Can you really be yourself around others?

Do you feel like you can truly be yourself around people or do you put on a bit of a mask to make them think you are something you aren’t?

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5 thoughts on “Can you really be yourself around others?

  1. meohmy

    For the most part. I do notice that sometimes I may have to reign in my sense of humor if I am around a group of people who seem to be more reserved.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s hard for me to know who the real me is sometimes, it changes with every group I’m with. So I guess that, yes, I do wear lots of different masks, depending on who I’m with.

  3. Sasha

    Most of the time I am surrounded by people who have known me for years and years so Yes. The few times I am around people who don’t know me I find myself more aware of my actions. That can be uncomfortable for me, but I don’t avoid it.

  4. Anonymous

    My personality is different depending on who I’m with. I’m definitely more comfortable with old friends than I am with new acquaintances.


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