Did you feel beautiful while pregnant?

Did you feel sexy and/or beautiful while you were pregnant? If not, how did you feel?

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33 thoughts on “Did you feel beautiful while pregnant?

  1. Anonymous

    I did feel beautiful most of the time… it is a wonderous thing to watch your body change and your child moving knowing that you made that child. But I did have a handful of times where I felt fat, ugly, swollen, disgusting…. gladly those times were few.

  2. Anonymous

    Same as the first comment – at times I felt beautiful because I was creating a life. But I definitely did not have that “cute pregnant belly” thing going on. I was shaped all wrong, and got tons of stretch marks, and my face bloated up and made me look and feel fat.

  3. Anonymous

    The only time I’ve ever felt beautiful has been when I’ve been very pregnant. Normally, I hate pictures being taken of me and I can’t even stand to look in a mirror. A few years ago when my husband and I were expecting our first he took a picture of me looking down at my belly. I was 8 months pregnant. It is the only picture of me that I actually like!

    People think it’s odd when I say that I love being pregnant. Wouldn’t they find it even stranger if they knew that one of the reasons I love it (besides the beautiful babies that come of it) is that pregnancy is the only time in my life that I feel pretty!?!

  4. BurfordWife

    I feel beautiful when I’m pregnant, because my Husband makes me feel beautiful. Even when I can’t bend over to pick something off of the floor! He was there to rub my back through 20 weeks of ALL DAY morning sickness, then help me wash up and give me a cuddle.

    We both make fun of my tummy.. being an already curvaceous woman, I don’t get many stretch marks. We laugh at how (because of the increased blood flow) all my veins show up bright blue on my breasts and tummy through my pale skin, especially after getting out of the shower!

    There’s always that feeling of love for the baby when I’m having a depressing day. I’ll lie down and look at my tummy and watch the baby moving about, and wonder if thats a tiny little hand kicking out, or a foot? Maybe it’s a cute little bum!!

    Even after having two boys, my husband still comes home and makes time to make me feel very special and beautiful because I’m carrying another one of our little creations.

  5. Jen

    No. 🙁
    I felt fat anf frumpy. And now I regret it. I should have focused on the positive and enjoyed it.
    I know she’s controversial, but I watched a video of Michelle Duggar the other day, talking about her pregnancy, and man — she’s so serene. I was a whiny nutcase! LOL

    Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1Y5YPDmNgU

  6. TheChaosMommy

    Yes, actually I did! The first time around not so much, but my ex dumped me right when I got pg, so that was different. The second and third times around I was married and my husband loved my belly. I felt “cute” maybe more than sexy or beautiful. But I felt good about myself the last two pregnancies.

  7. Anonymous

    I wish I had cuter clothes. I let my mother and grandmother take me shopping and it was bad. I would have felt cuter in more modern clothes.

  8. Anonymous

    Not a bit! Not for a moment. I felt fat and frumpy and gross and exhausted and angry. I hated being pregnant. My kid is the freakin’ awesomest kid in the world, and he makes me want to have a second kid. But I won’t, because I hated being pregnant. I never felt magical and beautiful and blessed to be growing a human being. I was miserable.

    And when I admit it, I feel a little bit better.

  9. Anonymous

    I felt great when I did myself up… but just sitting at home… I found myself more insecure about my body… worried my hubyy didnt find me attractive!

  10. Anonymous

    Even though I felt bloated and fat at times, my hormones raged throughout both my pregnancies which made me feel incredibly sexy. Unfortunately my husband wasn’t interested. I’m now divorced, but it would have been incredible to have a man who found me desirable for who I was.

  11. Anonymous

    i have days when i feel huge and gross, but i know that’s not how i look. i’m having an amazing experience with being pregnant. i’m 6 months today and have gained “only” 18 pounds thus far. just last week did i have to buy maternity pants and i don’t have to wear maternity tops. i’ve just gone up one size from what i used to be. i know my case isn’t quite the norm and i don’t share this to be a braggart. i feel fortunate that if i feel huge and bloaty that i know i don’t look it.

  12. Lydia

    I did not feel beautiful with either of my two pregnancys. I just felt fat and I was not with a supporting person to help me emotionally. I was left pretty much alone while my husband slept with other women. He did not stay for the deliveries. He told the doctor that the process turned him off. Go figure. I think pregnant women have a wonderful glow, but when you are an emotional reck I guess there is no glow.

  13. Anonymous

    I loved being pregnant. I bought cute maternity clothes even if I wouldn’t wear them very long. My husband rubbed my feet and helped me feel beautiful. I didn’t, however, feel sexy with my HUGE stomach (I gained 45 pounds, and I’m short), TONS of stretch marks, and majorly swollen body exposed. It was great up until the last 6 weeks.

