Do you ever feel lonely?

Do you ever feel lonely?  If so, when do you feel the lonliest?

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  1. Anonymous

    I feel lonely all. the. time. It’s weird, I have a wonderful husband, four children, and live in a friendly, involved community where church activity is high but I still feel very lonely…why?

  2. Anonymous

    I feel lonely a lot. I had lots of friends before we moved to our current home, but I don’t have friends here, and my old friends don’t keep in contact with me (they had plenty of people to take my place). I know part of it is my fault for not actively trying to make friends, but I’ve never been that kind of person. So yes, I feel lonely.

  3. Anonymous

    Yes. Just recently I have been feeling really lonely. I am a single mom who has never been married. All my family live on the other side of the country so I don’t get to see them often. I usually hang out with my 2 boys but they are getting to the age where they don’t want to hang out with mom. I have some friends but I feel like a wheel that doesn’t belong because they are all married with kids and sometimes I feel that they ask me over because they know I’m alone. I don’t have a boyfriend because it seems like most of the men I meet don’t want to go out once they find out I have kids. I’m lonely!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Yes…I feel no one truly knows me, want to know me, loves me, or want to love me – save my children that is, but it’s a different kind of love and it’s about them. But for me personally, as a wife, as a friend, as a woman, as a daughter- I feel very alone and just here to serve others and their needs. It is very disheartening to feel so alone amidst a life so chockful of activity and people.

  5. Anonymous

    My children are in foster care. My husband and I had a fight. The police were called and the children were removed. We were supposed to go to court next week to maybe get them back. We see them every week, I don’t know if I’ll see them this week. I don’t have money forthe bus and my husband is gone now.

    My husband went to work yesterday and, hours after he should have been home, I got call from a stranger who said that my husband needs some time away from me. I haven’t heard from him for almost 24 hours. I tried calling him, but he turned of his phone.

    If he wants to be done with me, fine. All I want is to know what’s next. I don’t have a place to go if he wants me gone. This is his house. Besides, how could i live here alone when all the people I love are gone. I won’t be able to get the kids back without him.

    I don’ tknow what’s goingon. It feels like I’m the only person in the world. I’ve gone from having two wonderful, loving babies to having none. From having aloving, gentlehusband to having one who need time away from me.

    If i wasn’t pregnant, iwouldn’t be here anymore. I’m due in the fall. I will never see the baby. Once I have thebaby I’m going to disappear. No one will notice that I’m gone. I miss my babies. I miss waking up with them early while their Daddy sleeps late. I miss them all. I miss my family and without them I don’tsee a reason to be here.

    Lonely doesn’t even cover it.

  6. Anonymous

    Wow, after reading the above posts I don’t feel so lonely anymore. I hope you can get your children back Ms. Anonymous on June 17, 2008 10:27 am.

  7. Lynn

    Almost everyday. I’ve cut myself off from life for 2 years due to always feeling sick. Now that I am better I don’t know where to pick things up.

  8. Anonymous

    I’ve felt lonely for as long as I can remember. Even as a kid. I’ve never had close friends or a girlfriend. As time passes its gotten worse. That may be because at 36 I’m starting to feel like its too late to be happy. How many 36 yr olds have never had a girlfriend? None that I’ve ever met. The worst times are when I wake in the middle of the night, and I feel an incredible saddness and loneliness. I dont ever remember dreaming about anything, just an overwhelming feeling of despair. Luckliy it fades pretty quick, or I’d not likely be here to type this.

  9. Nicole

    I have a wonderful husband, 2 energetic toddlers and lots of people who want to hang out with me… but I don’t want to see any of them! Somehow I have the dysfuntion of being incredibly lonely, and just wanting all of these people to go away and leave me alone. I’m such a mess.

  10. JustME

    yes i went from working full time and being around adults all the time and having a great support system and then my best friend moved crozz country and I am alone most of the time I hate feeling the way i do… but I can’t get my husband to ggo somewhere where we might both have friends.

  11. c

    I have just moved house to another town and I actually preferred living in my previous location, I feel so lonely here now, I would love to move back but cant because of the falling housing market….I cry all the time.

  12. Penny

    I have a very loving and kind husband. We live in a big city with lots of people that seem to be in a different world than where I’m from. Grew up and lived in a blue collar town where people were very down to earth. Not to disrespect anyone in my new city, but they are just different. Very hard to make friends, or deep friendships. I am pained with feelings of lonliness. I really want to make connections and deeper relationships but feel like its impossible. I even pray to God for a good friend.

  13. Anonymous

    I understand how everyone on this board feels.
    I lost my parents and my brother in the past five years.
    My daughter and husband take, take, take…I serve and constantly do for them and the children in my preschool. I get nothing in return from any of them. I miss my family, I have no friends or adult conversations anymore. I miss my friend who moved to another state. My best friend has a new love in her life and she has no time for me anymore.
    I miss my parents and my brother so much. We loved and cared for one another and it was always give and take. I live with selfish people now who only take…I don’t even recognize myself anymore. I eat to fill the emptiness and I look 10 years older than my age due to stress. When will life get better. When will I meet someone that I can really relate to, and develop a deep friendship with? I despise southern CA…I wish I never left San Francisco. The famous song applies, that is where my heart remains.

  14. Anonymous

    yes and no. I am happy being me. I am happy being single +1, but there are times when I feel a deep longing to be intimate with someone again. I miss deep conversations and snuggling on the couch. So I suppose there are times that my soul is lonely. There are even times my spirit feels lonely. Luckily, this type of loneliness is the easiest to fix for me. The times when my spirit is groaning and broken are always the times I’m too focused on myself and not on my Creator. Do I want someone physical to hold me and love me? absolutely! But not to try to sound super “holy” or anything, I am way more concerned about the times that my spirit feels lonely.

  15. Anonymous

    Yes. I am always searching the topic of loneliness on the internet trying to figure out why. I have two great children with another on the way and a very loving husband. I still feel like no one knows me though. It is so hard to describe. I feel so alone in this huge world. I see all of these people with their close families and all I have is my kids and husband, that’s it. To some people that may be enough, but to me for some reason, it’s not. As far back as I can remember I’ve never had many close friends. In high school I was considered “popular” because I knew everyone but I only had one close friend. I remember coming home from school crying because I never felt like I had a connection with anyone. I am so tired of being lonely. It is a daily wonder in my mind, if this feeling will EVER go away.

  16. Anonymous

    Yes most of the time I feel lonely with the same drudgery of everyday. I homeschool our two so its just us most days and with my husband working nights somedays seem longer than others. I started to see a therapist but I didnt feel like I could be completely honest about me so I stopped. I have my husband but he works 6 days a week so I hate for it to be the kids did this and that and I’m so tired when he is too. We moved away from all (most) of my friends back home. But most of my friends I’ve know since high school 20 years ago so they are always just a phone call away but its would be nice to actually get to see some once in awhile. I have no real friends here where we live.

  17. Celia

    I’m so lonely right now. I feel like I just don’t have a place in the world. My husband is busy with a new career, meeting new people going new places and here I sit in my lonely apartment while my daughter sleeps. I have no friends in this town and in your late 20’s friendship doesn’t come easily or quickly. I feel washed up, worn our and just plain tired. I am starting to feel numb to everything around me. I long for your adult companionship. I no longer feel interesting to my husband, I was once a beautiful, thin, career woman. No I am just a skinny Mom with no time to shop, and no reason to get dress up b/c I never have anywhere to go. I still put my make up on and do my hair everyday but it honestly just doesn’t feel worth my time anymore, no one ever seems to notice. So to answer the question, YES I AM LONELY>

  18. Anonymous

    I seem to have friends and they call me a friend but I feel like I have no one close to share my joys or sadness. All my friends seem to have their close buddies and I’m always the one tagging along in life. Because of this, I’ve built up a persona that seems independent and I dont’ need anymoe. But what I really need is the opposite. Maybe its because of that, people stay away so it becomes a never endng cycle. Family aren’t close so it means whatever I feel, I feel myself. Its been like this for many many many years. I’m tired of loneliness, but it seems its all I know.

  19. yayakachoo

    I feel sooo lonely like no one acknowledges my feelings or needs. Just tonight when I told my husband how lonely I feel at social events sometime he told me that it wasn’t his fault I had no one to talk to and that it wasn’t his problem that it was mine.
    I feel sooo lonely because when I try to get advise from my mom she always takes his side so that I don’t hold anything against her. Please I need comprehensiob and love not someone judging me. please someone I need love I need affection. I want my husband to understand and have compassion, not be judgemental, I want to be drunk so that i don’t have to feel anything

  20. Debs

    Yes, I do often feel lonely. I’m married with two kids, work part time, but still don’t feel as if I “belong”. I have hardly anyone I would count as a friend, this depresses me.

  21. sis

    Yes, I feel lonely, often. I am a single mother with two kids. We currently live with my boyfriend. However, like Debs, I feel like I don’t belong. I have a few friends and my 3 existing family members don’t include me and my children much. That is very depressing. I have people in my life; caring, loving, wonderful people; yet I still feel soooo alone. I do know that depression has some impact on these feelings, but given that, it’s when I need to be NOT alone most of all.

  22. No Name

    I feel really lonely when I am not with my friends. Even at home with family I still feel lonely without my friends around, so much so I feel slightly depressed.

  23. mamsi

    married for 5 yrs ..3 yrs old son ..amazing husband…we live in new york..i came to home country india for some work .. n now i feel i shudnt go back to him… becos with my loneliness over all the yrs.. i hv become ill mannered n always pick up fights with him..
    after having baby i cud not get back to work..and then this economy recession..i m trying alot to get a job n be self get back my self esteem..but somehow its not happening..

    husband has very high goals for himself..n he is very well acheiving it also .. i feel left out way back… taking care of kid at home is not the only thing i want to do all my life… i too had a career and i m missing all that now..

    so i finally took a break from new york ..and came back to my hometown m planning to take up some job offer…
    husband is not happy with my decision..but this time i want to do something for myself.. i want to hv a job..feel good about myself..
    i knw its painful to be away frm husband..ppl do ask all sort of questions ..trying to knw all the feelings n story behind..
    i dont knw if i m doing right or not..pls advise..shud i go back to new york n join my husband…and keep trying for job..which may/may not happen..n i be the same person all my life…feeling lonely
    or i shud stay back here in hometown n get a job …and feel good abt getting back my career…
    eitherway i m going to feel lonely… can someone advise me something more better.. n accurate..
    – i feel he too sometimes doesnt like me being lazing around in the house…becos he keeps pushing me now an then to get back to getting a job is really imp for me…wherever i stay in this damn world !
    pls suggest

  24. Anonymous

    I started to feel lonely recently because I saw people around me in relationships such as girlfriend/boyfriend, engaged, or newly weds. It seems more and more getting hitched except me. I never dated or anything, because it was my choice and a contract between me and God. I told God I will look when the time is right. I did look for over a year, but Mr Right didn’t show up. Right now I feel the loneliness more because I guess I am going a transition phase because I am coming closer to getting married. I wonder when will that happen and how God will bring him? I guess it’s a desire in my heart and when I see myself eating dinner alone or something, it has to do with loneliness and the desire to get married soon. Yeah, I feel lonely…but not alone cause of God.

  25. Anonymous

    i have friends that say i’m a friend and invite me to some things, but i could not say a word around them and no one would notice. i went away travelling for an extended time and no one knew I was leaving or when I was coming back. there was no wish on there behalf to share my stories, my sad times and my happy times. It’s like they are all acquantances and not real friends. i know they have lives and i’m quite shy so i need to make an effort but i try a little and no one would notice. Instead I spend my time with my parents and brother but they have lives too that they need to live.
    Why can’t i just find the people i need. When did friendship become such a hard thing? Being lonely hurts worst of all.

  26. Anonymous

    I have plenty of friends and all but I feel lonely especially when I see people in a relationship and they are happy. Because it represents everything I want and wish I had. I never known the experience of having a girlfriend

  27. Anonymous

    yes all the time. sometimes i just want that somebody listen to me .. i feel like i dont have any friends at all…

  28. ___

    For some reason like at this moment in time i suddenly just go from being happy to feeling lonely but have no idea why.. When this happens i start to question me and my girlfriends relationship but at the same time really want to see her. It seems to happen when i know i wont see her for days but look forward to seeing her. I dont want to break up with her so what is going on?

  29. Anonymous

    I feel so alone sometimes. I’ve been married for 3 years with a baby due any day now. my family live so far away and I live with my husbands family. his brothers don’t talk to me much even though we live in the same house! I don’t get on with my mother in law. I feel like she doesn’t know me at all and isn’t bothered to try. i’ve done everything to build up relationships but they all seem so reserved. I feel lost and spend most days in my room on my own. i have friends here but they arent that close to me. I look for attention from my husband, he doesn’t mind spending time with me but I know he has work, friends and a life too so I don’t want to be a burden. all I want is to be happy and open with the family around me, to have a laugh and to have someone to share things with but most of all to be noticed.

  30. Anonymous

    i am very lonely. i had to take a year off of medical school because i am pregnant, and now i do not know what to do with myself. my husband works from 730 am to 830 pm and i’m just at home all day by myself. i hate it. i had to move away from my friends in order to go to school so i am about five hours away from all of them and about two hours away from family. i’m hoping that when the baby comes…i won’t be as lonely, but i’m already so sick of being alone that i’m not sure if being busy with a baby will help. i have no idea what to do. i am thankful that he works to support us while i am off of school. i signed up to volunteer at a domestic violence shelter…i’m hoping that it gives me something to do, but i’m worried that the lonliness is just going to continue…

  31. Anonymous

    I moved to my husband’s hometown and have no family in this state. His family doesn’t seem to like me much and it’s a small town with mostly standoffish people, so making friends has been impossible. My husband is wonderful and I have a beautiful little girl, and a baby boy on the way in 4 months, yet I am still so lonely. My family and the one friend I’m still sorta in touch with are all busy with their own lives and I rarely see them and only get to speak with them occasionally. I feel like I have no support system here besides my husband, and he feels hurt that he’s “not enough,” but I can’t help but feel lonely sometimes.

  32. Anonymous

    yes. he’s a homebody, so i do a lot of stuff by myself. he’s in a standoffish mode, so not touching me or talking to me much lately. i feel lonely and unloved.

  33. Anonymous

    all my life i have felt lonely. i never had a real friend. i never trust anyone. i can’t trust people. I don’t trust my own family. I don’t even talk with my mother. she’s a wreck! I’m just alone on this planet. I just wait for the day that i could find just one person to share my loneliness with.

  34. Trini Munoz

    This is my status:
    I am a happy mother…..
    A bored wife…
    and a sad and lonely woman….No kisses, No hughs, No sex.
    Yes, I am married for 17 years!
    My daughters are the light of my life, without them I am in a complete cold and dark life.

  35. Anonymous

    I feel my loneliest when my husband and I go off for a romantic weekend at the beach with a riverfront room and he is too tired to make love and goes to sleep while I sit here.

  36. anonymous on april 28,

    i also feel, lonely; i am single mother, my baby is adorable, i feel so much pain in my heart, i can`t forget my baby^s father. he doesn`t love me. even he says yes, but never has demonstrated it. i live with my parents and my brother, they have support me all moment, in spite of,

  37. Anonymous

    I feel lonely and trapped in my life. From the outside, it looks like I have it all. A seemingly successful business, great kids, a supportive wonderful husband. I really dont know what my problem is. I am surrounded by people all day who look to me for support and to give them advice, to be the one whose “got it together”. I feel so stressed trying to keep my business afloat. I work from 8 and dont get home until 11 pm everynight (except Sundays where i work until 5 pm). I have no life. My house is a mess – I have no time to clean and no money to pay for someone to do it for me. I feel like my house is a total reflection of my insides – a mess. I feel like a horrible mother because all I do is “the business”. I feel so depressed. Sometimes I wonder what the hell I was thinking starting this business, but I dont know what to do. I have so much debt and bills from this that there is no way I could stop.
    Its like quicksand. I feel like crying when no one can see me.
    I dont know how to be happy – people think I am – Im good at faking it.
    Then I think about how life could be worse and it makes me feel pathetic. I keep trying to say positive things to myself, but it doesnt help. I have stopped talking to friends because I dont want to drag the rest of the world down with me and I dont even really know how to explain how I feel. I dont want pity, I just want to be happy – I want someone to help me feel that – I dont think I have ever really been happy.

  38. Anonymous

    i just moved to a new place and pregnant, I can’t go out and meet people because I have no job and I’m sick all the time with morning sickness. My husband is out making friends and leaving me at home, I don’t like it and it hurts my feelings that I am sitting here alone so much. I get that he should not suffer too but I feel so lonely and have expressed that to him at least he has me whenever he wants.

  39. claire

    well looking at this site im not feeling as bad knowing im not the only one!! its good to know.. I feel the same as everyone. I think we are all looking to connect to someone or somthing.. We dont have the answers of why we are here on this planet living this life so we want to feel safe and that we belong and we are part of things, people and if we dont its like whats the point of our existence.. The thing is life is lonely just some feel it more than others or it will catch people at different times in there life. The one thing i know is we are born alone and we die alone..I hope thats not to deep??!! Just know youre not on your own feeling lonely looks like we are all doing it. love to all of you. xx

  40. Ellie

    I’m a single woman, with two grown daughters, 1 beautful little granddaughter, and grandbaby #2 to arrive September 3. I am attractive, intelligent, well-educated and have a good personality and a funny sense of humor. I have pretty good relationships with both daughters (ages 26 and 24). I have a job I love, but it tires me out so much that I work 8+ hours, go home, get into jammies, eat something and go to bed. I literally go to bed at 6:30 some nights, which isn’t bad really, as I am into getting more than enough sleep. I just have had so many terrible experiences with men (very bad marriage for 9 years, many ltr’s with untrustworthy men) and have been single since 1999. Oftentimes, I feel cross and judgmental of people but then I turn around and I am alone and feel lonely, and really need someone to talk to, but don’t make the effort to get together with anyone and then complain about feeling lonely. Not sure why.

  41. Cher

    Reading these comments made me feel a little better, because for some reason, this weekend in particular, I feel very lonely. I did my jogging and that seemed to help…I drank a little too much wine today, but it actually did take the edge off the loneliness today. Reminds me of the Beatles sone, “all the lonely people, where do they all come from?” Yeah, I think there are a lot of lonely people in this society. I wonder if loneliness is less prevalent in other countries, where families and extended families are closer knit?

  42. Anonymous

    I do not know why, but i feel lonely almost all of the time. I have felt lonely almost all my life even though I have a great family, friends and a boyfriend who adores me. I just feel that when things get rough, or go bad…no one wants to be there to support me emotionally. I have been moving to different countries for most of my life, so making very close friendships have been hard. I do not feel like I can turn to my friends for help because I think they feel its a hustle. I have always been there for them…but they never want to listen when I need them.
    My family is there for me…but only financially…I can not really talk to my mother about anything serious and my father is always at work. Most of the time he does not like to listen to my problems.
    My boyfriend tries to help me whenever possible, but he thinks I exaggerate about feeling lonely and that it is just a stupid little thing that will pass. Its been four years and I still feel the same way… if anything it is getting worse. I do not know what will be enough for them to realize that I am very lonely and slowly feeling depressed and I cant ask for help from anyone because everyone just runs away. The only thing that keeps me going is that I am grateful for everything I have, that it could be a lot worse…

  43. anonymously lonely

    I get lonely at times especially when I dont have any plans on Saturday night. I used to have a boyfriend but he died 4 years ago and I cant seem to find someone as great and nice. But I see I am not alone. I guess that can give us all comfort.

  44. mariah

    Well I always feel lonely since I was a child now Im with my 3 year old daughter in my apartment …lonely I feel like she gonna be like me too…it sucks I want to do so many things for her and I cant..Im 34 years old and Iam scared.No friends, no husband..just work and 4 walls to see every day.Im so tired to live like this .

  45. peeking in

    I feel so lonely right now. I think my 11 year marriage is dying and my husband doesn’t care. I love him but he doesn’t want to put forth the effort to show me love. I have completely emotionally withdrawn from him for the last 2 weeks. He didn’t even notice. Or if he did, he doesn’t care enough to say something about it. I don’t think I am worth the effort to him. I don’t want to divorce, I just wish he … loved me the way I love him. I don’t think he ever has.

  46. Anonymous

    Is it a perpetual habit to be lonely? I have been wondering. I too have a beautiful family three beautiful children, a good job and a dog. And yet I am so lonely. I have one friend from childhood, but she lives a few states away and quite honestly she has been living a completely different kind of life and has plenty of friends she can hang out with. Don’t get me wrong- I love it when I get together with her and we have a blast whenever those stars align and we can work out our schedules to get together. But, here I am married for 10 years and my husband had recently in the past few years found his nitch of friends and he was my one really close friend and we used to talk about everything and just hang out together, but now his recreational time revolves around his friends. Which is all fine and dandy and I have accepted that he deserves these friendships and relationships and its good and healthy for him. But, I can’t help feeling like I have lost my one real friend and now I have no one. I have essentially stopped talking to him about anything that matters to me because it hurts too much. I feel like I am always intruding on his time. Like I am the third wheel hanging around. And my friend, love her to death but god I feel like she already heard this story from me and no need to drag her down.

