Any co-workers you don’t get along with?

Do you have any co-workers that you don’t get along with? Why?

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9 thoughts on “Any co-workers you don’t get along with?

  1. Tiffany

    I work with this lady who everyone seems to hate. I just transfered to a new location about 2 months ago. I started hearing about this lady named Coral and how she loved to be a bitch and make everyone around her miserable. I had a couple encounters with her and yes it’s all true! I believe that she either needs to get laid or she just enjoys making everyone miserable!

  2. Anonymous

    I started work for a corporation and although I was told “if you have any questions at all, anyone would be happy to help” — it’s not true. Co-workers have the nastiest attitudes for anyone who asks for help. Preferring to blame whatever the problem is on the person asking… “It’s in the manual.” And it’s not…they just didn’t know the answer and didn’t want to admit it. There’s an unspoken code of who to ask for help and who not to ask. Wish they were up front about it and saved me the embarassment.

  3. Anonymous


    There is the pervert (who is married) who has gotten away with sexually harassing all the women, and putting down all the men, for so long that everyone has gotten used to it and nobody has the guts to complain or write him up.

    There is the unmarried bimbo who is sleeping with the married pervert, who is also very controlling and totally lacking in focus, and often complains about how much work she has to do. Of course, if she’d show up to work on time, and not take so many sick days, maybe she’d be able to get everything done-when she wasn’t screwing the pervert, that is.

    There is the chain-smoking, closet-alcoholic who tries to compensate by having an answer for every problem or question.

    There is the oh-so-smooth weasel, who is smiles to your face, but will stab you in the back if it suits his needs, who spends more time surfing the net and chatting with everyone that it’s a wonder he ever gets any work done.

    There is the sarcastic SOB who can’t seem to say anything serious or nice.

    There is the eavesdropper who will butt in to any conversation he has an opinion about, and who creates an atmosphere where everyone is afraid to even make a personal call (from their cell phone) during their lunch break because he is ALWAYS there and ALWAYS listening.

    There is the opinionated drama queen.

    There is the dysfunctional, immature, contradictory, people-hater.

    There is the cynical spam king, who feels the need to start everyone’s day by sending a string of ‘junk mail’ (3-5 emails, every morning) through the work e-mail-everything from jokes to lengthy articles that usually deal with politics or war.

    There is the recovering alcoholic/gambler who doesn’t seem to have a clue about anything related to personal hygiene.

    There is the individual who, when bored, wanders around the office pausing in front of desks and staring, trying to engage anyone in conversation.

    I do actually get along with most of these people. I just wouldn’t want to hang out with them after work, and I sure wouldn’t invite ’em over for dinner!

  4. Supervisor what?

    I am only incharge of 4 people and sometimes I wonder why I ever wanted to be one. I know I am not getting paid what I am worth but whatever. I wish I could let each of the people I supervise take care of all the complaining that comes form only 4 people. I work in medical and so we are constantly spraying lysol on everything. One of the people walks in and asked what stinks. Then 20 minutes later she is spraying the same exact stuff and says nothing about stinking. She then complains that her office is not clean but she locks her door when she goes to luch WTH. I guess people are not happy unless they are unhappy. I love this because I can get it off my chest and my husband doesn’t have to hear about it.

  5. No NO No

    I love how people blame things that are completely out of your control. Why does everyone think I can change everything on a drop of a dime. There are things that are out of my control and I cannot change them. I laugh because these people are completely capable of making the decision but they choose to gripe and moan at me and make me the bad person. I don’t care if they are doing it to get someone else off their back but for God sake grow a backbone or a something else and be a man and stand up for the decisions you want.

    I work with a bunch of men who don’t ever want to make changes because they are afraid they are going to make someone mad and they can’t stand up for what they believe in. They want to blame everything of the small department because I have thick skin and I can take it all. The one thing they have to think about is that I will not be here for all of the people to take their agression out. I will eventually move on because they do not realize how much I do for this site.

  6. Anonymous

    I have worked there for 3.5 years, building the company from ground up. she comes in and does not like how this or that is done. Policies are changing all over the place for fear of this woman. She does not take on one extra project when all I do is take on extra things to enhance the company. She is passive aggressive and I am always wondering if something will offend her, if I was given something to edit and she was not, or if someone chose me for a project over her, because she will get upset. storms into the bosses office who allows this senseless bitching. Boss pulls me aside to “clarify” things…agrees with me saying the other woman just can tbe trusted and then two minutes later my boss and her are out to lunch together!

