

  31. Anonymous

    I an new to blogging. This is actually my first.
    Appreciation. That is a complex ideal.

    This is a really tough question. I KNOW without a doubt that my husband loves and needs me. That he thinks I am special. I am sure there are days when he thinks I am very strange and he really can’t understand how I could believe some of the things I do. On the other hand, he recognizes that I am a hard worker, organized and committed to our family and that I love him deeply. That said, there are days when I feel everyone and everything comes before me and the family (work, clients.) I understand how hard he works to take care of our family. We work together, however, and much of the time I feel like he only sees what he does as relevant and that what I do isn’t. If I don’t do what I do, however, he could not do what he does. In my eyes we are a team. I don’t think he sees us that way.

    We are very different in our focus and view of the world. I am a half full person he is a half empty person. Recently, he has been working very hard on changing the way he relates in the world because he understands (intellectually) how his view is causing him stress and illness.I applaude that insight. Amazingly to me, however, he will read something or go to a class and hear about how to improve and change his worldview and his life. Intellectually he understands it, becomes excited about the new information, but then he goes about his life like before…no change…same stress and strain. I find myself always taken aback. I think it is because he is SO very intelligent and aware that I am surprised when he doesn’t follow through on changes he thinks are necessary – at least intellectually.

    We have always been the kind of couple that relied on one another when things were tough or strained. Situations that would pull others apart seemed to just cement us together and rely on one another more.

    Now, we are, for the most part, empty nesters. The economy has taken its toll on our savings and business. Our one child is and has been involved in drugs. I sometimes think my dear husband is going to have a heart attack or a nervous breakdown and I find myself on medication to help with the stress and there are still days when I just want to run away and hide because I feel so overwhelmed.

    And yet, we hang on and hold on to one another. We work at doing little things to ease the stress and strain. He will turn off football so I can watch a show I especially like. I will rub his hands and neck because they are so tight and painful. We go for a walk together and talk.

    We have buried the pain of our child’s choices because it is so hard to watch him make destructive choices and not be able to protect or change him. He is no longer a little person. We hope he will become a productive adult. We realize, however, that it is his choice the kind of life he has eventually. Hopes and dreams never fade away, but they are drastically altered sometimes.

    Today I am sad, but hopeful.

  32. step mum

    hi I feel extreamly unapreciated, his children are very ungreatful for example his daughter told me that this christmas was rubbish and i said to his son does anything i do make you happy he replied yeah the presents. They constantly lie to their mum to cause us to argue. I believe that paying games as a family is more important than playing computers and i get sulking and moodyness. i was expected to cook and clean wash and iron, sort them out in the mornings no thankyou, no is their anything I can help you with. I have never been treated like this in all my life. I stopped doing everything which made my partner appriciate me more but the children are selfish and very unappriciative. I hate being a step mum to spoilt children it makes it difficult because I cant correct them cause they are not mine and I dont meen smacking them i sent his son to his room once and he told his mum I threw him up the stairs and pushed him into the wall. 🙁

  33. mom lover worker cooker cleaner

    I am so glad to see that I am not alone! I have been married for 5yrs an love my family. I have two kids an he has 3. We have five kids every other month an then some! It is a nightmare my husband works 4 days a week long hours so I am the main caregiver an have been for 7 yrs. I do the dicipline,homework,laundry,supper, ballgames, work full time an mow;plus anything else that needs to be done while he enjoys his many hobbies! I love my family more than anything but it is hard an I am beginning to feel resentful! Wish there was an answer! But like we are taught at a young age keep on keeping on!

  34. young women old body

    Yes, no maybe so….Some days I get treated like I’m gold and can do no wrong which are awesome but then others one little mess up and the world gets flipped over and spanked on its bottom. Makes me nuts do you savour the good and tolerate the bad!!!

  35. Anonymous

    Not always and when i have enough of the disrespect i let them all know it. i try to let them know that i do these things because i love them not because i have to!! sometimes i have to fly off the handle and usually it will get the attitudes in check! 🙂

  36. Jove

    All I can say is, I know I’m not alone…but how to cope with it? I feel extreamly unapreciated by my husband. I do everything for the house,our dogs and take care of our 4month old son. I understand he’s working and going to school to finnish getting his degree. But I had to drop everything from school to work. Now I’m the perfect little house wife doing it all and he wants more from me. He even forgot our anniversary and I’m expected to pull more magic out of my hat. Then go back to school and work full time. O-M-G, it’s a lot to have on my plate as a first time mother. But I’m about to break under all this pressure. SO how should I cope with it if I never get recognized for what I do? Anyone????????

