Do you believe in heaven and hell?

Do you believe in heaven and hell?

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  1. Anonymous

    I don’t believe in a ‘what you see in the picture book’ Heaven and Hell, but I do believe there is something similiar to it in the sense of after physical life existence. There is a place where life energy continues to exist…it is for each person to explain what that/those places are and mean for them in their understanding of life and death.

  2. Anonymous

    I believe in both Heaven and Hell. I believe that Salvation gets you to Heaven (accepting Christ as your personal savior John 3:16) and that without salvation you do go to Hell for all eternity. Others may disagree but I’m just being honest. And does it scare me that loved ones or friends may be headed for Hell… it truly does.

  3. Amy

    Nope, I don’t. I did for the vast majority of my life and found it always scary – wondering if I was doing enough, felt enough, believed enough. Then, I divorced my 1st husband and saw how I was treated by people who had been my closest confidants and friends. I don’t mean that I was treated badly and said, “forget Christianity”, but it did give me the opportunity to think about my beliefs and all. I realized that though I appreciate the teachings something wasn’t meshing for me and I found something new.

    I believe that there is something, but I no longer believe that there is a big punishment awaiting some people. I think that there are many ways to get to the end. I know that doesn’t mesh with many religions, but to me, that’s okay.

  4. Just Me

    I absolutely believe in Heaven and Hell. I have been born again and Jesus has paid my sin debt. The only way I would or anyone for that matter, see Heaven is by accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Roman 10:9

    For those who do not believe in Heaven and Hell, they will one day and then if they haven’t accepted Jesus as their Saviour it will be too late. How sad!

  5. BurfordWife

    Heaven AND Hell are VERY real! I am a born again believer (accepted Christ as my Saviour and have been reborn spiritually) and feel sad for anyone who can’t see God and his CREATION. It scares me that alot of people believe that we are ALL going to heaven no matter what kind of person they are… ie. ‘they’re going to a better place…’ We don’t know that. It’s a personal thing, only that person knows if they have accepted Christ as their personal Saviour.
    It deeply saddens me that members of my family are going to go to Hell even though they don’t believe it exists. It is a VERY scary and painful place. An ETERNITY of torment and hostility.

  6. Sarah

    I do believe in Heaven and Hell. They are both spoken of frequently in the greatest source of truth–the Bible.
    Heaven and Hell are the two choices of eternal destiny after our life here on earth is done. We are given the opportunity to choose which one we will reside in for eternity.
    If we choose eternal life through Jesus Christ (Romans 3:23–For the wages of sin is DEATH, but the free gift of God is ETERNAL LIFE in Christ Jesus our Lord.), our eternal home will be Heaven! If we choose a temporal, earthly life, we ultimately choose eternal death and separation from God. (Romans 8:6–For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace…)

    God loves each one of us and desires that all go to Heaven. But sadly, that will not be the case. Many will reject the truth of the Bible about these two very real places, and will choose Hell because of their unbelief in Jesus and His awesome gift of eternal LIFE.

  7. Jada

    Yes~I was raised on it! There is a heaven and a hell and if you ar not a born again believer you will not enter the pearly gates of heaven and live with the Father for eternity. Just look at what is happening in the world today. The bible has said these things will happen before the end of time. Wake up and smell the roses before it is too late!

  8. Samantha

    Yes I do believe! Like many others it scares me on the amount of loved ones who do not or now seem to questioning things. I really wish I could break the barrier with my husband and son. I try weekly and I’ll keep trying! I was raised in church and they have not really been to one. I have only myself to blame since I lost my way for over a decade and finally realized what had been missing in my life…God!

  9. Stephanie Brummett

    No. I was raised a Christian and left that faith soon after I left home, and it’s was completely freeing for me. I honestly felt my whole life these people who believed in this stuff were sheep and could not figure how they did not see the silliness of it all. Heaven was created by people who wanted to live forever, and hell was created so they could keep people in fear to do what they tell them.

    I feel that these concepts were created by people thousands of years ago who believed in magic and myth and who were not educated with the science we have today, and I still do not understand why people today believe this mythical stuff. If they bothered to research where their religion came from, they would realize it’s all not true and completely ridiculous.