    And god of course this year I am turning 30. But, its not like I am worried about “getting old” actually I am rather looking forward to turning 30. Except the fact that it is a milestone birthday and I don’t have a damn soul to celebrate it with. Oh, my husband may be around. But, he has never been one to plan anything and I certainly can’t count on him to take the initiative to find a babysitter and take me out. Plus, we don’t go out anymore. He goes out with his friends and spends his free time with his friends as much as possible. I am pretty sure that I will end up at home with all the kids gulping down as much wine as I can possibly stomach just to crush the pain of being so lonely. Needless to say that added to the usual lonely feeling has got me on “SUPER-DUPER LONELY”.

  47. Silvana

    Mariah, I just read your post and I feel exactly the
    Same. I have always been lonely, as a child, all
    Through school and now I have a husband and a 6
    Year old daughter and the loneliness is killing
    Me. I thought being married with a child would
    Change things but it hasn’t. I have this awful
    Ache in me as I write and I just feel so sad
    With loneliness. I am a housewife so my life is
    My husband, my daughter and 4 Walls and

  48. Silvana

    Hi there I have just posted my comment, if
    Anyone wants to email me please do, I would
    Love to hear from you

  49. Anonymous

    I feel lonely because I’m the youngest in my family and all of my siblings’ children are much older than mine. We’re at different points in our lives; my siblings are all working again; I’m home with the kids. My husband only has one brother and lives far away and we live a little far from our parents. Plus I stay home and I’m not exactly the most outgoing person when it comes to making new friends.

  50. Jennifer Lang

    Yes, at times I feel lonely. Around six months ago I moved from Florida to Los Angeles, and perhaps that says it all! I moved because I got married to the man of my dreams….Great! However,it’s as though everyone is in a hurry and has some sort of hang-up or game to play here in the “City of the Angels.” My husband has introduced me to some very nice friends of his and their girlfriends, but the women realy only want a surface relationship. I’m very independent and so I can stand being alone, but not feeling lonely…Other times I do feel lonely. The answer is to make it happen for myself, I am responsible for my own happiness, just like when I was single. Until that time, I’ll just keep emaiing and calling friends from my former city.. = )

  51. justme

    I am lonely even though most don’t know it. I am emotionally empty, my husband has never been one to fill me up at all. I have 4 grown kids, 2 that don’t speak to me, one withholds 3 of my grandkids,of which the oldest I basically raised for 6 years( she is now going to be 10 this month). I wake up in the middle of the night crying. I have a job I love, it is the only thing I feel any satisfaction in. I feel I am only basically good enough to use and then people will like me. I wish I had a friend to do things with, but I don’t. I have a friend who is a friend when it is convenient. I guess that is not a true friend at all. I wish my husband would just be honest and say he wants a divorce, at least then I could say see it isn’t just me. We do nothing together, my life is the same day in and day out. I have 3 other grandchildren I do get to see, but lets be honest I am the grandmother and they shouldn’t be my whole existance – but there is nothing else.

  52. Just me

    I moved 1-1/2 yr ago due to a transfer thru my job from Florida to Nashville TN and in my 56 yrs of living have NEVER lived in such a horrible place. I haven’t made any friends at all….I have tried everything, craigslist posting, joined a bowling league, met people at work, yard sales, day trips, ladies clubs, etc…no one has time or interest in being friends with a middle aged single lady. Usually I never have an issue making a friend anywhere I go there are never strangers. Only in Nashville! God I hate this place. I want to go back to FL so bad but can’t get a transfer to go I have been trying non stop for a year but nothing has come thru. I have never been so unhappy and so alone. I often think if I were to get sick or have a stroke or heart attack – I would die here alone and no one would come looking for me … it scares the hell out of me. All my wonderful loving kind friends are in FL and I miss them terribly…I am so trapped here and I die a little more with each passing day. Please pray for me that I get my transfer back to FL. I don’t want to be alone here anymore…….

  53. Anonymous

    im 30 and ive lived the life of an 80 yr old! ive been through war, bullied in school, married without love, divorced from an abusive husband, never had a boyfriend, never heard those three words “i love you”, im in university but every1 is half my age, i suffer from insomnia but when i do get any sleep i have bad dreams, every1 has someone , my sister is married with 2 boys, dont have any1 to talk to i feel ugly, unwanted and worthless so feeling lonely is just the half of it!

  54. Anonymous

    When you know you’re the only one, but an island in a sea of humanity… you feel lonely. When you’re afraid to get involved, attach yourself to other islands… it gets lonely.

    I need someone to reach out from their island, and grab hold of mine, before it drifts out of reach entirely. I cannot seek others for solace. Help me… please?

  55. Anonymous

    I’m a 27 year old single mother of one. I feel so lonely!! I feel depressed right now. I feel like no one understands me. My family lives across the country and have issues. I just wish that things were different. I feel ugly and lonely

  56. Anonymous

    It’s my birthday today and I know I just turned 30 years old at midnight but I already know its going to be hard day. I have 2 children and live with my boyfriend. He thought it was very important to get him another cell phone since his broke, but guess what my birthday wasnt important enough for him to get me anything. Non the less he went out with his friends and just called to wish me a Happy Birthday while I am home with the kids. Whats even worse is that maybe after 4 years I should be used to it since he always leaves me for special occasions like Christmas and even Valentines. Guess what also no gifts, Im sorry I got pair of sneakers once for Christmas and an I love you chain the first Valentine!!! What do I do I guess I already know that answer……… I feel so lonely and unloved….

  57. patricia

    I felt I was truly on my own in this world, my family are overseas, I am a young sixty one year old and I don’t look my age or feel it so life should be good. But not having a family or single friends that drop in is very hard. I do have friends but they are married and have big families that take up most of their time. I feel very lost and if it wasn’t for my little dog I would not really want to go on in this life. I do talk to people and try to make more friends, but they have families and partners and not much time. I don’t know how I got to this point in life. I am a Christian but I pray for God to help me find new friends and a partner in life but I guess the answer is no.

  58. Anonymous

    Patricia.. I was just reading ur message and thought maybe u could find a church..? u may go to one but u could still have a look around.. u never know but god may have thos friends and a nice man for u out there but u may just have to go looking.. trust in god.! i know life can be lonely but there are alot of people out there that feel the same as u so lets all find each other. Sounds like ur little dog needs u.
    dont feel to down im thinking of u. xxxxxxxxxx

  59. Daniellas

    For everyone here who feels so lonely.. just by reading your posts you can see that there must be many, many people living so close to you who feel lonely. I think the best thing is to get out and meet new people. How? Join a club, find a new hobby, reading, writing, sports clubs or art activities. There must be so many people out there who understand you and who would love to be your friends. Don’t give up, don’t think about your loneliness but how to change it. Its difficult to do the first step, but without it you will stay in the same frame of mind. I feel lonely too but i’m desperate to change it. I wish you all good luck with finding new friends and standing up to the obstacles of life.

    to Anonymous on July 28, 2009 11:50 pm : you deserve a man who will truly love you, value you and someone who will make you happy…not the man you are with.

  60. Marina

    I feel lonely and I have feelings of guilt for not conecting, for feeling so needy sometimes that I mess up my chances of geting friends. I question myself often. What am I doing wrong to find so difficult to get a love, friends, family that cares. Is it my fault maybe? Am I so awfull? . I feel inadecuate and like a faulty soul…..

  61. Anonymous

    Had a fight with my husband today about my upcoming birthday and my son’s first birthday, which is around the same time. My usually supportive husband doesn’t seem to care about either occasions. He only seems to be looking forward to his baseball tournament that same weekend and has decided to go away for it, despite knowing how disapointed I would be. In fact, he only seems to be interested in himself these days. His sports, his TV, his sleep, his down time… Being a new mom, I feel like I have to put aside all of my wants and needs to care for our son and our house. That leaves me feeling all alone. I wish I could receive more support emotionally and help. I feel so lonely and uncared for at times…it’s like I’m the lowest on the list, all the time.

  62. Anonymous

    I feel lonely all the time. It does not help that I work at a kids store that everyone that walks in is taken and really happy. What is worse is that I’m 19 and I feel like I’m going to always be lonely. I started to feel like this when I like 11 and it gets harder each day. I haven’t had a boyfriend in almost three years and my peers are trying to find a guy for me, which makes me feel worse about myself. I have guys give me compliments on my looks, but I never get asked out. What is worse is that I wake up every morning and think how I might never have someone to wake up besides. It’s just so hard all the time.

  63. anonymous

    i feel lonely esp when im among married couples and seeing all of them having thier own life and command over life.i wisn i can have shoulder to cry on, to share my dreams, to live life with love

  64. NoneToHappy

    As a little girl you dream of marriage and it being the happiest time of your life, then for atleast some of us….our dreams fall short. I’m lonely daily even though my husband and I are together 24/7 due to a business. I felt more alive and happy while I was single. If I had to do it over again, I’d said no.

  65. Dorielle Soler

    Stumbled across this website and its going to feel so good putting all this down in words ! Had such a lonely past, although from a ‘good’ family where coldness was the order of the day. Late in life (just turned 47) I thought I had finally found the sort of man to ease my heart, my loneliness though we are from different cultures etc – we are already living together so why are there days when I am aware that how he reacts makes me feel cold inside and lonely, though to be fair I am sure he does not mean for me to hurt. I guess I am too needy emotionally, I need somebody to enjoy the love and attention I lavish on him, whereas he comes from a culture where males and females tend to lead separate lives and meet inside the home. Though I take care to put the brakes on, I think he has led such a loner existence that he feels stifled by all my affection. Perhaps time will pass and we will blend together more …. I pray it is so … I don’t want more goodbyes in my life and have thanked God so often for finding him for me.

  66. Joanie

    I am lonely a lot, I never laugh or very rarely, I only feel happy when I am with members of my family. I have so much stress in my life and a husband who has never matured. That is really the root of my loneliness I never feel connected to him. He takes medication for anxiety, looks stoned a lot, and I know that he is an adictive personality so it is only a matter of time. It is always about him and our son copies his behavior. My husband does not have a mature way to deal with his anger; he has road rage and behaves in an inappropriate manner when dealing with things that anger him. We have not had sex in 6 years. I have no relationship. I do most things alone and when we are together I try to pretend that we have a relationship I try so hard to make myself believe that this is normal. I cannot connect with my husband, he is in his own world. We have tried marriage counseling but it goes nowhere. My husband comes first and refuses to believe this. He constantly tells me he does everything he does for me, even when I tell him it is not for me.
    Tonight my husband had to work a long shift when he came home it was as if he was drunk, slurring his words, I was disgusted. He refuses to believe that this is the way he is acting, he tells me again and again that he is tired but he is out of it. He refuses to listen to anything I say. He went to a dietician because he is overweight. He comes home and tells me things that I have told him before as if it was the first time he had ever heard it. I do not bother saying anything I think I should just be happy he is taking responsibilty for his health. When he behaves like this I do not even want to be near him. When he realizes I am being quiet and trying to keep busy he behaves like a child wanting attention. He tells me that at least he does not hit me. I get sick when he says this as this is his mentality. I want to cry, cry, and cry. I cannot believe that I have this life. I would leave but I am so concerned about the impact on my son and I feel tremendous guilt. I am so alone in this. I know I could take care of a child by myself but I would be afraid of leaving him with his father as I feel that he would not be able to deal wiht this as his cannot deal with most things. I have a good job and know I could work things out, when we argue he asks me what he is going to do where would he go if we divorce. I used to think he could handle things but that was a long time ago. I want to know what the right thing to do is. I feel like my life moves along, I pretend, and it kills me. I am not honest with others, with myself and I feel like a failure. I am so twisted, I am broken. My husband tells me I need to lighten up. I feel like a brick, hard all over, but I pretend for my son.

  67. michelle

    Yes I am so lonely. I don’t know why.. Loneliness seems to surround me, it suffocates me. I put on a happy face each day pretending to be happy or just to blend with those around me. I hope sometime this agony will end.

  68. lonely mom

    Wow. When I googled “husband works too much and you feel lonely” I never imagined finding a site where what I was reading was the thoughts that go through my head on a daily basis. My husband is really good to me – takes me on nice trips, buys me nice things, etc., but he doesn’t know me. I feel more alive and fulfilled when he’s traveling for work because my kids compliment more of what I do than he does. It’s so hard to explain. I really do love him, but almost wish I could give him a reason to not want to be with me. I feel like that way my lonliness could be justified. Is it females? Our hormones? Our need for emotional fulfillment? Is it too much to ask to be moved up on his priority list? UGH.

  69. Just Me

    I am living with my fiancee at his moms house and we share a bedroom. that is where we stay “confined.” he is an arms length away at most times, and yet i’m lonely and bored. He would rather spend time on the computer than with me. I spend lots of time on the computer too, but as I have told him, i would give it up in a heartbeat to spend time with him. The only time we ever go out is to work, the grocery store or to run my son around. We get invited out, but he always has an excuse not to go. Yes, I can go out by myself, but i want him accompanying me…. I feel like I have been mislead by this man who claimed to be a social person… When I tell him how I feel, it only makes him angry and he won’t talk to me for days. So for now, I cry my tears of lonliness, being unheard and feeling unseen to him. I know it shouldn’t, but it makes me question who I am and if I am desirable, and if he really wants me. I feel like he did just enough in the beginning to get me and then he had to do no more. I don’t think i have changed nor have my desires. I simply want to held, to be loved, to be adored… I want someone to talk to, share my desires, my dreams… I want someone who’s commmited to me and to talking to me and not just answering “friends” on FB and searching for new friends when his best friend is sitting right here. I would ask what I should do, but I think I already know the answer…. I think it’s time to move on! The next question would be “HOW?” No one, I mean no one, likes to be taken for granted!

  70. Linda

    I havn’t had any close friends in years. I just moved to a new town & was sooooo happy to meet a woman with children the same age. She called me at least 1x per day & we went walking everyday in the nice weather with the younger ones in strollers. I should have noticed though – that although she was fun – she gossipped & complained about everyone & every situation. Then a series of things happened – our boys fighting for one thing. We were going to start a walking group together – but she put up signs & attemped to do this on her own. It hurt really bad – I didn’t know whether she was a nut to avoid or what – so we didn’t speak. But since she was my only really active friend in my life – i miss her. I’m very lonly without her calls & interaction. Do I keep being mistreated (I suspect she gossips about me) or speak with he to preserve a possibly toxic friendship or hope it will get better. I need girlfriends soooo bad – I pray all the time for them. Yes – I too feel dreadfully lonly. I took Prozac & it really helps – especially with interacting with other people – people seem to like me more – but the side effects are awful – I gain wait, have no desire for sex with my husband & don’t get anything done – i’m just a happy lump with good social skills. But the prozac does somehow magnetize people towards me – it’s so depressing looking at the answering machine 7 it’s always blinking a big fat O.

  71. mary

    To Anonymous June 17, 2008,
    I can here cause I just felt so rock bottom at this time. My husband lost his job 8 mos ago, and I just wanted to be heard tonight. But after reading your post it touch my heart, and I cried for you.. I hope your husband just needs to regain his strength, to come back home to you. And can be strong again, so you and he can get your babies back. I pray you have some good news soon, be strong I wish you good Karma…

  72. steff

    all l can say is wow so many feel the same, im a 25 years old and have a beautiful 5 year old my husband works alote sex is great but the emotional support is not there i get told im beautiful by everyone but him i need huggs conversation a slap SOMETHING well maybe not that but almost going crazy gave him chance after chance i left 2 came back and nothing even though it hit rockbottom our marriage , is not good not to mention im sick of leaving and putting my baby through it… it hes not the one or truely is how he was raised he cant show his feeling i think nnomatter how much i change for him he will not for me i know im beautiful but ye makes feel fat and i may need to loos a few but dang i need love

  73. steff

    oh yes i cryed after reading everything on this page im so sad to see so many feel this deep dispare of loneyness to have children and husband yet feel lost and loney being alone while hes out not given a damm having your babble taken all of it sadens my heart i say apray for god to here your crys up late at night as you watch them sleep as i know so many of you do woundering as you look at child what am i going to do. god is the key to all your pain we just go to give him a chance

  74. Mary

    I always like this quote. “Be very careful if you make a woman cry because God counts her tears. Every tear a woman sheds is equivalent to a man’s sacrifices in life.
    The woman came from a man’s rib–not on his feet to be stepped on; not on his head to be superior,but on his side to be equal; under his arms to be protected and near his heart to be loved.”

  75. FRançois Labbé

    I feel lonely. Lonely enough to actually type how I feel on google and see what will come up. And here I am, telling how lonely I am on a stupid forum, bringing my little rock to the edifice, this huge pyramid of sadness.

    I’m in love, desperately, with my best friend who doesn’t love me back, he just toys with my feelings when he feels like it. I at least hope that he loves me dearly as a friend, but since he’s the kind of person who doesn’t share his feelings much I feel a bit frustrated. One true “I love you” from him would mean the world to me, but it will never happen, I’ll always be the one taking comfort with tidbits and crums.

    I’m always a friend. No one has ever been in love with me. Oh, sure there have been guys to profess they loved me, but they did not, they just wanted to settle, to find someone to say those words to. And honestly I just could not feel it. And did not loved them either. This was all just empty and meaningless. My true love feelings have never been shared and it like they never will.

    I am doomed to be just a friend, always just a friend. A fuck buddy at best, a piece of meat most of the times though…

    I am so tired of all this. I feel cold and lonely all the time. There’s something lacking in my life. I’m 29 and I feel like a failure because Love was the only thing I really expected out of life. I’m not the planning kind, I don’t expect much out of things, I just go with the flow… but nowadays I just nodd along. Love has always eluded me and it feels like it always will.

  76. Anonymous

    Hey Francois,
    I really feel for you as I seem to feel some of the emotions you described also. I’m 22 and in a relationship, I’m also a student and though I seem to have a few friends I get caught up in expectation too much. It almost seems not enough for me that these friends or even my boyfriend seem to be with me because of situational consequence. Noone seems to know me truly and like me for me. It is almost like I am another number to the group or something someone can label ‘girlfriend’.

    Some people can give the easy answer such as ‘you’re lacking in self esteem, or you need more confidence,’ the thing is that doesn’t seem to be the issue. There are plenty of things I like about myself, but other people do not seem to value them. Friends can say they care but in my opinion do not live up to the expectations I have inside my head. I still feel lonely no matter who I meet as I feel they will just leave again someday.

    I guess most people who post on this forum including myself want some kind of quick fix or just to express there ideas and emotions, perhaps others are just looking for some kind of rationality and reason behind there loneliness. I was looking for some magical person, some magical friend that would come along and truly understand and care, that could stop this feeling of loneliness. It is hard being lonely and feeling a sense of desperation, almost feeling like crying out ‘help me,’ even though we all know most people will run a mile if we sucked them into our lives. People also get bored of hearing ‘ I’m lonely’ and from there it seems to spiral downwards into pushing even more people away.

    I’m trying to love without expectation, not just my boyfriend but everyone, trying to love without wanting anything in return. We all are born alone and die alone so social interaction with anyone in that sense of time is never permanent, and I know this. I don;t know why I keep wanting someone there who truly understands me, even if its just to sit in silence.

    I keep telling myself there are important lessons in loneliness even though I have no clue what they are. I’m sorry I cannot really offer any advice to anyone on here, but if anyone has experienced loneliness and have learnt valuable lessons from it please let me know x

  77. Carlie

    I really feel for you as I seem to feel some of the emotions you described also. I’m 22 and in a relationship, I’m also a student and though I seem to have a few friends I get caught up in expectation too much. It almost seems not enough for me that these friends or even my boyfriend seem to be with me because of situational consequence. Noone seems to know me truly and like me for me. It is almost like I am another number to the group or something someone can label ‘girlfriend’.

    Some people can give the easy answer such as ‘you’re lacking in self esteem, or you need more confidence,’ the thing is that doesn’t seem to be the issue. There are plenty of things I like about myself, but other people do not seem to value them. Friends can say they care but in my opinion do not live up to the expectations I have inside my head. I still feel lonely no matter who I meet as I feel they will just leave again someday.

    I guess most people who post on this forum including myself want some kind of quick fix or just to express there ideas and emotions, perhaps others are just looking for some kind of rationality and reason behind there loneliness. I was looking for some magical person, some magical friend that would come along and truly understand and care, that could stop this feeling of loneliness. It is hard being lonely and feeling a sense of desperation, almost feeling like crying out ‘help me,’ even though we all know most people will run a mile if we sucked them into our lives. People also get bored of hearing ‘ I’m lonely’ and from there it seems to spiral downwards into pushing even more people away.

    I’m trying to love without expectation, not just my boyfriend but everyone, trying to love without wanting anything in return. We all are born alone and die alone so social interaction with anyone in that sense of time is never permanent, and I know this. I don;t know why I keep wanting someone there who truly understands me, even if its just to sit in silence.