  14. Anonymous

    I really didn’t enjoy it. I felt very ugly and self concious.

    I see so many women who look so cute while pregnant, and envy them. I think if I had been able to afford nicer clothes it would have helped. Instead I only had a few thigns and they got all stained and stretched out.

    I just felt so ugly, and huge, and fat. I threw up and got bloated and had stretch marks that looked like zebra stripes all over my belly..my hips spread and my bubble butt got even more bubbly.. I did not look like one of those cute, round bellied pregnant ladies. I looked like the broad side of a barn.

    I was also heavily pregnant in the summers, and it was so HOT and my body HURT so much. I would not ever wish to go through that much discomfort again..even though I love my children and sometimes wish to have another child to raise.

    Being pregnant was not beautiful or empowering for me, sadly. I had hoped it would be..but instead I just felt like crap, looked worse, and when it was all over chose to forget about that and focused solely on the babies.

  15. sassy.sunshine

    ewww no way. I felt very sick (literally for the first couple of months) & then just huge. It was VERY hard for me when my husband would say how attracted he was – because frankly I thought he was lying.

  16. NorthStar4

    I feel cute toward the end but I hate the middle part when no one can tell I’m pregnant and I just look a little chubby! Also, my skin breaks out and my hair is dull the whole time! Afterward, it falls out in chunks for a couple months. That is NOT pretty, but at least the baby is!

    Everything aches and I can hardly eat. The stretch marks are icky, but I try to remember it’s all temporary. No, pregnancy is not fun for me, but I do love my babies and my husband is so excited it’s adorable. He’s supportive and wonderful. However, I really, really want to wait a couple years between this and the next baby (I’m four months pregnant). I won’t take chemical birth control, though, so I’m trying to figure out what to do…

  17. anonymous

    This is my first and yes, I feel very very beautiful! I definitely have a glow, and my hair is getting long long long. I live by the beach and it’s summertime, so I swim in the ocean regularly. If anyone were to ask me what makes me feel the most beautiful, I’d have to say pregnancy and swimming in the ocean. Oh, and my husband. He’s such a love! I love how he rubs my belly and talks to it. I’ve always received lots of attention from him, but this feels amazing. I’m going to have to get pregnant again to experience this more!

  18. Anonymous

    I really dont like it and will never do it again. I cant wait for my daughter…but sexy? COME ON!!! I’m fat, flatulent, and useless. This was the most boring summer of my life. I hated the first tri, most of the second and now going into the third it is NOT looking good. The only thing I like is feeling her move. but I would not do it again just for that. Actually, I wont do it again for ANYTHING. ugh.

  19. Annonymous09

    During my pregnancy I felt very beautiful and loved. It was our first born and the most amazing experience I’d ever had and I was happy to be shaing it with my husband. I didn’t work throughout all my preganacy so it was very easy going and stress free for me.

    As my tummy got bigger we were more amazed and in awe of it. The wonder of it all hey. Yes, having a child is indeed a blessing from God.

  20. Anonymous

    No, I didn’t feel beautiful while I was carrying my twins. Honestly, I’ve heard people on tv say they felt beautiful but the moms I know have all said they felt chubby or fat and clumsy. I loved being pregnant and never expected to feel beautiful or sexy so I wasn’t disappointed. I was happy to get my body back after my beautiful babies were born.

  21. ivy lois

    I’m 32 weeks pregnant now and I would say I didn’t enjoy it that much..I felt the ugliest during my pregnancy and really bored since there’s so many things I was deprived from and It was so difficult at the same time dealing with such hot weather..everything is just so uncomfortable for me..I can’t wait for this to be soon over..Maybe when I see my little one all this would be worth it..

  22. Anonymous

    i have only been pregnant for a month now and i already feel fat, ugly and not attractive at all. i am happy that i am pregnant but at the same time i cant stop thinking of all the stretch marks i am going to have all over my body. i hope it doesnt end as bad as i think it is, i know that what makes me feel this way is my husband, he doesnt make me feel attractive or anything, not one single nice word

  23. Anonymous

    Not really…. I always looked good and was still a size 0/xs even during pregnancy, I received compliments about glowing and still being so cute from others. But it was more of the internal state of mind…. My first pregnancy my husband kept going back and forth one day he’ll say if it was for him he wouldn’t want kid then the other day he was fine, so lots of arguments and it was tiring just to think about it. Plus he was completely turned off by my new (and normal) shape so didn’t even want to have sex with me (not to mention all the grumpy spells from that). Second pregnancy… First I was going to abort but then I couldn’t do it thinking it was such an innocent life, so I kept it despite of the shaky relationship… I learned to ignore him whenever i could and that made me feel more beautiful. Friend, coworker even stranger on the street gave me more compliments than husband did… After all, I got no stretch marks lost all the weight quickly and can still wear bikini, yah part of that was my revenge to the mean things he had said to me, but I learned to love myself and not let a jerk put me down.