    How do you believe in the absolute truth of a book that has so many inaccuracies? Pi, flat earth, four-legged insects, where precipitation comes from, and more — wouldn’t a book written by an omnipotent god know this stuff is wrong? Furthermore, there is no real evidence of who wrote the gospels of the bible – which are the only evidence that Jesus ever lived. Great historians of that time made no mention of this great miracle worker. Philo, one who lived near where Jesus supposedly lived at the same time, gives no mention of this man who created so many miracles. You would think such a huge thing as raising the dead and water into wine and everything else he did would make the news from this historian. People, wake up and research your religion, you will discover what you don’t want to know.

    What would you think of a parent who told his child he loved him very much but if he didn’t love him back, he was going to bake him in an oven? And the child had only once chance to love him. Sounds kinda sick to me.

  10. jubilee

    I believe there is a Heaven and a Hell. I also believe that we were created with a part of us that can only be filled and fulfilled with and by God. Until we realize this, we will continue to search. And lash out at others who’ve found happiness in Him.

    He’s done everything opposite of what our human reasoning thinks it should be and that is to prove that we need Him and will not be happy, truly happy on our own, doin it all our own way.

  11. Sandy

    No, I do not believe in heaven or hell. However, I believe they rank high up on the list of top fairy tales.

  12. Anonymous

    To Stephanie Brummett: Amen to that! 🙂 I agree with you completely. Religion is based on guilt and fear to keep the sheep herded, and desperately needs to leave ancient mythology behind and reevaluate what modern science has to offer.

  13. Hopelessly Devoted

    Yes, I believe there is a heaven and hell but not in the traditional sense. I believe that we are all eternal spiritual being and that we have the opportunity to continue on in the eternities, if we have accepted the gift of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I believe that without accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, our mediator between us and our Heavenly father we are bound to be damned…not dumped into a fiery furnace type damned, but stopped from any farther progression, any farther knowledge or learning.

    As eternity seems like it would be a really long time, personally I would rather take the time and effort to live in a way that is freeing in the fact that there is so much less to worry about going wrong when you are following the commandments to the best of your ability then when you aren’t, and hope that there is a loving parent who only wants the best for me, than to live my life as there is nothing past this point and find out that I am wrong and pay the price for all of time and eternity.

    Bumper sticker that sums it all up for me…..*If you live your life like there is no eternity…you’d better be right*

    Oh and I have been on both sides of the fence too, so I understand the scientific view but prefer the loving parent, eternal view better.

  14. Lee Lee

    I do believe! Sarah did an amazing job writing that out for us!
    I’m sorry some people have faced a Legalized Religion, one in which Christ himself worked endlessly to end while here on earth with the Pharisees and Saducees. Jesus says “My yoke is easy and my burden is light”. Remember that “He came not to condemn the world but to save the World”. Remember the the First Commandment “To LOVE” and most importantly “My Grace is Sufficient for Thee”.
    Even as Christians we know that we can never, never, ever be perfect, “None is righteous, no not one”. It’s not works, its GRACE!
    Most importantly, Ephesians 5:6-8 “For we are saved through grace by faith, not works lest any man should boast” Please re-read Galations, Paul does an amazing job touching on Legalized Religion!!! God Bless! Lee Lee

  15. Freethinking Parent

    I don’t believe in heaven or hell. I absolutely live my life like there is no eternity. That does not in any way mean that I am immoral or unethical – those values are not exclusive to organized religion. Suppose there is no eternity, don’t you think you should make every moment of THIS LIFE count, focusing on caring for the here and now? Instead of living for a “tomorrow” that you have no proof exists?

  16. Malaika

    Yes, I most certainly do believe in Heaven and Hell. I have trusted Jesus, my Savior and Lord, for my salvation, by faith.

    Second Timothy 3:16 says, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work”. This means that the Holy Bible is God’s Word and it is infallible. And if God says in His Holy Word that there is Heaven and there is Hell, I believe it!! God is Holy and perfect. He cannot lie.

    Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. . .”(John 11:25, 26a).

    Isaiah 14: 12-15 reads, “How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How you are cut down to the ground, you who weakened the nations! For you have said in your heart: ‘I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God;I will also sit on the mount of the congregation on the farthest sides of the north; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High.’ Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol, to the lowest depths of the Pit.”

    Those two Scriptures alone(and there are many more)indicate that Heaven and Hell exist.

  17. Anonymous

    Two extremes in opposite directions… humans are way more complicated than that.

    No, I don’t believe. Then again, I’ve never died.