    I keep telling myself there are important lessons in loneliness even though I have no clue what they are. I’m sorry I cannot really offer any advice to anyone on here, but if anyone has experienced loneliness and have learnt valuable lessons from it please let me know x

  78. Anonymous

    Ive heard that writing out your feelings makes you feel better when youre done. So Ill try it. I have friends, but it seems like nobody is really close to me or wants to get to know me more. somehow i always feel empty and left out in life. I’m so lonely most of the time and i go through every day with a facade of happiness when its really tearing me apart inside while nobody ever notices. Theres nothing to ever look forward to but day after day of loneliness. why is life so hard. i seriously dont get it.

  79. Anonymous

    Yes, I feel lonely too since moving down in Florida from the Northeast. People have tried to make friends with me and I even have a brother and cousin living in the area. I really don’t know the answer. I retired a couple of months ago which I attribute to my depression. I guess when you are in a demanding job and all of a sudden not needed anymore (retirement) it changes the way you feel. I have only to say to the lonely people, you’re not alone. Depression will soon break. My advice, to keep moving, go places, even if you have to go alone. My husband would rather stay at home alone – so I go out myself just to escape…

  80. D

    Im 56, divorced 9 years, out of a relationship for 2. I have 2 teenagers, one in college, one a senior in HS who lives mostly with his Dad, so I became an empty nester 1 year early. Only child, parents are deceased.I have ‘sometime’ friends, few I can depend on. Life is getting very very lonely, money is tight, I dont earn much. Ive tried for years to make new friends and I cant find those that I can depend on, everyone is involved with their own families.When Im working Im happy because Im surrounded with people. I have many interests but it doesnt help the lonline

  81. Anonymous

    I will be 35 in a few weeks and I’m so tired of being alone and lonely.

    I’ve felt that way my entire life and I don’t think it will ever go away.

    I’m so tired of being jealous of everyone else because their life seems better than mine. Why is everyone else happier than me? Why does everyone else get what they want, but I never do?

    Why have I never been loved by anyone? What is so wrong with me that I seem to be completely invisible to everyone? Why have I never been intimate with anyone?

    So many nights, I stay up weeping because I’m so tired of feeling this aching emptiness inside of me. Even when I manage to go to sleep, the first thing on my mind when I wake up is that it will just be another day of feeling alone and lonely and having that big whole inside of me.

    I feel so behind in life. Everyone my age is married, with children. I feel so incredibly pathetic when I realize I’ve never even had a Valentine’s gift from a man, let alone be in a relationship that was headed towards marriage. I feel like even if I did get married in the future, who wants to be an ‘old’ bride? Every woman wants to be young and beautiful on her wedding day. I would be old and ugly. And I feel resentful that most likely I’d be marrying a divorced man. And no offense to the divorced people on here, but I would resent that I wasn’t his first wife and that I was getting someone else’s castoff. (I’m sorry.)

    I just want to stop feeling worthless and invisible. I just want to matter to someone. I want this ever-constant lonliness that’s deep inside of me to go away and never come back.

    I don’t want to kill myself, but there are times when I really can’t wait to die, because my life is just so pathetic, I feel like I’m taking up space on earth for someone who could actually have a good life.

  82. Rena

    My mother died when I was 3, and I have been feeling lonely as long as I can remember. I am 46, and I have 2 wonderful children, but I am so lonely.
    I have no family support. Everytime, I get into a relationship, they never
    work out. I am working on becoming a registered nurse. I have completed
    all the requirements,but there are few schools that have a night program. I
    have to work full time to keep my benefits. I am becoming so frustrated.
    I hope everyone on this site can find some happiness.

  83. Anonymous

    I read all of these comments and I feel so empathetic towards all of you lonely people, because I am too, very very lonely in my heart. I just ache to have a hug from someone meaning an intimate partner or lover and friend. I find this world is so cruel and there is no one sincere anymore, not the words that you find in the old love songs. When I feel very lonely I go into my bedroom and cry hoping someone to hear me and send me someone to love. I am soo lost and no purpose in going on. I do have a job but I am divorced, twice actually and I really don’t feel a purpose in my life anymore. Not like someone that has someone to go home to you know. And if I meet a man the last thing I want them to think that I am desperate for love. So I live in my own world and pretend everything is alright when it is not.

  84. Anonymous

    I feel so lonely and abandoned. My husband places everything above me, his friends, his family, his hobbies, his work, his shores…It makes me feel like I’m boring to be around because the moment he spends more than 15 minutes talking to me he always remember that he has something to do or that his friends want to do something. He also never initiates sex, he always has an excuse whether he is too cold, he feels too fat, its too stressed out or too busy to do anything. It’s been months since actually say a sweet word to me. Its like its too much work and I’m not worth it. He treats me like one of his buddies and the only thing he thinks he can do with me without me feeling like he would rather be doing something else is to play video games. I feel so unhappy and so undesirable, and unloved. I don’t want a divorce but not sure if I should stay with a man that cares so little about me and my needs. Or maybe I can’t do better than him after all and I am boring ugly and undesirable. My self stem is on the floor.

  85. Anonymous

    I have been dealing with major depression.In the last 9 years, I have totally isolated myself from my friends & family and now that I am feeling better, all of my friends have disappeared. I spoke to one so-called friend and she said it was probably because I isolated myself. I think if you are a true friend, you would understand and not give up on your friends, rather embrace the fact that they are getting better.It still hurts and I feel very lonely.I am starting to feel depressed again and am very emotional.
    I cry at the drop of a dime.I am not going to give up.
    Thanks for listening.

  86. nikky andreson

    lonely? well yea. i try to ask myself why? and then a long pause of nothing echoes in my head, no voices there, nothing said. friends? well yes i v got some, i knw alot of ppl and have a few close frnds,outing i do go out, love? now i dont knw abt that, i dont have a boyfriend not rly looking for one either, i v been heartbroken once, got over it though and should be more than okay now. well actually i m great! not even faking it… THAN WHAT IS IT? WHY WHY DO I FEEL SO GODDAMN ALONE? its like someone sucking my soul out of me, it hurts abit… or alot.

  87. Anonymous

    There has been some big changes in my life. All my close friends got boyfriends including my sister, and I too found somebody. We were long distance for about 1.5 years and I finally moved to be in the same state with him, but I feel so alone here. I left my friends and family and now I have to make life style changes because of higher cost of living here. He’s a great boyfriend, but I feel so lonely sometimes. He still has his family and friends. I’ve always considered myself an independent person and now I have somebody to depend on but it’s not easy. Maybe I have too much expectation and I feel like nothing is satisfying me. I want to depend on God, but it’s hard. I try to pray and learn more about him but sometimes I’m so depressed I just don’t care about anything. What’s wrong with me? I used to be so happy and positive person.

  88. Anonymous

    I am feeling lonely. I have that pit in my throat & stomach. I feel like crying. I moved to another state months ago and don’t know anyone here. I gave up drugs and drinking almost 10 yrs. ago. But at 32 being single and trying to date someone who doesn’t drink or will respect me for not; is impossible to find. The thing is I’m a good looking guy in shape and has the heart the size of the ocean. I want a companion,a partner,a best friend. Where do I go from here? Why? So lonely.
    I want to hold someone in my arms, to be held in theirs.
    To kiss someone on the lips, to be kissed back.
    I want to hold someones hand,and feel our fingers intertwined.
    To be wanted…………….

  89. Ulla

    i know how you feel. my friends are all full up of their own lives and got no time for me. I long for a bestest friend or an other half.

  90. Anonymous

    I too am so lonely. I have my own business, a husband whbo loves me and a child whom I adore. But I don’t really have any friedns, and even tho I am mid-life this makes me feel like I’m back in High School. I try reaching out to people but it just doesn’t seem to work. My husband has friends and goes out. I wish some of us on this site could meet up and be friends!

  91. Anonymous

    I spent the last 5 yrs in a one way marriage. I was told to stop working and be a housewife to further his career. i followed the forsaking all others rule to a T. put all my effort into the family. only to watch him take vacation to visit friends and tell me that i dont deserve time off because i don’t “actually work”. 3 sons and a spouse thats never home, and never helped when he was home. this past year he was in iraq, i felt like i needed to see a shrink for depression, he was making 10k/mo but only sending home abt 2k/mo, turns out when he left for iraq, he never intended on comming back to me… but never let me know. after weeks trying to get an appointment to no avail (60 day wait for an evaluation) my now 6fig spouse had me commited to “make sure you can see a doc asap”. called the police to “escort me”, i was not being held as a wrist cutter and was able to leave when ever i wanted which was the next day. however, this visit was used against me. he left me and took my boys using depression and a stay in the hospital against me and when i found out that he technically left a year prior but in letters and calls home acted like he couldn’t wait to get back to me. he then moved to a new state to live close to his friends. I followed, only to be close to my boys. new city, no money, no education, no job/job-history. after 4 months he got a job offer 10 hours away, taking the boys and leaving me in a strange place with no one to spend time with. shortly before he left, he told me that he never cheated (i call lie) and that he wanted the marriage to be over for years. i asked why he didn’t just cut me loose.. he responded, because i wasn’t going to find better sex anywhere else. (my love was blind to the fact i was nothing more than a toy). so here i am, in a strange city with no family, no friends. im still trying to find work but at least i’m in school now.

    im glad he is gone. im tired of being called stupid, dealing with an alcoholic, and treated like a liv-in nanny/sextoy. im glad that i dont have to serve him dinner in bed because every night after work he would get into sweats and lay in bed. and then while im cleaning up after dinner he goes out. i ask to come with, or for a night out to myself…only to be laughed at and told that i dont deserve it. i don’t want to be married to a shovanist jerk. one day soon he will fail a drug test, or get arrested for something alcohol related, and i will be there ready to get my boys back.

    thx for giving me a place to let it out. i posted here because i spent the last decade of my life as the mom. huggs, kisses, PTA, big birthday bashes for the kids, play dates. all the things that make a good stay at home mother. just angers me how a substance/people abuser can win full custody over the “primary caregiver” just because i self admitted to a hospital for depression.

    reading other posts here, i see that alot of people are being rolled over because people treat kindness as a weakness. and those saints are not wrong for putting others before yourself.

  92. moshpitmamaof2

    Yes..i feel alone. I have a wonderful loving husband. He works long hours all week and when the weekend rolls around we dont get to get out & do much because we dont have a car right now. We have 2 kids & im a stay @ home mom. I do makeup for events for a few extra bucks & I make & sale ‘reborns dolls’ for some extra cash too. I though that having these hobbies would help keep me from feeling so damn bored all of the time, but they dont really.

    Im 21 and i feel like im 60! Ive though about getting a job, but i have two small children & i want to stay home with them becuase thats really what gives me my only joy- my kids & my husband. Sometimes when the grandma keeps the kids for the weekend we can go to a concert or out to eat..but thats not very often. I feel like im wasting away..but when i really want to make a change & make myself feel better, i just think ‘why, whats the point? ‘. I dunno..but this feeling is crappy.

    I have friends, but we dont have much in common & i never hang out with them because i dont feel that close to them. My husband & my sister in law are my best friends. Latley, ive been feeling like my husband & myself are drifting apart- but i dont know why. We are very close & talk about everything, but sometimes i get the feeling that im getting on his nerves when i want to cuddle with him or talk to him about something. Maybe its nothing & im just feeling blue so that makes me think he feels annoyed by me or something. This makes me feel even more lonley.

    Yes- i do feel LONLEY & old & like im wasting my time even though im not sure what the hell else im suppose to be doing with my time/life. UGH!

  93. Hannah

    Reading this I realise that I’m not the only person who feels like this, and I wonder about my friends and family, maybe underneath they feel this way too sometimes but I’m just not aware of it.

    I am 29. On the surface I appear completely in control, a bubbly confident person happy with my life. In fact my best friend recently told me she thought I was too cool and amazing to be friends with her when we first met. Nothing could be further from the truth!

    Yes I’m completely self reliant but because I have to be, not because I want to be. No one else is going to do things for me so I have to get on and look after myself.

    I rent my own apartment, have a good job, a car, I’ve lived abroad and travelled extensively, I have friends in many countries and a wonderful group of friends in the town I now live in. I was bullied throughout school for my appearance (tall, skinny, braces, too brainy etc) so I keep in shape, I try to dress well, always wear makeup etc (but not trashy) so that people can’t say those things about me anymore. I’m extremely loyal to my friends and family and I volunteer for things at my local church. I like to make people laugh. My best friend, who I’ve known for 2 years now, is the best friend I’ve ever had. We’ve shared our hopes and fears and really just enjoy each other’s company.

    However I still feel incredibly lonely. My group of friends where I now live (including my best friend) is entirely made up of couples, with the exception of one other single girl. I get on with both the guys and the girls in all these couples and they try never to make me feel like the single one, but it’s inevitable.

    There have been a few guys in the past but I’ve never had a serious relationship, no one has ever bought me flowers, no one has ever said ‘I love you’, no man has ever told me that he thinks I’m pretty. I could go out to a club, dress sexy and attract a bunch of guys, but that is not what I want or need. I want someone to want to know ‘me’.

    I go out with my friends and have a fantastic time but at the end of the evening everyone goes to their cars and drives home with their partners while I go home alone. Every morning I wake up alone. I would love to have friends over for dinner more, or BBQs in the summer etc, but it’s hard being the hostess by yourself. When I go to their houses they split the work – one does the food while the other chats and does drinks – they can share the conversation and the chit chat. I feel like I have to be ‘on’ all the time so that people aren’t bored and it’s so hard.

    I probably come across as really bubbly and fun and confident but I’m acting that way so that I don’t become invisible. They are my really good friends but I feel this ridiculous pressure to be ‘enough’ and that means being as good as two people, because otherwise they might drop me from their activities and want to be only couples, which I know isn’t what they’re thinking really. But it obviously works because a lot of the time they forget about my living situation. A few of the guys travel sometimes with work and I have to listen to my girlfriends talking about how much they hate them being away and can’t stand being alone and are so glad they don’t have to live alone all the time. They set up extra nights out and activities with the group to keep themselves busy when they are home alone, but as soon as their husbands are back they stop. Hello? That is my life all the time!

    I know when I think about it logically that I am very lucky. That I am a great person, that I am attractive and that I do have wonderful friends. Mostly it is my own internal feelings that make me feel bad and not what is happening in reality. But having no external reassurance – No one telling me they love me, or wanting to look after me, or even just wanting to take me for dinner. No one helping with the chores, no one to plan a holiday with, no one to plan a future with. It becomes very lonely.

  94. anonymous

    I’m 43, married 20 plus years, 4 sons aged between 3 and 15. Very lonely, use the internet to try to connect with something/someone vicariously. Feel I’ve offered the best I could to the family, but they don’t appreciate all the details – the going on class trips, the baking special things, the taking care of clothing, forms, activities, opportunities for each. Have made the past time I love most available to all of them, always made it inclusive to the point where I am then excluded. This then makes me feel resentful and trapped. Keep trying to claw out time for myself, but it rarely happens. Have a lot of friends, but they don’t have young kids anymore, they have a lot more freedom. What I need most is to be appreciated, when I tell them that, they withold it even more. Fantasize about being free to walk, to travel, even to sip a coffee and read the paper, but in my mind I’m always worried about someone. Exhausted.

  95. st

    i feel lonely even though i have people around me but most of the time i fell tearful and want to be by myself i cry to ssleep most nights and dont know what to do, i feel like i have no one HELP

  96. Mandalina

    I have four beautiful children ranging from 14 to 5 and have been married over a decade. I know my husband an children love me very much but, feel lonely. I moved from my home town to a place that I know no one have no friends or family and it sucks! I have a few very great long term friends that will be there no matter what but, they are not here!!! My husband just changed professions and now works out of state. I find myself being extremely lonely and really no one near to turn to for adult conversation vs always having kid conversations. Mothers do need a break too!!!

  97. V

    I feel lonely at times. My husband is good.But i expect more from him.Whenever i feel sad i expect much love from him,which i wont get everytime.May be that dissopoints me,There is always a void in my heart ,which has to be filled with boundless love,I expect somuch ..May be because of my parents who gave me somuch love,which i really miss now.

  98. Ashley

    I’ve just recently started feeling lonely. I got married 7 months ago,I was 19 then and still will be till June. I was perfectly fine with being married so young,I never really had that many friends to begin with but now that I’m 5 months pregnant,I just wish I could have someone to relate with. I’m not going to the mall or movies every weekend to blow money on short shorts or go out to the club like all the other 19 year old’s. I’m shopping for cleaning supplies,home decor,baby items and clothes detergent. I just feel really alone when it comes to having someone to talk to about theses things. My hubby hates to go shopping and listen to me go on and on. But, he has been trying his best.

  99. Anonymous

    I have been feeling lonely for a few years. I was in a verbally, emotional, and mentally abusive relationship for about 5 1/2 years. Me and this guy was to get married and start our life together. He cheated on me, left me for other women, took my money, gave me a STD and denied it was from him. I feel very alone and sad that I allowed this to happen to me. He lefted my church to go to another church with his new girlfriend about two years ago. That relationship didn’t last for very long. This guy has brought so many women in my face and it has made me feel so alone, depressed, sad and has lowered my self-esteem. DO I FEEL LONElY. I am afaid to date men due to this horrible experience. He currently has a new fiance and is bringing this new woman around me as well. I know he is trying to make me jealous and hurt me, but I can’t help but feel alone. Why do some men treat women this way.

  100. T

    I was in a 5 1/2 year long relationship with a guy who was mentally emotionanlly and verbally abusive to me. He would call me names, cheat on me with other women, leave me for other women, take my money. I really felt alone and depressed. We were to get married, but I thank God we did not. He gave me a STD and denied that he even gave to me. He is currently getting married and continues to bring this women around me to show her off. He has done this so many times in the past, but I can not believe that he is still trying to hurt me. I am still trying to get over this heartbreak. I know he does not want me to be happy or have someone in my life. But I pray one day I do. I realy feel Lonely and Afraid at times.

  101. Anonymous

    I’ve been married over 20 years, 9 of which my husband has been a true alcoholic. I feel lonely and unloved by my husband most of the time. I just want kind words and loving consideration like we used to have. A few years ago, I would have said we had a very strong marriage. Today, I would have to say we’re barely hanging on most days.
    I love my husband. I don’t love his drinking or the effect it has on our family. There have been times lately that I question if he’s just waiting until our youngest son graduates from school to divorce me. I even went so far as to ask him if he even still loved me tonight. Took a lot of guts for me to ask – I was half afraid of the answer. I feel undermined at every turn. Daily I question whether I’m to blame for his behavior. I want to be close to my husband, but I don’t want to be ‘with’ him when he’s been drinking. I don’t even know if he’ll remember it later. It breaks my heart. I want a close involved family. Not a broken one. I love my kids very much, they deserve the best too. I deserve the best darn it. I pray daily for him to stop drinking, that it won’t be appealing to him anymore. I pray for strength to do the right thing for our family. I pray to be able to feel God’s love for me.

  102. Anonymous

    i feel lonely when my spouse and son do things together and do not wait for me to get off work to be able to join , my spouse has a job he can go do anything and take off , i have a job can not take off much or will get fired. i also get lonely when i sugguest doing something i think is fun and be turned down by my spouse and son. i have no friends ones i tried to have at work my spouse thinks there hushands are strange , i think that about some of his friends then be told i antisocial, i had one or two friends in childhood. i did not trust people due to being molested and abusive family life.I been told to get a hobby to make friends, i do not know what i like to do or try, I work and come home to clean and take care of my spouse and son, as i get older and now my son is 20 i feel i in this world by myself.

  103. Anonymous

    I have felt lonely a large percentage of my life, even more so over the last 6-7 years. I got divorced one year and my mother (best friend) died the next year. I don’t have any real friends and I have been struggling with making friends and dating since this time. I try to be positive and try new things in an effort to develop relationships. I find that as I get closer to 40 it is really difficult to meet people and develop meaningful friendships. It is even more frustrating because you can’t really talk to most people about loneliness. I find they are often dismissive and tell me that I am making the choice to be lonely. Anyway, I have to find peace with it one of these days.

  104. Anonymous

    I feel very lonely and bored. I have a great family,live in a small town and am a stay at home mom since childcare is so high and jobs have been scarce for the last couple years. I have no friends. Our family doesn’t have a lot of extra money so little things like plays or concerts that come to our state are out of the question. I have nobody to bounce ideas off or get excited with or share with. I love my kids very much but I know I’m just doing things for them. I don’t get excited much about anything anymore. I feel guilty for that. Since I got married,had a baby etc it feels like my identity is gone. I don’t feel pretty or sexy even occasionally anymore. My hubby refuses to give me any complements so my enthusiasm for looking good or anyone I care about noticing is gone. He will look at other skinnier prettier younger women and say something nice about them but not me. I want to be able to have some coffee with a friend and have an adult conversation. My hubby makes me feel like anything I say or think is better coming from him because he’s freaky smart and elaborates or corrects a lot of things I say. I want to talk with a women who will just understand what it is to be a woman and we can laugh and cry about things together. I don’t have that and not having an outlet is suffocating me.

