Do you ever call your spouse or children a name?

Have you ever called your spouse or children a name?  If so, what?  How do you feel afterwards?

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11 thoughts on “Do you ever call your spouse or children a name?

  1. Anonymous

    I have in the past… we’ve been together 17 years so we’ve had ups and downs and fights in the past. But I honestly try not to get mad to that point and would rather talk things out. But yeah I can call him a jerk or a-hole under my breath sometimes.

  2. Anonymous

    Yes, I have several times. I’d always feel horrible afterwards but then ended up doing it again. When I noticed that they had picked up my bad habit and I got a taste of my “words” I started to correct the behavior and no longer do it. No one wants to be put down by someone they love.

  3. Anonymous

    When I’m really pissed at my husband, I have been know to call him a nasty name to his face (“a-hole” or “jerk” comes to mind) but I don’t think I’ve ever called him a nasty name in front of the kids.

  4. Anonymous

    I call my hubby either “Pooh” (Mommy translation Big shithead) or PITA..My sons preschool teacher told me this one,

    I have a household of mommies little pitas. I have also called my kids Gommer (the dimwitted guy on Gommer Pyle) or Buttwheat, instead of Butthead. I got that one from Buckwheat, who was a smart, cute little guy on the tv show ???? GANG, (with Darla, Alfalfa, Spanky, etc) What is the name of that show@@@@@@@ .. For the life of me I can’t remember….

    When asked where I got Buttwheat, I tell them he is my favorite (he was) character on that dumbfounded, can’t remember the shows name, foohey, just like they are my favorite (enter childs name here) in the whole wide world. I usually just get a smile and when I call them Buttwheat, I still actually get a smile. Hee Hee, wait til they find out I called them that because they were being a butthead. I tell them his nickname was Buckwheat, I just improvised it a little, to make it my own.

  5. peeking in

    My husband was in the army before we married and, as he like to say, was to close to big booms on his left side so he doesn’t hear very well in that ear. So when I’m ticked at him I can make all kinds of comments under my breath that he can’t hear. It’s great. But I never do it in front of the kids, their hearing is just fine.

  6. Anon

    I try not to call anyone names. I just don’t think it’s a healthy way of expressing anger. I DO slip up once in a while and think it in my head, but never say it outloud. lol

    my husband is rarely worthy of being called anything anyway…he’s too much of a saint.

    My kids are annoying and stubborn and drive me to drink, but they’re just kids…and no matter what…they don’t deserve to be called names either.

  7. Kaytii

    Goofy, Silly, Dork, Lameo, are all names we call the kids but only in fun. They say it back to us, too. I call my husband an asshole all the time, but he knows he’s one so it’s not really an insult. We’re just a fun loving family who like to be silly.

  8. anonymous

    my daughter is really clumsy and knocks things over constantly or runs into door frames and such. I’m a jerk and I was walking out of the room when she knocked over something in the living room RIGHT AFTER i told her to be quiet bc her sister just went down for a nap and before I knew it under my breath the word “idiot” came out….i felt bad but at the same time it was like that napolean dynomite kind of REALLY did you just do that?!

  9. anonymous

    btw, she didnt hear me say “idiot” just so you know.
    oh and I call my husband butthead to his face all the time…or craphead or jerkface and my kids are just “weirdos” 🙂 im kind of immature now that i think about it


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