  18. Anonymous

    I have to say that it saddens me to read what those who do not believe had written. Humor me, go read the book 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper. I have heard this man speak and although I was already a believer in Jesus Christ and heaven (and hell), this gave me even more conviction. When you die, it’s too late. Absolutely no chance to change your mind. When your finished with that, pick up the bible. It’s not myth and actually so much of it has been proven.

  19. anonymous

    I believe in Heaven and Hell, absolutly. I am a Christian, no doubt.

    Am I a church going Christian? No. I know what I believe and I don’t care to go through the motions to make everyone happy. I know that is the wrong attitude, but there is more too it for me. I was raised in church and I believed my parents were “the best Christians ever” until we were older and the “TRUE” selfs came to light (porn addict (dad) and swingers (my mother and her new husband) … I still feel burned by my parents.

  20. ME and only ME

    No, I do not believe, I believe much the same as Stephanie. I wish to assure people, please do not feel sorry for us non-believers… for we are very happy we free of the tyranny of religion (well, I am) Morality doesnt come from a book, it comes from within us all.

  21. lulee

    Yes, God is sitting up on his throne and crying for us. Judging us and condeming us for every mistake we make. Sounds more like hell to me. God is not human, therefore how can he have the same human emotions we have that torment our lives, like judgement, sadness and pitty. Why do people feel so sad for others that are happy not believing in a heaven or hell? Doesn’t that make their lives more miserable? Why spend time worrying what others believe? Your God wants you to feel sad for people that are happy? That’s not the God I believe in.

  22. jml

    heaven or hell, or both? good question. my great aunt always said that here on earth is hell, the good the bad and the ugly. i believe her. as far as heaven, i do believe there is somewhere warm and beautiful, full of love and peace. some of us have died at one time and where brought back and have all seen one thing the great light. otherwise, i must of been breaming.

  23. Anonymous

    I’m not sure to tell you the truth. I was raised a Christian and was taught to believe in those things. But around my 8th grade year, I started thinking there was some truth to all religions. And than I tried to figure out that truth. I should have realized that no one will ever know and you can only rely on faith.

  24. Anonymous

    I am a christian, and Yes I know he is real. I know this becuase he is with me. He loves me. I know for a fact he exist’s. I dont have to wonder anymore. If you give him a chance he will change your life here on earth and your eternal life as well.

    I used to question weather he was real or not. Wow was I completely wrong!

    Denying him just gives the excuse to live the earthy, worldly life. I know, I did that too.

    If you open up your heart to him he will listen. Try it.. You will see..

  25. Anonymous

    I believe heaven and hell are states of mind….not places…they are real, but no places.

    heaven is wherever god is….. hell is every place that god is not. In other words hell is a life and death away from god.

  26. Anonymous

    The problem with those that don’t believe.. is well that you have never taken the time to find out who God really is. Never taken the time to get to know him.. Just like when we are younger, Our parents give us guidelines and rules.. we think that they are crazy and think we know better.. but being a parent myself now I understand that they (Our parents rules and Gods rules) because they love us! they want what is best for us.. and looking closely at Gods commansments.. how is it that we can say thou shall not kill… honer your father and mother.. don’t lie etc.. are unreasonable? would a good loving parent not say these things to you children?.. He is my heavenly father.. And yes my earthly father may have left, divorced my mom, commited adultury, lied but he does not know God.. I took the time to get to know God and He is amazing.. AND He will NEVER LEAVE.. Just like some earthly fathers can give up on us He will NEVER GIVE UP ON US.. Do you like being judged? told your wrong with out being given the chance to get to know you and whi you really are? thats all God wants is for you to take the time to get to know Him.. So yes I do believe heaven and hell are very real.. do you wanna gamble with your life?

  27. monali

    Yep, i believe in heaven and hell, but in the sense that heaven stands for the good happy joyful days/circumstances in this life, and likewise, hell stands for those awwwwwfuuuuull, unhappy miserable days/circumstances, like when one loses someone dear and young (like a younger sibling or a child) or when we go through days of (intense) health or financial crisis… again in this life itself. We have to account for, ie, are rewarded or punished, our actions and thoughts, in this life.

  28. BH

    I’m with Stephanie on this – the concept of heaven and hell has been used for centuries to keep people nicely controlled into placid sheep. I’m not a sheep and that’s why I I believe in no god and am an atheist. I believe in scientific reason and evidence, concepts which supersede age-old superstition and advance humankind instead of keeping us chained.


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