  105. Anonymous

    Everyday. I’m in a city that isn’t home (husband is military). In the past year he’s been gone, I’ve made friends and then had them all dump on me. No, I’m not playing the victim but I didn’t know that when I began having an issue with one (who was talking EXTREME crap about everyone) I’d have issues with all. It’s a shame that people cannot think for themselves and get so wrapped up in other people’s false stories and just plain b.s. I severed ties with all of them a few months ago and since, I’ve literally talked to no one face-to-face (over the phone, yes, to family and friends outside of the state). So yes, I’m lonely. I’m so glad I’m out of the drama but I’m lonely. It’s just me and my son. I want to reach out and make new friends but I’m so afraid that the next person I meet will be just as callous and shallow as the other group of GIRLS. My days, as pathetic as it may seem, are spent waiting for my husband to get back. I would have never imagined this life for me – a lonely military wife. I’m highly educated and I NEVER imagined me, ME, being a stay at home mom and wife. I’m past the whole giving up my professional life to be a mom. But some adult interation with intelligent people would be nice.

  106. Anonymous

    I feel lonely because my boyfriend passed away 7 months ago and we were together 4 years. I miss him so much, our birthdays are approching and I feel so very lonely 🙁

  107. Anonymous

    yes i do feel lonely at times. i just asked my husband today, why does marriage have to be lonely? he is very compassionate to my feelings. but now i am wondering, is loneliness just another feeling i need to not let control me? i mean my husband spends time with me, but today we hardly talked. the few things he did share with me were complaints about certain things, not me. my closest female friend is on vacation with her family , i wish i could ask her. i just don’t feel like talking to just anyone, i want to have conversations with my husband, but feel like such a burden to him in that area. not really sure how to communicate this with him. i want to talk to my husband or do something with him that uses my brain, besides sex.

  108. Anonymous

    i dont even know how i feel… i have lots of friends, but recently lost all my close friends due to drama, but when i go on vacation or just get away for a few days i feel like i missed everything and that my friends didnt even notice me gone. i’m not like this all the time, just sometimes.. i get this depressed feeling, like none cares, it makes me hate being at home. i dont even know what is wrong with me

  109. Anonymous

    My God I feel sooo lonely. Not the terrible lonely of some of the stories above. Just the kinda every day lonely. Some may say that’s worse. Nothing that stands out, no horrible story attached. A feeling of anonymous and facelessness. Swept up with life and wanting a soul-mate but knowing you do not have the luck or courage to find one. The utter boredom but resignation. Who is going to save me from this? And then the slow realisation that you are one of many. Maybe things will change, this is all I can hold on to now….

  110. Anonymous

    I am very, very lonely. Married for 20 years, gave up my career 16 years ago to be a dedicated full time mother and housewife. My husband is work obsessed, abroad a lot and when he’s home will typically work until the small hours and be up at 5 or 6 am. I’ve not felt like a wife for a long time, I’m just a ‘live in housekeeper’, and invisible. I have no friends and no close family. Without my two fantastic children my life would really not be worth living. How pathetic is that! Absolutely no point talking to my husband about how I feel, I’ve tried many times but he’s made it very clear that he is not interested and ‘can’t deal with that sort of thing’!

  111. Anonymous

    I do feel lonely. It usually happens when my mind isn’t thinking positive about my current relationship. When I think so much about it I have to express myself to my partner how I feel but lately i havent gotten the chance. We had a problem, as all couples do, like we hadn’t ever before more than a month ago and we’re fine now but I still feel like I have to say and ask him more questions. So me missing him cause we can’t see each other very often (thanks to his mom) and me wanting to express myself is making me feel super lonely especially when I feel like I can be losing him, especially when I feel like breaking our relationship after 3yrs because it isn’t the same like it was before our big fight. Patience is what I have left but how much more will there be until I get tired of everything…..

  112. Tara

    I came from a nice family, got married young lasted 13 years, but too much drinking going on, married another guy and too much drugs going on. Married a 3rd guy and too much drinking and is stand offish also. My faults are of few, just want to love someone and be loved. All I can say is these guys put their best foot forward at the beginning and then show their true colors when it is late in the game. I think they are the ones that don’t want to be alone, but they are ignorant so it ends up burning you down. Believe me when all these men were with their friends they have tongues and talk about all sorts of their feelings with other men even moreso with the barmaids or people there. When they are home they make you feel like your the one that is crazy. They are immature, delusional. Believe me they watched their drinking when I met them, they knew I did not like drinking and I am not a drinker or a drugee. I work and am responsible in everything I do and say. I treat everyone good. It is not about being a good woman to them. Its about ignorance on their part. I am a nurse and I see and hear many a things, If God gave us women something else to love that could be fulfilling without a man, men would be in trouble and maybe not so ignorent and put more into a relationship when they got a woman. Now, I will say if a woman is just plain rude to a man and considers him owned property instead of nuturing the love than I do not blame him if he is ignorant like a woman would turn also if treated that way. Anyways been through 3 marriages now and not looking forward to starting over again for more disappointment.

  113. Anonymous

    …I started feeling lonely when I got a job in different city and was forced to move – this is what I want to believe in, but the truth is that I was the same lonely before, living in the city I love, among people I call friends…there are days like today when I think of my life, my family, my friends, my boyfriend…and I feel lonely again, incapable to love or even want to love someone truly, fall apart…

  114. k

    I have been married for 29 years, my husband has flirted and has cheated on me. I’m still in the marriage and he has nothing to do with me. No physical contact he blames it on his meds but yet he cheated on me with a MUCH younger co worker she then sured for sexual harassment and he lost his job and reputation. He still acts like nothig happened. Went to cousleling and was told it was my fault. I dont understand.

  115. b

    lonliness is very common especially when you are not doing anything. Life is much more rewarding with purpose. Sitting around just makes it worse. Friends help with the loneliness, but if your not achieving anything together then you can become distant. Get involved in community through some sort of event that makes you feel good. Friends come with the territory. I will now and again have an empty feeling when I think of all my family that has passed and the old friends who are gone. IT IS PERFECTLY NORMAL TO FEEL LONELY every once in a while. I joined a bowling league to help with passing time. Made new friends that will be gone as soon as I stop going. Maybe some will stay that way. My point is that you MUST have a feeling of purpose to help alleviate the loneliness. Get a hobby, learn a new trade, start a small business…. ANYTHING that is good and decent and take up your time!!!!

  116. C

    I am drowning. I have no friends, my father is distant, I talk to him once a week about the weather, my mother tells me how terrible I am all the time and she is ashamed of me and my only brother takes advantage of me because I would do anything in the world for him. I work in an office where I am invisible. People walk by and do not acknowlegde me. I am not invited to anything. I am not included in conversations, even though I want to be. I talk and no one hears me. I am 31, I have not had a friend since I was 14, I don’t feel like I have anything to offer anyone. I want so badly to have a true friend. No one loves me, I am truely alone…

  117. Anonymous

    i feel lonely, and unwanted, like… any person i like, i’d just get it thrown back in my face, my friends talk to me when they’re not to busy fucking some guy, i just feel worthless, i don’t get along with my family, i feel as if, if i wasn’t here, they’d all be alot happier, :/

  118. Anonymous

    I have a husband and 3 great kids the house and dog…..And some how I always feel lonley I never have anyone to vent to. I don’t feel I can open up to any of my friends and my husbands like talking to a wall. Sometimes I just want to run away. Its so hard to grow up and have all the things you thought you would never have and still feel alone. Maybe its me???????????

  119. teardrop

    I feel so Lonley sometimes i just wish i could end my life but i cant do it.
    i am a single mother of a beautiful 3yr old parents live far so i am on my own. i have a few friends but its hard to open up to them as i feel they wont understand. I guess i have always felt lonly for as far back that i can remember.It started when i was 15 years old when all my friends use to get all the boyfriends and i would be the one left out, i thought that maybe one day that things will turn around and i will be free of the loneliness but it never did. men are not interested in me because i am so ugly, people have mistaken me for a man. the farther of my son was using me and i didnt mind because it felt good to be wanted in some way. i try to put all my feeling to the back of my mind and do my daily things but at times it hits me and i feel so sick with it. as each year goes by it gets harder as i feel i am fading away…

  120. Lonely but not sure why

    I feel so selfish for feeling lonely. I have a beautiful husband who I married a few months ago, I have great family and friends and a lovely home. I hate my job but that’s something that I can’t really change right now. I’m laying here in bed with my husband asleep next to me, having been surrounded by people all evening and having had a great night I have come home and felt instantly lonely. But why? I should be happy 99% of the time but I’m not. I can feel perfectly fine one
    Minute and horribly lonely the next. I miss my niece when she is not here.I just want her to be here all the time so she can have a good life and good upbringing with good values instead of the shitty one she is having inflicted on her by her useless mother now. I feel so helpless that I can’t give her the things she so desperately needs on a daily basis. I want to get rid of all her pain and let her have a happy and trouble free childhood. I can take away her pain and she can banish my loneliness. All I want is to be happy not lonely. I wish my husband was awake now for those cuddles I love so much and just to talk to him about everything and anything

  121. thegirl272

    I’m actually blessed for the friends I have, we’re all pretty close and we know each others since litle kids, they’re like the family I’ve never had. But… for some reason, I feel so lonely now around them, it’s like when I say something they look like they aren’t even hearing it or as if I’m out of their private conversations. I feel if I went away or I stopped existing they wouldn’t mind at all, or even notice.
    I don’t wanna be left behind, but I’ll always be there for them in whatever they need, because they made me smile on days that I would cry the whole night alone. I owe them the world… but I still don’t like this emptiness.

  122. Sunny

    I feel lonely at heart and not so social in outside world.Although my siblings are very different from me.They enjoy meet and mix up with people.But in my case its totally different.Dont no what to do.Living like this is quite difficult and i think how long it will be like this.


  123. Connie

    Hey C. I know how you feel, I am 32 and have very few friends also. If you want to chat email me, we can share our problems together.

  124. Anonymous

    I have felt lonely my entire life. I often try to think of how or when it started to try to understand it, but it just seems that it has always been there. Some of my first memories are of feeling unbearably lonely.

    I have friends and nice, outgoing relationships with co-workers, but I just can’t seem to feel a real connection to others, which adds to my loneliness (or is it my loneliness that always leaves me feeling so disconnected?)

    My husband is a solitary soul. While he is completely at ease being alone, I feel tremendously uncomfortable in my skin. Together we have somehow perfected a relationship of being alone together – until our son was born. My husband is absolutely overjoyed (and I am so happy for him), but his birth has somehow left me feeling even more lonely and the guilt I feel for this has only increased my pain.

  125. Anonymous

    i feel lonely all the time. i am in university but i feel like i have to motivate myself several times a day to do what i need to do and not to just quit. i had friends in high school but even then i was always the quiet kid. but now since its been 2 years since i graduated everyone has moved on with their lives.i have lost connection with most of my friends and the ones i do see it feels like i never have anything interesting or intelligent to say. i am almost always alone. i have gotten used to it. but sometimes i just can’t take it anymore.

  126. Anonymous

    I feel lonely almost every second of every day. I have two beautiful children that I love so much, but for some reason my heart is still heavy, and my soul longs for something more. I am a single mother, and dating hasnt been easy. I feel like curling up in a ball and crying most times of the day. I cant motivate myself to do anything….I go to work, come home, feed the kids something quick, and just lay on the couch. It is getting harder and harder for me to overcome this feeling of lonliness. It is very painful. I just want to be happy and have peace of mind.

  127. Anonymous

    I started to feel alone after I graduated from college and passed my licensure exam…but the story didn’t exactly start there…I think because I’m broke I became isolated from my friends 🙁 Whenever they would invite me to hang out or something, despite it hurts I always say no because I don’t have money and if I ask my parents’ some they wouldn’t give me anyway because we’re financially hard up and I understand that. I don’t know if they understand my situation but this has been going on even back in college. Yeah I would hang out with them but to limited options such as ones I could afford because my allowance is just enough for my needs. And it became worse when we’re already professionals (though we aren’t earning yet but my friends still receive allowances and I don’t) 🙁 I know it’s quite a sad reason and as they say money shouldn’t be a factor in friendship but how can I spend time with my friends when I can’t reach out to them because I don’t even have money for fare or I dunno..sometimes I’m wishing they would surprise me but they’ve done that countless times already 🙁 and I feel awful because I can’t return their favors 🙁 It seems like I know nothing about them anymore…I’m just here at home being a bum and a loser waiting for the start of my work hoping maybe I could get to spend time with them coz I’m gonna be having my allowance (bt only for needs again such as fare and food no other stuff included). I hope they don’t feel that I’ve turn away from them or something 🙁 I just feel alone…

  128. Anonymous

    It feels great knowing that many people share similarities with my problem but I am also sadden that people in life goes through these experiences.

    I am nineteen, haven’t had many experiences with relationships before, surrounded by friends who would never hesitate to lend me a hand or a shoulder to cry on but sometimes I just don’t feel like I connect with anyone. I am constantly surrounded by people at the university I attend, and I have some good friends from high school, but I always feel like I’m alone in a room when it’s really packed with people.

    When I see couples just smiling and holding hands, I feel happy for them but deep down, I curse fate and myself sometimes for being so shy and quiet. Most people I know are already with their special someone and it really hurts when at gatherings with friends, everyone has someone and I am often alone and feel too ugly to really talk to anyone outside my friendship group. Everyone has made an effort to hook me up with someone, but I just can’t picture myself with those people they choose. Perhaps I am being too picky and selfish, which is the reason why I have been experiencing loneliness on-and-off for these past four years.

    I have also noticed a change in my personality these past four years. I used to be a very outgoing, confident and enthusiastic individual. I never used to notice the sizes of celebrities or the girls that I know, but now I am obsessed with my weight, constantly yo-yo dieting. I am also now more quiet and aloof, drifting away from my high school friends and the ones I’ve made at Uni don’t seem to be people I can be friends with for very long. It’s a friday night and I am sitting alone with my laptop, worthlessly googling ‘loneliness’. Such is life.

  129. lindy

    My mother is near death, and my relatives had me sign my share of the will over to someone today. I have always been strong, but now I am helpless. My mom’s husband had two more strokes and who knows what will happen to him now, and he is in a hospital. Mom seems fading and my richie cousin has the ability to stuff away all their money, and then cut everyone else nothing. Funny when you are with her, it means time to die….and if my protector mom is gone, their for the grace of God I go, loneliness, and all. Well, this is it…it is in God’s hands.

  130. Friendless in l.a

    Every day. Specially this year I’m single mother who was doing fine til I lost all my friends. My 2 closest ones used me.knowing ima single mother n I helped with I could they both abandoned me when they had debt to post back. I lousy my sister bcyz of s mistake ske did nbcuz I would nt stand n take it she chose to stop talking to me.thats the one that hurts the most.n finally I lost my love n this one sadly was my fault. My family isn’t one for support of emotions. I hasn’t trust issues bcuz of people who have used me, no more friend due to that. So its just me n my daughter who is my reason to live. Why do people you once trust betray you forgetting everything you did for them. i think of all people they knew I was struggling n yet they forgot about that when they blame me for the reasons wedont speak. So yes I feel very lonely. some times I wonder do es anyone other than my daugherty remember me. N bcuz no one can even text to see if im alive I assume they dont remember me.

  131. Anomino

    Me siento muy sola tengo problemas con mi esposo debido a que no hemos tener hijos, todos sus amigos se burlan de el; esto hace que el demuestre ante ellos hombria el problema es mio pero no se que hacer necesito ayuda creo que mi matrimonio se acabara con los 32 años que tengo los medicos dicen que es un poco complicado quedar en embarazo por problemas de tiroedes…………………………………….n se que hacer

  132. Anonymous

    most of the time….don’t like attention…have plenty of friends but prefer to stay alone…hard for me to mix up…..

  133. dawn

    well i live in oceanside cal and im am old enought to pick my friends but i have an issue cause my husband is way to controlingwhen it comes to me having friends,,,i dont no whats his issue is he is a active duty marine and treats me like shilt.,…,i have so man brusies on legs and all over body,,,i decided i dont have life married 12 yrs and i have lost any and everything for him….dont get me wrong we both need help but guess im on own to do this one…,if this is what the military has to offer with wifes then im dead soon,,,some one help

  134. Anonymous

    Lonely? Yes. I’m 32 with a 9 year old son. Split from his father 7 years ago and haven’t dated anyone for 2/3 years. All my “friends” have moved on in as much as they are either now married and settled with their family or dating and don’t have time for someone like me. I haven’t helped myself in the past as i didn’t know i was expecting my son till i was 4/5 mths gone. It was a complete shock and i just didn’t understand what was going on and what my feelings were doing. My friends weren’t on the same wave length and not until now do i realise that i kept myself too distant from them. I don’t get invited out and if there is a rare time that i am i either get scared and say no or the timing really isn’t right for me. I live out of town in a lovely village, but again really not good for getting out. I put my son first. I do work but again i work 20 miles from where i live. I just don’t know what to do, i know what i should do but just get scared and don’t feel i can do anything. I am my own worse enemy.

  135. Anonymous

    I feel lonely all the time Sundays are the worst. All my friends seem to move now my last one just moved and so did my ex who really made my lonely. I work with just one person so I’m alone at work too. My acquaintances all have men or are gay and have no family around. Now that its winter its worse cant go to the park, to cold and dark,to at least feel the sun and be around people and to cold and pathetic/depressing to go to the bar, our coffee shops are empty everyone drives through. This town basically shuts down by 8 or 6 on Sunday except for the bar and note above. And well singles ads are basically non existent for this town too small.

  136. Victoria

    Lonely…yes most of the time…im 20…and recently 2 months ago my partner to be for life walked away from me…but his family is my foster family and iv come to love them dearly was with him for 5 and a half years…i moved back to were i used to live when i met him..feeling it was the right thing to do…i miss them i drive an hour just to be with his family for the days i get off from work…and i kinda started feeling like they dont want me around anymore this especially goes with a friend iv been staying with…or At the moment..mayb i come around to often? always thinking..of what i have to do for myself, ima thinker i think to much is what im told constantly, supposedly ima dangerouse person to be around for that reason as well, but iv just been feeling really lonely…i no my foster family is busy..and i no they love and care for me..they just dont seem to show it..and for my Ex he calls me his BestFreind, cause we no each other so well….and idk if i should be goin with it…i have my moments of panicing cause i later find out stuff he did when we would break up off and on…i try to talkto him bout how im feeling or what was wrong between us…but he gets mad and tells me to leave him alone…and thats all iv done since we broke up…i leave him alone then he calls me or txts me askin why have i not spoken to him..i tel him the reason he gave me…and tells me he doesnt want me to leave him alone….idk its so confusing…idk wat to do anymore….just feeling like everyone i care tired of me…and wants me gone from their lives already…and this feeling gets worse and worse….til i eventually breakdown from thinkin bout it so much..if im feeling like this could it be true that they dont want me around them anymore?..

  137. Anonymous

    I’m a single mother of 2 who dates “the different face same personality” guy… it don’t matter if their geeky, small, tall, black and white it’s always the type that has decencies and who is abusive either verbally or physically. It has driven me to the point that i feel I’m losing my mind. I don’t know who to trust. I don’t even trust the men that are attracted to me, because I think they will treat me the same and I’m truly tired of being mistreated and that has truly made me feel in losing my mind. WHY ME? I want so bad to me the old me. The ME that loved hard and believed in people. I know I’m playing the victim here, but I hate that I allowed them to rob me of my sanity and my love life!

  138. Anonymous

    I am extremely lonely. I have always been on the outside looking in. I made the mistake of moving to another state thinking that things would turn around for me and they have only gotten worse. I crave touch, intimacy. I can’t connect with people. Everyone I work with is much younger than me. I am completely isolated and haven’t made a single friend since I got here. I feel like I am in a midlife crisis (am 36). I had a family before but my daughter is in college now and my ex-husband is gone. All I ever wanted was to have a family again and there seems to be no possibilities. My confidence and self-esteem are so shot that I have become quiet and withdrawn. I don’t know who I am anymore. I try to talk to people and am invisible. I try to help others, but they don’t return the favor. I have always suffered from depression, but this is rock bottom.
    I keep hoping that some magical person will come into my life and help me see things differently. But it doesn’t happen. I feel so disconnected and different. Are there any intelligent people out there who feel this way? I say that because the only people I’ve been dealing with lately are high school dropouts and here I am, completely underemployed with enough credits for a master’s degree. This may sound arrogant, but I do not feel that way. I try to like people for who they are and not be judgmental, but I feel judged when I am ignored. I realize that my main problem is that I just want to be understood and accepted. I have taken this to the extreme by putting out a bunch of songs on YouTube and have taken this so personally that it hurts if someone gives me a thumbs down or the fact that I only have 31 subscribers. This all sounds so ridiculous to me, and yet it is how I feel. I wish I could stop wanting to be accepted and just be happy by myself. I used to feel happy with myself, but something has changed and I can’t get back there. Thanks for listening.

  139. Anonymous

    I feel very lonely at the moment. I am a PhD student and I am from another country. I find it difficult to have deep conversations with anyone apart from my boyfriend but he is working in another country for at least one year. The relationship is not going anywhere and I feel very depressed. Being a foreign student also means that I don’t have many friends around. I called my parents far away once a week but they don’t really understand my problems. Evenings and weekends are the worst and most of the time, I am facing the computer without knowing what to do. I try sports and music, but it doesn’t solve the problem. I am having sleeping problems as well.