  7. Sue

    I once was very close/friendly with a co-worker in my dept. Until we had a falling out about another co-worker and realized she was talking about me behind my back. I confronted her and now we don’t speak. I will continue to be professional towards her but she is still continuing to talk to others about me (which I just come to work and don’t involve my self in office politics or drama)
    Any time we do do have to work together she will make snide remarks to me or send me emails of why she thinks I am wrong and its usually the most petty things. Our boss knows we had a falling out but is clueless of what she continues to do.
    I feel like I am the better person for not letting it get to me or tatteling on her. i realize people like her need drama in their lives and she feels insecure. on many occasions she mentioned she thought I was after her job. I realize she just feels threatened by me b/c of my knowledge. (I have more experience but she is higher than me)
    She continues to think that her talking about me is somehow my fault and I know that she is incapable of being an adult and owning up to her faults.
    All she really has to do is say she is sorry and realize she did wrong, but she won’t. She is too stubborn and has never apologized or taken the blame for anything including arguments with our boss.

    One day she will reap what she sows.

  8. Anonymous

    There are times when a kid needs something and the person who can do anything about it is the stupidist person in the world. I wish I could just be everywhere all the time so I did not have to worry about something not working out. I guess not everyone cares like I do. I am trying but I guess I need to try harder.

  9. Anonymous

    Wow..reading everyone else’s comments makes me feel a little better about how I feel about some of the people I work with. I have been employed for over ten years at the same place in a clerical position. The women that I work with directly are some that take everything in my being to be in the company of.
    First of all…we have the wanna-be. This woman makes it a habit to pick-up every hobby of every co-worker, and because she has the money to do so ( because her husband makes SO MUCH MONEY and she doesn’t HAVE to work…) makes sure that no matter what anyone else is doing, she goes out and buys the best materials etc. and then either brings her crafty stuff to work or talks endlessly about all her PROJECTS, so all the others tell her ENDLESSLY just how CRAFTY she is. She has never come up with an original idea…..if you say you like to bake..she will take up baking with all the things that you would LOVE to have, but cannot afford. If you get a new car….she is looking for one the next day, and will not stop until she gets a FABULOUS car with all the bells and whistles. If you say you like to make your own detergent, or that you love gardening, etc. SHE comes up with a HUGE garden with all the flowers that you mentioned you would like to have.. it is ENDLESS and maddening!! One women has gotten into making hair accessories…and GUESS WHAT???? Just last week the wanna-be brought in a whole baggie of “hair pretties” to show everyone that she made. Same thing happened at Halloween with well as Christmas. One gal even talked about wanting to build a new house with acreage so she could have a big flower garden and pets and room to move etc….the wanna-be JUST moved out in the country on 40 acres so SHE can do the same thing!!!
    Next, we have FABULOUS. This woman spends her day telling all of us how fabulous she is. Before she got married, she would say how all the men at work were trying to talk to her to get her to go out with them, or when any other women started dating someone from work…she would say how the guy had asked her first, but she turned him down. Now she is newly married, and all she talks about is how her husband tells everyone how she is a 14 (on a scale of 10…) and she always makes fun of all the women she works with as we are not as FABULOUS as her. She tells people how they should wear their hair, apply their makeup, dress…etc. And to everyone’s face she is SO SWEET, but the minute they are out of earshot she talks about how pathetic they are. And she absolutely HAS to include herself in everyone’s conversation so she can get a dig in. I was teasing with a co-worker the other day about her doing an exercise class…and she cut in to say “Well at LEAST she is trying to MOVE and DO SOMETHING!!! I just looked at her and said that I didn’t feel like moving and I LIKED being a fat cow.
    And lastly, the TUFF GURL. This woman talks so tough all the time about not putting up with anyone’s shit and how nobody DARES to mess with her and that even her HUSBAND, CHILDREN, AND CO-WORKERS fear her. She is always saying that nobody will ever try to cause her any grief because they know she will kick their ass. But then one day, right after she was telling us what a stupid moron her husband is and how she had blown up his phone telling him what a stupid piece of crap he was over something he had forgotten to do that morning, he called her in our office, and she was talking to him so sweet and nice telling him how she was worried about him driving in the weather, and “I love you sweetheart..etc”. Then she gets off the phone and told another co-worker that he had just called and she “gave him another piece of her mind” and that he called her up groveling about the whole issue to apologize for what he had done. Yeah…………..whatever!!!
    This stuff goes on everyday. And when the three of them get together it is always a big catty slam-fest. If I leave the room and walk back in suddenly, the all shut-up and change the subject. And FABULOUS always has something to say about how I should change my hair, change my make-up and how I should try to eat healthy stuff etc.. GRRR!!!


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