  37. Rachel

    I feel used al the time. Like that one lady said, if I do not feel like going somewhere when he wants to go I get grief.I have an 8 week old baby and a 4 year old. daphne helps a lot but only if i threaten or scream. She waits for me to be busy with the baby before she gets into mischief. Some days my hus has to work long hours but mostly he is at home playing world of warcraft. He ignores us completly unless he needs something. he will leave crap on the counter in the middle of the night even though he has to pass the trash can in the process of returning to bed!He pees all over the toilet the floor and everything in the vicinity of the toilet and tells me oh well i cant help it. I am responsible for everything kids related.dr appts shots.
    he is always negative towards me and treats me like a child.Which is hilarious because I take care of him like a child.I think if maybe i shut down for awhile he will get it.oh and he loves to be miserly with the money.i am sahm. he will give me 200 dollars for 500 dollars worth of expenses and its my fault if it does not strecth.So therefore I go without so my kids will have what they need.

  38. mama

    I feel very unappreciated. I work full time and yet I still do the majority of the cleaning and taking care of the children. My husband helps “when he wants to”. It’s not a standard chore he does everyday. My children leave messes all over eventhough they are tweens and know how to clean up after themselves.

    My husband says he picks up after himself so his part is done and if we all picked up after ourselves the house would stay clean. Well…yes it would for the most part…except our children don’t do it, so it is ME that has to keep reinforcing their behaviors. Then of course there is the cooking, dishes, sweeping, mopping, toilets, etc… that always needs to be done.

    Four people live in our home – if four people all divided the work it would be heaven. Why would they want to have me do the majority of the work? Why would they want to treat someone they love with such disrespect? How can they be so selfish? Why don’t they want to have a nice home? They definately don’t appreciate me. If I saw someone I love doing most of the work I would want to help them. Eventhough I tell them how I feel – they don’t care enough to want to help everyday.

  39. justmom

    Not lately….I work outside the home with special ed kids and I have to say I enjoy work more than my home or family. I’m just someone who’s supposed to do, do, do for everyone and my husband seems to think if he so much as takes garbage out it makes him husaband of the year. And even though I too work outside the home, the majority of the work around the house falls on me. I try to get the kids to help out, but it’s more a chore to do that then just doing it myself. My husband, forget about. And forget about leading by example…..he just blames everyone else. And he’s a huge slob. If i try to take up an issue with him he blames everyone else but himself or tries to deflect it on to the kids. He’s a big baby that wants to be waited on hand and foot and when I refuse he gets pouty and starts makng stupid statements like “well then why should I bother doing anything nice for you??” I’m like what are you? Five years old????? Whatever dude…and what nice does he do anyway? Not much. Once in a while I’ll get a dinner or something. Other than his paycheck, he’s worse than having another kid around here. Then he yells at the kids when they’re like “mom, can you do this? mom can you do that?” and preaches to them about how they should be more self sufficient. But who are they learning this depenedent needy behavior from? Their father, the master that’s who! It’s a joke. He wants me to return to school….i don’t dare because I know it’ll be more of a hassle than it’s worth. So now I”ll be going to school, going to work and STILL having to do everything around here. And when I try to go out with friends or something, there always becomes some sort of drama (the dog got out, the kids fought, something broke, can’t find something). I can’t even go out for some peace or trust that I can come home to peace! It’s ABSOLUTE Bullshit! All I can do is focus on my kids and if I can train them to even be a teeny tiny bit more appreciative and considerate than my husband, I’ll be happy.