  140. dawn

    i am feeling loney right now too i live in california, husband is in the marines..(need i say more) hes always gone…i wish i had friends around here ..all i do is stay at home so far i have my associates degree in accounting and in criminal justice,,,,and now going back to school for funeral services….crazy one extreme to the other… i have had sleep issues since his first deployment in 2005…kept thinking they were going to knock on my door telling me he died in afgan….the pressure is taking a toll on me …anyone out there who would like to chat with me or email me some time…my email is


  141. family of 3

    I feel lonely at times. Me and my husband feel lonely. We have a girl but right we are going trough a hard situation. It is very embarrasing for us because we have never been trough something like this. Me and my husband are out of work and we have used up what little we had. We moved out from our house because we couldnt afford to pay rent anymore. I have lived at my mothers for a month now and its not the best thing that I have ever done. I feel like my family doesnt understand me and see us differently. I have a younger brother he is in his early 20’s and his girlfriend is too, they are about to have a child. I got married moved out of the house and even out to another city and started my own life. I did face a lot of difficult situations like not having money to eat at times (this year after my husband got laid off, I had been working last year then I lost our son and my job and managed to find a temporary job, it seems like everyone wants to hire temps but not permanant employees. I had finished my temp job three months before my husband lost his) Well my mother bought a new home and it was a two unit. They told me that they will let me stay with them since they had an extra large bedroom that they could let us stay in and they let my brother live in the other unit. Let me remind you that he has never lived on his own and he has been living with my parents for two years rent free and no bills nothing and both of them work. So in their mind they see him as responsible enough as to pay rent and so far they haven’t kept up their word. We paid our part from our savings but as all young people they love to make party’s and don’t even care that they wake up my toddler who goes to school in the morning. I told them if they could tell them something but they didnt really care and now they blame me that it was wrong for me to get mad because of it. I always hear them say that he is having a hard time but never say or help us, they have jobs and they are fortunate to have them and we don’t. We want our old life back but we can’t find a job and to in this city the unemployment is really high, with no jobs and no money we just feel trapped, we have no where to go and friends don’t understand enough to come and help us, they really don’t have to but I would. This is the time when no one calls us to ask how are we doing, no one calls us to ask us to meet up, no one calls us to ask us if we ate or not. My parents have been so tough on me because I’m the oldest therefore I should be my brothers role model, but I’m an adult and I have lived on my own and managed to do it, I have gratefully for them letting us stay here and in a way that is help, we do pay them rent and have to buy our own food, pay for our own expences like my girls clothes, gas for the car, car insurance and all that. On the other hand my brother pays for his own bills only and my brother got them a car and pays for his gas and his insurance and he doesn’t pay them any rent. Is it wrong for me to get upset with my parents? They are getting older and I know then when the time comes, I’m going to be the one who is going to take care of them because my brother girl is selfish and inmature. I pray to god that we find jobs soon and move out. This has been a hard year for us. Nov. 2009 we lost our son I lost my job that month and my husband started to get his hours cut in Jan. 2010 and he got into a bad car accident and we got back up then in September 2010 he lost his job. I know that we aren’t the only one’s without jobs but I know that they may also feel alone like us. I hope all the unemployed find jobs soon. At least we are fortunate to have our health and each other.

  142. no one but somebody

    hi everyone ,

    I just feel so lonely .. I have been married for a year.. we have no kids. even being married there are many times where i feel very lonely . I feel like the walls are going to come at me and they will fall at me . There are times where there is quiteness in the apt for hours and no one speaks. my husband works on the weekend and our schedule doesnt match. except whenever he is at home , he will always on the computer .

  143. suzanne

    i feel so lonely i could cry…i was hit by a drunk motorcyclist in Thailand, I became brain injured and homeless. 14 sad years later I finally managed to have a nice 1 bedroom apartment. but I don’t relate to the people who live here, they’re all losers bad energy, all moping around and collecting government money. No initiative, joy & zest for life. I feel lonely & isolated. I yearn for just daily companionship of some roomates, some community members, but I CRAVE A LOT OF ALONE TIME TOO. I feel like I need to live in another country like India, where there are lots of nice local people and world travellers too. What to do? throw out everything and leave for the Ganga. Okay I’ll DO IT!! (no I won’t I; too scared…I’m too scared to tune into my guidance, even thoug I know I should just do what it guides me to do. BUT IT WANTS ME TO BE SO MUC MORE CREATIVE & TRUSTING THAN I’M WILLING TO BE. And so I feel sad at myself, for not following what I KNOW TO DO! Leap of Faith…arghhh!!! What if I swing on te vine and I crash into the cliff on the other side?!!!????!!!!

  144. Anonymous

    I feel lonely every day of my life. Its gotten worse in the last couple of years. I have a devoted husband of 19 years and two teenage sons. They spend all of their time with schools, friends and part-time jobs. My husband works out of state 70% of the time and I work full-time and take care of the house and our sons. My husband is very emotionally distant, nice man, just doesn’t connect with me or my feelings. I started an emotional affair with an old high school boyfriend who is also married, lives 1,000 miles away and has 3 kids. He, too, was lonely. If our situations weren’t so locked into the families we already have established, I feel like we would have run off together in the first few months. Our long distance, emailing relationship lasted 20 months and then his wife found an email and made strong threats if he didn’t stop all contact. He now contacts me about every 7 to 10 days. It used to be 7 to 10 times a day. I stay sad for what might have been, wish I could feel a part of the life I have, and dream that one day I might feel love and closeness like I felt with my cyber boyfriend…

  145. Anonymous


  146. Anonymous

    I live with my boyfriend and our 2 1/2 year old son. He is incredibly selfish and just insensitive. We moved only about 15 minutes away from my hometown but that was enough to distance me from my friends. The distance really came around the time I got pregnant….my friends are all single and still partying like they are 21 even though they are in their early 30’s. So I just don’t “fit” anymore, even when I do get the chance to escape.

    I am a good mom, love my little one so much, and wouldn’t trade him in for anything. But I must say I do miss a carefree lifestyle where I could do what I wanted, when I wanted, and not being stuck with a selfish man who is interested in no one but himself.

  147. Anonymous

    I am not a mother but I do feel like I am alone. I try to care about my family and do anything for them. They only wanted me when they need something from me or need help. I dont want drama in my life but peace. I just won’t a family who cares about me or someone to call me and ask me about my day. I know I can’t change people but god it hurts… I feel if I just disapear not one would care. Don’t know what to do? I will be praying for everyone else and I hope that everyone would do the same for me. Take care everyone!

  148. shirlrw

    Until my children went to college, I could not love anyone more. But, all of a sudden I was a horrible mom. Thus, I cannot trust them. Once my husband told me that he wanted a divorce, I realized that I cannot trust my judgement. I had a sad childhood. I tried so hard to have a happy family. Husband and I are loveless fightless housemates. I have nothing but them and obviously I don’t have them. Will I ever know happiness?

  149. Carole Heath

    There are some very sad comments on this site unfortunately, i have experienced feeling lonely myself which made me very depressed and i was ill for 2 years this was some years ago. Most people have experienced being lonely sometime in their lives i think, you can be lonely even in a crowd and with people who you don’t really gel with and find it hard to have a decent conversation with. I find that i now try to keep busy if i can in the house and find a task to do which help’s to keep my mind off of my thoughts regarding being alone, i have joined a sports centre and i go to a drama workshop which takes up three days a week in the afternoons. meeting other people does help and many people live alone that i know, and another tip is get a dog if you can as when walking a dog you can meet and talk to other dog owners. I do hope many of these people who have put comments on this site can feel less lonely in future good luck.

  150. alicia

    I’m 35 weeks pregnant and just moved from mn to California. My husbands family and friends all live here so its great for him and boring for me. My family and everyone I know is back in mn and I’m feeling very lonely now… I told my husband how I feel but he just doesn’t understand. I don’t know what to do anymore.. we fight all the time so I find it best to just keep my mouth shut and agree with him even when I dont….I wish I could just disappear..

  151. Anonymous

    I’m wondering why do I feel lonely!! I been married for 5 yes with 3 kids. We have date night most Friday’s. But our communication level is not where it should be as far as verbally talking things out. It just seems like he doesn’t try to make me happy anymore. Work and other things seems to be his main priority even though I’m aware that he has to make money to provide for us!! CONFUSED.

  152. Anonymous

    I feel sooo alone. And I don’t know why. I have lots of friends, some of them have been my best friends since we were 6 (I’m 22) And they know me, and share thigs with me, and we are very close.
    I have a wonderful family. Two younger siblings I admire and loving parents. I have money, have traveled a lot, have recently finished college and started working. My life seems so perfect from the outside. Everyone keeps telling me I’m so lucky, I have it all.
    But I don’t. I’m crying in front on my laptop on a saturday night. I’m secretly in love with a guy. I’ve never told him how I feel, and now I’ve lost my chance.
    I feel soo far away from everyone when I’m with my friends. I pretend I’m independent and that I don’t need anyone, but I’m dying to be hugged. I just want someone to hold me.
    I’m so afraid of failure. I don’t want to be a failure, but I feel like one. Everyone expects great things from me, but I’m afraid I’ll let them down.

    I feel so empty inside

  153. cindy

    I am so sad and alone i am 25 years of age and i been married for 5 years now and we been trying to have kids but no luck its my fault but i feel like am the one who is holding back my husband from having the joy of being a father i cry every night before going to bed and i pray to god to give me the strength to keep my life normal and to smile and be strong but when a baby comes in to the family i cant help my self i just keep breaking down . I try not to let ppl see that i am hurt but what hurts the most is when ppl point there finger’s and say to to my husband am sure its u r fault u guys can’t have kids and my husbands just says with a smile when were ready we will let u guys know but for now were enjoying life but deep down i know he is hurt by it and my father-in-law keeps bugging me to let my husband go out side or leave my husband just so he could have his grand kids now am from Trinidad and i am of east Indian descent and so is my husband and now that so many babies are being born in to our family am getting a bit scared now that may be my in-laws will get in side my husband head and just may be he just might go out side and have an affair and thinking of this makes me so scared i love my husband to death he is every thing to me with out him i have no reason to live my friends all i can ask of u is to just pray that i do get the chance to become a mother

  154. anonymous

    I have genuinely felt alone all of my life. With an abusive father and a narcissistic mother and a sister who had enough issues on her own. I wasnt allowed to do much in school with friends and I moved out at 17, finished high school and by 20 was pregnant by somone I should never have been with in the first place. I was a single mother for 5 years before I married my husband. He’s wonderful really but has some issues with letting his guard down because of his stupid selfish mother. I’m constantly trying to reassure myself that I’m like everyone else but I have irrational fears and I’m not working right now bc I just finished school and had a baby, still waiting on my job to start. I spent so much time as a single mom that I feel guilty if I think about buying myself clothes or shoes or make up or anything really so I feel insecure around friends and family and it makes me not want to be around people bc I’m worried about what they think when I show up in haggard hand me downs or ill fitting clearance rack garb. My husband works so hard and works long hours for his fathers business and doesnt make a whole lot but has done a great job taking care of us while im not working. I feel guilty for that so I feel like I shouldnt say anything about what he does on his time off even if I get upset by it. My kids are wonderful but Im tired of being home 24/7….I feel guilty and like Im a bad mother and I should be grateful for my life. Most of the time I feel blessed and happy bc I do love my husband and kids sooooo much. I just feel like I lost myself somewhere along the way..

  155. Anonymous

    I love this site. Its cool.

    It sad to hear of people harming themselves and making their situation worse becuase of loneliness and emptyness.

    I am very lonely. I was raised and only child, fatherless and my mother worked away a lot. So from a very young age I woke up to an empty house. Returned from school to an empty house and I guess I never really leanred to socialise well or connect with people.

    Im a single mother of two beautiful boys and I doing reasonably well career wise. I have very busy church schedule which gets me involed in some amaizing activities, but the truth I still feel very empty or unloved is the word. I know God loves me, but He has to. He has no choice really. It is the best love EVER and just reading the word of God gives me so much strength and desire to work through those horrible feelings i get of being unloved/lonely.

    I’ve learned that those negative feelings are temporal, I will not conduct my life in a manner hat gives those horrible feelings the rule over my life. Ok I have no partner (and haven’t for years or actually I never have) that loves me and has said this woman is worth my comittment…but I guess there is still 2morrow..hopefully… and if tomorrow never comes maybe I’ll be at peace then. NOt only that I need to get to a pointin life where I can appreciate that what I ahev in y life is children, home, job etc are sufficient and when the time comes maybe I’ll find someone who values me in that way.

    I’ve learnt that I cant look to other human beings to fill my void..why? Because they are just as human as I am and probably have some voids of their own. And who says that when I get a husband I will feel complete..its not a guarantee. DO u know how many so called “happy” people are hurting inside….I must stop looking at others and feeling lonely because of how happy thir family looks…….thats my new rule.

    My only hope an guiding light is that Jesus has promised to return for his people so that they can have a better life one day free from the sins of this world where we have to feel such pain.

    And as empty and lonely as I feel, if ever see someone looking or feeling the same I always get to know them, check up on them, befreind them and just show them love, but I never want anyone to feel as unloved as I have in the past.

    Whilst googling “why do i feel so lonely, i’m a christian single mother” to find some doctor with a remedy i found this website and its gr8 to let people express themselves anonymously. I appreciate it. I also found another site

    Which I think gives great tips for surviving lonliness…even if u r not a christian, some of his tips will help you.

    So from one lonley woman to another…..practice a joyful smile until it feels real in side…dont let emptiness get the bette of u….if u need to cry, do so, then wipe ur tears and carry on with life praying for better days. Then love someone else so bad that they will never feel as lonely as u. Miss RL

  156. Anonymous

    i feel lonely in the early hours of the morning, when i start to think too much. I cant sleep and sit up in my bed. everything good i had in the past, boyfriends, events, memories, all come back like a boomerang and hit me right in the face. for hours i just cry, desperately trying to get rid of the big lump of emotion in my throat. it doesnt help, only results in puffy eyes in the morning.

  157. Anonymous

    Lately I have been feeling a little lonely. My husband and I recently had to file bankruptcy and give up our home of 13 years. Not too long after that I found out my daughter started having a sexual relationship with a 20 year when she was 16. She is 17 now, and she says she doesn’t want to be with the guy any more. She says she wants to focus on school and her part time job. I am glad for that, but I still wonder where am I going wrong as a mom? I feel like I have no one I can turn to for good advice and encouragement.

  158. AnonymousOne

    I too feel very lonely at times. I am 24 yrs old, married, and have two toddlers. We moved out of state from all my family and friends to live closer to my husband’s parents because jobs were easier to find. Since we’ve been here, my husband and I both work alternating work hours because we don’t have a babysitter, so I haven’t had any chances to meet anyone new. Since my work is a professional setting, we are encouraged to not hang out with co-workers outside of work. My husband has his guy friends that he knows and he gets to hang out with them pretty often. I, on the other hand just work and take care of my kids every single day and since my husband works weekends also, I am left with the kids all weekend. It’s not that I don’t enjoy time with my kids, but I get really lonely because I just really wish I had some friends or family to be able to enjoy my day with just once in a blue moon, or at least once a month. Someone I can hold a conversation with. It’s really depressing at times and my husband doesn’t understand why I’m always so unhappy and sometimes thinks that I am just being dramatic and pessimistic. Am I just being to weak about this?

  159. Ealisad

    I don’t know for sure, but I think that if one opens their mind and heart, that they can understand and empathize with just about anyone (sort of like we relate to book and movie characters). I don’t mean to come here and presume I fully know how any of you really feel. I can’t say, however, that I did not feel at the very least some of the pain experienced by each of the posters whose posts I read. This might turn a few readers away, but I’ll be honest, even though this place doesn’t really require it, I am actually not a mother..or even a woman. I am a twenty-two-year-old boy/man. I come from a very messed up family. My dad’s been on drugs since before I was born and is pretty much past the point of no return. I lost my amazing mother, my parent, teacher and great friend, to cancer. She was one of my best friends. She loved me and taught me so much about the world and about myself. (It still kills me. I know now that it’s something you never get over, you just learn to live with it.) I am married to a beautiful young lady. (My momma didn’t get to hear about our engagement or give her boy away. I just want to scream and cry…I miss her.)We love each other very much as we were best friends before we started dating. We’ve been married a year and some change and already have discovered that real, warm, lasting marriage is founded on friendship and not slavery to passion (though filling the roles of such slaves can sometimes be fun) I’m a little lanky but everyday handsome, and she is gorgeous with some meat on her bones. Though friendship seems key to our marriage, everybody knows that you can’t be around each other all the time….but she is my best friend. I gather that normally people have friends that they hang out with when they want to spend time away from their significant other. We aren’t all that social. We only have one real friend in this town. We, us and our friend, are from a town about three hours away where we had several other friends from high school. We moved here to go to college. This friend lived with us for a couple of years and we found out quickly that that was not gonna work forever. (We want to help our friend because we love her, but she is just no fun to live with – I think you get it.) At any rate she now lives with her mismatched boyfriend (they are very different people). I know I ramble a lot, but I don’t really know what I’m doing here….so I’ll just continue, I suppose. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life yet. I’m about to be a second year senior in college after a degree I don’t really want. I never really had big goals or real dreams. I was too concerned about my mom and dad fighting or mom and step-dad. I lived with my father and grew up really poor. I worried about what we were going to eat. I got made fun of for my clothes at school. I had to have heart surgery in the fourth grade. I have eye trouble and have to take semi-expensive drops for it (about $40/month). These days they push and push: “Go to college! It’ll do this and this for you and open up that door for you!..etc.” I am glad that I’m going to school..I just wish I knew what I wanted to do. I now think about writing fiction and/or teaching a foreign language (Spanish or Japanese), but I don’t know if I can. It would require changing my major late in the game and I’d have to work on being less awkward and more social. I have been told I am too quiet, too nice, overly polite and caring..I grew up thinking those were good things because I wanted so much to feel those things from others (except maybe not too much of the quiet). I am a little feminine. I am bisexual though very faithful to my wife. (Why am I saying all these things?..Will you be my journal for just a little while? Email me at and I’ll be yours journal and friend. No names or meetings, just anonymous messages whenever you feel like it. I just thought maybe somebody out there might want the same thing as I do every once in a while – someone to cry/joke/smile/share anger or whatever with. Anyway there’s an open invitation.)
    Wow, this has really been thrown me on a roller-coaster. My lonely fit is giving way to sleepiness. The sun’s coming up and I should probably go to sleep for a bit before my interview at the supermarket for my little hold-me-over job…until I figure out what I want to and can actually do with myself…… mind keeps slamming around. I’m losing my grandmothers now too. My mom was only 42 when she died. My grandma is in her seventies, and she’s lived a long decent life..but losing her will be like losing my mom all over again. My grandma helped raise me. My dad being the loser he is, has pretty much lived with her all his life (still does) – anyway, I have spent a lot of time with this woman and I love her very much. Her mind is slipping and her body is shutting down though. She cold all the time and she repeats herself every five minutes. She knows who I am and loves me and laughs and smiles, but she’s a lot different now..My sisters…are another barrel of monkeys..I think I’m done for now. Thanks for listening. I hope I didn’t offend anyone by posting here. I certainly didn’t mean to. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

  160. prettiful1

    I feel lonely,unloved and unwanted ,I’ve been in a relationship for about 3 years now but it feels like were roommates instead of a couple.I’m home all day and nite alone while he is out running the streets drinking and doing whatever with his friends and family. Half the time he doesn’t even come home but,when I tell him how I feel he makes it seem like it’s not a problem that he ain’t been home for a day or so. He tries to find any and everything to argue about just so he can have a reason to leave. I don’t even know how to talk to him anymore because when I try to tell him how I feel he thinks I’m trying to dog him or put him down so I have to keep my feelings inside so it won’t cause us to argue. I can’t say I don’t love him because that would be a lie but, I can say that he is pushing me away. I really don’t know what to do my mind is telling me to leave and my heart is telling me to stay. There is a lot more other things wrong with our relationship but I don’t feel like going into all of it .

  161. Anonymous

    i feel down and lonely today.. is it because i never have fallen in love before? i know.. pathetic

  162. Anonymous

    I feel very lonely today (actually past couple of years)…. i have achieved nothing out of my life as nothing interest me in this world. i have lost my love… my friends.. even the trust of my parents as i do nothing.. bcs i don’t want anything.. even if i care for anything.. i don’t put efforts to get that.

    Basically, i believe its all my fault… i am what i am… i will never change…so no one will be in my life… neither friends nor love…. I dont know what will i get through this.. may be a long loneliness.

    One thing, i know about myself is.. i always tries to be honest… i don’t keep things in heart…i have been cheated many times by my friends and by my love… I hate them.. hate them …hate them… and by doing so.. i hurt myself… i dont know why this always happens to me.. I always pray to God… help me… protect me.. save me…But He works in His own way which doesnt satisfies my inner soul.