  24. Anna

    I feel fat, ugly, and disgusting. I am 10 weeks and 3 days (today). I intake alot of food and I do not look good anymore in any clothes I wear. I have no desire to put on my make-up or do my hair as much anymore. People call me “Whale”, which makes me feel worse about myself. I don’t know how to handle it. I feel really horrible about myself, that I write letters to myself saying what I hate about myself, what I would change if I had money, and other things. It so depressing. My boyfriend confuses me, too. He says I eat too much, then he says I’m not fat or ugly. I know I am fat and ugly. Everyone knows that. :/

  25. Maria Gonzalez

    I love my belly, and I love being pregnant. I feel a lot prettier when I’m pregnant than when I’m not. I find I can admire my silhouette when I’m pregnant, but never when I’m not.

    Part is the kind of clothes I wear. I’m not a jeans-girl. I wear dresses and skirts most of the time. In fact the only time I wear pants and a top is when I have a cute maternity top that shows off my belly. It’s delic!

  26. Anonymous

    I really don’t feel attractive very often, but when I do, it quickly goes away. I feel undesirable to my husband. The last time we made love, it was very uncomfortable for me, but I wanted to please him. Afterwards he wouldn’t even speak to me, he said he just wanted to go to sleep. What’s a girl to think?

  27. Anonymous

    I do feel beautiful. It’s my first pregnancy and I’m a little more than half way. Towards the end of the first trimester/beginning of the second, I just felt really bloated, a little heavier, and very ill. Now that I’m well into my second trimester and people can actually tell I’m pregnant, I feel very beautiful. The cute maternity clothes and baby bump help a lot, but I think more than anything it’s my awe and wonder at this new life growing inside of me. My baby boy brings me so much joy and he’s not even born yet! Truly a blessing! My husband has also been very supportive, is excited about this baby and still tells me I’m the sexiest woman that he’s ever seen. Whether or not I actually am isn’t important. What’s important is that he still finds me beautiful and that I know he does. Remember ladies, it really is amazing that we are able to take part in the creation of a new life. 🙂

  28. Anonymous

    I don’t exactly feel pretty, but I feel happy. I am 30 weeks now and know that I’m just going to get bigger and bigger. Physically I feel terrible with troubles breathing, heart palpitations, heartburn, and a load of other pregnancy issues except for any kind of morning sickness, ever. I break out all the time, and I feel generally uncomfortable. My husband is the only reason that I feel pretty in any way because he is so much more in awe of my pregnant body and the kicking and everything else than I am. He is a completely new man after feeling her kick under his hands. He is the reason that I love being pregnant. Nothing else.

    Even with his love of my pregnant body, I still would like to skip ahead ten weeks to her birth, because of the physical discomfort. I’m looking forward to being a mother, but the experience of pregnancy… Well, I think I’ve gotten my fill. Lol.

  29. Anonymous

    Heck no !! I felt terrible and pretty ugly while pregnant. I can’t even complain, my husband and my friends were all terribly supportive, encouraging, and full of compliments the first time I was pregnant.

    I just couldn’t get over the fact that my body changed so much ! I felt like I was constantly expanding, it freaked me out when my clothes would stop fitting, or fit weird, and I had the worst morning sickness to contend with on top of all that ! Add stretch marks to the mix (I tried everything to get rid of them, but just couldn’t !), and I just felt miserable and fat and ugly.

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved being pregnant, feeling my baby grow, and thinking about the miracle happening inside of me. I loved it so much that I am in the process of doing it again ! But, I did NOT feel beautiful in the least sometimes 😉

  30. Katie

    I feel beautiful yes, I have good days and bad days though for sure. But I feel as though the changes my body are going through are amazing and I love watching my belly grow. What’s hard for me is at this point, I don’t know that my husband thinks I look beautiful. And who likes fishing for compliments, I don’t. He thinks it is neat, and he feels like I’m still me but with a bigger belly and funny pants. Not the worse thing a gal can be told but I guess I always had this movie scene idea of him being swept away in a moment of ‘wow, she’s glowing and looks so beautiful.’ and it’s not happened. I suppose it makes me feel disconnected to him like I’m experiencing this by myself… not an easy thing to do.

  31. Alana

    I feel beautiful being pregnant. It’s hard to explain other than to say that having a life growing inside me makes me feel content, confident, and happy with who I am. The body is an amazing thing.


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