  40. dawn

    i dont like my husband ex she gave up custody 12 yrs ago when she was 3yrs old. the ex lives in another state and she gets her everyother xmas and every summer break. Well the ex likes to wait last minute to schedule flights we pay half and she pays half…i dont think she should have her until she pays us back from this back summer she owes us 80.00 as it is.
    the plane ticket that i just looked at was 666.00 and we have to pay half of that plus half of the stwert fee of 200.00 so if you think about it she owes us 80.00 pluse 333.oo plus 100.00 so we have to come up with little over 500.00 not to say that the weather is going to be good since ex lives in ny and we live in cali….what are we to do if she gets stranded in ny from the snow storms… which they already have snow./…i dont i just hate to think of waiting for the last minute… when you think about it we could have been saving for the travel in summer this past summer. this drives me so crazy…well i think i said enough ,,,hope we dont have to send her….dawn

  41. goji

    I too get frustrated. I think it happens to all of us at times. I try to look at the positives though. I have health issues and have to live with chronic pain, but still need to clean, cook, shop for others needs within a strict budget and put everything on hold for me, including surgery. I ask for nothing and do everything, and with a smile on my face. My hopes are that someday it will have all paid off in the long run. All the self-sacrifice and worry for others someday will come back to me.

  42. Laura

    No, I really do not. I work full time hours from home, the children are at home with me for the majority of this time, when I am not working I tend to their needs, when I am not doing that I am studying, when I am not doing that I am cleaning, cooking, fixing, organising.My partner does no laundry, he’ll do one act of housework a day, he has evenings out with his friends where as I have had ONE in a year. If I ask for a lie in in the morning I am treated with contempt. He doesn’t appreciate me, although I am sure my children do in their own way. If it wasn’t for them I’m not sure I’d make the effort to be with him.

  43. ME

    I can relate to all the unappreciated moms. I feel all alone in my home at times. My children are 17 and 13. My husband thinks he should be their friend, which includes telling and talking to them about our problems. Over the last 6yrs it just continues to get worse. They only hear his side and think I’m the wicked witch of the west. I’ve asked him not to do this,but it goes in one ear and out the other. I worked full time and went to school Full time up until about a year ago. Of course I still had to fix all the meals, laundry, house clean ect. No one even thought to help me out. Needless to say I was exausted and made a drastic decision to quit my job and focus on school. I did this for my own sanity and health,which of course my husband was not happy about. OH WELL! I’ve come to the conclusion I must look out for myself because niether my children or my husband notice that I’m human and NOT a super robot. So for now I’m focusing on my own goals, which happen to include a better education and job that includes a better lifestyle for my family. My house isn’t spotless – not that they complain. I make sure the rooms I enjoy stay clean for me and my kids have learned if they want clean clothes they know how to wash them. I guess I sound like a bad mother and at times I feel guilty, but I guess it’s just how moms are programmed always thinking of others and not themselves. When you think of yourself it almost feels sinful. I sometimes make them fend for themselves for lunch or supper too. They will sometimes choose not to eat out of pure laziness and the fact that it makes me feel bad. But, I’m trying to learn it’s ok, if they get hungry they WILL eat. Maybe one day I’ll get a “Thanks Mom!” or “Honey, I appreciate everything you do!”, but I’m not holding my breath.

  44. Susan

    I love my husband and children so much there isn’t much I wouldn’t do or haven’t done for them. My children (girls)are 25 & 35. It really hurts that that they don’t value me. Birthdays, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are barely if at all observed. But the thing that really hurts is when I am sick or laid up. No one will cook or clean. They live on cereal and whatever else they can find that dosen’t require work. I can’t wait to get well so I can eat a healthy meal but when I am well enough to get out of bed I just want to crawl right back in. My house is trashed and my kitchen is disgusting. Then when I start cleaning up they say “I was going to do that” ugggghhhhh!!! This is how they ease their conscience. When I try to talk about how they hurt me it always ends up that I am the bad guy nothing is ever resolved. I guess I will have to keep bending over and taking it but I really think I deserve better.

  45. Anonymous

    I feel like I have no life. I feel so sad all the time. if anthing goes wrong my husband is always mad at me and its gone on for so long I am at a breaking point I dont want to cry all the time. he had a drug problem in 2006 with perscription drugs cheated on me and made me feel like killing my self i took him back because I though that was the thing to do. it has not been the greatest I just live. Lately its getting worse we have a new business. He doesnt go out with me at all Im 42 sacred and dont know what to do. Im tired of Everthing that goes wrong he blames me I dont know what to do I have an 11 year old I play like its great so he wont hurt I am though.

  46. Anonymous

    I work nights, and partner works days…I feel everyday that I’m no more than a cleaner and babysitter.. Infect when asked my children say my job is to clean the house..I love my family but often feel they could pay someone to do my role and not notice I wasn’t here…

  47. Anonymous

    I don’t feel appreciated, respected, admired etc. in a nutshell -special, by my childs father, at all. I do feel he is attracted to me, but I know that’s not all there is to me, I am very intellectual and hold a lot of substance, but it’s like that part of me is irrelevant to him. That if he shows me I am desired sexually, it should say all.

