Do you curse in front of your children?

Do you curse in front of children? If so, do they repeat those words and how do you react if they do?

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10 thoughts on “Do you curse in front of your children?

  1. Anonymous

    I do not curse in front my kids (and try not to in general). That said, has a curse word slipped once or twice – yes. Only once did I hear a child repeat it and made sure to let her know it was a bad word.

  2. Anonymous

    I did for years and recently I realized there is no reason for me to use those words. I can express myself without using degrading language.

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t curse, but sometimes I use words like “gosh darnit!” or “shoot!” too freely, and my 2-1/2-year-old picks up on it gleefully. Her mimicking makes me glad I don’t use harsher words than that!

  4. Jsillygirl

    I don’t generally curse. I just think it’s distaste-full. My hubby has sworn in front of the kids (very rarely). They are older now and know that those words are not to be said. It’s not something they hear on a regular bases anyway.

  5. anonymous

    Yes, and I know I need to stop. I hate that I curse so much, but it’s just a part of my language. Always has been.

  6. anonymous

    I used to curse a lot, then I had kids and got more settled, not to mention less selfish and realized cursing has no place in my life.

    Sometimes I slip into it but I quickly make the correction.

  7. Anon

    Never. I used to cuss like a sailor, but since having kids, I’ve had to re-train myself.

    in addition to cussing, I also avoid words like “hate” and “shut-up” because I don’t want my kids speaking that way.

    I do cuss when I’m not around them, but I realy try hard not to.

  8. Anonymous

    I never curse in front of my kids. I also don’t say things that I wouldn’t want them to say, like “Wow, that guy is really fat.” Even if it’s just someone on TV.


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