Are you more or less religious?

Are you more or less religious than you were as a child?

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10 thoughts on “Are you more or less religious?

  1. Anonymous

    More. Raised Catholic until about 5th grade. I didn’t really get it and felt there were too many unanswered questions. After college, I tried a Baptist church and LOVED it. They showed me in the Bible the answers to my questions which I really liked. I am much more spirtual now.

  2. Elle

    I am definitely MORE religious as an adult and now a parent. It’s because I have matured and grown in my faith and also because I really do care about what is going on around me…..whereas a child, well hey I was concerned about myself, not everyone else.

  3. Anonymous

    Much more religious now. I was catholic growing up-only attended church on Christmas and Easter. I was terrified of the stained glass windows and Jesus hanging from the big crosses. I joined the LDS church when I was 18 and have been devout for 30 years.

  4. Anonymous

    i would like to say i am more spiritual than religious just to emphasize that i am not merely practicing the rituals. i have deepened in my religious life and i am extremely happy with it.

  5. Anonymous

    Less – I’m now atheist and won’t be indoctrinating my daughter into any particular system of religious beliefs. If that’s something she wants when she’s older after studying numerous belief systems, then I’ll leave it up to her to decide for herself. I value teaching my child to use critical thought.

  6. Anonymous

    I am much more religious as an adult than as a child. I simply was not raised in a religious home. And now after my own research I have become a deep believer in Christianity.

  7. Anonymous

    Much much more. I was brought up in evangelical circles – the kind of churches that run focus groups to figure out how to market themselves and where they have video screens with the lyrics of dumb praise songs. All this to somehow appeal to a demographic in order to grow. It was all so…unholy. Then I found a church that *was* what it *was*. Its primary mission wasn’t to grow the congregation big and have *programs*, but to just be the holy and liturgical church that it was. In evangelical churches, I always felt kind of depressed and like cooties of fakiness were getting on me. I don’t feel that way in the Episcopal Church. It feels more like a church for thinkers rather than for consumers.


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