    If I did not have my almost 2 year old with him, I would not have chosen to be with him.

    I believe you should be “whole” on your own and that your significant other does not “validate” you, but instead should make you feel special. I cannot remember the last time I felt special. Men around me, in meeting me, always end up in a pleasant awe of me, impressed, amazed…they commend me, compliment me (not just on my physical appearance) and really help to make me feel nice and warm, that someone recognizes me and my worth -it’s a nice feeling, however I believe your significant other is the one who should be doing that, not just strangers on the street.

    Who knows how long he and I will last. I want our daughter to have the traditional family and lifestyle we both had the fortune of experiencing…however at what cost? I am almost miserable, I feel weary of giving, giving, giving and giving…….I too want to feel special.

  48. "Lola"

    No, I dont feel appreciated at all. My boyfriend and I have been together a long time and share a 9 year old son. Shortley after my son was born, a mere 11 months after we started dating, he stopped paying attention to me. Things went from bad to worse and we split up for a while. A few years ago our romance started to re-kindle itself and we realized we still loved each other and wanted to give it another try. At first he was everything you could hope for but it wasnt long before things started following the same old path we had been down before. Now he is completely disinterested in me. He has no desire to hear about my interests and makes it a point to tell me that when I start talking about them. If I am sad, even if its justified, he gets angry and yells at me. He has never one put his arms around me and comforted me when I am upset. He turns into a jerk, spouts off something about me being to emotional and slams the bedroom door, locking himself inside. He doesnt touch me anymore, only says I love you in greeting form as in “Goodnight, I love you” or “Talk to you later, love you, bye.” He swears that he loves me and Ive told him many time that I dont feel it. He says he doesnt want to break up and that he loves our family but I just dont see anything to support that statement. I just want someone to love me enough to be interested in who I am. I want a man who actually wants to be the one who makes me smile, and who genuinely cares about how Im feeling and comforts me when I need it.

    I know that no matter how neglected I am, I’ll never leave. I think he knows it too. The bottom line is there just isnt anyone else out there who would ever want to be with me and Id rather be lonely with someone than lonely and alone.

  49. Anonymous

    no i do not! yet i dont know if its my own conscience just telling me not to feel like it. but my partner rather buy hundreds of dollars worth of material objects then take me out or buy me an engagement ring after 5 years and 2 wonderful children. its hard on my heart when realizing all these little new toys he gets so excited for but when it comes to me and our children sometimes it feels like we just put a damper on his fun.

  50. Julie

    No I don’t….here’s just one little example…I awaken at 5am…immediately cook everyone breakfast,pack everyone’s lunch do laundry…take the kids to school then off to work I go (full time) out at 4:30… Pick up the kids get home cook dinner while I’m folding more laundry…helping with homework and taking lunch requests for the next day..wether they’re packing or buying, then when dinners ready everyone sits there butts at the table expects me to wait on them and they all start eating before I even get to sit, then I do all the clean up and my husband says he’s tired and worked all day and relaxes and watches tv, I then proceed to ensure everyone’s bathed have had snack and are ready for bed! I just feel like I never get to sit and have any time to relax…nobody ever asks me if I’d like any’s just expected ya know?? Hate it it’s frustrating!

  51. Anonymous

    NO. I am a step mother who has never been appreciated by her step children. I feel that everytime they come over I have to walk on eggshells about what I say, what I do in my own house. When they want something, they will be more nice to me but yet, none of them know how to say “Thank You.” They never have gone out of their way to wish me a Happy Birthday even though I go above and beyond to ensure they have what they need and most of what they want. I help with their homework. They will run to me if they are in a fight with their real mom only to use anything I say to comfort them against me later on. I don’t talk much when they come over because they will use it against me. But then I get bitched at that I don’t go over the top to talk. I’m over it.
    My husband appreciates me but yet he is clueless sometimes. He does defend me but yet everytime mothers day comes along, he forgets that I am a “mom” too. He has never given me a card, or said Happy Mothers Day or “Hey, thanks for helping provide and take care of the girls.” I’m always forgotten.


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