    I have no regrets, its just i feel lonely …. I wish someone could become my friend and stand by me.

  163. Marky Holmes

    People who believe in God and believe that their soul which is inside their body (including all its emotions/feelings/thoughts) exist for a certain reason do not get lonely!!

    Lonely is in the Mind…its a switch which can be turned on or off….but unfortunately people don’t know how, due to their lack of understanding of their own existence.

    The major advantage of having a God (Creator) to believe in, is the fact that people who believe always know that they are never alone…even in the most darkest hours of their lives.

  164. Anonymous

    I left my husband of 9 years to be with a woman.
    My ex went to another country and has no contact with his kids, doesn’t even pay for them (the boys are 4 and 1 and a half)
    me and my woman are very close, very connected, its like we have been together before, we know everything about eachother.
    the only thing is that she doesn’t like m kids. she knew I had kids before we were together.
    She also has children from her previous marriage (she was married to a woman and helped her get pg by paying thousands) but the children aren’t hers, she didn’t give birth, the eggs weren’t hers, so to me, they aren’t her kids. they look and act nothing like her. I can’t stand her kids (thank god she only sees them for 2 days a week) they are evil little boys and the eldest bullies my sons around.

    I love this woman, but her kids I really hate, she isn’t keen on mine but she lives with me….?


  165. Anonymous

    i moved away to another country for 4 years and now im back and it seems like i have no close friends anymore. my old best friends are still my friends but it feels like im not as close to them as i was before and i totally understand that since everyone has their own life now. we are slowly working towards that tho. i have friends that consider me as friends but i feel like i dont have anyone im close to. i have a bf who is my best friend but theres this void in me and theres a feeling of desperation in me to find a close friend i can share my joys and tears with. one of my good friends is away right now and i think thats why i feel lonely too. i cant wait until she comes back. i think feel really sad because ive had fall outs with 2 really close childhood friend. one of them just kinda changed over time and shes been acting really stuck up to me and another one of our best friends and everyone else. (we 3 were all best friends) anyways this other childhood friend is totally a bitch and almost everyone i know have nothing good to say about her because shes inconsiderate and gossips about everyone, even her boyfriend. im not so sad about losing that last friend. the first friend i mentioned i really miss her and i wish her and i could talk and i wish i could apologize for not understanding her ways sometimes (she does really stupid things like give u the cold shoulder for weeks and make plans with other ppl while shes made plans with u) i duno i feel kinda bad cuz ive opened the topic up with one of my closest friend right now. i feel bad expressing my bad feelings about my friend to another friend. i duno what to do i feel sad and alone at the same time.

  166. Smidgen

    Yes, much of the time. I was a single, stay at home mom for almost twenty years, and even though I fought depression, and had to take care of my paralyzed parent, I felt like my little family of two kids and myself were a real team. We were very close, and I was very involved in their schooling, and I gave them a good life. Now, my son is away at college except for during the summer, and my daughter has decided that she doesn’t need me at all. She is only 19, but I feel so sad because she just wants to be with her friends, and do her own thing. I know, I know, this is “normal”, and I should be happy that she is independant, working and going to school, but I miss her! My son is close to me, Thank God, but he will be leaving soon for school. I just started a new job, and hopefully I will make new friends at a job. My best friend lives far away, both parents dead, the ex is a nightmare. I know it’s time for prayer, and probably antidepressants. I’ve even thought of starting some kind of “lonely hearts club”, and maybe reading all of these responses on this forum will help me to decide to do it. Why should so many people be out there, feeling lonely, if we can befriend one another?

  167. Illinois

    I relocated for a job two months ago with my little girl and left behind my family and a great group of friends. Now, not only do I hate my new job but I don’t seem to be connecting on a social level with the people I work with so I’m beginning to get really lonely and I don’t know anybody here. My daughter has made a couple friends with some of the other kids in daycare so that’s wonderful for her. After she goes to bed at night I sit in our crappy little apartment and cry. I’ve tried taking her to the local parks and pools and she jumps right in and starts to play with the other kids but when I try to engage the other parents in conversation they give a perfunctory answer and then go back to whatever they were doing previously. I seriously just want to quit this job and move back even though I’m only 2 months into a year lease.

  168. Jessica

    I’m lonely. It’s really hard to get up in the morning. I wish I have someone there beside me. Someone who won;t judge me for who I really am.

  169. IA

    I was legally separated in 1984, divorced in 1987, and raised two children alone. I was a working single parent. My daughters were 3 and 6 months when my husband left me for a pretty little thing half my age. She looked like Marie Osmond, he said. After that hurt and betrayal, it took over 20 years for me to realize that I am a pretty woman myself. There were always lots of men interested in me all along, and some still are. Now I am 61, retired and disabled, and men are still interested. One man takes me to dinner on a regular basis and another visits regularly and helps me with everyday stuff and with my grown daughters and their families. The ex also comes around and helps me help our daughters and grandchildren too. So life goes…on and on.
    My oldest daughter aged 31 is married and living a thousand miles away. The other daughter, aged 28, has been going through a family crisis the last 11 months, with her two children and partner gone, so she has been here at my place 80% of the time, and so much in need of everything. I helped her with rehab, finances, letters, meetings, appointments, to get her two children back from care. I helped her get the police-laid charges against her partner dropped so soon he may go home to her and help her with the children. Now I hope to get my life back. We will all know on Friday after court.
    My usual life is being alone, solitary, with no calls or visits. Although I have many relatives, they just come over or call me when they want me to DO something – letters, income tax, fix pictures, drive them some place, etc. Starting this year I suggested that they pay me something for my accounting services, $10 to $50, just a sign of goodwill and to help me with my office expenses. My relatives are good people and are happy to pay me now, especially because they know I am on a fixed work pension.
    At this stage of my life, I HATE responsibilities. I HATE phone calls and knocks on the door, because it is always someone WANTING something. I raised a family on my own, worked hard as an accountant and a computer network admin for over 35 years, now I want to enjoy myself and to do NOTHING.
    I have no close friends except for two sisters who are usually busy with their own lives. It has been over 25 years since I had a friend to go shopping with, to go to art shows, have coffee with, etc. It has been over 15 years since I had an intimate man friend.
    It took from age 36 to 56, about 20 years, to get used to doing EVERYTHING alone. Now I find I am okay and even prefer to do things alone. No one to rush you, no one to say “Let’s go, I don’t want to be here”. I can do what I want, when I want, and take all the time I want to do it. I am not embarrassed anymore going alone anywhere, example to a dance, a concert, a movie, the casino. Would I rather have someone to do these things with? No, not now. It is not worth it to me to have a husband/partner now. There are many men who have been interested in me over the years, but at my age the men are all from the old school – you have to cook, shop, clean for them, remind them to take showers and to shave, etc., almost like a mother or a babysitter does. I would rather enjoy the health I still have, enjoy a beautiful sunny day, then have to see to another person’s needs even if he IS a loving partner.
    I will skip romantic love, trade it for freedom from responsibilities. All you young women out there – do not became slaves to your families or your partners. Do stuff that will MEAN something after you die. Get a hobby, learn to paint or something, do family history and genealogy (which I do) to leave for your children, fix and label family pictures (name, date, location), travel (I went to New Zealand for 10 days a while back), do lots of things that will MEAN something to your family after you are gone.
    Yeah, having a husband for 10 years and then he leaves you for someone half your age means a waste of 10 years of time, money, and other resources – the wasted time of cooking for him, making sure he has the clothes he needs, typing resumes for him, etc. Then off he goes with a pretty young thing, EVERY TIME. And leaving you with the responsibilities and the bills of raising his family, if you had children with him.
    I know from experience now that pretty young things mean 1,000 times more to a man than all your love, loyalty, dedication, trustworthiness, etc., ever will. I have seen that in all my 60 years among my friends and relatives and in my case too. 95% of the women I know around my age, if they are not widows, are alone because their husbands left them and took up with someone else younger. So be happy alone and take care of yourself and your heart and your feelings. Partners, male or female, are not worth sharing your time and secrets with. They are not related to you so therefore they are not stuck with you, whether you are married or not.
    In fact, ex-partners will use your secrets against you when they leave. Keep your secrets secret, especially secrets about your blood relatives, your real family. Protect your blood relatives from your boyfriends/partners. Blood relatives are around you from birth until the day you die. They are the ones who are going to bury you, wherever you want to RIP. They will not leave you or divorce you. Relatives usually love you unconditionally (unless there is a schism/other problems in your immediate family).
    Even your children, although they are blood relatives, do not show much love for you for decades. They are a lot of work as babies and as youngsters, they hate you sometimes spitefully in their teens, and they forget about you in their 20’s unless they want money. By the time they slow down, settle down, become independent, look around, and realize how much they love you, you are at death’s door with heart disease, diabetes, etc., or you are dead already. I am not saying to give your kids a rough time. I am just saying to understand how things are, to love them anyway, and to BELIEVE that you are loved and important to them because you are, although they will rarely show that love while you are still alive.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am not regretting anything. I am just stating what I have seen happen to hundreds of people around me over the last 50 years. It is just that, if I had to do it over again, I definitely WOULD NOT. Hindsight is 20/20 they say. I always thought in my head, not out loud, that the older people should have told me when I was young, that I do NOT have to get married, to live with a partner, or to have kids. They should have told me that I could stay alone, pursue other interests, hone any skills I might have, travel, etc., and contribute in some other way to the world. Oh well, I guess I at least helped the world by paying income and property taxes all my life, ha ha. That’s something.
    Some people ask me – how could you have done all this in your life, all alone? Well, I slipped and fell a few times, picked myself up and carried on. A few of my accomplishments encouraged me. My siblings helped me, encouraging me when I was down, reminding me that I am important to them. My parents too helped me a LOT when they were still around many years ago. In my 20’s, a psychiatrist gave me therapy and pills for a while. Then I discovered the Bible and went to Bible studies and church for a number of years. Then I discovered 12-step self-help groups, and spent nearly 15 years in there with strangers, learning how to live. I also did a lot of volunteer work, with charity organizations, political organizations, religious organizations, visiting hospitals and prisons and the like. And of course my jobs kept me busy with travelling across the country and my little family kept me busy. But in more recent years, after a massive heart attack eight years ago that stopped me in my tracks cold, I sat on my heels and then decided to do stuff that I had always wanted to do before I died. So these past five years I have been doing just that.

  170. Angela

    I am so lonely. I was married for 12 years and we had two children. We’ve been separated for over a year and he has moved on with someone new. I had been talking to a man I met online for a few years, just as friends, but we knew there was something more…long story short we fell in love and he relocated 9 hours to be with me. It was blissful, he proposed to me on my birthday…we were inseparable. Then, he lost his job due to no fault of his own, my freelance career went under, and we got evicted from my apartment.

    After that, we moved into a very small home with my family. This ruined things in a big way. We both found new jobs, and he has become a workaholic. We found an apartment to rent and are supposed to move in next week. There have been arguments and issues between us and also between us and the family so he moved to his boss’s property where he is staying until the lease is signed. He works 7 days a week, as many hours as he possibly can. We were supposed to see each other today and he calls and says he has all this work to do and I said, so when will we see each other again, and he said maybe tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow. I have caught him in lies, forgiven him, done everything I can to work things out and now he is putting his job first. And, he is a mama’s boy. His job comes first, his mother comes second and I am somewhere down the list.

    His mother and daughter are coming to visit for a week soon, and sometimes I wish they would persuade him to go back home so I could have the apartment for myself. I love him, but lately I am not happy and I feel ignored and abandoned. I am tired of being lonely. Because of him and his jealousy I have no friends and no social life. That was fine when we spent a lot of time together, but now I’m depressed, sad and so very lonely. I think that a happy, fulfilling relationship might not be in the cards for me and I just need to accept that.

  171. Annie

    Well ladies I feel the same. I am a college graduate who cannot seem to find a job in my field of Information science and Technology. I have a five month year old who is breast feed so he is really whiny all the time and very needy and I have a three year old who a has a speech problem and a little delay in learning due to the fact he was born 33weeks (due to me developing high blood pressure). So I still have to do a lot for the both of them like changing pampers, clothes etc….So to get on the topic of feeling lonely I am married but my husband work third shift, go to school right after he gets off work then straight to sleep to repeat his routine Mon-Fri. So throughout the week I am alone with the kids. Then on the weekend he goes out with his friends leaving me once again in the house by myself even though he claims I am sleep when he leaves. But he is sleep throughout the day from working Friday night and partying Sat night. I never really had a lot of female friends and the one I do have move to Florida this year so I have no friends here in WI. Making new friends are very hard for me because truthfully I do not have the time or energy and when I have tried in the passed a lot of them turn out to be fake and envious of my life (lol I know). My male friends I keep at bay because my husband has insecurities with me being friends with guys so that cut out that social part of my life. I guess I feel depress and lonely lately because this is not the life I picture for myself. I am a social bug and enjoy being out and about and thought I would be this woman making money and having a wonderful family to back me up. But know day I catch myself being the one backing everyone else up and me on the other hand being put on the back burning. But I keep pushing on telling myself that it’s going to get better for me financially and emotionally once my husband did with school, and I find a job where I can have some type of social life with adults and we are making the money where that help peoples relief stresses like shopping, vacation, spa or paying for a baby sitter so I can go out on the weekends.

  172. patty

    I am now 47 years old, and feeling very lonely lately. I know that this could be the beginning of what you would call “mid-life crises, but I am alway feeling depressed and sad. I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful daughter, but I still feel very empty inside. I have just lost a very dear friend a couple of days ago, and this has taken me much deeper into my depression. Since I was a young girl, I have alway been closer to people who were/are much older than myself, many of whom that were in their 60s, 70s and even 80s, so now that they are dying, I feel empty and lost like I have no one to talk to any more. I don’t like death,and so I don’t accept dying very well. I cry and mourn for days, months, even years. I feel sad and lonely and miss my friends tremendously. I do have friends my age, but there is something that is different about being friend with the elderly. the ones I know are down to earth, they can relate and have lived a long life to advise you when something is questionable. I MISS LANCE SO VERY MUCH AND WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER HIM….I PRAY THAT HE IS AT PEACE AND THAT HE IS WITH THE CREATOR RIGHT NOW. thanks for giving me the opportunity to express my feeling on this site.

  173. Anonymous

    i moved to the uk 8 years ago,leaving all my friends and some of my family behind.ive moved on with my life but even though i have a boyfriend that loves me dearly,when he’s not with me i feel very very lonely.i miss my friends very much.apart from him i don’t have anyone to talk to and i miss having girly talks and ask for advice and having a shoulder to cry on when things get hard (or if me and my bf have an argument)he goes out with his friends and i have to stay at home because i got no one else to go out makes me a stronger and more person but its really really hard.

  174. What is wrong

    Well – there sure seem to be lots of lonely people about – so I wont mind if I join the club. Yep, I am lonely and I dont know why? Is it because I’ve hit the mid 40’s and the dreaded change is looming or am I just becoming some miserable old woman? I have a great husband and 2 fantastic kids and I’m not lonely when they are around – but when the house is empty, I just want to cry. I have no energy, no enthusiasm to do a thing when I’m alone. On good days I can muster up energy to exercise and watch the clock tick and wait for the bus to arrive home from school and on bad days, I snap at everyone -even though I dont want to- my patience is very thin and I’m tired all the time. My hormones are everywhere. Geez, i hope there is a medical excuse for all of this – because I hate what I’m experiencing.

  175. B

    I tend to normally feel pretty empty. Inspiration is quite fleeting as well as motivation. If I didn’t have a child I would’ve offed myself a long time ago, yet I stay, I guess, for him. I have all of my eggs in one basket. I do know that this emotion, this sensation will pass, yet when it gets as intense as it is tonight, it gets hard to move through. I feel like I was put on the wrong planet.

  176. Anonymous

    even i feel very lonly…………. my husband goes to work n i am all alone at home.. i hav moved to dis country aftr mariage from india…… hav no frnz in dis gulf… i dont knw m totally depressed…… taught to go for job, but not getting any…….

  177. A

    Yes, I feel lonely. Im a girl, 28 years old and broke up with a 5 years old relationship 3 months ago. He left me for another girl and I feel like crap. We lived together, now I live by myself and I work from home so Im alone all the time. Friends come a visit but it’s not enough. I need a companion, a boyfriend but Ive been hurt so much Im afraid I have a shell around me now. I try to entretain myself, I go out a lot, but nothing works, because in the end I come home and Im still alone 🙁

  178. kathmills

    Im lonely. Ive been on my own for tooooo long. Its not that Im not an attractive women, I believe I am kiND and loving, its just that my relationships never last more than 3 years.All I do is work. Well you have to do something to be usefull. I just get tired, I would love to have somebody just for me.I want to giveaand receive love, however it never seems to work. Im not young any more, and time is running out ! Yes I can be on my own, Im good at it by now, but its not what I want. I wnt to share my life! I think Its sad, I have so much to give.

  179. Anonymous

    Yes I feel very lonely! I just recently had a miscariage last May and broke up with my boyfriend three months later!!!! It hurt really bad but im over him.Im only 19 and I think of my life as half empty, especially since my loss it just made everything worse! Sometimes I feel like there is a big empty space in my life and i think of trying to have a baby all on my own. I keep my self busy all the time by going to school full time and working a full time job. when i get home is when im most lonely because i tend to start thinking about my pregnancy and what could have been. I feel like if i had someone that i could air out to about what im feeling would be nice but i dont have any friends or family i can talk to about my situation. know one that i know has gone threw what i have and i hope they dont ever have to! <3 Hope to hear feed back from anyone that also has recently suffered a loss.

  180. TheCrusher

    Yup, working on the lonely side of things. Both kids are driving and working now. Hubby is working two jobs. He would rather work himself to death so he can buy everything he wants and what I say I want but really don’t.
    I tell him I would rather he work less and buy less but that part he won’t listen too. The not listening to what I really want is what makes me feel lonely, worse than the kids not being home much.
    Yes I work to, I make really good money and I am the only woman I know that can go shopping for a whole day and come home with nothing but a receipt for a drink and a snack.

  181. anonymous

    I have a loveless marriage and that is the worst kind of loneliness. It feels like I’m trapped in hell. I have so much love to give and I want a good man who will love me back, warts and all. I get crushes on other men, but I have never had an affair. I feel very empty inside.

  182. Idontknow

    I don’t know what to do anymore. I feel so lonely that I’m going crazy. I live away from my family and I have a bf here but it doesn’t even feel like I’am in a relationship. He is so busy all the time that he is emotionally unavailable. To get his attention I bring up fights all the time and he gets so annoyed with me. I dont blame him hes just really busy but really..cant he even take 5 min out to talk to me? Iv got friends but i obviously cant see them all the time. I hate my life and everytime in in my room i cry my eyes and and wish some1 would just talk to me.

    With some of my friends I always feel like i need to prove i fake happiness and laughter just to be more fun to be around. Im going crazy.

  183. Am the lonliness

    Yes i feel lonely sine four year when i moved to a new country to work. Am forty three years old lady and i live with my two sisters who are not in a good frienship with me so we are not spending alot of time together. I had very bad marriage which lasted for one year. Am terribely lonely at work and for the rest of the day..this made me depressed and am eating all the time and continuously gaining weight.. Am scared that i will die from overeating.

  184. Anonymous

    Yes, I am lonely almost everyday and jealous of my husband. We have been together for several years. I don’t have kids. Can’t have. He is older than me. We moved to another country and i don’t have any friends. My husband goes to work. I stay home do nothing. I looked for jobs no one hires me because of my English. So I stay home wait for my husband and I am so jealous of his work people. I feel so lonely. I love him so much, I don’t want to lose him. I don’t what to do. I want to go my home country but I don’t want to leave him alone because I am jealous.

  185. Anonymous

    I am so lonely. I am married with 3 kids and have no job. All the kids are in school and I am alone. I don’t have any close friends and feel like I never fit in. What is wrong with me that I can’t be happy like everyone else?

  186. The lonliest of the loney

    YES I FEEL ALONE ALLLLL THE TIME. My husband works out of town anywhere from 5-13 days at a time. He had a 6-7 month affair on his last trip working out of town. It was a year long job. Its been almost 2 years now and i cant get over it. He doesnt pay me the attention that he paid her ( i know and saw and read wayyyy too much ) and it really kills me. I beg for that attention….although i am NOT doing what he did… I am activly looking for attention elsewhere. He has said he was sorry but i do NOT think he is sorry for the affair… Hes sorry i found out is all….I think NO ON IN THIS WORLD understands me and he for sure doesnt understand me… we have 2 children 13 & 17 and right now I HATE HIM……

  187. Anonymous

    I am married and have a child. I am from a different country. so I have no family here. I feel very lonely even though my child and husband is around. I am always busy with job, child and work at home. If I get sick, I have to deal with it and my husband doesn’t say any caring words. It seems like I should always be doing the same thing everyday and go to bed tired. I talk to my little child all the time and that’s it. My husband never like to have a chit chat with me, He is either busy at computer, TV or something that is not helpful for me.

  188. simone

    Yessss I feel all alone! married for over a year but we’ve been together for 7 yrs and we have two young kids. I work parttime and he works all the time. I feel guilty sometimes because I know he pays the majority of the bills but I am left stuck doing everything! Kids, cleaning , paying bills, grocery shopping, frequently by myself. When he does come home from work he either sleeping or playing video games. While on left to deal with it all on my own. I’m bored and I feel I am raising these mid on my own. I’m at my wits end!

  189. invisible woman

    I always call myself the the invisible woman..Only because I feel no one ever notices me. I’ve been married for 3 years now and I thought being married would change things. you know comeplete the family. Only did I think it would just go down hill from here. My husband now seems that anything I have to say or do has no meanning since we have a 12 yrs diffrence. And alway refers to me as one of our children..Never wants to go anywhere with me or be seen with me. Its been a couple months that we don’t sleep in the same bed. I don’t sleep there cause i’m soo hurt… and it don’t bother him that I don’t. And I think he rather have it that way..I really regret marriying an older man we just have nothing in common and I still have alot to live. I feel he just wants me to take care of the children. Nothing else….Which is my job. But i am lonley cause the person I want to notice me and give me respect won’t my husband. He makes me feel soooo unwanted and invisible.

  190. A Person

    I am a mother, working woman and a wife. I am 31 years old. I am lonely. I love both my parents who are late. My mom and dad divorced when I was 6 years old. My dad was an alcoholic and beat my mom all the time. I remember one day. We were visiting my gran on the farm and I heard my mom scream from inside the house. I was about 5 years old. I ran to help my mom. When I got into the bedroom I saw my dad strangling my mom. I did not know what to do so I ran towards my dad and bit his arm just so he would let go. He let go. The abuse went on for so many nights and days thereafter. My mom eventually left my dad. We were 4 kids. She got custody of all us four. Life was hard for my mom. She raised four kids without the assistance of my dad, welfare or family. After my mom and dad divorced I saw very little of my dad. He would visit my mom at work and I would say hello to him. On the day that he passed away, he asked if he could see me but I was too embarrassed to go to him. He was hit by a taxi and died of internal injuries that day. I will never forgive myself for what I did that day. I love my father. My mom started drinking very heavily after that. She got herself a boyfriend and fell pregnant with his child. The baby was born when I was 9 years old. He was a boy. My brother and I loved him. She would leave me to baby sit him while she went out drinking and clubbing. I looked after him so well when she was away. I loved him so much. His name was Alistair. The sweetest child I ever knew in my life. My mom drank so much. I became the mother to her and my brother. I was only 9. My 2 elder sisters and brother were in boarding school so that left me alone at home to attend to everything that would happen. When my mom did not drink she was quiet, lonely and a different person. Drinking brought out a wild side to her. She started to loose weight and became very ill. She was hospitalised. At that stage my eldest sister was out of school and had a job. My mom passed away when I was 15 and Alistair was 6. My sister became the legal guardian of Alistair and I. Alistair became very ill. He passed away from AIDS at the age of 13. I was 21. He asked for me on his death bed but I was not there. I will never forgive myself for that. I fell pregnant at the age of 20, got married and stayed married in an abusive relationship for 10 years. I left him and found a guy who seemed to love me. We are married and have 2 girls together. He loves my daughter as he loves his own kids. We recently opened a business and all his time and energy go on the business. I work so we have just the weekend in which to spend together. Between the kids, being a wife, work and the business I still manage to spend lots of time with my kids. I feel lonely. My husband and I argued the other day and he told me I think a a too good for anyone. He said alot of things that I cant even type them out because it hurts so much. I have 3 beautiful daughters. My 2 sisters stay very far from me. I have no friends, family or anyone I can talk to. I wear a mask. A happy mask. Everyone thinks I am always so happy. Only I walk in these shoes. Shoes of utter loneliness. I feel lost, alone, and useless. I think that my husbank is right. All the arguments are always my fault. I just want to belong.

  191. Anonymous

    I feel so lonely after having my second daughter my boyfriend can’t help me because he has back surgery so i do everything from waking up in the night to feed her cook do laundry feed the dog and he helps a little will change the older one sometimes will make me her bottle and clean the babies bottle that is it. I bath both babies and pretty much do every thing else and he plays video games all nigh long goes to sleep at 7 am sleeps till 1 pm or 2pm and goes back to playing his games or watches a little tv with me then plays his games I feel so lonely i don’t have to much friends and his friends come over all the time and have him play more games with him and i get stuck w/ both babies so tried from waking up at night to all the feedings and when i ask him to feed the baby he gives me this look because he doesn’t like to feed her or change because she is so small i don’t know what else to do I m just feeling so sad all the time and he always chooses his brother or friends over me and talks to this girl online like he loves her but said he doesn’t he talks to her like that and feels bad for leading this girl on but i don’t believe him the way he writes her kills me i don’t know what to do anymore feel like im not good enough anymore

  192. Ellen

    My parents should have just called me lonely girl. I was so shy growing up I had a handful of friends. High School the same thing. I worked at K-Mart and I get tons of friends to hang out with and then I met my husband and all of a sudden my friends deserted me like once you are in a relationship you are off limits. I am no married for 25 very, very, very lonely years. My husband lives like he is single and tons of friends….I have no one. I have a married 26 year old daughter who has a life of own her, but me….nobody and I’m still not the type to go and look and say “will you be my friend?” I’m not working right now something my husband never lets me forget. I have no sex life, he rather look at porn then lay a finger on me. if my parents weren’t still around, I wouldn’t be here either. I have no life. I have no friends. I live like a hermit while my husband is out living like he is single. he goes on motorcycle trips for 3 days or longer and never tells me aobut it until the day he leaves or the night before. He doesn’t even have a second seat where I could go. I’m not ugly at all, but just a tad overweight and I have been working on it. But he married me 25 years ago and he was so head in heals over love. I am not one of those nagging wives…I cook, and clean and take care of this 800 sq. ft. house which has so many things that need to be fixed up but he said he doesn’t care and as long as nothing happens to his hockey equipment. We have a basement that leaks and have the money to fix it, but he doesn’t want to because his hockey equipment is staying dry. Is he doing all this hoping I’d move out and maybe he is seeing someone as he goes to his favourite bar where all the hot waitresses work. he goes there 2 to 3 times a week. I don’t even get an allowance but apparently these waitresses get a big tip from him all the time. I’m too scared to ask him for money so I go to my 83 year old parents. I’m having no luck in the job department. This city is so hard to find a job unless you want to catch chickens or deliver the newspaper….even MacDonalds isn’t hiring. i wish I could find a friend to talk to with similar problems or someone who call tell me what I should do.

  193. loner

    Well… it´s been 7 months since my last post… yes, I’ve spoken my mind in this site once before.
    After reading what I wrote those months ago, I just feel so sad. Not much has changed since… and at the same time, many things are different in my life.
    I got a new job, an amazing job, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I dated this guy for a few months in between. He was sort of nice, he worshipped me and tried to impress me. A real gentleman. But I got tired of him. Just tired. One day I looked at him and decided that he wasn´t good for me. That I didn’t like him anymore.
    So I just disappeared.. I stopped answering the phone whenever he called.

    And that was it. WHY DO I KEEP DOING THIS??????? I feel so lonely right now… alone on a saturday night reading about loneliness. I just can’t open up to anyone..

    I wish I knew why I am this way.

  194. hopeless

    I feel lonely, sad about everything. I don’t know how to make changes and,feel different to make,myself feel better. I always wanted one,just one,person to confide in and feel safe with. I feel like I never will and I get overwhelmed by life, even simple things overwhelm me and I feel that I can’t,handle them. I can’t take things on stride at all. My family nfcer listens, they judge me and make me feel terrible about myself. They but me down rather than support and care. I just want someone,to talk with that wants to gear me talk. That responds to me. Why didn’t he do that? I cared about him and,lived him as much as I could and if wasn’t enough. I’m never enough for someone. I’m but superwoman. I can’t go buzzing around and doing everything in a house, work and raise children. Can I find a man who will understand that of,me? That will love me despite,my limitations? I had zo much hope in my 20s. Now….I feel a weight around,me,my entire body. I’m not free…I need,my freedom.

  195. Anonymous

    I have shifted to a new country and i am just not getting used to this new place. Everything is good, my husband is attentive, but sometimes he keeps going in the night which he never used to earlier and this really bothers me. I know we need to give space, but….. Also, to get used to a new house, new routine and not having a real friend to just confide in is very lonely. Its making me nag and i hate nagging… I have friends but not to whom i can just spill up my heart and I really miss that !!!

  196. Secret

    yes i feel lonely a lot
    it can be at random i have two boys and a husband but i still feel this missing love that i need. I guess its from not gavin my dad

  197. sara

    I’m lonely and sad. I have a good husband and three kids but feel like no attention is ever directed towards me or my ideas. I think that really its disappointment when I look around. When we moved into our house a couple years ago I had plans to make the walls pretty and hang up art I have and was really floored to get to decorate MY very own house!! We don’t have a lot of extra money even though we both are now working and it seems that any extra money just goes towards our van that constantly needs work or towards getting the other not running vehicle to work since it’s supposed to get great gas milage-but thats gonna be a work in progress. Since things have been tight I have sacraficed by not buying make-up,perfume,clothes or any beauty poducts period except soap and shampoo. I have a house full of boys and feel overrun. I’m always wiping poop off the toilet,running after my toddler redirecting my 8 month old and trying not to have a nervous breakdown over out 9 year old who never listens(adhd) and seems to think its hilarious to play mindgames with me at all times and start powerstruggles. I love my kids dearly but loving them doesn’t make this sinking ugly feeling go away. My husband doesn’t get it at all. I love him very much but he gets real upset if I’m sad,takes it personally and then gets mad at me and blows up at me saying I make him feel less of a man because he should be able to do better and thats NOT AT ALL what I’m trying to make him feel or put blame on him. So I hold it ALL IN. I know now not to get excited about things I used to because it’s not going to happen. My hubby will always consider putting any extra money towards a car not me. Lol he wonders why I wont get my license and to me its obvious but I’ll never tell him. I get around fine without it first of all but we don’t have the money for an extra car or gas etc and when I had a family member gracious enough to pay thousands of dollars towards getting that car running my hubby actually told me that I won’t be driving it when it gets fixed cause I don’t have as much experiance as he prefers and if the car got damaged it would cost more then if I damaged the big van that has all kinds of weird things going on with it! He even said I was a good driver when I drove this old beat-up car for a month but I’m not good enough to drive his precious volvo for some ungodly reason. Him saying that just crushed me and that was a year ago at least. The walls in my house are still tan and white and no art hung since apparently the walls we have cant hold things I’m told. My hubbys business partner screwed up royally this year with the IRS and told my hubby he was paying payroll taxes but then didn’t!! The partner isn’t affected because his wife makes a lot of money and they still get to go on vacations etc. However our tax return money is now forfeited to the IRS and that means no vacation for the second year in a row,no fence so the kids can play in the yard outside and no paint for the walls etc. I’m so hurt and don’t even voice myself anymore-theres no point and he still can’t understand why I’m upset sometimes! Just wish I had some girlfriends to talk to but this small town keeps to itself no matter how hard I try which just makes me feel more defeated after awhile.

  198. Anonymous

    Yes, I’ve been feeling lonely quite often during the past 6 years. I went to a Catholic Elementary School from Kindergarten through 6th grade on the Indian Reservation where I live and I used to be close with just about everyone in class because our school was small and we all stayed in the same class all year long. With only 94 total students, we all knew each other very well. Then it all once I went to Jr. High School of the reservation. I was usually accustomed to being in a small school, but on my first day, I saw alot of unfamiliar faces! I had a hard time adjusting because it was so different (my first time riding a bus, eating in our own cafeteria, not wearing a school uniform, no religion classes, etc.) and I eventually lost my friends who had made friends with other students. 7th grade was the worst year of my life because I got in a fight, was constantly picked on the bus, and had the reputation of a weird freak (which I obviously wasn’t; I was just a kid trying to find a way to fit in like everyone else). 8th grade wasn’t much better. I literally had to defend myself and my siblings from the bad people (there was only 2 buses for the entire reservation and we had to fit 3 in a seat; lots of people weren’t considerate of the student’s feelings). My siblings were alright, but I found myself being betrayed by people who I thought were my “friends” and I started hiding in the bathrooms during lunch and I would eat in there so I would avoid everyone who talks about me or makes me uncomfortable. I had no one back then. I was even lonely on our end of the year Field Day and it was sad bcuz everyone was having fun doing different activities while I just sort of wandered around trying to look as if I was hanging out with people when I wasn’t. It didn’t look better in High School either. I had no friends to start of my freshmen year and I tried 2 ‘go out there’, but I had no luck. Heck, I was even asked out by this girl whom I met in Jr. High and we were friends, but she asked me after we started hanging out consistently in HS. I didn’t want 2 do so bcuz I don’t look at her like that. Anyways, I still hid in the bathrooms during lunch (I’m so lucky I didn’t get caught) and even had gross experiences where sumone wud stink up the stall while I ate my lunch and when I hid in the girl’s bathroom and this couple was having sex! So daunting. I luv basketball and I went out for the team, but everyone was so social way more than me and I couldn’t relate to them bcuz they wud talk about girls, sex, and those things that men talk about while I wud discuss sumthing different. I never played much HS bball bcuz I was shy and insecure. I’m not a total recluse; I know ppl, but we only talk casually. I transferred my sr. yr. to a HS 500 miles away from home and I lived w/ my aunt and uncle, grandma, and my cousins and it was tough being away from mom and dad. My dad lives in Alaska with stepmom; I lived with mom and stepdad most of the time…I met ppl at the HS, but I felt like making a big connection was impossible bcuz I was a sr. and every1 pretty much had their own groups that they know so well and I just felt like I was another speck of dust. I didn’t hide in the bathrooms anymore thankfully, but I didn’t play bball either bcuz I didn’t know wut I was getting myself into. It’s much easier to play basketball when u have friends and know people. I was depressed. When graduation came, I didn’t feel like I accomplished anything except graduating HS. I luved seeing my family there, but I didn’t feel a part of the school. I moved back in my old home this past summer bcuz of family issues regarding my cuzin’s frequent runaways in which I sort of helped her during it (her dad controlled what she did, went, and even tried living with her when she was playing college bball) bcuz I knew she wanted independece, so I felt like I was kicked out when in reality things weren’t safe for me there anymore :(…I’m currently taking 2 gap years so I can train to prepare for the Junior College Men’s basketball team and also think about what I’m gonna do with the rest of my life; I’m also trying to look for a part-time job, but still unsuccessful so far. I live in a remote place on the reservation, so I usually train alot and do what I can 2 support my family whether its cleaning or fixing things. But I’ve just been feeling lonely lately. IDK if ppl think I’m boring. I’d rather train than go out to the movies on a Friday night (bball doesn’t last 4ever u know) and I’m very disciplined, but I just feel lonely. I don’t want 2 tell anyone about my past; they’d just hate me and think I’m a freak if they found out who I really was. I know that was so long of a story, but I cud go on and on about it. However, right now I’m just appreciative of nature and all the improvements I’m making with my training :). I do need a friend tho. That anime show Kekkaishi is so touching, I feel like I’m friends with the characters 🙂

  199. Fran

    I feel lonely and empty all the time. I am middle aged with no family or support network, and although I still hope to meet someone and get married, I know it might never happen. I keep wondering what is wrong with me, why has noone wanted to spend their life with me? Life feels like an emotional wasteland and the effort just to keep going is so immense, as I feel that I am running on empty all the time. I do online dating and go out socially, but never meet anyone I ‘click’ with.

  200. Nobody

    Yes… Sad part is I’m married and have 2 teenage girls!! I just feel lost and alone my husband does nothing except play on the net and play video games or watch TV. I go to bed before he does he stays up and plays games then comes to bed extremely late usually I’m asleep!! We both work first I get home at different times , but either as soon as he gets home he gets on his laptop, games system or watches TV. I feel as though I no longer have a companion his first priority is what he wants to do!! Believe it or not I can start cleaning house and literally clean around him and he doesn’t offer to help like I’m the flipping maid!! Today I just went out by myself and sat at the park and found myself in uncontrolable sobbing!! I’m beginning to feel so I unattractive and unwanted!! I’m not the best looking girl, but Im average and petite. So now I find myself looking at the mirror in disgust!! I’m starting to hateyself and feel I just wish it would end or stop or something I don’t know how much more I can take!!! I don’t have any real family I can turn to when Iarroed him I thought he was my family and my kids! I cant tell my kids how I feel!! There is souch anger, but yet all I can do is cry! I know I have given up!!!!! We have had these discussions before and yet here we are again!!!

  201. Anonymous

    Must be something going on in America. Married and extremely lonely on a typical day, feel like I’m going through the motions all too often. Two kids. Connect extremely well with the kids, but that’s more of a mentoring relationship. “BFF” Spouse is giving in many ways, but somehow doesn’t really know me after 11 years. Doesn’t have the patience to listen to anything I have to say (and I have good stuff baby!). I listen to spouse everyday and am supportive but somehow it’s not reciprocal. Have four great (real) friends from childhood, luckily we see each other once a year for a weekend. Typical day when the kids aren’t around is completely lonely. Four nice neighborly girls live next door. They’re in their 20’s. I really feel like we should all just sit around together more often for dinner with the kids and laugh and giggle about this strange thing called life, but my spouse doesn’t like company. I need non-judgmental conversation with people my own age! Maybe we all need it on a daily basis since that’s what we all did in school up until kids come along…. Computers are part of the problem in my mind. People need to be able to actually talk for real, just like humans have been doing for thousands of years!

  202. Anonymous

    i feel find when at work… but once i leave my office, the loneliness strike with no mercy… weekend is not my favorite days any longer…. im single and doesnt have closed friend at all… what amazed me was reading the comments given bh married persons and they still feel lonely….

  203. Anonymous

    I feel lonely when I living in reality. When I read books or watch good movies, I am perfectly satisfied with my life. Then, I snap back to reality and I am alone.

  204. Pat

    I am in my fifties,divorced, a nurse, and I feel lonely all the time,. I raised two beautiful daughters who both moved to Cal. and are very happy there. They dont really need me anymore so I dont hear from them very often except the obligatory holiday’s birthdays etc. I see other families that stay together despite aging and distance. I dont know what Im doing wrong. I have given everything I can to them and love them very much, but we are slipping away. I dont want to impose on them, they have their own lives. But I feel so lonely and out of place. I am staying with my sister right now due to a family illness, and her children resent me being here. Good god dont know what Im doing….

  205. George

    I feel so loney and sad every day when I watch my friends on facebook have a joyus time of their lives. Pictures of their adventure, get togethers, and trips. I always wished I had that kind of life. I moved into the city when I found the right time to move out and go to college. My family are poor so I have pay for my own to college. I anticepated how the real world was going to be, but I didn’t expect it to be too harsh. I lost my job just within 5 months of moving in. Of course I didn’t want to go back as a failure, so I made some sacrfices and made it through. I had to give up my phone entirley and did not have internet for a few months. I still don’t have a phone, but got my internet back. Throughout the 2yrs I’ve tried many times to get back in touch with my friends on facebook (other ways too), but many do not reply back to me, even when they are online! If I do get a hold on one of them they make small talk and never invite me to do anything with them. Even, some friend I konw that do live in the same city as me. I’m yelling at the top of my lungs that I’M AM HERE I EXIST!!! It so hard to make new friends here. I’ve had so much friends back home and I was a very socible person, most of my friends moved and are not even that far from me. I’m still in school and I’ve seen most of my friends graduate. It makes me sad that I have not because college is so expensive. I’m always broke. I look at their photo album and see all the fun things they have done throughout their college. I haven’t done any of that and with what friends who I do it with? Why don’t my friends contact me? Why do they ignore me? I haven’t left the city in 2yrs and I’m getting sick of it. I want my friends back, I want to exist. I feel like I’m always the last one to arrive…..

  206. Sami


    I really feel so lonely. I have a precious child and she is 10 yrs old. She is the only reason of living. I cry almost every night after she goes to bed. I work very hard to provide for me and for her. I have been single mother for almost 9 years now. The x-husband is not realiable when it comes to child support. I don’t push him too much, he pays whatever he wants and when he wants. I have two jobs just to pay the daily bills. I have a B.S. degree and I work at times as a linguist analyst. Every thing become dull and difficult in spring of 2002 when I lost my sister. She was my best friend and she was like a mother to me. I would like to get married if I meet the right person…..I am also not getting younger. I am from another country and I count my blessings when I see how they live the rest of the world specially where I used to live. Life is a journey, it is better when you know your distination but I feel like I am a merry-go-round and I can not comprehend which exit to get off.

    I am very kind and almost help anyone I know who needs help, I would give someone the last penny and the more you are kind to people I am discoverring that lots of people tend to take advantage of kinder people.

    My only thing is to find someone who is loving and giving like me, someone who can be a father figure to my child, someone who can stand up for me and someone who can make me number one in his life. My ex never cherish me like I was suppose to. But I am over now. Please God help me to have the courage to face another day!

  207. MaryAnn

    Everyone feels lonely these days. It is hard to connect with others and form those close friendships we need to thrive. It is complicated by the fact that we are busy trying to make a living, taking care of our children and/or spouses and fufill obligations.

    I have moved alot over the last twelve years, and I have no close friends. I am grateful for a loving husband and my children, but I have no one to lean on outside of this.

  208. Rhonda

    I moved a year ago from California to Florida.I left my kids and grandkids to move with a man. Who is 20 yrs older than me. I am 48, he is 68, not that age matters, but now I am feeling old, sad, lonely and I just want to go home. I miss my family terribly and don’t know what to do. Most of the time I am also scared and feel like I am going to die. As stupid as that sounds to me. I do. The man I am with does not get it at all. He is one of these people who doesn’t share his feelings anyway, so to him I just need to get over it. I’m at a loss and really done with Florida. the thing is I left my job and everything I had to come here. I have nothing to go back to, except my kids and I am happy to do so, but I am scared. I am lonely. Does this make since.

  209. Anonymous

    Yes I feel so lonely it gets so depressing. I am married and have kids, although my marriage is not the best, I have my kids and the rest of my family that is very supportive. Yet I cant express myself to anyone, because I feel like no one understands me. When I tried explaining to my husband, he completely shut me down, saying I exagerate. I hate this unexplainable feeling. And all i want to do is sleep through the feeling.

  210. Incognita from Sydney

    Yes I feel lonely all the time and I have since I was a little girl. I always had friends, not many but not one was a best friend forever kind and to this day I have no best friends to talk to. I have read some of the earlier blogs and it seems that there are many women out there who feel the same as I do. I am studying a doulbe degree in fine arts and for my final subjects I am using hte loneliness of a housewife theme as my project theme for my paintings. still how do you paint loneliness????
    I hope that for all of us who feel it that one day we can find a way out.

  211. Anonymous

    I felt bad until i read all the comments here!!! I too feel lonely, due mainlyt to issues from an abused childhood, and tw failed relationships. But reading all of this I think that rather than relying on someone to come knocking on your door, ye have got to get up and get out there. Join a club, church, volunteer – just go do it!!! seriously you will meet people and make friends – but it will only happen if you make yourself do it. Once you are fed up feeling the way you do, then you will get up and get moving on with your life!!! So stop feeling sorry for yourselves and start living your lives!!

  212. Anonymous

    Everyday that I wake up, I know it’ll be another day alone. I often have the thought that I’ll live the rest of my life this way, waking up by myself, and going to bed at night empty. There’s a space in my chest that hurts sometimes when I see how happy my friends are, especially my roommate and his girlfriend. They’re perfect together, exactly my ideal of what I hope to have someday, but I know that I’ll never find a girl or a boy that finds me interesting or attractive.

  213. Anonymous

    hey everyone i read most of the comments above and it made me feel a little better about my loneliness i was going to wright what makes me lonely and give you guys and gals my sad story but i no longer want to do that if were all lonely are we really alone maybe we should just keep our heads high and try to do something new even if we think we wouldnt like it we got nothing to lose only things to gain maybe ill go out this weekend i havent been out in over a year but what the hell i think ill go im only 23 years old but maybe you guys should try something new too sorta a fresh start i guess or maybe speek up and let yourself be heard and get some problems fixed if i was married and my wife wasnt happy with things i hope she tells me whats wrong so we could fix it and make sure you tell him ladys that its not him personaly that has to change you love him its just things he has to do to change its amazing watching people willing to change things that they do to better their love for each other i watch my brother and his wife do it all the time and maybe someday ill find the same well i guess thats all i have to say so talk to later and maybe were not alone in the universe after all

  214. lonely

    Hello I am from Polen so me english might not be so good. Sorry for that ahead. I feel very lonely always felt like this my whole live. I tried to reach out to people but could never somehow connect. It seems the few friends I have never have time. My phone hardly ever rings and sometimes 2 or more days passes without me speeking with a human soul.I am so angry that people do not seem to have the slightest interest in me and at the same time I am so sad. I do often think to commit suicide. More the once I stood in the bathroom with the robe around my neck, but could not gather the strength to kick the chair under my feet away. But in these dark hours I think suffocating for a few minutes its much less painful than this lonelyness. I do not know what I am doing wrong. I just do not want to be lonlely anmore. Oh god please help me.

  215. Anonymous

    Ive felt quiet lonely lately i feel so nervious at times i think i might have anxiety.i really dont have a best friend no more or no one to talk to or tell them how i feel inside. I had 2 bestfriends but they have kind of moved on to other people and it really sucks and still a teenager too. my problems are lame but i still feel lonely and sad lost and confused .My mother is very argumentive and i feel like i cant tell her anything without her trying to argue with me .and i really suck at relationships x.x too. I feel the lonliest when i just watch everyone around me walk around and i feel like im not there im just watching. but then i realize i am there and theres no one i can talk to or confide ,then i start realizing many things. thats when i feel the lonliest

  216. Sofia

    I just saw a page that said ‘I never feel lonely because my loneliness is my best friend’. I guess that’s how I cope. For me it’s the aggressivity in any form of others(even though some are beautiful people) that makes me run away from them. Admitting to loneliness seems to be the greatest sin and if it wasn’t for this anonymous page (thank you), I’d never even have been able to say that I am lonely.

  217. Renae

    I have been married for 15 yrs with a man who is very tolerable ( i say) of me, moods the depression over the years, feelings of low self worth and absolute lonliness! I have the big house, nice car, great body and pretty and i suppose everything you try to achieve but im alone and doesnt seem to change things! I have had these feelings since a small child. I do have friends but very few and I just want to break out and have fun with ppl who want to be around me but as hard as ive tried I think im a bit of a social retard and just dont know why ppl dont want to be near or do anything with me. Just dont seem to have what the other ppl have! Still lonely

  218. LM

    I feel lonely all the time!Some days its not so bad but others it terrible. I feel slighted, as if no one ever wants to get to know me love me or feel Im worth getting to know. I know what Im bout and I love myself but to have a companion with me seems to be out of reach,especially since I’ll be turning 28 in a few months and I can say I have not had one ounce of stability love life wise. I’m beginning to convincing myself that it is time I live with my state of loneliness and I’m too unique a girl to get someone. Worse, since my last encounter I have no desire for sex. Maybe I’m too traumatised or my poor heart is tired. I wish it would go away sometimes.

  219. jailyn

    Uh yes I feel lonely like all of you. I have a wonderful mom and step dad and dad and sister but I don’t have many friends or a boyfriend or a good friend. I’m fun and pretty cool. I just don’t get it! . I feel like I’m traped in a box I’ve been dealing with depression lately and I haven’t had anyone relate to me that I know. The only person I care about is my 2nd cousin hes an awesome friend. But I just feel like a lonely nut. My parents think I’m crazy becuz they fought I was suicidal. I don’t know why I’ve been bullied all my life and hurt many times. I don’t think anyone cares about me I’m just lonely inside and out.sad and depressed wish I could go to a happy place. Thanks from Jail.

  220. Anonymous

    Yeah I do feel lonely, a lot recently. I got married 10 months ago and moved an hour away from my family who I was really close to. 5 sisters and a brother, it was always fun and games, never a dull moment. I live with my inlaws but they don’t speak to me or my husband. I’ve not had the opportunity to make any friends here. I work daytime, my husband works night so we don’t spend a lot of time together. I miss my family so much and I hardly get to see them anymore because my husband doesn’t like to be left on his own when I go visit and he won’t go with me. I’ve never been this lonely before

  221. Anonymous

    I am very lonely I have no friends, no family that I communicate with and I am extremely miserable. I am very shy and never knew how to make friends. Its became so bad that I constantly think about suicide.. I dont know what to do.

  222. Anonymous

    Im 37 my son just turned 18. Im 300lbs with alot of health issues, mostly mental! I can’t seem to keep a job at all. My husband of 20 years has admitted to cheating on me several times. He works and pays all the bills but when he gets of work he stays out drinking and smoking weed. I beg him to spend time with me. He says he loves me every day but then says that im a stupid tn cunt and the sound of my voice just pisses him off. If I wasn’t such a bitch he might spend time with me. I don’t know what to do…. for some reason I do love him. No I don’t like him drunk and stoned. But he says its my fault that’s the only way he can deal with me. I can’t leave but can’t continue like this. Most night I go to bed by myself after being alone all night cry myself to sleep and pray I wont wake up. I don’t think im really that bad… I am fat im not tractive but I love! I cook and clean and take care of him…..why does he heath me so. Im so lonely hopefullyone day soon I just wont wake up!

  223. Anonymous

    Sometimes I feel so lonely I have 2 kids , my husband works 60-70 hrs a week. I am a stay at home mom. Sometimes, since he works nights I might see him for 1-2 hours a day. I feel cheated sometimes. I feel lonely sometimes and wish I could start over with someone else who would actually be at home for me & the kids, but I am 35 with 2 small children so here I sit

  224. Anonymous

    i am very sad , I feel lonely , I really want someone to love me , care about me ,listen to my feeling lovingly, what should I do?

  225. debbie

    DR. Ekaka I wanted to inform you of something. Okay, I currently live with my ex-boyfriend’s mom because her husband and my ex moved to South Carolina. Well, you performed the love retrieval spell for me. I work 3rd shift and when I came home this morning, my ex’s truck was in the driveway. I just got up and we chatted for a few minutes and he told me that he was moving back home. I just wanted to share this good news with you. Thanks. Your friend

  226. catiez

    I’ve always been lonely, eversince I was a kid, I’m the only daughter and I had 2 older bros. Since my mom died of cancer when I was 7, people on my neighborhood always looked at me as a poor weirdo, little lost girl, I ALWAYS HAVE TROUBLE making friends eversince in my childhood, Im 30 yrs old with a 7 yrs old daughter, jobless, I know my problem, i need to take action i just have no idea where to start, i have long distance boyfriend who support me. But Im living in unhealthy relationship…I have suicidal thoughts often, but i dont wanna die yet, i want to raise my daughter good so she wouldnt end up like me….i love her to death…shes the only one who keeps me alive

  227. Anonymous

    i agree with the issues raise by people here. because iam 8 weeks pregnant and my husband quit his job, and know staying home just good for nothing? there no source of income in my family and his mum, my mother in law, also support his son. i have been going through a lot of morning sickness every day but my husband even dont bother by force know nowing that i have previous miscarriages but for family support financial wise i have to work.and i am really feeling lonely and un loved by my in-laws sides.but i really thankful for my parents that they gives me some money for my transportation. please i need help.?………..

  228. Unknown

    Im a women were I never though I would be in a situation were I have no money to support myself and my two boys my boys are babies we live at home with my father I’m still with the boys father you would think life is good but it isnt I have put at least more than 20 resumes both online and in person nothing I’m taking cash assisance for kids I never have money for diapers and their father is always hard on me after everything I have done puting me last and him first and he stool brings up the pass talks to me like I’m a piece of shit. Wants to have sex with him everyday and the worse part I have to be high on dope do the sex can be good and I feel no pain pain I want to end this feeling between making me feel like crap never getting a smile or feeling thank you I feel brother like I never did and I feel lonely sometimes I wish the people around could disappear so I wouldn’t feel so empty and Alone to release this. Built up that I have been having for far to long

  229. alg

    Yes , I feel lonely all the time I have two great kids and four step children and I love them all but all they do is seem to just take and never have any repect for anyone. And like the one lady has said she eats to take away the lonelyness I believe I do the same. Ii eat because it makes me happy and my husband is a great provider but has hurt me tremdously in the past and I can’t seem to recover from that. I feel that there is no purpose for my being anymore! I used to be a very headstrong person. I never leave my house anymore I’ve pretty much locked my self here, and I have no clothes that fit anymore because I ate myself into this deep depression.

  230. New Zealand guy

    I am in love with my best friend. He is not in love with me other than as a friend. And now he is dating someone he cares about and I can’t bear it. I want him to be happy more than anything because I care about him but I wish there was someone to take care of me like I want to take care of him. I feel so sad and empty.

  231. cheah

    its already two years i stay alone in a rent room.i will go back when holiday.but at the end of the day,i feel so lonely and guilty.its hard for me to find a friend in my new place some of them are soooo pompous and always like to ignore when im asking them anything.(if anyone hv any idea for me to avoid feeling lonely please add me on face book.Chuan shirt.blakc glasses) im just 16

  232. Cindy

    HI,JUST After reading all your posts am really shocked to find out how many feel like me.That felt like this.But here is my thoughts to share with you all.i used to live somewhere else up sutton way moved to the north.been here a few years now and feel lonely.Last nite i was in tears as i had enough.I am divorced with a teenage boy who does his own thing.I have met someone else but i still feel lonely, as he spend time on internet at night mostly unless he is seeing me.I find it hard to make freinds here it is quite a culture shock for me.The last time i saw the bf was last week which dosent make things any better ither.its like i got to make an appointment to see him now.its like am second best now as family comes first now.i have been sitting on my own for 5 nights now and had enough.So yes am also lonely and bored.

  233. Anonymousy

    I am a newly wed in my 30s. Things are going on very well and now, my husband has to travel for 2 weeks and it drives me crazy that this actually upsets me.
    Consider myself quite independent for as long as I know, yet little did I realised I have developed such dependency on my husband. I hate to feel this way. I know how ridiculous it is for me to feel hollow and empty just because of a 2 weeks business trip my husband has to be away for, but the feeling doesn’t go away.

  234. Lonely mummy

    Yes constantly. My husband ignores me, rarely makes conversation with me as he prershis iPhone, his Xbox or anything but me. My daughter is stroppy and normal pre teen who constantly tells me I am fat, horrible and mean while my busband just laughs. I have no friends. I am crying typing this. My life is crap.

  235. Anonymous

    About 4-5 months ago I’ve started High School, and I absolutely hate it. I don’t go to the same school as all my old friends, but I guess they’ve already moved on with their lives. I have a few friends at school, but I don’t feel like I really connect with anyone… like no one really understands me. I feel really lonely because of that. I’ve always wanted a real best friend, a person who I could trust, couldn’t live without and vice-versa. It really makes me sad when I think about it, but I guess it’s my own fault for not reaching out to people really… I’ve just never been that kind of person, and I always feel insecure. It sucks.

  236. Sally sue

    I’m married and feel lonely all the time. Can’t say anything to the husband because it does nothing. He works all week and almost every weekend he is gone or in the garage messing with his freaking car! I’m so over it!!! If I mention it, he says I don’t know what I’m talking about, he is always home. Again when he is home he is in the garage. Not interacting with the family and I’m wrong for “making” this up. Now our kids are asking “where’s daddy?”, “why is daddy also messing with his car?”, “daddy’s never home.” Then when I let him know what the kids say all I get is “thanks for making me feel bad!” That isn’t my intent but that’s what I hear… So frustrating. We have been married almost 9 years and I’m ready to just walk away. I’m miserable, unhappy and tired of feeling like I don’t matter.

  237. Anonymous

    Im a 28 yr old single mother. Im not close to my family, dont have any friends. I attend church every week. I work full time and also a full time student. People confide in me often. I’m more of peoples friends but they are not mine. I dont like to get to close to people emotionally. I seem like the girl that has it all together and always happy. Deep down I’m not I’m so lonely. I wonder at times why God has not provided me with a spouse yet. I dont like to date because most men I meet are not good guys. I keep mysef together and very busy, however a lot of times I cry in my room wondering why I’m so lonely, why cant I meet guinuine loving and caring people.

  238. Sadma

    Anyone else aching with the loneliness of their lonely child? I cry for my teenage son, so good and so cute, he tries so hard to make friends and be friendly but he might as well be invisible at school. He’s not bullied but he is left out of everything. He has a mild learning disability but is such a nice kid it’s so sad! We’ve been here since preschool but a few of the alpha-moms immediately spread the word “he’s different” and he has a bad reputation to this day despite unlike their little darlins he’s never rude, a bully, or made trouble!
    He is active in numerous positive activities and a sport–still just has one real and genuine friend and he’s moving. He does everything you’re supposed to do to make more friends, he is kind, thoughtful, friendly, asks how was your try-out or how did you do on that math test etc. but he isn’t smooth, hilarious, crazy, or obnoxious like the boys who seem to have lots of friends. He has many acquaintances but just isn’t “cool” enough to be invited to anything and when he invites, they say they’re busy. And it’s hard seeing on Facebook that everyone else had people to have pre-prom parties with, or they’re having parties he’s not invited to.
    He has also tried to make friends with and get to know girls, especially girls who claim to be lonely (definitely not cheerleader, model, or popular types) and they quickly tell him soberly that they have a boyfriend, or “you know we’re just friends, right?” One younger girl did get together with him several times over two months but insisted on bringing her friends so he brought his friend. She ditched him too. I don’t know what he’s going to when his friend moves HELP THIS STINGS

  239. Donna Snowdon

    I’m a 34year old mum to 1 beautiful daughter aged 10.I have no friends nearby. I want to make friends locally.

  240. Anonymous

    So its my birthday, now I’ve never been one for big gathering so I don’t do so, after manny failed attempts to have smaller parties where no one would show these people are supposed tp be my friends, I gave up on even trying to “have” a birthday at all. My mother god bless her soul, remembers about every other year and when she does she may take me out to eat. My sister always remembers and calls for which I thank her as I really do appreciate that someone remembers and cares. I needed to go to the gas station I regularly visit and because I was so bored and lonely I hung out with the owner whom I talk to regularly. I have been sitting at home, alone, just like normal for years by myself. I find myself checkin fb and my sister trying to be nice had posted that it was my bday, one like. Wow, I feel special. If someone tells you sticks and stone blah blah, what a lie. It hurts to sit alone every day.

  241. Anonymous

    Truly way more than I’d like. I have a great husband and a beautiful baby boy, so I should be thrilled right? But I’m not… not really. Life isn’t the way I thought it would be, the way I dreamed it would be. Maybe I’m just “grieving” over what I hoped it would be like what I feel we missed. We’re supposed to be newlyweds but didn’t really get as long a time to just be he and I before our son was born. I wish he could understand how it feels to have people all around and feel out of place. I hope we can make things work because deep down there is a love we share, it’s just everything else that gets so frustrating.

  242. Kristin

    Hi I am 30 and have been married since 2005
    And we have 2 boys our oldest just turned 6
    and the other is 4 1/2 I have always felt lonely
    I really enjoy being with and spending time with my
    Family but have always longed for that best friend
    You can always just call or show up and any live
    Yes my husband is my best friend but I still always feel
    Lonely and longing for my true best girl friend
    I have had friends but no super special friendships
    That have been so strong that they have withstood
    The test of time and circumstance
    I’m praying that God might just send a special
    Lifelong friend my way ????

  243. Ritu

    I moved to a new country with my husband and 3 year old daughter 2 years back. I am 28..I am a housewife. I feel so lonely and depressed.. My husband goes to work almost 5 days for like 11 to 12 hrs.. He gets back home late night.. I miss my family and friends back home a Lott.. I can’t even describe.. Another loneliest part is I don’t understand the language spoken here.. I was a very happy girl before when I was in my country… Actually my way of thinking slowly changed when I got married.. I had just complete high school when I got married.. I dint continue my studies… Today I regret for all these… I never thought I would end up like this… I stay at home alone almost every time.. I have started hating everything.. I don’t like going anywhere .. I am just here in front of comp all the time.. Nothing to do nothing to think about..I love my daughter and husband too. But please help me how will I move on? Can a person on go on without family and old friends?

  244. Zack

    every minute of everyday since I was 13. never had a best mate! never had a friend I could trust. never told my secrets to anyone not that I dont want to its just couldnt find anyone whose interested in my stories. I always had to carry my own problems and sometimes others too. never could rely on anyone. Im almost 24 now and Im a complete failure. anything I touch turns to shit. I always try to be positive but it never works. People only want me for what I can do for them when I can do for them. Im not gonna kill myself but i fucking hate this world. Im sick of it so much that even though I knew dec 2012 was full of bull crap but I still was begging for it to happen.

  245. bbs

    I have been married over 25 years to the love of my life. I have worked full time constistantly while he had long stretches of unemployment. Now now that he is working he comes home and sleeps and needs to rest. Always wanting to know what is for dinner. Then he comes home to go to sleep. Yes I always make dinner then I sleep in the guest room. He doesn’t notice until he is hungry

  246. Jaci

    I feel lonely only after I give dating a try again. I am a busy single mother, run my own home based business AND home school my 2 girls. We have a little music hobby and enjoy that immensely. The reason I do get lonely is when I get my HOPES up that I might start having a friend , Male or Female, to do things with that we all enjoy, but a best friend… and one that will remain a friend… and want to do things with us. Why is that so hard?
    It is hard though.
    I just want a pal to do the outdoorsy things with. I suppose I could find ” groups” but I dislike being with a bunch of strangers or families with 2 parents, as it never seems to work out.
    So being kind of shy , invisible, and knowing that I am so special and loving yet so alone, I just turn back to God each time and figure HE must want me to learn things by being all alone.
    I just recently opened up to a friend and went on an outing, but he seems to not be calling now and to get my hopes up is almost like now I have to recover from that whole feeling of being unwanted again and again.

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